Chinese Girl Uses Math to Express Her Love to Her Boyfriend

Love peom

Love peom

From Sina Weibo:

@微博新鲜事: #elite, magnanimous, and high-class love poem# Are you tired of “我爱你” [“I love you” in Chinese], “I love you” [in English] when people express their love? Wuhan Yangtze Business University freshman Wu Huajie used mathematics symbols “-∞”, “+∞”, and several simple English words to express her love to her boyfriend, with classmates commending it as “elite, magnanimous, and high-class”.

Chinese university student Wu Huajie uses mathematics to express her love to her boyfriend.

[Translation of text in image above:]

INPUT (-∞,+∞)

INPUT is mathematics language, and “-∞”, “+∞” mean negative infinity and positive infinity respectively. The first line of the poem means, at the beginning of love, both sides are giving. IF leads a conditional statement. So the 2nd line of the poem means, if one side betrays [the other side], which means the giving is negative infinity, then the other side would ] (closed interval symbol, specifically referring to stop) positive infinite giving. ELSE means otherwise. The 3rd line of the poem means, if no betraying between both sides, then they would give each other positive infinite love. This poem is telling my boyfriend that if you never leave or dump me, I will be by your side forever.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


The world of academic tyrants is one we cannot understand…


Creative, niubi


I’m very sorry, we cannot be together, I’m an academic dreg.


Try using this to go after a liberal arts major~ [汗]


I think this is computer programing language. Pure math would probably be a lot harder to solve/figure out than this.


Although I can’t read/understand it, it looks like it is really impressive… [可爱]


The academic dregs are doomed to a life of loneliness [懒得理你]


High school students can probably read/understand this. candlecandle But her boyfriend will certainly be moved. pigpig


Are all those clicking upvote on this the academic dregs and liberal arts majors? Can you stop making a big deal about this already?


Everyone is saying how this expression of love is so elite, magnanimous, and high-class, yet the meaning is: if you don’t leave or dump me, I will be with you forever. I can’t help but sigh, just what kind of confession of love is this? Is it ignorant or fearless? Or more like speechless? So many people and yet no one is able to discern the true meaning of this [poem, sequence]? If I were the guy receiving this confession of love, I at most would think this was the expression of an idea, has nothing to do with a confession of love, and what more, it’s lower than even the conventional “I like you”.


if then else…if I remember correctly, it’s the BASIC programming language from the 2nd level National Computer Examination that I took in middle school~~~ Shouldn’t college students have learned C Language? How does this make her an academic tyrant? Any ordinary college student knows it!


If it were me, I wouldn’t be able read/understand it. pick nosepick nose

我是海贼本人: (responding to above)

You took the 2nd level National Computer Examination when you were just in middle school?? I only took it when I was a freshman. Looks like it is you who is the real academic tyrant!


My math is not good…


Please don’t insult us science majors, okay? = =


This is C language, okay? Ordinary college students should all be able to read it, okay? →_→


dizzy My god. The love confessions of academic tyrants indeed cannot be understood by ordinary people. cry


The guy was deeply moved, but then rejected her.


Do your parents know how much of a loser you are? [泪]

Wu Huajie won first place with this in a “three-line love poem” competition held by her school.

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