“Manchurian Princess” Scams Millions From Chinese “Investors”


From NetEase:

48-Year-Old Woman Scammed 5.72 Million Posing as Qing Dynasty Princess

”The Aisin Gioro Third Princess – The Princess of Changping” was recently arrested by Xian police. “The Third Princess” is a 48 year old who claims to control “175 billion yuan in assets” leftover from the Qing Dynasty royal Aisin Gioro clan, except these assets are currently “frozen”. She hopes someone can help her by investing money to open up connections to “unfreeze these assets”, and in return promises to give the investor triple the amount in repayment. Six people believed her and successively invested 5.72 million yuan.


It was only until one of the investors, Old Wang, received 500,000 USD in “unfrozen” assets and discovered it was almost all counterfeit money did the scam surface. The police explained that “Princess” Wang X only has a primary school education, and the rest of her accomplices also do not have much education, while those who were swindled were all senior citizens between the ages of 60 to 80, whom also are not highly educated, but did have some money on hand.


In 2013 January, one of the people scammed, Old Wang, was invited by his fellow villager to a promotional event held by the Huangyuyin Limited Company at a 4-star hotel in Xian. Old Wang said this event really “opened his eyes”. Through the event, Lao Wang discovered that the company head is a descendant of “Qing Dynasty royalty” – with the title “Changping”, the Third Aisin Gioro Princess. The event revolved around “unfreezing the Aisin Gioro family assets”.


Old Wang said the “princess” claimed to have 175 billion yuan in frozen assets, including gold bars, gold jewelry, and American dollars saved during the Republican period, all of which are divided among eight treasuries/vaults in Sichuan and Guizhou. The key to the vaults are in her hands, but to unfreeze the assets, she can’t do it by herself, she must have people give money to “open up connections”. With the aim of making this happen, The “princess’” friends joined her in establishing the Huangyuyin Limited Company.


Old Wang said, after some time, and to prove the treasuries “really” do exist, the “princess” took the investors on flight after flight to Guizhou and Sichuan, journeying deep into the mountains to go visit the treasuries/vaults. But every time they went, there were troops stationed there, so the “princess” could only let the investors see from afar. Old Wang said he too had seen the vaults pointed out by the “princess”.


Because he knew that the “princess” had successively taken some items from the treasuries/vaults, the largest investor, Old Wang, asked the “princess” to at least first give him some. In July 25th of this year, unable to tolerate Lao Wang’s repeated demands, the “princess” handed over 500,000 USD to Old Wang. Old Wang said he was extremely excited at the time, and rushed to pay back the money he had borrowed from relatives. To his surprise, his relatives said apart from the first bill of each stack being real, everything else was counterfeit money.


According to police, in late 2012, after Yang X from Beilin District and Jiang X from Fuping (same town as Old Wang) met Wang X and heard her say she’s Manchurian ethnicity, and looks like the Aisin Gioro princess, they assembled seven people and together formed a “scam” company. Using the 200,000 yuan from Old Wang as start up capital, they attracted investors from all over the country. To make the scheme more realistic, they even placed many “gold” and “jade” items in Wang X’s office.


According to police reports, there are 10 people involved currently known, with nine suspects having been captured in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Henan and other areas, and one still on the run. Six have already been formally arrested and charged. In addition, they confiscated large amounts of counterfeit money and templates for making fake money.


The 5.72 million yuan scammed by the group was mostly used by the on dining and setting up their scheme, with little left by the time the crime was discovered. The “princess” herself knew she was scamming people, and when her assistant drove a military vehicle to obtain counterfeit money, she refused to ride with him fearing that she might be caught… Photo is of the police counting the confiscated “American Dollars” and “gold”.




Comments on NetEase:

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空亦空 [网易广西桂林市网友]:

Anyone with a bit of brain knows that after 60 years of confiscations, even if they did have assets in the past, it would’ve been long gone by now.


Hahaha, she finally get to wear the Yellow Jacket [royal garments].


Come on, this gold looks way too fake.

再过百年 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

This country simply as too many idiots.

想去非洲发展 [网易河南省安阳市网友]:

175 billion…more money than even Ma Yun [head of Alibaba, the richest man in China].

12347664494 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

One can scam money even with this kind of method? It is not that the con artists are smart but that some people are just too greedy. For many years, there were emails like this claiming to be someone from abroad, that they have a large amount of frozen assets, and is in need of help. Then they will ask for you for a contact method and such. Looks like this is the Chinese version of [that scam] and there were actually people who fell for it! Sigh.

撸壹管 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Are the people who fell for it all stupid cunts? A princess that look like that? Fat, round and unrefined. This 48-year-old woman is which emperor’s daughter? Xianfeng Emperor died in 1861, later Tongzhi, Guangxu, Xuantong all had no descendants. May I ask which generation this princess is, and how many years has she been living?


Why is it all US dollars?


Such a short and ugly princess, just what kind of girls have the emperors been fucking?!


I really admire this woman’s intelligence, and I admire the stupid cunts who gave her money even more.


The paint is already coming off the gold…

十二年毕业 [网易北京市网友]:

Anyone want to go treasure hunting? I have the keys to Genghis Khan’s tomb!!!


Why is it all greenbacks? Were all the people who were scammed laowai?

暴暴暴龙哥 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Do you know about a certain ethnic group’s [Manchurian] restoration association? I heard they have branches in many cities, and even having celebrity members. Lastly I want to say: 10 days in Jiading, the massacre in Yangzhou.

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  • NeverMind
  • Jahar

    So friggin awesome!

  • Rick in China

    Nice — straight up Nigerian scandal remade in China.

    I always thought — all the classic scams that haven’t happened yet, in China, are either going on *right now* – or present an opportunity for anyone without any scruples.. google is blocked, but surely Bing can dig up a ton of great classic scam definitions.

  • Poodle Tooth

    For reference, here are some actual Qing princesses

    • Joe

      Puyi’s wife Wangrong wasn’t half bad, too bad Puyi was gay and never hit it.

      • Charles

        Wow – she was HOT!

        • KenjiAd

          Yeah, but Wanrong was never loved by Puyi and became addicted to opium. After the collapse of Manchukuo, she fled with Hiro Saga (see my posy above) but was captured by CCP. Hiro was sent back to Japan, but Wanrong died in prison presumably because of opium withdrawal. Sad life.

      • Insomnicide

        Wanrong wasn’t Manchu though.

      • KenjiAd

        Puyi’s borther, Pujie, was married to a Japanese woman named Hiro Saga who was a relative of the Emperor Hirohito (Showa). Although their marriage was political in nature, they apparently had a happy marriage until the end of WWII.

        During the chaos of Manchukuo collapse, Hiro was captured by CCP and eventually sent back to Japan with their two daughters. Her husband, Pujie, had spent the next 15 years in various Chinese prison.

        After Pujie was finally released from prison in 1961, Hiro went back to China to reunite with her husband. They together went through the turmoil of Cultural Revolution. Hiro died in 1987, Pujie in 1994.

        Their elder daughter, Princess Huisheng, died in 1957, in an apparent double suicide with her lover in Japan. Their younger daughter, I think, is still alive.

      • don mario

        he was gay? news to me. he had a wife that he truly loved in the manchu kuo period but the japs killed her in cold blood. poor dude.

    • Amused

      Those are some fugly females. You sure a couple of them weren’t eunuch body doubles?

    • Sophia Dalke

      Well it’s important to note that pretty much all the photography we have of the Qing is from Cixi’s “regency” and it wouldn’t surprise me if the jealous old bitch weren’t too keen on having any real prize beauties around the palace.

      • Alex Dương

        That could partially explain why the last few Emperors didn’t leave any children…

        • Joe

          Well it was rumored that the Tongzhi emperor was so repulsed by the palace ladies that he had to frequent brothels, as a result he contracted syphilis and died.

    • JayJay

      Those are some fugly princesses.

  • The entire banking and monetary systems are giant Ponzi schemes, but most people will be as shocked as these blokes when it collapses and they realize they’ve been duped.

  • Amused

    Guess its time to crank out that historical landmark and bridge sales plan…

  • x1sfg

    Is she married to the Nigerian prince? I never got my money back.

  • mr.wiener

    It’s just a Chinese spin on the old “Nigerian” scam… Ah well ,a fool and his money…

    • Boris

      Chinese, they always steal leading nations’ ideas.

  • FYIADragoon

    Nice. Even the Chinese fall for the Nigerian prince.

  • Insomnicide

    This is what happens when you’re historically illiterate.
    The Aisin Gioro family was deposed during the Xinhai revolution. And after the communist takeover during 1949, all their assets and property were seized and re-distributed to the common people. Puyi the last emperor died penniless. Puyi didn’t father any children either so there are no Manchu princesses.

    • Alex Dương

      What do you mean? I’m gonna be rich! You’ll see!

      • Insomnicide

        This prince from Nigeria has been asking for loans since the 1990s…

    • KenjiAd

      The last surviving princess of Aisin Gioro just died this year.

      Her name is Jin Moyu (Aisin Gioro Xianqi), and she is a younger sister of another princess Aisin Gioro Hsienyu, also known as “Yoshiko Kawashima” who allegedly was acting as a Japanese spy and executed by KMT after the WWII.

      Some people disagree with this characterization of Kawashima, and believe that she was actually using the Japanese, in hope to eventually overthrow the Japanese and re-establish the Qing dynasty.

  • B*tches, Leave

    The “Nigerian Prince” scam will only work if the schemer is in a different country (where the police wont get him). But nice try!
    Hey, I remember as a kid I saw a funny commercial:
    There is a war somewhere in South Africa; The government forces fight the rebels in the main government building; The General tells the Prince to go hide; The Prince runs to his office and types on his computer an email to a random person; He’s explaining in his email the situation and provides all his bank accounts and passwords, so the rebels wont get it; the next scene is an American guy who receives this email and is like “pfff, spam” – do you remember this commercial? I can’t find it on youtube :(

    • Boris

      It’s not a commercial, I think it is from Collegehumor (or is it College Humor).

  • Rose

    Only six people and they invested almost 6 million yuan? Wow, I wouldn’t think that farmers would have that much money. So these guys stole the savings of elderly people? Sounds like Jeff Butler from the US. Will this lady and her accomplices also get 90 years? http://www.ocregister.com/articles/butler-226871-investors-counts.html

  • Irvin

    Gulling the gullible, such a wonderful business. Everytime you make money, you also giggle inside knowing someone is crying for their’s.

  • Sophia Dalke

    So dismissive for somebody who offers only an opinion and not a factual counterclaim…

    While it’s hard to separate myth from fact about Cixi, there’s enough fact to demonstrate that she was a singularly ruthless and jealous individual:

    When it seemed that the Tongzhi emperor and his empress (Lady Alute) got along too well and that Lady Alute had more influence over the emperor than Cixi did, she ordered that they be physically separated.

    A court official Yun Yu-ting wrote in his memoirs that Lady Alute was visiting the Tongzhi Emperor on his sickbed, and complaining about Cixi’s interfering and domineering ways, was happily looking forward to the day Tongzhi would be well again and they could live and rule together. Cixi, tipped off by eunuchs, entered the room in stockinged feet, and hearing Lady Alute’s criticisms, flew into a rage and rampaged through the room, seized the empress by the hair and hit her, shouting that by making love to the emperor she would cause him to be ill again. She ordered the eunuchs to take her away and slap her on the face.

    Empress Dowager Cixi pushed the blame of the emperor’s death on Lady Alute. She ordered Lady Alute’s food rations to be reduced. It was said that Lady Alute committed suicide but official court records state that she died after a long and serious illness.

    And that was just her first regency… during her second regency over the Guangxu emperor his favorite consort, Zhen, apparently had also gotten in trouble with the dowager empress when it was discovered that she had abused her influence over the emperor by interfering in regular procedures for civil appointments. The transactions became public in November 1894, during the First Sino-Japanese War, resulting in a series of embarrassing public scandals for the imperial court. In reaction, Cixi had Zhen and her sister, Jin, who had also been implicated, degraded, a eunuch collaborator executed, and a courtier named Zhi Rui, a cousin of the concubines, banished from the capital.

    Zhen and Jin were eventually restored to their positions, but it seems that Zhen was excluded from court functions by the middle of 1896 and was eventually placed under house arrest. There is historical dispute as to whether she was eventually killed by Cixi’s order, killed herself, or killed by palace eunuchs.

    So, in conclusion it is a terrible idea to try to judge norms about the Qing Dynasty’s standards, let alone any other dynasty’s, from what was a protracted swan song overseen by a psychotic jealous harpy. The last several dozen years of Qing rule were markedly different from the preceding centuries, and Qing rule itself was dissimilar from the dynastic standards and practices of the Ming/Song/Tang/Han.

    • KenjiAd

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Very educational.

      I’ve always been fascinated by the Qing dynasty, especially the end of it and the formation of Japanese puppet Manchukuo.

      Too bad that most Chinese people don’t seem to know much about how the Qing dynasty ended and what was really happening in Manchukuo, except the official CCP version of the story.

  • Insomnicide

    Well the royalty of the Qing dynasty are ethnically Manchu, a group of semi-nomadic people. And they strictly chose their brides from Manchu and Mongol clans. Royalty of the other dynasties are quite a different matter.

  • James C

    Wow, I had no idea scams went on such an extreme and ridiculous level like this. The investors should have had a third party to double check all the facts.

  • commander

    This kind of fraud must have other accomplice, and she can’t defraud a large amount of money out of gullible investors.

    The police should make a further dig at it.

  • IsurvivedChina

    It’s only murder-suicide if one person kills another and then takes their own life…often it acts of rage. If two people choose to kill themselves with their own hands (so to speak) it counts as a double suicide.

  • don mario

    thats kind of impressive that she got the scam to work ! the victims were elderly though, so maybe not that impressive.

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