Long-Legged Beauty Kong Yansong, Can Legs Be Too Long?


From NetEase:

Recently, a beautiful girl with beautiful legs from Beijing Sport University has exploded with popularity on Taiwan, Singapore, and other Chinese internet websites. According to reports, 1.78 meter tall Beijing Sport University student Kong Yansong was recently selected by netizens as the winner of a beautiful legs competition, her biggest characteristic being her pair of extremely slender and beautiful legs.

Recently she has been posting many photos on the internet, with netizens marveling: “These legs are too outrageously long.” She is also the number one for searches on the internet. Last year, Kong Yansong was in the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, and simply as a field worker her pair of slender and beautiful legs attracted the attention of many in the audience. Her series of photographs have become widely forwarded by netizens, with legs exceeding the length of half her body that are both thin and long, and essentially without a trace of fat. Many netizens say: “This is not a real person, right? It is too unrealistic.”

In a recent beautiful legs competition, Kong Yansong did not disappoint, and with the support of a wide group of netizens she won first place. What has aroused the curiosity of netizens is how she who studies in a sports university and specializing in the 400 meters track and field has no muscles in her two legs. “It is like putting two bamboo poles on, it is too weird.” However, Kong Yanson privately is actually a carefree and slovenly beauty. Her personal message on a social networking website is: “Have not washed my hair in two days, football [soccer] class has been very enjoyable.”

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80 pictures. Click to view full size:

Comments from NetEase:


A good MM with beautiful legs…


In the middle of a spewing nosebleed…


I actually feel it is not very proportional.


Was it a contest of beauty or a contest of length?


Such pretty legs…not a bit of fat…I am envious.


Speaking honestly…her legs are simply longer than others by that little bit…
The rest I actually do not think much of…her looks are rather average.


Actually, I came to look at breasts.


There is a question that has troubled me for a very long time that I have never had the courage to ask.

From where do you begin measuring the length of a leg? The inside or the outside?


What kind of expression/look is that? How come no matter how I look at it I feel like those are the legs of a long-time drug user?


Publicity stunt.

Using Beijing Sports University for a publicity stunt.


Comments from Mop:


Legs are not bad, too bad her makeup is too thick
and is uncomfortable to look at.


Lou zhu, are you yet another internet promoter? We care about pretty legs, but not about who.

[The Mop topic included many information about Kong Yansong.]


To be honest, it looks very strange.

It is not one bit beautiful…

do not like.


Seeing her legs, I only one one thought: entering her body…there truly are no other thoughts.


She is suited to wearing sunglasses when she goes out. God is fair, giving her beautiful legs, but giving her a pair of lifeless eyes, so in order for people to notice her eyes, she [uses makeup] to make them very dark, very dark. There are no perfect people, it will be enough for us to admire that pair of beautiful legs.


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The next generation ostrich~~what is wrong with people these days…liking to look at legs, go look at giraffes and ostriches then~~~


Actually, her legs, cannot be said to be sexy, they are just long only. I really do not understand what her specialty is in the physical education/sports university is with her kind of physique.


Legs are too long, and actually make people feel you are out of proportion,

That makeup is also rather disgusting…


We only care about the pretty legs, not who you are, hehe, so there is no need for you to put your name up to promote yourself~~, moreover, the difference between your appearance and your legs is very big~~~


Honestly speaking, these legs are not actually ideal, two legs unable to incite desire, too thin, not good.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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  • loldongs


  • will

    i’d hit it

    • loldongs

      with a baseball bat

    • chris fei

      I heard Chris Brown had tips from his Chinese friends

  • loldongs


  • dianoga

    Those comments are uproarious! You can sorta make out a camel toe in one of those pics. I would like to see more pics of her on the track. I think that’s the only sexy pic that I see. Either that or I have a fetish for skinny sprinters. Can anyone find out what her times are on the 400m?

  • Her legs are not too long but her pants are really short!

    • Scoox

      My friend, it is not a coincidence. Some guys trim their pubes for analogous reasons.

  • Our China

    Ye, nice legs. I’m willing to bet that she has got absolutely no rump whatsoever though.

    Chinese girls have got no derriere. Fact.

    Worst in the world.

    • Chinese Girls do NOT have the worst rear-ends in the world. The Gold Medal for WORST JUNK-IN-THE-TRUNK goes to…. WAIT, it’s a TIE ! On one hand, it’s Ms. Morbidly Obese Burger King-eating Georgia USA. On the other hand, it’s Ms. Native American Indian, with her flat-as-a-board & just-as-square bum.

      • 魔女爱

        You fail fail fail fail fail!

        • Nay yawmo gao cho waahh ! Cheee Sing !

  • As much as I love and respect hot pants and the ladies who wear hot pants, she should be banned from the internets for photo #9.

    • looneylaowai

      Word up, Yan.

      Frightening pic.

  • pug_ster

    Looks like she got some kind of eyelid surgery.

  • Idleuser

    She’s a cutie and she has really sexy legs! but just not my cup of tea. I’d date her in a heart beat! Btw, when did Chinese girls from china become so sexyyyyy! I’m definitely going to take a trip next year!!

  • chasingsky

    too skinny..
    I hate the way she put her makeup on her face.
    Way way way too much, she would look better if she put it less

  • mango ice

    I like her running shoes.

  • Bastard

    Her eyes are disgusting and fake.

  • Pierre

    Who wants to bet that all the guys putting Kong down are shorter than her?

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    She has a landing strip for a chest.

    • bert

      Some pictures actually appear to show cleavage, pic 3! Can it be true or special bra?

  • Samael

    what’s wrong with her eyes?

  • BEST POST EVER!!! ChinaSMACK that!

  • ScottLoar

    Yes, I looked at every photo – twice. This girl is destined for a comfortable career modeling her legs and with that will come the grooming and poise to further infuriate the short-legged and fault-finders here.

  • Oh Yeah

    She’s gorgeous!! God bless Chinese women!!

    • Franky

      Yes, just the chinese women only…

  • TheOrz

    Wow what’s with all the people on her dissing this girl? She’s hot and your just fucking smitten.

  • bill joel

    Nice Long Negs,
    Not so good face, poorly applied makeup.

  • fireworks

    nice legs.

    it is long but its also got to do with the photos. they are taken from low ground, angles and she’s wearing really short pants to accentuate the look.

  • fl1999

    bedding material, for sure

  • colin

    In a country where nearly everything is fake its no wonder that people would think her legs are fake too.

    Poor fools, go watch the Victoria Secret annual show then think it over.

  • Name

    Hot fucking damn!

  • CureLost

    Whoa hello.

    She’s a beauty but I still think her eyes should be natural, or just a little bit done. Not over the top, me no like.

    That’s just a smalllll picky pt… other than that she’s fine.

    Athletic chicks rule and I swear I MAY have seen her somewhere too. DANG hell yes!

  • Franky

    You sure she is into sports or modeling?

  • Peteryang

    I gamble that 9 out of 10 fapped to these photos.

  • Peteryang


  • Kai

    LoL, I hear she’s actually studying journalism or something at Beijing Sports University (yeah, sounds odd to me too) so I’m a bit confused by the narrative around her as well.

    The makeup (cough eyeshadow) is definitely a bit fierce but otherwise she’s a-okay. Definitely an amusing chinaSMACK post following my trip to Taiwan last week.

  • DWR

    Am I the only person on the interwebs to find the whole “ulzzang” thing just a teensy bit disturbing?

    Or perhaps some people find a picture of a perfectly attractive young lady with digitally-enhanced, vacant, glassy fish eyes attractive (à la Pic 56)…


  • fl1999

    eyes are really scary

  • mike

    half a billion girls in china and this is the best they can do..? i think she’d look a whole lot better if she gained 20kg or so.

  • krdr

    Her legs are to thin.And her bone structure is weak. Head to big.

  • The John

    I give her 2 thumbs up and a pinky toe……

    I am a man of legs… I love em…

  • amadeus

    you commie,philogynist,sons of guns.

  • warped0ne

    Why do guys in this country this girls with toothpick legs are attractive? I mean, I like a lady with long legs, but those legs have to consist of something.

    • Name

      Her thighs are comparable to any American or Chinese girl that watches what she eats and doesn’t workout. Her calves are slightly skinnier. Working out gives you thicker thighs

  • saruboi

    is it just me or she uses hell of a lot makeup, 2nd to the last row, 3rd from the left, that picture you can definitely see all the craters that she’s trying to cover with the foundation and the ultra white concealers.

  • spandrell

    you guys keep criticizing, I’d bang her 1000 times.

    And I’ve seen in Beijing several outstanding butts. North Chinese girls are just hot.
    If you can’t get them buy them, for god’s sake. Just to get the bitterness out of your 打飞机 bodies.

    • GAC

      Nope, for me it really is a legitimate difference of taste. I prefer someone with more natural proportions and with more meat on the bone.

      • saruboi

        @GAC i can’t agree more, off proportion body seems to me are just like SD characters, cute fun to look at but just not what i would like around all the time.

      • Evalin

        then come find the J model (in america)

  • CureLost

    I think…

    Fauna’s got a thing 4 legs too…given the history of long-leg posts!!! HAHAHA.

    *runs away*

  • Long Ding Dong

    Like no curves at all, ugly chinese bitches.

  • CureLost

    At least my kind of “ugly” “bitches”! Different strokes for different folks, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and all that.

    Wait, what am I doing talking to a piece of s***t again?

    Not “shit”, but SHIT.

  • Yes we did!

    Chinese guys really aren’t into curves are they… She’s cute I guess but she looks like a strong gust of wind might blow her over. Almost unhealthy.

    There does seem to be a “no such thing as too skinny” attitude around here. One of my classmates told me she wanted to loose five Kilograms before summer which didn’t seem possible without removing a few ribs.

    I wonder if anorexia is considered an illness in china.

    • GAC

      I sort of agree. It’s possible that she’s naturally that skinny, I’ve seen very skinny Chinese girls put down a lot of food. But she still looks quite uncomfortably thin to me.

  • She looks like a FREAK

    What happened with appreciating natural beauties, typically eastern faces such as gong li and zhang ziyi.

    Now everybdy are into those manga fake girls who looks creepy.

  • GrassPeopleWithnamesLinLiLingAreGeneticRetards

    Bet those half midget twatwanese “those frakn ugly grass people aka li/lin/ling” jap wannabe anglo whores are just steaming in their skank holes about now.

    “grass trolls of taiwan-skankwan whoes of jap and anglos”


    “brainwashing little girls, you freak of a Li/Ling grass skank pedophiler”

    “here is your mongol brother beech thief, robbing a disabled girl”

  • CureLost

    Yeah… really SHE IS NOT MY TYPE AT ALL. I mean, what you saw was herd behavior in action, yo! Everyone else saying long legged girl is hot… then she’s hot… don’t matter whether her eyes are freaked up and she’s like some 2 pound zombie stick figure.

    I REALLY like girls who has curves and meat! Meat!

    Anyway, shit, GrassPeople aka AngloHater aka I am Mr. Pig (hehe) you are da ^^^^ freaking hilarious.

  • VeerLeft

    Nice frame…now please add the MEAT!!!! TITS, ASS, THIGHS!! For gods sake add some thighs and alves…
    some arms…
    too skeletal

  • CureLost

    For real! Take a closer look that is creepy!!!

    Like a ghost or something. Look @ her eyes, for real, it’s like she cut herself.

  • Noele

    Long legs, yes, but absolutely no muscle tone to be seen. O_O

    Do Chinese girls not exercise? It’s weird–they’re super skinny but a lot of them have a BMI of 29–30 simply because they have such poor muscle tone. Ick.

    • Name

      For most Chinese walking everywhere is their exercise. They don’t run or work with weights. And most definitely can’t afford to go to a gym.

      Most Chinese girls in China are 5′ 3″ to 5′ 7″ and weigh 110 lbs to 140 lbs. No where near a BMI of 29

      Also, BMI is 100% pure stupidity. Every athlete is obese

      • Noele

        Doesn’t excuse the no muscle tone.

        And I didn’t say that BMI is accurate or not, I was merely making an observation.

        • Name

          Personal preference, I prefer natural looking girs. Muscle tone, moderate/heavy makeup, fake American orange/pumpkin colored tans, and red lipstick are all turn offs for me

          • Evalin

            come find me in approx. 3 weeks.

  • malagebi

    Chinese guys can’t handle girls with curves as it makes their dicks look smaller.