Man’s Affair Exposed on TV When Stopped For Not Wearing Seatbelt

Chinese man's mistress waves goodbye as she leaves the scene after he is pulled over by traffic police for not wearing his seat belt.

A Chinese man is stopped by traffic police for not wearing his seat belt.

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: So much information [晕]
!! Police Officer Zhang Stops a Volvo Only To… [黑线] The traffic officer “uncle” only thought the driver’s safety belt looked rather odd… never imagining that it was the strap of a satchel/bag… The traffic officer just wanted to check his driver’s license… but who told you not have it with you? So you had to send away the female coworker in your passenger seat, and have your wife bring it over! So…[衰][阴险][偷笑]

The above microblog post currently the top post on popular Chinese microblogging social network Sina Weibo, with over 75k reshares and 15k comments at time of translation. The video itself hosted on Sina has been viewed over 2.8 million times so far since being uploaded less than 12 hours earlier this morning.

If you are unable to access YouTube to watch our copy of the video with English subtitles, below is a summary of what happens in the video:

The video is a segment of a Chinese television show promoting traffic and driving safety. The host, Police Officer Zhang, notices something suspicious about a Volvo driver’s seatbelt. Pulling him over, the officer notes that the seatbelt seems to be going the wrong direction across the driver’s torso which is soon revealed to actually be the strap of his shoulder bag. The driver’s passenger, a young woman, is also not wearing her seatbelt, claiming she has never worn a seatbelt when riding in cars.

The young woman a man is cheating on his wife with, caught on television, when he is stopped by police for not wearing his safety belt.

Wearing a seatbelt is required by law and Officer Zhang entertains the driver’s excuses before walking to the car and pointing out that the car’s seatbelt is actually bucked in but the driver had been sitting on it, and that he was doing this to avoid wearing his seatbelt but also stop the car’s automatic warning chime from sounding when it is operated without the seatbelt being buckled. Admitting his mistake, the traffic officer lectures him and his passenger on the importance of developing the good habit of wearing his safety belt for safety, regardless of whether one is a driver or passenger.

Traffic Officer Zhang admonishing the female passenger for not wearing her seatbelt.

Officer Zhang says he must cite them for their violations and asks for the man’s driver’s license upon which the man realizes he left at home in another bag. The man calls someone to bring his driver’s license and then immediately tells his female passenger to leave first, promising to call her later.

The driver realizes he doesn't have his driver's license on him, having left it at home.Chinese man's mistress waves goodbye as she leaves the scene after he is pulled over by traffic police for not wearing his seat belt.

15 minutes later, another woman appears, and turns out to be his wife, who soon asks why he is back so early if he was supposed to be at a meeting somewhere else and wasn’t supposed to be back until later that night. Officer Zhang states that the driver will be fined 100 RMB for not wearing his own seatbelt and another 5 RMB because his passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt either. Now, the wife asks who the passenger is and the husband says it was a coworker who already left. She asks if it was a man or a woman, and he lies that it was a man, telling her that they can talk about this later.

As Officer Zhang finishes writing out the ticket, the man asks that the filming not be broadcasted. Although chuckling and likely knowing what the man is referring to, Zhang ignores his plea.

The driver who was pulled over, with his wife next to him, after she arrived bringing his driver's license that he had left at home.

The segment ends with Officer Zhang advising drivers to buckle up and not try to be clever in circumventing the law or deceiving traffic officer, such as buying and wearing shirts with a seatbelt strap printed on them.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Is there no integrity/principle, no respect for privacy?




Lousy man and damn slut!!


Volvo…those who drive this car all seem to have a lot of female coworkers. [哈哈]


Broadcasting this will affect their family harmony…


If you don’t do shameful things, then you wouldn’t be afraid of the devil knocking on your door.


I bet his wife saw this piece of news.


[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈] Any carelessness could result in being exposed/caught, and appearing on television, just how is he going to fix this problem? However, for the television channel to do this, isn’t that being guilty of exposing other people’s private matters? This is worth discussing.


See what kind of tragedy not wearing your seatbelt will lead to?! [偷笑]


Now you guys know just how important respecting traffic regulations is, right?!


It was a man! A Thai person that’s all!


Hahaha, this man is in for a tragedy.

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