Chinese Woman Tears Apart ATM That Swallowed Her Bank Card

A Chinese woman in Dongguan tears apart an ATM machine that swallowed her bank card.


From QQ:

Dongguan Woman Destroys ATM Bare-Handed Because She Was Unable to Withdraw Money

Recently, many Dongguan residents have seen a post in their Weixin/WeChat Moments [friend’s circle]: A woman in Shilong town who apparently couldn’t withdraw money angrily dismantled an ATM machine with her bare hands. As this reporter learned, this scene indeed happened on October 16th inside the Jinshawan Shopping Mall. Shilong Police state that they preliminarily suspect the woman suffers from mental problems, have already taken her to the Dongguan Mental Hospital for examination, and are awaiting a diagnosis before they process the case further. As for the bank involved, they have yet to issue a clear response regarding this matter.


As seen in the photos online, the woman stands in front of a damaged ATM, with the ATM computer display “ripped out at the root” lying on the ground, and large amounts of receipts scattered on the floor. With a large number of city residents looking on at the side, there were even some security guards at the scene maintaining order.


A relevant representative of the Shilong Jingshawan Shopping Mall loss prevention department told this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter that at around 5:50pm on October 16th, this woman arrived at the ATM next to the escalator. “Afterward, we seen from the surveillance footage this woman dismantle the ATM, with security guards being dispatched to the scene after reports, but she had taken the ATM apart within a short few minutes,” the representative said. At the time, the woman stood next to the ATM mumbling to herself, pounding on the machine every so often.


“After dismantling the machine, she even stood there as if nothing had happened, but was then taken back to the police station once police arrived,” the representative said. At the time, the woman’s manner of speaking and bearing both seemed not quite normal, so employees did not go forward to stop her, and only called the police as well as notify the bank to come and deal with the situation.


The loss prevention department representative for Shilong Jinshawan Shopping Mall told this reporter that the woman did not use any tools either while dismantling the ATM. “We can see from the mall’s security cameras that she first pried off the plastic frame/case off the sides of the ATM, and then forcefully tore out the computer display.”


The representative says it may be that this ATM has been in service for too long, and that the plastic casing surrounding it has become old and brittle, and was therefore easy to damage.


According to police from the Shilong Public Security Sub-Bureau police station, by the time the police had arrived on the scene, the ATM had already been damaged, while the woman was on the scene claiming that she had repeatedly made withdrawals but the ATM would not spit out money, “She also mumbled to herself that the ATM was her friend’s and that it’s was okay for her to break it.” Police reached her family in Guangxi through her mobile phone, and the party on the other end claimed to be the woman’s younger brother. The other party said on the phone that his sister suffers from mental problems, and that “she’s like everyone else when she has her medication, but if she doesn’t take it, then she’ll have an episode. When that happens, she won’t even know what she’s doing.”

Through police investigation, the woman is surnamed Lin, is from Guangxi province Nanning city, and is 28 years old this year. At present, The Xihu police station has already sent her to the Dongguan Mental Hospital for examination. Because it will take 15 days before the hospital can produce a relevant assessment report, the woman is currently under observation and treatment at the hospital. Police are awaiting the hospital’s detailed report before they will continue processing the case.

Comments from QQ:

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Nine Yin Bone Claw, Dragon Strike, Iron Hand… etc. [all names of various martial arts skills]. She hasn’t finished using all of her skills. How unfruitful…


Are ATMs made of paper mache? Or has this woman learned the legendary Nine Yin Bone Claw…?


I sincerely apologize to the directors of those absurd War of Resistance Against Japan serials: Questioning the realism of ripping apart Japanese devils with one’s bare hands was indeed wrong of me.


The facts show that the person who invented the ATM had them built using the thinking process of those with mental disorders, and that’s how she could so easily tear it down barehanded! I can use a rock and still not bash it open!


Must’ve learned hand-shredded chicken [“chicken” is a pun for “machine”].


That such a complex piece of technical machinery was dismantled by her shows that the minds of those with mental problems are more useful than those of normal people.


This isn’t scientific!


Anyone still remember that one guy who had no money after getting married took a crowbar to pry open an ATM in the middle of the night?


Seeing this piece of news is so satisfying! Just like ripping apart a little Japanese devil barehanded…

From NetEase:

Dongguan Woman Dismantles ATM Machine For Swallowing Her Card With Her Bare Hands

Summary: On October 16th, a woman dismantled an ATM with her bare hands after it swallowed her bank card, with photos of her violently tearing apart the machine going viral online. Surveillance footage show the woman repeatedly trying to withdraw money without success, pounding the computer display screen, then prying the plastic frame/casing off the ATM, and forcefully ripping out the computer display screen. Police say they suspect the woman suffers from a mental condition and she is currently detained at the Dongguan Mental Hospital for treatment.

The bank says she was unable to get money because her ATM card was “locked”, and that the machine had returned her card four times. It also said that the machine only had its interface panel removed and that it was not in as “sorry of a state” as it appears in the photos on the internet.

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Comments from NetEase:

实心眼250 [网易辽宁省本溪市网友]:

Your customer service isn’t perfect and you blame others for tearing apart your machine? Talk about a business that mistreats its customers once it is big.

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This kind of woman is too scary. What if she isn’t satisfied in bed, will she…?

无味半川 [网易陕西省安康市网友]: (responding to above)

She’ll take it, not release it, and you’ll have to dismantle her [or free yourself]…

杀狗祭祖 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]: (responding to above)

The problem is, how do you dismantle her [free yourself]?? Does she use her cunt to wring it off, or use her cunt to directly just pinch it off??? Or does she use her cunt to suffocate it to death!!

随心所欲wtgw [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]:

Sometimes we can only count on the mentally disturbed to do things that bring great satisfaction to everyone.

问候封回帖的 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

I’m really curious, if it wasn’t in as sorry of a state as the photos show, then what do the photos show?

何立言 [网易湖南省邵阳市网友]:

Swallow my card? Just you wait and see what I’m going to do to you!

铸造工人 [网易北京市网友]:

A good woman.

小葱ys48 [网易广东省惠州市手机网友]:

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Manly woman! Good, there is hope.

Written by Fauna

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  • Rick in China

    This is the perfect example of a woman who can’t handle rejection.

    • Puk

      Or the perfect example of a sour man who kicks women when they are down. This certainly doesn’t have anything to do with her being a woman, it has to do with the fact that she’s obviously not well..

  • Pete of Perth

    Imagine receiving a handjob from Lin. It would be your last one.

    • must touch brain

      “This kind of woman is too scary. What if she isn’t satisfied in bed, will she…?”

      and “The problem is, how do you dismantle her [free yourself]?? Does she use her cunt to wring it off, or use her cunt to directly just pinch it off??? Or does she use her cunt to suffocate it to death!!”

      Yeah, women are only sex objects. Nothing more. We’ve really come a long way from the stone age.

      • Probotector

        Yeah, to equate this to sex is ridiculous

      • Surfeit

        Not only sex objects. Great cooks too!

  • SongYii

    Now I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger….

    • Kanye

      but she aint messing with no broke nig*as

  • AbC

    After seeing what she did to the machine barehanded… Those security guards dare not approach her.

    Release her immediately, for no prison cells can hold her.

  • Made in China. Not so hard to take it apart, but Good Luck putting it back together again!

  • vonskippy

    Apparently the new T1004 Terminator model has a few problems with it’s internal programming.

  • Amused

    She can get a job as a villain in the new Avengers flick when she gets her crazy ass out of the looney bin. “The Yellow Berzerker” steals Thor’s hammer and uses it to steal all the Chanel, Gucci, LV, Ferragamo, Burberry and Prada products in the world, causing an apocalypse of apocalyptical proportions that completely brings the Asian community to a standstill. Fun ensues as the Avengers face her spastic rage.

    • Alex Dương

      Aldrich Killian has nothing on her. Extremis? Psshhh…

      • Amused

        Well it’s that or MMA… But she might be a little weak on her hand to hand technique

    • Kai

      Yeah…I’d go with something a little less “racial” like “The Dongguan Berzerker”. I don’t think’d be worthy of stealing Thor’s hammer though, especially if her purpose is to amass luxury brands. She’d never be able to lift it up. I’d go with her being a Hulk, and if you want to be racial about it, she could be a Yellow Hulk.

      • Zappa Frank

        considering the revisionism of Marvel, where captain America becomes black and Thor becomes a woman a yellow she Hulk is to be expected..

      • Amused

        Ehhh comic books were historically rather racial. Guess the Yellow Berzerker could team up with the Black Panther and Scarlet Witch to file a class action suit against Marvel?

        • Kai

          Sure, all of society was historically rather racial, and we’re talking about her as a character in a new Avenger flick made with today’s sensibilities.

          AFAIK, the “scarlet” in Scarlet Witch doesn’t refer to her “race”, and it’s arguable if the “black” in Black Panther does, though granted, he was consciously created to be a mainstream black superhero.

          • Amused

            Scarlet refers to her being a ginger. And a red-haired friend of mine has been telling me that they’re rather sensitive about people discriminating against them based on their physical appearance. But I dunno; the same guy also tried to tell me the gingers have souls…

          • Kai



  • mr.wiener

    She tore that apart with her bare hands?!

  • iLcOrNaLiTo

    They still need to mix up the Japanese in everything. It’s like that grilfriend who we couldn’t forget and always have to mention.

  • It’s kind of funny because yesterday’s episode of Gotham was about the Viper drug. This dude took the drug, which gave him superhuman strength, and he tears apart an ATM from the wall and steals it.

    • firebert5

      I thought the same thing! Wonder what she was on.

    • ClausRasmussen

      I watched some clips on Discovery of bears tearing cars apart in search for food… somehow it reminded me of this

    • … and his bones become brittle, therefore needs to drink and eat a lot of cheese and milk.

      Gotham sucks. Besides Fish Mooney and the Penguin, I’m not interested in watching how the city will get so bad that it needs a guy to dress up as a bat to save it; or, to be shown how Bruce Wayne finds his parents’ murderer so that he can find peace, and then move on to be Batman.

      • Teacher in China

        Haven’t even bothered checking it out. Got wary after SHIELD ended up sucking so hard. Decided to take a chance on Constantine, though, and that was pretty damn good – very promising.

        • Kai

          LoL, yeah, Agents of SHIELD was really bad, but Gotham is pretty decent so far. I liked the cameos of Batman’s rogues gallery in the first episode.

          Just saw Constantine last night as well, and it does look promising. Interesting how Liv was written out after the first episode.

          As for other comic properties, Flash is looking decent as well. I actually like it better than Green Arrow, which I stopped watching after a few episodes, though the two crossed over. Gotham is perhaps a bit more interesting for its more somber tone, while Flash is more light-fare.

          • Teacher in China

            I keep hearing that Arrow needed almost a full season to find its feet, but that after that it was amazing. Just don’t know if I want to waste that much time waiting for something to get good.
            Yeah the Liv thing was a surprise, I guess they wanted to go ina different direction. Her acting was pretty shit anyway.

        • Thanks for the recommend. I tried following the Flash and gave up during the hystronics of episode three.

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah I thought about that one, and have also considered Arrow because I heard it eventually gets really good, but i think i’m going to pass on both. The new Marvel ones I’ll give a chance to when they come out though.

          • Quit everything and just watch The Walking Dead, the guilty pleasure about watching people squash zombie heads between exposition delivered through hoarse whispering, which is now among the best shows on TV.

            I thought for sure Sons of Anarchy, one of the worst shows on TV now, would be well loved here if for nothing other than the reason that “the Chinese DIDN’T kill Tara”.

          • Teacher in China

            Yep love the Walking Dead too – this week’s was AMAZING, and I think it’s just going to get better and better.

        • Yeah, don’t watch The Shield. I couldn’t even finish the first episode. I actually like The Arrow. Sure there’s some shitty casts in there, but not enough to bring the show down. The Flash is good too, probably better than the Arrow. I also watch Gotham, which is alright I guess. If you have the time, go for it but definitely not a must see. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are obviously must watch shows. The Strain isn’t bad either. It has some potential, but it’ll probably won’t be until season 2-3 until it gets good. Constantine episode 1 was good too, but still have to watch a few more episodes to see how it turns out.

  • henryyahoo

    Where was this machine made? a kindergarten?

  • henryyahoo

    Where was this machine made? a kindergarten?

  • henryyahoo

    I know why my comments are repeated…the length of time the moderation takes!

  • ClausRasmussen

    I’m not sure about what to think of the mall guards…

    They could be accused of being lazy or indifferent but the damage was already done when they arrived at the scene. They could also be called cowards but who wants to mess with a woman that have just ripped an ATM apart with her bare hands?

    I think I’ll settle on praising them for taking a level headed approach, just securing that the lady didn’t escape, and not escalating the situation using violence or humiliation

  • JayJay

    Fake nails…. 30 RMB… Brand new ATM…. 20,000 RMB…. the reaction of having your card taken away…. Priceless… there is something money can’t buy… for everything else, there is… well… unless it’s been confiscated…

  • JayJay

    This is how She-hulk make an withdraw

  • Surfeit

    I hate it when that happens. You’re counting your cash and POOF! Gone. They gotta switch it up yo.

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    she need sum thick black snake to relieve all her frustration so she can relax

  • BillBo

    On one hand, it’s obviously not the right thing to do. On the other hand, I feel like if something/one wrongly takes something from you, can’t you attempt to get it back? Obviously there’s not malicious intent on the side of the ATM machine, but it took the card nonetheless.

  • BillBo

    “Seeing this piece of news is so satisfying! Just like ripping apart a little Japanese devil barehanded…”


    • Alex Dương

      I think it’s meant to poke fun at the absurd ubiquitous anti-Japanese CCTV minidramas.

      • BillBo

        Ah yeah, I remember the one with the Japanese person being ripped in half from head to groin. Hope you’re correct!

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  • Fdom

    This is what happens to anyone or anything that doesn’t “Serve the People”. Is she the new Lei Feng?

  • Probotector

    Typically, if an ATM swallows your card, it’s because you’ve committed fraud or you’re in too much debt with your bank. I guess being held to account for such things made this woman feel as if she lost face… as if to say ‘how dare they try to prevent me form spending anymore money that I don’t have’.

    • Roger Lee

      Perhaps that may be the case in some cases, but most ATMs here swallow the card if you do not retrieve it quicky enough. It’s more than likely that this is the case here. And I can sympathize with her because if you lose your card, you have to wait a week to get a new one and your account is frozen in that time.

  • don mario

    this ATM machine is a result of chinese efficiency

  • Puk

    You “normal” people disgust me more than any mentally ill person ever could. “Sometimes we can only count on the mentally disturbed to do things that bring great satisfaction to everyone.” disgusting.

    This is a woman who is either mentally sick, or she completely lost it or was in complete chok over her situation. Maybe she has a child to look after and realised that there really is no more money, maybe she was sick for a very long time and didn’t receive any help, there could be countless reasons. So not only did she have to go through this ordeal with idiots snapping pictures and laughing, she is also facing public ridicule from the media and people in general once she gets out.

  • jianfei

    On the inside of that ATM was a tag that read ‘Made in China’