Shandong Schoolgirl Sent Home For Long Hair, Commits Suicide

A Shandong schoolgirl who committed suicide apparently because of troubles at school over the length of her hair.

From Mop:

A girl with long hair is a crime? A young girl whose hair was not in compliance with school rules was forced to suicide by school

At 9 in the morning of 2010 October 9, a 13-year-old young girl living in Wangsangang village of Shuangyuehu sub-district of Luozhuang district of Linyi city [of Shandong province] was successively reprimanded and sent home three times by Linyi city Number 6 Middle School West Campus “unkind teacher” Zhou X for “having long hair”. Unable to cope, she committed suicide by drinking pesticide and took the road of no return!

The school requires that hair not descend past the eyebrows. However, there are so many students with long hair at the school that no one bothers yet this student was told to go home 3 times. When the parents sent her back, the school refused to take her in.

Right now, the family members and relatives involved are overwhelmed with grief, demanding justice for their child!!

Pictures from the incident that happened four days ago:

A Shandong schoolgirl who committed suicide apparently because of troubles at school over the length of her hair.

A Shandong schoolgirl who committed suicide apparently because of troubles at school over the length of her hair.

A banner hung at the school.

At this time, there are over 2100 comments on Mop. There are over 7500 comments on an article on NetEase (“13-year-old Shandong girl commits suicide after being forced out of school for having hair that is too long”).

Comments from NetEase:


Ridiculous/unnecessary education. Women have had long hair for thousands of years, how did it suddenly become a rule that determines whether or not you can enter school?


Motherfucking, the things they should deal with they don’t, only dealing with the things they don’t need to deal with. [Now, they’ve cared too much about] image that someone has died, stupid cunt principal.


[When I was] in primary school, if you weren’t wearing your red handkerchief you weren’t allowed into school…it is still fresh in my memory.


Bastards, in the 90s when I was attending high school, the school did not allow the boys to have hair longer than 2 inches. I cut my hair twice and it still wasn’t acceptable. Brother [referring to self] thought, if I shave my head, it should be acceptable then, right? I ended up going to school only to be immediately sent home, my mother told that I don’t respect school rules, was being confrontational with the school, was being extreme, causing me to have to wear a hat for half the semester.


Chinese females having long hair is a virtue of the Chinese people! Boy having long hair however ought to be strictly regulated/controlled!


This proves yet again that strict management of students comes at a disastrous price! Wake up teachers, it is better to have one eye open and one eye closed [better to know what is important to enforce and what is not]!!!
With so many students at the school, how is it that only she was not in compliance with the rules? Sad…


Schools should not have the right to force students out as they please, as the school would be violating the student’s right to an education, and since [in this case] they forced the student to the point where she committed suicide, the school should take the majority of the responsibility. Also, all schools should draw a lesson from this, that they should not make such ridiculous rules forcing students to blindly follow them, and even less treating parents as hairdressers.


Let’s not discuss all that stuff yet, let’s first ask the parents what evidence they have to prove that the child committed suicide because her haircut was not in compliance with the rules. Who knows, it might be that she got pregnant or something, what isn’t possible with students these days? What is least likely is someone being so fragile to such a degree, committing suicide simply because of being criticized by a teacher a few times.


What a garbage school! Even regulating hairstyles? Must be investigated!!! Child, rest in peace!


The people cursing the teacher need to think, if your child’s schoolmates all had bizarre hairstyles, would you be at ease?


Nowadays, how many teachers genuinely care about their students?


She cut her hair three times and it still wasn’t in compliance? Did the girl have to become a baldy to be in compliance? Does this school want to make all of the students into standardized parts!? Students these days have all been educated into stupidy by the schools!!!!!!

What stupid or silly rules did your school have?

UPDATE: Here is a that includes the parents and her schoolmates…

Not in compliance. chinaSMACK personals.

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