Dragon Day: China Invades America Using Cyberwarfare, Reactions

Dragon Day movie.

Dragon Day movie.

Synopsis on Douban:

The story revolves around Duke Evans (actor Ethan Flower) who after losing his job at the NSA and being kicked out of his former apartment has no choice but to move to a old house owned by his grandfather.

America suffers a cyber attack from sinister hackers of another country, leading to the failure of anything with microchips built inside. As the entire country descends into chaos, him, his wife, daughter, and sister have no choice but to move into the small house in the forest, where he must find basic supplies to sustain his family, while battling outlaws and a new corrupt government, ultimately being forced to make difficult decisions to protect his life…


















Comments on Douban:


A very bizarre premise, our electronic products are so powerful.


It’s said that China’s powerful cyberattack left Uncle Sam unable to fight back, that all sorts of electronic products are Made in China, that all computer chips and online networks were disabled and controlled by China. The movie is inherently racially prejudiced, making China out to be an imaginary foe, the setting is sparse and plot is simple, a low-budget film.


The American federal government was unable to repay their debt, which led to retaliation from China. Without using a single soldier, using decades of “made in china” [embedded] electronics to launch a “cyber attack”. It’s a bit of a ridiculous plot, and there’s also a lot of plot holes. But for a low-budget movie, with no-name actors, you can still watch it. In the end, the family in the story flees to Mexico, which quite laughable.


I’m afraid to give a rating, this movie is so geili, talk about really overestimating our Party.


This reminds me of the nonsense talk from that American boy on that talk show, and that Canadian boy who terrifyingly said he wants to kill Chinese people. This movie [pop culture like this] can be considered the reasons behind these things! Bad rating!

Comments on Tiexue:

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That Heavenly Kingdom officer’s uniform is very humorous.


Know that in Red Dawn there wasn’t a single Chinese or ethnic Chinese actor, they were all from other Asian countries.


Just from looking at the screenshot of the “Chinese soldier” wearing the People’s Armed Police uniform, it proves that Americans do not understand China’s military at all. Just like the People’s Liberation Army in Hong Kong movies, they often wear People’s Armed Police hats, and old uniforms, bearing no resemblance.


We will work hard to make this movie a reality.


What is the point of making a movie like this?


Louzhu SB! Inspiring?! It is precisely this endless vilification of China within Hollywood and American media that is misleading so many American people, causing many Americans to have a negative perception of China. Why do Americans think China does not have human rights? Americans who have been to China do not see it this way. Those who only learn about China through TV are the Americans brainwashed by media.


Is this a prediction by America?


I want to ask if our heavenly kingdom can make a similar film? Americans can curse their own president (like in Fahrenheit 911), can we do that in the heavenly kingdom?


A low-budget movie that will never be in theaters or on the big screen, how can it compare to our nation’s absurd anti-Japanese dramas?


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • wnsk

    Good to see many of them are responding with humour.

    Incidentally, I like the movie logo/publicity image thing (with the Statue of Liberty silhouette against the red circuit-board background.) Nice design. Kind of a dumb slogan though (“The hack is the attack”? Talk about cheesy.)

    • comradewang

      Another low budget fear mongering film pitting the US against China.

      I agree with you wnsk, great design on the movie poster but cheezy slogan. Though I’m not going to lie, I want to watch this just to see how ridiculous it is. (The screenshot of the potatoes powering the radio is great hahahaha)


      • wnsk

        Seriously, B-movies are awesome. But only those that are so bad they’re good.

        But honestly I’d much rather the US get invaded by giant mutant killer potatoes, or something. Getting invaded by China? That’s so lame. Unless of course, the Chinese were really just the flesh hosts of sentient mind-controlling parasites cooked up in a North Korean lab accident, that only got loose via sabotage by a (female) Japanese secret ninja agent on the payroll of…surprise, surprise…the Americans.

        • Mighty曹

          That plot tops “Plan 9 From Outer Space”. lol

        • comradewang

          I think you should consider becoming a B-Movie script writer (if you aren’t already). From what you just wrote, I see great potentials!

      • lacompacida

        Americans are cheap. They use the least expensive way to do the job, as long as it reaches the objective of pitting China against anything, potatoes included.

        • Jahar

          Sure, because every story written in the US is sponsored by the government

      • Insomnicide

        That is way too funny to be in a serious movie.

  • Surfeit

    Dumb ass movie for dumb ass viewing. I wonder if we can turn it into a drinking game.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Can it get any more cheesy?

      • Surfeit

        Said drinking game will include the use of ping-pong balls to knock down McDonalds cups.

    • mr.wiener

      What?, every time someone says “Chinese” you have to drink?

      • FYIADragoon

        Every time superlative language is used inappropriately, you have to drink.

      • Surfeit

        Every time you see 中 as a representation for China.

        • BrandeX

          Interesting, considering the other character is “guo” meaning “country” and all countries are ” something-guo”. Maybe their country really is just “Zhong” and no one thought of it before….

          Where ya going?
          I gotta fly from Mei to Zhong for a 2 week business trip. So annoying dealing with the Zhongenese staff in the Shanghai office though.

        • donscarletti

          Better than using it to mean “Red Dragon”.

      • lacompacida

        Wrong. Any Chinese heard anything, including the chipping of birds, the thunder, the train, Chinese drink.

    • Jahar

      What happens to “straight to video” type movies these days? There’s not much of a market there anymore is there? Netflix?

      • Benji Ming

        Straight to 优酷

  • Zappa Frank

    Wow..comic movie.


    ………………….and America invades China…using Hollywood vomit

    • lacompacida

      And they were successful. It doesn’t take much.

  • Taoran

    What a great way to fuel nationalism and xenophobia, boost international/intercultural distrust, foster paranoia and generally sow hate all around.

    • lacompacida

      This movie is for Chinese consumption, boosting Chinese nationalism.

    • Jahar

      Yeah. I’m sure lots of people are going watch this and start hating China because of it.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    I doubt most Americans will ever even know this movie exists. Hilarious how being in another country such as China you see what other countries find interesting about ours, and it ends up being something pretty off the radar. I’m sure we do the same when we see them, especially through the media

    • Next thing you know these chinks will be like allah snackbar and shoot… (no guns too bad lol) uh hum what I mean is stabbing spree on US embassy in China. Lol

    • Xio Gen

      I didn’t even know this movie existed until I read about it here. So I doubt anyone else will. It’s pure paranoia to justify survivalism.

  • Guest23

    I remember this being a indie funded movie, it actually went to full production with half of it’s intended goal and the director being firmly told not to make any film with China shown in a negative light.

    The acting is kinda cringe-worthy, the whole premise of what they shown is like the Walking Dead post-zombie apocalypse society with a bit of Red Dawn, pretty mediocre, but glad the netizens showing humor and calling out the similarities with those over the top war of resistance dramas.

  • Germandude

    Thank god that there is imdb. After watching the teaser on cS, I thought: Wow, people watch that shit?
    4.2 imdb rating shows how “good” it is…


    • Guest23

      Pretty mediocre but gotta hand it to them for being bold enough to do this independently after people keep telling them not to bash China that much in the movie, it’s bad but gotta give them credit for doing more with less


      • Joe

        It’s hardly a anti-china film considering there was only one Asian actor who appeared for like 10 seconds and the rest being American collaborators. More of a critique on American debt and domestic policy than anything.

  • Irvin

    “The movie is inherently racially prejudiced, making China out to be an imaginary foe, the setting is sparse and plot is simple, a low-budget film.”

    Now they know how the russians felt. The only solution is to make better movies and troll them back.

  • maybeabanana

    LOL this farce of a movie does in some way rings a bit of scary conspiracy on what can happen. ^ im puttin’ my tin foil hat on

    • lacompacida

      Isn’t conspiracies are all Chinese moveies about, everyone of them, including documentaries ?

      • maybeabanana

        uhhh no but it does provide a plot for a movie. if all chinese movies contain some sort of conspiracy it would be to keep the masses dumb and producing. might think of it as a russian nest doll of an agent playing off as silly but you’d think its too stupid to be anything but open up that doll is the real thing…or not…until you peel way deep. Is satoshi the real satoshi???

  • Gerhana

    is not it America that wants to hack into everyone else’s communication system? batteries are for noobs, potatoes, now that is elite! lol

    • lacompacida

      If the Americans want to hack, the Chinese won’t ? Americans eat too.

  • Mighty曹

    If the photos are of any indication, the movie has all the makings of a great movie. Example: 1) Radio powered by dozens of potatoes; and 2) Americans seeking refuge at the Mexican border [my interpretation of the last photo].


    not interested in this movie….if it was a documentary about ancient Chinese double headed dildos….or Dongguan KTV girls….I might be interested

  • RothschildIsMoney

    Hilarious. The US engages in industrial espionage more than Russia or China does. The US suffers from the most extreme case of projection. Basically every bad thing the US accuse other countries of doing, the US are doing it tenfold.

    • lacompacida

      So thieves should not worry about theft ? Good point. And those selling fake goods should not be careful when buying stuff too.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      ‘Cept this isn’t the U.S accusing anyone. This is a bunch of weirdos making a low budget film.

      This will have as much influence as ‘Birdemic’

  • lacompacida

    Do you mind having a known thief come in and renovate your house, cheap ?

    • Mighty曹

      I’m sure he’s better at cleaning the house than renovating it.

      • lacompacida

        Is that why China advise US not to worry about Chinese electronic equipments ?

        • Mighty曹

          Actually the thief has installed surveillance cameras in the house to spy on the home owner. Not the other way round.

  • bujiebuke

    My favourite comment from a Chinese netizen, “A very bizarre premise, our electronic products are so powerful.”

  • Comebackkid13

    Good thing this movie absolutely flopped. I think more Chinese know about this movie than Americans.

    • I made a comment on YouTube which was responded to by the director, and unfortunately, the film hasn’t been released yet. Hopefully its release this summer doesn’t instigate another Jimmy Kimmel incident, or WWIII.

      • Comebackkid13

        Lol, ridiculous

  • socali

    This may seem bizzarre but its closer to the truth that alot of you think…

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    Easy fix.
    Recut the film and add three minutes of meaningless footage to the end. The three minutes will feature Chinese actors standing around waxing poetic on the greatness of The Middle Kingdom. The dialogue need not have any relation to the story at all. And while you’re at it, include a product placement for some tepid milk/tea drink.
    Also, retitle the film Iron Man III.
    Instant hit.

  • Dax

    “The movie is inherently racially prejudiced, making China out to be an imaginary foe, the setting is sparse and plot is simple, a low-budget film.”

    Unlike all those nuanced, high-tech Chinese blockbusters about fighting Japan…

    “It is precisely this endless vilification of China within Hollywood and American media that is misleading so many American people, causing many Americans to have a negative perception of China…”

    Yeah, buddy, that’s what gives people a bad impression of China. It’s not the rampant corruption or the illegitimate government or the human rights violations or the oppression of minorities or the money-worship or the lack of common social responsibility or the hazardous air, water, medicine and food. It’s low-budget movies.

    “Why do Americans think China does not have human rights? Americans who have been to China do not see it this way.”

    As an American living in China, please allow me to call “shenanigans.”

    • Alex Dương

      Man, I wish real Chinese netizens had the courage to say these things! Oh wait, they did; you just ignored them:

      “A low-budget movie that will never be in theaters or on the big screen, how can it compare to our nation’s absurd anti-Japanese dramas?”

      “I want to ask if our heavenly kingdom can make a similar film? Americans can curse their own president (like in Fahrenheit 911), can we do that in the heavenly kingdom?”

      Guess you’re not as different from “them” as you think.

      • Dax

        Which is why I prefaced my comments with “These are unique thoughts! I’m having them for the first time in history!!!!”

        My point was to show how blind SOME nationalists can be (and yes, I know that that’s a universal human trait, but i think it deserves to be mocked every time it rears its head.)

        • Alex Dương

          Sure, but give credit where it’s due: there were Chinese netizens warning against being judgmental. Otherwise, you’re just being a tool.

          • Dax

            Yes, clearly there are. The internet would be pretty small if each opinion was only allowed to be stated once.

  • Surfeit

    My Japanese friends will get angry and ruin the game.

  • BrandeX

    Wow, jokes just fly right over your head, huh?

  • Jahar

    Am I giving people too much credit? Never in my life have I watched a fictional film and decided that the people from the country in the film should be judged based on what i saw, even as a child.

  • ThinkBlue

    This movie literally couldn’t have been made in any other decade. Hacking, Electronics, China, NSA: It fits a bunch of news worthy buzzwords of the past few years. Talk about going for the maximum controversy that a B-Movie could make, which is probably the best or only way to win over attention for a film of this quality. Still, few will see or remember it, but for the writer/director it might open some doors to do stuff less cheesy.

  • Benji Ming

    This movie looks so stupid! Hahaha… But maybe we’ll watch it and play a drinking game. Every time you see “中“ you have to drink a shot of 白酒. ^.^

  • WFH

    prob just inbred southern trash

  • JamesMcGill

    One way of spinning “our debt to China” is “China’s investment into US Bonds.” If you owned stock in a company would you sabotage it? Makes no sense. Nations invest in US Bonds because they anticipate ROI. Also, China is nowhere near the largest holder of bonds, that distinction belongs to the Social Security Trust and the Federal Reserve. The premise of this film makes no sense at all.

  • AiAi

    I have NO IDEA why there is a picture of the Mexican flag… lol
    This is China vs USA not Mexico lol
    It seems such a humorous movie.