Shandong Schoolgirl Sent Home For Long Hair, Commits Suicide

A Shandong schoolgirl who committed suicide apparently because of troubles at school over the length of her hair.

From Mop:

A girl with long hair is a crime? A young girl whose hair was not in compliance with school rules was forced to suicide by school

At 9 in the morning of 2010 October 9, a 13-year-old young girl living in Wangsangang village of Shuangyuehu sub-district of Luozhuang district of Linyi city [of Shandong province] was successively reprimanded and sent home three times by Linyi city Number 6 Middle School West Campus “unkind teacher” Zhou X for “having long hair”. Unable to cope, she committed suicide by drinking pesticide and took the road of no return!

The school requires that hair not descend past the eyebrows. However, there are so many students with long hair at the school that no one bothers yet this student was told to go home 3 times. When the parents sent her back, the school refused to take her in.

Right now, the family members and relatives involved are overwhelmed with grief, demanding justice for their child!!

Pictures from the incident that happened four days ago:

A Shandong schoolgirl who committed suicide apparently because of troubles at school over the length of her hair.

A Shandong schoolgirl who committed suicide apparently because of troubles at school over the length of her hair.

A banner hung at the school.

At this time, there are over 2100 comments on Mop. There are over 7500 comments on an article on NetEase (“13-year-old Shandong girl commits suicide after being forced out of school for having hair that is too long”).

Comments from NetEase:


Ridiculous/unnecessary education. Women have had long hair for thousands of years, how did it suddenly become a rule that determines whether or not you can enter school?


Motherfucking, the things they should deal with they don’t, only dealing with the things they don’t need to deal with. [Now, they’ve cared too much about] image that someone has died, stupid cunt principal.


[When I was] in primary school, if you weren’t wearing your red handkerchief you weren’t allowed into school…it is still fresh in my memory.


Bastards, in the 90s when I was attending high school, the school did not allow the boys to have hair longer than 2 inches. I cut my hair twice and it still wasn’t acceptable. Brother [referring to self] thought, if I shave my head, it should be acceptable then, right? I ended up going to school only to be immediately sent home, my mother told that I don’t respect school rules, was being confrontational with the school, was being extreme, causing me to have to wear a hat for half the semester.


Chinese females having long hair is a virtue of the Chinese people! Boy having long hair however ought to be strictly regulated/controlled!


This proves yet again that strict management of students comes at a disastrous price! Wake up teachers, it is better to have one eye open and one eye closed [better to know what is important to enforce and what is not]!!!
With so many students at the school, how is it that only she was not in compliance with the rules? Sad…


Schools should not have the right to force students out as they please, as the school would be violating the student’s right to an education, and since [in this case] they forced the student to the point where she committed suicide, the school should take the majority of the responsibility. Also, all schools should draw a lesson from this, that they should not make such ridiculous rules forcing students to blindly follow them, and even less treating parents as hairdressers.


Let’s not discuss all that stuff yet, let’s first ask the parents what evidence they have to prove that the child committed suicide because her haircut was not in compliance with the rules. Who knows, it might be that she got pregnant or something, what isn’t possible with students these days? What is least likely is someone being so fragile to such a degree, committing suicide simply because of being criticized by a teacher a few times.


What a garbage school! Even regulating hairstyles? Must be investigated!!! Child, rest in peace!


The people cursing the teacher need to think, if your child’s schoolmates all had bizarre hairstyles, would you be at ease?


Nowadays, how many teachers genuinely care about their students?


She cut her hair three times and it still wasn’t in compliance? Did the girl have to become a baldy to be in compliance? Does this school want to make all of the students into standardized parts!? Students these days have all been educated into stupidy by the schools!!!!!!

What stupid or silly rules did your school have?

UPDATE: Here is a that includes the parents and her schoolmates…

Not in compliance. chinaSMACK personals.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Jay K.

    that is just sad and a tragedy, there is nothing good about this.

  • Strangerland

    What the hell…? I thought they want their girls to look feminine and unintimidating and basically classic ‘good Chinese housewife’ staples?
    Why condemn this girl to death just because she wears her hair long?

    • Alikese

      They didn’t condemn her to death, they told her to go home until she complied with the rules. She chose to kill herself.

      You’d think that after being sent home twice for having hair that was too long she would just cut her damn hair. It’s sad, but it’s stupid.

      • Junior

        You’re a complete moron.

        That’s it, blame it on the girl for suffocating under society’s stupid rules.

        • bobiscool

          No, you’re the moron. Don’t attack someone because their views are different from yours.

          In all honestly, I completely agree with Alikese.

          I’m not saying that the rules are good. However, if one would commit suicide over such a silly matter, they do not deserve to live.

          Actually I feel realy angry. How can she waste the life and all her parents have given her just because of such an event? Why couldn’t she have just cut her hair? Or not go to school? Why suicide? That’s just so inconsiderate. Imagine how her parents must be feeling, and how much time, energy and money they spent on her.

          What kind of an asshole would view precious life as nothing?

          Though society is cruel and unjust, for this event, it is purely the girl’s fault.

          • Teacher in China

            I think we don’t know enough to allocate “fault” here. Who knows what kind of pressure she was facing. In my experience, the rules of a school only apply to those who:
            a) have been “disrespectful” in some other way, so the school chooses to not turn a blind eye anymore
            b) don’t have any connections or power or money
            There may have been all sorts of other psychological pressure coming at her from both sides (the school and her parents), and she is after all only 13 years old. To say this is all her fault when you really know nothing about the situation is frankly heartless and ignorant.

          • the girl probably had other problems, and the incident with the long hair was just the breaking point

          • Daryl

            I agree with your sentence but it is not that girl’s fault, she is maybe just lack of wisdom and knowledge. Moral teaching and religion teaching should be implement to all students in primary and secondary schools. Give them faith and believes their live is valuable.

            It is also true that as a student we must obey the school rules and regulation. I cannot explain more detail because i do not know the original story line.

            By the way, i hope that unecessary picture of that girl be removed.

          • kiana

            u honestly think her hair is the reason she killed her self she obviously had other issues. she was ridiculed by other kids and teachers ,torchered everyday she was at schoool because her hair i agree with junior alikese obviously is one of those ppl whos all about culture hes chinese or something so hes being a jerk that girl was so upset she took her life my mom deals with suicides everyday if i killed my self she wouldnt think about my 2500 $ school a month she spends on me , but that i was that upset i would take my life

        • none

          So many people are to blame for this tragic event. The school for apparently ‘picking on her’, solely given on the evidence just produced in the above article. The parents for not listening and looking out for signs of trouble. The girl for taking her life so easily. Society for putting pressures on children.

      • aquadraht

        Agreed that they did not intend to kill her. Yet the school prove to be a complete educational failure. It is the job of the teachers not only to indoctrinate pupils for the Gao Kao, but to help them on their way to adulthood. The educational personnel obviously was unable to sense the emotional crisis of the girl. Their conduct should be investigated upon by their superiors.

      • the truth

        i agree, just cut ur dam hair. simple as that.

      • Rawrbin

        She did comply with the rules. If you can understand Chinese and listened you would have heard that she already cut it so short even her brows were exposed.

        Also from video footage many other girls had long hairstyles with their brows covered, some even their eyes. The teacher was obviously picking on her.


    Don’t fucking lay this guilt trip on the school, schools need dress codes, otherwise obnoxious teenagers come to school with fucking mohawks and there’s nothing you can do. Even if the hair requirements were a bit strict; no rational or sane person would commit suicide over something so minor, how the hell was the school supposed to know that she was crazy and suicidal?

    I had an ex-girlfriend who said she’d kill herself if I didn’t take her back, in that sort of situation there’s nothing you can do except presume the threat is bullshit and tell them to fuck off, otherwise you’ll just make the problem worse.

    • HooHah

      I used to think the same way. The world has changed. People changed and so do their mindset. We are not able to enforce the same old rules to the children now and future. I guess Mohawks is an acceptable hairstyles for years to come.

    • I think the issue is that this girl was picked out of the group and punished when other weren’t. High school can be a hard time and to be picked on by a teacher?

      “However, there are so many students with long hair at the school that no one bothers yet this student was told to go home 3 times.”

      • Alikese

        So says the person trying to write a sob story.

        Even so, she was singled out and told to cut her hair *3 times* and came back with the same hair cut *3 times.* What the hell did she think would happen, everyone would forget?

        • Rawrbin

          She didn’t come back with the same haircut. The teacher said the problem was that her brows were covered, and she came back with frinches above the brow, and subsequently even shorter.

          Watch and listen to the video properly before making allegations.

    • 水溶C1000

      Agreed. This issue should not be why an unstable irrational person did something irrational. It should be why didn’t this person get help when she needed it.

      If the school sent a student home because of poor behavior and the student kills them self is it still the schools fault? Of course not…

      Stupid rules are one thing. Dying for a stupid rule is just that.

    • Comrade,

      “I had an ex-girlfriend who said she’d kill herself if I didn’t take her back”


      Pusan Pimp!

    • 40hoto

      “I had an ex-girlfriend”


    • whichone

      Agree that it seems unreasonable the school should take the brunt of the blame for this. If she committed suicide because of hair cut then there were probably some serious underlying issues.

      Disagree on the school and dress code, if it isn’t excessive to the point of being a distraction for others, school has no business telling people how to dress.

    • Type Two

      There was more to it. The teacher who berated the girl was also sleeping with her.

      • Shoeshine

        is this on the bbs forums?

        • Chunghwa (af home)

          the small print reads “satirical comment.”

          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~word limit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • johnQ

      You fuckin Chinese should be wearing blue Mao uniforms in school. CONFORM or be punished is what I say. Do what you are told, don’t question authority. Let’s get back to basics here goddammit!
      The girl saw fit to punish herself after realizing she stepped out of line. Let this be a lesson to you miserable chinese school nitwits.

    • Simon

      Oh. My school has no dress code and sometimes people have mohawks. We’re also an elite school at the top of the nation. you fail.

  • Life is (needlessly) cheap; it (sadly) seems the loudest comment a Chinese could ever make is to kill themselves, since nothing said while living is worth a damn.

    Next time you eat zongzi on Duanwu festival, think of Qu Yuan.

    Also, that third picture is simply tragic. Tragic.

  • adam

    she’s hot. what a waste.

    • dirtywhiteboy

      i think you need to visit

      • dixie normous

        dont introduce newfags

        • Alikese

          No one wants to go to your shitty forum.

          • Joe

            /b/ is trolled by the feds. They’ve convicted some 1,000+ people already.

        • Chunghwa (af home)

          dixie, you’re the newfag for using the word newfag. now stfu

          inb4 hurr you just used it

  • staylost

    I find it very wrong to have her pictures up like this. I realize this is a site based on sensationalism is a fun way and appreciate it, but posting pictures of a dying girl is adding another element debasement into this already sad conclusion.

    Ask not for who the bell tolls. It tolls for thee. -EH (para.)

    • Simon

      I agree… those pictures were really traumatizing…

  • Alex

    Jesus..a little privacy.

    Those pics were unnecesary. Who the hell takes them and publish them?

  • dirtywhiteboy

    this is a pretty messed up story… I don’t think there is any reason to send a girl home based on the length of her hair. At the same time, I don’t think it is necessary to commit suicide about being sent home….

    and i really don’t think the pictures of a dead girl need to be posted on the internet like this either… very tragic indeed

  • Mosanto

    She looked cute and had boobs, not many of those in China. Tragic for the parents.

    • MMary

      “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.”

  • Song of the Article,

    with respect,

    – by the Cranberries


  • The John

    I am totally against suicide.

    There is always a reason to live. Hair is NOT worth killing yourself over.

    The girl certainly shouldn’t be dissed.

    However, I feel that what she did was unreasonable. Why didn’t she tell her parents? When she told them, what was their reaction?

    It seems to me that the whole story is not being told here. She must have had lots of sadness and depression. This was the last straw.

    I cannot side with destroying or punishing the school. Perhaps, it was a single teacher that asked her to go home. Perhaps, all of the student’s in her class followed the rules. There are simply not enough details to make me say, burn the school down.

    Seems to me that a lot of things are not being told… Which is why I can’t form a complete and reasonable statement on the whole thing…

    All I can say is… What a god damned shame…. A damned shame…

  • dilladonuts

    Fauna, I was reading your site long before it was popular with all the whitey ford and china haters, do the right thing and remove the photos of the half naked underage girl. Not cool. Have a bit of sensibility on this one, what goes around comes around dear.

    • The John

      I agree with this…

      She is dying…

      Im sure, she wouldn’t want this to be revealed on the net.

      At least censor or crop the the image…

      Im really considering not posting here any more..

    • Chris

      I agree.

      Just some pixelation (is it a word??) would be the decent thing to do.

    • Chunghwa (af home)

      I wholeheartedly oppose censorship. This ain’t no downtown Beijing.

      Deal with it.

  • manusan

    manchu pigtail for the school director.

  • Chef Rocco

    Fauna, please take out of the pictures! The privacy of the girl and her family should be respected.

  • me

    Actually, when I saw the photos, I thought wow! is that necessary? Yet in China, when looking at the newspaper I would often ask that question. I got used to it. I remember frequently thinking this during the media coverage of the Wenchuan earthquake.

    On one side the Chinese media shows far more graphic images than the American media, but on the other side, American movies and television shows do not pause to show this sort of graphic images.

    Does it matter if it is real or fiction?

    • Mikey

      When it’s in a movie, you know it’s fake, and the actor/stunt double, is still alive.

      In real life, we’d rather respect the dead and show their body in a peaceful state (i.e. at a wake) than hanging out of the windshield of their car they just wrecked.

    • staylost

      I hope the answer is: Obviously yes!

      If one stops thinking about themselves and begins to think about others it very much matters. I don’t care at all whether the misanthropes on here want to ogle one-tenth of an image of 13 year old dying girl breast.

      What I care about is a suffering family and the life that was cut short.

      It is about those being photographed, not about the viewer.

  • Sad Boy

    The pictures illustrate what happened. Lets remove any pictures of violence, as it took violence to create the photos in the first place, shall we?

    Look, she was a kid. She was not fully grown, mentally or physically. A man teaches a baby the words ‘cao ni ma’ and the baby repeats them. Do you punish this child?

    Really, it’s ridiculous.

    She is at a stage where she is physically and emotionally growing and not developed in either aspect. Don’t blame her.

    The rules (you cannot have long hair) are equally ridiculous. Can someone tell me why kids have to cut their hair? I know a boy with extremely long hair who made it into Princeton. I challenge any Chinese kids to do the same. 645 on ‘gaokao’ but because of long hair, say goodbye to Fudan or Beidai.

    I hate to bring politics into it, but this is what Liu Xiaobo is talking about. These kinds of oppressions need not happen in a free society.

  • Jordan

    I have a feeling we are not seeing the whole story.

  • dim mak

    I had shoulder length hair as a boy and all the bitches were climbing over each other to get to me. True story.

    If you wanna put some restrictions on ridiculous hairdos/dyes, fine. But long hair? Big deal. Chinese people have historically had long hair (both sexes) up until very recently.

  • Chinese boy

    To be honest she has pretty big tits for a 13 y/o chinese girl

    • adamHK

      maybe teacher made her pregnant!

  • haha

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA WHAT A n00B !!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    What the fuck is wrong with that school/teacher? Girls are not allowed to have long hair?!?

    I’m a guy and I always had long hair yet my teachers rarely told me that I should get a haircut (I had “skater boy” hair back in school and now at 22 my hair is elbow length) and they never insisted on the subject even tho it was in the school’s policy that boys should have short hair.

    Really fucked up that a little girl had to die because of some idiots.

    • whichone

      uh…does elbow length mean it’s down to your elbows? if so that sounds like a lot of shampoo.

      • kkkingc

        take them photos offline please. this is so taking the girls dignity…

      • Alex

        elbow length = mid back. And yeah it takes quite a lot of shampoo, conditioner and many other products to keep it clean, shiny and silky.

  • Chinese Disgrace

    She wasnt the only one with longer hair. She was “picked on” by teachers. Teachers who showed favoritism to the others, but chose to give Her a hard time over and over again.

    Basically, some woman getting to look more pretty than others, as a sort of punishment & special treatment towards the special & favorite students. Very Lame.

    This entire story is basically rooted in Chinese Politics. Chinese are forced into doing things rather than it being free-will. This only creates bad blood… and the resulting attitudes, are taken out on each other. (the only thing they can control… are the rules… which are a govt. backed excuse to commit violence & abuse)

    There is nothing wrong with long hair on either man or woman. Nor is there anything wrong with individuality of style. And If people choose to look ‘bad’ to others (such as a mohawk), thats their decision… and has no bearing on academics.

    In fact, Ill bet they did this to try to curb school violence… But guess what… It didnt and doesnt work. Many People & Kids, will always be troublesome. Some grow out of it… and some stay this way eternally.

    Truly a tragedy and a disgrace.

  • Of Canada

    hm some girls in China really don’t value their life much. What in their upbringing made them feel their life was so cheap? Perhaps their parents wanted a boy but their only child was a girl. . and the girl knew it growing up?

    I’ve had a similar situation as Pusan with a different outcome.

  • 大 李 飞 刀

    Here in USA school does not give a dame about your hair or your dresses… long as you are not naked!
    This is why American school system is still a better system compare to China!

    • Mosanto

      The American school system creates illiterates and most Americans can’t even pinpoint Canada on a map. I don’t think it’s better than China’s.

      • 大 李 飞 刀

        “,,most Americans can’t even pinpoint Canada on a map”
        That is exactly the point! We cherish freedom of choices here in USA….including the choice of how you want to grow your hair and whether you want to know where other countries on the map! By the way, not all the students here are dumb asses that dont know about world geography!
        I rather school to teach my kid about “human right” than where is “Canada”. It is because you can always use “Google map or GPS to find out where the place is”……he…he.

        • Chunghwa (af home)

          lol, because human rights are more important than basic knowledge, amirite? = =”

      • Joe

        I’d have to disagree. Chinese schools churn out identical, educated robots incapable of thinking for themselves. American schools churn out a bunch of retards, but a small proportion of brilliant people who succeed.

        • mechanized

          Haha very true.

    • anon

      There are a lot of schools with standardized uniforms and dress codes in the United States. Some enforce them more strictly than others.

      • 大 李 飞 刀

        Yes, but those are so called “private” school which usually run by fanatic religion group like “Christian, Muslim,….etc.”
        Only stupid parents will send their children to those schools where you have to pay for it and your kids will be trained to become whims, to obey the so called “authority” without knowing how to be creative and rebel!

        • anon

          You don’t get out much, do you?

        • Chunghwa (af home)

          >religious schools in developed countries


          >send to private schools
          >stupid parents

          I could come up with about ten reasons as to why that is bullshit. But I’ll just scrape the surface. I’m non-religious (and fucking proud of it), and I went to a Catholic school, because ONE they teach you how to be a decent person (public schools in Australia are full of 12yos doing heroin in the toilets for fucks sakes, and 15yos getting pregnant), and TWO my parents had the extra cash to do so. Your argument is pretty much irrelevant because you have little knowledge of what you’re talking about.

  • Judy

    This is a tragedy. The site and MOP should show some heart and respect for this little girl and her family. Please remove the pictures of her lifeless body, how is it part of the ‘story’. You douche bags don’t have a grain of dignity.

    • Chunghwa (af home)

      Just because “you don’t like it” doesn’t mean anything. Appealing to someone’s pity is not a proper argument, as different people have different attitudes towards something.

      • Freword

        Still a ass

  • Nong

    Sounds like a douche-bag school. There is a rule against long hair. The psychology is; ‘if her hair is short she will be less attractive to boys and therefore study harder’. The reality is that hair length is just a rule to bully and victimize girls at the whim of power-crazed asshole teachers. Of course if your family is rich and powerful you can have hair any length you like, your highness!

  • Type Two

    The nurse is wearing the same plastic gloves as the lunch lady in my cafeteria.

  • duhhh

    Why do they have to lift the blanket and show half of her breast? Idiot.

  • 我 寻 欢

    This girl certainly got my respect! She rather die than live without “freedom of choices”.
    I do feel sorry for the parents though.

  • Sean

    Police, Teachers, Politicians have power, A country run by bunch of hooligans. Qualifications to become a Police, Teacher, Politicians in china

    1) Mentally retarded
    2) Lazy
    3) Lack of common sense

  • John

    It’s very cheap and low class to post the pictures of this girl’s body. SHAME ON YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.

    Her hair had nothing to do with this. She was clearly a depressed person and she was suicidal for deeper reasons.

    But please, SHOW AN OUNCE OF CLASS and take those photos down.

    • joe momma

      yea fuck u fauna for doing this. u no class mainlander!

      • Chunghwa (af home)


        Well, fuck your shit.

        • Freword

          No jackass

    • anon


      Real classy.

  • 伟 哥 哥

    In asian countries, including developed country like Japan, school system is designed to teach their kid about obedience.
    You have to wear “school uniform” and follow the certain rules…such as how long you can grow your hair, what is the length of your skirts, what colors are your shoes….etc.
    Asian schools emphasize on memorize stuff other than creative thinking like those in the West. This is the reason why Chinese people, though very smart but they can only copy things that invented from the West. Couple years ago, when Singapore education administor visited US schools, he was asked why he wanted to learn from USA school system? After all , Singapore students were ranking number one in maths and other subjects in testing! He answered is: “Yes, but that is all our students good at….taking tests!”

    • InstantNoodles

      2nded so hard.

      Had a friend berated because she refused to wear a uniform she thought was dumb and ugly as fuck for school parade.

      Got call’ed to the principal’s office, and the admins there went off on the tangent of her being selfish and lacking group conscience because she refused to conform and sacrifice her personal comforts for the good of the group. Went as far as telling her she might grow up as a traitor to the country.

      Oh Chinese teachers.

      On the other hand, my hair and dress code was always in compliance. My old elementary school would have stopped me at the gates, took points off the class I was in, and I would have been scorned by the homeroom teacher and all my classmates for it. I guess if you train kids early enough and hard enough, they will be less likely to pull a Liu XiaoBo later on in life.

  • Pandaxiong

    Well why blame the school when she commited suicide? Shouldn’t the parents take some blame too?
    We all know that some school rules are crappy but still upheld them as it is part & parcel of life..
    Just dumb to commit suicide for something like this..

  • Joe

    Execute the teacher.

    • Chunghwa (af home)

      For what? Doing his job? He was following rules set by the headmaster, if you want to kill someone, go for him.

  • Joe

    Everyone over the age of 40 in China should be sent to labor camps. Their last generation mindset is a detriment to China’s development.

    • InstantNoodles

      But then where will their children find willing donors to pay for housing/car/girlfriend/bill?

      Think of the children man, think of the children.

  • MMary

    Please remove the pics.
    It’s called respect.
    Fauna – I thought you were French? wtf?

  • Cecilia

    although i agree killing oneself is absolutely not the solution but i totally disagree with people who say the girl is stupid.
    try to think about this thing from a 13-year-old girl’s perspective.
    a 13-year-old girl, just graduated from her elementary school, what does she know? do you expect her to know as much life wisdom as you do? do you expect her to be as rational as a 16 or 18 person? do you expect her to have such good self-control ability as you do? especially after being humiliated publicly, which could destroy a girl’s self-esteem. And a girl, always educated by teachers and family to obey rules and teachers, do you expect her to know clearly it is the school that was not reasonable? it was very likely she blamed herself for bringing trouble to her family and not understanding what the hell was going wrong.
    please don’t blame her recklessness. It is the education system and the fucking “national conditions” killed that girl. if the schools had not been spending so much energy on killing every single trait of human beings that could hint on attractiona (long hair, ear-piercing, bracelet,etc), and if the teachers had not been treating students as slaves who deserve no respect, there would be no one more student dying in humiliation in China.

    • Xero

      You do make a valid point about the girl not having the rational thinking capabilities as older girls might have. On the other hand from personal experience, I have met quite a few girls here who always talk about killing themselves or how they want to die over relatively small issues. Most of these girls are in their early to mid 20’s.

      Whether or not they are serious about that is not the point. Just the mere fact that they talk about it so frequently is worrisome. It has to do with how they’re raised. It’s almost as if they find no value in their own lives. Therefore the parents are to blame in this case. If my parents taught me anything it is that I should value myself and not get discouraged over small inconveniences in life.

      If the parents knew how to raise their children by showing them some affection and compassion then I’m sure these instances of devaluing oneself would dissolve.

  • Chinese Disgrace

    Id be depressed too, if I was singled out by the teachers all the time.

    Imagine what this poor girl thought when she was told she couldnt attend school anymore cause they wouldnt take her back?!

    The only option would possibly be to move to another location, IF they would take her… and what about her parents? They would have to move, and find new jobs.

    Which is probably why, coupled with the teachers verbal and psychological abuses, and hardship brought to her parents… she decided to terminate the so called PROBLEM: “Being Herself”

    Anyone who makes up excuses and points the blame on anything other than the teachers and Chinese leadership, is a BRAINWASHED and Soul-less (Rotten / Black Heart )
    Idiot. (and Im being far too “nice” with my choice of words)

    • Zheng Lai En

      If I was the Emporer of China, I would make it a law that the girls and women have long hair, at least to their shoulders.

      I hope the family and the village rise up against this school!

      • Chunghwa (af home)

        If you were Emperor, Li Yuchun would be in deep shit.

        ~~~~~~~~~~~~word limit~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • As foreseeable, masses of comments on how this is all a result of China’s wayward society, leadership, educational system etc…. Does it strike anyone that the terrible Columbine tragedy, where two US high school students killed not just themselves but lots of other students, could equally be construed as a result of the US’s educational system and society? There are things which are wrong about both countries’ systems, but all things considered (including China much higher population density and poverty), is China really any worse?

  • Hylith

    Have a little compassion and remove the pictures of the deceased girl being partially nude. Come on!

    You aren’t exactly representing your people well here…

  • zammo

    Poor lass.

    Poor parents.

    A tragedy, and one i didnt need to see photos of to understand.

  • Jayman

    This is just a theory but.. She may have not commited suicide due to the hair.She was clearly picked on by the teacher, and other students had long hair. So this means he could have tried to sexually make advances on her or blackmail her, and she brushed him off, so because he would have got angry, he brought it out on her by using his authority. I dont think she gave a crap about the hair thing, and neither did the teacher. Also when she got home she probally got yelled at, because asian parents side with the teacher and the blame would be on her.All the while the teacher gets away with something he shouldnt be doing.Nobody would really kill themselves over hair. There is clearly more to this.

  • PubertHerbert

    Theres more to this, teacher could have molested her, abused her, and blackmailed her, she tells him to fk off, and then he uses his authority to get back at her. Then when she kills herself , people actually believe its because of a hair policy.

  • C

    Seriously, chinaSMACK personals??? Not the best article to advertise your personals site.

  • Billy Bob

    Leave the teacher alone. Attack the PARENTS.
    Three times?!?! Three times?!?!
    What cheap-ASS parents who didn’t give a shit about their own daughter. Leave the teacher alone- she was following the rules. Leave the school alone- they were very clear with the rules.
    Besides her parents neglect (ie not following the rules and NOT LISTENING TO THEIR OWN CHILD), the kid was having a tough time. Drinking pesticides is difficult it stings, burns, and tastes bad- she was going to do it anyway. Going home wasn’t the trigger- she was going to kill herself anyway. She deserves out pity, the teacher deserves our pity, the school deserves our caution, but the parents should be blamed.

  • Xavier

    I bet she didn’t commit suicide only because she was sent away because of her haircut, I bet it was because the teacher made her feel really bad, and I am sure this was going on since long before. Being a student in a chinese university, I know how bad chinese teachers can make you feel if they don’t like you…. bastards.

    • BILLY C

      During the Cultural Revolution if your grandfather had been a landlord, and your father was a professor, the classroom teacher and the other students could make you feel really, really bad – Every Day.

  • Bill

    This will never happen in Canada. No administrator will send a girl student home because she wears long hair. Never heard of. It is just ridiculous, unnecessary, sad, and simply illegal. That school principal should feel ashamed of him/herself and resign immediately.


    It is just very sad.
    Teenage school girls can be sensitive and emotional to extremes. Once a young TV star died and a school girl took her father’s pistol and killed herself because he had died. What did it mean? She wanted to follow him to the next life?
    I feel very bad, especially seeing these photos. Her face even looks troubled at the hospital.
    This did not have to happen, and yet no one could stop it. The teacher will never forget this, and that is punishment enough.

    • lou pens white son

      nor will her family and friends and i dont think ill ever forget it either ( im not emotional she just kinda looks like my girl friend and i cant bear the thot of her doing this)

  • lou pens white son

    aww mayn this just kills me inside im 13 too and in chinese middle school and they are pretty tof when it comes to hair but this is just sad her looks remind me of my girlfriend and that makes it more sad for me but all you people saying you stupid retarded bitch need to take the veil off ur eyes and think outside of the box we dont know what kind of pressure this poor girl was going thru (family problems love life ect) it could of been anything but this is just sad and you ignerant racys should respect her family

  • lou pens white son

    btw im from america not chinese

  • shahram

    dorod bar shoma