Long-Legged Beauty Kong Yansong, Can Legs Be Too Long?


From NetEase:

Recently, a beautiful girl with beautiful legs from Beijing Sport University has exploded with popularity on Taiwan, Singapore, and other Chinese internet websites. According to reports, 1.78 meter tall Beijing Sport University student Kong Yansong was recently selected by netizens as the winner of a beautiful legs competition, her biggest characteristic being her pair of extremely slender and beautiful legs.

Recently she has been posting many photos on the internet, with netizens marveling: “These legs are too outrageously long.” She is also the number one for searches on the internet. Last year, Kong Yansong was in the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, and simply as a field worker her pair of slender and beautiful legs attracted the attention of many in the audience. Her series of photographs have become widely forwarded by netizens, with legs exceeding the length of half her body that are both thin and long, and essentially without a trace of fat. Many netizens say: “This is not a real person, right? It is too unrealistic.”

In a recent beautiful legs competition, Kong Yansong did not disappoint, and with the support of a wide group of netizens she won first place. What has aroused the curiosity of netizens is how she who studies in a sports university and specializing in the 400 meters track and field has no muscles in her two legs. “It is like putting two bamboo poles on, it is too weird.” However, Kong Yanson privately is actually a carefree and slovenly beauty. Her personal message on a social networking website is: “Have not washed my hair in two days, football [soccer] class has been very enjoyable.”


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Comments from NetEase:


A good MM with beautiful legs…


In the middle of a spewing nosebleed…


I actually feel it is not very proportional.


Was it a contest of beauty or a contest of length?


Such pretty legs…not a bit of fat…I am envious.


Speaking honestly…her legs are simply longer than others by that little bit…
The rest I actually do not think much of…her looks are rather average.


Actually, I came to look at breasts.


There is a question that has troubled me for a very long time that I have never had the courage to ask.

From where do you begin measuring the length of a leg? The inside or the outside?


What kind of expression/look is that? How come no matter how I look at it I feel like those are the legs of a long-time drug user?


Publicity stunt.

Using Beijing Sports University for a publicity stunt.


Comments from Mop:


Legs are not bad, too bad her makeup is too thick
and is uncomfortable to look at.


Lou zhu, are you yet another internet promoter? We care about pretty legs, but not about who.

[The Mop topic included many information about Kong Yansong.]


To be honest, it looks very strange.

It is not one bit beautiful…

do not like.


Seeing her legs, I only one one thought: entering her body…there truly are no other thoughts.


She is suited to wearing sunglasses when she goes out. God is fair, giving her beautiful legs, but giving her a pair of lifeless eyes, so in order for people to notice her eyes, she [uses makeup] to make them very dark, very dark. There are no perfect people, it will be enough for us to admire that pair of beautiful legs.


The next generation ostrich~~what is wrong with people these days…liking to look at legs, go look at giraffes and ostriches then~~~


Actually, her legs, cannot be said to be sexy, they are just long only. I really do not understand what her specialty is in the physical education/sports university is with her kind of physique.


Legs are too long, and actually make people feel you are out of proportion,

That makeup is also rather disgusting…


We only care about the pretty legs, not who you are, hehe, so there is no need for you to put your name up to promote yourself~~, moreover, the difference between your appearance and your legs is very big~~~


Honestly speaking, these legs are not actually ideal, two legs unable to incite desire, too thin, not good.



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