Beijing Foreigner Extorted After Running Into Chinese Woman?

Photo of middle-aged woman clinging to the British foreigner's motorscooter refusing out of fear that he might flee the scene.

Photo of middle-aged woman clinging to the British foreigner's motorscooter refusing out of fear that he might flee the scene.

From China News:

Foreign Young Man Who Helped Up Fallen Middle-Aged Woman in Beijing is Extorted For 1800 Yuan

2013 December 2 morning around 10:30am, at the intersection of Xiangheyuan Road and Zuojiazhuang East Street in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, a woman with a Northeastern accent suddenly fell while passing by a laowai riding a motorscooter, collapsing to the ground and refusing to get up. The young foreign man quickly got off his scooter to help up the woman only to be grabbed by the woman claiming that she was hit by the laowai, that her leg was injured and was unable to walk, demanding that the laowai take responsibility. The foreign young man turned pale with shock, yet was tightly clung to by the woman. During the dispute, the middle-aged woman walked about normally and unaffected, and obstinately seized and clung to the foreign young man, ripping his clothes.

Afterward, this woman obstinately clung to the man’s scooter refusing to let go. The accident caused a traffic jam at the scene for over an hour, with the woman limping and twitching multiple times, insisting that she was knocked over by the foreign young man and that he should be held responsible, forcing the foreign young man into tears.

Not long after the incident occurred, the police arrived on the scene and both parties proceeded to Meitan General Hospital. After being examined by doctors and X-rayed, it was diagnosed that the woman was not injured at all. The woman then once again collapsed to the ground screaming that she was in pain/discomfort. Finally, after negotiations between the two, the foreign young man had no choice but to compensate 1800 yuan in “medical expenses” before the woman would drop the matter and leave.

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

A British foreigner in Beijing had to compensate a middle-aged Chinese woman 1800 RMB after running into her with his motorcycle.

These photos and the narrative of the foreigner being falsely accused and extorted were published across China’s major web portals early this morning with titles such as: Male Foreign National Has Traffic Accident Dispute with Woman, Pays 1800 Yuan in Compensation . Most were taken down later in the day (read on for why).

On NetEase, the photo series quickly became the most discussed article for the day and while it was taken down and is no longer accessible, the comments section is still accessible, featuring over 43k comments ad 200k comment participants (at time of translation). Here were the most upvoted comments…

Comments from NetEase:

王尼玛的幸福生活 [网易黑龙江省牡丹江市网友]:

So fresh/uncommon! Our countrymen’s false accusations [scams involving collisions] now no longer distinguishes between national borders and skin color!

网易英国网友 ip:31.205.*.*:

Suggest this be handled in court! Must keep this kind of completely ridiculous behavior in check!

依旧惘然 [网易江苏省南通市网友]:

Young man, you’ll probably be better off going back to your country, as this place is not suited for you~~~ [meaning life will be better in his home country and he does not not have to endure this kind of phenomenon]

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 [水深火热帝国狗]:

This Northeastern auntie is the first person to force a foreigner to sign an unequal treaty, a hero of the nation!

网易江苏省徐州市手机网友(117.87.*.*): (responding to above)

Haha, this comment is amazing/hilarious.

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

From China News:

Follow-Up to Foreign Young Man Who Helped Up Fallen Person Suspected of Being Extorted: Eye-Witness Claims The Young Man Screamed Foul Language

December 2, on a Beijing street, media have reported that a foreign young man was extorted [falsely accused of liability] after helping up a fallen woman. Photos from: Internet.

Laowai Suffers Being Extorted 1800 yuan After Helping Up Fallen Auntie on Street”. Today, a series of photos on the internet [see above and below] attracted widespread attention, and according to The Beijing News reporter’s investigations, the narrative presented in this series of photos is inconsistent with the truth, that the auntie had indeed been knocked over by the laowai. Eyewitnesses say the laowai was operating a motorcycle without a license plate and after hitting the woman, used Chinese to verbally abuse the woman.

The Beijing News reporter today went to the scene of the incident, Xiangheyuan Road and Zuojiazhuang East Street, and interviewed two separate eyewitnesses who did not know each other and whom both stated that around 11am yesterday morning, the auntie was returning from the morning market when a collision occurred between her and the laowai on his motorcycle. The laowai was riding a black unlicensed motorcycle and carrying a woman at the time.

According to video of the scene provided by witnesses, the laowai continuously used fluent Chinese to curse “you stupid cunt, fuck your father”, “you’re lying, you want to extort money from me because you see that I’m a foreigner,” etc.

This morning, four police officers returned to the scene to investigate the matter. People familiar with the matter disclosed that the auntie really wasn’t faking an accident and injury, and was furious about the narrative attached to the series of photographs [online]. (Reporter Yang Feng)

Photo of middle-aged woman clinging to the British foreigner's motorscooter refusing out of fear that he might flee the scene.

From Sina Weibo:

@人民日报: Today, a series of “Foreign Young Man Who Helped Up Fallen Middle-Aged Woman Suspected of Suffering False Accusation/Extortion” photos attracted widespread attention. Eyewitnesses say the laowai was riding a black motorcycle without a license plate carrying a young woman when he collided with a middle-aged woman. Video of the scene show the laowai continuously using Chinese to curse “You ** [stupid cunt], I * your father [fuck you]”, “You liar, you want to extort money from me because I’m a foreigner”, etc.

The above microblog posts links to a 1:07 long video clip from The Beijing News hosted on Sina of the incident that has been viewed over 750k times (at time of translation) since it was uploaded at 2:30pm this afternoon. The following is a longer 2:46 version of the video, also uploaded this afternoon and was featured on the homepage of popular video sharing website Youku…

From Youku:

Laowai Uses Chinese to Verbally Abuse Person He Hit” Video Exposed (Complete)

Today, a set of photos online attracted widespread attention. According to this reporter’s investigation, the narrative of the photos are inconsistent with the truth, that the auntie [middle-aged woman] indeed was knocked over by the laowai. Eyewitnesses claim the laowai was operating a motorcycle without a license plate and after hitting the woman, used Chinese to verbally abuse the woman who had been hit.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


What country is this foreigner from?


But the auntie had indeed scammed him of his money!

吕N帆: (responding to above)

Foreign slave, do you know how much an ambulance + comprehensive examination + medical expenses cost? Do you TMD have medical expense receipts to prove that she scammed him of his money?




Losing face for Chinese people [An embarrassment to Chinese people]!

XIAO武先生: (responding to above)

Although the auntie’s methods aren’t very rational, how did she lose face for Chinese people??? Is that foreigner so noble for continuously saying SB??? Don’t recklessly talk shit about your own people over just any little thing, remember that you yourself are a Chinese person…


The laowai had run the red light, his motorcycle is unlicensed, and after hitting her, is even foul-mouthed with a bunch of Chinese expletives, wanting to flee but hid his clothes grabbed by the auntie. It is because the auntie has a history of heart disease [heart attacks] that she had a medical examination done. The ambulance fee and the medical examination fee plus medicine fee totaled 1800. I want to ask, those of you still criticizing the auntie, are your heads damaged or have you gotten used to being slaves to foreigners?


The official microblog account of the country’s Communist Party newspaper, can you please do some research before speaking? Doesn’t your face hurt from going back on your words [changing/correcting information from previous reports]?


Matters should be clearly investigated and understood. You can’t wrong good people, nor can you let off certain bad people.


His Chinese isn’t bad.


Which is why when a matter isn’t clear, one can’t recklessly comment!!!


All the media that reported [the previous report that the foreigner was extorted/scammed] should all apologize.


He learned his Chinese well, even know how to cuss people out. Also, media people, can you fully investigate a matter before reporting the news???


Having photos and video doesn’t necessarily mean having the truth. Hope @平安北京 [official microblog account of the Beijing police] can get involved [make a statement, say what really happened].


With video there is truth. I’m now beginning to feel that having surveillance cameras everywhere is a good thing.


How are the media and reporters who created the rumor [spread false information] going to be dealt with?


Public opinion reverses!


The facts aren’t out yet, right? Wouldn’t making the hospital exam report public be enough?


I also became a foreign slave, so ashamed! It’s primarily because there are too many incidents of false accidents and injury claims [in China, therefore he readily believed the auntie was extorting the foreigner].


Does cursing someone have anything to do with [whether or not] there was extortion [false accusation and compensation demands]?


Where’s the video of the collision? What bullshit use is this post-collision argument [in determining fault/liability]?


Fuck, the laowai being so wild, not even paying attention to where he is.




So many versions [of what happened].


Truly disgusting, making me spend all noon thinking about what’s wrong with our countrymen… Should the media be disciplined for having nothing better to do than to make up false reports?


@People’s Daily, why don’t you continue licking the assholes of foreigners? [referring to The People’s Daily’s earlier reports claiming the auntie was extorting the foreigner and now reporting otherwise]


I feel the foreigner being worried isn’t without reason. When even Chinese people cannot trust their own, wouldn’t foreigners be even more afraid of being extorted [falsely accused, scammed]?


From the beginning to end, this matter has been led around by the nose [manipulated] by the media. Before the matter was made clear, [everyone] cursed the woman. When the matter is made a bit clearer, [everyone] curses the laowai. Those who are cursing the laowai just wait awhile and if we discover there were problems/faults with what both sides did, you guys will then curse this system of society. Shouldn’t you reflect a bit before being so impulsive? Those who should be cursed are those who think they themselves are the ones who have the moral high ground! But in this matter, everyone should curse that reporter who made the original article [suggesting the auntie was extorting] for lacking a conscience. Motherfucker.

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

Comments on Youku:

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The “relevant news” saying the auntie was falsely accusing and extorting published by those reporters, media websites, and rumormongers without first investigating have had a huge and extremely negative impact on society, so shouldn’t that be dealt with [by the authorities]? Don’t tell me this sort of reckless rumormongering by them can escape without any punishment?


No matter what the truth is, it’ll all be biased towards the auntie extorting them, all because of the various reports from various places of “helping elderly up incidents”!!! Watching this video, the auntie was arguing quite fiercely, and even if the truth is that she was knocked down by the laowai, there probably wasn’t any major injuries and ordinarily people will choose to accept the other party’s apology, or have the other party take them to the hospital to take care of any superficial injuries and everything will be OK. Don’t tell me this auntie suffered some sort of insult/humiliation? Or at that moment remembered some history of national suffering? Sigh, I really don’t want to use a sinister/evil mind to speculation about a stranger.


1. The laowai had indeed hit the auntie and immediately got off to help her up. 2. But this auntie felt someone had hit her, was afraid of being injured (Chinese people all have this kind of weird thinking), and thus pretended not being able to get up. 3. After the auntie fell on the ground and wouldn’t get up, she screamed that being hit like this, even if she doesn’t die, she must have serious injuries, that even if nothing was apparent now, there would be after effects in the future. 4. So this auntie stayed on the ground refusing the get up, wailing that the young man was the Eight Nation Alliance bullying her old Beijing. 5. This laowai originally wanted to help her up but upon seeing this auntie being a shameless scoundrel, suddenly didn’t know what to do. 6. Fortunately the laowai brought a female friend, and the female friend felt the auntie was trying to extort them. What more, there has been incidents of aunties extorting people recently, so she couldn’t control herself and began arguing/yelling [at the auntie]. Thereupon, the laowai joined in the yelling and cursing. The laowai was also very agitated and let rip a few Chinese curse words. 7. Afterwards, they went to the hospital, and when they had to pay 1800 even though there were no injuries, it just shows that the auntie was either faking it or running a false accident/injury scam. In summary, this is the truth!!


Phoenix Online: The man’s girlfriend Ms. Xue says her boyfriend was carrying her on his motorcycle that day crossing the street when he accidentally collided with this woman, and the woman fell to the ground. The foreign male got off the motorcycle and helped the woman to the side of the street, where the woman sat on the ground and wrapped herself around the motorcycle, demanding compensation. Ms. Xue says this woman had grabbed the foreign male’s clothes out of fear that he would flee, as well as lay collapsed and twitching by the motorcycle, demanding compensation. After bystanders called the police, the police arrived on the scene. After police questioning, they took both parties to Meitan General Hospital for examination by doctors. The woman had slight superficial injuries. Finally after mediation by the police, the foreign male and Ms. Xue paid 1800 yuan to the woman, covering medical expenses and compensation for the foreign young man running a red light and knocking her over. Because her heart has a condition, after being knocked over, her heart disease had flared up and she was not trying to falsely accuse him or claim false injuries. The hospital determined she had sot tissue damage, and that she had pain in her ankle and shoulder. The 1800 yuan paid by the foreign young man was mostly for the ambulance and medical expenses.”


It can clearly be seen from the video that even if this woman can be considered to have been injured, the injuries probably don’t amount to 1800 yuan. From this video, it can be seen that this woman’s upper body is completely without major injury. If media reports turn out to be true, that the hospital examination and x-rays did not discover any internal injuries, that she simply left after she got the 1800, then everyone can determine [what the truth is] for themselves. However, I still hope the street surveillance footage can be obtained and a more impartial eyewitness can make things clear, because there are too many immoral people these days! I await the real surveillance footage being made available.


This is the latest investigation results. This auntie was indeed hit and injured by this foreign young man. The hospital’s examination determined had acute soft tissue injuries, had pains in her ankle and shoulder, and that the 1800 yuan was given while the police were on the scene for the ambulance and medical expenses. You can go to news websites and see the relevant news. Previously, all websites were reporting that the auntie was making false accusations and claiming false injuries but now various websites are promptly publishing the inside story.


Imagine you are riding an electric scooter, carrying your girlfriend, on the road in the morning. You run into an old lady. Do you think the likelihood is larger that you intentionally aimed to hit her or that old lady was walking on the street not paying attention to vehicles thinking no one would dare bump into her only to end up being bumped into. Moreover, you clearly just lightly bumped into her, but she immediately falls to the ground right then and there. Do you say a word of apology and immediately leave or do you go forward to help her up? And when you help her up and the person demands money from you, do you give it or not? And when you don’t, they rip your clothes pocket into what it looks like in the photos and drapes themselves over your scooter preventing you from leaving, delaying you from going to work. Would you be angry? Would you curse them? Then you give up on not going to work, go to the hospital to examine for injuries, and even though there was nothing at all, you had to pay one thousand eight hundred [RMB], and in the meantime, you and your girlfriend’s wages for the day are lost, and you’re mood is depressed, and you might be human flesh searched and placed on the internet, possibly losing your job, being attacked by so-called patriots resulting in you being afraid to leave your home… Only when this happens to you will you know who is the real victim… Right now I am extremely thankful that aunties have not fallen down around me…


Actually, as someone sitting in front of a monitor, it is very difficult to judge who is in the wrong. All I see is the auntie and the laowai yelling at each other, and the surrounding bystanders do not necessarily know everything that happened from beginning, middle, and the end where they are yelling at each other. Most of them probably only understand what happened based on asking each other after the incident happened. Apart from witnesses at the scene, it would be best to use the street surveillance footage (although I don’t know if they’ll actually do this in reality).


The truth is that the auntie only had scratches, but the laowai lost 1800 for these scratches! It doesn’t matter if this 1800 is due to 120 [ambulance costs] or the [medical] examination fees, it was paid all because the auntie pretended that her injuries were serious! And what’s this about heart disease? A few scratches and her heart disease acts up [heart attack], talk about laughable! Talk about not being shameless, haha~ The truth was already out [referring to the medical exam results], and I bet the auntie realized she couldn’t make it into a big matter so settled on making it a small matter and not pursuing any further. Just what kind of mentality does this auntie have? Not false accusation and injury? I can only say it wasn’t a successful false accusation and injury!


The people on the scene were obviously biased towards the auntie, which indicates what eyewitnesses saw was that the laowai was at fault! What’s lamentable is that there are people distorting the facts to say it is false accusation and injury, misleading public opinion!

Photo of middle-aged woman clinging to the British foreigner's motorscooter refusing out of fear that he might flee the scene.

The Phoenix Online article quoted by a Chinese netizen above on Youku is this article…

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From Phoenix Online:

Laowai Extorted After Helping Up Middle-Aged Woman” Exclusive Follow-Up: Woman Was Indeed Hit and Injured

Exclusive: Male Foreigner Indeed Bumped into Middle Aged Woman and Caused External Injuries to the Latter

December 3 morning, a photo story titled “Foreign Young Man Suspected of Having Been Extorted After Helping Up Fallen Middle-Aged Woman on Beijing Street” carried by various major web portal websites attracted controversy with netizens. A middle-aged woman on the ground an be seen in the photos holding onto the foreign male and his motorcycle. In the text of the news, it is claimed that “a woman passing by a laowai on a motorcycle suddenly fell”. Through the photos and the text, many netizens determined there was suspicion that the woman was extorting the male foreigner.

However, as confirmed by Phoenix ONline and the relevant individuals involved as well as eyewitnesses, the foreign male involved had indeed collided with the middle-aged woman, and caused slight superficial injuries to the latter. The text of the original news reports did not mention such relevant facts.

Phoenix Online contacted Mr. Li, the photographer of the original photographs. According to his explanations, around 10:30am on the morning of December 2nd, as he drive past the Xiangheyuan Road and Zuojiazhuang intersection in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, he saw a 40- or 50-year-old woman fallen on the ground, a foreign male help her to the roadside, and the two of them entangled in a physical struggle.

Phoenix Online then managed to contact the foreign male’s girlfriend Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang says her boyfriend was carrying her on his motorcycle that day and while crossing the street accidentally collided with this woman and the woman fell to the ground. The foreign male got off and helped the woman to the roadside. The woman sat on the ground holding onto the motorcycle, demanding compensation.

Ms. Wang says: “This is also the first time we have encountered this kind of thing. We didn’t know how to handle it and at the time was at a loss for what to do but we definitely weren’t planning on fleeing as that would be unconscionable.”

Ms. Wang says the woman grabbed the foreign male’s clothes because out of fear he would flee, as well as collapsed and twitched by the motorcycle, demanding compensation. After roadside pedestrians called the police, the police arrived on the scene.

After questioning, the police took both parties to Meitan General Hospital. According to Ms. Wang, after medical examination, the woman had minor superficial injuries. Finally, under mediation by the police, the foreign male and Ms. Wang paid the woman 1800 yuan>, covering medical expenses and compensation. (Text: Xu Mengna)

Middle-Aged Woman: So many hometown people called me yelling at me, saying I was making false accident/injury scams in Beijing!

According to The Beijing News reports, at noon today, the auntie Ms. Li who was accused of “extorting the foreigner” was upset, saying: “So many hometown people called me yelling at me, saying I was making false accident/injury scams in Beijing!” False reports put a lot of pressure on her [made her stressed], leading her to seek liability from the photographer, “he must give me an apology”.

Ms. Li says when the incident happened, she was crossing the street on the crosswalk when the foreign young man collided into her while riding his motorcycle and running the red light. Because she has consistently had problems with her heart, after being hit, her heart condition flared up [felt something was wrong] and thus was taken to the hospital, not because she was trying to scam anyone with a false injury claim. The hospital exam determined she suffered acute soft tissue injuries, and had pain in her ankle and shoulder. “The 1800 yuan the foreign young man paid was mostly for the ambulance and medical expenses.”

Foreign Male: Extorted after helping up woman

According to international online reports, a woman with a Northeastern accent suddenly fell after passing by a laowai on a scooter and immediately collapsed on the ground refusing to get up. The foreign young man got off and rushed to help up the woman, only to be grabbed by the woman who claimed she was hit by the laowai, injured in the leg, and unable to walk, requiring the laowai to take responsibility. The foreign young man turned pale in shock, and was held firm by the woman.

Finally, after mediation between the two parties, the foreign young man had no choice but to pay 1800 yuan for “medical expenses” before the woman would let the matter drop and then leave on her own.

Witness: Laowai continuously hurled abuse in fluent Chinese

According to The Beijing News reports, two unrelated witnesses both claimed that around 11am yesterday afternoon, the auntie was returning from the morning market and had a collision at the intersection with a laowai riding a motorcycle. The laowai was riding a black motorcycle at the time, and carrying a woman.

According to video of the scene provided by witnesses, the laowai continuously used fluent Chinese to curse “you stupid cunt, fuck your father”, “you’re lying, you want to extort money from me because you see that I’m a foreigner,” etc.

Photographer: Believed there was “suspicion of extortion” because injuries were minor at the scene of the incident

The People’s Daily managed to contact the photographer surnamed Li, and he indicated that it was indeed a traffic accident [collision], but the vehicle speed was very slow. He decided the injury was not serious, and therefore believed there was “suspicion of extortion”.

Comments from Phoenix Online:

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It is times like this where those journalists who misreported what happened should be held responsible. This kind of distorted reporting that conceals [the truth] in order to attract attention is not something that has happened only once or twice now. It is in continuing to neglect duty and not punishing this that will cause it to increase.


Even if she was hit and somewhat scratched/injured, was it necessary to be make it into a matter of life and death, obstinately clutching to him refusing to let go? Just check yourself and evaluate the condition of your injuries. A bottle of iodine and a band-aid is just how much money? Who doesn’t have some small scrapes and bumps every day? Who doesn’t have some bruises or whatever on their bodies? I still think it is too shameless! How could you even open your mouth to ask for 1800…?


Heh heh, the plot has reversed after all, eh? Once again it turns out to be a masterpiece concocted by some evil whores [referring to journalists/media].


So how many people know that the laowai was riding an unlicensed motorcycle? Chinese people’s backbones are still so soft. If you hit someone then you should take responsibility!


Everyone has misunderstood. This auntie is the first Chinese person to force a foreigner to sign an Unequal Treaty.


The [original] reporter’s integrity is worse than that of a chicken [whore].


Just superficial scrapes and she wants 1800, if that isn’t extortion then what is it? Did the auntie compensate him for his [torn] clothing?


Our countrywoman has naturally been labeled a “false accident/injury accuser” by the whorish netizens. These days, microblogs are just about [posting anything], with the truth counting for nothing.


Isn’t 1800 too excessive either way?

A middle-aged Chinese woman clutches to a British foreigner in Beijing claiming injury and demanding compensation after a traffic accident.

From China News:

Foreign Young Man Extorted For Helping Up Fallen Person Spreads on Internet, His Girlfriend Confirms That The Two Had Collided

This morning, a series of “Foreign Young Man Extorted For Helping Up Fallen Woman” photos were republished by many media. However, after reporters investigated the story, the two parties had indeed collided with each other at the time and that the woman had demanded 1800 yuan from the other party for injuries.

Internet Hot Topic

Spreads on Microblogs; Whether or Not Extortion Was Consistent With What Happened

This morning, this series of photographs was published by image platform Dong Fang IC and was subsequently widely reprinted by various media including The People’s Daily microblog and Caixin microblog.

According to the description on The People’s Daily microblog: “This incident occurred yesterday in Chaoyang district. A woman with a Northeastern accent suddenly fell after passing by a laowai riding a motorscooter, claimed she was hit, and obstinately clung to the other party refusing to let go. After being examined by doctors and X-rayed, it was diagnosed that the woman was not injured at all. The woman then once again collapsed to the ground screaming that she was in pain/discomfort. Finally, after negotiations between the two, the foreign young man had no choice but to compensate 1800 yuan in “medical expenses” before the woman would drop the matter and leave.”

This matter attracted the attention of netizens, with many people believing that this kind of extortion [false injury and accusation scams] has lost face for [is an embarrassment to] Chinese people. However, reporters discovered that whether or not there was actually any “extortion”, different media had different reports. The official microblog of The People’s Daily said there was “suspicion of suffering extortion”, while the official microblog of Caixin more definitively said the foreigner “had been extorted”.

Reporter Seeks Confirmation

Photographer of the photos: There was a collision and the woman fell down onto the ground

This reporter contacted Mr. Li, the photographer who had taken the photographs. He indicated that he too is just a media person and that he did not see the entire incident when he was there on the scene taking photos.

He told this Legal Evening News reporter that when he was crossing the street at the intersection between Xianheyuan Road and Zuojiazhuang East Street in Chaoyang district, he saw a laowai riding a motorcycle collide head-on with a middle-aged woman crossing the street. The collision looked completely minor, but this middle-aged woman immediately sat on the ground.

Afterward, this foreign young man hurriedly went over to help her up, but this middle-aged woman would not get up, instead clutching the laowai refusing to let go, claiming that she was in pain/discomfort, and demanded compensation. At this time, surrounding passersby called the police with the police then arriving on the scene to mediate. After the two sides went to the hospital and the woman was examined, but there were no problems/injuries.

Afterward, this woman sat there crying and screaming that she was in pain/discomfort, and wanted the foreign young man to compensate her, and after demanding 1800 yuan, immediately stood up, collected her things and left.

Mr. Li expressed that the online hearsay of “extortion” was very unexpected.

Young Man’s Girlfriend:

After the collision, her boyfriend wanted to help the other party up

In the morning, this reporter contacted this foreign young man’s Chinese girlfriend, and she said that she was continuously [physically] with her boyfriend when the incident happened yesterday.

This girl first admits that they had hit that middle-aged woman at the time the incident occurred, but because the scooter was going very slowly crossing the street, the collision was not serious.

“When my boyfriend say her fall down, he immediately stopped the scooter, and ran over to help her up.” The girlfriend of the foreign young man says this middle-aged women would not get up, and instead clung to her boyfriend refusing to let go, and that the situation that followed was basically the same as the narrative provided by the photographer of the photos.

According to her explanation, this foreign young man is from the UK, has been in Beijing for 6 years already, and has been in a bad mood since the incident. The girl expressed that she doesn’t want the media to disclose her or her boyfriend’s names, and only hopes this matter won’t affect his work or life.

Lawyer’s View

Beijing Mingke Law Firm lawyer Zheng Hongtao says if there was no loss caused to the other party, one normally does not need to provide compensation, and if the other party insists on demands, the matter can be given to the legal system to be resolved, having the other party collect evidence and bring a lawsuit against you, with the courts providing a proper ruling. Text/Reporter Ren Jia

Photo of middle-aged woman clinging to the British foreigner's motorscooter refusing out of fear that he might flee the scene.

Photo of middle-aged woman clinging to the British foreigner's motorscooter refusing out of fear that he might flee the scene.

December 6 UPDATE: The photographer responsible for the above series of images has released a public apology (Chinese news report on NetEase) to the “auntie” and netizens for his misleading report of what happened. Specifically, his original report suggested the Chinese woman was falsely accusing the foreigner of hitting her after he helped her up, similar to notable past news stories, when in fact he did hit her. This detail was pivotal in influencing public sympathies, leading many netizens to feel deceived when subsequent reports provided critical relevant information questionably absent from the description accompanying the original photo series.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    Dear mother of God what a fucking mess.

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    This is life imitating art. The scene is similar to that of William Hogarth painting…. The beauty of it all is that it wasn’t staged…. it wasn’t an imitation… it is genuine…. Just Beautiful. Perfection. I give my applause for this two subject.

    • My_honourable_lord

      There’s Eattot! Interesting position, mouth open…begging for it.

      • Gerhana

        That critically acclaimed woman of cSMACK. I was wondering where she is. She was in Taiwan a few article back.

        • My_honourable_lord

          She’s probably sharpening her spear, waiting for the opportune moment to let fly in my direction.

    • 二奶头发

      it looks more like he is singing opera with a 老娘们。A Beijing Opera…

    • Thor

      It also reminds me a western movie (in B & W) with half a dozen different ends. Can’t remember the name of it. An author will maybe write some piece with different alternative ends as well.

      • Gerhana

        a B&W movie with different ending? what movie is that do you remember the title? recently I have been watching B&W movie and find them…. mesmerising. Mostly starred by Rudolph Valentino. If you remember the title, I would like to find it. A movie with different ending I wonder what it is like.

  • connie

    Foreigners should leave China before it’s too late.

    • My_honourable_lord

      Chinese people should leave sweden and london before its too late.

      Upvote THIS stefan xu. Thank you.

    • the ace of books

      All of them. All at once.

      …but it’s too late to apologiiiiiize, it’s too laaaaaaate!

      • RickyBeijing

        Funny enough I used to sing that song in a nightclub in the Liaoning province….

    • Germandude

      Too late for what?

      • connie

        If you have to ask . . .

        • Germandude

          Well, I have to ask because I am not sure what you mean by “too late”. Too late for what?

          Care to enlighten me?

          • connie

            You’re a bright guy.
            You’ll figure it out. If not, it doesn’t matter.

          • mr.wiener

            If a westerner said that to you in the US or Europe that would be labeled a hate crime.

          • connie

            First, I don’t believe in “political correctness.”

            Secondly, what are you talking about “hate crime”?

            Thirdly, if you noticed, 25 people agreed with my comment that “foreigners should leave China before it’s too late.”

            Germandude seemed to be the only one that didn’t understand what that meant.

            Now you’re throwing around some junk about “hate crime.”

            What’s your point?

            Did Germandude get his feelings hurt because I didn’t answer him? Are you his bodyguard?

            If he’s that stupid, whatever answer I give him would not enlighten him so why should I waste my time in a pointless debate.

            He can ask the 20+ people who gave a thumbs up why they agreed with me.

          • mr.wiener

            So you figure how correct you are in terms of how many people agree with you?
            Does this mean @My_honourable_lord:disqus is more correct than you because 31 people agreed with him?
            Was your comment ironic, do you think as a westerner foreigners should leave China or are you saying as a Chinese people that foreigners should leave your country?

            I’m not a body guard, I’m the guy who cleans the karzi.

            edit: have scanned your past posts, you are the second of these.

          • connie

            What’s your interest in Germandude’s question? Is business slow tonight? You lonely or something? Bored?

            You throw out the term “hate crime” WTFYTA? Who or What’s hated?

            I don’t care how many or if anyone agrees with me, but I thought it ironic that you jumped in all out of the blue because some lame didn’t get an answer to his question.

            Is that your job?

            The people who responded obviously understand what I meant. If you and Grmandude don’t, well . . .

          • mr.wiener

            Your first statement was open ended. Many of the people who agreed with you are actually from the pro china camp. They mistook it [as did Germandude and myself] as a threatening statement by a Chinese person telling foreigners to leave. One of the people who agreed with you I had to moderate for trolling later on.
            Hence my confusion.
            Is it my job? Well in fact it is. That’s why I have “Mod” after my name.

          • connie

            Point well taken.

            Foreigners still should get out of China before it’s too late.

          • Germandude

            Looks like wiener understood me right. What I actually wanted to get to know without asking directly is:

            Is connie stating that comment as a Chinese person, or as a foreigner?

            I hope you understand what the difference is, but here is why for me it was of importance:

            As a Chinese, your comment would be a threat.
            As a Foreigner, your comment would be an advice.

            If you are Chinese and state that, I would ridicule you. Because threats are, well wumaolikeshit in this case.
            If you are a foreigner, I’d be interested in why you think like that, because I disagree.

            Anyways, I don’t care anymore for an answer and just need to laugh when seeing some of the commenters that upvoted (and thus agreed) with you.

          • connie


            Watch Chinese evening news.
            China is preparing for war.

            Read the international media.
            The US, Japan, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, are preparing for war.

            Do you believe this is all a show?

            Why a U.S. War With China May Be Inevitable – Stephen Glain …
   › Opinion › Stephen Glain‎

            US-China Relations: War in 2013? – The Daily Reckoning

            World View: Discussion of China’s Directive to ‘Get Ready for War’

            The Coming War With China: Evidence!, page 1 – Above Top Secret

            USA considers scenario of war with China – English
   › World › Asia‎

            OpEdNews – Article: Will the Coming Economic War With China End …

            Planning the Unthinkable War with China: An Aussie View of AirSea …

            U.S. Preparations for War on China Escalate! « Socio-Economics …

            The coming US-Japan/China war? – Bluelight
   › Forum › Community › Current Events and Politics‎

            Japan Explores War Scenarios with China | The Diplomat

            China will start a war, if it does not fall apart – English
   › World › Asia‎

            The coming US-Japan/China war? – Bluelight
   › Forum › Community › Current Events and Politics‎

            US-Japan talks escalate war preparations against China – World …

            China Declares “Willing To Engage In A Protracted Confrontation …

            World View: China Declares Economic War on Japan – Breitbart

            U.S. vows to defend Japan after China announces new air zone …

            Commentary: Preparing for War with China | The National Interest

            The Night Is Coming: China Versus Japan: Shooting War, Economic …

          • Germandude

            Do you want me to post an extensive list of proof that “the flying Spaghetti-monster” actually exists?

            If I paid attention to each and every fucktard that hosts a blog on which he spills his/her brainfarts to enlighten others, I would also believe that in September 1939, it was actually Poland that attacked Germany, that Hitler was the true founder of the European Union since he thought of a United Europe first and probably, I would even buy into Aliens living amongst us.

            No, I don’t have the time to read all that gibberish. I know enough valid sources and luckily, having a basic understanding on geo politics, economics and the players involved, I come to the conclusion that neither the US, nor China will target a war on each other in the next couple of years. The people that usually benefit in wars would lose too much in this.
            The US is playing the “time game”, because they expect the Chinese government to collapse just like the Russian did through the cold war. Meanwhile, the political elite in China is happy to stuff its pockets with more money as business is good and to keep the masses of peasants calm and not to question CCP authority.

            You know what I found online as well? 911 was an inside job. I forgot who wrote that, but since it’s online and so many people believing it, it must be true.

          • connie

            I leave the field to you. Your judgement and superior intelligence overwhelm me.

          • Germandude

            “I leave the field to you”


            I leaf ze fiald tu yuuuu

            You sound like a french retreating… ;-)

          • My_honourable_lord

            You’re not chinese. I agree that there will come a time, and I hope I am wrong, that foreigners may become targets of a violent backlash in china. History does set a precedent, boxers etc.

            In that light I would take your comment as advice, dark but, advice nevertheless. I just wish you had elaborated a little to avoid the misunderstanding from both the the hardcore foreign haters, and those expats who felt threatened.

          • connie

            Sorry about that.
            It’s so easy for a topic to get hijacked, I didn’t want to provide food for the animals.

            Ask Americans/foreigners (“they all look alike”) who were in China what happened when the US bombed the Chinese Embassy is Belgrade. It was not nice.

            Ask Japanese what happened when Japanese businesses, cars, Embassy, etc. when China got upset with Japan and let the . . . loose.

          • My_honourable_lord

            The Belgrade incident? Well that was some time ago and I wasn’t in china at that time. But yes, I can see your point. I fear if we see an escalation in the current tensions it would be a very ugly time for foreigners in china and thus your initial comment makes scary sense.

            ps. no need to say sorry, i wasn’t offended by your comment nor your views.

          • connie

            I was here then. Foreigners were warned by their Embassy to stay in doors.

            American students were attacked in the dorm by Chinese mobs.

            Anyone familiar with the history of the Boxer Rebellion and the background to the destruction of the Summer Palace can imagine what will happen if the US and Japan go to war with China.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Good grief! Attacked in their dorms? Do they not understand that such antics could trigger reciprocal measures by friends, relatives or, the general population in America? I mean it is a two way street and the end result will be ugly as is the mentality behind such thuggery.

          • connie


            Because of the current seriousness in the international situation, I’m researching how the US treated German and Italian nationals in the US at the time of WW II. We know what the US did with the Japanese.

            The Chinese Government used the “people” for the attacks on the US Embassy in order to express its anger with the US for bombing its Belgrade Embassy. Of course, China didn’t say why the US bombed it.

            The Chinese Government used the “people” for attacks on Japanese businesses, Japanese Embassy, and Japanese people to express China’s anger with Japan for claiming Diaoyu islands.

            If there is military conflict between China and the US/Japan, things will get very bad for foreigners in China . China has a nasty habit of looking for foreign scapegoats in times of crisis.

            What Chinese don’t realize is that the Americans are not as “civilize” as Americans claim.

            If there are massive attacks on Americans in China, the Chinese in the US would definitely pay a price. When US/Japan economic ties were at a low point, Chinese were attacked (because they look like Japanese) and blamed for the loss of US jobs.

            My_honorable_lord, out of curiosity, google {image} “map: Chinese population US.” The US has updated maps of the distribution of Chinese down to the county level.

            The laws that put Japanese and Germans in “relocation camps” are still on the book. The US knows where its Chinese are.

            The world situation needs only one small incident to start a major war.

          • DavidisDawei


            in reply to your comment –
            Even today, in many places, when you have white skin, it is easier to hide in plain sight compared to those brown or black “devils”(coined ‘devils’ to identify them as the reason for your problems).

            IMO, most people’s view of things is quite myopic; especially when times are tough economically.

            Unfortunately most people are “sheeple” and will react to whatever story is spun to generate rancor and jingoism. Governments and the powers that be want to create an environment of “us versus them”.

            Throughout the history of mankind, this is how they have stayed in power; re-directing anger and discontent towards some other poor sod. Only a few ever stop to ask , “Wait a minute, Haven’t we heard this bullshit before?” When they do, they are labeled a commie, terrorist or unpatriotic and ostracized, jailed/gitmoed, killed.

            Hitler supposedly used to say, ‘If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.’

            The US people have allowed their politicians to take away many of their freedoms/rights granted by the US Constitution (or as George Carlin calls them…”Privileges” since rights can not be revoked)
            because we were told 12 guys hijacked planes with box cutters and flew them into buildings.
            In addition, we have the “Patriot” Act and Homeland Security(DHS). DHS is buying >3 BILLION rounds of ammo (10+ rounds per American) to secure the homeland internally.

            Unfortunately, we are the problem because we allow our politicians to do what they are doing. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin are not going to show up…
            Franklin was quoted to say, “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

            People in the US are still relatively “comfortable” and afraid to lose it all – so they stick their head in the sand or pop open a ‘cold one’, turn on their TV and watch dancing with stars or Football Gladiators and No one questions anything anymore.

            – next up – the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This gives more power to the MNC (Multi-National Corporations) that were deemed to be too big to fail or to prosecute; including the banksters, Monsanto-genetically modified foods to make you sick, and drug companies – give you an expensive pill for palliative treatment.

            China has recently indicated they have no more desire to continue playing by the US government’s rules. This will threaten the US control of world commodities and its standing as the World’s Reserve currency.

            What false flag event is next?
            So yes, expect this to end badly for someone, if not everyone.

          • My_honourable_lord

            I was rather taken aback at the up vote count. Did not anticipate it since it was directed specifically at Stiff Shoe.

            ps. did you get my msg about the ‘die’ message? It came up again today.

          • mr.wiener

            Ghost in the machine, I’ve had it too. I’ll ask Kai, he is more technically proficient than me. I turn my computer on by hitting it with a rock.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Ok thanks man. I thought Eattot was after me….:-)

          • TheSOP

            I downvoted that nonsense. I do what I want!


          • My_honourable_lord

            I’m a bit lost on this one, comments are all out of place. Which one are you referring to?

          • Germandude

            Move your cursor on “TheSOP”, right next to your name of the post I am replying to. (Between your name and “5 minutes ago”)

            A small window will pop up and if u click it, you will see the post SOP was replying to.

            I hope that makes sense.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Hehehe, got it. Thank you Sir.

          • TheSOP

            I was agreeing with you on how bizarre it was so many people upvoted “foreigners should get out of China”

          • My_honourable_lord

            Ah ok got it. I don’t think connie is chinese. He comment pattern and up votes don’t indicate a chinese mindset. I think she intended it as a dark warning given the current and maybe historical animosity chinese hold towards anything foreign. I think she is genuinely afraid of war breaking out and something like a boxer revolution taking place. Not sure but i am giving her the benefit of the doubt. All in all, she did cause quite a stir with that one sentence. I was confused with the up votes however.

          • Germandude

            Lady, I understood perfectly fine what you meant but not spoke out (for whatever reason). Actually, my comment was meant to disagree with your statement. As of yet, I don’t feel that the general public (be it controlled by the government or not) is hating on foreigners.

            Your statement makes me believe that you don’t have much contact with Chinese, or that you are coming from a nation that most Chinese don’ t like. I try not to get blinded by a few idiots and generalize Chinese being racist by nature, or by influence through whatever sources.

            To answer your question: Nope, you didn’t hurt my feelings by not answering me. And nope, wiener is not my bodyguard. However, that might change as soon as it’s “getting too late”. I consider hiring him in that case, because my secret sources tell me that wiener masters Taekwondo, which is far superior of Shaolin KungFu. I have nothing to worry about then.

            Besides, I didn’t downvote any of your comments and just seeked a bit more info from you, which I’d still appreciate to get. Cheers.

          • connie

            I understood your comment was in disagreement that’s why I didn’t waste my time debating the issue.

            For your information, I’m very familiar with Chinese/China.

            You’re right, I do come from a nation that Chinese don’t like (Chinese don’t like many nations/races), but Chinese are disliked globally.

          • My_honourable_lord

            You say that chinese are disliked globally. Why do you think people feel this way? Is it just racism or have chinese people contributed to this somehow?

          • connie


            You raise an interesting question. In many ways the situation of Chinese and Jews is very similar.

            When your read the history of overseas Chinese you notice that they work hard, make their kids study, create wealth, and contribute to the society. Unfortunately, they do not mix or intermarry with outsiders. As a result, Chinese are attacked where ever they settle.

            The same applies to the Jews.

            Both cultures place great value on their long history. This creates the impression of being smug, “unique,” “gods chosen people,” “sons of heaven.” People resent that.

            Because Chinese and Jews work more diligently than the people they live among, they become rich. This creates envy and resentment.

            The success and exclusiveness of Chinese does not win friends.

            China has done more in 30 years to help Africa than Western Europeans have in 500 years, yet signs of resentment are surfacing among Africans.

            China’s “in your face,” superior culture does not make friends. Chinese “contempt” towards those in inferior positions and Chinese obsequiousness towards those in power does not win friends.

            This is why China has no allies. If China does not pay, it loses Africa, North Korea, Pakistan, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos, etc.

            Unfortunately, Chinese will not understand this situation until it’s too late.

          • mr.wiener

            Within China the “jews” would be the Hakka.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Very concise and reasoned appraisal. Insular societies that fail to integrate in their host country inevitably generate suspicion and if they, as you pointed out, conduct themselves with an air of superiority, and that coupled with material wealth, then unfortunately, this does give rise to an array of responses which vary in degrees, from a simple frown to a more pungent display of human nature.

          • Patrick K

            I don’t agree with you, it just amuses me that people as stupid as you exist so I upvoted x

          • connie


            I up voted you for the same reason.

          • mr.wiener

            I think she is trying to make a threat in a round about sort of way…of course she won’t be the person doing the actual beating.

          • Germandude

            connie is not Chinese imho

        • the ace of books

          …is a Red Hot Chili Peppers song from their 1991 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

          Thank you for that stroll into the 90’s!

          • connie


            I hope this doesn’t degenerate because “Suck My Kiss” may have to be used.

          • the ace of books

            I’m apparently all over the 90’s today/yesterday. Must resist the temptation to go and YT 90’s cartoons…

  • xuedi

    even if you bump into each other, whats the problem if there is no injury … next time someone touches me in the full subway i drop to the floor and demand compensation … O_o … and why is it 1800RMB for medical expenses? a x-ray in china cost maybe 200RMB …

    • Paul Schoe

      But if they were really transported by an ambulance, than I can see that adding up to the costs considerably. Plus he was in a really bad negotiation position because he had ignored a red light and the police was standing there while this was discussed.

      • xuedi

        yeah, i did not think about that, if the expenses really go to the hospital/ambulance then i guess it is ok … so it is not really a extortion, but a mid age drama queen …

      • don mario

        did he really run the read light or what?

    • Markoff

      actually yes, this is how it works in China, just go to subway, get into collision with someone and then just exercise your acting skills screaming of pain on the floor extorting poor Chinese

      • Kai

        It’s aso how it works in football/soccer. :D

    • don mario

      whats the problem if no injury? the fact that you can get 1800rmb for free by making a scene and bullshitting hardcore maybe is the problem…

      you could try it but i doubt the person will come back to help u up because they know it might be a set up for a screw job.

  • Tony Heaney

    Ok guys and girls question time. did he hit her or not?

    • whuddyasack

      It would appear he did. Although she’s also demanding payment on top of that.

    • My_honourable_lord

      His girlfriend was paid a visit by someone. She turned on her boyfriend. Stabbed him in the back. End of. Think about this for a second-if a foreigner collides with a local and proceeds to call her a cunt and he’ll fuck her mother in mandarin with local beijngers able to understand his very ‘fluent’ mandarin, how long would it take for him to be lynched. This story and its ‘update’ is full of shit. He was set up by that woman and then nicely stabbed in the back by his so called girlfriend. End of. To that guy? if you reading this, get out of china mate. That’s what you get for dating a local. How do you feel right now?

      • Germandude

        Where does it say that the girlfriend “stabbed him in the back”? I don’t see it.

        Apparently, it looks like the guy hit the woman and the girlfriend even helped by staying at the scene.

        Not a wise choice of this dude throwing insults in Chinese. That certainly doesn’t help his case.

        Your last 2 lines: “To that guy? if you reading this, get out of china mate. That’s what you get for dating a local. How do you feel right now?”

        That’s pretty dumb I may say.

        • My_honourable_lord

          Stab in the back is a metaphor.

        • My_honourable_lord

          Ok i was out of line for the last comment. Apologies.

    • the ace of books

      It isn’t a question of whether he hit her, it’s a question how much she’s trying to scam him for. I don’t doubt that he may have rolled into her leg or something (whether that’s intentional on her part isl aos up for debates), but when she dicks him around like that, so immediately after contact, he’s going to know that to admit he touched her with his motorcycle is insta-lose.

    • M8

      He did,

      • Tony Heaney

        we are not all like him, 我们是不是都很喜欢他

        • moop

          your chinese is terrible, why even try to post something you obviously don’t understand? you just posted the equivilant of “don’t we all like him very much”, sans question mark. very 装屄

  • Joey

    He’s a cunt, she’s a cunt, welcome to China.

    • the ace of books

      Reminds me of that old All That skit. I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, we’re all dudes, yeah!

      (Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, may I take your order?)

      • UserID01

        Good lord, the Nickelodeon flashbacks you have just induced threw me into a state of nostalgia the likes of which this world has never seen. Thank you.

        • the ace of books

          Haha, yes! You’re welcome!

          (Legends of the Hidden Temple! Rugrats! Alex Mack! Clarissa Explains It All! Oh, the heyday of Nick. :D)

  • Freddi BuBu

    And the Academy Award goes to…….AYi!! lol

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Seems like the foreign visitor paid for her nonexistant injuries.

    I say we break her legs to make her match her mistake. Maybe then she can put that money to actual use.

    edit: getting slightly hard to decide who’s telling the truth in this case.
    Kind of like that “An elderly Chinese woman in Sichuan province who swears on the life of her entire family that it was a child who ran into her and made her fall, despite police convicting her of falsely accusing others to extort money from them.” deal. Except this lady doesn’t seem to be making crazy statements, which gives her an edge.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      “HELP! I have no broken bones, or any physical injuries, but I’ll sue the bastard for all he’s got!”

      • lonetrey / Dan

        True, but the 2nd and 3rd part of this article seems to have the foreigner being particularly vile to the woman after the incident occurs.

        Which gets me thinking what if this is just two horrible people meeting each other and then trying to inflict as much damage as they can on each other.

        • the ace of books

          I don’t think he was particularly vile. I think he just used what cuss words he could. You can tell his Chinese isn’t the best. (I know the article says “fluent” but that’s written by the type who thinks anything past nihao is fluent.) So he used what few cuss words he knew – you can hear in the video, he doesn’t even use any variation, just 傻逼 and 操你妈/爸.

          So I’ve gotta say, I don’t think it’s two horrible people – it’s one normal person (frustrated when pressed to it, but no more horrible than your average Joe) and one asshole (normal everyday, but given to hysterics and blameful emotion and deepy in denial that she could be at all bad).

          • Markoff

            yah, that’s why in case like this I would speak in clear Chinese so at least people later watching videos can have proper subtitles and nothing is misinterpreted until waiting for my wife

        • TheSOP

          He did stop and go back… perhaps his original intentions were good.

    • donscarletti

      What’s there to decide about? Is she injured or not?

      If someone bumps you and doesn’t injure you, you accept their apology and move on, what is there to be compensated for?

      • lonetrey / Dan

        The 2nd & 3rd article makes it sounds like the foreigner really did bump into her, but they also paint the man in a bad light by claiming he cursed and ranted at her.

        In all likeliness, she probably isn’t hurt. What matters to me though is how the whole thing started out. Why things happened the way they happened.

        If he did hit her very lightly and then proceed to curse the crap out of her, perhaps this was her way of getting even with him?

        • Guang Xiang

          Yea, I feel like they could just say the foreigner was carrying a passenger. What better way to incite ‘curse those foreign men taking our women’ for these poor lonely male netizens?

        • LaoShu

          The 1st article “disappears..” the 2nd and 3rd might be fabricated ? It’s Sina after all..

          • Guang Xiang

            Well, fabricated news shouldn’t be left on the web for too long.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            D: the sources aren’t solid? Then I’ve got no idea what the heck happened with these two then….

        • donscarletti

          Yes, it seems like he really did bump into her. I don’t think the first article even explicitly denied that. What is not made clear is who’s negligence this is, it could be that he was riding carelessly, or she stepped away from the curb without looking. I don’t know either way, but since nobody was hurt, appointing blame is not important.

          As far as cursing is concerned. Assuming that this woman is uninjured but had demanded 1800 in compensation and had used physical violence on the man (ripping shirt, etc.), a simple bit of cursing would be an understandable and quite mild response. I think most people who are unused to confrontation (both Chinese or otherwise) tend to react in such ways, maintaining calmness would be something commendable, but not expected.

          I just don’t see how anything you said makes this any less of a clear-cut one sided case.

          The only other possibility here is that this guy was a negligent rider and had something like this coming to him anyway. This would not surprise me, since a lot of expatriates do have comparatively poor characters (though I cannot say for this guy since I have never met him). This does not mean the woman is any less scum, but if he was doing something stupid, then it could be a good lesson.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            I made another post at the same time, where I wondered maybe “if this is just two horrible people meeting each other and then trying to inflict as much damage as they can on each other.”

            I guess I was incorrect in my original speculation; I was thinking this was something of a misunderstanding, where the woman and the man might both genuinely be telling the truth and both are outraged that the other side denies their stories.

            Now, it seems like both sides are wrong, and that the woman just happens to be a little bit more wrong than the man.

          • Kai

            I’m going from top to bottom so I apologize if what I’m about to say is already said elsewhere.

            The guy ran a red light and ran into her. He stopped to help her up. She was afraid of injuries that may not be immediately apparent, and afraid he would flee once she would hold him accountable, so she immediately clung to him to prevent him from leaving. Sensing the woman was feigning injuries to get compensation they felt was unreasonable, the couple got angry. Police came, she insisted on going to the hospital, everything checked out, but she wasn’t going to foot the bill for expenses since it was he who wrongly hit her. Expenses nonetheless had to be paid, and he footed the bill.

            I think that’s pretty much it.

            If we want to place blame, the guy can be blamed for riding into her and then losing his temper. He should be commended for stopping and not fleeing (though that should be expected). It’s not hard to understand why he’d be angry when he felt he was being unfairly extorted, something many Chinese netizens empathized with (as shown in the translated comments). However, he should recognize that it wasn’t wise to start cussing the woman out in Chinese. Not only is it generally bad to lose your cool in this sort of situation, he had to know this was only going to inflame biases/prejudices and leave him in an unnecessarily disadvantagous position, compounded on top of his already disadvantageous position of running a red light and operating an unlicensed moped.

            The woman can be suspected of being melodramatic, possibly exaggerating her condition, and insisting on a course of resolution that resulted in what turned out o be unnecessary expenses that exacerbates bad will between everyone involved. It would be a bit unfair to blame her too much for fearing injuries that weren’t immediately apparent, wanting to be checked out, and not being held financial responsible for it because it was indeed someone else’s fault. We might say we’d check ourselves, feel everything is okay, accept an apology, and walk it off, but we also know there are incidents where pains and aches appear after the initial adrenaline wears off. Did she genuinely feel an ambulance was necessary to take her to get checked out? Sure, she has no reason to skimp on her own medical care in response to injuries caused by someone else, but could she have held the man responsible for covering the costs of getting medically checked up for peace of mind without the dramatics? Would that have helped resolve the situation with less bad will between everyone?

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Ahhh, I see. Misunderstandings upon misunderstandings, compounded by the pressure of financial obligation.

            So basically:

            1. the guy shouldn’t have ran the red light nor cursed, but he proved himself to be a decent human being. (because he came back to make sure she’s ok.)

            2. The woman shouldn’t have freaked out, but at the very most she was just a scared old lady justifiably worried about her personal health.

            Thanks Kai! I wouldn’t have come back to see the final stages of this story, since it was turning into a bog of comments. Thank you for getting the final word to me :)

  • YourSupremeCommander

    From the looks of the pictures, she was going to pull down his pants and suck his dick…

    • My_honourable_lord

      Exactly. I posted above, its Eattot.

    • vincent

      maybe that’s why she charged him 1800 rmb

      • Zappa Frank


        • My_honourable_lord

          expansive or expensive? Or both? :)

  • Wololoo

    Who screams is always wrong. How the foreigner behaves by cursing those bad words is a real face loss for us foreigners in China. I hope he will be flesh searched, fired and send home soon.

    • donscarletti

      “Who screams is always wrong.”

      Your reasoning?

      I personally think someone falsely accused would be more prone to anger. Someone who knows they are guilty are more likely to just cop it.

    • ane92

      while it’s fair to say you shouldn’t swear like that it’s still quite reasonable that someone would get very upset if a lady who isn’t injured is trying to scam you out of money and is ripping your clothes when you tried to do the right thing and help her up.

      small minded people will look at a case like this and blame all foreigners. but most rationale people can take a step back and realize that these type of scams happen often in China and EVERYONE is fed up with it.

      it’s quite sad that so many people look at this as foreigner vs chinese or chinese vs forienger when in reality it’s a simple case of a common “scam” that NOBODY likes regardless of their race or where they come from.

    • Maio

      Glad to see I was not the only one disturbed by the words he shouted…

    • Guang Xiang

      That explains why every argument I’ve seen in China always starts with a lot of finger pointing and yelling. I say flesh search them all.

    • Germandude

      Omg… Sometimes (actually many times) people scream to be heard. Like whenever you assume that you were right but the other party might have better connections and will do you wrong.
      While I think the foreigner should have stayed calm and just stand there until the police comes, I am not sure if he should have been paying RMB 1800. As you are from Germany as well, you know insurance would have dealt with everything in such a case in Germany. This is not the case in China.

      You calling him out to being human flesh searched is beyond retardation. Remember those times approx. 80 years ago in Germany, when people had to worry about speaking out and being falsely accused?

      I might not like what you are saying but I defend your right of saying it, whether I agree with it or not.

      You getting a boner from Nazi-methods like human flesh searching?

      Pro-tip: Think before you post rubbish.

      • Wololoo

        Oh, I see you use german arguing techniques even on a english webpage: Calling some nazi if you don’t like his opinion.

        People should be heard by bringing good and reasonable arguments, not by the volume of the voice. Especially in China people if you curse and scream noone can take you serious anymore (it is called loosing face).

        I am in China and still have this insurance (Haftpflichversicherung), because it cost less than 5 Euro per month and protects you up to several Euros of damage (even the lowest of all, the english teachers like the guy in the picture probably is, can afford this). If someone does not buy this insurance (which is the most important of all insurances), I cannot feel pity if he needs to pay the money. By the way do those insurances also law suits for you, for getting wrongly paid money back.

        I call him out to be flesh searched, because I think he does not have the right to be here in China anymore. If you come to a country as a guest, there should higher standards apply for any behaviour in public. In China the old people are highly respected, coursing like this is not just totally inappropriate, but also highly offensive against every Chinese, because it shows, that he doesn’t respect the culture and the rules of society (in which he lives for 6 years already). Not only he is offending the Chinese, but also us foreigners, because we know that any bad behaviour directly reflects on us as well, since the Chinese have a really stereotype way of thinking.

        • Germandude

          I didn’t call you a Nazi. I asked if you have a favor for Nazi methods such as human flesh searching. There is a sliiiiight difference and I know you understand it.

          Everything else you said I agree with.

          • mr.wiener

            He’s touchy about the “Nazi” jibes. Better call him a commie instead ;)

          • Wololoo

            Actually you are right. I maybe hould have said, that the police should find him and expel him, instead of the ordinary people flesh search him. But on the other side, the police here in China never works without public pressure.

            In my Answer there is a million before Euros missing in row three of the third excerpt. The insurance mentioned is b y the way called “third pary insurance” (I just used the German word).

            I btw want to mention that this guy in Germany would have needed to pay way more than the 1800 Kuai for using this many insults.

  • KamikaziPilot

    This story surely wouldn’t be nearly as big if the young man wasn’t a foreigner. I won’t take sides, just say that I don’t like either one of them.

    • mwanafa

      This story wouldn’t be nearly as big if the young man stayed quiet, he played well but lost it when he started swearing. Many Chinese people are supporting the young man, but are disappointed at his swearing.

      • ane92

        yup probably true. hard to stay calm in a situation like that, but when you don’t you really aren’t doing yourself any favors in the eyes of the public.

      • KamikaziPilot

        True, but then again I can see both sides of the story. Both are probably frustrated at what the other did and feel slighted and looking out for themselves. I’m really not sure who’s right or wrong or even if there is a right or wrong side.

        • m0l0k0

          you are wrong and stupid

    • m0l0k0

      you are an idiot

  • ane92

    now that most the facts are out and even the guys girlfriend admits a collision happened it sounds like they both overreacted.

    however this is a scary situation. what does one do, if you collide with someone and they fall do you help them when you know they aren’t injured and risk getting scammed. or do you keep going and risk having people chase potentially chase you down.

    it’s sad that in such a minor incident there is very little you can do to avoid problems.

    • My_honourable_lord

      ‘it’s sad that in such a minor incident there is very little you can do to avoid problems in china.’

    • Guang Xiang

      I look forward to these situations.

      Childish it may be, but I really hope I encounter a situation like this where I help a person up, while getting some secret evidence that I was not the culprit, either through a friend filming or myself. Then I will let the situation get public attention and hit the internet waves as the victim attempts to extort me and make a huge scene. Then I reveal my evidence, thus single-handedly pulverizing the victim’s face to kingdom come.

      • Paul Schoe

        Beware of what you wish for.
        (You might have less control then that you expect)

    • Markoff

      just hit and run, that’s what you do

  • ane92

    glad to see more information finally came out. she went to the hospital and there were no injuries and no money collected. clearly a scam, always be careful of someone asking for money before they’ve even gone to a hospital to get checked out.

    in regards to the guy yelling. if you knew a situation was so minor that the person wasn’t injured, you did the right thing by trying to help them up, and then they start demanding money. you might start swearing at the person as well. doesn’t make it ok but certainly makes it more rationale than someone demanding random sums of money before even getting checked out at a hospital.

    • Guang Xiang

      Swearing was the worst thing that he could have done. Even if you are in the right, Chinese people will assist each other if they see one of their compatriots being shamed.

      I had one incident where me and a coworker got slapped on the back of the head by a Chinese who was prejudiced against us while he was leaving the restaurant. My coworker grabbed him by the collar and restrained him against the wall, but choose not to flip him to the ground (he has military training in this) because he was afraid that although the other patrons saw that the guy was clearly being abusive, they might assist him if they see a Taiwanese guy shutting down a Chinese guy with ease.

      • LaoShu

        Lol Chinese run away and do not help ! It’s documented over and over and over.. Just to avoid being scammed !

      • don mario

        so he is in the wrong because in china locals have a strong tendency to become nationalist racist’s when a foreigner is rightfully pissed off at a screw job occuring?

        well i think he should of kept his cool too, but i don’t really blame him. would of been justified to kick that old bitches face in to get her off his bike!

      • matt.a

        I’ve been in China for 3 months now, and this is definitely something that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. China very much has an “us vs. everyone else” mentality. No matter how good my Chinese is, how well I understand the history etc, I will always be an outsider. It feels especially weird as an American, as most Americans will accept anyone who is willing to integrate into the culture regardless of their appearance. And I will admit, sometimes it really does feel like the Chinese don’t want foreigners here, don’t want me here, and put up a lot of barriers for foreigners to integrate with locals (which is strange since the Confucius Institute is paying for everything for me to be here).

        That and that every time I go to buy something, everyone is looking at me like I’m a walking bag 100 dollar bills!

  • mwanafa

    This fucker is so fucked by a fucker!

    • YourSupremeCommander


      • mwanafa

        Haha hahahaaaa but you laughed, didn’t you?

  • My_honourable_lord

    Part 1

  • My_honourable_lord

    part 2

  • 二奶头发

    I repost angry woman and her response to a scooter driver that was on weibo a couple of weeks ago

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      The above incident seems a lot more serious. Only because this new one features a foul-mouthed foreigner, is it so overrated. We all know that Beijing is full of these scam artists which is why i try to avoid that dump.

  • My_honourable_lord

    The sage continues, part 3.

  • My_honourable_lord

    Part 4.

  • My_honourable_lord

    Part 5. The end.

  • markus peg

    the woman still extorted him even after it was found out that he lightly knocked her.. 1800RMB! The man swore as her which doesn’t help his case, but i’m on his side with this story. hope he recovers from such an experience.
    hospital: nothing wrong with you
    woman: *falls on floor crying in pain*
    police: you need to pay her 1800
    Woman: takes the money and walks off normally, the pain seems to have gone…

    • the ace of books

      It’s likely the police said it because they were sick of the situation. They’re humans, too, not just the face of the system, and some of them (just like some of anyone) can be reasonable. You know how that works –

      “you know she won’t stop til she gets paid …”
      “yeah, I kinda figured that out.”
      “how much do you have on you?”
      (police guy goes and bargains with the asshole, comes back) “she’ll take 1800.”
      “shit. fine.”

      I don’t doubt at all that she walked off normally, nor that she was lying about any heart condition or anything. But convince yourself of the lie and the truth don’t matter! The hospital finally pandered to her (“okay, fine, you have minor minor injuries, okay?”) because she just wouldn’t shut up – the guy ended up having to pay because she just wouldn’t shut up. Hate these kinds of people.

      • Markoff

        he shouls bargain harder, just give her 200, max. 500, this is her new monthly income, be aware other foreigners when this will spread between people, get prepared to be running away from Chinese jumping under your wheels

        • Paul Schoe

          Don’t forget that he ignored a red light. Never a good negotiation position when you cause any accident, no matter how minor, after you ignored a red light.

  • Stefan Xu

    I have an idea for an article, please do an article about the Chinese reactions of that Shanghai scored the number one place in PISA 2012. That would be interesting reading their opinions on Chinese education.

    • My_honourable_lord

      I have reason to believe, that you are full of shit.

      • Stefan Xu


        What did I do wrong here? Was my comment bad?
        It was just a suggestion.

    • death_by_ivory

      I was thinking the same.Elementary education so far what I saw in the Usa, is pretty horrible.

      • wes707

        Same thing I thought when I attended Peking University – pretty horrible.

    • Guang Xiang

      Although it’s nice to see that Asians are true to their stereotypes at being good test takers, is there a reason why it’s Shanghai-China and not just China as a whole?

    • wes707

      Yes, they should. It’s interesting to note that despite the PISA score, China has 0/100 of the world’s top ranked universities; that’s according to their own study. Puzzling isn’t it? Mindless rote learning has its drawbacks.

      • Stefan Xu

        I think it’s mainly because of the China was closed off to the world until about 1990. The Chinese universities were butchered during the cultural revolution and when China opened up everything needed to start from zero again just like everything else in China, from the economy to the culture. Go from nothing to something takes time. Getting international recognition and catching up with the top universities in the world will take time.

        • wes707

          Actually, China never traditionally had universities. Tsinghua was founded by Americans for Chinese students to prepare to study in the US. Peking University is now located on the campus of a Protestant university that was closed after the founding of the PRC. Peking Union Medical College was also founded by Protestants and endowed by Rockefeller Foundation. The same goes for all the other universities founded in China a century ago. Point being, China never had its own indigenous university system to be destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

          Guozijian doesn’t count as a university as it was a feudal institution.

    • nqk123

      at what cost: look at the correlation between students suicide rate and test scores. education is important, but a balance between studies and fun (a little more focus on education) is necessary

    • whuddyasack

      You mean this article right? Actually, I’m interested in it too but I think most Chinese/Asians aren’t like Westerners. Most are humble enough and things like these don’t get a celebratory circle jerk (even when the Chinese are creaming). We’re just not insecure enough but sadly way too pessimistic and somehow enjoy reading bad news.

      You’d notice also that the top 10 countries are probably all Asian countries, and the highest performing non-Asian country on the list is Finland at 12.

      Yeah, I was reading the CNN comments, and most were dismissive and doubtful and repeating myths that have been dispelled in that article itself. It seems most Westerners just read the title, get their panties in a knot and try to explain things away lol. It’s pathetic, they should just be good losers rather than sore losers. Some even recommended putting the uneducated Chinese in (lol, nice handicap, why not put the fucking retarded, delinquent population in European countries in?)

      Either way, I’ve met students from both sides, average students and the difference is this.

      Students from China/Asia are more well-behaved, study and don’t think they are superior. There’s a lot of non-Asian students who are rude, difficult to manage and play this stupid game, it’s called the Knockout Game and it’s really popular amongst youth segments in America. It’s an interesting read.

      As one commentator put in as response to someone describing the lack of rebellion or uniformity of the Chinese/Asian students:

      “Better than being punched in the head and dying on the sidewalk, right?”

      I have to say yes.

      • Guang Xiang

        Get a load of this guy:

        “Actually, I’m interested in it too but I think most Chinese/Asians aren’t like Westerners. Most are humble enough and things like these don’t get a celebratory circle jerk (even when the Chinese are creaming). We’re just not insecure enough but sadly way too pessimistic and somehow enjoy reading bad news.”

        Since when do you represent all Asians with statements like we are mostly humble? What makes you think Westerners like to engage in celebratory circle jerking. These are all assumptions based solely by you, however deluded you are, so don’t drag us other Asians into it. And ironic how you say we are humble and don’t get into celebratory circle jerking when you and Stefan are the ones talking in length about how interesting it would be to publish an article on Chinese high test scores.


        Yeah, I was reading the CNN comments, and most were dismissive and doubtful and repeating myths that have been dispelled in that article itself.”

        First off, it’s nice that your link is relevant. Now a precursory look at the top comments did not show anybody being dismissive as you say. Instead, I see those who admit that the West could learn from the East. One of them was even making fun of their own education (must be a shock for you to be able to joke about your own people).

        “It seems most Westerners just read the title, get their panties in a knot and try to explain things away lol. It’s pathetic, they should just be good losers rather than sore losers.”

        Way to make yourself sound insecure by making yourself feel better with such outlandish comments. You’re sure you’re not insecure enough like you mentioned above?

        “Students from China/Asia are more well-behaved, study and don’t think they are superior. There’s a lot of non-Asian students who are rude, difficult to manage and play this stupid game, it’s called the Knockout Game and it’s really popular amongst youth segments in America. It’s an interesting read.”

        Anecdotal comments like this means nothing unless you somehow have the ability to evaluate every single person on this planet. What happens if I say I’ve met some of the cockiest Koreans in my college, and also this one China kid who thinks he’s a genius.

        OH, and my pet peeve, a link to something totally unrelated about some stupid game that kids play. Way to deflect.

        So stop spouting nonsense in baseless statements. I’ll make one just for you as an example:

        I think you’re one of those failed and slightly below average Asians who ended up ‘okay’ based on your pathetic attempt at writing a coherent argument with links. You are in fact, the insecure one, insecure enough to make yourself feel better believing that Asians are better than the West in either way.

        Please don’t drag us other Asians into your shit.

        Have a downvote.

        • Germandude

          Well, ignoring your last 7 lines, let me say:

          “Guang Xiang for president!”

          • Guang Xiang

            Yep, definitely flew off the handle there! I would remove it, but I’ll leave it as testament to me being human.

        • whuddyasack

          And how do we know those comments aren’t coming from Asian Americans? It seems to me to be the case. I apologize for using the word Westerners, it should have been non-Asian people. The typical non-Asian comment is more like this:

          “asian kids study and memorize everything, they dont understand it”

          It isn’t a representation but an observation. Not bragging about achievements, but taking it as it is is part of being humble and most Asians are just that. It’s in the culture, it’s in the blood, or whatever you can make of it.

          You see, most of the Asian diaspora and Asians in general are just like you. “Non-racist” and pro-equality. Whenever articles, videos or topics about the over achievement or higher IQs are brought up by “non-Asians”, most “Asians” just say it’s simply hard work, and that they are actually below average or just like everyone else. This is almost without exception and I respect that. If you read more of the comments here, you’d find plenty of upvotes on people talking about Asian tribalism, yada yada. But the thing is people like Kai, people like Dan, people like you are ALL Asian and you all don’t agree with me. Makes me smile, so much for Asian/Chinese wacism. Hahahaha

          Celebratory circle jerking? There’s at least hundreds of sites of this nature. This behavior can be contrasted with Caucasoid people, who are OUT to prove something. They are quick to put the negroid down or put the ME down (despite being of the same race) attributing it to genetically low-IQ and being less evolved. They post this everywhere and are unwantedly out to show the world, constantly reminding us of “their great achievements” and how we ought to be thankful. Of ‘themselves’. Like seriously, who cares? A small Asian nation like Japan puts every European/North American country behind in technological, scientific and civil aspects.

          I think you are better off telling them that they don’t represent all White people than telling me I don’t represent all Asians since last I checked, food stamp, hateful recipients weren’t known to share their ‘knowledge’ or even invent anything of value. I’m just having a discussion with Stefan, who’s also Asian and couldn’t care less about spreading some actual truth to the world.

          How is the Knockout game a deflection? It was something brought up on the CNN comments. It’s a dangerous game played by ‘non-Asians’ that threatens every citizen. It is completely relevant as it highlights the contrast between Asian student behavior who study hard and don’t play stupid games and their more uncivilized fellow world citizens.

          Like you and most Asians, I used to think it was all hard work, that people were equal. But having seen so much weird, violent, abusive, creepy and utterly repulsive behavior both online and in real life by non-Asians I needed an explanation. Why are we so different? Why are they so different? In the end, I read some research and learned from others that Asians were genetically and racially separate from everyone else. Distinct. They used the word “more-evolved”. I just think you can’t help being what you are and have learned to accept this. Please don’t suggest insecurity on my part or you’ll make me spill my coffee.

          No, I think I told others like Kai my main motivation before. It’s actually to defend all Asians from getting picked on including you. So while you turn the other cheek, or turn a blind eye when innocent Asians are getting stereotyped, killed or bullied, I’ll keep standing up for them. Asians are just too nice damnit and that niceness is being taken advantage of, day after day. Someone needs to take a stand, even if it means being disliked by everyone in the world. Including other more naive Asians.

          • moop

            strange that the guy complaining about westerners circle jerking online is engaging in full-blown self congratulatory masturbation on an internet forum

          • whuddyasack

            Big yawn… there’s no “self congratulatory masturbation” here. I think you really need to stop seeing what you want to see.

          • Germandude

            “Like you and most Asians, I used to think it was all hard work, that people were equal. But having seen so much weird, violent, abusive, creepy and utterly repulsive behavior both online and in real life by non-Asians I needed an explanation. Why are we so different? Why are they so different? In the end, I read some research and learned from others that Asians were genetically and racially separate from everyone else. ”

            How do you explain, “weird, violent, abusive, creepy and utterly repulsive behavior” by guys like, Mao, Pol Pot and the like?

            Another thing:

            “A small Asian nation like Japan puts every European/North American country behind in technological, scientific and civil aspects.”

            Yes, that’s why Japan is known to lead the world in like…EVERYTHING. Without competition….
            Technoligically and Scientificall on par with US, GER for example. Civil aspects wise? Or didn’t I get the joke this time?

            Man, throw away your race argument in each and every of your statements, explain where you do see differences in cultural and educational matters and I bet you, 50% of the people who ridicule your stuff would be happy to discuss with you (I said stuff, you have some good points but they are nullified by some really stupid reasons such as race).

            Or do you want me to start arguing that China’s 5000 years of civilization and it (strangely) not being #1 in the world right now, despite its potential, is simply based on “the Asian race is inferior”…?
            What the fuck man, you can do better than that.

          • whuddyasack

            What I mean is things like this:


            Whereby a Chinese girl and man were the only ones to stand up against this BS.

            Or this.

            When everyone, even the bouncers just stood by like a bunch of cowards and saw a girl yanked, shoved, verbally and racially abused and spat on. This was sadly not the only case, scrolling down at the comments and I was sad to see that many Asians also experienced similar situations. One girl was even made to feel like she was in the wrong at the restaurant when she wasn’t. But that’s something I’ve noticed, even when we finally do stand up for ourselves, the blame is always put on us. I don’t get it, when Black, Muslim or Hispanic people do the same they are celebrated as warriors of “prejudice”/”injustice”. Because of things like this, and the often unreported, unenlightened crimes against Asians, I know of some Asian Americans (of all ethnicities) who actually want a separate state or living/working space where they can be separate from every other race except native Americans. While I severely disagree with them, I can sympathize and sometimes I do toy around this rather controversial idea but figure out it’s best to face up to your problems. Not run away from them.

            You know I was involved in one incident just like that as well. It’s something I’ll never forget and it’s something that makes me what I am. I’ve personally never experienced direct racism towards myself so maybe I do blame myself and wonder why I was spared, but that’s not the point.

            When things like these happen and people defending the perpetrators, it’s hard not to see the other as a bunch of savage, tribal 1000 lb gorillas that we just have to live with. So when ever “laowai”, “farang”, “waegook” or “gaijin” whine about discrimination or being treated unfairly, I hope you can see from my eyes how ridiculous it looks. Why can’t they be like Asians and just tolerate bullshit, or not raise a stink or bring their criminal habits overseas? The victim in this story isn’t innocent himself, he was rude, he rode without a permit and he sped past a red light. He knocked the lady over, helped her up and “was” trying to get away with it. The lady overreacted and it’s pathetic that she tried to use this to extort cash from the foreigner, it’s true, but it’s also true that most Chinese have to get used to some genuinely pathetic foreigners. Case in point, Guangzhou knife incident.

            But inspite of all that, I refuse to submit to victim complex. I’m not going to cry racist but continue to just grit my teeth and tolerate everything, standing up for those who can’t. I admit, sometimes pure repulsion and disgust just gets the better of me, but I’m not going to cry “wacist”.

          • Germandude

            From your first article:

            “In November last year, footage of a racist attack on a French woman on a Melbourne bus went viral after she was called a dog by male passengers, threatened with having her breasts cut off and told to “speak English or die”.

            Hm, looks like some (SOME) Aussies have a problem with non-Aussies, assuming that the French lady wasn’t black or Asian, but white. However, I feel it’s unfair, and pretty racist, if you predict that all Aussies are like that.

            Shall I also state that all Chinese are racist, because some people make bullshit remarks about me and my wife while walking along the street? Or whenever they wish me to leave China (obviously, not common at all, but it happened).

            But that’s something I’ve noticed, even when we finally do stand up for ourselves, the blame is always put on us. I don’t get it, when Black, Muslim or Hispanic people do the same they are celebrated as warriors of “prejudice”/”injustice”

            That’s not true at all. In fact, I think it’s a simple misconception of yours. I think the point is that many Asian simply don’t stand up. If you don’t show the opponent that you have ellbows as well, you are regarded as weak. The muslim community is strong in Europe and the minority is big enough to counter racism, which is good. All the blacks I met in Europe, and those are many, believe me, all knew how to speak out for themselves.
            Don’t get me wrong, but I think that simply because of Asian body signatures, people assume the guys don’t look as “male” as themselves and thus are weaker than the offender. You know, Nazis, Skinheads, racists in 99% of the cases are cowards that only appear tough and with a big mouth when in a group.
            Now I don’t suggest you to seek confrontation, use logical sense when being confronted with one and evaluate if it became physical, who around you might help and if none, do you stand a chance to beat the offender?
            I have yet to see any of my black friends being confronted with a tough racist guy that has the guts to insult them.

            Why can’t they be like Asians and just tolerate bullshit, or not raise a stink or bring their criminal habits overseas?

            DON’T tolerate bullshit like that. Try to fight it to change the status quo. If anybody in Germany ever dares to insult me or my wife and I get to know of that, they better be prepared for headwind. Be it verbally or physically. Luckily, up to now, I never experienced such a situation.

            My wife and me were subject to racism only in China up until now. And I usually regard it as worthless to counter trolls.
            This simply has to do with me knowing my rights in Germany and how far I can go without getting into legal trouble. I don’t know my rights here and eventhough I would, “being right and getting right” are 2 different things. Especially as a foreigner in China.

          • whuddyasack

            You’re right, I wasn’t thinking again. And should never generalize and expect all people to be the same. I’d just say it’s really hard to change how the mind works sometimes :[

            Yes, actually the French woman was a White lady and that bout of racism was terrible. It was actually even worse than what the Asian tourists went through in the bus incident. I really think there should be charges pressed against thugs such as these.

            I’m sorry to hear what you and your wife went through and the racist, xenophobic nonsense you have to deal with. In this respect, you probably know how it feels better than me. I’ve never experienced direct racism before, but I’ve heard about it from friends very often.

            I’ve also seen it with my own eyes once. It involved Japanese foreign students, a lecturer, a bunch of people, a bus stop and myself. Basically, the lecturer was praising the girls, mouthing ‘sweet words’ and molesting them. He was patting their heads, stroking and touching their shoulders, arms and thighs. Yes, the girls looked very distressed, looked extremely embarrassed and like they wanted to scream but were amazingly polite. I’m pretty sure if that lecturer did that to a local girl/girls, he’d receive a stiff kick in the balls. Anyways people just stood their like nothing was wrong. Some watched. In the end, I came between the lecturer and the international students by stepping in between and initiating conversation with the lecturer. That lecturer was obviously really frustrated with me, I think the students were really appreciative and I felt like a hero. We later reported this to student services and that lecturer has since been dismissed.

            Unfortunately, all this time, I’ve also been wondering what the heck everyone else was doing and whether it was because they were foreign students that no one bothered… I quickly learned that my experience was not unique, that many people have reported incidents like these without so much as a glance from the authorities.

            So yes, I wouldn’t tolerate such behavior and you wouldn’t have to worry about me. I’m actually quite good at avoiding unnecessary physical confrontations (I took a self-defence course and the first thing my instructor taught me was to avoid confrontation).

            Good to see that you’ve never had a problem in Germany. Unfortunately for your situation in China, unfortunately I do feel that there’s a high likelihood the foreigner can get into a disadvantage although there are times it’s the other way around. One thing is for sure though, foreigners really have less rights there.

            I’ve heard it’s the same in Japan, there are no anti-discrimination laws there, but still there will be those locals who would fight against discrimination like Yukio Okkuhama. I’m sure there are people like that in China too as I’ve heard about them.

            Anyways, I’ve found it very interesting to hear you out and discuss things with you. Sure learned a thing or two.

          • Germandude

            Racists/Nazis/Fascists = Pigs

            Never wrestle with a pig! You get dirty and the pig will beat you through experience.

            Then again, sometimes it’s just too funny to resist.

          • whuddyasack

            Nice analogy. I think idiots are even better than them. Yes, filthy balls of dirt makes more sense. I’d agree with that.

            And you’re right. Half the time, when responding to them, you’re jaw kind of drops open and you’ll have to fall off your rocker laughing a couple of times.

            Resistance is futile. Not really lol ;-)

          • TheSOP

            Yea if he feels so superior he really has a strange way of showing it, constantly needing to find foreigners and begging for their attention. a little girl with daddy issues.

          • TheSOP

            This is the same guy bragging about how humble Asians are, seemingly unaware of the degree of his own contradictions. Honestly he is too busy begging for attention from Westerners to know how utterly retarded he is… talk about a loss of face for Asians.

          • Guang Xiang

            Wow, thanks for the honest effort to reply to my rant! I see where you’re coming from and I deeply apologize for the personal insults. Us Asians do have our share of woes but I believe we will turn out all right in the future.

          • whuddyasack

            No worries. It’s good that we can see eye to eye, even if we do disagree on things sometimes. That’s part of what internet conversations are all about and if we all agreed, the world would be a pretty boring place. You, and solely you, are constantly questioned where your loyalty lies, though actually it’s mainly Chinese Americans/Canadians who are.

            You know why it’s unfair? It’s not just because all Chinese/Asian Americans are singled out, it’s because China is a country that many countries have issues with right now, politically. But it is quite disgusting that supposed hatred of the Chinese Government and it’s supposed and current oppressive, human rights abuses gets spilled onto a) Chinese civilians and even worse, b) Chinese Americans. When you’re the only one constantly accused of being disloyal, ungrateful, leeches, treacherous, evil, spies, bitches, prostitutes or made to feel like an outsider in your “own country” by your own compatriots just because of your “race”, of course some would start to question your identity or what country you are from.

            But you know what (this goes to the wonderful people at 8Asians too, heck it goes to all people who consider themselves Asian and American as it’s been proven Asian Americans are generally the most patriotic)? Hold your head up. High. Because inspite of all this, you’ve proven you’re way more American than any of them. You’ve proven where your loyalty lies, you’ve proven something none of them have proven. You’ve proven that inspite of being discriminated and treated as a perpetual foreigner, you ARE commited to the Pledge of Allegiance.

            Non-Asian Americans, especially White Americans, especially White Nationalists who think they own the place while not contributing squat had better take note. Perhaps it’s time their own loyalties get tested. Are they more loyal to Europe or to America.

            As for myself, I’ve long since been sick of the company of non-Asians. I actually have many White and Black friends, who are cherished and treasured but outside of a select group, I stopped going out of my way to befriend them. In fact, wherever possible, I’ve started avoiding them. I’m sorry for giving up, it’s just too tiring lowering myself down and letting people take advantage of me and my race. It’s just unpleasant to be with people who just see race. The only non-Asian group that I enjoy being with are true Americans, the Native Americans. But then again, are they not related to us, by blood. We’re all of the same race.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Whuddyasack and i had very heated exchanges and traded insults that would make even eattot blush. But we found a point which we agreed on, apologised to each other and now regard each other with respect and still have jokes. I think it is a tremendous outcome.

        • whuddyasack

          Gave you an upvote BTW hahaha.

          I mean I’m insecure and dragging other Asians into my shit, right?

          I’m not, I make it clear that I don’t represent you but that doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for you or when I feel that people are disgustingly trying to hate on ALL or MOST Chinese, including innocent ones like savage club-wielding apes, don’t expect me not to get involved. Not in my nature, sorry.

      • Zappa Frank

        you have all rights to be proud of PISA results, but please don’t assume that all non-asians students play knockout game, i personally hear about this game for the first time.
        i think even rebelion is a cultural thing, maybe from ’68 or even paster from the myth of oedipus.. at some point youths in western countries have to push and challage the fathers authority.

        • whuddyasack

          Well Frankly, I’m not suggesting “all” non-Asians play the KO game. I’m suggesting “non-Asians” play the KO game. You know what’s disturbing about the Knockout game though? It’s a result of bored kids with nothing better to do than to punch someone in the head. No, not poverty, not severe child abuse, not war, not discrimination. Just a bunch of people with full stomachs out for a jolly good time.

          This is a game uniquely North American, mind you but the danger is this retardation can spread overseas.

      • Germandude

        First of all: Shanghai is representing China in the PISA studies. Shanghai is known to have the highest GDP of China and it is also known that Chinese parents invest heavily into education (as long as they can afford it).

        Second: The government is selecting, which information are released and it is only a healthy assumption that the government will not release bad results.

        SImple conclusion: Shanghai is in fact NOT representing China.

        On the other hand, I know that many participating countries take a random mix of students into the test to actually get valuable info out of it. For example: Reading test results are influenced by foreign students for whom the native language of the country participating is a foreign language. Imagine how much the outcome in a maths test can be influenced by students not understanding the task completely.

        Besides, in how far is mathematics of class 9 important to determine your career in the future? I was always proud of having good grades in maths at school, but figured by now, that thanks to a calculator and the computer, all I need to know is how to use +/-/:/x and some other simple calculations.

        You seeing this whole PISA thing as a competition and saying that “It’s pathetic, they should just be good losers rather than sore losers.”, makes me think that you don’t really understand the really interesting part of the whole studies.

        Questions that I find more interesting to be answered is:
        What does Shanghai do right that e.g. Beijing/ Shenzhen/ Chongqing don’t?
        How high is the discrepancy in positive results influenced by being rich and being poor?
        How come that China seems to have so many smart people but still, China’s workforce is regarded as 2nd class by the rest of the world?

        And one thing PISA cannot really test is creativity and the strength of free thought.
        I could be standing here saying: “Look those dumbass Americans, they can’t read and calculate, what a bunch of losers”. Or I could stand here and say: “Hm, maybe easy jobs that can be handled by a computer is less favorable for my career than the strength of having an open mind and solving problems”.

        Actually this topic would be very interesting to discuss with foreign teachers here (of which we seem to have a ton of here on cS apparently). What’s your input on this?

        PS: Before you, whuddyasack and Stefan Xu think I am trying to insult you/China or ridicule the PISA test, please note that I am not. I find the topic of education interesting, especially since it’s one of those topics politicians in Germany really seem to be unable to solve.

        • whuddyasack

          Germandude, you don’t have to worry about any misunderstandings between you and me. You’re actually one of those posters that I like for their insight, and someone who I deeply respect as a good person. You actually asked some very good questions that also got me thinking.

          Actually, it might not seem like it, but I do make distinctions between posters; e.g. someone who screams “wacist” at me will never get taken seriously. I find these sorts of things interesting too. However, I’ll first have to explain myself.

          -“You seeing this whole PISA thing as a competition and saying that “It’s
          pathetic, they should just be good losers rather than sore losers.”

          When I call them out as sore losers, it’s not that I see PISA as a competition. I’m just going by the rhetoric of those who are in fact the ones seeing this whole thing as a competition and thus my use of the words “sore losers”. I mean when people comment like this:

          Steve Smith:
          “China beening listed as #1, i question those results. wouldn’t shock me if kinda used ringers on them.”

          That’s the impression I get. If they see this as competition, then what they should do as a “good loser” is to congratulate and acknowledge that the Asian kids did well, and try to improve themselves for the better. Heck, if they did that, then the “loser” word wouldn’t even apply to them.

          Now that that’s out of the way, I agree and I found your post very interesting.

          Regarding reading tests, to be honest, I think that one should be removed in the process. Since there is no way around it, languages are different period. Using a native language means you have to account for the fact that some languages really are harder than others. Using a standard language would mean that it wouldn’t be fair on countries who speak a different language to the standard.

          -“How high is the discrepancy in positive results influenced by being rich and being poor? ”

          I’m guessing it is going to be quite high. When you’re poor, you don’t have access to good education resources, information, teaching or even focus to commit. I’ve also written some things about IQ although it is not the same as PISA.

          -“How come that China seems to have so many smart people but still,
          China’s workforce is regarded as 2nd class by the rest of the world?”

          My own explanation would be that there is a generation gap between those taking PISA tests and the general factory/agricultural workforce. Many of the latter are also slightly older on average. Since PISA stands for Programme of International Student Assessment, my understanding of it is that it is mainly a test between school students around the world. Thus, it wouldn’t make sense and perhaps be slightly dishonest to bring in students of impoverished backgrounds, many who’ve never even been to school before.

          The other thing is that compared to the more developed nations, China clearly lacks access to the same technology, training, establishment and sometimes have been barred things like the ISA (which I think is logical since China isn’t exactly a friendly, and could be a potential security threat). This is one reason why China so often and blatantly tries to steal technology (There’s also one on green energy). It also very recently opened itself up and joined the modern period.Of course this is just speculation and random theories on my part. I don’t think it’s conclusive at all.

          -“Shanghai is in fact NOT representing China.”

          Definitely can agree on this and I feel that Shanghai’s score is definitely higher than the average. However, I’m also aware of common stereotypes people use to dismiss this, namely only the educated and wealthier Shanghainese are tested while peasant/migrant children are ignored. The article itself addresses this point (read the line after Google knows everything)

          -“But immigrants have always been part of Shanghai’s PISA tests and most
          East Asian school systems excel precisely because they are capable to
          leverage the academic potential of disadvantaged students much better
          than many Western nations do.”

          Perhaps PISA is slightly different to IQ but then again there were studies that suggested IQ had at least some correlation with PISA scores.

          I think the blog below is quite interesting, as it provides data, charts and graphs we don’t normally see or is hidden outside of China(including one IQ graph concerning different regions in China). I guess we might just have to use the data he provided:

          I can’t actually say that those figures from the Chinese Government are fudged since i) the average IQ data was exclusively publicized in China and not the whole world and ii) it was used by the Government as a measure of disparity within the different provinces.

          What’s interesting was that the average IQs were quite similar nationwide and with obvious disparities. Qinhai scored the lowest and based on the socioeconomy, demographics and geography of Qinhai, we do know that it is an area that is rich in minorities but sadly less developed than the rest of China.

          It does raise good questions. What still does make your question what Shanghai does differently from major cities like Beijing, etc. interesting and valid.

          Now I saw a BBC documentary where they measured the average IQ of Chinese in rural areas (the ones that survive on less than $2 a day). It’s a shame I can’t find the link to that article anymore but it does make for an interesting discussion. Their average IQ was 100 which as you can see is very similar to Government averages in the poorest regions. I wished I had the article instead of remembering the results :[

          However, what I found most interesting about PISA scores and the article was this:

          -“But the most impressive performance of Shanghai’s students is actually
          not on the tasks that ask them to simply reproduce what they have
          learned, but on tasks where they need to extrapolate from what they know
          and apply their knowledge creatively in novel situations.”

          It actually indicated that students in Shanghai were able to think critically. It also mentioned that the world’s best schools in East Asia have many similarities and what was most important was ‘belief’. The mindset that anything was possible if you tried. I think in the West, especially in Canada and the US we’ve started to stop believing and to be honest, I think the over-emphasis on race in the US is getting a little out of hand. It divides Americans rather than unite them and the US is perhaps the only country where questions regarding “race” can be found in higher education admittance forms.

          Of course, things like creativity or artistic talent can never be measured accurately with PISA. But I think Chinese, like their Asian counterparts are musically gifted since many Chinese children know how to play a piano, violin, or flute. Many teenagers play the guitar (boys) or ukulele (girls) and some write and compose songs.

          -“Actually this topic would be very interesting to discuss with foreign
          teachers here (of which we seem to have a ton of here on cS apparently).
          What’s your input on this?”

          Yes, this has been a very interesting discussion and something I’d really want to know as well. I’m not a teacher obviously, but I’ve always been interested in what they have to say. I know that some members like David do teach and I’m sure there’s many others.

          But I’ve also volunteered and helped out Chinese children in the rural villages and have heard many accounts and stories about Chinese students from so many others. One thing that forever strikes me is how different Chinese/Asian children would seem to most Westerners. The same children are the ones that would treasure and keep incomplete pages of school text books with them and read study them religiously. Whose poor parents would sacrifice everything just so that their children can get the best education possible, even if it meant sacrificing their siblings because they couldn’t afford it. It’s heart wrenching to see how eager the siblings are to also go to school. I’ve heard of older orphans teach their younger siblings how to read or write in the hopes that they can get a scholarship or chance to get into a good school, when they themselves cannot. You see, I think a love for learning is somehow buried within the Chinese psyche.

          My input is that there needs to be a balance though, and too much work kills childhood. Children should be children and in this respect, the Western model is better.

      • Germandude

        Oh and btw, regarding the “Knockout Game”. You are using an extreme action of assumed low-level educated morons as if it was absolutely normal in the US.

        It is not.

        • whuddyasack

          Well, in the States, things are much more violent than in Europe. But it isn’t the Asians that are committing this violence, most are just caught up by pea brains and delinquents. It might not be the norm, but it is quite frequent. That’s why when people make rumors about getting gang bashed or assaulted in China frequently, I take a step back and laugh. They are far more likely to face an incident back home than in China, that’s just how it is.

          Street violence is very common in the US and similar countries. If you’re Asian or female, or worse of all, Asian and female, you’re in far greater danger than everyone else. The girl from OTGW even shared her experience of being groped right before she hosted a youtube video.

          • TheSOP

            yep all the stories of foreigners getting jumped are CIA planted rumors says the Asian kid who knows shit about being a laowai in China. Fkoff racist

          • whuddyasack

            Gosh POS, seriously you don’t even count as laowai. Drop the act, unlike most people, I know. Ahhh what’s this CIA nonsense? There’s a lot of that in CNN, why not just stay there?

            You would like to think you are some sort of authority though you’re just a disgruntled brat, especially when you don’t get what you want.

          • Germandude

            I have been to the US many times and even for longer periods than a 3 week vaction. All in all, I stayed over a year in the US. East Coast, West Coast, and pretty central. Many of the major cities. Most of the times without my wife.

            I fail to see that an Asian female needs to be afraid of being a victim of violence. After all, most of the Asians that I have met in the US came from good (successfull & thus wealthy) families and hardly lived in places like the bronx or in the ghettos of LA.

            While I would describe the average European being a white guy, describing the average yank would make me think. Probably a white/black/yellow/brown guy that drinks 5 liters of Coca-Cola and eats 2 Big Macs while jumping 3 feet high to make a slam dunk like Michael Jordan… I don’t know, it’s just more diverse.

          • whuddyasack

            Wow, then you’ve been in the US for quite a while. Pretty well traveled, I must say.

            All in all, I think I’ve been there for around 6 years. It used to be the country my family would most frequently take me, other than China since dad is American. Thankfully, I am not. I also still have many friends in the US, and I’ve also heard some nasty stories from them.

            Asian females do need to be afraid in America because ‘Orange’ Americans (the typical White American is a shade darker than the Chinese/East Asian or East Asian American) specifically target them for rape and murder. Unlike civilized people world wide, there is a significant wigger/neckbeard population there.

            My Asian American friends speak of this rule, see a tan approaching aggressively, run or just run them over. Trust me on this. In terms of safety, Germany, heck all of East Asia is paradise compared to the US. Those crime statistics ARE fudged. As bad as it looks, the murder and rape rate in America is MUCH higher. Add to the fact that Asians don’t normally report crime and things get ridiculous. In the US, “murderers” of Black and White victims get revealed in public.

            You might not be interested in this, but native Americas/Alaskans are statistically the worst victims of rape in the US. The laws are set out to protect the fucking rapists, and 83% of the time, the rapists/murderers are NOT native. In a just world, we’d blow their damn heads off their dirty necks. And round up all those who oppose the slayings of those thugs, torture and kill them.





            You remember the xojane link I gave you? If only the bouncers there acted like the bouncers in the story below (/sarcasm):


          • Germandude

            I am sorry, but I don’t buy into your conclusions and I certainly disregard your sources as not representative.


            Where does it state that this was a crime with racist background? Just because the victim was an Asian female it must be?


            Again, where is this a hate crime/ crime where the race of the victim and the victim being ASIAN female has any relevance to the crime happening? It sounds, just like the other source just like a marriage/love crime.

            This is one of the major annoying things in western society. Just because the victim has roots abroad, the crime must have happened because of its race.

            It’s so bizarre that whenever a crime happens where a white and a non-white are involved, racism must’ve played a role, whereas when a Black and an Asian are involved, race seems to play no role.

            Rather than you posting links that describe examples that fit your assumption, I’d rather see official statistics. You know, a bigger pool of incidents that actually allow bagging your statements.

            The way I experienced how Asian females and especially ABC girls behaved, I have had the impression that they are pretty “American-like-girlish”. You know, like cheerleaders: Short skirts, pretty direct, open-minded and initiative-taking. Everything that an “endangered species” (sry had to bring this one haha) wouldn’t do if it was as bad as you describe it to be.

            So I completely disagree with your thesis of “Asian females do need to be afraid in America”.

            So: sources AND statistics, or I am not buying into it.

          • whuddyasack

            The sources may not be representative, because the majority of people are still not criminals.

            “It’s so bizarre that whenever a crime happens where a white and a non-white are involved, racism must’ve played a role, whereas when a Black and an Asian are involved, race seems to play no role.”

            Actually, I would be the first person to say that when a White person has been bashed, raped or killed by PoC, it actually is a hate crime. Many Black and Muslim offenders even openly admitted that they did it because the victim was White. At times, Asians are equally reprehensive (Lindsay Hawker’s case) but it would by hypocritical to condemn solely this but ignore the much bigger problem.

            Non-Asians rape, murder and kill Asians at a much higher rate than the other way around. And it’s easy being a hero when an Asian male is involved but when the offender is a non-Asian (and oddly typically White) people just keep their mouths shut or do nothing. I think I’ve shared with you my own personal experience.

            Here’s one example of a racially-motivated crime that was dismissed as such:

            As for the deaths of Lee and Isnin, the crime was not racially motivated but the fact remains. The murderers were non-Asian husbands who married Asian females, and then murdered them. It’s precisely because they are non-Asians who have vastly higher crime rates that I am concerned. There was also one Australian article where one man reported a few of his Japanese tourists experienced rape and molestations and him reporting this was met with NO response.

            As for statistics:

            However, statistics is flawed if we don’t properly analyze it. For one thing, the highest incidence of rape victims are native Americans, which I’ve already explained above.

            The Asian American rape rate will never be accurate for various reasons. One reason is the fault within the Asian community itself, read Asian American Psychology: Current Perspectives by Tewari.

            We make it easy for perpetrators to go unpunished and victims to remain silent. That’s why if more Asians started to think like me, we might actually make a change.

            Believe it or not, most Asians, especially the first generations, have no idea what constitutes acceptable behavior and what is sexual harassment. And even if they do, due to barriers in language and a lack of ties/family/friends who do they turn to? The coward targets the international student for these very reasons.

            I agree. Most Asian American girls are very American and everything you describe. However, there are still differences. They don’t have quite the same leverage as a White American woman or access to the same media support.

            But there are still differences. I wished I could show you how they are different but I’ll just describe an example. A observed a bunch of students came across some student ‘salesmen’. The White girls would flatly and bluntly reject the salesmen in such a way that they knew they had to “fuck off”. But when it came to the Asian females, they were practically touching them, and most of the Asians patiently and politely listened the creepy salesmen.

          • Germandude

            Ok, now I am confused. From YOUR SOURCE (

            Lifetime rate of rape /attempted rape for women by race:1

            “All women: 17.6%
            White women: 17.7%
            Black women: 18.8%
            Asian Pacific Islander women: 6.8%
            American Indian/Alaskan women: 34.1%
            Mixed race women: 24.4%”

            AVERAGE OF

            All women: 17.6%
            Asian Pacific Islander women: 6.8%

            AVERAGE OF ALL WOMEN: 17.6%

            That is TOTALLY nullifying your argument that ASIAN WOMEN ARE ENDAGERED MORE THAN OTHER WOMEN!!!!!!!

            PS-EDIT: I hope you also recognize that most Asian women (in America and/or Asia, or the rest of the world) will most likely be raped by Asian men.
            Interesting thing: Search for rape victims in China and compare how many women in China get sexually abused. Compare that to the source you posted and compare that to the rest of the world. Shall I argue, based on those stats that Asian males are most rapists? Give me a break here…

          • whuddyasack

            They have unique disadvantages. The first disadvantage is what I call the “traditional Asian culture” where Asians are shamed into reporting such cases and are thus less likely to report.

            The second disadvantage is that these attacks don’t factor in international students, or recent migrants with very limited knowledge or even awareness/high tolerance of sexual abuse.

            The thirds is that Asian reports are often rarely taken seriously, since I know of some people who did the reporting for the Asians, only to get ignored by the relevant authorities.

            As you can see, the highest occurrence of rape also happens to be the most disadvantaged. Yet Alaskan/Native American women also resemble Asians more than the other groups.

          • Germandude

            Bullshit. Disadvantage? How many Chinese girls living in San Francisco’s “Chinatown” are getting raped by white guys?
            Considering how closed the society within San Francisco’s “Chinatown” is, I must assume that for each girl being raped by a white guy, 100 girls are raped by a Chinese/ABC.

            And honestly, I still don’t buy into any of your assumptions, feelings or arguments. You have stated multiple times in this thread alone that you “have come to the conclusion” that you (or Asians in general) are innocent victims, despite me nullifying your arguments and proving it with statistics, even with those that you used to base your conclusions on.

            I am sorry, but I can’t argue with you any longer if no founded argument stands to whuddyasack’s misconceptions that mean nothing to anybody than yourself and those that want to mislead an argument to put themselves into roles that they are not in.

            Sorry for being so harsh, but that’s simply how it is.

          • whuddyasack

            Fair enough, but from what it seems Asian females are more in danger of getting raped/murdered by non-Asians. It gets worse depending on the Asian. That’s the general consensus and it is a unique proposition since 90% of rapes are carried out by people of the same ethnicity.

            No need to apologize, point taken ;-P

          • Zappa Frank

            whuddy, I know may sounds bad, but what you call “traditional Asian culture” is for a big part just a heritage of farmer culture, and really, peculiar aspects aren’t that much, I don’t see a lot of difference with old European-American farmer culture.. The difference is that while Europe and America are not a farmer culture anymore in Asia this culture is just over few years ago, besides there’s NIH effect (not invented here) that makes for Asians difficult to leave their culture, because it seems to betray someone.

          • whuddyasack

            Frank, you don’t have to worry. No, it doesn’t sound bad to me but very enlightening. Yes, perhaps that is what it is. Narrow-mindedness and something that Asians need to change. But I guess you are right, much of Europe and America is urbanized but sadly sometimes, Asians just looove clinging unto silly traditions.

            In Japan, people are still traditional. Sexual assault and rape victims are also shamed yet Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. However in this respect, I think China and the Southeast Asian countries are even further behind. It’s unfortunate.

            That’s the issue, it is very hard for an Asian to leave some aspects of their culture due even if those aspects are bad due to “saving face” and pride.

          • whuddyasack

            All I’m trying to say is that we need to walk on the side of vigilance and caution. The US is a place where 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assaults some time in their life.

            And given the naivete of first generation Asian American immigrants in particular, prevention is often better than cure.

            The last thing you’d want is to end up like this:


            -“In an interview with police Papadopoulos suggested everything was Ms Yu’s fault, telling police: “Every girl knows not to jump in stranger’s car”.

            And that’s why it’s imperative to advise foreign and new Asians how to err on the side of caution and how to stay safe. It’s always the ‘victim’s fault’. That’s always been the mentality (even amongst Asians, we’re actually one of the worst in this respect).

            As for violent, swarthy Greeks, common advice is to avoid them as many are part of a gang.

            One Japanese American friend I know despised them and called them WOPs, the equivalent of a “White Nigger”. In his words, they are violent, filthy and absolutely a menace (my White friends advice me against traveling to Greece). At one time, people like that were lynched the same way Blacks were. Let’s just say his experience with them must’ve been pretty bad for him to invoke such strong emotion.

            I apologize for any misunderstandings. I don’t blame race and even in Zhang’s case, I know it is not necessarily a product of a hate crime. However, the victim was still an Asian with very little connections and no family and thus limited protection where she was living.

            Asians are naive and sometimes do things that put them in grave danger. It is better that they learn things the hard way, no matter how extreme it is.

            Better safe than sorry.

          • Germandude

            Instead of pointing your finger on the US, first clean your own backyard! I cannot believe that I am defending the US here in my last few posts… And I am sorry to say this, but up to now you have failed completely in convincing me that the US is a more dangerous environment for Asian women than Asia itself is (China has a higher rape rate than the US. India is a heaven for rapists. Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam… shall I continue with the list?).

            It is interesting to see how we come from the topic “PISA study results” to Rape victims in the US, the US being a hellhole in the world and yadda yadda yadda.
            I am sorry to say it, but you are deflecting, deflecting and again deflecting. And you are even very good at it because you got me confused.

            We are at the topic of rape now I assume, so here it comes: Clean your own backyard, before blaming the US or any other nation for “White men like to rape Asian women and you gotta be the white knight to protect those girls”. Look at the following statistics (sorry, wikipedia will have to do here because Chinese internet restriction blocks my google search on this topic without proxy server):

            “The United Nations Multi-country Study on Men and Violence asked men in urban and rural areas of China if they had ever forced a female to have sex. 22.2% said yes. 9.3% had done so in the past year. 55% of the men who had raped had done so more than once and 9% had raped four or more women. 86% cited sexual entitlement as their motive (the highest percentage in the study) and 57% answered that they raped out of boredom. 72.4% experienced no legal consequences. 1.7% had raped another man. 2.2% had participated in gang rape. 25% who had raped reported first doing so as a teenager, the lowest percentage in the study. 53.7% of men and 53.5% of women agreed or strongly agreed with the statement ‘if a woman doesn’t physically fight back, it’s not rape.'”


            AND PLEASE recognize that the amount of men that DO NOT ADMIT to having raped is probably even higher. (They just regard it as “having done nothing wrong”)


            Over and out, I am done for today because my nerve-potential in regards to deflection is now knocking off work.

          • whuddyasack

            You are mistaken, the rate of rape in the US is 5.8 per 100,000. In China it is 2.85 per 100,000.


            So no, you are far more likely to be raped in the US than in China, barring special circumstances.

          • Germandude

            Read the parapgraph below the number of China!

            Source from 1995. Rape reports more likely to happen in the US than in Asia. (losing face mentality and shame on the victim in Asia compared to that not existing in the US). Remember? We had this discussion before where you tried to convince me that Sweden was more dangerous than China.
            I am still not buying it.

          • whuddyasack

            Ahhh yes, I remember that and explaining how rape statistics are flawed no matter where you look. There is always a degree of “slut shaming” and “victim blaming”.

            I’ve since changed some of my initial rhetoric and also addressed the problem of victim shaming amongst Asians. I think I’ve addressed that as one of the main disadvantages for Asian rape victims. Actually, this was something I always believed in.

            But as I said before, sometimes it’s better to take things at face value and not try to over-explain things. For what it’s worth, the US has a higher rate of ‘reported’ rape than China and it’s still better for Asian females to play smart when in unfamiliar places. Play extra smart.

          • Zappa Frank

            I know it’s OT but, americans are americans, Greeks in America are americans, not Greeks. Absurd to suggest to not visit Greece because of the behavior of some americans of greek origin. It’s like to think that Italians are like the italo-american that live in new jersey and you can see at jersey shore way, never seen in Italy an “Italian” like them and no one consider them Italians. Among Asians you may still keep consider people in America as yours countrymen, but in Europe not at all, we do not consider them our countrymen. .just distant relatives in the best case..

          • whuddyasack

            Thank you for the explanation and it’s interesting to see how Europeans view things. No, not OT at all. Sorry for not being coherent about the Greek thing. I would also agree that a Greek in America, Canada or Australia are American, Canadian or Australian and that line was rather irrelevant but interesting.

            I guess the point of interest was how badly Greece was seen among many people living in the West at the moment perhaps beginning with how an American citizen was murdered there. It’s amazing how a few headlines can bring out the paranoia in many.

            Actually, Asians in Asia do see Asian Americans as foreign (twinkie/banana) but then again, the attitudes are also really inconsistent. My guess is that if the Asian does not speak the language and is politically and culturally so Western that he/she can’t relate to the Asian culture at all, they become seen as outsiders.

            At the same time, many Asian Americans are accepted with open arms back into their homelands as compatriots even if they essentially are foreigners. Think Utada Hikaru, Bruce Lee, Wang Lee Hom

            Here’s an interesting piece from an author that I generally enjoy following:


            However, my input is that Asians don’t exactly hate Asian Americans. It is very nuanced, very subtle and very situational. I think we can all agree that especially for Chinese, they’d happily claim a successful AAm as one of their own.

          • Zappa Frank

            to tell the truth, except for economy Greece is not seen bad at all in west, or in case I’ve never heard about this.. Greece as far as i know, is consider a wonderful place for vacation, a bit too expansive and with a lot of disorganization.. some Greeks in case complain about the behavior of some tourists there. I knew also 3 Chinese girls, young, small, pretties and completely naïve that have been there 2 years ago for vacation, alone and nothing happened.
            yes i agree, even now to piss off Chinese you have to recall them that Bruce Lee/Jeremy Lin/ whoever on was an American and not a Chinese… while in Italy no one ever thought about, for instance Silverster Stallone/Rudolph Giuliani/or any random italo-american that is famous as an Italian (yes, even Frank Zappa was an American). I remember a friend of mine had an American cousin that came to Italy some years ago… even forcing me i wasn’t able to think him as an Italian, he likes beer more than wine (what’s worst was the he liked that kind of Budweiser American beer, not an weisse or dunkel or trappist European beer, that are not Italian anyway, but i can justify because so good), he wasn’t able to eat spaghetti without make a mess, his Italian was almost none, and so on.. i guess Asians recon American Asians as part of them due to their appearance, while for European the appearance of relative abroad is completely insignificant, there’s no difference form the average American, therefore remain only habits and culture..

          • whuddyasack

            Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know that things aren’t as bad as what people I know are saying. Where I’m at, people, including White people are telling me not to visit Greece at the moment. Not only is the economy bad, they also point out that there’s been a lot of rioting and this thing known as Golden Dawn. Let’s just say it’s nice to know from someone actually living around the area what the heck’s going on in Greece, since there’ve been a few reports of tourists getting beaten to death or killed there.

            Ahh about the Jeremy Lin, Bruce Lee and all, I’d agree, it is hilarious how suddenly famous or successful people automatically become “Chinese” even if they haven’t lived there before. Of course those who commit crimes or embarrass “China” are automatically regarded by their nationality. That’s a definite cultural difference between Italy and China I guess. From what I can see Italians don’t care about this cause you’re just cool that way lol.

            Actually I think it’s not just America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. are more beer bingers than wine drinkers. Wine is sort of expensive haha. I’ve realized that most Europeans, particularly French and Italians are stereotyped as wine drinkers are fine diners. ;-)

          • Germandude


          • whuddyasack

            One other thing, yes, I do agree that the US is diverse. Especially when compared to Europe or Asia, but it is mainly White/Black/Brown. Yellows not so much, thankfully. Most Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, etc. have really slowed down, migration is almost to a halt. Kind of similar to Canada, the Hongers are fleeing Hongcouver ;-P



            That said, the US really is trying to push for more Chinese immigration into America and really giving them incentive to migrate there, I think 2012, there were 16,000 new green card holders. Despite all the rancor we see on the internet, it’s clear that even the most nationalistic POS aren’t happy if the Chinese start leaving or stop coming or even start ‘boycotting’ American products.

            However, in Canada, the situation is different.


            The US is 75% White (including Indians), 13% Black and roughly 2.5% Asian (Excluding Indians). Chinese make up 1.2% of the total population there and I hope in the future, the livelihoods of the Chinese improves
            to such a state that this figure either decreases or remains the same. I hope that they finally realize their own potential, gain a new found and greater respect for each other and other Asians, have relatively good
            standards of living, are free to practice their religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Daoism but not Islam extremism), finally can vote and rise up as a people. Instead of worshiping all that is foreign, maybe some day they will see what’s important and feel safe within their own borders. They are getting there.

            If they still would like to emmigrate, then more power to them. To be honest, I’m just tired of seeing how hard some of them try to fit in, only to be pigeonholed, told to go home or have their loyalties questioned. The blame is always on them or pushed onto them, even if it wasn’t their fault but that of others.

      • TheSOP

        Shut up, racist.

    • TheSOP

      FROM SALON: “The three “countries” at the top of the PISA rankings are in fact cities—Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong—as is No. 6, Macau. These are all big cities with great schools by any standards, but comparing them against large, geographically dispersed countries is a little misleading.

      Shanghai’s No. 1 spot on the rankings is particularly problematic. Singapore is an independent country, obviously, and Hong Kong and Macau are autonomous regions, but why just Shanghai and not the rest of China?

      As Tom Loveless for the Brookings Institution wrote earlier this year, “China has an unusual arrangement with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the organization responsible for PISA. Other provinces took the 2009 PISA test, but the Chinese government only allowed the release of Shanghai’s scores.”

      As you might imagine, conditions in a global financial capital are somewhat different from the rest of China, a country where 66 percent of children still live in rural areas:

      How dissimilar is Shanghai to the rest of China? Shanghai’s population of 23-24 million people makes it about 1.7 percent of China’s estimated 1.35 billion people. Shanghai is a Province-level municipality and has historically attracted the nation’s elites. About 84 percent of Shanghai high school graduates go to college, compared to 24 percent nationally. Shanghai’s per capita GDP is more than twice that of China as a whole. And Shanghai’s parents invest heavily in their children’s education outside of school. According to deputy principal and director of the International Division at Peking University High School, Jiang Xuegin:

      “Shanghai parents will annually spend on average of 6,000 yuan on English and math tutors and 9,600 yuan on weekend activities, such as tennis and piano. During the high school years, annual tutoring costs shoot up to 30,000 yuan and the cost of activities doubles to 19,200 yuan.”

      The typical Chinese worker cannot afford such vast sums. Consider this: at the high school level, the total expenses for tutoring and weekend activities in Shanghai exceed what the average Chinese worker makes in a year (about 42,000 yuan or $6,861).

      Despite this, we’re likely to see quite a few headlines, as we did in past years, about “Chinese” students outperforming Americans. Several U.S. states also participated for the first time as separate systems. The PISA results note that on reading scores, “Massachusetts was outperformed by only three education systems, and Connecticut by four.” This is impressive for those states, but nobody would ever think of using these results as proxies for the U.S. education system as a whole. The OECD should stop letting China do the same.The three “countries” at the top of the PISA rankings are in fact cities—Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong—as is No. 6, Macau. These are all big cities with great schools by any standards, but comparing them against large, geographically dispersed countries is a little misleading.

      Shanghai’s No. 1 spot on the rankings is particularly problematic. Singapore is an independent country, obviously, and Hong Kong and Macau are autonomous regions, but why just Shanghai and not the rest of China?

      As Tom Loveless for the Brookings Institution wrote earlier this year, “China has an unusual arrangement with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the organization responsible for PISA. Other provinces took the 2009 PISA test, but the Chinese government only allowed the release of Shanghai’s scores.”

      As you might imagine, conditions in a global financial capital are somewhat different from the rest of China, a country where 66 percent of children still live in rural areas:

      How dissimilar is Shanghai to the rest of China? Shanghai’s population of 23-24 million people makes it about 1.7 percent of China’s estimated 1.35 billion people. Shanghai is a Province-level municipality and has historically attracted the nation’s elites. About 84 percent of Shanghai high school graduates go to college, compared to 24 percent nationally. Shanghai’s per capita GDP is more than twice that of China as a whole. And Shanghai’s parents invest heavily in their children’s education outside of school. According to deputy principal and director of the International Division at Peking University High School, Jiang Xuegin:

      “Shanghai parents will annually spend on average of 6,000 yuan on English and math tutors and 9,600 yuan on weekend activities, such as tennis and piano. During the high school years, annual tutoring costs shoot up to 30,000 yuan and the cost of activities doubles to 19,200 yuan.”

      The typical Chinese worker cannot afford such vast sums. Consider this: at the high school level, the total expenses for tutoring and weekend activities in Shanghai exceed what the average Chinese worker makes in a year (about 42,000 yuan or $6,861).

      Despite this, we’re likely to see quite a few headlines, as we did in past years, about “Chinese” students outperforming Americans. Several U.S. states also participated for the first time as separate systems. The PISA results note that on reading scores, “Massachusetts was outperformed by only three education systems, and Connecticut by four.” This is impressive for those states, but nobody would ever think of using these results as proxies for the U.S. education system as a whole. The OECD should stop letting China do the same.”

      • Stefan Xu

        Yes I know that the rest of China wouldn’t be at Shanghai’s level but I would say some provinces would score close. The average score would be quite close to the other Asian countries, just look at the much poorer Vietnam, they scored above average quite good.
        There are plans to include the rest of the Chinese provinces in the PISA 2015.

        Comparing just Shanghai to other countries is still justifiable since Shanghai is still larger than most small European countries. Compare Finland 5.7 mil to Shanghai 23 mil. The urbanization of Shanghai is also similar to European countries, around 80-90%. People shouldn’t interpret the Shanghai scores to represent China. Take what it is, it represents Shanghai. Shanghai’s 15 year olds scored the best. Not the whole of China’s.

        • TheSOP

          Comparing Shanghai to the US is ridiculous, and I highly doubt other provinces are “close”. But if you can link I would read it.

          Basically this is mostly fodder for racists like Whattasackofshit etc.

          • Stefan Xu

            Although this was from the last pisa it’s worth reading.


          • whuddyasack

            Zzz… no it isn’t ridiculous. PISA measures student “scholastic performance” meaning testing children who’ve never been to school becomes irrelevant. This would mean bringing in the mentally dysfunctional and LD children in the US and getting them to represent the nation.

            There is a difference between the rural population in China and the rural population in the US, heck the US as a whole. And when we finally compare apples to apples this way, it becomes obvious that Chinese are the better students just like how Asian Americans are better students than their White and Black American counterparts.

            Now, you talk about ‘links’ but then bring a sour-graping tabloid piece like it was actually credible hahaha. It’s important to note that the US ranks 36 according to PISA scores and the top 10 are dominated by countries like China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc.

            As for the argument that students are specifically selected in the Shanghai data, i.e. migrant children are ignored:


            -“But immigrants have always been part of Shanghai’s PISA tests and most East Asian school systems excel precisely because they are capable to leverage the academic potential of disadvantaged students much better than many Western nations do.”

            Guess you have no ground to stand on, you POS. I mean look at you, it’s hard not to feel superior at such a mentally inferior, whiny, wacist-crying POS with nothing to add. Westerner opinion, why would I care what ‘Westerners’ think of me? Why would any Chinese care? We’re not like you. We don’t jump up and down over obsessing on some “Fenqing” comments.

    • 二奶头发


      • Germandude

        I actually have to laugh because the Pisa studies could really be represented by the picture you posted. Something doesn’t seem right with both of them.

        • 二奶头发


  • Guest23

    Well this is just insane, looking at the photos could say she assaulted his personal space, ripped his jacket’s pocket down, sat and occupied a private vehicle, yelled that he must compensate her, and she still claims she’s in deep pain after medical examination showed superficial injury and the police still made the man pay? this just enabling more people to commit this shameful thing.

    Clinging like it’s life or death to someone like that while there’s a lot of witnesses is just bad acting, it looks pathetic, and the reports being taken down and updated to show a more sympathetic to the extortionist is kinda bad taste.

    • Kamui04

      Putting who was at fault aside. Yup this rings like “One foreigner was willing to give money for medical expenses. They are fair game for extorsion”.

      • Guest23

        It’s getting to the point where making the smallest of incidents to big ones can net you compensation and save face, this is really not boding well for anyone who even thinks of helping a stranger he/she in fear of being sued to oblivion, really needs laws that protect against this insanity, and the Police or any authority is not even helping arbitrate these types of cases, wasting time and money enabling people to do this again and again.

      • Jimmy Savvy

        dumb laowai, he won’t miss 1,800 rmb….stupid thinking on the side of the cops and the woman…

    • Kai

      I’d venture to say most Chinese netizens felt this way as well from the initial report (the one that was taken down), until it became apparent that the initial report left details out and made exaggerations of what actually happened.

      • Guest23

        Some of the recent reports said that the crowd actually played a role agitating the Italian, shouting “fight!” and “hit him!” while circling around them, he swore after after some of the people went too close on him, and some random guy was lucky enough to video him, he did wrong, but he did good coming back to help the lady, she did worst by escalating the situation, the crowd too.

        • Kai

          Could you hook us up with some links to these reports? I haven’t been following the story since the day it happened. Last I know was the photographer issued an apology.

          The video shows him cussing out the woman though, right? Not the bystanders?

          • Guest23

            Gonna go with this, I keep cleaning my history cache most of the time.



            He was at fault for being a terrible driver, but seeing as it is Beijing, not gonna go with the the terrible policing of traffic violations there, but this guy was totally wrong, but the lady escalated the situation, the crowd didn’t do nothing to cool it down.

          • Kai

            Heh, why are you cleaning your history cache? Too many porn sites? Use incognito mode!

            The lady definitely escalated the situation.

            The Beijing Times report you’re referencing has two witnesses saying he began cussing after bystanders said “hit him, hit him”. I’m not sure if this is apparent in the video we have but it could’ve happened in the background and we just can’t make it out. I will say however that any suggestion that the crowd was all up in his face and harrassing him is unfair.

            The video shows quite a lot of people criticizing the woman and her yelling back at them, as well as the crowd laughing when he cusses the woman with some choice Chinese expletives. Overall though, the vast majority are pretty passive rubberneckers just seeing what the big deal is.

            After his cussing, he basically says “if I were going to flee, why am I still here”, ostensibly fed up with her clinging to him/his bike vocally fearing he’s going to flee. Then he goes up to forcibly try prying her off his scooter. I think his girlfriend pulls him away and an older Chinese man yells at him saying he’ll hit him if he touches her again (forcibly pry her off).

            I wouldn’t be surprised if some heckling idiot(s) made it all “us vs. them” from the sidelines but I’m afraid of villifying the crowd overall given the video we have. If anyone was “circling around” him and “went too close” to him, it must’ve happened before the video.

          • Guest23

            Registry cleaner and anti-virus, pretty paranoid atm.

            Yeah, it’s makes it like a elementary school fight what they did, you don’t escalate an accident with two people just to video or make a selfie on it.

            At least something good happened with this, some self-retrospecting, albeit in the way of those zany Chinese dating shows.

  • Will we be worse than this woman if we let this one single action represent that of a whole nation?

    • whuddyasack

      Perhaps. But truth be told, I don’t quite understand the overreaction many Csmackers have in relation to this article screaming unfairness, discrimination, Chinese xenophobia, bunch o’ scammers and most ironic of all, the nice, poor laowai is another innocent victim of China lol

      • Guang Xiang

        You sure you’re not just thinking it? I don’t seem to see ‘many Csmackers’ screaming unfairness in this article nor saying that the poor laowai is completely innocent.

        • whuddyasack

          There actually is a lot, and they also get support (as evidenced by the thumbs up and lack of call outs) but it certainly isn’t all.

          Perhaps I was wrong to call them Csmackers, they are just random commentators that pass by. But if you did want to know, I recommend you read posts from people of the likes of markoff, BrandeX, POS, Johnny ta-tango lol.

          And I didn’t even begin to bother scrolling down. It’s quite obvious that they put far MORE blame on the lady and China in general but seem to ignore the fact that foreign guy did speed past a red light, and hit her with an unregistered moped.

          • mwanafa

            You got issues man.

          • TheSOP

            He is a racist PoS

        • don mario

          we gotta see the video evidence to know if he’s innocent or not.

    • don mario

      its not a single action. there are storys like this in china everday, they get away with screwing people over, even if they are just helping them. this shouldn’t be brushed over its a fairly ridiculous problem that should be addressed.

      then theres the laowai hate ontop of that too..

  • David S.

    Holly shit! That guy wears two scarves!

    • whuddyasack

      He can’t bear the cold. Obviously.

      • My_honourable_lord

        I would think he’s getting lots of heat.

        • whuddyasack

          Ironic isn’t it. That’s the thing about words. Opposite words can mean the exact same thing. Thankfully, we can then use words that mean what they mean, words like ‘hostility’ :-)

          • My_honourable_lord

            What are you referring to? In terms of context?

          • whuddyasack

            The crowd around him :-)

    • Kai

      LoL, that is the most random observation but thus funniest comment of the post I’ve read so far.

      • David S.

        I’ve never seen anyone do that! Also, I like irregular plurals.
        But seriously it’s really intriguing.

        I’ve thought about it and I figured it’s because he’s driving a moped without a helmet (fool) and so he’s using one scarf for his neck and the other one for his face.

        The two hoods and his reaction also both suggest that he doesn’t do cool head so I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right.

  • stevelaudig

    The issue is who had ‘right of way’. Was she crossing against the light? Was he running a light? That he struck her is only the beginning of the investigation. Pedestrians are often times at fault. The story doesn’t seem to address this point and so is ‘unhelpful’ at best.

  • the ace of books

    I like how they said “he was in a bad mood for the rest of the day”. Well, of course he as! If some idiot tried to dick you around for whatever cash you had and wouldn’t let you go on your way til you paid them, faked their injuries, and wasted half a day for you, it’s no wonder you’d be right pissed.

    What gets me is how the minute this guy starts swearing, he becomes a badguy in these commenters’ eyes. Shit, man, who wouldn’t cuss in a situation like that?

    • Boris

      That’s the thing in China. If the guy stayed quiet or cried, he would get more sympathy. Of course, most would cuss. I would be angry too. But since he is a foreigner, him cussng a chinese would make him a bad guy. You see the same thing the chinese do but these are forgiven(ignored).

    • Guest23

      Perfectly normal with the frustration of being swindled by a crazy lady and being clung to and wasting your time, and their understanding and sympathy for the extortionist and a little hint of xenophobia makes him the bad guy, really stupid if that’s their view of innocence, not making a fuss or getting angry is not entirely human to them either.

  • Johnny Tango

    I keep the modern day Chinese as far away from me as the original foreigners did with the coolies 100 yrs ago. The Chinese have little that I want.

    • whuddyasack

      So what makes you think you have anything that the Chinese want or need? Most are better off without you, and wouldn’t touch you with a 100-foot pole. The difference is of course, you’re here on a site about China and Chinese commenting, when most Chinese don’t even bother to come to non-Chinese/Asian sites or ‘wherever you’re from’.

      Note the last three words. While you’re conveniently and anonymously bashing the Chinese, you leave your location and ethnicity out. We call it cowardice.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      a bit racist. Just a little bit.

      • whuddyasack

        Depends on what you mean by being racist. Racism usually invokes someone lower down looking at someone higher up. Unless we’re talking about the other way round, reverse racism. Honestly, he just tries too hard and is far too disgusting, i.e. ‘inferior’ to be considered racist.

        He’s just a random troll and personally I think people should register before they are even allowed to post.

        I think cowardly is the better word. IP checking and passport profiles really would prevent stuff like these in future. ;-)

        • TheSOP

          Be quiet, racist.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Whuddy is in his ‘mood’. Believe when i say, he is actually a thoughtful person. Seriously. He CAN appear racist but he isn’t. He sees colours IN people not the colour OF people.

            Right Whuddyasack? :-)

          • whuddyasack

            Precisely, and Riddler, damn, you got me there. I was wondering where you went. ;-P

            How have you been doing, buddy? :-)

          • My_honourable_lord

            :-) Trying to behave myself. I see you been busy:-)

          • whuddyasack

            Well, I’ve got to say, you really are on your best behavior. Definitely been doing a good job staying out of mischief, I couldn’t detect you :-)

            Yes my friend. I’ve been busy, first with the exams and now with the chatting. Who knows what’s next hahaha

          • My_honourable_lord

            Hahhhaha! I have to behave, eat tots the brigade after me. Which exams you having?

          • whuddyasack

            Oh so she was chasing you. No wonder why I haven’t seen her in days. :]

            I was having college finals. Pretty much finished now.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Ok great, hope you get the grades. So, we should be seeing more of you around on the forum:-) I’m abroad at the moment, taking time off work for a while.

          • whuddyasack

            Thanks Rid. That’s good that you’re taking a break. Unfortunately, you might see less of me. For the same reason that you are, I’ll be on vacation for a while with my cousin and her family. Ugh, trust me, no fun. :

    • Germandude

      “The Chinese have little that I want.”

      I bet Johnny Tango has a lot to offer that everybody wants… Like Tango-music or a Johnny that is only an inch long. But yeah, cool story bro…

    • Cauffiel

      They do have some nice pussy around.

  • Marcus Black

    I like how some asshole poster above asked “What country is he from?”. See I can detect your backward thinking a mile away. Since this dude is caucasian you are asking for his country to say some shit like “He gives his country a bad name”. Now if he was not you would be insulting his entire race. You people are so predictable it’s not even funny anymore.

  • Guang Xiang

    Did anybody notice when he tried to pull the woman off his moped a random guy decided to pull him away? He couldn’t resist the chance stand up against a foreigner even if it’s none of his business.

    Fuck that guy.

    • vincent

      I think that’s his gf man, long hair and all that.

      • My_honourable_lord

        Vincent! Where you been man? How’re things?

        • vincent

          heyyyy not bad man, I’m currently abroad now so don’t have time to check the site much, but nice to be back how have you been? :D

  • BrandeX

    Seems like a swell chap. I would have punched her in the face to get her off me, then rode off.

    • Germandude

      Really? I would’ve gone to Starbucks, buying a Latte and a Muffin, then taken of my jacket and have a picknick there. Upon police arrival, I would have opened my backpack, taking my baseball bat out and smash the police officers head. Then I would have asked the woman if she wanted to be next. Obviously she wouldn’t have done so, so I would have taken my scooter and ride into the sun.

      I know my story is bullshit. Were you trying to be serious?

      • BrandeX

        Completely, he had no license plat number, or other identifying marks other than being “random white dude”. Many people here claim they can’t tell the difference between us anyway. Most likely no one would have ever found him (or even bother to call the police to attempt to file charges) if he took off right away. As the evidence indicated, he apparently just slightly bumped her anyway and no injury was detected at the hospital upon inspection – not to mention she was walking around right away. These kinds of scams are a daily occurrence here.

        • Germandude

          Well eventhough these kind of scams are a daily occurrence, as long as you have caused an accident, you should take responsibility for it. Simply leaving a victim behind (be it a person who want to cheat you out of money or not) is the weak action of someone without backbone.
          I hope, if such a thing ever happens to you, you will act different.

          • BrandeX

            The only victim is the foreigner who got scammed. The woman was walking around completely unhurt – later proven at a hospital. I would have left as I mentioned in my first post.

      • Cauffiel

        BrandeX is right. I don’t think I would punch her in the face, but I would definitely permanently dismount her from my bike and taken off.

        • Guang Xiang

          He tried and a nosy bystander decided to help his fellow countrymen by pulling him away. He was in danger of a mob retaliation.

          • Cauffiel

            I think you’re right, but only because he didn’t act right away.

    • the ace of books

  • Guang Xiang

    And thus China falls back to the Middle Kingdom mentality and stagnates back to humiliation like during the Qing dynasty

    • My_honourable_lord

      And then Japan pays a visit…

  • linette lee

    In USA and HK is very similar when it comes to accident involved with motor vehicle. If you hit someone and just take off you are automatically guilty of hit and run. You supposed to stay and wait for the police to come. Every driver must have car insurance. Driving without insurance will get your license suspended(I think) When the police come they take down all your information including car insurance. The person that was hit can go to hospital and go after the driver for compensation which is covered by the car insurance if the driver is found liable. If they are not happy with compensation they can take it to court and sue for more money.
    Now in China, it looks like this is how they handle vehicle accident. You hit someone and they want you to pay cash up front. So now they have this he says she says screaming at each other a big show in the public. What about car insurance? Don’t they go through the same procedure like USA and Hk.

  • TheSOP

    I’ve seen something similar with a different outcome; one morning on the way to the uni I’m at a crossing and a Chinese guy blatantly runs a red light on his electric scooter and t-bones a Chinese lady also on an electric scooter. She isnt injured but the collision was pretty decent knocked some of the plastic shells off both bikes. The guy managed to continue about 10 meters because he only hit the front of her bike but she is tipped over and needed to be helped up. The “traffic cop” is litterally right there and is blowing his whistle at the guy but making no movement towards him. The guy looks back once, inches forward a little bit, everyone at the stop looking at him, looks back again (I can see his brain doing a large number of calculations using an algorithm unique to China which I myself must admit I have not mastered) and takes off at high speed…

    That dude was really really in the wrong. This guy stopped to help at least and for having a heart condition being a major drama queen isn’t helping the auntie any… show me the traffic light footage until then its all speculation.

    • don mario

      but in china the dude was in the right actually. as you said it wasnt a big accident, but in china the norm is to bullshit and screw your fellow man. so whether it was big or small or even if he did nothing and air blew her over he would be getting screwed over. he has a better chance of not being screwed by leaving the scene.

  • TheSOP

    Nope. I think I’ll arrange a visit just to thumb you in your eye,

  • Cauffiel

    Ok, kids, everybody understand the lesson? Never, never, never, never, never help. Ever.

    • Markoff

      you forgot to mention “never help the chinese”, if you see fellow foreigner don’t be afraid to help

  • Markoff

    I guess this was wrote by some fellow American or European towards Chinese leeches…

  • Chris McKenna

    I’ve wondered recently what they best way to react to this would be? I mean if you forget that he rant the light and was driving illegally. Should you just sit calmly and smile and when the police turn up request that matter is sorted out in court as the last article suggests?

  • Zappa Frank

    ok, on the other side you may do the same… right?

  • xiaode

    You know what would help in this situation?
    Someone wants to scam you… ask for compensation even it is 100% clear that nothing has happened… Ask the person how much he/she wants… then make clear that you know very well the costs for treatments in the hospitals in China, you will take the person to the hospital…. and you will make sure that he/she will need every single Mao he/she just quoted!

  • doctorbri43

    Are you serious in saying this? The planet is small and some of us foreigners are here to sincerely help in assisting China to modernize. Comments like yours don’t cause me to want to leave China as ignorant people exist in my home country of the USA as well and say such intolerant things.

    • Dr Sun

      @doctorbri43, after you’ve been on china smack a while you to will give up reasoning with trolls.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Yeah, you go back to your cave, troll!

    ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Shoo, shoo~

  • xiaode

    You know what would happen if everyone from my country (Germany) would leave China…. and what would happen if every Chinese would leave my country…. Think about it….
    It could be difficult… but I believe we could survive without sweet-sour chicken with rice…

    • xuedi

      interesting icon, your not trying to hack this page are you?

  • Zappa Frank

    wow… next time they will released only the best results..

  • Rosina Neva Heita

    Chinese people should leave Namibia before its too late

  • Jack Yu

    I always love it how bystanders aren’t even uncomfortable with literally sticking a large DSLR directly into the faces of the two people involved. People in Europe would surely take videos with their mobile phones, but the guy with the huge camera at the end of the video is playing in an entirely different league.

  • Germandude

    Only in Manhattan…

  • Jahar

    your sisters and daughters all seem to want us here.

    • My_honourable_lord

      ‘your sisters and daughters all seem to want us here.’

      And wives.

      • Jahar

        I didn’t want to go that far, but thanks for adding that. Although, I think this is half the reason “they” don’t want us here

        • My_honourable_lord

          I would never take it that far but the wives certainly wanted to have a go. And yes, that would also be a thorn in their side, so to speak.

  • Jahar

    what difference does it make?

    • A lot.

      • Jahar

        care to explain? Only non-english teachers have a right to be critical of the way things are here? or is it vice-versa?

        • Where did you pull that from?

          People who “work” there live very different lifestyles and do things very differently to those that are young and teaching there as an adventure. So of course one’s background has a massive influence on whether they feel that they indeed “Escaped” or not.

          • Jahar

            I pulled it from the fact that he’s obviously critical of china, and you seem to be basing whether or not he has the right to be so on his chosen career path.

            So is it english teachers you are critical of or those who are young and teaching on an adventure? And his wife escaped, not him. But you never made it clear who it’s okay for, the English teacher or the person who “works” there(not too clear if this includes teachers or not).

          • o_O. You certainly read a lot into things that aren’t there. For the record I am not being critical. If you have some chip on your shoulder that is causing you to see everything via your prism of persecution, then so be it.

          • Jimmy Savvy

            I’d wager you are canadian, and in chengdu. End of story body!!!!