Man’s Affair Exposed on TV When Stopped For Not Wearing Seatbelt

A Chinese man is stopped by traffic police for not wearing his seat belt.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: So much information [晕]
!! Police Officer Zhang Stops a Volvo Only To… [黑线] The traffic officer “uncle” only thought the driver’s safety belt looked rather odd… never imagining that it was the strap of a satchel/bag… The traffic officer just wanted to check his driver’s license… but who told you not have it with you? So you had to send away the female coworker in your passenger seat, and have your wife bring it over! So…[衰][阴险][偷笑]

The above microblog post currently the top post on popular Chinese microblogging social network Sina Weibo, with over 75k reshares and 15k comments at time of translation. The video itself hosted on Sina has been viewed over 2.8 million times so far since being uploaded less than 12 hours earlier this morning.

If you are unable to access YouTube to watch our copy of the video with English subtitles, below is a summary of what happens in the video:

The video is a segment of a Chinese television show promoting traffic and driving safety. The host, Police Officer Zhang, notices something suspicious about a Volvo driver’s seatbelt. Pulling him over, the officer notes that the seatbelt seems to be going the wrong direction across the driver’s torso which is soon revealed to actually be the strap of his shoulder bag. The driver’s passenger, a young woman, is also not wearing her seatbelt, claiming she has never worn a seatbelt when riding in cars.

The young woman a man is cheating on his wife with, caught on television, when he is stopped by police for not wearing his safety belt.

Wearing a seatbelt is required by law and Officer Zhang entertains the driver’s excuses before walking to the car and pointing out that the car’s seatbelt is actually bucked in but the driver had been sitting on it, and that he was doing this to avoid wearing his seatbelt but also stop the car’s automatic warning chime from sounding when it is operated without the seatbelt being buckled. Admitting his mistake, the traffic officer lectures him and his passenger on the importance of developing the good habit of wearing his safety belt for safety, regardless of whether one is a driver or passenger.

Traffic Officer Zhang admonishing the female passenger for not wearing her seatbelt.

Officer Zhang says he must cite them for their violations and asks for the man’s driver’s license upon which the man realizes he left at home in another bag. The man calls someone to bring his driver’s license and then immediately tells his female passenger to leave first, promising to call her later.

The driver realizes he doesn't have his driver's license on him, having left it at home.Chinese man's mistress waves goodbye as she leaves the scene after he is pulled over by traffic police for not wearing his seat belt.

15 minutes later, another woman appears, and turns out to be his wife, who soon asks why he is back so early if he was supposed to be at a meeting somewhere else and wasn’t supposed to be back until later that night. Officer Zhang states that the driver will be fined 100 RMB for not wearing his own seatbelt and another 5 RMB because his passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt either. Now, the wife asks who the passenger is and the husband says it was a coworker who already left. She asks if it was a man or a woman, and he lies that it was a man, telling her that they can talk about this later.

As Officer Zhang finishes writing out the ticket, the man asks that the filming not be broadcasted. Although chuckling and likely knowing what the man is referring to, Zhang ignores his plea.

The driver who was pulled over, with his wife next to him, after she arrived bringing his driver's license that he had left at home.

The segment ends with Officer Zhang advising drivers to buckle up and not try to be clever in circumventing the law or deceiving traffic officer, such as buying and wearing shirts with a seatbelt strap printed on them.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Is there no integrity/principle, no respect for privacy?




Lousy man and damn slut!!


Volvo…those who drive this car all seem to have a lot of female coworkers. [哈哈]


Broadcasting this will affect their family harmony…


If you don’t do shameful things, then you wouldn’t be afraid of the devil knocking on your door.


I bet his wife saw this piece of news.


[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈] Any carelessness could result in being exposed/caught, and appearing on television, just how is he going to fix this problem? However, for the television channel to do this, isn’t that being guilty of exposing other people’s private matters? This is worth discussing.


See what kind of tragedy not wearing your seatbelt will lead to?! [偷笑]


Now you guys know just how important respecting traffic regulations is, right?!


It was a man! A Thai person that’s all!


Hahaha, this man is in for a tragedy.

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  • It is with my sad regret to share with everyone of the following news:

    On July 1st, 2013, Brec Heffner passed away of yet undetermined causes in Los Angeles. He was 57.

    The cS community may better know Heffner as Little Wolf, a name he used offline as well.

    Little Wolf was a seasoned expat who took part in many online China expat communities including here at cS. Little Wolf was part of the volunteers that helped “Fur Child” Lili attain the help she needed in a surgery done in Shanghai almost exactly a year ago. He is interviewed and can be seen in this chinaSMACK article (seen in pictures with Lili herself):

    Little Wolf’s presence in the China expat online community reaches far back to his part in founding Sinocidal, a scandalous and satirical website that gained notoriety during its existence.

    Little Wolf was an ardent animal lover. Among the many beliefs that he felt strongly about, Little Wolf was uncompromising in his unwavering support for animal rights.

    As per the wishes of the family in lieu of flowers, individuals who are inspired to cherish Little Wolf’s memory are kindly suggested to donate to a local animal shelter or equivalent charity for the preservation and protection of animals. Two such animal shelters in China are the Hangzhou Zhejiang China Dog Rescue and Jaiya’s Animal Rescue in Shanghai, both of which were familiar to Little Wolf.

    Little Wolf hasn’t been here at cS for awhile, but he will be remembered. And he will be missed.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      If this is true, then I am sad for the loss of a good man. I remember that “Fur Child” case, and the work he did to help her out. My first thought whenever I see “Little Wolf” is always that incident.

      My condolences go out to his family.

    • mr.wiener

      Aw shit…..That’s really bad news. He was a great guy.

      • Brett

        You know he actually did raise wolves in Hangzhou? He sent me videos of them…

        He was here at chinaSMACK for a while, made lots of friends due less to hiss bluntness and more because he was so passionate. He was unwavering in his beliefs.

        Brec was a great guy who survived struggles most people couldn’t comprehend dealing with.

        I know he didn’t drink (he had been sober for years), but I’m out right now, so here’s to Brec. Cheers.

        • mr.wiener

          He sent me a vid of his Dad doing a parachute jump in his 70’s
          Cheers mate, here’s to Little Wolf

        • John Hollingshead

          Here’s to him, very sobering news.

    • Repatriated

      I’m shocked by this news. Having met him in Hangzhou, I know that B was an avid health fanatic. He didn’t drink or smoke.

    • This is terrible news. He was a great guy. Well, what I knew of him from ChinaSMACK. I never had the honor of meeting him in real life even though, for a moment, we lived pretty close to one another.

    • markus peg

      I’m sorry to hear this news, i may have only started to comment quite recently but i have been a long time reader other both topics and some of the messages. To me he was a good, active member of society. I didn’t know him nor spoke to him but i often agreed with things he wrote on here.

      My thoughts go out to the family.

    • Elijah

      Jeez, out of all the people to go it had to be one of the good ones…

      I’m really sorry to hear that, it’s obvious Brec had a lot of empathy and lessons to teach others about caring. I hope that those he touched will remember it and learn.

      Howl at the moon dude.

    • Dr Sun

      A good guy passes away, RIP Littlewolf

    • silent observer

      I remember fur child. May he rest in peace. Give us an update on the cause.

      • Little Wolf passed away at the beginning of the long weekend in the US, so facilities like the coroner’s office weren’t open and available.

        Little Wolf had health problems. His sister think his passing may have to do with a heart attack or a stroke. Will update as soon as I can.

    • linette lee

      OH MY GOD!. WHY? :(

    • John Hollingshead

      That is sad news, while me and him may have had a bit of butting heads at times on hzexpat back in the day, he was a well known and long time expat in hangzhou, who also did a lot of good, truly sad news, may you ride on in heaven

    • Kai

      We ended up not getting along for various reasons, but we nonetheless crossed paths in this lifetime and knew something about each other, even if just virtually and however limited it ultimately was. Besides Little Wolf, he also went by Brec Starhawk, which I think many who knew him will also recognize. I never thought he was anywhere near this sort of end, and maybe that just shows how ephemeral life can be. I thought he had many years left sharing stories about the music he was making, the landscaping projects he had been involved in for which stars, and his pride in his Native American lineage. The guy had a rich life, and I’m sure he would’ve added to that wealth if it hadn’t been cut short. Rest in peace.

    • The Enlightened One


      Are you kidding me? I was wondering where that guy went. He seemed like one of the few guys that had brass balls and a heart of gold.

      That’s really too bad. I am sad to hear this piece of news.

      I guess I will never have that drink with him. Tonight, I will have one for Little Wolf.

      • R.i.P, Lttle Wolf!
        I only knew him from his posts here ic C.S.
        I always enjoyed his posts and his honesty.
        To his family friends and loved ones I am truly sorry.
        sincerely, red girl

    • WoRPt

      I had the utmost respect for him. We had started working together to raise funds for Lili, but ended up going down different avenues for that fund.

      I certainly have a heavy heart to hear this news. He was a very caring person. I hope he is remembered well.

      • Jing Li

        I didn’t know littlewolf (rip) but I do believe I know you. You and I first became acquainted during the Lili fundraising, did we not? We used to chat on Facebook but you stopped posting almost a year ago. Am I correct?

        • WoRPt

          Hi Jing! Yes, it is me. Figured you would have at least recognized the alias. Saw you on here a couple of weeks ago tearing it up with some ‘phobes. :)

          Yeah… I check Facebook every few months, but I don’t really post much. I will sign on there and send you a PM with my email, number and WeChat (if you use it).

          How have you been?

    • My condolences, I admire him and we were friends. I guess its just one of those explosive weeks. Many life changing things are happening recently, I am certain, to many people.

      A shooting star travel across the night sky, a wolf howling at the moon, his journey has just begun. Though he has left us, his memory will remain with us. Farewell to Little Wolf, we will all see him soon.

    • Justin

      Sad. Why couldn’t one of the trolls die?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Oh man, that’s awkward. Getting caught that way is just embarrassing… but I don’t really feel sympathy for this man. When you take on an affair, you take on all the risks, so upon his own head.

    • Repatriated

      Yep. Risky business these days in that everyone is walking around with an iphone at the ready to capture film or pics to post on the net.

    • 21tigermike

      I love how the genius tries to lie about the seatbelt, then they confess that they never use the seat belts …LMFAO.. morons.

      Edit: Wait?! it gets better… the wife just jaywalked through four lanes of traffic! GENIUS!

  • Repatriated

    Kinda screwed up that the media is somehow certain that the girl is his mistress. Although not likely, it is possible that she’s a coworker. The cop didn’t catch them screwing…

    • lonetrey / Dan

      But then why would he tell the other woman to leave?

      Course, his wife could be a totally crazy paranoid jealousy beast…

      • Repatriated

        My wife watched the video and was laughing because the cop was referring to the girl as “person” when discussing it in front of his wife and kinda covering for the guy.

        We all know what the likely scenario was, but it’s kinda messed up that the media is smearing this guy without knowing all of the details. Maybe the girl had to get to work…or more likely class. Haha.

        And you’re right, Dan. Maybe he said guy because his wife is the jealous type.

        Who knows. I’m not defending the guy, just making an observation.

        • Wololoo

          After the women ask, wether the person is male or female and after the man lied, the police man says:
          No matter wether male or female, everyone need to wear the seating belt properly.

          Made me laugh as well.

          • Zhegezhege

            Yeah, that bit was good – the cop gave a good performance throughout, really. It was also funny when the wife shows up and, knowing full well that he has just caught her husband doing something naughty, he chides the wife for the way she crossed the road. 那有行人横道线。。。遵守交通规则!Naturally, for being polite he gets ignored.

            The subtext is also quite interesting.

            Philanderers of China, you know who you are and if you didn’t think there was any point in wearing a seat belt before, maybe you do now!

      • markus peg

        also he lied about the other passenger being a woman.

        he could have said it was a co-worker or (something) but she didn’t have time to wait around so she took a taxi… did you notice his wife looked in the car, she seemed very suspicious already, no doubt from past events. i think she was smelling the car for any signs..

  • Marcellus Wallace

    Some men are so weak to pussy. If a woman tries to hit on me when I am married I will just call my wife and tell her to tell this woman I have a wife. That’s called transparency. Besides don’t get married if you aren’t willing to commit to one woman.

    • markus peg

      You have to get your wife to tell them your married…….
      transparency can be achieved in other ways.

      • Marcellus Wallace

        Yes because if you say it she will just try harder to get you because women seem to like married men. But if your wife says it she will leave you alone. Unless you’re disloyal and want to actually cheat on your wife.

        Besides if you ever see this woman again when out with your wife, she can easily make your wife think you cheated with her. But I think it would just be funny to see her face when you take out your phone and call your wife.

        • markus peg

          are you talking about girls trying it on with a married man from the west or eat? You should say I’m happily married (you need to add the happily) that works.

          • fabulous

            Hold on a second markus peg.
            If she is hitting on Marcellus Wallace and Marcellus Wallace says “Hold that thought”, takes out his cellphone, calls his wife in front of this floozy, says “Hey my gorgeous baby cake. There’s a girl here who didn’t take note of my fine Joalharia Do Carmo wedding ring, or the polite hints that you being my wife makes my Markus Willice a no-go-zone. Could you please explain that she should find her own man because hard headed bitch obviously thinks I’m being playing hard.” and hand the phone to the girl, I think his plan will work.

          • markus peg

            I didn’t say it wont work, its just a little long winded. I was just surprised and asked about it, personally i wouldn’t take that route, though i am faithful.

          • Marcellus Wallace

            its just for the lols. wouldn’t always do it because your wife will become tired and annoyed if you keep calling her to do this. Chinese women seem very suspicious so it may be good to do this once in a blue moon just to keep her suspicions at bay. She even gets mad because her friend likes me even though we aren’t married.

          • markus peg

            Ok, that sounds a lot more understandable. I was thinking the same thing about the wife getting annoyed being bothered with that all the time. especially if they happen while away on business.

        • WoRPt

          Seems like a lot of work. When (on the rare occasion) I get hit on, I just tell them I have a wife. If they continue harassing me, I tell them I love my wife. If they still persist, I tell them my wife has all the money. That usually works.

      • WoRPt

        I know. Somehow it just seems like an “I’m telling mom!” kind of mentality. But hey, if it works for him, it works for him.

    • Dr Sun

      unless your in an agreed open marriage

      • Alex

        And then you wake up

        • loki

          …. next to two woman! (just finishing that sentence for you.)


      Wait a minute, have you ever done that before or are you just saying you’ll do that. Because saying you’ll do it and actually doing it are two different things in this case. Most men, myself included, would love the ego boost that comes with a woman finding them attractive. I don’t think very many men would actually call their wife to tell the other woman that they’re married. That’s a lot of work and depending upon what kind of wife you have, opens you up for more questioning later. Just say you’re married and thanks but no thanks and be done with it.

      • Kai

        Pretty sure just an example of how he has or would handle it with a measure of flair. Just for fun I think.

    • loki

      ah come on man… you can get married even if you not committed to one woman.. She just has to be cool with sharing…

      • Marcellus Wallace

        would you be cool sharing her with another man?

        • loki

          In the last 15 years of pulling threesomes, I have never been asked to share with another guy. I keep my girls very happy.

          • Marcellus Wallace

            Then don’t expect your woman to be cool with sharing you. I know for men its a quick and clean business with only STI’s being the risk. But still you must put yourself in your woman’s shoes.

          • loki

            I think you fail to see the point in my comment. I have yet to find 1 woman that can keep me 100% satisfied. But I am more than enough to keep 2 woman satisfied. If the woman feels the urge to be with another man. she is free to go, there is always more woman out there to enjoy…

  • nqk123

    buckle up it might save your @ss and prevent you from getting caught when you cheat

  • This is amazing

  • coldraindrops

    I love these traffic safety shows; they give remind me that there are good, honest, and genuine police officers in China. My favorite are Officer Tan from Chengdu and Officer Xiong from Shenzhen.

    • Dr Sun

      but how many “black cars” does he stop, how many govt license or army licence or police license does he pull over ??

      • coldraindrops

        that’s true for many Chinese police officers, however there are a few good ones, notably, the ones I mentioned before. Examples:

        Video: Officer Xiong stopping uniformed Firefighter

        Officer stopping military license car

        Officer Tan stopping chengguan and speaking with chenguan supervisor

        Officer Tan stopping police who turns out to be fake.

        • This video of Officer Tan pulling over the fake police officer…man that dude looks so scared. It’s enough to make me want to give him a hug and tell him it’s all ok, even though he’s probably a douche if he pulls some kind of stunt like that. But hey, maybe he just fantasized about being a police officer like on TV and never used it to do anything evil. Maybe he was just a gentle giant? I wasn’t really able to keep up with what they were saying.

          • mr.wiener

            Officer Tan is so polite he’s almost Japanese.

      • Kai

        Still, give credit where credit is due. We sometimes think the Chinese government, authorities, and society aren’t doing anything to mold social norms for the better, but they are. Maybe not enough or fast enough for us, but still, credit where it’s due.

        • markus peg

          agreed, try to take some positives from this story.

  • markus peg

    I wont mention the affair issue in this post, i would like to address the no seat belt issue

    A seat belt is for their own safety why don’t they ware them.

    my friend has a fake clip that goes into the car to make it think the seat belt is plugged in when it isn’t.. what the point of buying something like that when you can just ware a seat belt… in fact why is a fake clip even on sale when its illegal not to ware one…

    • Kai

      I’ve seen those too. It’s just short-term thinking, comfort and convenience over the small likelihood of danger. People here don’t wear seat belts for the same reason people didn’t wear them and didn’t like wearing them like 20 years ago in the West. We had years of law enforcement, educational PSAs, horrific driving school/class videos, with “buckle up” and “click it or ticket” road signs before we all got into the habit. China isn’t there yet. There will be more people flying out of windshields before people start changing their bad habits. Some people have to learn the hard way.

      • markus peg

        The thing is, the drivers are thinking “I wont crash so its ok” but what about the other bad drivers who may crash into them. When i drive I’m more worried about others hitting me than i am of me hitting them (although both are theoretically possible).

        -personal story time-
        about 3 weeks ago I was in the car with someone boating about how good they are at driving because they parked in a small space. not long after saying that they were about to run a red light without knowing because it was a huge crossroad and didn’t see the lights, i pointed that out and they panicked and stopped in the middle of a cross road.. it was a horrible situation to have been in. eventually we made it without getting hit but the camera picked it up to fine the driver at a future date.

        • Kai

          Yeah, I mention this in another comment somewhere here. The driving culture here hasn’t gotten to the point of being smarter about these kind of things.

          I also absolutely hate those fuckers who just stop in the middle of the road, usually because they missed a turn or something. It’s an extension of how some people just stop in the middle of the hallway or at the top or bottom of an escalator with no regard for the flow of traffic behind them. Some people are just idiots.

          That said, credit where credit is due, being able to park into a small space is an accomplishment. Just don’t think it means all your driving skills are top-notch. Basically, avoid boasting. Sooner or later something will bite you in the ass.

          • mopedchi

            Ex-gf picked me up from Beijing Terminal 3 and missed the expressway turn-off on the way back. She stopped on the highway and backed up. Scared the crap out of me. I was begging her to take the next turn off but she said she didn’t know the way from next exit. Sigh… better lost than dead.

          • Kai

            Yeah, I’ve seen people do that before and it irks the hell out of me. I suppose it is something you could “get away with” as long as the road doesn’t have much traffic, and there are parts of China where the next exit where you could turn back is MUCH further down, but I’m always wishing there was a cop there with the good sense to ream them in the ass for that sort of idiocy.

    • BiggJ

      I hate wearing a seat belt. I just can’t get use to it. I think it should be a choice if you want to wear them and not the law. I’ve been in wrecks and pulled over and fined many times for not wearing a seat belt. If I see a cop I’ll slip in over fast and then when he goes by I just let it go. Worse then that is the fucking seat belt warning dinging that goes off every minute or so. I got my uncle to cut the wires to the alarm. I know it stupid, but it’s my choice. I like the law they use to have in Vermont or Massachusetts I can’t remember which. But the law was if you where under the age of 18 then you had to wear it, over that it was your choice. I’m not sure if that law is still in effect. That’s a good law though.

  • Peter Pottinger

    damn that girl was cute and the wife was not i’d get a divorce and hit that shit all night long

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Maybe if he got divorced, the cute girl wouldn’t want him anymore…

      I agree though, she was pretty good looking

      • Peter Pottinger

        he has money and she has pussy, its a match made in heaven

        • lonetrey / Dan

          after a divorce, he’ll only have half that money! maybe less! :P

  • Wololoo

    Is the police officer an actor? Never saw someone this friendly here, although I would appreciate it.

    In Germany most of the police officers are like this (except bavaria).

    • Repatriated

      It was a TV show like “Cops” in the USA. Do you think he’s going to be himself in front of a camera?

    • Kai

      Not an actor but he’s obviously working as a host for an educational tv program so he has to have some on-camera skills to produce a watchable show. I’ve met friendly cops before but they’re usually the younger ones. The old ones are more about coasting in their jobs smoking cigarettes and sipping tea waiting to retire.

      I now expect friendly German police treatment if I’m ever pulled over for speeding on the restricted areas of the Autobahn!

    • coldraindrops

      There are a variety of similar shows like this, and they let a model police officer to host it. At first I believed that they were actors too, but they are real. In one city, one of these cops are so famous that some people when pulled over will immediately cover their face to avoid being embarassed on TV.

    • Guest

      Also, if I am not mistaken, this police officer (Officer Zhang) was named best police officer in Chongqing

  • “I normally don’t wear sea belts so this warrants me not to.” Says the boy with big boobs in blue checkered dress.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      *Girl, … the male driver didn’t have big boobs… nor was he wearing a dress…

      • “The driver’s passenger, a young woman, is also not wearing her seatbelt, claiming she has never worn a seatbelt when riding in cars.”

        • Repatriated

          I had 2 coworkers ride with me to lunch one day (NO NOT mistresses haha) and they didn’t want to put on a seatbelt until I insisted. They both said “oh, we trust your driving”. It was never MY driving I was worried about while driving in China.

          • Sounds like 2 idiots.

          • Kai

            Yeah, that’s one of the dynamics here. Buckling up can be seen as a commentary of the driver’s skill, and it isn’t hard to see why people can take it that way. I sometimes have to reassure them its just a personal habit and not a reflection of their driving. A better way is to reassure them that you just don’t want them to get fined JUST IN CASE they are pulled over. Higher chance of changing their thoughts from you insulting them to you being considerate of them. Works wonders. Try it.

          • markus peg

            Yeh i tend to say its a personal habit as ive been doing it from a young age (tho what i say depends on whose driving).

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Yes I know, but you said in your post “says the boy with big boobs”.

          • Dude @_@ …. my eyeballs are like small pebbles tumbling in a tin can. I cannot believe you trying to disprove me on this still after I gave you the gender acknowledgement. I’ll just be very daft here and say that I think she looks like a man!!! Her dress is nothing more than a 12 year old’s idea of cute fairy tale. Nothing of her’s exude any kind of sexy desire besides her bewbs… totally looks like a boy.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Hahaha, sorry I can be so dense sometimes ._.

            Your picture did the trick though

          • Now tell me she is cute.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            -_______- Ahhh, I get what you mean now.

            Ehh, I didn’t feel like she had a man-ish face. Guess I like those sort of faces then :/

          • I have a male Chinese friend here…it’s like his face on her body.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            D: … Is it that apparent to everyone!? I am starting to seriously doubt my own taste in women…

          • Hey, different strokes for different folks, right?
            Nah even with a face that reminds me of my male friend, she is still strangely kind of cute. Hmm guess I’ll see what my friend is up to tonight…(I wish it were the 90’s again so I could say “hey, it’s the 90’s”)

          • mr.wiener

            No one looks at the mantlepiece when you are stoking the fireplace.

        • Now you and I both know very well that a girl that skinny, especially in Asia, isn’t going to really have big boobs. You know how those supportive bras are. You would think this rich stud could afford to feed his mistress a bit more.

          • Teehee I see your sentiment. I have a cousin who is small framed probably 5’3″-5’4″ skinny but huge B-C cup boobs. There are plenty of tiny females with big boobs, you should know if you watch pr0n. I’m going to say that I am a female so I don’t look like a creepy cousin noticing my cousin’s huge boobs.

          • Is your cousin over 18?
            If so, let us see this cousin. For evidence of your claim, of course.

          • Lol… nah man… I don’t have pics of my cousin. Although this is one thing I noticed in Taiwanese and Japanese women. I wondered if it is their diet that has lead to their extra growth of hormones.

          • Oh yeah.. google will help … for science .. if you want to pursue the matter.

          • ::types “maybeabanana’s cousin big boobs” into google image search::
            The results gave me images of scooter crashes and a lambo accident, as well as some girly asian men that look like Chinese hair salon guys.

          • Google is some scary shizznit.


    Both of these people are dumb as rocks. I mean not wearing your seatbelt while driving in China, that’s like a death wish. I bet their thinking is “seatbelts are too much of a nuisance, besides I’ve never worn them before and never been hurt so why wear them now”. How much you wanna bet neither of them will wear their seatbelts in the future. They don’t even know that even a minor crash can cause major injury if they aren’t wearing their seatbelts. When will these people learn.

    And then the guy proceeds to tell his wife that his co-worker is a man, on camera. I mean maybe his wife is the insanely jealous type but still, I probably just would have told the truth because usually a small lie just grows bigger with time.

    I really couldn’t care less if both these idiots die in a car crash. I’m allergic to stupidity.

  • Ruaraidh

    Isn’t it just easier to wear a seatbelt, than to buy and wear a shirt with a fake seatbelt printed on it? It can’t be about being cool either, I’m not that fashion conscious, but surely a shirt with a fake seatbelt is less cool than just wearing a seatbelt?

    • Kai

      The shirts are only half-functional, and perhaps only somewhat exploited regularly by occupational drivers. Some occupational drivers, especially those who have seen shit, are decent about safety and wouldn’t do this stuff, but some are just ignorant. Most other non-occupational drivers wouldn’t regularly tailor what they’re going to wear that day around such a shirt unless they happen to like that sort of abstract diagonal line down my chest design. You get car enthusiasts who might do it sometimes but almost more of an inside joke. That’s my experience.

      The only time I personally disliked wearing a seat belt was as a small kid and the shoulder strap chafing against my neck (this was before cars had adjustable shoulder strap anchors).

  • BiggJ

    What a dumb fuck. Why can’t he just say he can’t get his drivers license? Like it’s at home and no one is there to bring it? What’s worse….taking a fine or whatever for not having your license or doing what this guy did? What is the law in china for not driving with you license on you? It can’t be too harsh. My example is in Canada so I know it’s different but I’ve been pulled over before and I never had my wallet on me and I think it’s a fine but the officer just gave a warning. They can call it in and check to make sure you are who you say u are. Maybe not in china I guess. But you can usually back it up with something in your car with your name in it. Point is I don’t think it’s that big of deal. So instead of maybe having to pay a fine this fuck brings his wife and lies to her after he has been shown with his mistress on camera in front of everyone…that’s just fucking stupid.

    • License

      IIRC they can detain you for up to 14 days if you don’t have a license (you can also be banned for life from ever getting one too). I would assume not being able to produce a license on the spot means a trip to the station (possible arrest) and a ton of forms and hours of messing about. Chinese law is very strict, enforcement is shit.

      • BiggJ

        Yeah I know driving without actually having a license is pretty harsh….but if you don’t have it on you at the time is different. I know i would go through the bullshit of filling out forms and messing around for hours even spending a night in jail then having my wife catch me cheating and mistress knowing too. Having your wife find out you are cheating is a lot worse then filling out forms and wasting an afternoon. If you don’t have your license on you at the time you should have like 24 hours or something to show the police station. It’s common to forget your license. I keep mine in my wallet and if i’m just just going for a short drive to someones house or something I forget my wallet at home. Honest mistake.

        • Kai

          Yeah, I think the guy was just nervous and wasn’t thinking things through. He didn’t even have a good excuse ready after 15 minutes. Pretty sure it’s a combination of being pulled over by a cop, with his mistress, and a camera recording. Guilty conscience, deer in headlights.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah could be the case. I know the first thing I would have done was say I can’t get my license. Especially if my wife thinks i’m at work…and i’m with the girl the im cheating on her with….like come on… If this guy gets caught like this then he’s is too stupid to have a mistress. This whole situation was completely avoidable. Nervous or not….I think logic should still come into play. It’s like the flight or fight response….but he did neither…. he just laid there and died with a stupid look on his face. lol

  • I use to not wear my seat belt much until I was in a one-car accident when we (mom, brother, sister, and I) slid off the road due to ice. We started losing control a little and had slit into the path of an oncoming Dually truck (this giant pickup trucks with four rear wheels for rednecks with small penises) and had to veer away to avoid a much-worse head-on collision, but dooming us to go off road. Unfortunately, the side of the road was a somewhat deep ravine/ditch thing. We caught air and landed right on the nose of our SUV, rolled head over heels and then back onto the wheels. None of us had our seat belts on but thankfully survived. My brother and sister just had some cuts and bruises, mom had dislocated both legs and an arm, and I had this long-ass shard of glass stuck between my eye and the socket, pretty deep into the socket. I’m lucky to have not lost my eye. Anyway, after that, I can’t even stand sitting in a parked vehicle without a seat belt, and I will refuse to drive anyone anywhere if not all people in my car are buckled up. Scares the piss out of me.

    • Kai

      Holy shit, I thought the dislocated legs and arm was freaky enough until the shard of glass in your eye socket (it’s always the small things involving soft tissues that seem worse). Dislocated is no joke but arguably slightly better than broken bones. Is your eye okay? That shard of glass didn’t cut any nerves or muscles around your eye?

      I had a similar head over heels accident, the car literally somersaulting in the air, not rolling over on its side, but literally somersaulting lengthwise. Everyone had seat belts on though and everyone survived without a scratch and just shaken nerves.

      • Nope, I got out well. I have a small scar coming out of the corner of my eye. That’s about it. If it had been a little bigger of a scar (in the direction away from the eye) it would be a pretty cool scar.

        Yeah ours went lengthwise, too. Not airborne at that point, but just casually rolling through the field. Car wrecks are no joke. They’re sudden and completely disorienting, even the small ones. Now when I look at cars, I find myself looking more at crash test videos than anything else haha

        • Kai

          Heh, too bad about not getting a cool scar out of it but it’d suck to have a lazy eye or something.

      • I am very fascinated in how you got your car to somersault head over heels though haha

        • Kai

          I was going too fast over one of those freeway exits that diverges off the freeway to the right but curves over the freeway to a road on the left. I basically lost traction or understeered into the right railing so the car was grinding on the rail over the remaining part of the overpass, sparks flying, until the railing ended at the downramp where there was a ditch/dirt gutter on the side. My front-right wheel dropped into the ditch next to the road and caught, thus sending the car into a flip in the air with all that momentum. The wheel was ripped off the suspension and I don’t think a single body panel escaped a scratch but the safety cage held up really well. Only a slight depression at the top on the front-left a-pillar. If that caved, that would’ve meant my head probably. German engineering, I recommend it like I recommend Arai helmets! All from personal crash-testing!

          • I’m not sure if I’m picturing it correctly, but the image in my head is pretty terrifying. I’ve been in a few more, but probably the best as far as a car holding up well would be the one I had in my 1972 Chevy Nova. This guy pulls out in front of me and I t-bone him at 40mph. His car was annihilated (he was completely untouched though, thankfully) but the Nova, that massive chunk of steel, was still idling. The front was smashed a little but not even enough to touch the radiator. I got a new, much needed paint job out of it (the body shop guy is the father of a friend, and said he had wanted to work on the car, so he fudged the insurance assessment a bit to cover every body panel) so I was fine with the temporary car damage, and walking like a jointless, stiff-necked robot for a few days.

          • Kai

            It’s terrifying enough. Not sure how fast I was going, likely between 40-60 mph entering though probably less by the end due to friction, but its one of those things where circumstances of how you crash and not just speed alone results in a much more spectacular outcome. For a few months afterward, I’d get a cold sense of dread driving over overpasses at freeway speeds but eventually got over it.

            When I highsided on my motorcycle, it was much more mundane (I rode into a curb while trying to ride out a wobble from my rear tire slipping on the painted crosswalk). It wasn’t that fast but the angle of my body hitting the ground resulted in a lot more serious injuries.

          • Man, I’m terrified of motorcycles. I avoided getting on one until I finally accepted a ride through some mountains on one from a friend in Taipei. I totally got why people love them. It was amazing. I loved it. But, at the same time, I was terrified. I knew that the slightest mistake meant me coming in contact with pavement.

          • Motorcycles are for the skilled. In Japan if you can’t lift your bike when dropped, you don’t deserve to ride one and that is a sentiment I believe in. Skilled wise, it just takes a lot of experience to be a good rider.. and China’s reputation does not uphold any of it.

          • It’s not even my own skill I’m worried about. I know I am pretty safe. I almost never speed more than 5mph over the limit, I won’t even drive after 2 beers (and I have quite the beer limit)…I just freak out about everyone else driving around me. Or deer running out in the road. A buddy of mine had to spend a while with metal bars and whatnot sticking out of his arm, in a cast, because a deer ran out in front of him while he was on his bike. The very idea of road rash makes me cringe. I have such beautiful skin…I’m like a porcelain doll

          • Rated mph are made for the lowest common denominator and drive-ability. Especially in a motorbike, you can speed up +20mph and still be fine. Safe practices are always good, but the unexpected deer or some other vehicles are always risks whether you are on a bike or a car. I had a deer run into me 4am in the morning… luckily my car was 6 cylinder and heavier than the last one I wrecked. All this depends on your ratio of risk to enjoyment.. so yeah.. the very idea of getting hit by a deer or something on a bike vs a car… it’s up to you. I personally .. see being nicked by a deer very lucky if the driver kept his life and brains. I had one time flew by a van in a 30mph curve and I was 5″ from shoulder to van… not a pleasant sight as I went by with my life flash before me. When you are a 100lb girl on a 200lb bike against a van… odds are not good. I ended up passing by scared shitless and running through the ditch with leaves and branches all over my wheels. That;s when I know I am not suited for a biker.

          • Right, but in a car, in my seatbelt, I’m not thrown from the car to scrape across the pavement. That’s my point. It’s the lack of safety features that even the best driver in the world might need with someone pulls out in front of them. Motorcycles aren’t the most visible things in the world. I don’t like having broken limbs. I like my giant, steel, classic muscle cars

          • Kai

            Yeah, motorcycles aren’t for everyone, but if you want to get started and get most of the fun and convenience (wind in your hair, getting around easily with more range than a human-pedaled bicycle), I’d just go with a nice electric bike, gas scooter, or low-displacement motorcycle (50-150cc). These should inherently limit your speeds though frankly, you can get into some nasty accidents on bicycles by themselves, though granted, often at the hands of inattentive auto drivers). Live life without fear but with prudence. At least that’s what you learn once youth runs out!

          • It’s just…man they drive some really big trucks here in the South haha

          • Kai

            Heh, in California, we have gridlock traffic and impatient people in massive SUVs they never take off-road on their cell or putting on makeup changing lanes without turn signals. It can be dicey and having been on that end, whenever I’m in my car, I try to be as aware of possible riders as I can.

            Riders tend to connect with each other once they’ve been at it long enough, like some sort of secret brotherhood, waving hi to each other on the road (we often throw the shocker), and you can often tell who rides because they’ll give space in their lane to let you pass if they notice you coming up behind them (again, if you live in a place where lane-sharing/splitting is allowed), and you acknowledge them with a hand sign as well. There are riders, and then there are “cagers”. Last month when I was in the States, one thing that amused me was that they’ve started to run PSAs on sharing the road with truckers and riders. I thought that was nice. Coincidentally, saw something similar in China too recently. Good thing to build awareness that the road is shared.

            I plan on getting a truck when I move back to the States, though not one of those ridiculously lifted monstrosities you need a ladder to climb up into. I once saw one at an In-N-Out that took up like 3 freaking parking spots. You can tell the guy thought he was cool as hell but everyone just looked at him like he was the world’s biggest douchebag who is trying WAY too hard to compensate.

          • Reminds me of high school. All the redneck kids with rich parents had their giant trucks with lift kits, and permanent 4 wheeler haul in the back. You know, to let all of us know they have an ATV. Cover it in mud and never wash it so everyone knows you go muddin’. I remember pulling into the parking lot and seeing someone had actually driven their truck up to school pulling an actual trailer with a tractor on it. I guess he wanted to give the message that he was so busy being a legitimate farmer or rancher that he had no time to drive home and hook up the trailer, he would immediately need to go to the farm field (which in my small town would probably be 150 feet away).

            I got to park with the cool kids…the little corner with all the beat up old classic muscle cars.

  • tonkotsu


    “does your whole family just not follow rules?”

    • WoRPt

      Replace the word “family” with “country” and you’ve got the question I’ve asked at least a million times :)

      • tonkotsu

        not a billion times? tsk tsk haha

  • tonkotsu

    the wife’s look towards the end was even more hilarious

  • HornyRam

    The guy’s wife has lovely tits. Would love to fuck her on the side and she could get her own back.

    • markus peg

      Are you kidding me? iv’e seen Chinese men with bigger tits than that.
      In my opinion the girl in the car has a better pair.

    • Baphomet

      You know I quite like your thinking there!

    • cb4242

      She had tits? I didn’t notice them. Those rose buds weren’t tits. An ant female has bigger tits than that.

  • markus peg

    The belt police government official arrives at the scene to escort the woman away for secret questioning.

    • hunky

      lol, floating government official.

  • filabusta

    Ah come on, they should at least blur the guys face if he doesn’t agree to sign a release. Just like cops in the US.

    • markus peg

      Blurring the face wont protect him against his wife, even before she knew she was suspicions and angry looking…

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  • RIP littlewolf

    As for this story, I think it is funny as hell! I like how the ugly wife walks across for busy lanes of a highway to rescue her cheating husband!

    • Marcellus Wallace

      I agree the wife is not very attractive but this guy should not have married her if he is weak to plastic face women. Doesn’t matter how ugly your wife is, her being loyal to you is beauty in itself. It’s guys like these that make Chinese women so damn distrustful. Besides a woman might look beautiful when she is young but once you’re both old she will loose her shine. That’s when you will find her unattractive.

      When it comes to Chinese women, the majority are very loyal and they become very attached to their husband. Knowing this men who get involved with them should do their utmost to remain loyal to her. You’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of stable marriage. Its very easy for men to remarry after a divorce but not for Chinese women. Therefore they have to be very suspicious because they may end up lonely if their husband is disloyal to them. Maybe I am just too naive but I think Chinese women make the best wives when with a loyal dedicated husband.

      • I think the Chinese moral of the story is: “Don’t marry someone your own age when you are young and poor. Wait until you get rich and grab yourself a little hottie ten years younger!”

        • tonkotsu

          20+ years younger please, my future gf is currently learning how to read

  • WoRPt

    Although I have no respect for the guy, I also think he should be allowed to sue the crap out of whoever broadcast it. Obviously, he won’t/can’t,

    Now, had he had a little guangxi, or a little cash, we’d probably never have heard of it. The legal system in China (on so many levels) has a lot of work to be done to it.

    • hess

      Why should he be allowed to sue? He should have worn his fucking seatbelt in the first place, and he shouldnt have a xiaosan in the first place either.

      • WoRPt

        Don’t shows like Cops and that have regulations about airing faces on television?

        • hess

          No idea, dont have those shows where I’m from..

          • WoRPt

            Yeah, I’m no lawyer. Just sounds like the kind of thing that would be a lawsuit in the U.S. or Canada, but who knows. I hadn’t actually watched the video (just read the story) until just now. Pretty funny actually. I couldn’t help chuckling at the questions the cop was asking. “Why don’t you wear your seat belt?” “Why don’t you care about safety?” “Why don’t you cross at the crosswalk?”

            Been asking these questions for the last ten years. At one point, I just gave up asking. The cop looks like Mr. Top Cop on TV, but how many traffic violations has he ignored, and why didn’t he give the wife a jaywalking ticket?

            I found the whole thing pretty damn funny, in the end.

        • cb4242

          That’s mostly in Japan.

  • Repatriated

    His wife is about his size. I bet he got his ass kicked in when they got home. LOL. He no doubt got yet another ass kicking when the show aired.

  • WoRPt

    If anyone is an expert in law, I’m really curious about this one. I’ve been thinking about it. First of all, the story is damn funny, that’s for sure. But I have quite a few questions. Who is responsible for this being on television? The government? The police? The television station? Although we’re pretty certain the passenger was guilty of being his mistress, we don’t really know this for sure. And, did she know he was married? Should her identity have been protected? Does, by any country’s laws, not just China, the man have privacy rights?

    Initially, I sort of felt this man would have had a lawsuit in other countries, but now I confess ignorance to this aspect of the law.

    • I think, to broadcast his face in the US, he (and anyone else involved) would need to sign a waiver allowing it. Otherwise they could still broadcast it, but have their faces blurred.

      As far as China? I have no idea. I have a feeling they would be less likely to require such a thing.

  • MrT

    Looks fake to me, maybe to increase ratings.
    It is a very good show, i watch all them, wish they would do this in all the cities in China. wake every one up to how dumb their driving is.
    The coppers are funny too, not like the nasty bastards in the UK.

  • dapper

    Seriously? Chinese people are buying shirts with seatbelt prints on them? How retarded can you get!

  • mattman_183

    Taxis must give Officer Zhang job security for the rest of his life.

  • I’m calling fake on this. Great way/setup to get the seat belt topic through thick heads.

  • Claude

    She has lost her face!

    He has gained some face.

    A Chinese woman once told me that a man with many girlfriends is desirable because he must have something goin’ on, if you no what I mean?

    I’m paraphrasing, of course.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    When I saw the first pic, I was like, damn she fine!
    Then I saw the fourth pic…
    Had to mop up my own vomit from the floor.

    • Mighty曹

      Same here. But I didn’t vomit.

  • Mighty曹

    His ‘co-worker’ is not much of an upgrade from his wife.

  • Ryo

    Look at the wife… Look at the mistress. I would cheat too. Granted the mistress ain’t all that hot but it’s a huge upgrade over the wife. Most women let themselves go after getting married. This is pretty much the same as committing marriage suicide.

    • SorayaVonDerAlm

      The husband is also not good looking, so they deserve each other.

  • Maddy

    Serves him right for getting caught, but honestly, 100 rmb fine for not wearing a seatbelt? 5 rmb for his passenger?? That’s just ridiculous. It has to be way more than that or you will never convince any Chinese person to wear a seatbelt ever. I’m surprised the government hasn’t caught on to this handy way of revenue raising.

    I don’t usually wear a seatbelt in taxis in China, but I have on occasion and the drivers just laugh at me or get offended and say I don’t need to wear it because they’re a good enough driver. I’m sorry but if we get in an accident that’s not going to help me. The couple of times I’ve been in my Chinese friend’s car I’ve worn my seatbelt and he said it was ‘a good habit’ well, yes, but it shouldn’t be a ‘habit’ … it’s just what you do when you get in a car! I would never even think of not wearing a seatbelt in Australia…especially if I was driving.

  • Meiguolaoer

    Young, hot, beautiful and willing pussy is hard to say no to.

  • markus peg

    The news has now said that this story is fake, its was to get more views. the man and woman are actors.

  • Well, there’s no reason to spare him of embarassment because had he been a bit of a better person, he wouldn’t have even been pulled over by the cop. I see it like this: he doesn’t have regard for basic safety etiquette, he’s a liar (not just in the affair but about hiding the seatbelt), and last but not least he’s a cheater. It’s people like this that get caught for the smallest of things.

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