Mentally Ill Homeless Woman Gives Birth Outdoors, Refuses Help

Mentally ill Chinese homeless woman holding her baby in a Guangzhou hospital.

From NetEase:

Guangzhou homeless woman gives birth outdoors, refuses help

Early morning May 10th, in an alley next to Longgui Food Market in Baiyun district of Guangzhou, a homeless woman gave birth to an infant boy. This woman may have an mental illness, but utterly resisted hospital assistance. Photographs by Southern Metropolis Daily Reporter Liang Weipei.

Mentally ill Chinese homeless woman holding her baby in a Guangzhou hospital.

According to nearby residents, this woman has been seen around the food market for 2-3 months now, and on May 10th, many people discovered that this one pregnant woman now had a filthy little infant boy in her arms. At first the woman and infant boy were still connected by an umbilical cord, but she herself used scissors to cut it, leaving the bloody umbilical cord on the road in front of the food market.

A mentally ill homeless Chinese woman carrying her naked newborn baby on the streets of Guangzhou.

The infant boy has remained unclothed since it was born, the woman not using any clothing to wrap up the child. She carried the child to a public toilet next to the food market. Someone said the woman was living in the public restroom previously as well. Photo is of a hospital worker trying to persuade the homeless woman to feed her son, but being refused.

The mentally ill homeless Guangzhou woman's only bag of possessions.

Photo is of the homeless woman’s only bundle of possessions.

A mentally ill homeless Chinese woman carrying her naked newborn infant on the streets of Guangzhou.

Photo is of the homeless woman carrying her child leaving the hospital, leaving behind the only towel wrapping the child before she left, the child naked.

The mentally ill homeless Chinese woman's baby lies naked on the ground as she drinks water from a roadside drainage ditch.

At an intersection on Guangcong Road, probably owing to thirst, the woman used a plastic bag to collect water from a roadside ditch and poured it into her mouth, the naked infant boy placed on the muddy ground beside her.

The mentally ill homeless Chinese woman's baby lies naked on the ground crying as she drinks water from a roadside drainage ditch.

Photo is of the crying infant boy in the underbrush.

The mentally ill homeless Chinese woman's baby lies naked on the ground crying as she drinks water from a roadside drainage ditch.

Photo is of the crying infant boy in the underbrush.

The mentally ill homeless Chinese woman's baby lies naked on the ground crying as she drinks water from a roadside drainage ditch.

A doctor from the Baiyun District Red Cross Hospital said preliminary determinations indicate the woman may have a mental illness. After nursing care the infant boy’s condition is currently stable and will remain at the hospital for more comprehensive care examination. The hospital has also contacted a mental hospital, where they will send the woman for examination and treatment, while the male infant may in the future be sent to a child welfare institution.

Comments from NetEase:

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泉州山哥 [网易山西省太原市网友]:

I think she doesn’t have the ability to raise this child, and thus it should be possible to take away her custody rights… I bet I’ll be criticized, but at the moment I can’t think of any other option that’s better for the child.

szdfasfd [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

1980, just became a father, seeing this, I’m incredibly sad on so many levels.
All infants, ought to be cared for.

独钓千千雪 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

After seeing this, my heart feels very heavy.

正义压倒一切 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

This many people with their eyes wide upon seeing this infant naked and frail lying on a place with sticks and stones!!
Those people around the baby, how can you bear to just look on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

999999收到 [网易北京市网友]:

Fuck, this is something done by a beast, an intolerable injustice.

这个昵称还行 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

Merciful Buddha, may this child have a life of peace and happiness.

D黑十字D [网易安徽省黄山市网友]:

Where’s the evil Red Cross?


I sincerely pray that this little child can grow up safe and healthy.


They must be helped, because we are human, not…

泉州光辉商标注册 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

Poor baby…I too am a parent! Seeing him like this my heart is broken… China has too many things that are unfair…

撕烂郭美美的老屄 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

What beat impregnated this woman? Worse than a beast!

chaoxin123 [网易山东省潍坊市网友]:

Poor child, losing a mother’s love right after birth, and even more tragically being born in China.


MD refused help, she must be helped even if it has to be forcibly so…

让李刚飞 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

I analyze that the child’s father
must come from one of two places: Henan or Shandong.

网易江西省上饶市网友: (responding to above)

I can’t believe there were people who upvoted you [your comment].

yshaozhenhua [网易山东省济南市网友]: (also responding to 让李刚飞)

Fuck you punk and your regionalism, your mother’s going to be fucked until she has a prolapsed anus.

guanghecai [网易上海市浦东新区网友]: (also responding to 让李刚飞)

Your mother is a prostitute in Dongguan, the whole country is your father.


Thinking about Mother’s Day, so sad.

傻胖新闻不能评论 [网易湖南省网友]:

Don’t know what to say. All the money donated to the Red Cross has been used to buy luxury handbags.

有B不卖拿来装 [网易北京市网友]:

Sigh, truly a pitiful child. What is most detestable is his father, I really want to slaughter his father.


Too heartbreaking~ Hope the mother and son can both get help.

社会日了我们单纯的青春 [网易河南省郑州市网友]:

How come there are so many people who naturally give birth outside of hospitals, yet have to get Cesarean sections when in hospitals?

社会日了我们单纯的青春 [网易河南省郑州市网友]: (responding to above)

Hospitals these days are truly without morals~

悠惯部门 [网易上海市杨浦区网友]:

Those who want children can’t have them, while those who don’t want them keep having them.

浦北软件站 [网易广西钦州市网友]:

Why are there so many homeless women? I trust everyone knows!

人民写历史 [网易河南省洛阳市网友]:

Can the relevant government department or Red Cross do some good, hurry and send the child to the hospital for feeding. Poor child.


Can the small child survive like this?
If the mentally ill mother refuses help, so the mentally normal welfare agency won’t help?
What about the Red Cross? Social Welfare Services? Department of Civil Affairs?


Please read the text underneath the photos carefully, the infant boy has already been helped.
“A doctor from the Baiyun District Red Cross Hospital said preliminary determinations indicate the woman may have a mental illness. After nursing care the infant boy’s condition is currently stable and will remain at the hospital for more comprehensive care examination. The hospital has also contacted a mental hospital, where they will send the woman for examination and treatment, while the male infant may in the future be sent to a child welfare institution.”

quan157953 [网易江西省赣州市网友]:

After reading carefully, I feel very conflicted, sigh, agree with taking away her custody rights.

fxzxd [网易山东省临沂市网友]:

Even if you take away custody, how long will he live? Whether you put him in an orphanage or the hospital, it’ll be the same result.

咪眉笑 [网易广东省河源市网友]:

Who said: All men are born equal?

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  • hoppy1

    How sad! Really, this is a case where the government or an NGO should step in for the sake of the child. She probably does not even realize the danger she is posing to this child’s health!

    • Harland

      They used to have that in America, it was called committing to an institution. Unfortunately, the ACLU thought that that was an unacceptable violation of human rights, so they sued and closed ’em all down in the 70s (remember One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the movie that did for asylums what The China Syndrome did for nuclear power). Be careful what you wish for, kids, or you might get it.

      • Luobo

        That’s a vast oversimplification. The shift towards de-institutionalization was more to do with the advent of relatively effective anti-psychotics and budget pressures combined with trickle down economics

    • Bruce Tutty

      So what would happen here…house the child and leave the mother on the street?

  • Ellen Fapper

    i can’t believe that someone made her pregnant.

    • Jeff

      You must not know much about men then.

      • 中国网友

        ha! epic

    • Harland

      Look at her, she walks around with her fly open, what did anyone expect to happen?

      • Brett Hunan

        Poor taste, but nonetheless amusing.

    • donscarletti

      Search Coala Banana’s posts from 9 months ago and you can read about the whole encounter.

      • ZING!!!

        • mr. wiener


      • Lydia

        That was great.

  • Jeff

    This is truly disgusting

  • Brett Hunan

    4 not-so-related thoughts upon seeing the pics:
    The baby is rather beautiful.

    Shes tough. Not like she had the option, but I dont know many women who would give birth without an epidural nowadays.

    More sex education and free condoms in China. It may only make a small difference, but its more than needed.

    I really hope this baby doesnt get sold.

    • maja75 (aka coala banana)

      instead of hoping, how about some real solutions. Is it really worth to throw this baby into such an environment and without perspective in life, living in misery, so someone on the internet finds her cute ? All the sympathy in the world can’t bring food to her table.

      Sex education ? to the mentally ill ?

      even we, who are educated about such subjects, don’t use always condoms. So what to expect from educating the poor ? Why just touching up the problem by providing free condoms. I would claim that most of them wouldn’t use them anyway. Ok there would be 10% less HIV infections and spread of other deceases, but it would still be just a touch up instead of problem solving !

      We are confronted with crazy, important and radical problems, and i claim that those require radical consequences to achieve a long term solution !

      • Brett Hunan

        So stop calling the kettle black and give some solutions.

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          solution ?

          sterilization !

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            why give such people the option of reproduction ?

            don’t come with human rights….who asked the baby if it wants to be born in such a hostile environment and by such a mother ?

          • kaka

            I agree, it’s the only practical solution, you might even say it’s the final solution – to this problem. But why stop with forced sterilization of the mentally ill?

            Once the precedent is set, surely they’ll be scope for expanding the target group: Political prisoners, obviously… then the Chinese equivalent of the Gypsies… oh, and don’t forget any rebellious minorities such as the Uigurs (oh, wait, they did that already), then why not some minority religious groups or sects… in China, for those in power, i’m sure the list would be endless.

            Often, it is not the policy that is wrong, but the misuse of the policy by those given the task of implementing it – and on that basis, do you really think state sponsored sterilization is really the best solution to any problem in China?

            Not because it’s a bad idea to remove the reproductive capabilities of the seriously mentally ill – but because of the precedent that it sets and its potential to be misused.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            i am not just talking about china. This is and will be a worldwide problem. There is no better way then capitalism with free market societies ! But i will be honest with you. I don’t know much about Uigures except that they are mostly muslims and would like to be independent ? However, none of that IS important. What is important is if they are contributing members to society, if they have value, if they have something to offer for human growth and development, OR if they are backwards, create costs and trouble. Can a country see them as contributing members adding to wealth and prosperity or are they cost creators and trouble makers ? THAT is and will be the question. Its not a question about ethnicity and race or religion. I don’t like religious people, BUT as long as they contribute something useful (example tax, labour…) then i have no problems with them.

            Does white trailer trash living on welfare contribute ? Does black and latino gang members contribute to society ? Does a crack whore or mentally insane contribute and give back to society. I am sure that the day WILL come when we will be judged by that and based on that it will be decided which way your life is heading….it will be for the greater good.

            Misuse ? every country with such a “weapon” would be stupid to single out healthy and productive members of its society and sacrifice THEM to the poor and non contributing members so THEY can benefit from it ? Thats self destructing and i doubt that we will see it. Birth right will be given based on contribution to society, everything else is suicide. Hard work should be done by the ones which violated rules and laws, lazy people and they should not be compensated for their work except food and shelter. The rules must be strict. What we do now is we take free will and decisions away from people and put it into gov hands, thats a mistake…

          • Alan

            Very much like eugenics and SS thinking.

            You are a very scary woman!

      • MassiveBender

        Yeah, for my two jiao: I agree that a scientific, abstract sex education for people who are too retarded to read and write is a bit of a waste but I do think, especially in a country with such a huge state, they should first of all provide free healthcare; this woman didn’t go to hospital but if she had someone would have been expected to pay thousands for the birth. Also in cases such as these, where the only parent is too retarded to look after children, then the state should intervene and take the child away where it can be looked after by someone more capable.

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          free healthcare is not a solution, it just adds to the misery and encourage people to take everything for granted and takes away individual responsibility. The question would always be where to draw the line ? Radical problems need radical solutions, everything else is just delaying, and its not a lying term solution. Again, it would just add to the problem instead of solving it, creating more poor and more misery !

          • MassiveBender

            Not really, free health care is relieving poverty and misery, anyone can get sick and people without money are impoverished because they can’t pay the bills, which are very large compared to people’s income in China. Not to mention that poverty is not completely down to the individual’s ability, the individual is shaped by society in ways that are beyond his control. Your right to life has nothing to do with personal responsibility, especially as so many of these natural rights, like the right to kill other people, are surrendered to society; with your logic you not being robbed and murdered would be due to you neglecting your personal responsibility to defend yourself and taking your right to life for granted.

            Mass sterilisation and poor people having large families has nothing to do with natural selection but has to do with artificial selection; whilst these people may be poor and stupid and not very capable in our society they are, from an evolutionary standpoint, much better at ensuring the survival of their genes. To sterilise people is not only a fascistic denial of humanity and affront to the basic human rights that define the civilised world, but it’s also counterproductive to natural selection as it is artificially interfering with the very natural selection your claiming to protect, for example if all the crack babies are killed then the chance a mutant who is immune to HIV being born is much lower, look at those prostitutes in Africa who are immune to HIV. As for alleviating human suffering by sterilising them, isn’t that the ultimate denial of personal responsibility because your taking the responsibility to determine one’s own future, for better or worse, away from the individual in a permanent, total way.

          • barack obama

            how about just accept the fact you can’t help everyone and there will always be misery in the world and just do the best you can. But giving it away for free is not going to help because it’s not a long term permanent solution.

          • Little Wolf

            So true.
            I think it was Andy Rooney that wrote “You can’t feel sorry for all the people in the world that deserve feeling sorry for”
            (or something like that)

        • Brett Hunan

          I skipped over this post before, but you underestimate the power of PSA’s. Also I disagree that sex ed wouldnt be useful. Education and instilling values are both more longterm than anything you or maja have proposed. It is the one solution that truly solves the problem from the root.

          • Brett Hunan

            Sorry I dont mean “solves” but it does truly impact the root of the problem.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            pardon my ignorance, but how education and instilling values can be faster and more long term then death ? When the problem is dead then the problem is already solved. We have made enough social studies and decades of liberal experiments and the results of that are visible. You like fix damaged roots, why not remove these roots and let new healthy ones grow and make it right this time ?

          • Brett Hunan

            I never said faster.

            How do you know “damaged roots” will be replaced by “healthy ones”? Your nonsense is giving me a headache.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            you have a headache cause you contradict yourself all the time. Try to be more solid within your argumentations to prevent such things from happening !

      • cc

        If it was just a touch up or quick grope no problem, no pregnancy. Let your fingers do the walking

    • AustguyTang

      On top of that…which crazy sick fuck impregnate this woman in the first place…I would think that she was raped…but you would have to be truly sick minded to rape a mentally ill woman….

      • Ning

        You’d have to be a sick mfer to rape anyone.

        • Notorious

          on the national rape information web site it said that 33% of all the polled men said that they would rape a woman if no one found out and they could get away with it. that is truly a sickening thought. i wonder if they polled the prison population. men cannot be that depraved? least i should hope not.

  • Dat Ankle

    I hope the kid gets to a safer home soon and they keep an eye on the mother.

  • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

    what a pity… The baby is about 4 months too old to make soup out of.

  • jennster

    the baby is cute

  • blues

    What the fuck, world?

  • Homeless women need lovin too.

    • Jin

      she can get all the loving she wants just don’t pop one out of the oven..this innocent child had no say or control who is his parent so goverment and society needs to have laws in place to protect them.

  • maja75 (aka coala banana)

    it just shows that making babies should not be a right. It should be a privilege instead. If one has nothing to contribute to society, then that privilege should be denied. Poor people creating more poor people is bad enough, but to let mentally ill giving birth to babies is irresponsible. We as the human species have bypassed and tricked out natural selection, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we should be more selective and set certain standards for “birthrights”.

    It might sound shocking, but i am for mass sterilization of certain groups of people ! The ones which feel offended by that are very much welcome to adopt all the african babies which are starving to death, or the one in the article, or the HIV infected babies of crack mothers in the USA…..

    Its a sad story, but instead of showing some fake sympathy, we should think a step forward and try to find solutions for such problems, to be able to prevent them in the future.

    • DRAGNX

      maja maja maja…

    • Very nice comment. Sooner or later it has to happen. We have a choice between mass sterilisation or over-over-population.

      • Brett Hunan

        When do you predict this will happen? Sooner or later?

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          it WILL happen sooner or later. Its not fair to everyone if people just delay problems, which are not solvable and create more costs and misery, so most of us can feel comfortable by ignoring facts and base their fake morals on feelings alone. This is NOT a heart issue, its a rational issue which requires a rational solution to the problem !

          • Brett Hunan

            Rational so long as you are not a victim? Would you be willing to sacrifice your chances of having a child for your solution? Or are you somehow excluded?

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            no intention to sound arrogant, but yes, I am excluded, cause i am a contributing member to society, i am healthy and i am not poor enough to qualify for sterilization.

            I am not ready to sacrifice more people, babies and mentally ill, living in misery and poverty, letting them live a slow motion suicide, just cause of some liberal cowards which like to feel good about themselves. We all know that as long as this women in the article don’t knock on YOUR door, you will keep on living your convenient life and make decision and have opinions based on what makes you feel good, but not what is good for others.

            You sir, don’t qualify as a leader. But you will make a great complainer, when the shit hits the fan, about why no one took action earlier…!

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            having said that, YES, this women would be better off dying a fast unpainful death instead of punishing her senselessly for another few decades and giving her the chance to give life to a couple of others of her sort. Maybe it was just luck that she gave birth in a city, maybe the next couple of babies will pop out in a more rural area and who knows what will happen with them then.

            Defenseless and helpless at the mercy of a mentally ill mother !?

            We must ask ourselves IF we are ready to take over responsibility that such things don’t happen, or if we like to continue touching up errors so we can talk ourselves into believing how human we are. There is NOTHING humanistic in letting people live a life in misery and poverty out of our own ignorance and arrogance…

          • Fu ZhiGao

            I find a general lack of humanity and coherence in your comments, Maya.

            To insist that others be sterilized and claim that you would not need to be because of your superior health and wealth borders on the types of arguments eugenicists made in the 20th century, as well as those that heartless tycoons made during the Gilded Age in the late 19th century.

            Are you supporting statism and authoritarian central governments in general as long as they supposedly make decisions on behalf of everyone?

            Are you a legal positivist or naturalist? That is to say, do you believe that there is law exists in nature (something that a religious person might believe in, i.e. Karma) or that it is only something created by human beings?

            I think you fall into the second category, and probably you might like philosophers like Rand and Nietzche.

          • 安健

            Ok, this may be a solution, but there are so many lines that need to be drawn. First, what qualifies someone as a candidate for sterilization? Income? There are plenty of people who may not have or make much money, but are perfectly capable and responsible parents. My parents and uncle are perfect examples. Mom and Dad came from poor Irish and Polish working class families – they are doctors now. Same thing with my uncle. Came from a poor immigrant family from Guangzhou, now he is a business exec at IBM.

            Not to mention something like this easily gets abused by any gov’t. Just takes one person with some kind of illogical bias towards a particular group of people, and that sets the stage for a slow cultural genocide.

            And there are so many what-ifs. What if a person who previously had been sterilized is now allowed to reproduce? The techniques available now are permanent.

            The only method I could see working is if all men are sterilized with a developing contraceptive:


            It is reversible, but still, how could you possibly enforce this?

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            i just gave an option. I am convinced that it will anyway happen, we like it or not.

            I don’t think that it will affect working class people, even with low income. I would start with the ones which are a burden to society and create more costs then they produce:

            Mentally ill, a big part of the prison population which are convicted murderers and rapists by example, drug dealers and drug addicts, this groups could be given a fast and clean death immediately, cause they are of no use for society whats or ever. Sterilization should be enforced immediately on people which are over a longer period of time on welfare. I don’t see the point why they should produce children when they can’t take over responsibility for themselves. They have nothing to offer, so they are useless too ! That includes black and mexican street gang members and white trailer trash. It would result in cleaner and safer streets and environments which would then be free for further developments.

            That would be a start. Results and improvements would be visible within years of implementation.

            On top of that criminal immigrants should be send back to their home countries immediately AFTER they paid of their dues in forced labor camps, together with their whole families. You want to enjoy freedom and rights, then show respect and contribute to the society ! You are not willing to do that, then you and your whole family will have to take over the consequences, and you can start again in a cave in Afghanistan or a Sierra Leone desert.

            Right now we are confronted with the fact that european couples either have just 1 child or none at all, and muslim immigrants on welfare make between 5-10. They don’t accept our laws and prefer their backward thinking. They are allowed to have up to 4 wives and all are insured and enjoy free healthcare at the taxpayers cost. Another 20-40 years and the normal european will be a minority in its own country.

            My theory is that our liberal leaders know that very well. They can’t make radical decisions, so they prefer to let the things escalate and wait until the most hardcore leftist in the country will scream for help, just then they will take action.

          • 安健


            I can’t believe that you are a real person, or that you truly believe what you say. Mass execution for criminals? Forced labor camps for illegal immigrants? Seriously? By doing that, western, democratic, developed, “civilized” countries would be would be violating the very principles they were founded upon. I seriously hope you are just trying to troll the shit out of everyone here.

          • Brett Hunan

            Nice ad hominem maja!! My questioning your genuiness is cause to believe I “dont qualify as a leader”, but would, in fact “make a great complainer”.

            I have a feeling that if you keep up these attacks and unsound logic, people will get tired of you real fast.

            Also, something that may have slipped your mind: a good leader knows humility, compassion, and empathy, all while being skilled in rational thinking and decision making.

          • Boris

            Surely you’re spouting this here because there is no one outside cyber-land who is interested in your nonsense?
            Oh my God! I’m picturing small groups of middle-aged women sat in kitchens across Europe drinking tea and eating cake discussing the various sections of society they plan to do away with. ‘Pass me another slice of the Genoa, Maud. I must say, it’s exquisite. Now, about those gypsies…’

    • Brett Hunan

      And chinaSMACK is the place for these solutions? How about you go out and form a club of like-minded individuals who hold the same ideas as you, and get something done.

      Stop trying to be such a superior mind with all of these attacks, all of which have trap doors.

      Yes your solutions are radical. Are they realistic? Would any of these solutions ever be put into effect?

      • lonetrey

        Perhaps. It could be more real than you think. Who knows what government will be like in a decade. Half a century. A century later.

        You know? It’s really not something set in stone, something like this. We laugh about it, and assume that freedom is something that’s free, or maybe we joke about how outright evil will never dominate politics.

        I’m sure before Hitler took power, no one suspected the world could be so dark. I’m told that the mindset people Americans before the World Wars were optimistic and thought that humans could never be so inherently evil in some cases.

        We must be vigilant to a certain point, at the very least.

        • Brett Hunan

          Good points, but relevant to maja’s post, mentioning Africa, HIV infected crack-whores, and of course China, even IF one changes, the entire world will not follow suit…. not preemptively anyways. I would imagine that it would be a result of global water and food shortages, plague, end-of-the-world kind of stuff.

    • Brett Hunan

      Seriously though, reading your post again~ How could a country with a population like China’s keep track of every poor/homeless person? It is statistically improbable that any effort would be of use… unless citizens were compensated for the capture of said pregnant poor/homeless people… maybe that could work

      • maja75 (aka coala banana)

        Brett, understand me right, I too would like that all people live a decent life and hunger and poverty would just come up in history books. But we all have to face the facts sooner or later. Even the most liberal western governments will have to face this issues. War on drugs can’t be won, other by legalizing them. War on poverty can’t be won, cause liberal (and conservative) powers don’t face the important issues and provide solutions. They play their humanist cards, since no one like to be the “asshole” which is responsible for radical measures. I don’t blame leaders and parties, liberals might have their hearts in the right place, but its of no practical use when their heads are in their asses.

        It might take a few decades more, maybe 30-50 years, but i am sure, that people will delay inconvenient solutions until its nearly too late. I consider chinas step towards the one child policy just as a start, even i think they were still too liberal addressing the issue. the problem of poverty can’t be solved by throwing in more and more money. This IS NOT a moral issue, this must be clear. With the time this issue will be addressed, maybe without the public even knowing it. Certain people and areas will be “provided” with medications and vaccines to prevent the reproduction of poverty, maybe they will not even wait for so long, and instead of letting and waiting that the poor die out, they will just come up with a final solution. In my opinion its unpreventable. Communism, democracy, liberals, republicans, religions, CANT solve this problems and are incapable to provide answers, its just touching up “errors” delaying and adding up to the misery.

        The time will come where the poverty and unrests will come closer to the doorsteps of the most ignorant hard core liberals, THIS will be the time when gov. will take action ! Unpreventable…..

    • forced mass sterilization happened (e.g. in nazi germany) and it still happens (…). and even some of your points might be agreeable and reasonable, who will you let make the decission? there is way too much room for abuse. it just does not work like this.

      • maja75 (aka coala banana)

        ponti, its nice to feel with the poor and it might be a nice action to hope and pray for this poor women and her baby. But we must face the facts, and as longer as we (out gov.) wait, as harsher and more radical will be the solution at the end.

        We have already to capacity, knowledge and technology available to produce JUST healthy babies. Science is held back by dumb neo cons and fake liberals which play the moral card. Again, this is NOT a moral issue, its an ethical issue, an issue of common sense and logic. Lets be clear, that all the people which bitch and complain how rude that would be, would in real life not provide this women a helping hand, and why should they ?!

        I don’t know how this solutions will look like, and yes this are some tough decisions, and we can wait until we are FORCED to put the “right” measures into action, i just say that delaying will make it worse ! Its not that the world is over populated, the problems is that we have too much misery and poverty, which WILL become a REAL problem one day. A good start would be to sterilize the once which can’t feed themselves, and this includes the mentally ill like this women. Just prevent reproduction of certain people, it would be at least a start….

        • Fu ZhiGao

          Just a mentally perverse argument, sorry. Really sounds like a throwback to Nazi Germany.

          And what if someone decided to sterilize you because of your heritage? Would you just accept it?

        • h3ll

          Being rational as you claim in your arguments and proposing radical “solutions” makes you to be the first in leaving aside your “birth rights” ,no matter if you are healthy and a contributing member of the society and not por enough, because ,according to your logic, there are healthier,richer and better citizens in privileged classes than you . How can you be so sure your descendants will hold the same “position” as you?
          Supposing you are a real spaniard maja,in her lates 30´s, your grandparents suffered the Civil War in Spain which impoverished almost half of the population.So you could be descendant of a beggar or mentally ill person classified by those rational dudes friends of Franco saying that ,imposing physical and psychological tests to link prisoners with mental illness ideology.So according to Franco u should not have been born!

          I wonder if you have taken any action to support your rational solution proposal of mass sterilization like working or being volunteer at campaigns against teen pregnancy, HIV mothers support,or adopting an african starving baby. Oh wait ,there is poor and mentally ill people all wide world not only Africa or China. Why don´t you start in your own country ? Don´t be a viewer like us.

          If you are offended by this you are very much welcome to open a History book and read about life cycle of civilizations each one seemed to end in extinction due overpopulation and poverty yet developing in other ways. Humans are still here.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            it doesn’t matter what happened in the past. In the past we had no science and people didn’t know any better. We all can find all kind of excuses for anything. I am interested with what is now. We have created all this welfare states and as we see now, it doesn’t work that way.

            Now a days we ARE confronted, with HIV mothers and babies. So should we allow that more HIV mothers make more HIV babies in hope that one day 1 out of a million will show resistance against the virus ? Now a days someone with HIV can still, thanks to science, live a decent life. What i worry about is what kind of people are making babies. HIV would not qualify for sterilization in my opinion depending on the persons background. In case the HIV carrying person is at the same time a crack whore and/or under gov healthcare adding to the endless and ever growing circle of poverty and misery, then yes, she should be sterilized immediately or given a fast painless death.

            Starving babies in africa ? how about telling the pope to shut his mouth….aids is bad, but from their religious point of view its not as bad as condoms ? come on ! There is no hope for a huge part of them, but they keep on reproducing ! We let them reproduce cause we are afraid to make an important decision. How someone can look at this women in the article and the pictures, and still talk about humanity, her rights, her freedoms, hopes etc…dont you people see that you just add to the already existing misery ? You delay a suicide and senseless suffering and life in poverty cause of what ? So you can feel good about yourself, or just out of a feeling that its the “right” thing to do ?

        • Toemass

          Sterilization is an immediate solution which could be put in affect tomorrow. It is a solution but not a long term solution. You have picked the most logical solution to a common problem in countries such as China. After sterilization, what would be the same? The peoples’ mentality will still be the same.

          In China there is still a Mao generation that are stuck in the old ways. Most Chinese men and women I talk to hate the pressure they get from their parents about having a child and getting married. It’s hard not to generalize when talking about a nation, but anyway. It’s something I’ve encountered regularly.

          Despite this, it’s quite common for Chinese women to aspire to giving birth to a child, regardless of their current circumstance and age. A long term solution I feel would be to educate young people to eliminate arranged marriages and pressure from society to get married young, have babies and let it be known that sex is normal. The sex education in China is terrible and they fear it, probably because of Chairman Mao’s philosophy. If you tell people to not do something they will do it! But you can explain the consequences if you do it.

          Britain has the highest underage teenage pregnancies in Europe, whereas Countries like Holland, who are more open about sex have one of the lowest rates of teenage pregnancy. Use of contraception is high and it is up to the individual to show responsibility. This does not always apply to other countries. I think education would be a start for China and it would take a couple of generations to fade before education taking affect and for mentality change.

          I do think Maja you bring up some controversial topics that people might feel uncomfortable with, but despite what people say I think it is still food for thought.

          On a off note: Has anyone ever seen Logan’s Run? That was a solution.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            very valid points ! Toemass,

            my concerns are not related to china, since i am sure that china will know how to deal with such problems in a faster and less bureaucratic way then we can do in the west. I found it funny how all this westerners which don’t know anything about china have the nerves to condemn their 1 child policy. As doubtful as it was, it was still the ONLY way possible to reduce poverty at that time. I see that just as a first measure and i am sure that in the future more will follow, once the middle class has grown bigger to create more support from within.

            My greater concerns are with our western countries and their so called democracies, which is nothing else then 3 hungry wolves and one small lamb sitting at one table trying to decide what to eat for dinner. We sacrifice so much for the senseless fight of equality throwing money down the throats into senseless projects and people which are not worth the pain and effort. We like to follow logic and reason, but none of our leaders ever thought about certain cultural backgrounds of people before letting them into our countries. We connect helpless cases to life maintaining machines for years. This is not about closing gaps between rich and poor, its about maintaining miseries and suffering and making work unattractive. We will delay the problems until the shit hits the fan. Maybe its necessary that the worst case scenario happens, otherwise nothing would change. We are still humans and humans learn from mistakes. I just found that its better to get rid of problems fast and easy, rather then ignore them and be forced to built a wall behind us and them and throw in some food from time to time. We must realize that some people are not necessary and are a burden for human development and put freedom and good living standards at jeopardy….

    • jeffli

      “free healthcare is not a solution, it just adds to the misery and encourage people to take everything for granted and takes away individual responsibility.”
      “solution ?

      sterilization !” Furchbar!

      Jawohl mein Furhrerlein Maja Major! Sein SS-Totenkopfverbände wermacht sind ausgezeichnet! Ich bin sehr geil!
      “Final solution” as carried out by
      Nazi’s from Germany to Romania started as an Idea to sterilise people then they thought to round them up make them work in concentration camps for a year or two singing “arbeit macht frei”
      Their babies can be boiled and fed back to the wretches as a soup!

      What is more disgusting than seeing the plight of this poor wretched person is hearing the middle class bourgeois “bang their Eurotrash shields” and bleat like over pampered sheep and goats about helping the forlorn and homeless and the solution is sterilisation. 1930s Nazis started with ‘sterilisation’ and ended up with “final solution”.

      Whats it to you if there is a bit of free healthcare and social welfare you greedy thomases and sick eastern Eurotrashes!

      Oh yeah Hitler was so opposed in Eastern Europe on that point wasn’t he?
      How many SS in Eastern Europe capitulated? Eh?

      Well alright then! YOU PULL THE TRIGGER ! YOU DROP THE ZYKLON B with your own hands! Are you cold hearted enough? Can you rip out another womans womb or fallopian tubes? – Its what they did in the work camps and ghettos in Eastern Europe 70 -80 years ago! From Estonia to Romania
      (my favorite were the Latvian SS Oooh they were to die for!)

      And you middle class Americans don’t forget the whole Eugenics movement came from America in the 1800s!

      sterilisation? WTF?
      First people I would sterilise is the middle-class intellectuals who seem to be nothing more than the pavlov dogs of the ruling elite!

      • Notorious

        jeffli, middle class americans aren’t the problems. It’s the rich upper class elite (the 1% of the population), people behind corporations as well as republicans pitting the middle class against the poor, making the middle class think that the reason they pay so much in taxes and all of society’s ills is the poor’s fault.

    • jon

      We should definately sterilize anybody who can’t do algebra and calculus. If you can’t do that you are not fit to have children.

    • Dat Ankle

      Funny thing about your theory, it has already happen in the US between 1929 and 1974. Preventing people from giving birth and making it a privilege doesn’t stop anything, and forcing sterilization on a women is just down right disgusting. Maybe if countries focused on a long term plan instead of a short term one that doesn’t solve anything but cover a problem, things like this could be prevented.

    • Dr SUN

      There is no way you can say that baby will not contribute something, maybe even more than you to the world.

      Forced steralization……geez

      why don’t you volunteer ,or volunteer your daughter (if you have one) to be the first subjects.

  • diverdude

    She told me she was on the Pill !! :-0

    • Ryo

      In China, they usually say “Don’t worry, I can’t get pregnant.”

      • mr. wiener

        ..And “it’s good for your skin”.

    • eattot

      you two go die together

  • eattot

    How come there are so many people who naturally give birth outside of hospitals, yet have to get Cesarean sections when in hospitals?
    i also want to know why?why every mom i know had to cut one scar on belly?so that hospital can make more money?
    anyway,poor woman,poor bady,good to know they took baby away from her.

    • Brett Hunan

      Some births require a c-section, especially if the baby will come out feet first. Some women prefer it because the recovery time is shorter. A lot of c-sections are required due to women and their doctor deciding to prematurely force labor and as a result the cervix doesnt soften and she never dialates.

      I have heard tales of doctors telling women that the procedure is necessary, just to force them into paying more for a less time-consuming process. (Some doctors could be busy for hours to over a day during a natural birth, whereas c-section is is relatively quick)

      But honestly eattot, a woman’s body is made to give vaginal birth. C-sections just line up with this remarkably impatient culture that we have adopted (not including when they are truly needed).

      • eattot

        i think it’s abused…really!
        also the scar on belly is so ugly, to me, i will practise a lot when get pregnant,not get so fat…i prefer give birth in a nature way.

        • jeffli

          Oh Eattot!
          I expected better from you!

          mincing voice – “the scar on her belly is so ugly….mi mi mi”
          I don’t think the scar is this poor wretches ‘top 3’ concern, do you?

        • Trap

          What the fuck are you talking about? You can’t practice giving birth…smh

          • Brett Hunan

            She means exercise. Eattot doesn’t deserve your lack of patience.

          • Notorious

            you can excercise birth. it’s called lamaze. you practice pushing, etc. did you guys kn ow that the muscles a woman has to push to give birth is the same muscle one has to push to make a bowel movement?

        • cc

          And what will you do if the child you are carrying is to big for a natural birth? Refuse the Caesarian and die. There are many reasons for Caesarian births and it’s not all cosmetic or about making money most doctors recommend it when the mother and / or the baby may be in difficulty. So wake up to the facts.

    • eattot, this might sound racist, but chinese tend to have big heads. however, you do have a valid suspicion. chinese hospitals try to get as much as possible money out of their patients. so, normally they would push for a caesarean delivery.

      • eattot

        but chinese tend to have big heads?
        you mean our heads are bigger ? i think our face is bigger, when my parents in shanghai, my father always said that white is not pretty,their faces is so small and narrow, like a stick.hahahaha!

        • i mean it. most chinese have big heads compared to the rest of their bodies. and normally the head comes out first. so, i could imagine that many women in china would prefer a ceasarean delivery over a natural one. but i might be wrong. and i will never know since i cannot have the privilege of delivering a baby…

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            in my years in china i observed that many chinese babies have deformations on their heads, especially on the top-back area of their scull. Many middle easterner babies have that too btw….

        • Foreign Devil

          Yes chinese women have bigger heads. Or Europeans have small heads. . depends on how you look at it. But a hat that fits me would not fit the head of lot’s of Chinese girls who are much shorter than me. But the big head makes them cute in a cartoon kind of way.

          Eattot, lot’s of rich women get C-section in the west while under anaesthetic. . so they have a painless birth. Also lots of them prefer to have a scar on their belly over having a stretched heynannernanner. They think their husbands also won’t like the stretched out vagine.

          • Notorious

            only a man would think such a thing. a woman’s vagina snaps back to its normal size within days of child birth. trust me if you’ve had children and a tampon that’s about half the size of a pinky finger still fits snug, a child’s big head does nothing to a woman’s vagina.

          • Little Wolf

            Aw c’mon…any man can tell you that after childbirth, the coochie is never quite the same again. Although still better than most things in life.

          • Notorious

            again, that’s just a myth. any woman who decides to have surgery like a c-section, which renders you unable to walk or go upstairs for practically a week because she thinks her vagina will stay stretched out is a dumb ass who will believe anything. and any man who thinks the vagina is different probably has a small penis anyway. lol after child birth, the vagina is, in most cases sewn when too much is ripped, and so the woman will have stitches, but like i said, it goes back to its regular shape within days. the only thing that takes a while to heal is the bone that is stretched to accomodate the passage of the child, which mostly affects the width of the pelvic/hip area

          • Little Wolf

            Really? Only a man that’s had some before/after experience.

            And questioning my schlong size?…….. Seriously?
            If it makes you feel better about your own stretched-out punanny (3 kids, right?)that even John Holmes would compare to a bucket of mud, then have at it.

            Maybe you should try not to sound like such a fucking know-it-all and be a little more polite to people that have attempted to be civil to you.

          • Notorious

            little wolf, that’s really odd your comment. that’s the downside to writing on the internet, people sometimes mistake ones tone for being mean when that’s not the intent. certainly wasn’t in my post. i’ve been polite and civil to you in my replies. sorry if something i said rubbed you the wrong way.l ;

          • Little Wolf

  ’re right. Things do get taken the wrong way sometimes. I’m glad to see you are surprised at my comment. I try to be better than that and it’s not normal for me to take a cheapshot especially over something so trivial. I think it is fine that you participate in the forum and trying to learn the good and bad the foreigners experience here and to give your view from where you’re sitting. If you can get past the trolling, there are some smart and insightful motherfuckers here so I think you’re in the right place.

      • linette

        what does size of Asian people heads have anything to do with delivery or C section. You mean Asian babies come out with bigger heads than Caucasians babies from birth. Are we aliens? Or are you crazy?

        • i wrote chinese and not as you stated asian. there are differences between east asians and southeast asians in terms of head sizes. east asians do have bigger heads. and i could imagine that a bigger head causes bigger pain during delivery.

          • elizabeth

            Lol! I have no experience in giving birth to a baby, but this certainly sounds logical and…very funny!

      • Christina

        HAHAHAHAHA ponti- favorite comment of the night.

        idk statistically, but anecdotally, I totally agree :D it was hilarious watching my baby brother struggling to get his shirt on or off as a kid haha. He’s grown into his head now (fortunately) but for many years he always walked around with a HUGE stretched neckline! Pretty sure I was the same way too hehehe.

    • Three Stones

      Ceaserean births are more convenient for the hospital and the doctor. In a natural childbirth, the baby comes only when its ready. In a ceaserean, that shit happens when the doctor wants.

      This trend is also true in the US. It is more expensive to have a ceasarean. In addition, aside from the scar, it is an invasive procedure that damages the abdominal muscles. Also, some recent studies indicate that it is healthier for a baby to be born naturally.

      There are genuine health concerns for ceaserean births, but not nearly enough to suggest the number of ceasarean births.

  • jeffli

    Something is terribly wrong here!

    This wretched woman doesn’t even take charity from anyone. I don’t think she’s a beggar or bad person. She just doesn’t trust anybody. Why?

    I bet there is a tragic story to her personal history leading up to this predicament. [I’m thinking of the mess after Japanese slaughters where half crazed women with illegitimate children were roving the streets for years after.]

    Instead of local govt. departments spending (squandering?) millions on “ornate” office buildings,

    why not build ………

    A safe place for women and their children? free of charges, free food and healthcare and schooling for both women and their children. (The real communist ideal)

    Don’t force these wretches to live there, just see to it that it exists and is a safe place physically and mentally. They will come.

    how can China’s leaders stomach this?

    Oh boy lets build another rocket to impress the Americans!
    Another special skyscraper – Ooooh what shape will it be? Oh like a shiny shoe box on its end! whooo whoo!

    how about some simple healthy accommodation food and education for these women? I could shoulder an extra 100 rmb a month tax for that. most of Chinas tax cheating middle class could.

    Q: Where are the “real communists” when you need them?
    A: Busy trying to forget or hide ‘Sun Zhong Shan’s three principles.

    There is no god or buddha in this world.

    • Notorious

      “I don’t think she’s a beggar or bad person. She just doesn’t trust anybody. Why?”

      Good point, and very insightful Jeffli, especially about putting technology before human beings to impress or outdo some other world power.

  • elizabeth

    The world is facing an ageing problem. The last thing we should do is to curb the number of babies born.

    Ironically, it is the rich developed nations that are facing more severe declines in birth rate and it is also the rich, middle class people who are living off the toil and labor of the poor.

    Without the ‘trashy’ poor and uneducated for them to exploit, I doubt that the rich/mid class would last very long.

    That point aside, it is a short-sighted solution to remove the ‘problem’ when the ‘problem’ is actually the solution to the rich/mid class/ageing problem.

    What other radical moves can there be? Reduce the income gaps, channel more resources from wasteful extravagance to meaningful use on those who need them…and facilitate migration…educate the xenophobic and maybe, the world will be a better place.

    • maja75 (aka coala banana)

      you just described the way into more poverty and misery:-). You already failed on the religious issue, now you are going to fail on economic and geo political issues too ?

      • elizabeth

        Good try. Answer my questions on the Big Bang Theory or you will be the one who has failed in the debate.

        And I’d like to hear how superior your idea of reducing babies can help the world to sustain the economic and geo-political landscape in the long run.

        From what I see, yours is just an attempt to eliminate all the inconveniences of supporting the useless digits in society so that the pie would be bigger for the useful important members of society.

        Cut the crap about not wanting the see people suffer and babies tortured. The solution to this is to help them rise above their circumstances. Not reduce their numbers and take away their rights. Eugenics is a selfish game of the rich. Killing off the poor is just a convenience, not their concern.

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          wow:-))), still obsessed with the big bang ?? unbelievable !

          hey, after reading your post, you gave some reasonable options:

          1. eliminate all the inconvenience

          2. eliminate the supporting of useless digits in society

          3. bigger pie for the useful important members of society

          THAT was a great star, but THEN you fail again with:

          1. The solution to this is to help them rise above their circumstances

          2. Not reduce their numbers and take away their rights

          3. Killing off the poor is just a convenience, not their concern.

          why are you so self destructing and contradicting, lacking substance ? :-))), first you start out great, but then you just disappoint ! Hope that is not a virtue of yours !? you should try and make up your mind, realizing that you can’t have it both ways.

          • elizabeth

            There you go again. Intimidation tactics without substance does not an argument make.

            You have nothing to substantiate your claims. Just fluffy assertions at best. How am I contradicting myself?
            Lost your tongue?

            Try this:
            The eugenics movement of the early 1900s ultimately went horribly wrong despite its noble aims. What can we learn from this movement’s outcomes in order to avoid the repetition of these mistakes?


            You gotta to go beyond academic regurgitation and your obsession with evolution to see if what you are advocating is workable in the real world.

          • elizabeth

            Oh yes, before you try these, don’t waste your time ‘cos I’ve seen the likes and sorts who have tried them on me and failed:

            Intimidate, ridicule, labeling…
            Conjure up imaginary victory over opponent
            Confuse and confound with baseless allegations
            Put words into the opponent’s mouth
            When lost for a rebuttal, opponent is this case…with the big bang
            When all else fails, insist you are the winner even though it is crystal clear the vice versa is true

            Repeat cycle…

          • jeffli

            from the “Dead Kennedy school of social constructionism”?

            Sterilise or burn ’em – what a waste! we could perform medical experiments on poor people like in WW2 – what happens if you freeze a person slowly in low pressure atmosphere while floating in a tank of salt water?

            Holiday in Cambodia?
            Kill kill kill the poor?

            ……….”Kill The Poor” – Dead Kennedys……….

            Efficiency and progress is ours once more
            Now that we have the Neutron bomb
            It’s nice and quick and clean and gets things done
            Away with excess enemy
            But no less value to property
            No sense in war but perfect sense at home:

            The sun beams down on a brand new day
            No more welfare tax to pay
            Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light
            Jobless millions whisked away
            At last we have more room to play
            All systems go to kill the poor tonight
            Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight

            Behold the sparkle of champagne
            The crime rate’s gone
            Feel free again
            O’ life’s a dream with you, Miss Lily White
            Jane Fonda on the screen today
            Convinced the liberals it’s okay
            So let’s get dressed and dance away the night
            While they:
            Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight

          • Boris

            Finally someone here with decent music taste.
            Best punk album of all time.

        • linette


          You are right about the world should reduce the income gaps, channel more resources from wasteful extravagance to meaningful use on those who need them…and facilitate migration…educate the xenophobic…and stop exploiting the poor.
          China for sure needs to get rid off that segregation system between the rural and city people. However, the most important thing for China to do now is to control overpopulation in the rural areas.
          This world is overpopulated. Look at our planet. It’s very polluted. The most important to us mankind to do is to control overpopulation and clean up pollution. Invent new greener technologies as resources. China did the right thing by restricting to one child policy. I think they should even go further to restrict the age for child bearing. Like you must be at least 30yrs old in order to give birth and only one child per family. Those poor rural areas in China, why are they making so many babies when they don’t even have food to eat? Children are dying and sick without medical care. Why the children have to live like that?
          China needs to sterilize most of these poor rural people to reduce population. Help and feed them. Provide them with better living environment, education, and medical care. Until their living condition is livable they really shouldn’t be reproducing.

          This mental woman should not be giving birth to begin with. Look what happens now with this poor baby. The baby will be taken away to orphanage and life will be hard for him without parents and parental love. China should have public institution to take care of these mental or disabled people off the street. Don’t feel inhumane to sterilize them to avoid tragic consequences.

          • Fu ZhiGao

            Do you realize what an absolute mess Europe was in the middle ages? Should the peasants have been sterilized then according to your fancy? Maybe then none of would have been born and around to make silly judgments about other places.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            how you can compare medieval europe with the 21st century ? But without knowing you brought up a good point !

            Cause people which still operate under medieval brains, and live under doctrines and rules and believes of that time, would also qualify as sterilization material. They are holding us back as a species, they slowing us down, and they poison our children with their backwards ideologies.

          • jeffli

            how can you compare!
            Try Nazi Capitulation (Ahemmm…… invasion) of the Baltic states! Anymore Jews, mentally disabled Gay/lesbians to Gas today? No? Just the poor? Alrighty then! where’s my Zyklon B?

      • Boris

        I’m not considered a handsome man by anybody’s standards, so perhaps I shouldn’t be the one giving advice here. But please, could you get rid of the picture? It’s… I don’t know how to put it… unsettling.

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          sorry to hear that it “disturbs” you, but i guess you must live with it for now. I changed it already and replaced with some others, but somehow they don’t show up :-(…handsome or not is not the question, but it would be great if more people would go the additional little step and post their picture, at the risk that someone else will feel bad about it…:-)

          • Boris

            You look like an advert for overpriced cosmetics, and here you are suggesting that we annihilate the poor? I don’t know whether you’re just a sophisticated troll or an utter cunt. I’m interested to know what exactly it is you think you contribute to society.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            actually in the picture i have no make up at all, its a pic taken with my webcam sitting at my office desk. I never used make up in my life, except little bit for the eyelashes, cause i believe its not good or healthy for my skin, except some lip moisture and day/night creams. Same goes for painting nails, never did that and never will. They look good and natural how they are, and i do have beautiful looking hands and nails. Hate long nails btw !

            You don’t really wanna know what i contribute to society. I know you don’t, cause of the way you approached me. Learn some manners first boki, then you might receive answers for your questions.

          • Christina

            “I never….. Except….” is a huge contradiction! And from girl to girl, you are most certainly wearing makeup (may want to lay off the smudger, darling). I think you’re quite pretty and there is no shame in wearing makeup!

            Also- hair dye is probably much more harmful than whatever makeup you purportedly don’t use. Before you ask- the severe difference in color between your eyebrows and hair gave it away.

            Lastly- on the off chance you’re really cb posing as a girl to get in touch with his feminine side: utterly pathetic.

          • Boris

            You’re right. I really don’t want to know how you contribute to society.
            I care even less about your personal appearance.
            To misquote a famous English monarch, ‘Will no one rid me of this meddling beast?’

          • jeffli

            maja75 = cb …..?

            Oh Christina that is funny……….yet possible…….but then
            I saw in another post that
            cloaca babanna = cloaca power = F***F*** so it couldn’t be

  • eattot

    This many people with their eyes wide upon seeing this infant naked and frail lying on a place with sticks and stones!!
    Those people around the baby, how can you bear to just look on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    agreed…i hate cold wooden people in china,i would give that baby a piece if i were there. when i was a kid at home,everytime begger came, my father always gave him water first, then some money or rice…there was a very poor girl in my middle school she stood in street begging money sometimes,i never day my father got home,he told me that he gave a girl 10 yuan because he saw she was from the same school as us.after he described her looks, we knew at least she was not some other cheater.
    how i hate those so called gov officials they work so short time and so cared of work a bit more time when your in queue and close the off time,they all should be punished first if that day really came.

    • maja75 (aka coala banana)

      obviously your father has his heart in the right place. It was a noble thing to do and i applaud him for that, but we must also realize that we can’t change the negative dynamic and find long term solutions by giving people free food, money and housing. It makes US feel good, but it doesn’t help to solve the problem of poverty or to reduce it.

      I think that everywhere in the world people tend to blame their gov first. But we must realize that gov people are also just a product of their environment. They come from within our societies. I don’t know about you, but i strongly believe that disappointments comes from wrong expectations.

      My father is east european and my mother from south america, I lived and worked in both of their countries, and also for years in asia. Its everywhere the same. In china maybe to a bigger extend then somewhere else, but we must also consider the size and population of china and all the problems which come along,..that makes corruption a reasonable alternative. Its sad, but true….

      • Dr. jeffli OB. GYN.

        Hah! Maja
        East Europe! the holocaust? South America? more military dictorships, Juntas , coups than guleeguguland!
        everywhere the same? Not so my dear!
        only East Europe practiced the holocaust with glee! Looking for neo Nazis? look no further than East Europe!

        People are generally lacking compassion. free healthcare and education is every childs right! not just you silver spoon kids.

        But when the poor become educated, then the current middle-class bourgeoisie become threated! Oh so typical….
        Marx and Engels were onto something, pity the implementation got screwed in Europe.

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          we had this more then once in history.

          the citizens of nations which went on the path to sacrifice some of their freedoms and capital for the benefit of equality, ended up with none of them !

          no where in the word live people better then in a capitalist free market society, thats a fact. You like equality ? Move to north korea and let us know how it works for you !

          Why people like you and elizabeth like to play their fake sincere games ? all of your action produce more harm than good and it doesn’t matter how sincere you were. You would still cause more harm than good with your liberal ideas. You can sincerely believe that some action will help people but that doesn’t mean that said action will indeed help people. Sincerity has to take a backseat to reality.

          Marx and Engels ? good 100 years ago, no question, but i think that by now they would over think their ideas…and yes, you are right, east europeans have a weak point which is their obsession with dictators. Hitler has caused a lot of misery in east europe, but today you can here many young and old people say that he was in fact a good men….!

      • Dawei

        Hello Maja,

        Which countries in Europe and SA?
        How did you end up in China and how long have you lived there?
        Are you fluent in Mandarin?


        • donscarletti

          Dude, you suck at Internet small talk.

          Please post your full name, address, nationality, monthly income and tax file number so I can mock you in person.


          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            ups, for a person who is knowledgable about spanish art and nude paintings, you sound kinda rude:-)….must be the italian in you ? Scarletti ? I know a composer with a similar name, he wrote hundreds of sonatas…

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          Hello Dave,

          serbia and venezuela, both of my parents used to be diplomats at one point in time. We moved to Venezuela right before the war started.

          I live temporary in HK and Macao. Worked for 6 years in mainland china as a consultant.

          Yes my mandarin is pretty good i guess. Cantonese in the 50% range…


    • Notorious

      eattot, your father is a good man.

  • Dannie

    Happy mother’s day to her!! How sweet!! mom of the year!! <3 XOXOXOXO….. LOLOL…..poor kid

  • k

    She probably didn’t want to go to the hospital because she has no money and also because she was probably afraid they would take her baby, it being a boy in all. Even tho the woman is obvisously destitute and alone, she seems to care for her baby even against the odds. If she didn’t care she would of abandoned instead of letting everyone see it. Its also rather unfair to deem her mentally ill…..she looks more homeless and poor and scared. I think she get gov asst and then be given her baby back but the hosp will probably take it and sell it cause its a healthy boy

    • h3ll

      Agree with you, she seems she wants her baby,otherwise she would have throw him at garbage.

    • Notorious

      let a childless american couple have him. they would love him to pieces. we have so many chinese children here with american parents, and they are very much loved, cherished and cared for.

      • elizabeth

        Yes, I know and have seen a number of Americans adopting more than one kid. Generous souls they are. Bless them!

  • elizabeth

    linette, I beg to differ.

    I do not agree with sterilization, not only because it is inhumane, but also a violation of a person’s rights as well as ineffective in the long run, even disastrous.

    Take the fine example of Singapore. It used to have a stop at two policy and some say eugenics was even involved. See what a pathetic state it is in now in terms of population replacement. Now, instead of producing babies, the rich and well off are more interested in making money and having a good life without inconvenient baggages while the government is at a loss as to how to convince people to start families and have to rely heavily on immigrants, which in turn generated another bigger headache to solve.

    Why the mess? Because of the short-sightedness of the stop at two campaign.

    I have not problem with voluntary sterilization, but when it is forced, it reeks of selfishness and ethical depravity. Of course, it doesn’t bother some to be selfish and morally bankrupt. That, it seems to some, is for retards :D I guess, priorities are different. But I wouldn’t want to imagine I am one mentally challenged member in a society who has not compassion. Mental illness has little correlation with genes but factors like nutrition, environment play a substantial role in the mental well being of an individual. As such sterilization does no help much. Hence, I don’t see any harm in improving the lot of these individuals. In helping them, I might be a little poorer in the pockets, but many times happier in spirit.

    That being said, selective sterilization will also reduce the genetic diversity of humankind and when the threshold is crossed, then we may realize how counter-productive sterilization is when the negative consequences boomerang back at us.

    I see a vicious cycle. Sterilization will also mean that today’s middle class may become tomorrow’s new poor. I would like to see, what the middle class would have to say, when it is their turn to be forced into being sterilized.

    • Notorious

      AGREEING with you elizabeth. Besides, forced sterilization would swiftly devolve into acts of genocide to rid the world of “undesirable” populations.

    • linette


      You don’t have to worry about decline in reproduction in China. With its 1.4 billions people, it is not slowing down anytime soon. If China is not careful, soon it will reach 3 billions. And most of the population will be coming from the poorest rural areas where people are uneducated. Those who reproduce like rabbits are the poorest and the least educated people in China. The rich people in China living in cities do not reproduce just like the people in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong kong. Hk has the lowest birth rate in the world. Japan is extremely low too.
      Those who live in China in the rural areas, have you seen how they live? The kids are dying of starvation and without basic medical care. The kids are lucky if they survived to grow into adults. Population like that the people lack education to understand what is birth control. Nor can you convince them that their living condition is not suitable for them to reproduce more offspring. The China government may need to go there and set up more accessible public transportation. Set up medical facilities and sterilize half of the “unfitted” people; treat the sick, shelter the homeless, educate the uneducated, and feed the hungry.
      The Crisis in those rural area is just massive. You are talking about millions and millions. The China gov’t need to help the people that are living first and not have to worry about more birth…means bigger problem.

      And with that, that segregation system created by the China government between the rural and city area MUST BE taken down. If you don’t know about the segregation system in China, go look it up. Life in the rural areas is like hell compare to life in the cities which is like heaven in China.

      • Brett Hunan

        You make the countryside sound like hell. I lived there…. its not hell and its not North Korea (the place you are confusing China with).

        • linette

          Brett Hunan

          Are you trolling for my unfriendly reply?

          • Brett Hunan

            I dont troll. What you wrote is utter nonsense. “The kids are lucky if they survived to grow into adults.” Really, thats North Korea, not China.

      • elizabeth


        I have been to the rural areas of China and that is precisely why I can identify with their plight. Most of them are not useless lazy bums, but in fact people who most likely will give their best and shame the spoilt brats of the developed world, if given reasonable opportunities.

        I am aware of the segregation system and over-population issue in China. That is why I proposed a wider global view to solve the problem. Migration and adoption are viable avenues, but not popular because of xenophobia and racism/nationalism. Forced sterilization is a knee-jerk easy-way-out solution for those who conveniently see the poor only as digits and ‘leeches’.

        Also, I do not buy the idea that the mentally ill should be treated like sub-humans. If that is the case, rich mentally ill brats should be treated just the same since they are supposed to be just as ‘unproductive’ and a burden to society. In fact, they should be the ones to go first and their inheritance donated to charities. Otherwise, it’s just an euphemism to mask the true intentions of the opportunistic rich (note, I am not referring to all, just the unscrupulous ones).

        Lastly, a doctor friend of mine once said to me, that doctors who have worked too long in healthcare risk losing their sense of compassion because they have seen so many patients and corpses and have become immune to the suffering of their patients and their job, just a mechanical routine.

        That explains why some are so eager to kill off the poor, without even batting an eyelid. Murder doesn’t ring any bells as they fall on deaf ears.

        • elizabeth

          “That is why I proposed a wider global view to solve the problem.”

          Correction, I support (adoption, migration, etc.), not propose, because those aren’t may ideas :D

        • linette

          I believe in sterilization and abortion in areas where the living conditions are not suitable to raise children. Areas where they can’t provide for themselves nor for the kids with basic needs. Donation to these people is not a long term solution. Neither is adoption.
          I have no doubt some of the hardest working people are coming from the poorest countries. That is why the government system must give them the chance and opportunity to advance. Education is the key. Educate the poor to give them the chance to advance in the society. However, we can’t do it until the major problems are being adjusted. Overpopulation is one of them.
          That poor mental woman, very soon she will be pregnant again giving birth to another child. Except what will happen if no one caught it next time? She may or may not mistreat the child. Who knows. She is not fit to be a parent nor is her living condition because she needs help herself.

          • navighost

            So Linette, you are advocating sterilisation of the poor because they live in conditions in which you deem it unfit to raise children, while blaming their condition on the corruption of those in power. Have you thought this through at all?

          • linette


            So this woman in this article, do you think she is qualified to raise children and give birth to more babies?(without the help of the society)

  • k

    Maja, you must be having a slow day to be able to rant so much….

    • maja75 (aka coala banana)

      wrong, days are fast, evenings are slow. Thats my excuse ! Whats yours for the double post ? Too nervous ? Shaky hands ? maybe caused by degenerative Nerves or peripheral Nerves ?

      But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your life is threatened cause of that…but in case, JUST in case, you also “suffer” movement, balance, breathing or talking problems, then let me know. I work in the medicine and health sector and maybe i could be of help.

      Don’t like to interpret too much into it, but most nerve based deceases ARE genetic and they run in families. Of course, alcoholism,tumors or strokes can cause other types of nerve deceases, while toxics, chemicals and viruses might cause different types.

      Just for your info !

      • Brett Hunan

        ….most likely she didn’t realize the page was loading and pressed the “Post Comment” button twice.

        Nerve-based diseases? Maja, it would be best to not comment like this, given how seriously you want everyone to take you.

      • mr. wiener

        Hmm…It’s kind of like reading a Coala Banana post, but without all the salacious details about his sexual exploits.
        Sterilization:Agree that something must be done someday, but as most people will tell you once you get started with that it is a slippery slope. If any govt in the world could do it, it would be the Chinese, despite the fact that they are nowhere near as centralized and powerful as people think. To my mind it sounds a wee bit too “simplistic”, which is not to say you are simple, just that the solution is too easy and popularist. People don’t want to think about these problems and if you give them an easy way out on this they’ll take it so they can resume their convenient lives without helping to save the world.
        You views are somewhat extreme [brutally honest actually] and I think you had your tact gland removed at birth [your parents are diplomats you say?] , but I do like you style :)

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)


          i work in the health care field for years now. Maybe cause of that i have a different point of view then someone who can look at things from the outside. I can assure you that when you know a doctor or medical staff good and long enough and talk with them their opinion would very much match with mine. People tend to base their opinions and solutions on feelings alone, but the world doesn’t work that way. Politics prefer to please the masses cause the time is not right for draconic measures. The push for such ideas will come from within society, so the ones which will make such decisions can save their face and stay in power. It will happen, and it will happen within most of our lifetimes. We do live in exciting times…

          PS: i follow this forum for some time now, and i also read many of CBs posts. I don’t know if his points towards all women are valid, since they definitely don’t apply on me. I am by no means a philosopher, but in my opinion he has made some good points hidden in between his rather primitive sexual comments.

          [Note: coala banana, please don’t pretend to be multiple people to support yourself.]

          • linette


            I understand what you are saying because like you, I also work in the medical field. A lot of the people here doing these humanity talk about “no sterilization” is really not realistically dealing with the crisis. Prevention is the key and is definitely more effective than treating the problem with a bandage; when you can prevent the problem at the first place why not?

            But you as a foreigner you must understand, the poor people in the rural areas in China is not what’s holding back China.(Nor are the poor people in any other country holding the world back.) In fact, the poor people in China are the supporting structure of the China economy. China’s economic growth is built on the back of their cheap labor. That is why China has this segregation system. They want to keep the poor poor and uneducated to make the rich richer. It’s like they do not want the poor people to eat the fruits from the tree of knowledge because they don’t want the poor people to develop the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. They want the poor to be ignorant. That is exploitation and it’s wrong. The segregation system must be taken down, and the poor must be educated and helped and birth control.

            The people that are holding China back are those corrupted government officials who abuse and refuse to give up their power. They are the people who do not want China to become a democratic country because they do not want to lose their rich and power. And most of the time,only family members can become government officials. It’s all about having the right connection.

  • althepict

    This woman could turn out to be the best mother ever.
    Think. She could have dumped him in a garbage can, a river, wherever, and no-one would have either known nor cared. However, she didn’t.
    I say help her to look after herself and she will certainly look after that child – perhaps like few others look after their own.

  • guanxin

    Looking at the mother and child, they don’t look to badly undernourished. I suspect that she had became mentally ill during pregnancy, or not too long before delivering the infant. Perhaps ditched by the infant father, or something bad had happened to him, the this poor woman had gone insane and left to to care for the baby when she can’t even care for herself. God, have pity on them, where is her relatives? Hope the child would soon be adopted by a good family.

  • Notorious

    wow, this is truly the american dream! Single mothers refusing those government handouts, pulling herself up by the bootstraps to take care of her responsibility without help from anyone. We should invite her to america to show the poor how it is truly done. What a brave woman!

    “Your mother is a prostitute in Dongguan, the whole country is your father.” – I lol’d at this.

    By the way, the child has his mother’s cheeks, hopefully not her heart. Though I suspect, the cruel and harsh realities of life has deadened her soul and ravaged her mind with illness. Bless them with peace.

  • An anonymous boy…

    I once came upon a cat sheltering some sweet kittens in a drain. They were somewhat sickly, but nonetheless beautiful little creatures who would grow into warm fuzzy friends with the right kind of owners. However, an antithesis formed and held simultaneously in my mind: it was a shame people did not neuter/spay their cats so all cats that existed could have warm loving homes…

  • coala power

    wow, not much has changed. Liberals still doing their best to speed up the human self destruction process, while some reasonable people are being attacked for speaking their minds.

  • mankouzanghua

    only read about 3 comments, but…

    maja75 = coala banana/coala power

    • Notorious

      totally thought the same thing, but as long as he’s not bullying women i don’t care how he appears.

      • coala power

        don’t worry frog eye, i have no intention so spend more time then necessary in your virtual living room.Kinda busy at the moment…. This girl made a few good points, but hey, she is still a women !

        PS: i have seen that you took my comments to heart and finally realized that your avatar was ridiculous. Trust me it was the right move to remove it, this scary ugly looking eyes of yours…. !:-))

        • Notorious

          don’t flatter yourself, fuckface. i have put up and taken pictures down NUMEROUS times and didn’t take my last one down until long after you thankfully disappeared. It was nice with you gone, please crawl back under your rock. I will not reply to you again douchebag. I have no desire to have any type of discussion with you or read anything you have to say. You are nothing but worthless whiny windbag, you baldy old boorish ballsac.

          • jeffli

            cloaca bandananna = cloaca power = fuckface ?

            ha ha ha ! ROFLMAO!

            haha fuckface….hehehe this one might stick whadya say Notorious?

            hahahahahahahahahahah………. Oh god! Jesus “fuckface” Yep! thats a good one!

            BTW – In zoological anatomy, a cloaca /kloʊˈeɪkə/ is the posterior opening that serves as the only such opening for the intestinal, reproductive, and urinary tracts of certain animal species. All amphibians, birds, reptiles, and monotremes possess this orifice, from which they excrete both urine and feces, unlike placental mammals, which possess two (or three) separate orifices for evacuation.

          • Notorious

            weeeeee lol i didn’t know that cloaca meant that, sounds like that ugly eunuch for sure. lol always spewing poo for his poop hole (mouth). And worse, he’s also Maja, pretending to be someone else who supports his views. Is there no end to his depravity? so embarrassing. I love how Fauna puts people on blast. She should do it every single time someone pretends to be someone else. It is so amusing lol

            [Note: coala banana, please don’t pretend to be multiple people to support yourself.]

  • Notorious

    I wish a man could experience childbirth. If they could for only a moment, they would hoist all women upon a pedastal and treat her like a god. It feels like being stabbed repeatedly in the lower pelvic, while two extremely muscular men pull it in different directions at the same time. Bear in mind, while this is going on it feels like you’re being pulled apart and quartered by two horses, one holding your torso, and one holding your thighs. Child birth is a terrible terrible terrible pain and i think a man would die from one contraction. But when the baby is out of the body, it is a euphoric and happy feeling. know that a woman who has given birth to your child truly and deeply loves you, even if she hates you, she loves you somewhere deep inside of her to have subjected herself to such intensity.

    • Little Wolf

      Oh waaa… If you’re ever at a baseball game and saw a shortstop take a line drive straight in the nuts, every man in the stadium will cower and think “HOLY SHIT!”

    • coala power

      you explained that pretty well and maybe thats also the explanation that your eyes look like they will pop out of your skull ?

      may i ask how may babies you pushed out so far ? if i remember right you told us something about 3 ? according to your analogy, does that make you also a “triple god” ? Or for your own better understanding based on your environment and the hood you live in, or how you people would call it: a “triple G” ?

      BTW, doesn’t frogs lay eggs ?

      sorry, will not do it again, but just couldn’t resist, now back to work, have a nice day ! :-)))

      • Notorious

        it’s funny that you write this maja/coala/fuckface. you prove yourself more and more despicable. First, using some poor woman’s pictures while you make heinous comments that are attributed to her innocent face. Then you use her image and name to support your own argument, thus proving what a dishonest sack of shite you are lying and twisting things. i hope everyone is seeing you for the psycho you are. or better, that fauna does not allow you to post here again. you are here to satisfy your own twisted ego and logic, . no one cares about you. loser

    • jeffli

      “I wish a man could experience childbirth.”

      I think some the the guys wish they could too! Thats why some guys like to “practice making babies” with other men ;-)

    • cc

      I’ve felt like that before when I was having a particularly bad bout of constipation, childbirth! Piece of piss compared to not being able to shit.

  • Matt

    Child given to a welfare institute… you mean orphanage. :(

  • Foreign Devil

    Just what China needs most. . another hopeless and probably mildly retarded baby. I agree with our dear libertarian Maja, who must be a daughter of Margaret Thatcher or Aynd Rand. Nearly ALL of China’s daily problems are a direct result of overpopulation.

    Just today I passed a bunch of nosy old folks with nothing better to do canvasing outside the town hospital trying to shame women going there for abortions. I would just LOVE to make those people canvassing be forced to adopt and try to correct a hardened crack baby turned juvenile delinquent and later, hardened criminal. Nothing fucks with a persons future and personlity like growing up in an abusive or neglecting household. Show me a criminal and I will show you a man raised in a broken home and a good case for easier access to abortions and condoms worldwide.

    Now I’m a bit more soft than Maja in that I believe that education and pursuit of career are the most effective form of population control rather than forced sterilization or regulation. Requiring women to pursue careers has done wonders in developped countries for reducing the birth rates. But we also have to encourage abortion and contraceptives.

    Maja if you weren’t in China I’d take you out on a date. .

    • maja75 (aka coala banana)

      libertarian ? definitely !

      since so many people honestly seem to care about the poor and unprivileged of this world, then why not give them the chance to put their talk into practice and let them care about all the homeless and hungry children and adopt them. You are right everyone of this fools should be forced to adopt this children.

      Oh, i forgot, according to them its the governments job to give all the underprivileged people of the world food and money. According to them its a RIGHT !

  • Maja75 is a brainwashed, globalist tool.

  • Brett Hunan

    Well played coala/maja. Well played. If Im wrong, my thought process is that both of your writing styles, grammar, sentence structure, and emphasis are remarkably similar.

    Fauna will probably prove me wrong again by IP comparison, but anyone has access to different computers. Too covenient that when cb disappears, maja arrives. Now someone calls maja out for being cb and cb returns… wtf?

    • mr. wiener

      *collective gasps* (and gagging noises from Foreign Devil)

      • Brett Hunan

        The most telling sign besides the all CAPS words is the space that comes after the final word of a sentence and before a question mark or exclamation point !

    • maja75 (aka coala banana)

      you guys spend too much time on this forum. No intention to spend my time to prove anyone of you wrong. So you are free to believe whatever you want. Kinda busy now Mr.Holmes ! Sorry !

      • mr. wiener

        …”you are free to believe what you want”?…Except if you want to believe god made skin colors :)

        • Brett Hunan

          Right, the trolling comment that started it all. Who made that original post? Notorious, right? Thought so.

          • mr. wiener

            Someone please que up The Who’s song “Who are you”. Themig, here is your big chance to be relevant for once.
            Thank you CSI Hunan.

          • Capt. WED

            No this should be the song of the comment. I nominate this.


          • Brett Hunan

            Yeah, I am a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fan.

            CSI Hunan has a nice ring to it. Maybe I will make a female gravatar account with that name… Think anyone will guess its me?

          • Notorious

            Yeah I made that comment, but not out of malice or to troll. I just felt it was the right to say at the time. I love to think of some humans like flowers, others like weeds strangling the other flowers.

          • Notorious

            I second that nomination capt.

          • Brett Hunan

            No Notorious. You made a perfectly fine comment thatmaja/cb trolled. It is just another piece of the puzzle that led me to realize Finkle is Einhorn.

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          there is no “except”, you and everyone else is still free to believe whatever you want. But there the ones amongst us who prefer to know. I can say that i KNOW how different skin colors evolved, and i can base that claim on solid evidence, while a believer can just base his claims on faith alone. The problem starts when this people like to sell their beliefs as facts. So yes, every reasonable and educated person should call them out on that.

          Apart from that, I don’t think it’s sensible to try to change the minds of crazy people. Instead, take away their influence so they can’t spread their madness. To leave the argument that god created skin colors unchallenged is helping such crazy people spreading their madness.

          While some of you might consider that as intolerant behavior, i consider it my duty to at least challenge such dumb statements, based on the fact that they were wrong. To call THAT intolerant IS intolerant !

          • mr. wiener

            What’s wrong with a little faith? Provided it’d not knocking on your door and asking for a donation? If a story gives some people comfort why is it your duty to tear it down?
            I’m a happy atheist, but I don’t mind religious people. If you want to worship at the church of the intergalactic spaggetti monster and you don’t want to burn other people for your faith ,then where is the harm?

          • Boris

            You don’t want them burnt.
            You want them al dente.

          • mr. wiener

            All right, lightly smoked and that is my final offer.

      • Dat Ankle

        Are you sure youre not spending as much time on this forum too?

        • maja75 (aka coala banana)

          its not about how much time is spend for something, its about what you do out of this time. Hope you get the idea ! Really no intention to spend more time on this subject. Maybe i should just keep on reading this forum from time to time, like i did in the last few months.

          • Boris

            I’d consider that an early Christmas present.

          • mr. wiener

            Shhhh! Don’t call it Christmas. It’s “Pagan mid winter festival”.

          • nufio

            absolutely!!! please do!!
            i rarely comment but i was really disgusted by your arrogant bitching.
            The whole concept of personal property and riches is pretty artificial when you think about it. Just because someone inherited wealth doesnt make them any more special except the power it gives them because of the wealth. At some point the poor will be too oppressed and revolt and kill off all you middle aged cunts who think those that were born poor should be sterilized.. read some fucking history.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            ops, i just made the decision to stay a little bit longer here ! So much love must be rewarded with my presence !

          • Xiao Ye

            Maja, new poster here. Big fan, been reading your comments for about 15 minutes now and i think you’ve got the basic solution right.
            Sterilize the mentally disabled for sure, but we’ve still got a lot of them around today, and I know my taxes aren’t gonna pay for their healthcare! Let’s take it one step farther, set up a fake soup kitchen and attract them all. Then when they arrive, systematically kill them all and then use them to make a delicious stew!
            These liberals and their empathy! Ba Humbug! You’re right, reality should dictate our decisions and the reality is there are a lot of leeches out there that need to be dealt with.
            Oh and if the stew is good enough, we’ll move on to terminal cancer patients next! You work in the healthcare industry, hook it up sister!

          • mr. wiener

            I like you too hon, you have cajones [figuratively speaking] and I look forward to many postings from you in the future :)

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            i would have no problem at all with taking care about the existing mental ills, even i would have no problem at all to support a fast and convenient solution. My main point is to get sure no new ones are born, and no new babies are born into families which can’t provide them with very basic daily needs, like good nutrition and at least a basic education. Future societies will get rid of this problems. I am sure about that !

            Fake soup kitchens would be too problematic and time consuming. Medication and vaccines are cheaper and easier available. They can be produced for a very cheap price and it would at the same time boost the economy. Science could use the dead corpses for experiments and studies. Mental ill should be given a fast death, while i am open minded about how to proceed with criminals. A living body is priceless when it comes to scientific experiments. Germans did it with Gipsies, Americans did it over decades in certain countries of south america, Soviets did it with their prisoners. It sounds crude, but when someone has to die anyway, why waste the opportunity ?

          • mr. wiener

            Either CB or a very sneaky piss-take.

          • Brett Hunan

            maja you do know that their are many people with “mental ills” or retardation that hold their own jobs, drive their own vehicles, and cook their own food too, right?

            What makes you think that these people dont contribute to society in some way, shape, or form?

            Surely you have heard the stories of those with savant syndrome or autism who have contributed to the world in the form of art, architecture, and mathematics.

            Your solution doesnt solve anything longterm. Thats me being a realist, not a crazy liberal.

          • mr. wiener

            Edison and Einstein’s teachers both considered them “addled” did they not?

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            you answered it yourself, they contribute to society, good for them. I am talking about the ones which do not, can’t contribute.

          • Brett Hunan

            Final question… how would anyone be able to determine from birth, or any age for that matter, as to whom will be of use to society?

            Just stop this charade and stop trolling. Im the bozo for even bothering with you.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            final question ? there are no final questions. You really don’t leave much room for improvements Brett, do you ? And why the name calling ? No self discipline ?

            However, you ask a reasonable question with “how would anyone be able to determine from birth, or any age for that matter, as to whom will be of use to society?”

            Brett, we are talking about preventive measures and long term solutions, so the question if/how/when to determine something should not be part of the solution, cause this situation will not come up. Human DNA will be manipulated and improved to the point where moral issues can be excluded, so liberal people like you can live happy without headaches. Otherwise the result of births will always be questionable. We need healthy people and intelligent people in the future, no room for sick and poor. We will take away the responsibility from parents, which means that they will and can have sex, but not to make babies. Perfect DNA will come out of the laboratory and not penis. A higher civilization level requires rationality and logic to be able to develop further.

            Genetic engineering is nothing new, at least not for us who work in this sector. The plans for that are already out and when the time is right they will be implemented. Certain countries already allow genetic engineering. We know that some christian radicals will still prefer to give birth even knowing that their baby will be born with serious decease, just so they can prove a/their point, and this shows that this “right” must be taken away from them. Nobody should have the right to give birth to a baby with a brain damage….now you can take your aspirin !

          • nufio

            paper pushing government funds in a hostpital does not make much of a contribution to society… since everyone must die.. im all for scientific experiments on hospital administrators..
            alas i have broken my own rule about feeding trolls..

        • mr. wiener

          Let’s not forget Steven Hawkins. Degenerative condition, by your definition he’s for the euthenasia needle.

          • maja75 (aka coala banana)

            again, he also contributes to society, so where is your problem ?

          • mr. wiener

            How will you know if someone can contribute to society [in the future] if they are euthenased at birth because of a birth defect or the certainty of them developing a congenital condition? You can’t put humpty back together again if you’ve killed him off.

            …Oh yeah. BUSTED!! You sneaky Serbian swine you! [funny as you bastard lol]

          • Notorious

            logic is coala’s nemesis.

          • Xiao Ye

            Majas script for “I am Sam” : Sam is mentally handicapped and has a perfectly healthy daughter, on the way to court for his final hearing…. He’s taken by a group of doctors who euthanize him for the good of society and use his body for experiments. Little Lucy is sent to a foster home, where she receives cigarette burns and peanut butter jelly sandwiches until she’s old enough to hit the corner.
            The End.

  • Sean

    Her fly is open.

    • jeffli

      Maja (Ilse Koch?) looks a little like a young Nina Hagen! – compliment there! no really!
      I’d like to order a delicately painted lampshade please. BTW how do you make them?

      Mench! We shouldn’t be too hard on Maja. SHe’s just talking about a little “lebensraum” thats all.

      At least get the poor to work in an iPhone factory till death ->”Arbeit macht FREI”

      When the Guards get the women pregnant …..hehehe soup time! veal!

      • Boris

        Mensch? Uber-wench!

  • Cleo

    Is Yoko Ono missing a sister?

  • Brett Hunan

    Thanks for clearing things up Fauna!♥♥

  • Dr SUN


    Your argument makes no sense at any level.

    You sat sterilization for prevention, but then say if they are like Steven Hawkins then its ok.
    But you would have prevented his birth in the first place.

    When you say you work in healthcare I assume you mean in Administration or in a office, the laundry anything far away from patients.

    • Brett Hunan

      maja isnt quite feeling herself…

      • h3ll

        Maja stole Gattaca´s movie script ^^

      • Notorious

        will she ever show her face again? er. I mean her fake eye? I am enjoying this too much.

  • Hello

    How do you think she needs your f***ing help…you didnt help her before why now… u give her 5mao or 5rmd thinking that will change her life…piece of shit you!!

  • John Hong

    As a man living in Asia I see so much hart warming and hart braking things on the streets and on the news. I do not understand the governments of each country does not help the people with-in its own cities walls but they look over the borders help when its own country is suffering, even USA you can see so many people on the streets with sickness but they do not do anything but send billions of dollars to other countries. As a parent my self I give money to many different none profit organizations but is it making any changes to people who live around me. I understand we live in a global village but it still makes me feel sad to see things right next door to me.

  • jennster

    lol Fauna.

  • BigJ

    Yeah fuck that’s a God damn shame….

  • xiaohouzi

    In a civilized world, such scenarios would not happen. What can one expect from a place where filthy hospitals are in it only for the money? One might get better care outside of some hospitals where the air is smoke-free and children don’t piss on the floor for someone to slip and fall in.

  • Xiongmao

    “I think she doesn’t have the ability to raise this child, and thus it should be possible to take away her custody rights… I bet I’ll be criticized, but at the moment I can’t think of any other option that’s better for the child.”

    Why would he be criticized? This is of course the way it should be done. I know China is still far from civilized in a western sense but this ought to be a no brainer.

    • skippy

      Wow, just wow! I love this website!
      I’m getting another beer and then I might be able to comment on all of this!

  • This is depressing as hell. I hope she and her son gets the help they need. Whoever knocked her up and left her pregnant is EVIL. :(

    • Mark ,

      This woman may not have been mad when she was ‘knocked up’. the father may not even know he is a father. Or where she is.

  • Mark ,

    Where is the farther. This woman is very ill but her maternal instincts, working. she loves this baby. Instead of takeing pictures of this chiled on the ground why didn’t some one grab this baby?

  • jimkanerz

    i am very sury

  • mike127

    that woman has to be mentally sick to leave a new born baby on the side of woods and the road hell she could have gave it to someone atleast not put him on the ground you know if ever see anyone do this i’ll take the helpless baby and call the police but as we all can see that woman was thinking, and she new what she was doing.

  • mike127

    the woman needs to be in jail for what she did

  • Nova Jane Cuyabot Bautista

    the father is so unresponsible..
    we’ll pray 4u baby..
    and wen u grow up b a responsible father!!!

  • Angel

    As she has on 3 shirts and a jacket and the baby has nothing. Like really could not have token off one of your shirts and put it around the baby. Made me want to cry that born baby seeking warmth and touch and didn’t have nothing :( Hopefully she got help and that poor baby..

  • monica

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