Canadian Property Developer is on China’s Wanted Criminal List

Canadian Property Developer is on China’s Wanted Criminal List

Last week, it was discovered that Michael Ching, a well-known Canadian property developer, and Cheng Muyang, a red-level suspect on the Chinese government’s wanted list, are in fact, the same person. He is the son of Hebei’s fallen Provincial Party Committee Secretary. Ching admits to being on the wanted list, but says he never committed any crimes. He has applied for refuge status in Canada several times, but all of his applications have been met with denial. Netizens’ opinions of the man are conflicted, with some saying he is a horrible traitor, while others support him saying he didn’t commit any crimes.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    If he is involved un corruption ,as this article seems to suggest , why doesn’t the Chinese govt make this specific?

  • Foreign Devil

    Guilty or innocent, the Canadian government is so cowardly they would not give him refugee status or even try to find out if he is indeed guilty as charged. Nothing political or social would be allowed to get in the way with trade with the Almighty China and USA. Said as a Canadian.

  • Karze

    Of course he came here to launder the money his family illegally made in China. Chinese officials live extravagant of millionaires and billionaire.

    Wen Jia Bo the former Premier of China has family asset of $2 billion.

  • Karze

    The West including US and Canada will only raise human rights, corruption, to small communist countries such as Cuba or North Korea or African countries while doing brisk business with China by stocking the shelves of Malls with Made in China products although China is the biggest Human Right Abuser and executioner of many innocent people on political reason.

    The West policy is in some respect is racist as it will not tolerate any human right abuses in Russia or any Europe. No wonder Russia is constantly slammed.

  • Karze

    Although clamping down on corruption by Xi is good but he seem to be acting on only certain group. I hope Wen Jia Bo’s asset of $2Billion get some attention.

  • bujiebuke

    90% chance this guy is living Vancouver

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