American Police Shoot Murderous Overseas Chinese Student Dead

American Police Shoot Murderous Overseas Chinese Student Dead
An overseas Chinese student of Clarkson University in New York State was shot dead by police after he ignored their requests to stop stabbing a fellow female student. Potsdam Police had arrived at an off-campus apartment to find the male in the midst of his crime, which also involved him stabbing himself. Police officer Matt Seymour decisively shot the suspect five times after he failed to cease and put down the knife. The female, also an overseas Chinese student, was later pronounced dead in hospital. The motive is currently unknown. A Chinese netizen said of the suspect, “Americans don’t care who your dad is.”

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  • Teacher in China

    “Americans don’t care who your dad is.”
    Awesome. I need that on a T-shirt.

    • Necrogodomega

      Print it I also want that!

    • firebert5

      “Who is your daddy and what does he do?”

  • Jahar

    Great wording. “…he ignored their requests to stop stabbing a fellow female student.” I picture something like this, “We, the police, hereby request that you, the murderous psychopath, immediately stop stabbing your fellow female student. Please respond at your earliest convenience.”

  • Why not just taze him while he was still bust stabbing? They could’ve saved them both.

    • scarybirdman

      lol, very wise indeed

    • mr.wiener

      Or they could have…shot the knife out of his hand!… Yes, that’s it!

      • There is a chance of him missing and hitting the girl or the guy instead.

    • Brian

      Police policy is that if the officer or a civilian is being attacked with a deadly weapon, deadly force is authorized. In America, murderers and thugs die. And I doubt that the girl could be saved.

      • mistertibbs4u

        In America, murderers, thugs and unarmed civilians die because of this ridiculous policy.

        • Brian


          • mistertibbs4u

            Your comment is bullshit.

  • Foreign Devil

    Almost every year I see news of a Chinese male student killing a Chinese female student in Canada and USA. Spoiled guy gets jealous and doesn’t know how to handle life’s difficulties.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Happens everywhere though. I’m talking about domestic killings. Just a few days ago in the US a guy killed his wife and 3 kids and then himself in an affluent area. I don’t think you can single out Chinese or rich people for this behavior. Unless of course you have numbers that say this behavior is more prevalent in Chinese students studying overseas.

      • hypebeast88

        Having gone to a college with a huge population of overseas I would say that their attitude and mentality is very different than normal people, they feel everyone is beneath them and that they can do whatever they want. I have many stories similar to this one

        • Alex Dương

          “Normal people” as in domestic people?

          • hypebeast88

            Most of the overseas students are Tu hao kids, who only wanna 装逼 (fake showoff) I woundnt consider them normal in the least. But yeah I’m comparing them to regular folk who don’t have a god complex like them.

        • KamikaziPilot

          You have many stories of overseas Chinese male students killing Chinese female students? More so than other segments of the population? Where’s your evidence? If not, you haven’t countered anything I’ve said. BTW I also went to 3 different universities, 2 with a fairly large international student population from Asia and I never noticed them killing each other more than anyone else.

          • hypebeast88

            I think you missed my point entirely, they act with disregard for anyone else, they think because they’re rich they have the power to do whatever they want. If you don’t want to understand that they have a very different mentality, I don’t know what to say. Its just how they’ve been raised

          • KamikaziPilot

            And you’re not responding to my initial argument but instead changing the subject. My original point was that domestic killings happen everywhere and I’ve yet to see any evidence that Chinese overseas students are more prone to it than anyone else. I’m not arguing the reason they are killing someone, which can be debated, but that they aren’t more prone to violence like this than anyone else.

          • hypebeast88

            lol, let me reiterate what i just said, This isn’t an argument, its a conversation, I’m not trying to refute any of your points only adding to it, of course, me or you or anyone wouldn’t have that kind of evidence or data to do so.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Okay I understand, I wrote my comment before seeing your other comment saying you weren’t trying to argue my point but instead just adding to the conversation.

          • hypebeast88

            Btw I’m not trying to counter anyones point, just trying to add to the conversation, but I think i have more experience than most, i was friends with a lot of those tu hao kids, you wounldt notice whats going on with them unless you were in their group, and I’ve also lived in china for a few years.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Okay as long as you’re not trying to argue against me without any evidence. It just seemed like the OP was singling out Chinese overseas students for this act and others like it, which I felt was unjustified.

          • hypebeast88

            Of course not, no. I hate people who say things and cant back them up. I will tell you this tho. In china the same things happens when a foreigner does something crazy too.

    • jin

      Every day someone dies in America. If a foreigner does something crazy, you will see it on the news. If a American kills someone, you’ll probably not see it on the news, unless it’s tragic. Note “ALMOST EVERY YEAR I see news of a Chinese male student killing a Chinese female student in Canada and USA.

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