Chinese Couple Wants Child, Discover They’re Brother & Sister

Unhappy Asian couple.

Unhappy Asian couple.

From NetEase:

Husband and Wife Desiring Child Discovers They Are Brother and Sister, Wife’s Father and Husband’s Mother Were Lovers

In Jiangxi Province, a young married couple were always teased for “looking like each other”. Not long ago, the wife’s father suddenly spoke of a secret: it turns out that many years ago, he and the husband’s mother were secret lovers. Later on, the husband’s mother became pregnant, while the wife’s father fell in love and married someone else. On top of that, the husband’s mother has been dead for over 20 years, so this secret was almost buried forever, up until this young married couple decided to have a child…

In early November, the couple chose to go to the Furong Forensic Centre of the No. 2 Provincial People’s Hospital in Hunan in order to do a DNA test. The results dealt them a heavy blow.

As they prepared to start a family, the wife’s father revealed past events

Cao Wei and Xiao Qian (aliases) both grew up in the same city in Jiangxi Province. They lived near each other and had known each other since they were youngsters. Cao Wei is 4 years older than Xiao Qian and always looked after her the way a big brother would. Their relationship gradually began to change ever so subtlety, eventually becoming a romantic relationship.

Last year, they revealed to both their parents that they wanted to get married. Cao Wei’s mother had passed away when he was only 4 years old, and his father didn’t get very involved in the wedding. Xiao Qian’s mother thought the young man was quite nice, while her father, Bao Gen (alias) remained silent the entire time.

The young couple got a marriage certificate without any problems, and lived happily together. Other people often teased them, that they looked so similar, especially Cao Wei, who looked more and more like he could be Bao Gen’s son and Xiao Qian’s elder brother. Then this year, the couple decided to have a child. But here, Bao Gen suddenly revealed a deep secret.

20 years ago, Bao Gen was still only 18 years old and unmarried. Next door lived a young married woman in her twenties, whose husband was often away from home, and so Bao Gen frequently called by. Later on, this evolved into a physical relationship, which lasted for almost 2 years. Afterwards, the young woman became pregnant, and Bao Gen too found a girlfriend/wife.

As it turns out, the child she gave birth to was Cao Wei.

They find out they are brother and sister through DNA testing

Bao Gen says no one came to trouble him about the situation in the many years that has passed by since — he just pondered over it once in a while. In fact, he thought something was amiss early on, and when some of his old neighbours who were familiar with the romantic exploits of his youth happened to come round and make fun of the couple, he broke out in a sweat.

Although he realised that Cao Wei might be a blood relative, he wasn’t brave enough to stop the marriage between the two youngsters, nor was he brave enough to bring the events of 20 years ago out in the open, so he chose to remain silent.

In fact, Xiao Qian also had her suspicions, and therefore specifically asked a distant relative to seek confirmation from her father. The truth left her stunned – could it really be that the husband she’s been living with for nearly two years now is actually her elder half-brother? In the future, what would happen if they had children?

The young couple decided to do a paternity test. In early November, after taking blood samples from Cao Wei and Bao Gen at the Furong Forensic Centre of the No. 2 Provincial People’s Hospital, they carried out a DNA test. The results came out very quickly: the probability that they were blood relatives was over 99.9% and, according to international practice, this supported the fact that a biological father-son relationship existed between them. This meant that Cao Wei and Xiao Qian were brother and sister.

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On November 20th, legal medical expert and head of the material evidence examination room at the Forensic Centre, Dr Huang Jian, said it was currently unknown how Cao Wei and Xiao Qian would deal with their marriage. She believes that Bao Gen’s irresponsibility not only thoroughly discredits him, but has also deeply hurt his children.


Furong Forensic Centre of the No. 2 Provincial People’s Hospital

Strong>Paternity tests increasing by 20% and more each year

A member of staff at the Furong Forensic Centre of the No. 2 Provincial People’s Hospital explained that the main types of people that come in for paternity tests are: husbands who are suspicious that the child isn’t biologically theirs, divorced couples who, after doing a paternity test, can guarantee that the child they will be supporting is biologically theirs, pregnant ladies who perhaps had extra marital affairs and therefore can’t determine who the baby’s father is (in particular, cases of testing amniotic fluid during pregnancy are increasingly common), couples who used a surrogate mother who want to check the child is in fact biologically theirs, immigrants who want official documents proving that their children are biologically theirs, or those that need scientific evidence for inheritance laws or other legal disputes…

Why are more and more people walking through the doors of forensic testing centres? Staff believe that at the moment, many people’s incomes are rising, the number of social services are increasing, and the costs are also decreasing. On top of that, cases of extra-marital affairs and one night stands, etc. are more frequent than in the past, and the number of children born out of wedlock is relatively high, plus the feeling of trust between husband and wife is gradually fading away. Each year, the number of these types of tests is 20% or more greater than the year before, and that’s in Furong Forensic Centre of the No. 2 Provincial People’s Hospital alone.

Comments from NetEase:

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In the future, my son will have to do DNA tests before getting a girlfriend.

穷天极地 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]: (responding to above)

The test will say they’re brother and sister, and the daddy isn’t you.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:124.64.*.:

May all lovers in the world be siblings.

网易四川省眉山市网友 ip:112.192.*.:

DNA tests really are useful.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:140.207.*.*:

What a sin, there is karma for everything in this world [every action has a consequence].

网易山西省大同市手机网友 ip:218.26.*.:


晨羲载曜 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Actually, close relatives marrying merely increases the probability of the child having hereditary diseases, it doesn’t necessarily result in hereditary diseases. If the members of the family itself have no pathogenic genes, then it’s not a big problem. Albert Einstein’s parents were close relatives.

寂寞其实也是一种享受 [网易上海市网友]:

Some senior official’s daughter went off travelling, suddenly she discovered a girl who looked extremely similar to her, so stepped forward and asked her: Hey, was your mum a servant in this senior official’s house? The girl replied: my mum has never left the village, but actually my dad was that official’s bodyguard.

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 ip:183.23.*.*:

A piece of fake news…

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:183.157.*.

I heard in the past that close relatives can’t get married, that if they got married and had children then the children wouldn’t survive, or they would be deformed!

网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友 ip:221.208.*.:

If this type of situation is more and more common in China in the future, will the quality of our race decline?

网易吉林省手机网友 ip:36.48.*.*:

This type of thing happens more often in the south, because there’s a lot of [marriage between close relatives] in the south, especially Guangdong.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:114.66.*.*

When I read the second half, I felt like it was an advert for the Furong Forensic Centre.

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  • mr.wiener

    Quick use their story for a soap opera!……No hang on that one has been done before. If only they both got amnesia….

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      When has something as trivial as ‘done before’ stopped television programming?

    • nqk123

      been done numerous time. movies, dramas, manga, books, etc.

    • TJDubs

      It’s like “50 First Dates”, but they both have the same genetic defect that causes the condition. And the genetic defect resulted because their parents are somehow related.

    • My_honourable_lord

      This should spice things up dont’cha think? When will it be posted here? Jokes aside, this is not good. Not good at all.

  • Joey

    In Iceland (ok, an extreme example), there’s an app to see whether it’s genetically ‘safe’ to hook up, due to the isolated nature of the island and its people (and their excellent recordkeeping).

    • TJDubs

      It’s a good thing they have excellent record keeping, because the patronymic naming system makes it so that you cannot identify what family someone is in, just by looking at their name. A relic of the glorious viking days, I suppose…

      • hailexiao

        Surnames are generally useless for telling whether any two people are related. They are too common (northern China, Korea, Vietnam), reflect ancestral occupations in addition to locations (western Europe, Japan), are half lost with each generation, and are often changed. Accurate record keeping is the only way to really tell if people are related.

  • nqk123

    I wonder what’s gonna happen. divorce or remain marry. sound like a soup opera, but it happened many times in real life.

    • Guest23

      Hopefully it’s an amicable settlement, I’m not gonna pry details if they did it cause that would tremendously awkward and people are never gonna live it down.

  • Guest23

    Well, he almost didn’t tell his son that he may or may not have a half-sister cause that would make him lose face, that’s what I’m getting at this story, damn it, but glad he told the truth before it’s too late.

    Strange, no word on the translated story of incest, wondering if it’s taboo to mention it, hopefully they won’t go through, there was that story of long-lost siblings who met and fell in love with each other, married, and got deformed and mentally ill children, sigh, this is almost the story of Game of Thrones.

    • ESL Ninja

      Isn’t it also the origins of the Chinese race?


      • mr.wiener

        If that is a jk then it’s nff.

    • Rick in China

      That’s anecdotal evidence at best. The poster who said “If the members of the family itself have no pathogenic genes, then it’s not a big problem.” had it mostly right.

      The statistical chance of having a deformed/mentally ill child is negligible between two random full brother/sister than any other couple. The biggest challenge here is the societal implications that everyone will look at them with disgust or, as you seem to believe, the wives tale about inbreeding causing diseased/messed up children. If they’re both carrying certain negative genetic traits, it may increase the likelihood of a specific genetic disorder over pairing with someone who doesn’t, but like I said – statistically that same likelihood exists with any pair.

      • Guest23

        Good points, still can’t shake the Greco-tragedy feeling of this story, still very bad that this past indiscretion is hurting the family, especially since they have really a mind-blowing revelation, still sad though, their relationship switching from Husband-Wife to Brother-Sister is not gonna happen, it’s gonna be hard to move from this, their dad, if he can even call himself a father and a man, screwed up big time.

  • ESL Ninja

    Obviously having kids is out of the question but would it really be that bad if they continued banging?

    • Cauffiel

      Yes! ::rolls eyes:: :-D

      • ESL Ninja

        But they never knew each other growing up, if they hadn’t have found this out then it would have never been a problem…

        • David

          Actually the story says they did know each other well growing up, they lived close (the whole reason for the affair in the first place) and that he had always acted like a big brother to her before they started dating.

          • Guest23

            Gonna be hard to sympathize and not lay enough blame on the father, this is just awkward, a little talk or two could have avoided this sorry situation and people are not gonna live it down, this is just a case of either “I’m gonna look bad” or he’s just too much of a coward.

        • My_honourable_lord


  • Guest

    the father is a coward…

  • CCCP

    An advantage of international marriage is that the probability of having to deal with a situation like this is virtually nonexistant, considering that even if you do have a common ancestor somewhere in the woodpile, it’s probably as far back as Ghenghis Khan.

  • mwanafa

    Damn, I can imagine how happy they were before that, and I am just wondering how one’s life can turn upside down just because of the result written in a piece of sheet!

  • Oh come on this is just like that hotel article a while back.

  • markus peg

    oh man, so they will break up and even a brother sister relationship would be hard to accept now.. i feel sorry for them, the dad is a huge dick who obviously doesn’t care too much about his kids otherwise he would have said something or at least made an excuse before they got together or before they got married.

  • Guest23

    Good friends and neighbors there, not being nice enough to tell them of the possibility cause they don’t want to be involved in a family matter, this is seriously screwed up.

  • 二奶头发

    this one is on weibo.

    called wildly arrogant woman【狂妄女人】a woman in a BMW gets out of her car in shanxi and starts beating up a female delivery driver. (they had and accident on the road) according to the weibo post the BMW woman says “My husband is an NPC member (人大代表) I’m afraid of what?

    • TJDubs

      When will the mentality switch from “my husband/dad is important! I will out-guanxi you! you have no chance!” to “I will cooperate and handle this like we’re both human beings, because I don’t want to jeopardize my husband/dad’s political career”?


      • hailexiao

        When guanxi can no longer override laws and regulations. I’ll bet that the Ministry of State Security and the PLA General Staff Department are less prone to guanxi pulling than, for example, the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

  • Keith Pullman

    Genetic Sexual Attraction is very real, and it happens. It happens to people who know they are genetically related and it happens to people who have no idea they are genetically related. Some people end up as happy spouses, although in most places, they are denied legal marriage or expected to end their marriage after the discovery is made, and in some places, they can be prosecuted for simply loving each other sexually. If adults want to be together, they should be allowed.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What are the chances?! I would go buy some lottery tickets if I was them.

  • don mario

    could that really happen?? not sure if i believe a man would let his own son become incestuous before admitting he had an affair. if it is true he should face a public stoning but i have a hard time believing anyone could be so backwards.

    especially as in china cheating isn’t even a thing! its almost acceptable, lol.

  • KamikaziPilot

    CLEEEEEOOOOO!!! Is that really you? Long time no see eh?

    • m0l0k0

      awww KP’s ‘cyber’ bff

  • lonetrey / Dan

    No fucking way. O__O

    Oh man, this really sucks for them, I thought this is something that only happens in starcrossed romance movies and cliche TV dramas!

  • Lee

    it’s a big joke but quite common in China

  • mwanafa

    From the Bible you can easily prove that, Adam and Eve’s kids had to marry their own blood sisters.

  • My_honourable_lord

    This should be interesting, China extends air defence perimeter to include Senkaku Islands.

  • CCCP

    Thankfully 20 years ago dad wasn’t permitted to travel abroad (due to having access to secret data at work), otherwise this could’ve been the case indeed!

  • hailexiao

    So the couple are genetically siblings but otherwise have never established a brother/sister relationship. I see no reason to split them up. The problem with incest is that it establishes a new relationship on top of the existing relationship and causes an extreme amount of tension between the social norms regarding the two; how do you interact with someone who is both your sister and your wife? If the first relationship doesn’t exist though, there is no tension, so what is the problem? Granted, if they reproduced naturally then there is a higher chance of genetic defects for the children, but that’s an easily avoidable problem.

  • boris

    Prefer not to imagine that….

  • Boris

    I thought the same thing. They all probably knew and laughed about it behind their backs. IF they had kids, they’d be laughing for generations. Sick SOBs

  • Boris

    This could be another fake story yes, but I could bet you a grand things like this (this story in particular) have happened.

  • Boris

    Cousins isn’t the same as half-brother/sister.
    I take it from this that Linette and Ninja would continue with a relationship if they found out that the person they are banging are their half sibling….

  • SonofSpermcube

    It’s not likely…if you go outside your home village to find a partner. Many people (or their parents) specifically look for someone from either the same village or nearby.

  • SonofSpermcube

    Did this make anyone else think of “Lone Star?”

  • post.human

    Similar thing happened in Brazil. They decided to move somewhere new and stay married and have kids. So who knows.