Chinese Baby Found in Toilet’s Sewage Drain Pipe

"Xiao Mao Tou" the Chinese newborn baby boy as he is being freed from a section of sewage piping where he was found.
Firefighters and rescue personnel removed the section of drain pipe where a Chinese newborn baby was found still alive after his mother gave birth to him while on the toilet.
Firefighter removed the section of pipe where the infant was stuck in.

From QQ:

Newborn Baby Boy Stuck in a Sewer Pipe Miraculously Survived; Police Rule the Incident an Accident

Latest Information: Police Have For The Moment Ruled the Pujiang “Sewer Baby Boy Incident” an Accident. In Zhejiang province Pujiang county, when a pregnant woman went to the lavatory “to relieve herself”, she gave birth, with the infant slipping down into the sewer pipe. After the baby was rescued, the woman didn’t immediately claim the child. Netizens think this woman intentionally abandoned the infant. But this reporter learned from interviewing the Pujiang county Punan local police station that police have temporarily ruled the incident an accident. At the moment, they are doing further investigation and verification, as well as intensifying the search for the newborn’s father. (Yue Deliang)

Previous Report:

May 25 afternoon, after “No. 59 Xiao Mao Tou” [the newborn baby’s nickname in the media, literally “Little Head of Hair”] was found in a sewer pipe, his story has continuously clutched at people’s hearts. Everyone wants to know just what kind of person would treat a newborn baby like this.

Yesterday, news came from the Pujiang county Punan local police station that after three consecutive days of investigation, Xiao Mao Tou’s birth mother was finally found. What flabbergasted people was that this person is that same female tenant who told the landlord that there was a baby crying in the toilet.

Female tenant’s room had many baby toys

After the “No. 59 Xiao Mao Tou” incident happened, the Punan police station immediately got involved to investigate. On May 26, the Pujiang county public security bureau also specially set up a special investigating team.

“On the first day, work was focused on saving the baby. So the screening investigation was very extensive,” said Punan police station chief Zhang Jianbo. After setting up the special investigating group, they set the No.118 rented apartment as the center and began blanket searches of the surrounding rented houses.

The focus of the search was of course the rented house where the incident occurred. On the 27th, during the day, after a comprehensive inspection of the tenants at home, the special investigating group didn’t find any problems.

At 9pm on the 27th, the police checked again but after two whole hours, there were still no clues. After 11pm, when checking the room next door to the toilet on the fourth floor, police found something suspicious.

In this small room, there were many dolls and other children’s toys, and there was even blood-stained toilet paper in the trash can. Furthermore, the person who lives there happens to be the female tenant who had told the landlord that there was a baby crying in sewer pipe that day.

“After finding these circumstances, the police conducting the search immediately called headquarters, where me, the deputy chief along with several other people rushed there at once,” said Zhang Jianbo. The female tenant is very young, 1.6 meters in height, and of burly body. When confronted, this girl adamantly refused to admit that Xiao Mao Tou had anything to do with her, explaining that the blood-stained toilet paper in the trash can was her period.

Feeling that this girl was possibly lying, Zhang Jianbo intentionally said whether or not it’s menstruation or not is not something that is decided by her, and they’ll know for sure after going to the hospital to have it tested. When saying this, the girl hesitantly said she wanted to talk to Zhang Jianbo alone.

“I had a deputy chief stay and all the other police go out. When the door closed, the girl fell to her knees on the floor, admitting that the child was hers.” She cried and said to Zhang Jianbo, “I really didn’t do it deliberately,” hoping that her parents would not be told of this matter, lest she be beaten to death [get into big trouble with her parents].

Subsequently, Zhang Jianbo took the girl back to local police station where in the station, the girl cried as she told how everything happened.

Accidentally gave birth to Xiao Mao Tou when using the toilet

The girl is 22 years old this year, a Pujiang local, and high school graduate. Because her work place is far away from home, she rented a room in Jiangnan Xincun, normally living alone.

At the end of last year, through a friend’s introduction, the girl met a Pujiang local young man, and the two soon after had sexual relations. A month later, she didn’t have her period, but the girl didn’t think much about it, up until the beginning of this year when she finally realized she was pregnant.

Panicking, the girl immediately found the young man she had sex with, but he didn’t acknowledge the child as his. Fearing her parents’ scolding, she could only hide [what had happened].

The explained how she gave birth to the baby:

[I] had also thought of going to the hospital for an abortion, but had no money. To hide the pregnancy when I went out, I would use fabric to tightly wrap my belly and specially wore loose clothing. Because I’m relatively fat, and with the additional concealing, no one actually noticed I was pregnant.

On the afternoon of the 25th, I suddenly felt a stomach ache, and wanted to use the toilet. Just as I squatted down, the baby came out, and immediately slipped down into the sewer pipe.

Seeing the child in the sewer pipe, I tried to grab with my hand, but the more I grabbed, the deeper the baby slid down. Even using the mop, there was no way to get baby out.

Afraid of being found out by others, I hurriedly rinsed the floor clean of blood, then hurriedly told the landlord there was a child in the sewer pipe. Although firefighters then rescued the child, I was afraid I couldn’t raise the child, so I chose to remain silent.

“During the first screening investigation, we noticed that this girl was very concerned about the child’s condition, but because many people were concerned at the time, we didn’t think to much about it, never expecting that it would turn out to be her,” said Zhang Jianbo. What is certain now is that the girl is indeed Xiao Mao Tou’s birth mother, but whether or not what actually happened is as the girl says requires their continued investigation.

Because the girl continued to work after giving birth to the baby, yesterday she had already developed a high fever, her face pale. The police have already informed her parents to take her to the hospital to see a doctor. As for Xiao Mao Tou, Zhang Jianbo has already entrusted the hospital to take care of him for a few more days.

Doctor: Giving birth to a baby in the toilet is possible

So can what the girl said have happened? Huang Meihuan, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Pujiang County People’s hospital, gave a positive answer.

“The possibility of so easily giving birth to one’s first child is very small, but it is still possible. Depending on each person’s physique, both pregnant women who work every day and pregnant women who lie in bed every day can so smoothly give birth, and the likelihood of a premature baby is even greater,” said Huang Meihuan. The girl’s use of cloth to bind her abdomen was likely one of the reasons that caused the premature birth, and simultaneously may have affected fetal development.

Huang Meihuan explained, after giving birth, [women] must go do a B-ultrasonic, to see if the uterus has any residual placenta, fetal membrane, and so on. If there is and it is not cleaned out in time, it could cause an infection, leading to postpartum hemorrhaging. In serious cases, it may even cause future ectopic pregnancies or infertility.

Newborn infant with placenta still attached survives being stuck in sewer pipe of public toilet for two hours

At 4:39pm on the 25th, the telephone at the Pujiang county fire brigade dispatch room suddenly rang. On the phone, the person calling said they suspected there was a baby in the sewer pipe of their own toilet, and wanted firefighters to hurry and come take a look.

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With skepticism and astonishment, Pujiang fire squadron instructor Zheng Yuzheng along with rescue personnel rushed to the home of the person who made the call, located in Jiangnan Xincun No.2 section.

In the public [shared/communal] toilet on the fourth floor, inside a squat toilet, there really was a sound like that of a cat.

Zheng Yuzheng stuck his head in to take a look, and at about 30 centimeters down the approximately 10 centimeter wide white polyurethane drainpipe of the urinal’s sewage pipe was a child’s small foot. There really was an upside down infant stuck there, and it was still alive!

Firefighters immediately began researching how to dismantle [the toilet/piping]: If they directly dismantled the toilet on the fourth floor, the concrete that might accidentally fall down into the pipe could very likely hurt the baby.

Zheng Yuzheng and crew ran to the third floor communal toilet to examine the sewage pipe that extended down from the fourth floor toilet, and determined that the position where the child was stuck should be the L-shaped bend where the sewer connects with the main pipe.

Everyone ultimately decided to dismantle the pipe from the third floor, removing the entire section of the pipe where the baby was held.

Firefighters carefully used a metal saw to saw off this 30 centimeter tall, 100 centimeter long L-shaped pipeline.

Rescuers looked inside and the baby’s two feet were already turning severely purple [lack of circulation]. Medical personnel that had arrived shook their heads after looking, and said the baby is probably lost.

“But when I carefully listened to the pipe, I found I could still hear a weak sound from the baby, so I told the doctor to try the rescue. After the doctor agreed, we brought the section of pipe that was cut out and took it directly to the hospital,” Zheng Yuzheng said.

"Xiao Mao Tou" the Chinese newborn baby boy as he is being freed from a section of sewage piping where he was found.
Through a nick in the pipe made by the saw, both saw and pliers were used to remove the pipe around the child’s head.

Baby stuck for two hours still alive

The pipe containing the baby was quickly sent to the Pujiang People’s Hospital emergency room. In order to avoid gawkers getting in the way of the rescue, medical personnel specifically set up barricades.

“The pipe’s hardness was very high, so it was necessary to saw with a metal saw, but our hacksaw was too short, so one of our team members had to run out and buy a long hacksaw,” said Zheng Yuzheng. Through their efforts, the pipe was cut shorter again, revealing the baby’s placenta, and doctors cut the umbilical cord.

Then the firefighters encountered another problem. With the baby curled up inside, directly pulling him out could very likely injure him a second time.

At this time, the emergency room was surrounded by people outside, every person particularly concerned with the child’s safety.

After much consideration, rescuers and doctors decided to first open up the pipe where the baby’s head was, to make room for the infant to breathe.

But during this process, just how to do so without hurting the child was a very big problem. After examining, the firemen decided to approach from the L-shaped bend of the pipe. The entire process would require alternating between using the metal saw and pliers.

“We couldn’t use the hacksaw to directly cut open the sewer pipe. We had to saw a little bit, then use the pliers to break apart the pipe, then use the hacksaw again,” Zheng Yuzheng recalled. The whole process was to slowly “peel” the baby out from within the pipe.

The first section to be fully peeled apart revealed the child’s chest.

As the pieces of pipe increased on hospital bed, every person’s mood hung in the balance. No one wanted to see the worst result, everyone silently praying in their hearts for the baby.

Twenty minutes later, the pipe wrapped around the baby’s head was finally peeled off. The moment it was removed, someone loudly yelled, “alive, still alive.”

The doctor on the side hurried to feed the baby oxygen.

But it wasn’t over yet. The child’s lower body and buttocks were remained stuck and so couldn’t be separated from the pipe. Rescuers continued to alternate between using the hacksaw and pliers, nervously working to break apart the remaining half of the pipe.

After splitting open a part of the pipeline’s wall, firefighters and doctors called out: “Boy, it’s a boy!”

6:20pm, the infant boy was finally separated from the narrow drainpipe. From the moment he was found, he had been stuck in the pipe for at least two hours.

"Xiao Mao Tou", the Chinese infant baby who was found stuck in a drain/sewage pipe.
The little baby placed in the incubator.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 纯情小太

Hope that boy can step forward bravely, and not lose face for men.

腾讯南昌市网友 雪浪朝晖

These days, young people need to live a clean and honest life even more. Love is not a game! The man in the article is not a man, without a sense of honor or responsibility!

腾讯网友 邊城浪子

Give the child to me to adopt, I’ll definitely raise Xiao Mao Tou up as if he were my own son. However, you guys are not allowed to come claim him in the future.

腾讯网友 虚

Such a cute baby! Thank god the baby is okay! If his parents are unable to take the responsibility of raising him, I hope a caring family can adopt him, and give the baby a complete and healthy environment to grow up in. There’s still a long ways to go for the child, and looking at the current situation, it doesn’t look optimistic. Prayers for the child!!!

腾讯网友 1356744788

Young people nowadays are too irresponsible.

腾讯网友 280491091

It can only be said that girls need to learn how to protect themselves, and think about the consequences when something happens.

腾讯网友 – 裴太太 "

The mother is young, and wasn’t sensible. She needs a quiet environment to think about how to be a mother. Everyone was young once.


This child’s biological father is simply a scumbag. If you dare to do it, then dare to be it [dare to have sex, then dare to be a father]. You’re going to get your just deserts… Girls too should increase their self-awareness, just how long have you known each other? Just how much do you know about each other? Just betraying your own body like that… The baby is innocent, but without a father, what’s left for the mother is endless suffering and torment. Wish you all the best!

腾讯网友 搁浅

If you dare to fuck, then dare to take responsibility. If you don’t even have this bit of ability, what the JB are you fucking for.

腾讯网友 尘封♂♀草影

A strong and brave child!

腾讯网友 99079994

How could she treat her own child like this? Even animals know to protect their own children… What’s wrong with her??

腾讯网友 …榆××

A life is more important than anything else. Too heartless.

腾讯网友 朋友

Moral crimes [crimes against morality] should be added to the law.

腾讯网友 867658600

Child, I hope you will grow up healthy, and after you grow up, you must know to be thankful of these kind-hearted people, because without these kind-hearted people’s help, this world would be without your existence. That irresponsible father of yours will get God’s punishment…

腾讯网友 无聊的人

The tenacity of life.

  • filabusta

    Here. You can have the baby back. Obviously it was an accident… Case closed.

  • Probotector

    Man, this story is old.

  • B*tches, Leave

    geesh … I’m fighting the temptation to try to say something smart assy or funny about this accident, but one look at that toddler inside the sewer pipe … it’s just horrible

    • Irvin

      Shit happens

    • mr.wiener

      Welcome to China , sometimes it’s a learning curve other times it’s a “U” bend.

      • Boris

        Seeing as you just quoted an Eighties band, I was going to nominate a track by the Human League as song of the article, but it would’ve been too tasteless. I’m not really moved by babies, but seeing this poor chap in his predicament, I really want to give the little guy a hug.

        • mr.wiener

          …after he’s had a good wash.

          • Boris

            …or six. I hope it doesn’t cause him psychological trauma in years to come, like a serious case of the sweats whenever he sees a pipe, or a full-blown panic attack every time he goes to the bathroom. Nah -he’ll probably turn out to be one hell of a plumber.

          • he wont remember that crap, as he is too young, and his brain is not yet developed.

          • Boris

            Thank you for the scientific community’s perspective.

          • jeffli

            might grown up to be “no. 1 no foolin septic tank diver”. lol
            Discovery channel – Dirty jobs?

          • jeffli

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  • wafflestomp

    China will never admit the baby was flushed on purpose since this story has international attention. They would lose a LOT of face.

    • Rainer

      Wow, if you think this were a big deal, look who lost a LOT of face too?

      • wafflestomp

        That doesn’t matter. This is an international news story and it has them in it. They want it swept out of view as soon as possible. If they admit she did it, then they must have charges, and the world will see their terrible legal system (if you can even call it that).

      • The Enlightened One

        You are right, this happens all around the world. It is just that they didn’t give the baby back to the crazy person and treated the cases as criminal or highly immoral acts. It seems like the police wrote this off as an accident…

        When giving birth to a baby, first you have to squeeze out the baby and then the placenta. I doubt she would have squeezed out a baby… didn’t notice… then squeezed out a placenta… didn’t notice… and THEN flushed them both down the toilet by ACCIDENT…

        Even if it was…. doesn’t this prove she isn’t fit to raise this baby?

        • slob

          Not to mention the umbilical cord.

          I think what actually happened is she did realise the baby came out but was so shocked that it fell down the toilet and was too scared and thought the baby was dead. That or it was a huge loss of face for her after she realised the baby was still alive crying in the pipes. Maybe she assumed they would recover it dead and didn’t want to claim it. Whatever happened, to give this baby back to the mother is fucking stupid but if there’s no-one else to care for it, it’s better than ending up in a foster home where children rarely get adopted and often abused. She did have a room full of toys after all so there must be some motherly love in that horrific brain of hers.

          On another note, there have been several cases of social workers overlooking poor parenting and allowing the parents to keep the baby.

          Though there are no links to the stories you can google them individually if you’re that bored.

          And of course one of the most famous cases, Baby P. Poor kid…

    • Shiny

      Why would the China as a whole lose face for an isolated incident?
      China is not a hive mind you retarded neanderthal.

      • wafflestomp

        Because you twit, China doesn’t like looking negative in the eyes for foreign media. You must be new here son

        Also lol, get mad and downrate me some more :)

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      Born into shit, this is probably all the baby can expect for the rest of its existence. Accident my associate.

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    Thanks for covering the story chinasmack ;)

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      I read Beijing cream for actual up to date stories. Chinasmack is for comments.

      • qwge

        In other words Chinasmack is useless.

  • Lord_Helmet

    This story is old, but from day one my question for the police and mother is: Umbilical cord 在哪里?

    • MeiDaxia

      Yeah, if she “gave birth on accident” then apparently sex-ed in Chinese schools is worse than I thought.

      • Lord_Helmet

        As far as I know there is no sex-ed in China. I still have nightmares of my health teacher, who was a fat little sixty year old woman putting a condom on a banana. I guess in China they would put the condom on a chili pepper.

        • Boris

          What happened when the condom was on the banana? I’m starting to think I had a sheltered upbringing.

          • Lord_Helmet

            No joke. All the boys were asked to leave the room and we watched a video of a woman giving birth(pretty sure it was meant to scare the shit out of us, it did). I never did ask the girls what happened with that banana.

          • Boris

            That wasn’t quite the ending I’d hoped for.

    • slob

      I read somewhere that it accidentally cut itself.

      • Lord_Helmet

        This was a serious case of 拉肚子(la du zi).

  • slob

    Accident or not, it’s a good thing the baby was rescued and may he live on to tell his story. Good luck, little turd.

  • Guest

    Just saying

  • Guest
  • tomoe723

    LOL.. I’ve heard of flushing your dead goldfish down the toilet… but this is just insane… XDDD

    • Ralphrepo

      Abandoned newborns are found (in bathrooms or whatever) throughout the US so routinely that many states were prompted to create SAFE HAVEN (aka Safe Harbor) LAWS which guarantee new mothers will not be prosecuted if they abandon a newborn safely; that is, bring the baby to a hospital, police, fire station, or church instead of jeopardizing its safety by leaving it unattended.

      Having said that, not that Chinese haven’t been historically creative in terms of infanticide; since there is a huge Chinese preference for boys, prior to the wide spread use of prenatal ultrasound and selective abortion; upon delivery, if the baby was female, it would immediately be submerged into a bucket of water that had been prepositioned between the woman’s legs. The newborn girl is thus drowned and the delivery is officially recorded as a “stillborn” female birth; the woman can then try again for another (male) pregnancy.

  • asian don draper

    who is willing to wager that this baby will get formula that is not made in china?

  • Ecureuil

    The woman may have suffered from a severe form of baby blues. Given the fact that the baby was at first not really wanted, she may have acted erratically and then regret her gesture.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    “I was saved from a shit hole when I was a baby, literally.”

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        I love Captain Cisco!!!

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        hahaha…you two are funny.

        You’re dame right.

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      OoooooOoOoOohhhh don’t know about that.
      You see , In China “we have a different system”.

    • tomoe723

      it is not a fact… all life is born out of accidents–strange, mysterious, perplexing or otherwise, but still accidents..

  • Packing up and going home

    Sick Bastards.. But what’s new.! This is China. Full of sick, twisted Fucks!!! Horrible Country.Which is a shame for the decent people of China.

    • Who is sicker? the commentstors or the tard girl….or the society?

  • 剑胆琴心

    so sad,she should do abortion early.
    hmm,i wish i can have a girl.we both want girl.

  • ” Doctor: Giving birth to a baby in the toilet is possible.” e.e duhhh it had happened. The girl doesn’t even realize sex can produce babies as it seems she is a bit clueless. the education system should really give some sort of sex education. As for the baby who everyone wishes someone else to adopt….that is more hypocritical than any other well wishes. The baby could have suffered more than just the stuck in pipe injuries. Firstly, the mom may not have the finances, the reputation, and of course the brains in this society to raise it better than any truth that is possible in these netizen comments . As shitty as it sounds, the baby doth have a crappy future at best.

  • death_by_ivory

    It is a squat toilet with a big hole not a Western toilet so yes a tiny baby can slip in it. And for the rest who is condemning her:Leave her alone.She might also have Postpartum Depression.Carry on with your lives.If you care that much ,adopt a child who needs loving parents. This baby has his grandparents and a mother who would like to try to care of him in peace and quiet without criticism.

    • Lord_Helmet

      Okay so you are going with the squat toilet vs. the western toilet argument.
      As I posted before, what happened to the umbilical cord? There is a reason doctors cut them off instead of just ripping it off. Secondly, Have you ever taken a shit before? Well usually the shit comes out of the anus and the urine comes out the vagina or penis(depending on gender). Those two normal bodily functions have two completely different feelings. So her stomach hurt, then suddenly realized oh this shit is coming out my vagina and I am pregnant.

      • death_by_ivory

        All I know that hospitals dont let woman go to the toilet when they are in labor because they might mistake the feeling of the baby coming out for taking a dump.Maybe she didnt have labor pains or not so terrible ones and thought “I just need to go to the bathroom”.
        I know I had zero labor pains so anything is possible.
        Im just glad everything worked out,the baby survived and wishing him a happy life.

        • Lord_Helmet

          It is pretty miraculous the baby is alive and unharmed.

        • Boris

          Which begs the question: how big are your dumps?

        • “everything worked out”

          Is this what you get from “police temporarily rule an accident”? From now on, this kid will deal with:

          * the father abandoned him
          * the mother abandoned him, reclaimed him after three days and being confronted
          * was born into a toilet
          * had additional birth from a c-section from a drainage pipe
          * will never enjoy going to a water amusement park

      • linette lee

        when women have their monthly menstrual pain, it can feel like diarrhea. And menstrual pain can be very painful. Often needs medication like ibuprofen or caffeine. It’s bad cramps which can feel like stomach pain.

      • Ralphrepo

        It’s actually fairly common for women in labor to mistaken the urge to deliver a baby for the urge to defecate. Further, even as they’re delivering a baby, a woman can also simultaneously defecate. If you’ve ever attended a live birth, you’ll be amazed at all the shit that can happen (no pun intended).

        Having said that, do I think the woman’s story holds true? No. I think she delivered the baby elsewhere, likely in her room where, about a half hour later, she also delivered the placenta (this is where cops reportedly found bloodied articles). Then in a panic, she tried to flush the child down the drain. Had the baby really slipped out of her hands like she stated, it would have been impossible for the baby and placenta to make a 90 degree turn into the pipe, unless both were manipulated and pushed into it. Now she claims to have washed the area around the toilet so that no blood would be evident. If that were the case, the baby would have likely have drowned.

        Moreover, the Gong On are now asking for the public to respect the mother and baby’s privacy. I’m sure they police are bright enough to have figured this out. However, they’ve stopped asking questions and they’re telling the public too, to stop asking questions. In essence, that is a cardinal sign that the party doesn’t want any further discussion about this, period.

  • the ace of books

    See, I can believe this story because of the sheer level of WTFery in it. I’ve heard and read of girls and women (yes, grown women) giving birth before who didn’t know what was happening to them. It’s amazing that some people can know so little about Tha Facts, but there’s those who don’t, and …. welll, they exist. That’s all I can say for them. (Ignorance is bliss, I guess?)

    Glad the baby survived, but I’m hoping someone mans up and steps forward and takes it, and it doesn’t just go into an orphanage or something. I don’t think the mother would be the best person in this case (she seems desperately incapable), nor the father (when the going gets tough, wusses get gone), but then … who?

    Poor kid. Cards stacked against him from Day -1.


      I’m also amazed at the level of ignorance some people have of their own bodies, especially in this day and age. But then again I’m not surprised too much, after all people can be incredibly stupid and ignorant. I actually wonder how some of these people survive in their day to day lives.

      I heard there were a lot of adoption offers but of those I don’t know how many are just caught up in the moment. Kind of like seeing a stray puppy and then everyone wanting to adopt it whether or not they are capable of actually raising it until adulthood. The only good news is that the kid won’t remember anything about this ordeal and with the amount of media attention, I think it increases his chances of success.

  • Sad, imagine him growing up and finding out his mother flushed him down the toilet…?! : (

  • disqus_fyt6hsO4Sc

    fuck china

    • YourSupremeCommander

      calm down you lil midget

  • Mighty

    This poor young mother is sure to face the tough punishment of a ‘lecture/education’ or, worst yet, to make a ‘public apology’.

    • no racist rant for a asian trailer mom?

      • Mighty

        I was being sarcastic and if you were too then it makes you look foolish.

  • POS

    Poor kid was born twice, first from the womb then from a pipe.

  • gore for breakfast

    nice front page pic

    guess i’m never coming to this site again

  • iLL

    Honestly, isn’t the biggest news on China today…the censorship of 6.4.89? I dunno…i just feel right or wrong on what the government did. Those students with the other millions of people did change China forever. Those people who died that day, gave hope to what we have in China now. Government allowing more personal weatlh, government giving back to the people….man did those people do something alot strong in change then i or most of us could ever do. I do thank them. Without them, i do not see how China could be the power China is today. Man without them, we could be like North Korea, stuck in our own little bubble with no growth in sight.

  • dumbledore

    The mother has a degree of mental illness and giving the baby back to her (of course she tried to flush it out, we’re not stupid) is a huge mistake. There is actually a pretty big demand for adoption in China and I personally know 3 couples with adopted kids. Adoptees don’t count against the one child policy so if you already have one, then adopting a second isn’t unheard of. Anyway, the mother clearly is unfit to raise a child, so man the fuck up and make sure she doesn’t.

  • Le peignoir

    The child left the hospital Wednesday night with “his family”

  • Jin Ch’in

    This is nothing..Americans and Europeans do much worst to their kids. How many times do you read on the news about some American mum murdering all her children to revenge on her husband.

  • Dave

    Born into a toilet, sucked into the sewer? Welcome to your brand new life in China!

    Don’t expect it to get much better.

  • savages not even human – typical no one should be surprised its just like the asians to turn a blind eye to their savage behaviour but surely look elsewhere and make racist comments…….truly pathetic

  • Cynthia

    I can’t believe they let the mother get away with it. If it was a Man, he would have surely been charged with crime, I can’t understand this double standard.

  • Dave

    It’s the actions of one person. Can’t generalize about Chinese society.

    However, the incident where 18 people walked past a run-over toddler is one we can generalize about!

    Morals of Chinese and Westerners are very different. Best solution (for Westerners) – Chinese – stay out of West. You are not wanted here.

  • ericsson

    this kid will go far in life

  • hacienda

    looks like the great firewall needs more work.

  • Frank

    God primary u good boy hope u you ii be fine in future

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    Maybe old but still suprised!