Robot-Themed Restaurant Opens in Hefei China, Netizen Reactions


From QQ:

Hefei’s “Robot-themed” Restaurant Opens for Business


Robots that sings, robots that dances, robots playing Rubik’s Cube and chess, robots greeting guests, robots cooking and delivering food…In Anhui Hefei a robot-themed restaurant was opened on December 26th. The robot-themed restaurant had around 30 robots fulfilling the roles of taking orders, cooking, frying and delivering food. While at the door, a robot greets guests in the local Hefei dialect, attracting many residents to come and experience it. According to reports, this is currently the largest robot-themed restaurant in China.


Hefei’s robot-themed restaurant has a total area of 1300 square meters with a dining capacity for 200 people. The restaurant specializes in Chinese fast food (mainly local dishes), Western fast food, and Cantonese dim sum, all of which can satisfy most people’s needs. The restaurant is divided into 4 feature areas: dining area, interactive area, robot-themed gift shop and the robot experience zone. According to reports, this is currently the largest robot-themed restaurant in China.


The robot at the restaurant entrance attracted many customers.


The photo shows robots operating the fryer.


The photo shows robots delivering food.




Robot merchandise on display. According to reports, this is currently the largest robot-themed restaurant in China.



The photo shows the dining area.


The photo shows robot merchandise on display.

Comments on QQ:


With the appearance of robots, there will be higher rates of unemployment, is this real progress in society?


What is the point of these robots? At best, it is a remote controlled car toy. Delivering the food to the customers still require the customers to put the food on the table, once the customers leave they can’t clean up. How can they replace waiters? This is just a gimmick.


These are just machines, can’t be considered robots.


Looks like the end of the world is upon us! I can’t imagine a future where humans will fall at the hands of robots!

想 你:

Oh my god! If this keeps on going! Men wouldn’t need women and women wouldn’t need men!


The robot operating the fryer requires a cook and technician to supervise it, those delivery robots are not intelligent enough, they can only move along a predefined path.


Not bad, if I go open a KTV, and find a few robot prostitutes, would this considered illegal?


Unrealistic and naive, these are robot figures not intelligent machines. They can only move or stop based on commands from a computer, they require magnetic strips on the floor to move during delivery.


A gimmick, the robots do not know how to cook, they can only serve as moving carts. Take note, there are still many people, the ones who process the bill, arranging dishes, even those who place dishes on the robot carts are people.


This is innovative but the cost is too high, will the food also be priced for the average people?


The robots only knows how to move.


Shanzhai robots.


When robots cook…if the food require more oil would the robot spit motor oil?


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  • monster

    so cute!
    i wish to go there!
    guess run a robot massage centre is a very good idea.more female will go to massage.

  • Jahar

    China so often reminds me of what I imagine the US in the 60’s to have been like.

  • Terrik

    “Not bad, if I go open a KTV, and find a few robot prostitutes, would this considered illegal?”

    The future is now.

    • UserID01

      If it isn’t human, it can’t legally be prostitution, I figure. The possibilities and implications are something worth consideration! I’m all for it if it means eliminating the risk of forced prostitution (rape), underaged prostitution, and the reduced risk of STDs. Hell, stick a meter on the robot and charge a tax, generate some revenue. It’s win-win! Hooray for robot prostitution!

      • Joe

        but what if sexbots one day got fed up with being raped and abused, becomes sentient and enslaves the human race?

        • Alex Dương

          Save me, Isaac Asimov!

        • UserID01

          This is the inherent risk of making an android, a robot that is dangerously close to crossing the uncanny valley. However, if a sex robot remains a sex robot (in that it is never made with the complex programming to learn on its own) then I honestly don’t see the problem here. Machines that are intended for the service of humans should not have the capacity to learn and process human emotions and how to respond to them. They should only ever be able to perform functions. Machines should not have feelings, ever. That brings up moral implications that we, as humans, should never have to deal with. I mean, hell, we’re having trouble coming to terms with the ideas that other animals experience emotional pain and complex thought.

      • Probotector

        Moon pie!

  • biggj

    Johnny tries to get a job as an English teacher in china but soon discovers his metal coating is not pale enough to find a job.So he decides to get a job as a waiter in a robot restaurant….but once his boss and co workers find out johnny’s parts are made in JAPAN, a bunch of funny racist bullshit ensues.

    • Alex Dương

      I thought the Chinese loved their Video CDs.

      • biggj

        Once they steal it they can put it on cd’s.

    • mistertibbs4u

      “Johnny tries to get a job as an English teacher in china but soon discovers his metal coating is not pale enough to find a job.”


      You sure you’re not a writer on the Colbert Report?

  • Foreign Devil

    Any new parent, such as myself, should consider which few careers in the future can not be replaced by computers/robots. Either have your kids learn how to program and engineer (build and maintain the robot workers) or do arts related things that robots and computers could not possibly do in the next 100 years.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    I’m shocked Japan didn’t have something like this first. Maybe they did…?

    Anyway, I’d eat there once, given the chance.

    • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

      That’s cause they did…everything china is doing now…in reference to Robots…Japan did it first…and better

  • UserID01

    I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of my food being cooked by a machine without taste buds. Unless the “cooking” is such a simple thing that it requires no finesse and can basically be done on a timer, like deep-frying (as the article seems to suggest), I don’t want a robot cook. There’s just too much to food to trust in the hands of a machine that can’t test the finer details of my meal.

    • Ken Morgan

      Machines can taste though. There was a Japanese robot… a man put his hand in it and it said we tasted like panchetta

  • Man this is just plain sad compared to that one badass robot lounge in Shinjuku.

  • Inovator

    this is interesting! I wonder if they will mention a wait list app:

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