Chinese in Canada Drives BMW to Claim Grocery Gift Cards, Reactions

Two Chinese women are getting out of the expensive car.

One of the BMW woman who tried to pick up the grocery gift cards.

From NetEase:

Canadian TV Station Exposes Ethnic Chinese Women Arriving in a BMW to Claim Food Aid

Canadian TV Station Exposes Two Chinese Women Arrive in a BMW to Collect Relief Grocery Gift Cards in BMW — Following the news from several days ago about Chinese aunties in San Francisco reselling free food from a Christian church intended to help the poor, a Canadian TV station today [January 5] exposed 2 ethnic Chinese women driving a BMW to pick up relief grocery gift cards. Because too many people are taking up resources the government intended for the poor, as of 4pm that day, over 100 poor people had not been able to get the free food.

Comments from NetEase:

jtjmyd [网易江苏省无锡市手机网友]:

Truly shameless, but in comparison to ape officials, there’s still a gap.

网易福建省福州市手机网友 ip:121.204.*.*:

Sigh, even disgracing Chinese people abroad.

网易福建省厦门市手机网友 ip:220.160.*.*:

Embarrassing [Chinese community] on an international level, Chinese people truly are infamous lowly people.

网易加拿大手机网友 ip:99.225.*.*:

Is there no one coming forward to tell the truth? This is what happened: An ice storm that only occurs once every 40 years damaged the electric lines in Toronto, causing 300,000 people to suffer from a blackout, with some households having no power for 9 days or more, everything in their refrigerators going bad. The government said it would provide compensation and originally the news online was written that any household that had their power cut could claim [grocery gift cards] with their home address. This isn’t “relief aid” in the common sense. As a result, the number of people who braved -20℃ temperatures to line up to claim [the grocery cards] numbered over 700, were then informed that each location would only distribute 30 [grocery gift cards], and the crowd got angry. So the government had to hand out more, but still the demand exceeded the supply. The news could do nothing about it, so they seized the opportunity to shift people’s anger. I’ve watched the BMW women video. Her friend bought her there on the way, she didn’t get any [grocery gift cards] at all. She was only there to check. Later the news changed to say [the grocery gift cards] were relief aid, only provided for the poor, but [the government] didn’t say this at all when people were claiming them. What a scoundrel policy! This incident has stirred a lot of anger online among Chinese people in Canada, with many people supporting the two women to sue the TV station in order to protect their legal rights. The Canadian government and its media are the same shit, only doing good things on a superficial level, then diverting people’s attention to something else. Is this the capitalism that everybody yearns for?

[Note: This comment was made by a Chinese netizen in Canada.]

网易加拿大手机网友 ip:174.88.*.*: (responding to above)

This is exactly the truth. The people have indeed suffered heavy losses. Many families with babies can’t even get hot water to mix milk powder. They should all get compensation/relief aid. This P.R. crisis is so poorly handled.

[Note: Also commenting from Canada.]

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:14.146.*.*: (responding to above)

I see!!!

jkljddsuocjl [网易辽宁省沈阳市手机网友]: (responding to ip:174.88.*.*)

Why did [the news] insist on choosing ethnic Chinese [to scapegoat]?

网易广东省梅州市手机网友 ip:113.82.*.*: (responding to above)

Because the government dare not pick on the locals/natives, so they pick on the immigrants. Also, the largest group of immigrants there are Chinese.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:124.127.*.*: (responding to above)

So TM ridiculous. Why would they still pick on you when you have the vote? Are you so used to the life in China, SB? You’ve stayed in the cesspool so long you think people from all over the word are maggots like you.

鸭梨蛮大 [网易山东省济南市网友]: (responding to ip:99.225.*.*)

First floor [99.225.*.*], since they can drive a BMW to stand in line to claim a bit of compensation/relief aid, why not just go directly to the supermarket to buy food? Were they short that little bit of money? Since Toronto suffered a ice storm disaster, the number of households that were affected must have been many, but if [the government] only prepared 30 grocery gift cards, it must’ve been aimed at certain groups of people (for the homeless), so why were you people trying to get them?

网易广东省广州市手机网友: ip:117.136.*.*: (responding to above)

Are you a SB?! Who told you those were relief aid cards? Who told you they were prepared for the poor? The Canadian government prepared them for residents who lost electricity. As long as you had lost power, you could go claim them. Fuck, do you think a BMW is that impressive in Canada? It’s no different than any ordinary car. The sixth floor [124.127.*.*] is even more of a SB! Don’t drag in voting, what does other people’s anti-Chinese attitudes have to do fucking votes?

网易加拿大手机网友 ip:70.70.*.*: (responding to many comments above)

What a TM bunch of stupid cunts! You know nothing about the truth, all you know is to talk shit. Would it kill you to watch the news? You yourselves can’t emigrate, so you feel so happy and satisfied seeing problems with oversea Chinese people. A bunch of jerks. Do you have any TM idea what not having power in -20℃ means? [People in] Canada don’t use [central gas] heating and can’t cook if they don’t have gas stoves. Even if you arrived in a helicopter [as opposed to a BMW], so what? Canada would be better off not having you Heavenly Kingdom shit-talkers come to embarrass us ethnic Chinese people. You lot would definitely be the happiest ones to go looting here.

网易湖北省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*: (responding to above)

Do you think just because you’ve gone to Canada that you’re yourself niubi now?

quasimodo00c [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:(responding to ip:70.70.*.*)

“A bunch of jerks. Do you have any TM idea what not having power in -20℃ means? [People in] Canada don’t use [central gas] heating and can’t cook if they don’t have gas stoves.“ Canadian stupid idiot, if it really is as difficult as you say there, shouldn’t they hurry and to the supermarket or somewhere else to solve there food problem, instead of stupidly waiting in line for food relief aid??? You stupid cunt.

birdnoreturn [网易加拿大网友]:

Just like when the Beijing auntie was hit by the motorcycle-riding laowai, the media doesn’t have a conscience.

网易以色列手机网友 ip:79.176.*.*: (responding to above)

You should tell them [Chinese mainlanders] not to believe that all foreigners are good people with good characters. People everywhere in the world are the same, some are good, some are bad.

网易越南手机网友 ip:222.255.*.*: (responding to above)

Where I am is the worst, very anti-Chinese!

Comments from Sina Weibo (1 & 2), translated by Joe:


[Everyone standing in line] in good order. If it was in China, trampling/stampeding and scalpers would’ve appeared long ago.


Is there no place without Locusts?


Fuck, what proof do you have to say they are Chinese? They are Japanese, OK? Don’t fucking always blame it on Chinese people whenever someone does something shameful.


Many of the relatives corrupt officials and nouveau riche may have money now but still have low characters in their bones, bringing their bad habits of petty profiteering and disregard of rules/order abroad to embarrass [Chinese people in general].


Wherever there are Chinese people, the ugliness of humanity will undoubtedly be demonstrated. It is determined by the deep-rooted bad habits of our national culture. Chinese people have always been selfish.


A second-hand BMW is just 3,000 Canadian dollars, just like any other car. They are necessarily rich people as our countrymen imagine. This report is only to grab eyeballs.


This is an area in Canada that suffered a snow storm, where power was out for nearly two weeks. All residents in the disaster area could collect relief aid, whether you drive BMW or a BVW [not]. Are you saying those who drive BMWs can’t pick up relief aid when they’ve been hit by a disaster?


Foreigners don’t understand that in China, driving a BMW doesn’t actually mean you are rich. Just look at our low-income housing communities and you’ll often see BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes.


The BMW came from this kind of little-by-little saving and scrimping. Diligent and frugal, the traditional virtues of Chinese people.


I saw that San Francisco story two days ago. How can we be certain they are Chinese aunties?


I’ve been to a small Scandinavian town. It turns out there are umbrellas placed at the bus stops in the town. The people who use them will return them. Then Chinese people came. Took all the umbrellas home. I saw several umbrellas in one Chinese family’s home. I didn’t understand, what were they hoarding so many stupid umbrellas at home for? Chinese people’s mindset of taking petty advantage [petty profiteering] of things is really deep in their bones.


There are poor people in Canada?


Very good, [them] harming people abroad is better than harming people in our own country.


Exactly, making a fuss about of nothing. Only poor people drive BMWs, rich people ride bicycles. Stupid.


Ok, so everybody’s talking nonsense without knowing the truth! In fact, it was due to the loss of power that people were picking up food aid; it had nothing to do with being rich or poor.


The gap: Rich people in America all value giving back to society, with many donating all their wealth to society after they die. In China, some rich people are even collecting minimum/subsistence social security subsidies [intended for the unemployed and destitute].


Canada is the headquarters of corrupt Chinese officials!


Some of our female Party members are so afraid of wasting our country’s food that they’ve one after another gone abroad to eat the free food of the rich. This is all because our Party and country has educated them well!


People of socialist countries using communist methods to take revenge upon capitalist countries.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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