Robot-Themed Restaurant Opens in Hefei China, Netizen Reactions


From QQ:

Hefei’s “Robot-themed” Restaurant Opens for Business


Robots that sings, robots that dances, robots playing Rubik’s Cube and chess, robots greeting guests, robots cooking and delivering food…In Anhui Hefei a robot-themed restaurant was opened on December 26th. The robot-themed restaurant had around 30 robots fulfilling the roles of taking orders, cooking, frying and delivering food. While at the door, a robot greets guests in the local Hefei dialect, attracting many residents to come and experience it. According to reports, this is currently the largest robot-themed restaurant in China.


Hefei’s robot-themed restaurant has a total area of 1300 square meters with a dining capacity for 200 people. The restaurant specializes in Chinese fast food (mainly local dishes), Western fast food, and Cantonese dim sum, all of which can satisfy most people’s needs. The restaurant is divided into 4 feature areas: dining area, interactive area, robot-themed gift shop and the robot experience zone. According to reports, this is currently the largest robot-themed restaurant in China.


The robot at the restaurant entrance attracted many customers.


The photo shows robots operating the fryer.


The photo shows robots delivering food.




Robot merchandise on display. According to reports, this is currently the largest robot-themed restaurant in China.



The photo shows the dining area.


The photo shows robot merchandise on display.

Comments on QQ:


With the appearance of robots, there will be higher rates of unemployment, is this real progress in society?


What is the point of these robots? At best, it is a remote controlled car toy. Delivering the food to the customers still require the customers to put the food on the table, once the customers leave they can’t clean up. How can they replace waiters? This is just a gimmick.


These are just machines, can’t be considered robots.


Looks like the end of the world is upon us! I can’t imagine a future where humans will fall at the hands of robots!

想 你:

Oh my god! If this keeps on going! Men wouldn’t need women and women wouldn’t need men!


The robot operating the fryer requires a cook and technician to supervise it, those delivery robots are not intelligent enough, they can only move along a predefined path.


Not bad, if I go open a KTV, and find a few robot prostitutes, would this considered illegal?


Unrealistic and naive, these are robot figures not intelligent machines. They can only move or stop based on commands from a computer, they require magnetic strips on the floor to move during delivery.


A gimmick, the robots do not know how to cook, they can only serve as moving carts. Take note, there are still many people, the ones who process the bill, arranging dishes, even those who place dishes on the robot carts are people.


This is innovative but the cost is too high, will the food also be priced for the average people?


The robots only knows how to move.


Shanzhai robots.


When robots cook…if the food require more oil would the robot spit motor oil?


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