Afraid of Being Late to School, Child Walks to School at Night

A Chinese police officer in Yunnan visits a poor child who walked to school in the dark night because he can't afford an alarm clock and was afraid of being late to school.

From NetEase:

6-Year-Old Boy Can’t Afford an Alarm Clock; Afraid of Being Late, He Gropes Around In the Dark to Go to School at 10pm

Very early in the morning on November 26th, a little boy of around 7 or 8 years old wandered up and down a street in the small town of Nagu in Tonghai county [of Yunnan province], shivering with cold and his eyes full of anxiety. A kind villager called Li Xiaoci who was passing by stepped forward to ask him what was going on, but the little boy wouldn’t say. Could it be that his parents had driven him out of the house, or he’d done something bad and was afraid to go home? This winter night was exceptionally cold, so for the child’s safety, Li Xiaoci hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called the number of Nagu’s local police station. As it turns out, this little boy couldn’t afford to buy an alarm clock and so, fearing that he’d be late, left to go to school in the middle of the night.

A civil police officer quickly hurried over, and took the little boy to the local police station. In the police station guard’s room, the little boy told the police officer “uncle” a “secret” both amazing and heartbreaking. This little boy is called Xing Yu, a student in class 2, grade 2 of Nagu Central School and is temporarily living in the town of Sijie in the village of Daying. His mother abandoned the family several years ago, leaving him, his sister and their father relying on each other for survival. His father works in a factory in Lishan Industrial Park, and his elder sister is in her first year of Tonghai No.3 Middle School.

On the evening of 25th November, as his father had left the house to work a night shift, he was left alone at home. To get to Nagu Primary School from Daying, you have to walk for 3 or 4 kilometres, and as his family couldn’t afford to buy an alarm clock, he feared that the next day he would oversleep and arrive late to school. Thinking this over, the little boy used a plastic bag to pack up his books, then left the house after 10 in the evening. He went straight to Nagu, planning to wait there until daybreak when the primary school opened. According to what little Xing Yu said, he was waiting outside for 4 hours with not a single person on the street, both afraid and cold, only able to walk back and forth under the street lamp to warm himself up. When he got to Beiylei Nursery School, he bumped into Li Xiaoci who happened to be passing by.

As the little boy couldn’t remember his dad’s mobile phone number exactly, the civil police officer first contacted his class’s head teacher, teacher Qian, and afterwards contacted little Xing Yu’s father. When he received the civil police officer’s phone call, his father quickly asked the officer to see the little boy home, and immediately requested leave from work so he could come over.

The civil police officer took the little boy home, and the circumstances he saw before him filled him with concern: a family of three crammed into a small room that couldn’t be bigger than 10 square meters, with only a very narrow space left over after the placement of three beds, the wall surface flaking off, the floor bumpy and rough, a pile of junk piled up chaotically and not a single decent piece of furniture in the whole place.

The next day, the civil police officer got off work and instead of resting, he brought a little alarm clock he had chosen with the utmost care and some school stationary supplies to visit little Xing Yu, who happily received the alarm clock from the civil police officer’s hands. “With this, I won’t have to worry about being late to school anymore…”, little Xing Yu said, choking with emotion, his eyes shining bright with tears.

Comments from NetEase:

個好朋友 [网易江苏省网友]:

So sad, I lament the many hardships of people’s lives!!

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:60.177.*.*:

Sigh…just one table of the leaders’ food could see him graduate high school.

压力山大而死 [网易海南省海口市网友]:

America and Japan, how do you have the heart to see us like this?

网易山东省菏泽市网友 ip:222.174.*.*:

Tears flowing.

验货员 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

This policeman is such a good person!

木哈哈哈哈 [网易北京市门头沟区网友]

Indeed one act that can change a person.

撸锦tao [网易海南省海口市网友]:

[Life in] Socialist countries sure is happy… Child, sing a red song [patriotic communist songs]. It’ll make things a little better.

国只是一片土地 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

Until the bandits are all dead, China has no hope!

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:14.219.*.*

Bullshit! Migrant workers are demanding to have 2 children, but it would be better if they remained bachelors. Having children and then not being able to raise them, isn’t this just harming others and themselves? In the end, the wife has run away, saddling the next generation with also becoming slaves, their short lifetimes of a few decades living lives worse than that of a dog’s.

毁灭前的疯狂 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Is this kind of government really “serving the people”? I can’t see it.

114413078 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]

This news report should be given to their village head, town mayor, county magistrate, city mayor, provincial governor, all the leaders/government officials of all the government departments for them all to see!

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  • Jay K.

    did i get the sofa?!

    • Jay K.

      ya i got the sofa!

      • Germandude

        Kudos to you!

      • mr.wiener

        I can’t see the sofa, the smog is too thick.

        A bit of a weepy story this one, maybe some folks will donate some stuff to help the family, but for every story like this one there are a thousand just like it.

  • Germandude

    I liked the comments from the Chinese netizens.

    However, what is disturbing is to read this and look to the right of this site, seeing Li Tianyi’s face. The inequality between rich and poor is so far off the mark in China… How can a nation send rockets into space, waste money on aircraft carriers and go to bed at night while so many of its countrymen are screwed over on a daily basis, just like little Xing Yu?

    • SonofSpermcube

      Four easy words: Fuck You Got Mine.

    • Zappa Frank

      well you really liked all comments? what about this one:

      Bullshit! Migrant workers are demanding to have

      children, but it would be better if they remained bachelors. Having children and then not being able to raise them, isn’t this just harming others and themselves? In the end, the wife has run away, saddling the next generation with also becoming slaves, their short lifetimes of a few decades living lives worse than that of a dog’s.

      • Germandude

        Nope, obviously I didn’t like that one. I meant “liked most of the comments”. You get my drift ;-)

    • Jobjed

      I feel sorry for him but I’m pretty sure that Xing Yu’s parents had it even worse when they were young. Xing Yu has shelter, food, family (most of it) and access to public services (school and police at the very least), I’m not convinced that many people around the world even has access to half of what he does. Try looking on the not-so-bad side of things; his life is definitely not optimal, but it’s better than what many in Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia have.

      As for you assertion that China has all these grand projects but still has poor people, well, isn’t that true for every country in the world including the rich industrialised countries that we are lucky to be living in? There are so many people in the USA that are living in abject poverty but the US still spends money on maintaining

      aircraft carriers and over

      AEGIS vessels around the world. China’s a rookie in terms of “wasting” money compared to the US.

      I realise that you are protesting the wealth inequality disaster in China but I really don’t see any practical method to solve it overnight. If the Chinese government decides to suddenly increase taxes on the above-average earners and redistribute them to the poor (as it already does to some extent), it would kill off enterprise and China would fall back into Maoist era state-planned economy, which as history has demonstrated, is absolute shit. The only way to solve this problem is through increasing investment in the less-developed areas of the China where the disadvantaged (compared to coastal Chinese) like Xing Yu are residing. And the Chinese government has indeed been doing this; investment in inner provinces is now skyrocketing and many firms are now flocking to these previously neglected areas in light of the increased costs of operating in coastal cities. I’m confident that in a decade or two, Xing Yu’s children will be enjoying a standard of living much higher than he is right now, just as Xing Yu is enjoying (relatively speaking) a standard of living much higher than what his parents lived through.

      • Germandude

        Try looking on the not-so-bad side of things; his life is definitely not optimal, but it’s better than what many in Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia have.

        You are right of course, but there is no African country that has the money or resources to launch rockets and/or feed its people.

        As for you assertion that China has all these grand projects but still has poor people, well, isn’t that true for every country in the world including the rich industrialised countries that we are lucky to be living in? There are so many people in the USA that are living in abject poverty but the US still spends money on maintaining

        aircraft carriers and over

        AEGIS vessels around the world. China’s a rookie in terms of “wasting” money compared to the US.

        While the income discrepancy between the super rich and the super poor is crazy in the US as well, I doubt that there are many people in the US that struggle in their lives so hard that they don’t know what’s gonna happen with them tomorrow. Besides, don’t forget that the US, like it or not, has to take actions in the world that are certainly pushed to them as well. Be it out of consequence because the US is influential all over the place, or be it because it is forced to get involved.

        Regarding your last parapgraph. I am not saying the government does nothing, does everything wrong, or nothing right. I am saying the government could do so much more. Start with fighting corruption. On all levels, including its most inner circle, because the fish starts stinking from the head.

        There is no practical method to solve it overnight. If there was and you (and me) would know how to do this, I am pretty sure we bothe were very rich men.

        • RickyBeijing

          I read somewhere today that by the year X (Ican’t remember what year it was) most of the world’s billionaires would be living in China or India, while about 60% of the world’s people living for under $10,000 a year would be living in China.

          The wealth gap here is incredible.

          • SonofSpermcube

            You can live OK on 10k a year in China, though. You could even squeak by with a kid or two in Beijing on that.

            X dollars a day comparisons don’t work between countries. Is there an international PPP adjusted poverty measure, one which also accounts for different consumption patterns between countries?

          • mwanafa

            This year’s $10,000=60,000RMB which means

            RMB a month. Rent a single room for


            for food,

            other necessities,

            for transportation(subway&public bus),

            others(baijiu, cigarettes, mahjong, ktv, etc!!) problem solved!
            I am not sure if they are speaking of this year’s 10,000 or year X’s 10,000. Because the pace in which this Economic super power is developing, at that time may be $10,000 will be equal to some pocket change to many Chinese people.

          • SonofSpermcube

            There are people who pay

            kuai a month for rent (to my father-in-law).

          • mwanafa

            lol, just heard from you. I am not sure that’s in Beijing. I know a guy who lives in a shared room, about six of them in one room, still is

            RMB a day each person! he pays per month so it’s cheaper


          • SonofSpermcube

            It’s in Beijing, not a pretty part, though. I forget the precise address. Somewhere south of the airport, in an industrial area.

            It’s a total shithole. (cold) Running water outside and, and electricity. Shoddy brick construction that WILL collapse if there’s ever an earthquake or someone farts too loud. In a neighborhood full of shitty brick and concrete boxes it is the shittiest. Also there’s chickens running around loose.

            I’d call him a slumlord…but he lives there, too; despite owning a reasonably nice apartment in which his son and occasionally his daughters live.

          • hess

            You can live a nice life on 10k RMB a year in a second tier city..

          • SonofSpermcube

            You could live a life in a 2nd tier city on 10k RMB a year…if you were living with someone paying your rent and utilities.
            (I thought we were talking dollars?)

          • hess

            oh haha my mistake, i meant 100k RMB

          • Harold Janson

            $10k a year in Beijing? As long as you own already, and are not some bandwagon idiot who ran to Beijing without the ability to make it here, $10k is EASY. Me + Wife + Kid + Granny have a cash burn of around $600 a month. And that’s eating rather well. In fact, that doesn’t even eat up granny’s pension entirely. We have a nice car, and live a rather fusion lifestyle which could be trimmed back by epic amounts if we cared to or had to. The lesson to be learned here is, if you are coming to Beijing and do not already own a place to live, or have an impressive set of skills to make your way or a sweet job, you DO NOT BELONG HERE. Simple, them’s the breaks.

        • Jobjed

          True on all accounts, although I have doubts as to the effectiveness of ‘fighting’ corruption. Widespread corruption in China is a consequence of the current fanatic desire of Chinese to ‘get rich’. To fight corruption would first require the rectification of the current Chinese psyche, which is very difficult, I’m afraid; as it is with every attempt to change how people think. This period of fanatical ‘get rich’ compulsion will end sooner or later, although for a country of 1.4 billion people, I’m inclined to think the latter. Until the Chinese population ceases to have such a strong compulsion to ‘get rich’, I believe the corruption problem would be near-impossible to get rid of. But I have my fingers crossed just in case.

          • don mario

            yea thats the bigger problem.. corrupt, irresponsible and selfish attitudes are pretty ingrained. (not saying the west is a garden of eden either) things can be improved though, but that would involve the CCP being vapourised first and foremost.

        • SonofSpermcube

          “I doubt that there are many people in the US that struggle in their
          lives so hard that they don’t know what’s gonna happen with them

          Except for all of the homeless, and many people in insecure housing arrangements, and many in what Chris Hedges calls “Sacrifice Zones.” 

          Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. I mean most of urban China doesn’t see things this bad with their own eyes.

          That said, what social safety nets the US has mostly focus on children, and there aren’t a whole lot of CHILDREN as bad off as little Xing Yu; but there are still plenty who don’t know where they’ll be sleeping tomorrow.

        • yepyep

          “You are right of course, but there is no African country that has the money or resources to launch rockets and/or feed its people.”

          Really? Where are we getting our information from? There are no African countries that have the money or resources to launch rockets or feed it’s people?


      • Dr Sun

        well said

      • don mario

        so what you are saying is really nothing we can do immediately about the wealth inequality..

        well how about we cut out corruption, just to start with! just a tiny little thing to begin with!

        number 2. how about we stop endlessly building shoddy apartments, malls, office buildings, skyscrapers and ENTIRE CITYS. that are just sitting empty because only the rich can afford them… for investment purposes, not even for living. does that make any sense to build endlessly when these buildings are going to become dilapidated anyway because nobody is living in them…….when there are a vast amount of poor like this living in slums?

        • Jobjed

          Please take the time to watch this interesting video; it presents another perspective to yours, possibly even one that your haven’t thought of yet, especially in regards your assertion that one-party states automatically lead to corruption.

          Please reply if you have further rebuttals and I’ll do my best to address them.

          • don mario

            i never said that a one party state leads to corruption. i was not discussing the merits and cons of certain political systems. i was giving some very very basic and obvious ideas on how to immediately improve the wealth inequality…. because you seem to think it is a problem that cannot be tackled. so no i will not be watching your video.

            and please try to keep further rebuttals related to what my post was actually about.

          • Jobjed

            To quote you “things can be improved though, but that would involve the CCP being vapourised first and foremost.”

            It’s obvious that you resent the CCP; thus, it may be enlightening for you to watch this TED talk.

          • don mario

            again, what does being against the ccp have to do with a discussion on different political systems?

            what are you saying? that the ccp is not corrupt? trolling much?

    • Repatriated

      I’m really surprised they leave a 6-year old home alone.

      • Markoff

        not so special even in US or some western countries with single (divorced) parent without bullying neighbors calling social services because someone can’t afford babysitter…

    • Cauffiel

      Because this is the real world, and nobody owes anybody anything else, no matter how much bleeding heart American liberals try to shove the “we’re in this together” horse shit down your throat.

      Incidentally, space programs are far more productive and generate more wealth than alarm clocks for school children.

      If you want to wake up on time, drink a few large glasses of water before you go to sleep. Ya think everyone just slept late until alarms were invented?

      • hess

        “liberals try to shove the “we’re in this together” horse shit down your throat.” That would be SOCIALISTS, not liberals.

      • Germandude

        Cauffiel, you are American, right?
        I hope you didn’t just out yourself as being a republican because that would destroy my rather positive picture of you.

        Plus “hess” already pointed out that it’s a socialist statement, but not liberal.

        • ex-expat

          There is nothing wrong with being a Republican, in itself. I am not one personally (though I am not a Democrat either), but I certainly support part of their platform, particularly regarding taxes and regulation. Sure, the party could be spun as homophobic gun-toting creation theorists, but Democrats could be spun negatively as well. There was an interesting piece on how the majority of Americans (myself included) currently do not identify completely with any one party in particular, but are “fiscally conservative, socially liberal,” essentially taking pieces from both.

          • Markoff

            you are confused, you just dunno you are libertarian, it has nothing to do with republicans

          • ex-expat

            What relevance does that have to my post regarding Germandude’s statement about Republicans?

          • ex-expat

            Lol what about that post would make someone want to down vote it?

        • Cauffiel

          I am not a Republican. But if I were, I wouldn’t lose any sleep scheming to regain your approval.

    • Guest23

      Agreed, really sorry for the kid’s family struggling, while the rest of the country can indulge on stuff that they don’t need or won’t help most of the poor, pretty rare though to see altruism or philanthropy without some hidden agenda.

      Though this is on my thought, how scared is he being late? was the School he was in not so understanding on his situation? cause this alarms me of those stories of teachers pressuring kids for being tardy or breaking the rules, that ends up in tragedy, hope some individuals on his village can give the kid a lift or carpool him to school.

      • Germandude

        I like to think that the boy wasn’t scared of being late to school, but that he was afraid of missing school and so, missing education. That would mean the boy is very far ahead of his age.

        • Guest23

          Yeah, he wants a better life, most kids are lucky growing up without a care in the world, seen kids who want better for their families, hope he gets the education he deserves.

        • Jahar

          wishful thinking?

    • don mario

      years of culture, you laowai just can’t understand it! and because china is a third world country….and the worlds new superpower! its ok things are getting better everyday, trust the government!!

  • SonofSpermcube

    “America and Japan, how do you have the heart to see us like this?”

    I can’t speak for Japan, but I think this explains America:

    • Cauffiel


  • nqk123

    The reality for much of the world. story like this make me appreciate what I have (not a lots, seriously) much more

  • Zappa Frank

    yeah we should sterilize everyone that don’t much? 2000dollars/month.. wait, the gasoline price is rising, let’s do 3000$/month.. hmmm I don’t know, I think we can’t live without a swimming pool, 5000$/month.. but only if you own a house!! Else we cut your xiaodidi

    we are lucky that people from 200kya till now didn’t agree with your vision and have children before having things and retirement….

    In order to prevent innocent kids from paying and eventually suffering poverty we decide to do not let them exist. We forfeit the only task that the nature gave use.

    it reminds me what Frank said “….equivalent of treating dandruff by decapitation”

    • mwanafa

      Well said, responsibility my friend, responsibility!
      “I’m choosing not to have kids because I can’t afford it, by the the time I do” is not very practical.First of all when it comes to money you will never have enough even to afford to provide for your own self, second, that’s a life you are talking about, you don’t put a price tag on it, and you don’t know what it comes with it. You can be prepared but, man, you don’t know what comes with it(don’t get me wrong, I mean, what if you prepare for one and here comes



      at once? such things.).

    • Markoff

      have you ever heard about thing called “one child policy” in China? because this is exactly reason why it exist, not to have poor country full of beggars stepping at one place without any progress, coughIndiacough

      • Zappa Frank

        one child policy is in order to reduce over-population, but wasn’t by any means to do not allow poor people to have a child.. as matter of the fact is ONE child policy, not ZERO if you do not have enough money policy..

        • Markoff

          the main purpose was to reduce over population and at same time have reasonable conditions for children to grow, so people will focus their income on their single child which will be in the end more educated, healthy and competetive than two poor children

  • Middle_Kingdum

    Who wrote this story? Could it be more melodramatic?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Wonder why nobody bought up his sister. Where the hell was she this whole night!?

    • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

      my place

    • mwanafa

      He was left alone that night, perhaps his sister is in boarding school?

  • mr.wiener

    Apparently it is the West’s fault for bringing their pollution technologies to China.

    • Cauffiel

      We brought industry and capital when all they needed was alarm clocks. Such a shame.

  • mwanafa

    “His father works in a factory in Lishan Industrial Park, and his elder sister is in her first year of Tonghai No.3 Middle School.”
    Are you posting a comment for this story or? His father is not a poor farmer, he is a poor factory worker.
    And poor people usually tend to have more kids, because they don’t get proper education, and for the farmers, the poorer they are they tend to have more kids, because they increase workforce. And to most of them having many kids is a form of, may I say wealth?

  • MyMotto

    Yeah, I saw that and thought what do they want us to do…especially Japan that China hates so much.

    • Kai

      Not everyone in China categorically hates Japan. Some Chinese netizens will see that comment as a trolling comment, but it more or less represents a not exactly uncommon sentiment amongst some Chinese netizens that Japan or the US could save or could have saved China from its current situation, which they blame on their current government.

  • Cauffiel

    Wow, so someone actually stopped and helped a small child walking alone on a dark street? I guess China can cross that off its bucket list.

    Does anyone else get a headache over how melodramatic the daily news is in China? Basically, a journalist’s job is to tell the story while using as few adjectives as possible. Story after story on Chinasmack (and often in the English language People’s Daily, so I presume in the regular Chinese-language new) reads like some trite parable.

    • Markoff

      it’s just fabricated PR piece for police, some people reading this website and news about China should really get education about commies and read at least

      to see what’s around them

      • Paul Schoe

        Due to my work, I am regular in contact with people from the media. The more I see how stories are written, the more I feel like a naive person who still walks around believing in the good of people.

        (Educated) Chinese people, who do not work in the media, are much more realistic about what is written. I am often shocked by their cynisism. But the more I get to know, the more I understand it.

  • Peter Pottinger

    change is slow and will take decades

  • Brett

    It’s stories like this that remind me of dear terroir’s cynicism. This must be a publicity stunt.

  • Eileithyia

    I have been to rural China. Everybody is so poor.

    I think teach them agricultural is the best to go since they have land. But They are not very effective on growing profitable cops. I mean teach agricultural like what people learn in a agricultural school. Like how to run a pig farms that is clean, safe, and profitable.

  • MidniteOwl

    I wonder if the hunger games is allowed to be played in China… Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou vs… everyone else. May the odds be ever in your favour

  • Mony Xie

    But condoms are expensive.

    • Markoff

      contraception pills are for free in China, saw vending machines for them even in rich Beijing

    • Harold Janson

      Stop into any family planning center, they’ll give you all the condoms you want for free.

  • Chris McKenna

    I agree with Eileithyia, but I also think you could use what you know. Teach them how to use technology to sell their product. I seen something similar about a small community in Africa where they had developed a website/phone app that could be use to find out the current costs that their good were selling for as well as finding people to supply to. It was more or less an on-line market that farmers had control of and free access to. . .

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    His father has a cell phone and even the cheapest cell phones usually have an alarm. Maybe it was broken and instead of getting a new one, he bought cigarettes.
    On a different note, a wealthy Chinese student came to class yesterday wearing an expensive fur coat and i couldn’t bear to talk to her and had to leave. I thought about all the poor people in China like this family who have nothing compared to someone who has so much money, they kill animals to have something to show off their wealth. Sickening.

    • I’m A Fiend

      The police called the father on his cell. i assume that he took it to work so he can be reached in case of an emergency. I don’t get why you think it was broken?

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        I didn’t get why the father didn’t use his cell phone alarm unless it was somehow broken or for some reason didn’t have an alarm.

        • I’m A Fiend

          This is totally an assumption but i think the father works nights and either oversleeps causing the kid to be late or comes home around the time the kid should be going to school in the morning. The kid worrying about it was trying to make a solution to the problem.

  • Markoff

    1. it’s shameless propaganda piece for Chinese police
    2. father can afford to buy mobile and buy credit, but can’t afford to buy 5RMB alarm clock?
    so touching story…

  • Markoff

    I found that comment highly amusing, seem to be written by someone with good sense for irony.

  • Markoff

    that idiot ESL teacher has much higher education than those farmers and obviously demand for ESL teachers is much higher than offer which can’t be said about workers in factories or you are really that long time in China that you think all people should have same salary not depending on what’s their education/skills and how valuable and difficult to find they are?

    • Zappa Frank

      how many ESL teacher have you seen in china? I guess we all know what enlightened one is talking about..

  • Zappa Frank

    of course, I’ve just invented the reproduction instinct that drive all animals lives and that is the very last reason why people like me and you exist now.

  • Zappa Frank

    I wonder if is possible that someone like you really has been a poor kids like you said.. however, you would prefer not have existed.. you regret to be alive.. ?

    because your life is now, and parents may raise kids in sufferance but looking for a better future.. your life now is unworthy?

    i’ m afraid there’s no qualification required to be parents.. and no will ever be required. If you prefer do not let your child exist it’s ok, your choice, but don’t pretend to apply your meter to anyone..
    according to your way no Chinese or Africans or anyone else should be alive now, since all were poor at some point in history.. lucky it’s not the case…

  • SonofSpermcube

    1. Sex Ed. Dear god sex education.

    2. Health and biology education in general. I don’t think the Germ Theory of Disease has taken root very well among a lot of Chinese people (my wife, her family, my coworkers; a lot of them seem a little hazy on the idea, and most of them are college educated).

    3. Internet use for old people. You should consult with some elderly internet users, and maybe some rural development types to see what kind of topics to cover. Not that you shouldn’t do programs for younger people, but you should specifically make something for old people that answers the question “why should I care about this?”

    4. Maybe have a community mechanical/computer/electronic/sewing/etc. workshop, get local folks to teach each other and learn on equipment owned by the center. I mean assuming you don’t get some THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS jerk who breaks and/or steals things.

    How little is your father in law making that an ESL teacher makes

    times that? Damn.

  • moeimoei

    I’ve been hearing stories like this from China way too often…not touched anymore, just feel sorry for the kid, going through all that and the fat pigs in the government are just wolfing down all the luxuries…

  • KamikaziPilot

    I just read a story about a homeless guy in the US who was taught computer coding by someone who did that for a living. He asked the homeless guy if he wanted $100 (to spend however he wanted) or would like to learn coding. The homeless guy chose to learn coding. Now he just came out with his first mobile phone app (a carpooling app, do they do carpooling in China?). If you or someone you know is knowledgeable about computer coding it’s an idea, but not sure how feasible this would be in rural China. You got a thumbs up from me because you mentioned “idiot ESL teachers” haha.

  • Zappa Frank

    Nope…this is what you think and is wrong. On second thought yes we are animals and the fact that we reproduce even without a Maserati mark my point

  • Zappa Frank

    I do not trust you to tell it straight, I think you are a fake. However even if not does’t change the point of what I said. I may repeat me other and other but I don’t care to change your mind. And yes, if you would prefer never be existed it means that you regret your life….else why prefer never been existed? You would prefer never be existed for your sister sake…ever asked her if she would prefer you never existed? And you? Would you prefer your sister never existed to have a bit more?

  • Perseus Wong

    If chinaSMACK is going to post stories like this, it has the moral obligation to give their readers the option of helping this family DIRECTLY by providing a verifiable address and contact information.

    Because I don’t see any of the Netizens here, the keyboard altruists who are only capable of some sophomoric critique about ‘income inequality’ offering to do the obvious. BUY the boy an alarm clock, a pair of shoes, a school bag. Or start a fund to buy his father a car on condition that he drives the kid to school.

  • alice.

    Sigh…just one table of the leaders’ food could see him graduate high school.


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