Man Steals For Dying Girlfriend, Marries Her While In Prison

Chinese inmate marries his dying girlfriend.

Chinese inmate marries his dying girlfriend.

From QQ and NetEase:

Man who stole to pay for his terminally ill girlfriend’s medical expenses marries her while in prison

She, 37-years-old, late stages of cancer. He, 42-years-old, in order to get money for her treatments, stole and was sent to jail, his sentence 4 years. As a woman, her wish is to wear a wedding dress just once in her life. As a man, for this woman, he has given everything, and in order to realise her wish he took her hand and walked her down the aisle.  On the 12th November 2010 in Henan Province Jiaonan Prison Meizi had a beaming smile on her face, but was staggering as she walked, and the wedding ceremony originally planned to be half an hour only lasted for 10 or so minutes before being hastily ended because she just couldn’t carry on. Nonetheless, this fairy tale-like wedding moved the few hundred guests present to tears.

Chinese inmate marries his terminally ill girlfriend.

Unable to walk, the groom carries his bride.

Bride and groom take a bow, the groom still in his prison uniform.

In China, a man who was sentenced to 4 years in prison for stealing to get money to pay for his girlfriend's medical expenses, is allowed to marry his dying girlfriend while in prison.

The dying bride enters a police van.

The bride and groom get their marriage certificate.

The bride and groom get their marriage certificate.

Comments from Netease


[His] stealing was an act of desperation, and I very much sympathise and am moved, but I still don’t agree with his actions.


TMD prison, even if they’re just putting on a show for political reasons, couldn’t they have let the guy get a change of clothes?


But…maybe it is because he is doing time? If he wasn’t doing time, would he…?


Whatever the case, we should all be moved by this man’s sentinment, and wish the best for this woman’s happiness.


In this materialistic society I wish you two the best!


He didn’t steal, he was saving a life. He’s a hero.


Oh, China is the least humane country in the world.


Just what is the law used for?


The law is used to bully the rabble.


Very moving. I don’t know when it started but now every time I go to a friend’s wedding and the music begins to play I can’t stop myself from crying, probably because I am touched by the love between the couple and the family. I wish you two the best!


A social problem. Why doesn’t this woman have money to treat her disease??? The social medical insurance system is not good enough, with the added problems of increasing prices and an increasing income gap this kind of tragedy is the result. It’s all social problems, all governance problems……


If our country’s healthcare system could really address the base level of the common people then the location of their wedding today wouldn’t be a prison! Wish you the best!


Congratulations to these two newlyweds. The court’s sentence was a bit too much. For the crimes like this man committed, [a punishment that serves as a] warning is enough. His theft is not like corrupt officials.


What he stole was just an electric bike…4 years…

What have you done for someone you love?

Women to go to jail for. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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