Student Stabs, Kills Teacher For Confiscating Mobile Phone

The scene of the crime.

From Phoenix Online:

12th Grade Student in Jiangxi Kills Head Teacher

Beijing News (Reported by Zhou Shuqing, with interns Fu Zongheng, Jia Shiyu) — On [September] 14, a murder happened in No.2 High School of Fuzhou Linchuan where 12th grade student Lei X killed his head teacher due to dissatisfaction with his administration. Reporters of this article have just learned from the school that the conflict between the two parties originated two days before the murder, when Lei X’s cell phone was confiscated while he was playing with it during recess, and head teacher Sun X want to inform his parents. According to Xiong Haishui, head of the School Affairs Office, the student involved in the murer of his head teacher is named Lei X, 12th grade, and not yet 18 years old. The murder took place at about 11:26am, while head teacher Sun X was preparing for class at the office. Lei X went into the office with a fruit knife in his hand, cut the unsuspecting Sun X’s carotid artery, and killed Sun X instantly at the scene. Picture [above] is of the scene of the crime.

Scene of the murder and Sun X's body in a coffin.

According to the school, Lei X likes surfing on the internet, and always sleeps in class, while his academic grades are average. According to the head of the School Affairs Office Xiong Haishui, the conflict originated on September 13, when Lei X’s cell phone was confiscated by his head teacher while he was playing it during recess and Sun X had required Lei X to have his parents come to the school in order to return the cell phone directly to the parents. The next day, Lei X went to a vice-principal’s office to complain but after mediation, the two left. About 3 hours later, the murder took place. During the murder, there was another teacher in the office at the scene, but because the desks were piled high with books, this teacher didn’t actually see the murder unfold and it was not until Sun X gave out a scream as he was stabbed did he immediately call the emergency number. When the paramedics arrived at the scene, Sun X was already dead.

Sun X's body.

According to Xiong Haishui, Sun X was born in 1981, and has worked at Linchuan No.2 High School as a chemistry teacher ever since he post-graduated. His daughter has not yet reached 1 year old. According to a 12th grade student of the school, Sun X was very friendly toward the students, devoted to his work, and was popular among the students. One of his students whom he coached participated in the National High School Olympics Chemistry Match and won first prize. According to Huang Mingqing, head of the Linchuan District Committee Office, after committing the murder, Lei X fled. Picture is of the murdered teacher.

Comments from Phoenix Online:

凤凰网云南省网友 凤凰网友:

With students like this, who still dares to be a teacher/educator?!

凤凰网中国网友 手机用户:

What big shot is that sitting with his feet up on the side? The teacher next to you is dead now and you’re still able to take off your shoes and put your feet up?

凤凰网江苏省盐城市网友 手机用户:

This was caused by society.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

How can teachers supposed to manage/deal with students in the future?

凤凰网天津市网友 群众情绪非常稳定:

Why can’t people just admit there’s discrimination in education?

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户: (responding to above)

You are just a smack-talker [complainer, whiner]! Stick to the topic, don’t TM always cynically conflate and broaden!

凤凰网天津市网友 普普通通人:

The general mood [atmosphere, environment] of society isn’t good, combined with the fact that most of the games teenagers play are full of violence, murdering everyday.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户: (responding to above)

And in games, the younger the kids, the more arrogant they are.

凤凰网福建省网友 looknd:

This teacher can be considered to have been diligent and responsible [a good teacher]. The murderer should be severely punished!

凤凰网上海市网友 吴阶平:

Such a tragedy for this teacher. First he’s killed by a student, and then immediately following in another picture, an asshole puts his feet up almost on the dead teacher’s face. Sigh! Speechless.

Comments from Sina:

用户3608761191 [山东青岛]:

Ever since the reform and opening up, our education [system] had already gradually found itself on the wrong path. Patriotic education and moral ideology education have been abandoned, while the minds of our countrymen and especially those of teenagers are filled with power, money, and pretty girls. If it goes on like this, our 5000-year-old Chinese civilization will inevitably be lost.

手机用户 [吉林长春]:

The tragedy of Chinese education! Teachers are merely the implementers of education! Think just what exactly is the root [of this]? If everyone holds the thought that teachers deserve to die, then why still go to school? Why still get an education?

手机用户 [陕西西安]:

Education is a product of society, and an unfair society will inevitably produce an unfair education [system]. Giving gifts to teachers is a result of parents being influenced by the common practice in society, simply wanting to spend a bit of money to get some privileges for their children. Nowadays, with the media filled everywhere with so-called news [designed] to attract eyeballs, everywhere reporting the various problems involving teachers, and not transmitting the positive energy of “respecting teachers and morality”, it just proves a truth even more, that among the people within the so-called system, those who have the least power, who are the easiest to bully, and who have the lowest social status are teachers! A society that doesn’t even respect teachers is a dirty society filled with the filth of money, power, and carnal desires. And to look at some people’s comments, just who’s tragedy is this?

手机用户 [江西景德镇]:

Scumbags like you people never know how to be grateful. Teachers who are strict simply deserve to die? When your parents are strict, why don’t you kill your parents?

手机用户 [安徽合肥]:

Today’s teachers are in the teeth of the storm, where isolated individual bad things are exaggerated without limit. The student killed the teacher because of being too strict, but do you people know why it is necessary to be so strict? It’s because society is pushing teachers for results! The biggest problem must be in the family education [upbringing] of the murdering student, otherwise that teacher would have died how many hundreds of times already. Don’t unfairly generalize the phenomena of some teachers accepting gifts [bribes for preferential treatment] and providing additional tutoring [for a cost] onto all teachers!

手机用户 [山西太原]:

Today’s students truly don’t know good from bad.

手机用户 [上海]:

Don’t know why [people] nowadays hold a grudge against everything.

手机用户 [北京]:

Some teachers are quite prejudiced/discriminator, so [some students] hold repress grievances. When I was in high school, my political education teacher skipped over me when handing out test papers. I was so angry at the time that I confronted him and he said there weren’t enough test papers. You tell me, was I not supposed to be angry!?

What do you think? Do news reports like this lead you to blame students, teachers, or society in general?

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  • Robin Xi

    There’s nothing more relaxing than a dead corpse. As long as you remember to take off your shoes (!)

    • Lord_Helmet

      Who the hell puts there feet up like that next to a dead body?

      • wafflestomp

        Amen to that. WTF

    • Boris

      Silver lining: at least the corpse can’t smell his feet.

    • chandlerpatrick

      I was looking at that. It seems that with just about every controversial story these days, we get an obligitory “WTF” photo.

  • Mony Xie

    Reminds me of those times when I was slapped in the face, yelled “you stupid wooden brain” by my teacher in front of class. Guess what I thought then?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      That moment you wanted to become a lawyer and sue her 30 years later?

      • Robert Rou

        blind kings want to lead the blind?

        • mr.wiener

          ….And the teacher [well liked by his students] still lies dead as the internet warriors cycle the twitching body and duke it out with electronic discharges.

          • chandlerpatrick


          • Mighty曹

            You’re a metaphoric genius.

    • David

      But you presumably didn’t (or your typing this from prison) kill your teacher. Of course people have bad thoughts when they are unhappy/sad/mad/. People think about killing themselves or the person who has caused them harm. However, a well adjusted person gets over it and learns that life is more than just gut reactions to unpleasant stimuli. They think about life an hour from now or a year from now and they don’t dwell on the bad things in life. These are the things you learn growing up in a normal environment at home and out in society (including school). Obviously this young man had some serious mental problems, he didn’t even kill the teacher in a fit of rage, He planned it and came back later. Can you say Psychopath?

  • ChineseFilth

    These Mainland kids are out of control. Children are less able sometimes to handle situations of materialistic competitiveness.

    As China’s wealth increases, these situations will become more prevalent and the poor character of the citizens will remain sub-standard.

    • Mony Xie

      This has nothing to do with materialistic competitiveness.

      • ChineseFilth

        Yes it does.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        It’s a combination of materialism, poor government planning, and poor upbringing.

        First was the one child policy so parents will smother their one child with EVERYTHING they can get for him/her so they get the best. This already sets the child up to be spoiled rotten as they expect everything to come to them and it will make them all the more devastated when that doesn’t happen.

        Combine that with a culture that is very competitive in everything, from who has the best education, best grades, and best brand name clothing, you’ll get one messed up kid.

        • Alexander

          You nailed it!!! Congratulations you earned the brain award this week.
          I will add a couple things:
          Poor upbringing = agreed, I think some basic moral standards are needed to be taught in school such as Confucianism, Taoism, or Buddhism…. when a population receives good spiritual teaching, it can cause good results such as respectfulness and more people willing to help each other.
          One child policy = yes, creates a situation where one child becomes a spoiled child rather than learning lessons of sharing and equality that occur when you have siblings.
          And yes, the competitiveness……annoying gaoke exam where everything is based on how well you do the gaoke…. screw the gaoke…… if you have money you can go to school in another country, no super difficult gao ke required….. if you are really good at a particular sport you can even get a full-ride scholarship to a university in the US….. competition is meant for sports or economics….. it is not meant to be a way of life…..
          Now to be fair, I must also criticize another country…. how about the juvenile delinquents of the United States, pill-popping, drug-using and drug dealing, tattoo loving, jitterbugs who’s main goal in school is to be popular…… fuck!

          • Confucianism (being humanistic by nature) is not really a good moral compass to set sail for, so to speak. Christianity would be a better one, Buddhism can also be self serving. Each to their own, have a gay mid autumn day!

          • Alexander

            Its not my favorite of Eastern religions/philosophies, but it is Chinese…… Christianity is generally considered a Western religion(at least to East Asia). Though it does have many great teachings, on a macro level it wouldn’t be fair to expect an East Asian country to accept a Western doctrine/religion, rather the nation/culture should be free to have their own, which historically China had Confucianism and Taoism….Buddhism may be an import from India, but the Mayahana sect of Buddhism is very much tailored to East Asia….

          • firebert5

            I understand your point about that they would be more apt to accept something that originated nearby, but it seems like the whole point of suggesting any religion at all is not to find one that is tailored to them but one that will tailor them. The last thing society needs is something that will justify them in their current activities (by “them” I mean those who are acting immorally), but one that will prod them to change.

          • Alexander

            It (Chinese doctrines/religions) actually would prod them to change. The change would be back to the old Chinese way rather than the current status quo which lacks any moral standard. There are plenty of nations rife with violent crime with people who claim to be followers of the “Western religions”….. spiritual enlightenment is only one part of the equation… on the individual level people can choose to follow whichever religion they want, but on the national level, it is customary to follow religions which are native… in point Saudi Arabia follows Islam, the United Kingdom follows the Anglican Church, Bhutan follows Buddhism, Greece follows the Greek Orthodox Church…..

          • James Wang

            Wow, bunch of white fools pretend to talk as if they actually know confucianism and daoism, making such big statements…… Well, you still way better than most chinese who only think about moneymoneymoney, at least you guys are interested in the topics…

          • mr.wiener

            Enlighten us pray.

          • James Wang

            Well, first of all, tell me which 13 books makes up the 十三经 (13th classics),without looking it up on the internet. Too many people think they know something about Chinese philosophy, because they read it on wikipedia or watched it on TV or read some “for dummies”-level books on China.

          • mr.wiener

            Speaking personally what I know about Confucian you could write on the back of a postage stamp. All I’ve observed is that as societal ethos it tends to make people more obligated to family and inner circle relationships and less caring of outsiders than westerners.
            If this is because of Judaeo-Christian ethics influencing Western culture or something more tribal I’m not sure.
            As with Christ, Confucianism has been twisted by later adherents to their own ends in the power structure of Asian society and is blamed unjustly for the exceses and flaws within these systems.

          • James Wang

            I am personally against discussing about Chinese philosophy without thoroughly and independently studying the 13 Classics(sorry about the typo in my last comment) at least. They are the foundation of Confucianist-Chinese thoughts, and you have to study it independently, that means not taking someone else’s interpretation without examination. The books you can find in china or taiwan or hongkong on these topics usually have a shitty interpretation.

          • James Wang

            I need to make clear the following points:
            1st: Chinese Philosophy isn’t an “old, traditional, mystical, irrational, unfathomable” ideas like those “confucius says [insert random things]” jokes. It is not any older than Plato, Aristotle, Zoroaster, etc. It is practical, easy to understand, developed by real philosophers and thinkers dealing with real problems in Chinese and human society. It is not traditional, it is above tradition.
            2nd: Chinese buddhism is so deeply sinocized, that it is part of Chinese thoughts and way of life in its form. Real Chinese scholars and thinkers do not pick thoughts, they are open and studious to all ideas and schools of thoughts. For example, Song dynasty scholar Su DongPo(苏东坡) would consider himself a devout confucianist, but his contribution to buddist thoughts is influential to Chinese buddhism(as well as Japanese and Korean) even to this day.

          • James Wang

            Alexander talked about “returning to the old way” kind of thing, which is very confusing for me. Because there are no THE old way in China, every era in China has distinct culture auras and social norms. There are many “old-ways”, only the classics remains somewhat constant(since the burning in Qin dynasty)。Yet, before Neo-confucianism (朱熹理学) was indoctrinated in the Ming Dynasty, scholarlistic works in China hardly ever paid homage to a “Scholarlitic tradition”, but rather subjugate to the norm and convention to their time.
            So, you can say that post Qin and pre-Ming/Qing China is the time when Chinese Scholars had freedom which they aren’t even aware of. They were free because there were not a definate dogma or tradition. You study (and choose your way of life) only according to the things you are interested in (“天命之谓性,率性之谓道,修道之谓教” —— 中庸). Lu Yu(陆羽) loved tea, so he devouted his life’s energy to it, and built his entire philosophy and way of life around it;Tao Yuan Ming is anti-social, so he became a hermit, living alone with nature and his poetry, his meditation and his way of life. These were the times when the greater parts of Confucian Values and Philosophys were leading the Chinese intellectuals.

          • Alexander

            Here, let me make it clear for you to understand. Confucianism is old, right? Meaning the teachings of Confucius are hundreds of years old, right? China has a long history, right? During some of those past times, Confucian thought was taught and followed (and at past other times Buddhism was, Taoism was, and then you can even get more technical and say Neo-Confucianism was) right? As opposed to post-1949 when Marxism and Maosim was taught…..correct? So what part of the old ways (as in the doctrines which were followed in the past as opposed to those followed post-1949 China) is so confusing to you that you are unable to comprehend?

          • James Wang

            Mr. wiener, it is funny how you have a spartan as your thumbnail. You know, spartans are the perfect warrior not because they roar, but because of their unsurpassed ability to survive. In fact spartans were taught in their way of life to fear, and fear becomes the greatest weapon for a spartan, it sharpens their sense, it give them insight and cunning, it makes them fight as if every fight is either death or victory. Most predatory mammals are like that too, they are sharp, they are always on alert and sensitive. They might seem relaxed, but they are not slow, they are fast as hell, because they know how to fear, fear makes them fierce. If spartans were the greatest Yang, the real Chinese of old would be the greatest Yin. The real Han knows no fear, even if you can over-power him. He will live according to his own way, and to die will his own choice.

          • Alexander

            You mean the East Lake Spartans?

          • mr.wiener

            They definitely know fear,

          • mr.wiener

            So you are saying Westerners know fear and have always fought against it giving themselves the illusion of hope and a messiah who will return to free them from it.
            Asians know themselves to be helpless in the face of circumstances and this has led to passive acceptance of fate and a belief in predestination.
            So Confucius is the Pope of no Hope.

          • James Wang

            to mr. wiener and Alexande: Confucianist-Chinese philosophy is hard core, mind-blowingly revolutionary and timeless, just like Plato. There are no right and wrong answers in it, because the philosophy rockons the system of right and wrong itself. You have to examine the original text yourselves, and your very own (with IP) interpretation, and it will be your own karma(be it positive or negative). Don’t worry if your interpretation is different from Chinese-speaking people, it is meant to be different. And I think Mencius will very likely think highlier of your interpretation than the so-called mainstream Chinese ideas. In fact, pre-may-fourth Chinese education is much better in my opinion than after. The teachers before May-fourth movement only teach you the meaning and the etymology of the Characters, and teach you how they are pronounced and how the text would rhyme, but they will not give you the interpretation of their meanings since it is up to the student to discover their meanings on their own. This I think is much better form of education but it take longer and much more effort.

          • Get stuffed you gambit!!!!

          • James Wang

            Get stuffed with what? Wait, I will have to empty myself for the things you can probably stuff me with.

          • Jahar

            so, on the same note, should i refer to any Asian who mentions Christianity, and hasn’t read the bible start to finish, a yellow fool?

          • James Wang

            definately!!!! Jahar, amen and high-five to that!!

          • James Wang

            If Confucius were to met you and talk to you about Christianity which he didn’t read about (which i doubt he will)and you call him a yellow fool for that reason, he would agree with you and apologize for being a fool, and ask you nicely to teach him what you know.

          • Alexander

            Again, you have made judgement without truly knowing. Many Asian people have read and studied the Bible….. many non-Asian people have studied the books of Kong Fu Zi, to make the assumption that people haven’t just because of their race, is truly ignorant.

          • James Wang

            These were the times when confucianism led a man to indentify himself with his inner-self prior to his social identity. These were the times when NOTHING material can be hold against a real human heart, neither money, nor power, nor suffering, nor death. These are the times when a man’s existance is on par and equal to the university around him. When people like 项羽,嵇康,司马迁 were walking this earth. These are man who will rander their principles and aesthetics and values much dearer than their lives. These were the times that you can way sooner and easier shred these man’s body to pieces than ever dream about subjugating their soul even if you have all the power in the world. When if you try to threaten them with death, they will thank you for given them the chance to fulfill themselves and died for the pureness of heart. Those were the times when dignity was real. Hahaha, could you have ever thought these hordes of materialistic, greedy, coward pests chinks could have descended from such giants.

          • Alexander

            1. You assume we are all “white fools”, who is to say we are not of some other race? By making such judgement without actually knowing, you have proven yourself to be the fool.
            2. Hey, its really amazing, but these wonderful things called books and scholarly journals which you can find written by people who are actually qualified in the subjects they wrote about.

          • Christianity is generally considered a Western religion(at least to East Asia)

            True. The irony is it DID originate in Asia.

          • James Wang

            I am still waiting to see what you can stuff me with, Jeffery. I talked with very little non-chinese sinologists, very curious about what they think.

          • And we are very curious as to your thoughts. Are you a paid poster, I suspect you are!!

          • Alexander

            Yes, Israel is in the landmass of Asia, but during the time of Christ, Judea was part of the Roman Empire. Secondly, the majority of Christian churches are headquarted outside of Asia. Third, when referred to as cultural geography or racial geography, Judea was not comprised of people of the Asian race. So that is why Christianity is considered Western.

          • mike77

            I don’t agree. Just look at the damage Christianity does to people be keeping them in poverty and perpetuating mental subordination of the individual.

          • Fair point guv. But Humanistic, ie, I only give a flying fuck about my close circle, and to hell with the rest of you is any better?
            oversimplified I admit, but still?

          • Monkeekong

            yes of course everything from the west would be better

          • Monkey with a western wife, what do you know?

          • Monkeekong

            Jealous? You are as nasty of an old man as you look.

          • How you do know that is me you ape?

          • Monkeekong

            you’re an ape too you dumbass, or did you not pass 3rd grade biology? seems like you got a little chip on your shoulder buddy.

          • You are the one, posting your korean photo here, bragging about your white wife. No time for your gambitry!!!!

          • Monkeekong

            LOL ok man, what? yeah anyways… just for the record she is not white, she is latina. and she is not my wife, she is just a girlfriend, one of many. I’ll post a picture of the white one next time if you’d like.

          • Monkeekong

            i am tired of seeing white guys get all the asian girls so i was starting a new trend ;)

          • Deodorant my man, deodorant.

          • mr.wiener

            Don’t bullshit a bullshitter. You got white fever….well Hispanic anyway, and why not.

          • John

            You do realize that Mongoloids are genetically the furthest from apes, right? That explains the higher intelligence compared to the rest of the world. In fact, Caucasians are closer to Negroids than East Asians. Do a little research and you’ll find out.

          • Caucasians, possibly. Monkee still looks like a primitive ape to my eyes though.

          • mr.wiener

            Hmm… your thinking seems to be Apes-Black people-White people-Asian people….
            Technically we are all still a kind of monkey, and since the evolution of Homo sapiens has been so recent, the difference between us are largely cosmetic, and of course cultural.

          • mr.wiener

            That avatar is the principle from “Ferris Beuller’s day off”

          • Monkeekong

            haha ok

          • biggj

            I hate that fucking guy. That actor is one of the worse. Right up there with these 2 guys. They always play the dick head.

          • mr.wiener

            Then you’ll be happy to know he is on the police watch list for sexual offenders after they found naughty photos of underage boys on his computer.

          • Monkeekong

            someone’s gotta play the dick head you know

          • Been a “dick head” all my life, ever since I got ARRESTED and CAUTIONED for shoplifting at 14. And for breaking and entering, drinking underage, and smoking POT and so on. But so WHAT I say, these things are NOTHING new, and growing up in economically depressed RURAL England, boys WILL be boys and get into trouble. If anything it teaches you how to FIGHT, and not live a BORING life. Pot, crack, these things are not new….someone does have to play the dickhead, but not many asian men do stray.

          • Wasn’t he the reporter in die hard 1 and 2?

          • mr.wiener

            Well spotted. and the EPA guy in Ghostbusters.

          • Yeah, lots of 80s movies guys.

          • bprichard

            Please don’t steer them toward any dumbass religion. Humanism seems like a better idea.

          • Alexander

            Dumbass religion…..? Being judgemental are we? How do you come to the conclusion that a Chinese religion/doctrine such as Taoism would be a dumbass religion? Secondly, the core of Confucianism is humanism!!!

          • James Wang

            I wouldn’t say Confucianism has humanism at its core. You could say that confucius values human lives to a very great extent, and confucianist ideas places the well-being of the people as the responsibility of the ruler. But, you have to know that Chinese philosophy is two sided, that’s why it is an ancient philosophy. It tries to invoke the ruler’s higher-self by telling him that is his responsibility, but it also seduces those in power to take the responsibility by showing them that taking the responsibility will safeguard his and his descendent’s rule, and it also threatens the rulers what consequences will ensue if he makes the choice to not be responsible for his people. So it is both enlightening and cold-heartedly unsympathetically fair.

          • Alexander

            James Wang, it is really nice that you have suddenly taken it as your duty to educate us on Confucianism since you probably have a Phd from Fudan University in Chinese Philosophy….. its not like you are just some average person who is trying to post a bunch of stuff on this discussion board…… Hey, James Wang, I just found this amazing thing, they call it a book, and you can buy these books written by scholars who actually have PhDs from world renowned universities in the subjects I want to know about…..maybe before you go off on another tangent and try to educate us, maybe you can read one of these things called a book…..

          • James Wang

            I am spent, my friend, too much words.

          • Alexander

            Thank God! I am so enlightened now, all this time I have been learning about China from this guy…..

          • Alexander

            yeah him

          • Mighty曹

            Or her. (calling to attention on having no genitals)

          • James Wang

            Well, take it easy bro. I thought I would just share some of my views with you, didn’t know it would make you feel this annoyed. Well, be careful of Chinese traffic, they can be bad.

          • Alexander

            Its okay, you have taught me so much today. Now I have learned from your logic. Now I know that I have to be a tree in order to know anything about bananas….. Here is a traditional story from the ancient kingdom of Cockamimi. “The dairy farmer told the cow one day, thank you cow for the milk you provide, it is full of calcium which keeps my bones strong. The cow looked at the farmer and said what the fuck do you know about milk, you’re not a freaking cow! That night the farmer enjoyed a nice prime rib dinner and the cow was never heard from again…….”

          • Mighty曹

            He reminds me of a person who babble all day in public (on the street, in a park, etc) where everyone walking by just look and roll their eyes.

          • Mighty曹

            NO!!! James Wang? The man of few words is spent on too much words? No way!

          • Robert Rou

            Of course, Mighty is still here. I should just crash his daily tea party from now on.

          • James Wang

            Thanks by the way, for reminding me how much of a annoying fool I am when I go on and on about it. I apologize for that. BTW, I am still only doing my Phd in electrical engineering in UofT. So, a more obnoxious fool I am, dare to try to educate others on a subject I do not have the qualifications to profess. Again, I apologize.

          • Alexander

            Yes, you should feel ashamed of yourself, how dare a Phd in electrical engineering think they have anything important to say, this is exactly why I only listen to people with Phds in Nuclear Physics…..

          • James Wang

            If you must say confucianist has a core…..only the word “oneness” comes to my mind. In fact, in my opinion, Confucianist China and Democratic West are only seperated by a thin veil, yet on the superficial level we seem like aliens from different planets.

          • James Wang

            I am also sick and tired of religion, my friend, but it would be silly if that emotion obscure me from reading and studying confucianist and daoist classics, and the bible.

          • bprichard

            I thoroughly believe that people should study religion in general. Inculcating them in religion at a young age is a different story, though.

            And any study of religion should go beyond the texts (some of which are quite interesting and thoughtful) to how they have actually been applied over history (in the vast majority of cases negatively as a tool for social control or oppression).

          • Alexander

            that would be extremism….. even countries with no religion have experienced oppression in the form of despotism…..

          • linette lee

            You are very deep. I am very shallow.

          • abednengo

            lesson 1 – noun. overcomplicate respect to “respectfullness”?.

            lesson 2 – teacher hasb een right that putting these in paragraph forms make these easier to read.

            Thumbs up to A Gawd Dang Mongolian.

          • Alexander

            News flash: Internet discussion boards use informal English…… save the formalities for your university classes….

          • Alexander

            Quick replies and internet style informal posts, no college credit is given for posts that use grammatically correct formal English….

    • Repatriated

      The “poor character” of citizens seems to be getting worse lately….as the spoiled rotten single kids are growing up.

    • Jace

      The government is so corrupted nowadays that the rich kids believes they can do anything and still get away with it. GG China.

    • Mighty曹

      I would beat his little ass for being an unreasonable brat then slap her for failing as a mother.

      • C

        I agree with this, always in in my school kids hit their mother and she does nothing wow…the child believes he or she is the boss.

    • Wow.

      Strong tiger grip.

    • Marcus Muller

      Right.. Because ONLY “Mainland kids” act like vicious savages. Kids in general are savages. Doesn’t take much searching for prime examples around the world..

    • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

      LoL…I remember the story this photo is from! The little brat wanted his mom to buy a new toy for him but she wouldn’t so the little focker caused a scene…but the mother still wouldn’t…he got more louder and “abusive”….So a stranger even offered to buy the brat the toy he wanted and the little focker said “beat it!” The mother relented and ended up buying the toy LoL

    • Kiwi

      The kid was crazy, end of story.

      it had nothing to do with the wealth of china

  • Sean Kung

    I like how they always bring up “society” and “nation” in every text and context.

  • booo

    I hate school

    • Mighty曹

      Yeah… booo….

  • 二奶头发

    it’s interesting to see these two news stories back to back on chinasmack ( the teacher killing a student in the previous story and this one)

    It just shows that not all teachers are bad and not all students are bad.
    (This story the teacher was liked by many students)
    (Previous story the student was good at academics)

    • Mighty曹

      This certainly shows how dangerous it is to be in schools. Let’s not forget all those stabbings of school children.

  • 蓝狗

    Fck me! Kid called the police and gave himself up! Not a bad egg after all….

    • Boris

      …just a tad scrambled.

  • wafflestomp

    “”According to the school, Lei X likes surfing on the internet, and always sleeps in class, while his academic grades are average.””

    Clearly this is the teacher’s/government’s/western’s fault because their child is a special snowflake and everyone is against time/holding him back/influencing him.

    Hopefully this student is executed.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Can’t believe there’s a dude with his shoes off, feet on the table with the bloody dead body, chilling like he’s watching TV or something. What kind of sick fuck does that?

  • Robert Rou

    when’s someone gonna get the translation for smack talk right?

    • mr.wiener

      Enough already the both of you.

    • Mighty曹

      Nothing wrong in defending your boyfriend but why invite yourself into a fight?

      Btw, what’s with the association of the name ‘Jin’ and being orally intrusive?

      • jin

        Something is wrong with you for wanting to cum on another guys face Mighty gay

        • Robert Rou

          Should we be surprised? This guy secretly enjoys having his backdoor colonized.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Well, I am going to sit back and

    • YourSupremeCommander


      • mr.wiener

        Ladies, get a room please.

        • Mighty曹

          Yes. Robert and Jin.

          • jin

            are you mad about this?
            So you want to cum on Robert Rou’s face……….
            Change this
            “Translation: Robert Rou = inbred fag”
            Translation: Mighty曹 = inbred fag

            dude you said you want to cum on another guys face!
            get a room with robert and cum on his face.
            and im not that retard Jin

      • David

        Think we can moderate the personal attacks? Some people are trying to read comments. If you don’t like each other just stop saying stupid shit and don’t talk to each other.

        • biggj

          It’s ok, It’s ABC on ABC. It’s not a problem until a white person gets involved. No one cares what chinese do to each other lol.

          Song of the agreement: ABC by the Jackson 5.

          • BlackSugarDaddy

            Hello Big Jean
            How are you doing without me re-sizing your rectum recently ?

          • mr.wiener

            Consider yourself warned.

  • Perseus Wong

    Ethics, Rational Thinking, Manners and Respect for Human Life should be the core foundation of China’s public education. Without these virtues embedded in the next generation, China is doomed to repeat its vicious cycles of social turmoil, revolution and collapse.

    • James Wang

      NO, if people were taught ethics and being taught that ethics is the core of their society, they would be haughty and thinks that “Chinese, the ethical” is superior to others.
      In other words, promoting Ethics (and the other things) is in fact demoting the lack of it. Therefore, you are making people hate one thing in order to make them love the opposite of that thing.
      Then it would just be like the Japanese: for example, they think they are clean(and being clean defines their Japaneseness), and therefore everyone coming less of their standard of cleaness is inferior and to be despised. And the more they promote their identity of having the virtue of cleanness, the more visible the opposite of that cleanness becomes. And thus, more energy is invested in despising uncleaness, and despise turns into hatred. And hatred turns into war. Just like they would think: why should the unclean, unethical, un-brave, un-Japanese people like the Chinese deserves to not only exist but occupy so much land and resources?
      luckily, Japan is still way too smal to inflict too much of a damage on human civilization by starting their war of hatred of the inferior. But if a country like China were to follow the same path, would you still think it is worth it to the world as a whole just to save your face?

    • James Wang

      So, my suggestion to you is that: 严于律己,宽于待人。Mind your own business, live your own life, don’t worry about others or China. People will reap what they sow(this is a rule that is always true). Give them time, they will adapt, and learn to how to live well with others. Give them time, they will settle down and develop their own social norm. The funny thing is, life always gives you hope when you are just about the lose faith in it, and it always smack you in the face when you are have too much fun and good time and receive too much.

    • James Wang

      learn and think about these verses. I hope you will know one day, that what has to happen will happen.

  • donnachadh

    Brings me back to the days of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution! Such happy times!

    • donnachadh

      Back then the teacher’s were also afraid of the students.

      • Mighty曹

        I thought the teachers were quite respected.

        • David

          Do people here (who presumably have a higher than average interest in China) really not know about the cultural revolution and what happened to teachers during it?

          • Mighty曹

            Do people here really have no clue about the sarcasm that’s being thrown around here and take everything at face value?

            It is well known that the ‘educated’ were purged. My comment was a humorous slap to ‘teachers’ being afraid.

          • David

            I taught at a poor high school in America and have being threatened with violence on a daily basis by gang-bangers, I can only laugh when one of my students acts in a way that he thinks of as tough or threatening. I have never felt afraid in China and will continue to take away phones when students misbehave.

          • Mighty曹

            How many phones do you have in your collection?

        • firebert5

          Up until the time of the Red Guards, yes.

          • Mighty曹

            Yes, those Red Guards were all brainwashed into turning against their teachers and even their own parents.

          • James Wang

            No, they were not brainwashed, they were unleashed. They’d simply been told that they can get away with anything, and they did get away with it, that they have the power to do anything with someone else’s life with impunity. Just like the thugs and arsons in Nazi Germany, they weren’t brainwashed into being Nazis against their good will. They were thugs, thugs who were told by the government that nobody will do anything to stop them. The same skinsheads/neo-nazis also exists in todays society, but they won’t dare to do as they did during Nazi Germany.

          • Mighty曹

            Yeah, they mindlessly followed the pied piper.

          • donnachadh

            No, they were encouraged to attack their teachers by Mao Zedong.

          • James Wang

            Although you guys use a lot of curse words, deep down, you guys are very good natured people with high EQ, because you automatically assume the intrinsic good nature of human being. You believe that people are born good, and they would only turn bad by bad influences and coersion. That if people are doing bad things on a large scale, they must be brainwashed to do it. I have only un-conditional love for people like you, I hope the world is filled with your kind, and I will give up my cynical life to save yours if there is a need. You guys are capable of living in a society without the need for law and the enforcement of it.

          • Mighty曹

            I agree and I despise people like you.

  • Kennedy Jamal

    That Kid is wrong for taking someones life away .. but People let’s face that fact .. when a society is unfair .. u get this kind of things happening everywhere .. people are being pushed to the wall all the time .. sometimes they seems helpless .. then u get them fighting back by any means necessary .. then u see them using violence to any extend ..The Chinese Government really need to do something about these …… .. I’m father too i feel for that poor little girl to grow up now without her Dad ..Daughters are the pride of any family … May God guide that little Angel ..

  • Hdpetersson

    “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a knife.”

    • firebert5

      A gun might do the job too.

      • Paul Schoe

        In the arms race (whether knives or guns), people always seem to overlook that almost every time when there is such violence, the article includes the following quote:” . . . the unsuspecting . . ..

        Sorry guys, no time to get your heroic weapons.

  • Chris

    Just think … now they want to put Wushu Kung Fu as part of the curriculum. Getting scarier and scarier to be a teacher in this country.

    • David

      As a person who taught martial arts for over 30 years I think you would see the incidents of violence decline if they were taught in school. Respect for authority, self-respect and self-control are all important aspects of any good martial arts program.

  • chandlerpatrick

    Here is another example of mainland spawn…

  • Muca

    I don’t know what is more shocking. The news or the asshole who puts his feet next to a dead person…… very very disturbing this

  • Shadowblur

    ….My God, in the photo i thought the teacher was wearing a red shirt, then i looked closely, and saw it was white! so much blood! Anyway, I’m an English language teacher, and as other teachers, we have no power at all in disciplining naughty students, even if you breath on them, the parents want to ‘sue’ you. So just let the students do what they want, nothing we can do :(

  • MrT

    The biggest phobia in the world? ‘Nomophobia’ – the fear of being without your mobile – affects 66 per cent of us

    We check our phones 34 times a day and often take it to the loo with us
    2008 survey saw 53 per cent of us admit to the phobia
    Fears include losing reception, running out of battery, and losing sight of your phone
    Daily mail.

    • MrT

      recently I took a mobile phone off a girlfriend while we was having it in bed, she took a big bite of my face to get it back. Made me scream, she come close to a smack

      I was getting really pissed at her with still using it while we was banging.
      So i checked out the inetrnet to see if its a mental problem here in China, and found the above.

      • Cauffiel

        There are plenty of mental problems in China, but mobile phone mental problems are not unique here. Just things like “Hooray, the great-grandchildren of the people who hurt my great-grandparents died in a tsunami. Jia you!”

    • UserID01

      As someone with admittedly poor memory, I can forget to bring my mobile phone with me whenever I leave home several times a month. I’ll realize it only after I get to work (I don’t have a landline, so my cell is the only way I can be reached) and the first time I did it, I admit, it bothered me. But after that first time, if I forgot my phone again, it wasn’t a big deal. It was more like an “Oh damn, forgot it again,” and I went on with my day. Then again, I don’t have a particular attachment to my phone. It’s not the best brand, I don’t have a great internet connection or anything like that. I chose function over appearance. Maybe if I DID have an awesome phone, I would spend more time on it and feel more attached. I’m kind of glad I have a shitty phone. I’d hate to be the guy who gets anxiety attacks if I can’t check my phone every few minutes.

      • MrT

        for Chinese (younger generation) its their life. they are in constant contact via, momo, wechat,qq,weibo, they all run these multiple accounts 24/7,Most these systems have map tracking built in so they always know each others locations. Also they have to keep a constant update of photos of exactly what they are doing and how good they look, some of these girls are getting real daring with their photos.
        They have to carry about numerous battery packs to get them through the day.

        There is now a lot of crimes related to these chat systems has a result, in fact few weeks back in GZ some dude killed another dude after setting up a meeting on momo, he did it just to see what it was like to kill someone.

        Recent girlfriend i have blocked her from contacting me on these system and just to use SMS text when need be, was both driving us crazy about what each of was doing

        The plus side is its very convenient to window shop for new friends. Chinese dont like open display in public of being chatted up and there is a lack of meeting places in China.
        Chinese bars just dont cut it…

  • Cauffiel

    “Some teachers are quite prejudiced/discriminator, so [some students] hold repress grievances. When I was in high school, my political education teacher skipped over me when handing out test papers. I was so angry at the time that I confronted him and he said there weren’t enough test papers. You tell me, was I not supposed to be angry!?”

    This kid got out of learning a bucket of bullshit (seriously, what else could political education in China be?) and he’s angry? Some people just don’t know when to shut up.

  • Refractions_of_Error

    Instead of introspection, there will be the usual crap about ‘oh this happens in the west too’

    • Cauffiel

      Yeah, but…. it happens in the West a lot. Its not a rare event they have to search the newswires for to vindicate it happening in China. But I guess, how would they know? If you ask the average Chinese how the West is different, they’ll tell you everyone is rich and iPhones are cheaper.

      • Refractions_of_Error

        So…..when it happens in the west now, all i need to say is that it happens in china too and everything is fine right? No real need to look into the root causes right?

        • Cauffiel

          I get your point… what I’m saying is really common idiotic shit that happens here is responded to with “that happens in the west too” when examples in western countries are scant. But in this case (student violence), it really is a much bigger problem in waiguoren lands.

          I think you’re right to point out that chinese tend to throw blame at outside forces, then just kinda of brush themselves off and get back to being lazy and complaining about how much they have to work. But I really only think that because I can’t understand most of what they speak, and their behavior is inscrutable to me. Maybe they really do look at it carefully and try to work out some solutions….

          I’m gonna go ahead and say your sarcastic reply is correct. Looking into root causes is a waste of time, and it might turn out to be something sensitive. Get back to work, dammit!

  • waihang

    Meanwhile in the middle kingdom where parents spoil their little “princelings”…

    • Cauffiel

      Oh, please, far, far worse shit happens in American schools every year.

  • vonskippy

    Doctors (and patients) are already fighting over who will get the stupid kid’s organs.

  • jon777

    If China only more had guns around like in good ol’ Murica this could have been avoided.

    • SZLED

      I hope you’re joking you piece of shit. Look at the mass shootings (defined as 4+ in a given incident) in the US last year. OVER 250. That’s your fucking CUNTRY right there son.

      • mr.wiener

        I’m sure you could make your point as effectively without the the insults.

      • T Harrell

        Wow. Maybe you need to increase your meds.

  • Crimsonarmor

    What a psychotic society we live in today. Even stepping on someones toes or shoulder barging can incite a person to get medieval on your ass.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I feel bad for the teacher, who was the murder victim, but I also feel bad for a student who stupidly ended his nice simple average life.

    He must be regretting it a lot now while he’s on the run.

    Also. That police officer propping his feet up on the table where the teacher’s body is laying upon. ಠ_ಠ

  • C

    So sad, in usa its guns in schools that do the same thing. Seems like many have no control over their own kids these days. Making it wow for stories like this.

  • zer0

    It’s so sick how obsessed some people are with their stupid cellphones. Can’t you get your eyes away from it while you’re getting educated which you should be grateful for instead of complaining?!?
    I also encountered two of this kind of people in the classes I’ve been in. One of them jumped onto the teacher when she confiscated his cellphone and she cried because she was scared. We helped her of course. Damn sicko.
    And in another class I had a girl who got her cellphone confiscated and she said she would kill the teacher if she doesn’t get it back by the end of the day. We calmed her down and kept an eye on her the whole day long. Nothing happened therefore.
    Just what is wrong with these people?
    I feel so endlessly sorry for the teacher. May he rest in peace. You were a good man and did nothing wrong. It’s just that teens can’t see what you’re doing for THEM. A really sad world it is.
    And that picture with the guy putting his feet on the table is just disgusting. Really disgusting. He should get punished as well.

  • NanaOsaki

    I wouldn’t have gone that far, just for my phone being taken. I’m sure he’d get the phone back after a certain time.

  • GuestBob

    Come at me xuesheng.

  • TwiggyRamirez

    …ahhh, china.

  • laduzi

    I like the picture where the the guy his his feet propped on the desk with the corpse, laying back and taking life easy while a guy lies dead next to his. Such public displays of grief and remorse captured on camera remorse is uncommon in China.

  • ninkoo

    “And in games, the younger the kids, the more arrogant they are.” THANK YOU, I’ve been waiting for someone to address this! I think it stands to reason that the youngest gamers are the most violent. My 13yr old brother, for example, is so annoying in those team killing games (i.e. killing his teammates, not doing anything). I believe there are age limits for these games for a reason but it’s like no one gives a shit in the world that some 7 year old spends their weekends shitting themselves while fighting zombies. I know people will say it’s the parents fault, and I agree, but you have to agree that the little shits find ways to get around it somehow.

  • PinoyFlip

    So are they gonna execute the little brat?

  • jim

    will the Chinese lady do interview before execution? i like that show!

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