Old Chinese Woman Abandoned in Field, Netizens Point Fingers

Abandoned Old Woman

From Sina:

Pizhou, Jiangsu: Old Person Left to Die in Wilderness

According to Pizhou Online, an old person in Pizhou, Jiangsu was left in the wilderness to die. The pictures were taken in Pizhou city Jiakou village. Insiders say that the old woman was abandoned there a few days ago. She was thrown in the forest just as she is now, on the verge of death. Reporters from the Chengdu Business Daily have already verified with the Pizhou public security bureau that this incident is true, and that it has already been taken care of. The public security bureau was not willing do reveal the specifics of the case or how it was handled.

Comments from Sina:


I’m scared to imagine what my life will be like when I’m old. Because of the one child policy saying “marry late, give birth late” I didn’t have my only child until I was 28. When my child is 60 and still be busy with work I’ll probably be about 88. I’ll need someone to take care of me, but I won’t be able to make my child care for me, because he’ll still be working. I definitely won’t be able to have my grandson take care of me because he’ll be in his 30’s working his face off to get a house and a wife. I can’t stay in a nice nursing home or hospital because I don’t earn enough. I’m just a worker with a normal job, my salary is just about what it takes to put my child in kindergarten.


Everybody is cursing her children and our society which leaves no stone unturned! Who was the one who made her children? Who was the one removed the safeguard between her life and death! One one side hundreds of millions [of RMB worth of] public funds are missing, on the other side people don’t have enough money to go to the hospital. I don’t wan’t do die, but I can’t live. Medical insurance for the entire nation…


In the future there will tens of millions of old people, I bet this will be the outcome for them all!




Last year in February, my dad died. I secretly cried. I regret that when he was sick I was busy doing business. I have 4 sisters, but I’m willing to take care of my mother myself. I don’t want to have any regrets.


The country is prosperous and the people live in peace.[Proverb] The country is prosperous now, how can the people be at peace?

Abandoned Old Woman Close Up

From NetEase:

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Jiangsu Responds to “Old Person Abandoned in Wilderness to Await Death”:Died After Condition Stabilised

China News -27 March-Electronic Edition-According to the Pizhou people’s government official Weibo, The Pizhou people’s government published a public response to the “Old Person Abandoned Wilderness to Await Death” case. The response claimed that an emergency medical response team rushed to the scene and transported the old person to the hospital. Her condition was stabilised, but she died around 2:50am on March 26th.

On March 25th, online forums were discussing the “old person abandoned in field” incident. Today, the Pizhou city people’s government issued a document claiming that on the afternoon of March 25th, people reported that an old person who was wrapped in blankets was laying on the ground next to an irrigation gate. Pizhou city police rushed to the scene to handle the emergency. The old woman was not conscious and her condition was critical. They immediately requested Jiakou medical services to come to the scene for emergency rescue. Personnel from civil administration, Pizhou city and other work units rushed to the scene and brought the old person to the emergency room. Her condition was stabilised, but she died at 2:50am on March 26th.

The article claims the identity of the woman is unknown. Her remains have already been transported to the city funeral parlour. The public security department is carrying out an autopsy and plan use blood samples and various other methods in order to find the origin of the body. Anyone with information about this case can contact the public security bureau by dialling 110 or through other methods.

Abandoned Old Woman Close Up 2

Comments from NetEase:

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金错刀行 [网易江西省新余市网友]:

At rich houses wine goes bad and meat rots, but people die in the streets. [Proverb] Thousands of years later and our morals are still the same.

ModernTalking [网易天津市津南区网友]:

This is a disgrace to society!

大声呐喊2050 [网易河南省新乡市网友]:

It was probably one of her heartless children. The title [of this article] is misleading, it makes you think it was the hospital.

伯萨 [网易天津市网友]:

Find out who did this. Is it considered murder?

网易河南省商丘市网友 ip:123.12.*.*

Investigate it, if she was thrown out it already constitutes a crime.

ModernTalking [网易天津市津南区网友]:

I can’t believe this is real!

风的微笑0 [网易四川省成都市手机网友]:

Really, having a kid and raising it takes so much effort. It requires so much pain and care. When I get old if my kid treats me like this I will be devastated. This life wouldn’t be worth it…

vancls [网易湖南省长沙市手机网友]:

Is this China?

网易北京市手机网友 ip:114.111.*.*

How pitiful. I hope she is having a good life in heaven and that she doesn’t have a disrespectful son.

诱惑镗部根鸡 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

This is when we should say that the country should take care of the old!

大裤衩搞破鞋主持人 [网易天津市网友]:

The result of 65 years of our government’s administration, they finally turned people into beasts.

阿梅时尚 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Will the news talk about this?

网易委内瑞拉网友 ip:190.36.*.*

Never believe novels and movies.

hyh885 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

[This comment is a famous rhyming poem which has been altered]
The blue blue sky, the vast night, his mother is met with troubles!
Wrapped in thin clothes, thrown in a valley, She can only wait to meet Yama! [the king of hell]
I remember when, my mother fed me, nowadays the world is this desolate!

魚人節 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

If this was in America, there would be murder charges.

网易山西省朔州市手机网友 ip:123.175.*.*

How about the care for the elderly the government told us about? Or society? Or their children? The Red Cross?

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  • Ash

    Rest in peace, old lady :(

    • mr.wiener

      Given her age she has lived through some of china worst times, now at chins’s rise to be thrown out like an old shoe!……

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        Don’t worry about it, this story is fake… theres no “wilderness” in Eastern China.

        • mr.wiener

          “Wasteland” perhaps?

      • Zack Snyder

        Another way of looking at it is she may have evaded China’s worse.

  • lacompacida

    Another example of how the PRC government takes good care of the needy in China.

    • Edward Kay

      And what has this got to do directly with the government? Able and rich people dump their parents too, not this way but close enough.

    • kenhansen

      Looks like traditional Chinese virtues build on Confucianism such as respect for the elderly is just a fairy tale that China’s soft power policy is trying to make the world believe in.

      • CCP purged Confucian virtues long ago… don’t you remember? Destroy the Four Olds!

        • Zack Snyder

          What Ken meant, was the CCP still opens up “Confucian Institutes” around the world as a means to distribute soft power.

        • Vance

          I wonder if that is part of the the problems they seem to have as a society over there? It seems like Confucianism was the big set of traditions and beliefs they had built their culture on, then they go through and deliberately destroy that. They do not seem to have replaced that with anything.

        • kenhansen

          That was then. The history of CCP is like a teenager going through an identity crisis

          • It’s the dynastic cycle. As dynasties age they run back and try to double down on ostensible Confucian values to prop up culturally-sourced support. The Qing actually denounced early Han collaborators generations after they were dead in an attempt to dissuade the society from backing contemporary efforts to undermine and overthrow the state.

    • ClausRasmussen

      I don’t buy the premise that its the governments fault whenever something goes wrong in society.

      We’re looking at a murder case here. Not government policy

    • Karze

      This is how PRC under Maoism and communism has groomed the Chinese into amoral even dumping their mother as trash

    • Xia

      I bet it will be used as an excuse for more PRC government control, since Chinese people apparently take care of themselves.

    • Doge Wallace

      Since the founding of the PRC hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty. It still has a long way to go, but your comment was unnecessary and makes you come off as just anti-Chinese.

      (Where are you from?)

      • Alex Dương

        lacompacida often makes sarcastic comments mocking the CCP, the PRC, China, and Chinese people. Most of the time, the sarcasm is obvious. Occasionally, I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or stupid.

      • Mihel

        Well, for comparison Nazis did a lot of good things too, among which improving the economy…
        But yeah, lacompacida is one of those bashing China 24/7.

  • Xia

    Great, that’s the way to solve the aging population problem! …

    • Mighty曹


  • guest

    I thought this only occurred in the tales of Japanese myths…..

    • Edward Kay

      Senicide occur in many cultures.

      • ClausRasmussen

        In Inuit culture (Greenland) it was not unusual for elderly people to “take a walk” on the ice in harsh times

  • FYIADragoon

    Even if most of the old people in China seem to be bastards, can’t say this feels right. Poor old lady.

  • Lovely

    Then they exploit her image with humiliating pictures of her death.

    • mr.wiener

      Better to ignore it? If her death and abandonment should have some meaning perhaps it is best that it should shame some people.

    • Vance

      I’ve noticed that about the media there. They seem to more readily post photos involving poeple that the story is about.

    • Nat

      what’s so humiliating? it’s just death. the humiliation’s in your mind’s eye.

  • Mighty曹

    Too heartless. I hope a family member or someone will be able to recognize her and come forward. But if that means taking responsibility and possibly footing certain costs it may discourage that.

    • Xia

      They’d be taking legal charges of homicide.

      • Mighty曹

        Only if they were found to be responsible for leaving her out in the field. Not for simply being an immediate family member or relative. I hope.

        • Granted my opinion isn’t sourced in much but hearsay, but from what I’ve seen Chinese courts are as much about things ‘being seen to be done’ as much or moreso than actual evidence. People forget that there is no presumption of innocence in the Chinese legal process.

        • Xia

          The defense could argue consented killing, but it would still be manslaughter or negligent homicide.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    As usual, by providing no explanation the police leave the whole thing up to speculation, causing even more to believe foul play is involved and the govt is to blame.

    Well played china

  • firebert5

    Wow. I just have no other words at the moment. Just heartbreaking.

  • Amused

    5,000 years of civilization.

    • filthyswit .

      Yep. Strange how they have the oldest continued culture, yet so many of them are very uncultured.

      • Chaz

        Can’t have civil society organizations, independent NGOs and charities…might pose a threat to the Almighty CCP…

  • ChinaPrat

    The first comment was truly touching. Very real.

  • Tommy .Wijaya

    Now I know why my grandpa left China when he had the opprtunity.

  • Perseus Wong

    Her hair was cropped suggesting that she was under someone’s care previously. She might have been closed to dying and was dumped in the forest to let nature takes its course. The person who left her there probably didn’t want to deal with seeing the person die slowly in the house. Who really knows. It’s sad in any case.

  • I want to know the cause of death

    • David

      I think the cause of death was going to a Chinese hospital. Seriously, seems like every story ends with “. . .taken to the hospital, were in stable condition, then died.”

  • Vance

    That’s just sad. What a lonely way to die. One should be surrounded by loved ones as they spend their last hours on Earth. I have heard of people dying alone in their homes and not even being discovered until much later because they had no one to even check in on them or cared that they no longer answered the phone, but in this case, someone actually took the time and effort to abandon this poor person. That is really lonely.

    • monster

      how is your online dates searching going?

      • Vance

        HaHa! Very well actually. How is your search for a rich guy going?

        • monster

          haha, i am not searching!
          do u wanna try with me?
          maybe we can be a good couple!

          • Vance

            I’m a lot of man. Do you think you can handle me?

          • monster

            what does a lof of mean????

          • Vance

            “a lot” means “much”.

        • Max Kolodka

          What websites do you frequent for online dating Mr. Vance?

          • Vance

            http://www.loveme.com run by the agency “A Foreign Affair”. Very high class. Obnoxiously expensive. It costs me exactly one arm and one leg to use and it is worth every limb! You can “meet” girls from all over the world. All hot and high quality. I have had intros from probably a dozen different countries. Ukraine, China, and the Philippines dominate though.

          • bujiebuke

            I clicked on the link out of curiosity and noticed immediately that they offer “tourism” to places that are all relatively underdeveloped countries (Ukraine, Philippines, Columbia, etc). Now, I’m not implicating that your one of these people, but the whole site smacks of catering to western predators who take advantage of women in poorer countries. When dating a women in any third-world country, your always going to have the upper-hand as a westerner, but this site seems to take it a bit further. I would not have planted hard earned money there myself…

          • Vance

            I think it is the poorer countries that tend to have demographic gender imbalances that cause many to seek foreigners. Also, the women get quite a bit out of the deal. Security, green card, etc. I searched all over the world including right here at home. I had a very strict criteria that I needed. Just so happens that the one who I’ve managed to contact that meets all of that is in China. I didn’t go looking for a CHinese or any other kind. I just looked and that is what happened. In 2005 the US passed a law intended to help protect the girls. We have to do background checks and they have to sign off on them for contact. Not perfect but U guess they are thinking of it. Meeting someone in a foreign land and marrying someone you cannot have that much personal contact with can be risky and not for everyone.

          • bujiebuke

            I forget, but did you ever end up meeting with the Chinese girl that you found on from that link? I’m curious if what they describe in their profile is consistent with who they are in real life. In China, it’s not difficult or expense to fake a business license or certificate. I would be skeptical about someone who claims to be beautiful, wealthy, and dying to make you happy. But it could happen, looking forward to your update.

          • Vance

            I’ll keep you posted. We haven’t reached that point yet. Hopefully this summer sometime. I keep those possibilities in mind and try to watch for signs of such fake things. I did have one ask for money, but she was in Ukraine.

          • Max Kolodka

            Have you met any women from there yet, are you leaning toward any particular country of origin? I checked it out, they all look like models. I just wonder if women are paid to get the guy to pay for communication..I’ve read that some websites do that. I just looked on Google & this website called ‘dateinasia’ is totally free, Craigslist is also. Can you pay for a message and send your private contact details on there so you don;t have to pay any more?

          • Vance

            You can but the woman has to sign a release form. You can’t send private contact info. until then. The thing about free sites is you have to watch for fake profiles. This site the profiles cannot be fake because the women have to apply in person at an office. China, Ukraine, and the Philippines are the biggest ones although they also come from other countries.

  • guest

    When children are abandoned, I always feel sorry for them – but when parents are abandoned – I question how they must have raised their children to be abandoned like this?

    Anyone of any character can look pitiable when left to die like this, but you won’t know at a glance what they did to the one who left them behind.

  • Kevin Lancer

    Is there any news regarding Stanford Student poisoning by Chinese student in mainstream news?
    This kind of news usually will get very popular

    • guest

      So is the story about the man who had/s 17 girlfriends

  • monster

    so bad!
    many poor old people in village living as homeless dogs, live in dark old house, work for their sons in fileds, so sad!
    but not my parents, haha!
    my father always gives us money to bring whatever he likes to eat for him.haha!
    he even still gives me pocket money@!

    • hess


    • Vance

      Did your father ever take your allowance (pocket money) away from you for the week because you had been a naughty girl that week? lol

  • Ioannes

    This is what happens in a godless society. You cannot justify your feelings of outrage or pity because of your “personal moral compass” because the people who do this kind of thing are just following theirs, and if the two of you disagree, it can only be resolved by who is stronger, that is, might makes right. Not God, and certainly not some stupid law that people can change with bullets and money.

    Repent now, convert your life to the Christian Faith; otherwise, there is no hope, for all there is to life is here and now, and it’s never satisfactory.

    • takasar1

      great. a preacher….

    • read a real book

      do crazy people know they are crazy? well, do you?

  • Fdom

    What happened to filial piety? Confucius would be disgusted!

  • Dan

    What is with the slow-post rate as of late?

  • gregblandino

    If you guys aren’t arrested or anything, maybe a CS story on this: http://www.weibo.com/p/10080883695c0d5ac4e57fc85d7dcde0e662f8#1428555753074

  • codfilet

    Be a 60+ year old trying to take care of an incontinent old person with Dementia for years, and you might begin to see what sort of despair led them to do this. A nursing home told a friend of ours “It takes 10 people here to do what you’re trying to do by yourself”

  • Emme

    Why people do this? why?

  • saraboulos

    thats disgusting….

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