Thai “Disconnect to Connect” DTAC Ad Moves Chinese Netizens

Thailand's DTAC "Disconnect to Connect" television commercial moves Chinese netizens.

This Thai television commercial was first uploaded to Youku about 3 months ago but has recently been spreading on popular Chinese social network RenRen. The two most popular copies on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku (1 & 2) have nearly 2.5 million views accumulated. A copy on Tudou, another popular Chinese video sharing website, has around 750k views.

On Youku:

Thai advertisement: When you are busy playing with your mobile phone, remember the people beside you

When we become addicted to using the internet and mobile phones to interact, we neglect our loved ones and friends beside us. Thailand’s DTAC telecommunications company released a “Disconnect to Connect” advertisement campaign, telling us to cherish the people beside us. (Is this the so called corporate social responsibility?)

A copy on YouTube:

The copy on YouTube was uploaded in early 2010 October and spread on Facebook where it quickly accumulated about 1 million views. After nearly 4 months, it now has ~1.5 million views total on YouTube.

Thailand's DTAC "Disconnect to Connect" television commercial moves Chinese netizens.

Thailand's DTAC "Disconnect to Connect" television commercial moves Chinese netizens.

Thailand's DTAC "Disconnect to Connect" television commercial moves Chinese netizens.

Thailand's DTAC "Disconnect to Connect" television commercial moves Chinese netizens.

Thailand's DTAC "Disconnect to Connect" television commercial moves Chinese netizens.

Comments from Youku (1 & 2):


What is the background music? Who knows?! It sounds very nice!

Oh and also, Thai girls are really pretty~~~

巫毒傀儡娃娃: (responding to above)

Moksha -Caspian


Why are Thai commercials always so touching to us, whereas our domestic Naobaijin, Gold Partner [Chinese brand commercials] only give me acid refux and ball aches?


A lot of times we don’t know that what we should most cherish are the things right beside us…


Thailand’s advertisements are all very creative, so much better than our’s in China.


Using the computer and cell phone everyday, we’ve almost already forgotten how to interact with others.


The mobile phone is the most evil and greatest invention.


Should throw away the computer too.


Ever since I got a computer, I haven’t seen a sunrise.


NND, the child suddenly appearing scared me!! Like a scary film!!


This is precisely what Thailand is good at, people suddenly disappearing and suddenly appearing like ghosts, and after making nearly half a century of horror films, this is easy…

艾小蒲: (responding to 分开。坐)

Me too!!! [That part] also startled me!!!


Thai commercials really are very creative, Chinese should learn from them more! One day we too must create such a piece of work.


Sigh, advertisements in our country lack a certain warmth.
This is the difference.


This commercial is really good. Around me, for example my cousin, every time I see her, her mobile phone never leaves her hand, always busily sending text messages to others. I really don’t know what she’s thinking, sigh…╮(╯▽╰)╭


Extremely commend/praise, this commercial is so inspired. This company is so good.


Yeah, why are all the great commercials I see always from Thailand, are the Heavenly Kingdom‘s advertising people all sitting around doing nothing?


赞 That Pantene commercial was also pretty good.


Can one not ding this? 赞


Would there be such creative commercials in the Heavenly Kingdom????


If CCTV could broadcast such a thing, brother [referring to self] would stop calling you CCAV.


What’s happening lately? A decade ago, Japanese films were all admired by us. Several years ago, Korean dramas became incredibly popular here. Now recently, Thailand’s public service advertisements are all very moving and profound. Where are the works of excellence by Chinese people?

韜tamer: (responding to above)

Well, can you say they weren’t well made?


I actually cried~


I will probably never live to see China Telecom have a public service advertisement like this.

stigma: (responding to 广心水吉)

There are, it’s just that you don’t notice/pay attention to them.

waycast: (responding to stigma)

Well said!

qianlu1470: (responding to 广心水吉)

Only [advertisements] like Naobaijin are suitable for the Chinese marketplace.

What do you think? Do you like this television commercial? Are there no Chinese commercials like this? Or do we just forget them? Not notice them?

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If you have not yet seen it yet, don’t forget to see our post featuring the famous Thai Pantene commercial.

Thailand's DTAC "Disconnect to Connect" television commercial moves Chinese netizens.

Disconnect to connect? That’s terrible advice. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • cdn icehole

    I like. Definitely won’t see this on Rogers or Bell. It would hurt their profits. Can’t comment on Chinese commercials since I live on the other side of the pond.

  • vince

    When the advertisers in china decide they don’t care about the money but rather about the people then expect to see more ads like this, in short probably never :P On a side note do any of you notice that PSA’s are usually broadcast on HK channels? While you never see them on CCTV and the like?

    • donscarletti

      I heard something about hot climate and cold climate cultures. Thailand is hot so they care about relationships and lifestyle, China is cold so they care about money and industry. Not sure about whether it is true or not.

      • China’s not really that cold and the southern part has almost no winter usually…

        • Ethan JRT

          The climate in the part of China where the majority of the population is concentrated and the climate of Thailand are completely and utterly different; “not really that cold” is all relative, of course (today Beijing hit 10 degrees Celsius! praise be to heaven), but I do know that folks in Anhui and Jiangxi where there’s no central heating have been freezing their asses off lately.

          That said, I think that the warmth-warmth theory is probably bunk.

          • A bit more important

            Instead of arguing about is China cold or hot maybe you should actually study the theory of cold and hot cultures more :D

      • Kning

        China is cold?!

        Have you uh, EVER been to China in summer?

        • Sunni

          Most parts of China are freezing during winter. Probably averaging -20 to -30 degrees celsius.

          The most correct statement would be that China’s climate fluctuates very dramatically, depending on the geographic location.

          • Supreme_Leader

            These “climate” arguments are obviously all from people from little, tiny countries with one time zone and one climate, like Japan, England, Singapore, etc. and not from “Mainland” people like the Chinese, Americans, Canadians or Australians – who all KNOW that commenting on the “climate” for a country that is as large as ours – is completely, and utterly retarded – and not like Rain Man retarded, but more like Corkey from “Life Goes On” retarded. JESUS people! Hong Kong? Ha’erbin? Kashgar? TIBET? These are some pretty diverse climate areas… DUH! PS – Chinese people don’t like black people. I’m just sayin…

    • vince

      well my POV is that China still has quite a way to go before attaining the social awareness that is seen in communities like HK, I think for the time being they are concentrating more on improving the economy rather than areas such as human rights, social awareness and so on. I guess time will tell.

      • anon

        Honestly, the level of social awareness in Hong Kong is still rather varied. These things have more to do with economic situation than geographic location.

  • Tommy

    I heard that the top down government of the CCP stifles creativity… so does Taiwan and Hong Kong have much higher rates of creativity? (I know they both have much better movies.)

    Or is it an issue of Chinese culture? I’ve heard for a long time that Japanese culture struggle with innovation…

    • Chad

      Uh, what? Japan is one of the greatest patent-producers today are constantly making innovations in high-tech fields and changed many industries… far more than Hong Kong and Taiwan in fact. Look at what happened when Japan joined the video gaming, watch making, electronics, automobile and knife making race. Innovations everywhere.

      China is actually and up and coming in terms of patent production as well. I think they’re in the top 5 now which is not bad at all. Their relative lack of IP enforcement is a problem but that’s just a characteristic of being a developing country and you can tell they’re improving every year.

      What isn’t changing is that the CCP does stifle the Chinese movie/music/TV industry though by putting heavy restrictions on the content.

    • Dakota

      Let this help alleviate you of your ignorance:
      and yes, more government control leads to less inventions for many reasons.

      • Tommy

        And my great-great-great-great grandfather in the old country was a king. Yet no one treats me like royalty.

  • donscarletti

    “Ever since I got a computer, I haven’t seen a sunrise.”

    I’ve never seen a sunrise apart from the times I have been on my computer all night.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty much the opposite too, I didn’t see a sunrise till I got a computer…


    Thailand is indeed a beautiful country with a rich and fascinating culture but if you visit Thailand I have to presume that you’re a sick weirdo who wants to fuck a 14 year old transsexual

    • vince

      your insight based on personal experience i presume? :P

      • justmega

        Maybe he was the 14 year old TS.

        • vince

          bwahahaha, your comment is an epic win :)

    • [email protected]@Me

      Bowels movement are moved by PP.

    • John

      Admit it, PUSAN PLAYA . You’re a 14 year old transsexual. lol

  • Alikese

    My favorite Chinese commercial of all time is “Can you imagine the combination of pillow and tea?”

    That commercial made me cry.

  • Most likely going to see this as a “Public Service Announcement” in Europe or North America soon. Have to say, it a well crafted commerical.

  • TEDSchlesingen

    uhh most of you guys have only been the southern china…northern china is very cold, especially the northeast, which is much colder than any part of europe

  • Chris N.
  • Of Canada

    A few thoughts.
    1. This commercial is strange coming from a telecommunications corporation. in canada such a commercial would only come from the government if at all.

    2. Having worked for Chinese media companies I can tell you that the reason they can’t innovate has everything to do with having to get your content appoved by the Government propaganda departments. . (whatever they are called) which will suck the soul ot of anything and leave blandness behind, and secondly rampant piracy and loose IP laws means that you can’t make profit from a great work of art anyways.

    3. This ad is exactly why I stick to my older non-smartphone. I have to spend all day on the computer. . I want to have some interaction with and sense of belonging to an external world apart from the “Net”.

    • Tommy

      What is an example of something the government didn’t approve of???

      (I feel like, if the commercial wasn’t political or pornographic they couldn’t object to much…)

      • cdn icehole

        You’ve forgotten to take into account of the ego’s of those in charge (i.e. office politics). There are people that would like to claim an idea / product / initiative as their own and if they can’t then it is rejected. This is very common in an office environment regardless of country you’re in.

  • Irvin

    Strange………it brought tears to my eyes.

  • John

    Chinese people not using their cell phones? not gonna happen.

    • anon

      I’m trying to imagine what was going through your mind when you made this comment and I realized I can’t do it.

      • Alikese

        I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say it was: “Chinese people use their cellphones a lot.”

        [Note from Fauna: Compared to who? I think a lot of people use their mobile phone a lot, right?]

      • cdn icehole

        I think John targeted the Chinese people since this site deals with China.

        • anon

          In a post about Chinese people’s widespread agreement with the moral of a Thai television commercial? No, I think it is more likely that John just wanted to make a retarded comment stereotyping the Chinese that doesn’t really hold up to any level of scrutiny. Par for the course with some commenters here.

  • brent

    How about we all turn off our computers and stop paying attention to Chinasmack!

    [Note from Fauna: Please do not use different names.]

  • MadeInChina

    I went and got a thai massage after watching this. Best $60 i ever spent.

  • dOgiNtHeHouse

    it will be too late to miss your brother/sister, mother/father, grandparents, co-workers when they are gone. and maybe you will be the first to die and they will say “i never got his/her attention enough because they were too busy with nothing to spend time with me”.

  • Bob

    This should be shown in the US!

  • girl

    i feel kinda sad now…i always use to sms constaintly when im hanging out with my guy friends.

  • Alma

    I would really appreciate the guidance you can give me to contact the right person at DTAC to get the licence of this commercial. Thank you in advance!

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