Over 70% Chinese Unhappy with Current Legal Holiday Schedule

Great Wall of China crowds during the 2013 October 1st National Day Golden Week holiday.

Great Wall of China crowds during the 2013 October 1st National Day Golden Week holiday.

From NetEase:

Survey: Over 70% of Netizens are not Satisfied with Current Holiday Arrangements

The Beijing News report — Yesterday, the National Holiday Office released a “Questionnaire Survey on the Arrangement of Legal Holidays” on Sina, People’s Daily Online, and other websites to collect feedback/suggestions from the public.

National Holiday Office hopes to make holiday schedule more reasonable

According to the 2007 “Arrangement of National Annual Holidays and Vacations”, our country had a total of 11 legal rest days for all citizens, and individually they were 1 day for New Year’s Day, 3 days for the Spring Festival, 1 day for Tomb-Sweeping Day, 1 day for the International Labor Day, 1 day for the Dragon Boat Festival, 1 day for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and 3 days for the National Day holiday. The current method of holiday shifting is to create two 7-day “long holidays” for the Spring Festival and the National Day holidays and five 3-day “mini-long holidays” for New Year’s Day, Tomb-Sweeping Day, International Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, by means of moving weekends.

In the survey released yesterday [October 10th], 6 questions are involved, the main contents of which includes “Are you satisfied with the current holiday arrangements?”, “Should the long holidays be preserved?”, “Are weekend shifts necessary for the mini-long holidays?” etc. The National Holiday Office welcomed opinions from the broad masses of the people, so that the will of the public can be reflected and the arrangement of the holidays be more scientific and reasonable.

Cancel the Golden Week? Rivaling opinions on the issue

As of 10pm yesterday, the survey on Sina shows that over 40,000 people have taken part in the survey, with the majority being between 20 and 60 years old. Employees of private enterprises and employers make up the largest proportion, followed by people working in government organs.

As to the questions concerning holiday arrangements, over 70% of netizens are unsatisfied with the current holiday arrangements. Among those who are “unsatisfied”, some netizens hold the opinion that the long holidays should be more evenly arranged to avoid the large crowds of people seen during the Spring Festival and National Day holidays; while other netizens think it quite unnecessary and torturous to “scrape together” holidays through the “embezzling” of weekends.

As for “should the 7-day holidays be preserved”, the number of people supporting and opposing it are pretty close – 46% and 50% respectively. As for “do you think it necessary to transform 1-day festivals into 3-day vacations by moving weekends”, 42.4% of netizens think it’s necessary while 51.8% believe it to be unnecessary.

Beijing Tiananmen Square crowds during the 2013 October 1st National Day Golden Week holiday.

Over time

From 1 day off per week to 115 days off per year


Only Sundays off every week

From 1949 to the beginning of the Reform and Opening Up, six-day weeks were practiced in China and Sunday was the only day to rest every week. The only legal holidays were public holidays such as New Year’s and Labor Day where 1 day was off, Spring Festival where there were 3 days off, National Day where there were 2 days off, etc.


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From alternate Sundays to 2-day weekends

1994 March 1, the “1+2” weekend policy was put into trial implementation, where there were 8 working hours a day and an average of 44 working hours a week, with 2 days off on long weekends and 1 day off on short weekends.

On May 1st 1995 the complete 2-day weekend policy was officially brought into force. People were granted more free time from studying and working.


Three Golden Weeks a year

In 1997, a financial crisis broke out in Southeast Asia. To stimulate consumption, jump start the domestic economy, and promote domestic tourism, in 1999, the State Council decided to merge the Spring Festival, “May 1st”, and “October 1st” holidays with the the 2-day weekends before and after them, and from that form 7-day long holidays. In 2000 June, the Golden Week system was officially instituted.

The “Golden Weeks” quickly boosted the development of the domestic tourism market and economy. Statistics show that during the first “October 1st” Golden Week, the number of travelers nationwide reached 28 million. During the National Day Golden Week of 2005, the total number of tourists received exceeded 100 million.

Gradually, due to the excessive concentration of holidays, this resulted in enormous numbers of travelers, traffic congestion, and increasing tourist safety risks during the Golden Weeks. Constantly, experts called for the cancellation of Golden Weeks.

In 2006, the Tsinghua University Holiday System Reform Group led by Cai Jiming believed it was time to retire the Golden Week system. During the Liang Hui “Two Meetings” [of the NPC (National People’s Congress) and CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference)], Cai Jiming proposed again that the “May 1st” and “October 1st” Golden Weeks be cancelled.

2008 to present

Traditional festivals and mini-long holidays added

2007 December, the State Council decided that from 2008 onward, the “May 1st” Golden Week would be cancelled and transformed into a 3-day short holiday, while the three traditional holidays Tomb-Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival would be added. By combining them with the weekend, these three festivals became 3-day mini-long holidays. After this adjustment, the legal holidays and weekend rest days in our country reached 115.3 days.

However, after the implementation of mini-long holidays, it frequently occurred that 3 days of rest were followed by 7 or 8 continuous days of work with a month’s rest and work schedule having been dissected into a mess and such. This too triggered widespread discussions and the calls for canceling the mini-long holidays also gradually grew.

Beijing Tiananmen Square crowds during the 2013 October 1st National Day Golden Week holiday.

Netizens say

Chaos and confusion of shifted weekends discount the quality of the vacation

“Sometimes we have to work for more than 5 days in a row in exchange for a mini-long holiday, and this kind of weekend shifting results in a ‘discount’ on the quality of the vacation.”


“After the October 1st long holiday, my biological clock is really messed up.” Netizen “咸萝卜” [Xian Luo Bo, Salty Carrot] chose “unsatisfied” when answering the question “are you satisfied with the current holiday arrangements” on the questionnaire.

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“咸萝卜” is a white-collar worker in a private company, and this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and October 1st [National Day] “3 days of work, 3 days off, 6 days of work, 1 day off, 2 days of work, 7 days off” left him “completely lost”: “Why does it have to be shifted back and forth? Now us office workers have to check the calendar every day in order to know which days we have to go to work and which days we have off.” The October 1st “Golden Porridge” [“week” and “porridge” have the same pronunciation in Chinese, and “Golden Porridge” became an Chinese joke about the streams of tourists throughout the country during the 7-day holiday were as thick as porridge.]” too gave him much to complain about. “咸萝卜” says he and his family had gone to climb and watch the sunrise on Mount Tai in Shandong on October 2nd but upon seeing the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds of people on the mountain path, “Xian Luo Bo” laughed: “What I climbed wasn’t Mount Tai, but a mountain of people.”

Chinese crowds during holiday
October 4th, a tourist makes a gesture for photos on Haohanpo [a slope in Mount Lu], the background filled with people. Photographed by Zhou Gangfeng, journalist of The Beijing News.

Netizen “格桑花开” [Ge Sang Hua Kai, Blossom of Gesang Flower] is yet another netizen unsatisfied with the current holidays. She says the main reason for her dissatisfaction is because although there are now more mini-long holidays, these mini-long holidays formed through the temporary shifting of weekends are more like extended weekends: “The price is that we sometimes have to work more than 5 days in a row in exchange for a mini-long holiday, and this kind of shifting results in a “discount” on the quality of the vacation.”

Many netizens hold the opinion that the current arrangement of holidays make long holidays even more concentrated, and thus the accompanying difficulties in traveling, buying tickets, finding lodgings, etc. become even more serious.

Experts say

The effect of canceling the mini-long holidays on the economy won’t be big

“Of the ways to alleviate this situation, one is to implement paid leave/vacations and another way out is to add Golden Weeks while “cancelling” the mini-long holidays.” – Liu Simin, Special Researcher for the Tourism Research Center, Academy of Social Sciences

Special Researcher of the Tourism Research Center Liu Simin indicates that recreational travel/tourism has now become an important part of people’s lives. Making such a survey on the third day after the long holiday is a good and proactive response of the National Holiday Office to public opinion, which is worthy of recognition, “but the lack of a ‘should more Golden Weeks be added’ on the questionnaire is a pity.”

In Liu’s opinion, what the Spring Festival [holiday] satisfies is the traditional spiritual/emotional need of the people for family reunion, while the Golden Weeks satisfy modern spiritual/emotional needs in the form of tourism and consumption, both of which are inelastic demands. With the people’s growing demand for tourism, the current bottleneck is in the lack of long holidays. Liu Simin says the huge demand for travel generated after the cancellation of the May 1st Golden Week can now only be released during the October 1st long holiday and mini-long holidays.

According to Liu Simin, one of the ways to alleviate this situation is to implement paid leave/vacations. Another way out is to add Golden Weeks while “cancelling” the mini-long holidays. “We can’t use the shifting of weekends to form mini-long holidays, because there is essentially no difference between the two and instead disrupts people’s rhythms/patterns.” Meanwhile, since there is no difference between the mini-long holidays and weekends, the effect of canceling the mini-long holidays on the economy won’t be too big.

Interviewed and written by Lu Man, journalist of The Beijing News

Survey results on Sina for: “Should the 7-day holidays be preserved?”

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Sina Chinese official holiday schedule online survey results.

Sina Chinese official holiday schedule online survey results.

Beijing Tiananmen Square crowds during the 2013 October 1st National Day Golden Week holiday.

Comments from NetEase:

毛润之人民的大救星 [网易上海市网友]:

Survey: Those who support the reinstatement of the May 1 long holiday, click ding. [28k upvotes at time of translation]

lilianshun7591 [网易河北省唐山市网友]:

So-called holidays are merely vacations for government organs, army units, schools and state-owned enterprises, which basically have nothing to do with farmers, migrant workers, temporary workers and private enterprises.

网易江苏省南京市网友 ip:122.96.*.*

It’d be better to cancel some shorter long holidays and not resume the May 1st Golden Week [week-long holiday]. Implement a system of paid vacations at employers. Bringing things in line with international practice is the proper path.

Comments from Phoenix Online:


The Spring Festival holiday should last till after the Lantern Festival, keep the May 1st and October 1st 7-day holidays, and then all the other short holidays don’t need to be preserved. Just guarantee the weekends. Spring Festival is [currently] only 7 days and just the time on the road alone takes up 2 days, so how many days are left to visit relatives and friends?


Prolong the Spring Festival holiday and resume the May 1st long holiday. 3-day shorter long holidays are meaningless: people who work away from home are totally unable to go back, [because] 2 days would simply be spent on the road.


This is worthy of a questionnaire survey? On the premise of not moving weekends, preserve the current 3-day and 7-day holidays and just add more actual vacations in a year.


Extremely unsatisfied! The most incomprehensible holiday arrangement is to push and pull and put all the rest days together, making what is obviously just a vacation of three days seems like seven. Who are you trying to fool? What’s the point?


[I] Really dislike the 3-day shorter long holidays. Suggestions: Lengthen the Spring Festival holiday to 10-12 days, preserve the October 1st 7-day vacation, and [set] a 1-day holiday for the other traditional festivals which we can decide ourselves when to take.


[I] Don’t agree with the shifting [of weekends]. Holidays are holidays, weekends should not be shifted around for work.


Just one suggestion: Extend the Chinese New Year vacation to the fifteenth of the first month of the lunar year [the Lantern Festival] ~

What do you think?

Great Wall of China crowds during the 2013 October 1st National Day Golden Week holiday.

  • MrC

    yea by all accounts its a complete rip off, give days off then steal them back else where.Chinese logic at its finest or just plain cheating.

    • Germandude

      Sometimes I think that the government just does that because they are afraid of Chinese citizens having more than 7 days off in a row, because that would give them enough time to figure that rip off and start a revolution.

  • I love Sexy Chinese girls

    How can you enjoy your trip to The Great Wall with this huge number of people.

    • Probotector

      Hey! Welcome back!

    • Mony Xie

      But I know some of them may actually enjoy the crowd. Gosh!
      Something like having a nice family picnic by a local river is 1000 times better than that.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      That’s why you bring your big bodyguards to carry you up the stairs!

      (and take a few douchey photos of it happening.)

    • Kathy Young

      not all the great wall is with this huge number of people, like Jinshanling Great Wall

      • mr.wiener

        And Huang Hua Cheng. That bit of the wall was great..and deserted.

      • TJDubs

        Right. You just have to go to the part of the wall that’s over 25 years old.

  • Germandude

    The shifting of holidays is a joke. Where is the sense of granting people a longer vacation, such as the October break just now, but then, right afterwards, have them work on a saturday again? You know this is a day where everybody is in office, but where not much was done. I saw some colleagues playing world of warcraft and other stuff and nobody gave a shit.

    Another thing is that it is totally retarded to work a day (or in the past sometimes 2 days) in advance to gain an extra day (or 2) of holidays. I thought maths is a strength in this country?

    And the best thing after coming back from holidays is to start with 6 days work in a row. Just so that you forget about the relaxing you just had.

    • Probotector

      “Another thing is that it is totally retarded to work a day (or in the past sometimes 2 days) in advance to gain an extra day (or 2) of holidays. I thought maths is a strength in this country?”

      Right, it kind of defeats the point of having a holiday.

      • ex-expat

        In my opinion it doesn’t just defeat the purpose, it makes it worse. Who the f wants to work on a saturday and/or sunday.

    • Mony Xie

      And the 9-day working steak before 10/1. I just didn’t want to do anything but lied down on my bed for a good rest after that.

    • slob

      Yeah it is a fucking stupid idea. When I have the classes on weekends from being pushed by the holiday policies, 90% of students either don’t turn up or turn up with their mobile phone fully charged and ready for a nice long fruit ninja session. Complete waste of time.

      And having everybody go through the country at the same time? How are you supposed to enjoy the apparent ‘beautiful’ sights of China with fifty fucking thousand people crowded on the mountains? Look at those great wall pics…how could you appreciate the greatness of it when all you can see are hordes of people? “Our population is large…hmm I have a great idea…let’s move them all around at the same time!”, “Good idea Wong, have a massive paycheck for your brilliance”.

      And the math just doesn’t make ANY sense. A holiday is a break, a rest, time off, time spent away from work, time to recover, time to enjoy life. Putting the extra work days together defies the purpose of a holiday. You’re not taking a break, you’re just simply putting the work off. The work is STILL there.

      • Probotector

        Agreed, but what does “ready for a nice long fruit ninja session” mean?

        • slob

          Fruit Ninja, it’s an iphone game. Basically they’re going to spend the next 2 hours swiping away at their phones playing games.

          • Probotector

            ah, I see.

          • Warlock

            Bloody children!!

      • Stefan Xu

        it isn’t supposed to be a real holiday, just a rearrangement of weekends to create illusion that it is a holiday. Having real holidays would harm the economy.

        • Brent

          Just because you are working longer, does not mean you are getting more work done. Technically I suppose it would hurt the economy…but then again the European countries with citizens who take month long vacations seem to be doing fine so I think a few days won’t change much.

      • Mop

        I personally would love a carefree, long-ass holiday. But yeah, it wouldn’t be great if it involves moving incredibly large groups of people all at the same time.

    • Jack

      I also don’t really like it, but still, I don’t agree. It might be totally retarded for you who can afford to buy an air ticket when you go on holiday, but think about the millions of migrant workers who rely on trains and buses to go home once a year.

      If you work and live in a factory in an industrial development zone throughout the year who saves all the money he/she gets to send home, having a single day off on a wednesday might be completely useless. But if you can exchange the day off with a friday, you have three days off in a row (if you actually enjoy the luxury of a two-day weekend) and the 24-hour ride to see your kids a second time in a year might be worth it.

      Seriously, the country might be full of corrupt officials and ……. but a lot of things actually do make sense if you try to see them from a different perspective.

      Now, ChinaSmack community, start bashing me for defending Chinese people again!

      • Germandude

        I understand what you are saying and I agree that the migrant workers need to get time to reach their families back at home. What’s so difficult to simply grant everybody 1-2 extra days off?

        In my company, every staff that comes from outside of the city didn’t have to come to office. Local staff could leave at 3pm.

        In my eyes, the retarded thing is to make a saturday (or sunday) a working day when you know exactly that on these days literally nothing will be happening business wise. Try to reach overseas partners or customers? They won’t respond over the weekend.
        Governmental workers working on a saturday (or sunday)? haha.
        It’s wasting energy for heating/cooling buildings and make PCs run to check weibo, taobao, amazon, facebook and the like. Time better spent with families if you ask me.

        • In my company we simply found out what our customers planned to do. If they (mostly WFOE’s and foreign enterprises too) were going to shutdown or go slow – then we would just close as normal and gift our employees the extra time. But you can do that with your own company when you actually do give a crap about your workers that make it all happen.

      • manujoro

        There’s nothing wrong in “defending Chinese people” I guess, but here you got it all wrong! The week-long holiday during National Day and the short holidays for the other holidays are not widely used by migrant workers to go back to their families. Just think about it – for them, going back for a 3-7 days would be purely waste of money. Money they have been saving for months. The migrant workers go back to their homes once a year. Only for the Spring Festival. And when they do, they stay there longer – at least two weeks. Some of them even longer.

  • filabusta

    The Nanjing massacre museum was so crowded that people were jumping the walls to get in.

    • Truth

      They’re all too busy trying to get Japan and US tourist visas attempting to imitate their hated enemies!

    • Warlock

      I’ve been there, nanjing is getting cooler now alas

  • jixiang

    Personally I think giving a one week long holiday but then making people lose two weekends is unnecessary and disruptive. Just a three day holiday would be fine (in fact five days, once you add them on to the previous weekend).

    Having said that, I think turning one day holidays into three day ones by moving the weekend is actually a good idea. A one day holiday doesn’t really do anyone much good.

    • Aaron

      Why don’t we start by stagering Taxi shifts. Seems like 5:00 every taxi in the city needs to change shifts at the same time.
      and Don’t even get me started on the 12:00-2:30 Sleepy time when the entire hospital has to shut down at the same time.

      • Jahar

        universities and police stations too!

    • Jahar

      I totally disagree. a week with a wednesday off is much better than working 7, being off 3 days, working 2 days, then off 2 days.

  • Justin

    The reasons for the Golden Week are obviously economic. It’s a way of affecting the economy without direct central planning. It’s similar to the way the US manages the economy with bank holidays. China gives it’s economy a shot in the arm twice a year to stimulate consumption at a regularly scheduled interval so that that massive boost is predictable and all the State-run firms can simultaneously maximize their profits.

    The whole thing is really quite genius if you ask me.

  • Alphy

    I really find it stupid that people call 3 days holiday 3 days, where you really just get 1 real holiday, and the other 2 get moved from weekends. Seriously, these 6 days week are annoying, and no one likes them. If it lands next to a weekend great, you get a long weekend, but if not so what?

    Every year there’s this huge discussion on holiday schedule in management meetings, because you have to switch days and mess with shipment schedules. I can really do without these “Golden Weeks” jam pack full of people.

    • Warlock

      Dude, lets face it, most do this anyway, oh and QQ

      • Probotector

        Lol, that’s so true.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        …. This is several of my Chinese girl friends 100%! I always tease her for it, but I guess it’s a lot more common than I thought >_>

      • Alphy

        lol yes, a large number of them. The rest of them clog up the highways and trash up scenic areas (or cause bridges to collapse http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/bestoftv/2013/10/14/mxp-china-bridge-collapse.hln&hpt=hp_t2&from_homepage=yes).

      • mr.wiener

        It makes more sense than getting up early and crowding your self onto busestrains and going to some famous site and queuing cheek by jowl with everyone else doing the same thing.

        • Warlock

          True. The tomb site in Nanjing was crowded from the photos I saw. I was a shut in more or less the whole holiday. Anyone else?

      • slob

        You just made my day with that post.

      • I love Sexy Chinese girls

        I never go out during public holiday. Going out is like torturing yourself. So, yeah, during holiday, I eat and sleep. I AM SO BORING.

        • Warlock

          I suppose then me too.

        • radbab

          same here. either leave the country or stay home.

        • maybeabanana

          Haha, I eat, sleep, and play video games !!! def. not boring.

      • Stu

        Haha, I used to mock the students who said that (to myself, I’m not that cruel). Then I realised that if I had to put up with their stupid all-day every-day studying schedules I’d take my day off and sleep like a goddamned champion of boring.

  • willie miller

    The arrangement of the holidays is a joke. I stayed in and watched season 5 of breaking bad, much better choice than fighting the crowds in ‘places of interest’.

  • BrandeX

    Why does anyone think that having the government tell them when to go on holiday is a good idea at all?
    In normal countries, national holidays are just that 1 or 2 days. Throughout the rest of the year, you use your vacation time from your company to go on holiday whenever you want.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Going to tourist attractions in China during Chinese holiday is the norm for poorer people. The rich go out of the country. But seriously, holly shit, the Great Wall of People!

    • slob

      I guess the only reason it’s called the Great Wall is because it’s the only wall in the world capable of holding every Chinese person on it.

  • Probotector

    Well, if they have grievances about their state-directed holiday arrangements they could always petition their local government representatives and put it to a vote and… oh wait, no they can’t.

  • chandlerpatrick

    So many of these Holiday’s are such bullshit festivals anyways. I guess we have some stupid ones in the west, but seriously… Don’t call an apple an orange. Call these days what they are, they should be called “fuck up your schedule days” rather than “holidays”.
    I’d rather have none of this three day bullshit, and then have to make up that day somewhere else…
    This is the governments idea of having you’re cake, and eating it too.

  • Anus Presley

    Looking at that picture at the top of the page: I’m so glad I decided to go to Simatai and not Badaling. Badaling looks like my worst nightmare.

    • Cameron

      I went to mutianyu on the 2nd October and was still expecting the worst… But it was totally empty in parts, and the view was stunning. Totally recommended..and you can slide down the wall which is probably the coolest thing ever invented in China, excluding chopsticks, dynamite and the waving money cat.

  • linette lee

    The whole world should only work 32 hours per week. Which is only Monday through Thursday. and have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Hooray!!!

    • anon101

      i dissagree. 5 days of work is fine as long as you allways put in100%.
      monday = 10%
      tuesday = 25%
      wednesday = 30%
      thursday = 25%
      friday =10%

      • slob

        Or at least 5 days, time and a half for Saturday, and double pay on Sunday. You want the money, work for it. You want a break, go ahead.

    • Cauffiel

      Actually, I think the point of this article is that we should not all have the same days off… isn’t it?

      Work schedules should be staggered, and governments could use tax incentives to encourage businesses to do so, and also stagger government worker schedule by mandate. When I lived in the U.S., this always seemed an obvious solution to me. I’m not sure how it would fly in China.

      • linette lee

        of course the whole nation can’t have the same day off. Workers need to rotate shifts. Like some can work Tuesday to Friday. Just 32 hours a week is good for me. I think it’s good enough for anyone. The gov’t need to adjust pay.

        • laoshu

          Adjusting pay is just not in line with Deng’s policy.. and no communism does not work…

          • chosan

            Chinese culture don’t work either,
            The Road to Growth

            Just as the US Interstate Highway System changed the way
            people and goods move across America, so China’s National Trunk Highway
            System will facilitate economic development. China’s highways have grown
            rapidly in total length, from 271 km in 1990 to 85,000 km in 2011,
            making this the world’s longest national freeway system. The US
            Interstate Highway System—started in 1956 and considered complete in
            1991— totals 47,182 miles (75,932 km). It is not expected to grow
            signifi-cantly going forward. China, on the other hand, continues to
            expand its expressways and is intent on connecting all provincial
            capitals and cities with populations over 200,000 residents. These new
            highways and the economic growth they will drive will help close the gap
            with the US. And when China does surpass America, the question then
            will be whether these two great major powers will co-operate or compete.

            believe that during the next 30 years the Chinese will have no desire
            to enter into a conflict with the US. They know they will continue to
            grow stronger, but they are also aware of how far behind they are
            technologically. They require continued access to American schools so
            their students can learn how to reinvent themselves.

            What is
            it that makes Americans so much more versatile? I believe the Chinese
            have come to the conclusion that the answer lies in the differing
            natures of the two societies. Innovation and creativity are a part of
            the American culture, a natural trait of an immigrant society. But
            China’s is a culture of conformism. It is a 4,000- to 5,000-year-old
            society, with a written script that’s as readable today as it was 4,000
            years ago.

            Yet despite these differences, it is inevitable that the balance of power in the Pacific will shift to the Western side.

            Lee Kuan Yew is a former Prime Minister of Singapore

            what they need is nationalism

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Simple solution: Arrange it so that the entire nation calls in sick simultaneously so that they can enjoy their holidays!

    Maybe the government will get the picture then! :P

    • linette lee

      I like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weekend off plus Monday holiday. yeah…..!! Once a month would be perfect. Then work 32 hours weekly 4 days a week. Now that’s a very good working schedules. When will the whole world understand life is not just working working working.
      Some people like Spain like siesta. Have long lunch and then sleep before get back to work.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        My relatives in Taiwan always have siestas when I’m over to visit… Though I suspect it’s more of a family thing than a Taiwan thing >_>

        • linette lee

          hahaha….hong kong people and NYC people work extremely hard. Very hard and stressful. Very fast paced.

          • Jahar

            And Toronto people. And London people. And Tokyo people. And and and…

        • narsfweasels

          Maybe they just need to get away from you for two hours? :D

          I kid, I kid. I kid because I love.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            hahaha psh, they just liked to sleep randomly for 2-3 hours or so during the daytime. Might be because they are 2 university students and a stock trader working at home lol

      • Cauffiel

        Oh, man…. China does not have siesta? Everyone I know gets 2 hours or more for lunch/nap like its a kindergarten class. Only work maybe 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, and hardly do anything at work. In Chinese office, I see many girls on Taobao and QQ.

        Chinese are shockingly lazy.

        • linette lee

          i have never heard of non Chinese people complain about Chinese people being lazy. Most people think Asians like Chinese are very hard working. Chinese work 7 days a week and have their kids study 20 hours a day Monday to Sunday I heard. Chinese restaurants are never closed.

          • Probotector

            Well, it’s just not true.

          • Cauffiel

            I’ve never heard non-Chinese (who are living in China) say that Chinese are hardworking. The ONLY exception is factory workers, and thats because they have a whip at their back.

            A lot of Chinese restaurants close throughout the afternoon, and many just close whenever they feel like…. open/close hours are often inconsistent.

            Being at a workplace or at school is not the same as working hard.

          • linette lee

            Really?? Open and close whenever? This is the first time I hear this. China is a different place isn’t it.
            But almost all businesses like stores, restaurants, service shops are open 7 days a week and never close in China right? In Hk they are always open 7 days a week and even many stores have 24 hours.

          • Cauffiel

            Very, very few 24 hour places in China…. I’ve lived/traveled all over, and most of the 24 hour places are…. wait for it…. AMERICAN. kfc, mcdonalds, the like. but then theres chuan…. yum! all night long.

            you’re right that china tends to be open 7 days a week… a lot of places close on sunday or earlier on sunday in the U.S. because of our religious background. this is actually something that irritates the shit out of me when I go to the U.S.

          • linette lee

            Most part of the USA they close Sunday entirely and close very early on Saturday like 3pm or 5pm. Monday to Friday they work until 5pm for stores. Big cities in USA stores operate more 7days a week and close late up to 8pm or 10pm. But still many small stores do close on Sunday entirely even in big cities.

            So That is why they say Chinese are hard working because they never stop working ,stores always open.

          • Cauffiel

            Wow, I can’t imagine how we have such opposite experiences. How much time did you live in Mainland China?

            I’ve never heard of or seen stores close early on Saturday in the U.S. except in one-traffic-light villages; the U.S. is full of 24-hour full-size supermarkets… you can literally get almost anything you need 24 hours in the U.S. In high school, we used to go to Meijer (similar to Wal-Mart) at midnight to get movies/CDs/video games released at mid-night…. no where in China you can do that. Shopping malls open til at least 9pm Monday-Saturday. I have no idea what America you must be living in!!! :-)

            In China, the Western-style shopping centers stay open until 9pm, but the smaller stores and discount markets close around 7pm. The stores opened the latest? HAIR SALONS.

          • linette lee

            Go to those non big city areas in USA. Their stores close early on Saturday. Maybe big department stores like Walmart they will open late, but private stores most close early on Saturdays. But then you have like one Walmart in like what…every 15 miles….not within walking distance. Then you have pharmacy like Walgreen or CVS every 5 or 7 miles. You can’t just get anything at anytime in most part of USA.

          • RedSandSfr

            Again, this is not unique to the USA. IF HK had major countryside population centers the rules would probably be similar. The only reason HK always feels so alive all the time is because the ENTIRETY of HK is a megalopolis! Why are you comparing it to a countryside? Different economic needs.

          • Cauffiel

            Oh, man…. I’ve lived in big cities and small towns and villages in the U.S., and whatever I needed was available 24 hours a day within a 10 minute drive. You can buy a garden hose, curtains for your kitchen windows, and a Fubu shirt at 3 a.m.

          • mopedchi

            Wait, weren’t you advocating a 32 hour work week? In your world, nothing would be open Thursday 5pm to Monday 9am.

            Also, you’re comparing apples/oranges. Small Chinese shop-owners open 7 days because they own the business and they want more money/income. Go to a corporate or government office and see how hard Chinese people work Just go to a Chinese bank. I’ve waited for hours at BOC and stood 45 minutes at the teller window just to exchange some USD to RMB.

            Communism != diligent work ethic.

          • RedSandSfr

            I was about to say the same thing. It’s mostly local banks and post offices that close on Sunday. Even in my hometown with a population of 300 we would get anything we needed 24/7, even during Christmas. This Aaron guy….

          • Nathan


            Annual GDP Per Captia of Mississippi: $32,967 (50th in the US)

            Annual GDP Per Captia of Shanghai: $20,313 (3rd in PRC)

            As it’s been said before, appearing to be busy and actually getting shit done are two vastly different things. It appears that even the laziest of Americans still out produce the most enterprising Chinese. No wonder you can’t find a real job in the United States – you can thank the joke of an education system you came up in…

          • Warlock

            I generally think GDP and figures are boring, and are not a good real world measure, but I feel you are right in this case. I thought Shanghai was much higher than that.

          • Warlock

            1 great thing about HK. Playing snooker at one of those 24 hour places, and going down to the 7/11 for skol beer at 4 am in the morning, or eating all you can eat hotpot with unlimited beer for 90 HKD per head at 3 am in the morning. The UK is boring in comparison.

          • Probotector

            I remember I once got a training school job in the summer of 2011 and they made me wait in the office for hours on the first day because they were disorganized. Eventually, my helper/translator person came to me and said “you should feel happy to have been left in the office. In China, many people are envious of office workers because they get to use a computer, have air conditioning and they get to sit down.”

          • Cauffiel

            That’s a pretty good point!

            I used to work the overnight shift at UPS in St. Louis, loading trucks. It was 85+ F in the trucks, even at night. Little air flow. Imagine going to the gym to work out and the thermostat is set at 85F. It sucks!

          • Germandude

            Being busy and appearing to be busy are 2 very different things if you know what I mean.

          • linette lee

            Many many people in USA work like that too. They work very slow and incompetent too. I can finish the same work in 2 hours and it still took them 2 days to figure out what to do. The hardest working USA folks are in the big cities like Ny or Chicago….etc. Big cities folks are much more competitive. I get out of NY and drive to those state more rural and they work like turtles but they are busy working.

            Germany folks don’t work like that?

          • Cauffiel

            I agree a lot of Americans are like that.

          • RedSandSfr

            Isn’t that the most obvious statement ever? Most people in the countryside of any country will work at a pace 1000000000 times slower than that of their urban counterparts. If they were super motivated and talented they would be working in the city in the first place. If they want a slower-paced, rural life they work in the countryside. That’s why most countries have the option of working in the countryside, suburbia, or the city. Not like HK where mostly everyone is confined to working in a fast-paced metropolis.

          • slob

            The only Chinese that work hard are those that have no choice like villagers. The urban Chinese are fucking lazy as hell and only work when they want to, or if they can gain some financial or guanxi benefit from it. Office workers here are an absolute JOKE and the teachers do not give a shit about their jobs.

            The reason non-Asians think Asians work so hard is because they work long hours. It doesn’t mean they actually DO more in those hours, just work longer. We work less hours, work harder so we have more free time. Chinese just drag out as many hours as they can to get more pay from it. We also don’t have 2 hour lunch breaks in my country.

          • RedSandSfr

            I agree, mostly, but I was talking about the difference in American urban and rural workers where the 国情 is slightly different and people aren’t farming as a way to get by (mostly, though I know people in rural Pennsylvania living in similar circumstances).

            Although China has a lot of talent, too. Depends on who your company’s HR hires. When I worked at a small, local BJ marketing agency that hired crap and paid crap the coworkers were just as you described. Now I work at a global agency in BJ and my Chinese workers are some of the most hardworking, efficient, moral coworkers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

          • linette lee

            You’ve never work in USA have you? People come to work to do walmart shopping online. Work as customer service all they do is transfer the client to another department instead of helping. Come to work late and leave early. They even have wash up time meaning they need 10 minutes to bathroom or wash hands at 4:50pm before the clock hit 5pm time to get off work. lol.

          • RedSandSfr

            Are you seriously using workers in the customer service industry as the standard for all American workers? Those people usually don’t even have high school degrees, what do you expect? I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced the same level of customer service in every country I’ve been to except Japan and Korea.

          • RedSandSfr

            Sounds to me like you don’t have a very diverse working experience in either country…

          • Germandude

            Pretty much what you said +1. Another thing I will never understand is why so many people feel it is okay to put private appointments within office hours and assume that it is regarded as being on duty. 1 hour lunch break and a quick 1 hour gym/massage/haircut. All working time…

          • Germandude

            I think efficiency in many of the European countries is much much higher than in China. I specifically include northern Italy and many parts of France into it. As long as you are not working in a state-owned or government-related company, you are working harder and far more efficient.

            In Germany, many workers work 8 hours/day from monday to thursday and can leave work on fridays at 1 pm. 38 hours work/week.

            To be honest here, I think if my job here wouldn’t include all those business meetings, conf. calls etc, I could finish my job within 2 hours max/day!
            I have never seen so much time wasted on phones, internet, small-talk, smoking breaks, lunches, whatever-breaks and whatever-reasons people come up with. I know it’s harsh to say but some of my Chinese colleagues here are efficiently working a max of 1 hour a week.

            Add to that the whole guangxi breaker and you can imagine why so many foreigners are frustrated here.
            After 1 year of working here, I told my colleagues, as well as any newly hired team-member that I don’t accept a single minute of overtime work being transfered into shift leaves as it only shows me that people don’t schedule well and set priorities elsewhere. You should have seen the faces the moment I said that when again I was about to get the bullshit “Sorry for being late to work, I had a customer calling me at 2 am. I am so hard-working” (often combined with a request for increase of salary and extra holidays).
            Now, most people are fine with that arrangement, being able to leave office at 5.30 pm sharp and surprisingly, nobody receives customer calls at 2 am anymore…

          • donscarletti

            Chinese office workers are good at making themselves look busy and putting in incredibly long hours. But having less free time after work is not the same as doing more work.

            I think a lot of westerners simply do not have the experience and understanding to differentiate such things. This is coupled to the fact that a lot of Chinese immigrants do actually work extremely hard, especially those with their own businesses, leading to the stereotype that “Chinese people are hard workers”.

            I have nothing but respect for Chinese manual labourers however.

          • Probotector

            “Chinese office workers are good at making themselves look busy and putting in incredibly long hours. But having less free time after work is not the same as doing more work.”

            Looking busy makes them look important.

        • Warlock

          I wish there was a way to remove QQ from the chinese deepin windows installs. Very infuriating trying to talk to someone, and QQ is bleeping and flashing away.

  • Cauffiel

    Is the entire length of the Great Wall like this during the holiday? That would be super impressive…..

    • Bob Loblaw

      Nah, just small restored portions like Badaling, Mutianyu and such.

      • Cauffiel

        Haha, I know. I’m just being silly.

      • Nefarious Laowei

        I especially like the KFC and California Noodles shops near the entrance of Badaling.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    It’s sad to be Chinese

    • linette lee

      I love being HK Chinese. If there is a next life I want to be Hk Chinese again. It’s exciting and fun. Don’t need to be rich. If my next life is not HK Chinese, then I want to be a farm girl in some very rural areas in a western country. Maybe Spain,Italy, or Ireland attending sheep or goat. No computer or subways. Just green fields and sheep. I don’t believe there is an after life though.


      • Cauffiel

        Haha… you got it all planned out, don’t you linette? :-D

        • linette lee

          You want to roll down on this greenfield? heheheeh..;)

          • Cauffiel

            With YOU!

      • mr.wiener

        Aaah the country, nothing to do but cattle tipping and underage carnal knowledge [statutory rape].
        Source: I’m a country boy.

        • linette lee

          You like being country boy. I picture you go fishing. haha.lol

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        …so your comment is pointless? Just kidding. :p
        If you misunderstood me saying “it’s sad to be Chinese” meaning everything about being Chinese is bad then there is a misunderstanding. I said “its sad to be Chinese” referring to the topic at hand and to elaborate i meant “oh it’s sad to be Chinese and have almost no holidays and when you do have holidays you’re stuck with thousands of people in touristic and often pointless commercialized places”. The simple fact that i received negative comments (not talking about yours) kinda points out that i hit a nerve.
        Now about your wish to become a sheep in a rural area, i strongly recommend Scotland…it’s the most beautiful countryside scenery I’ve ever seen…absolutely astonishing…and you can actually still live there without being a hermit away from civilization. After the “clearances” all the Scots where gathered in large cities which means in Scotland just an hour or two away from Glasgow you can find completely uninhabited areas for miles and miles.

    • chinese

      I am so glad I am not a 鬼佬.

      • Probotector

        No, you’re a Zhongguo guizi

        • chinese


      • 二奶头发

        Spoken like a true 中国佬.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        Apparently you mistook a compassionate comment for sarcasm. I’m done arguing with people like you….Like Roger murtaugh likes to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHhgllqSKro

  • narsfweasels

    The thing is…. after a 7-day working week, you NEED a three-day vacation just to feel normal again.

  • 用开水烫我!

    i am not much into travel.
    i can not sleep well in new bed also my belly will suffer if i eat outside in a new place.
    and i always wanna get back.
    i like to go to downtown see these commercial promotion activities. free gifts and models and live music,why not?also some blingbling things for girls in some shopping center,some import foods free taste,why not?some big discount at the end of seasons,why not?these pretty clothes in malls make me happy even not for my age already.
    i am just as most every ordinary girl.and,my girlish heart will never fade away.

    • Alphy

      Ahhh… lol ok.. Thanks for sharing?

      • 用开水烫我!

        hahaha,i go to C&A often,i like its young chink style.and very cheap with some young elements.and always big discount.

        • guest

          is anyone going to jump on the use of the word “chink”

    • Mike Hogsbigger

      Cool story brah

    • linette lee

      You are too cute. I get free hotel stay here in USA. Some folks use credit card to collect points and trade in for hotel stay. I already got like 5 nights free in Sheraton. So good. There is free stuff everywhere. You just need to find it.

      Credit cards always have promotion for free stuff.

      • 用开水烫我!

        you must use credit card too often and a lot of money.
        Sheraton is not cheap motel.i got some points for hotel too,not sure if i still keep the info.
        ha,i dislike to use credit cards that much.they wanted to give me higher credit i said no need.

        • linette lee

          No,,, I signed up for promotion and they gave me like 2 nights free. I use my credit card for everything like food, grocery..etc. not too hard collect point. Sheraton in some part in USA is not expensive.

          • maybeabanana

            They’ve got you pinpointed to the dot of who you are and your habits. Welcome to the list.

        • Germandude

          eattot refusing credit cards? That’s an honest +1 from me here. The smartest move you described so far. Probably also the only one but I am optimistic now.

    • Warlock

      i am just as most every ordinary girl…..except for getting guys to pay for your meals right?

      • 用开水烫我!

        i am too cute,girls pay for me too.thanks!

    • Jahar

      I hate you.

      • 用开水烫我!

        where is this hate from?
        you tell me?

        • mr.wiener

          It’s opposite week. He means he loves you.

        • Jahar

          this is why i have to plow through hordes of bumbling idiots on my way to work everyday, and I can’t go to shopping areas at all on holidays. You can’t find a better thing to do on a holiday than wander around a shopping mall?

          • Probotector

            Why do people upvote her?!

          • Riddler

            Now THAT sounds kinda kinky. Upvote her…..

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      Burn in the fires of Hell!

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        Just joking…but burn anyway

    • Middle_Kingdum

      Might as well enjoy yourself, why not? Good for you!

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  • Cauffiel

    It seems 30% are happy with it! Is the ruling class really that big??

  • shguy11

    why can’t the short holiday be moved to Friday or Monday.. creating a 3 day weekend… has this not been considered? or is it that important to keep the exact day on these short holidays? this would make moving weekends not necessary… just move the holiday to a Monday or Friday.. then it is fine right?

    As for the long holidays… I don’t think weekends need to be taken then either… it just makes no sense .. just make a the holiday longer and keep weekends intact… students especially do not need to go to school for 6-9 days as I have done in the past, as a teacher its hard.. but as a student I cannot imagine.

  • wafflestomp

    Title should say 100% of foreigners are unhappy with current legal holiday schedule.

    Am I right?

  • Stefan Xu

    It isn’t supposed to be a real holiday, just a rearrangement of weekends to create illusion that it is a holiday. Having real holidays would harm the economy.

    • Probotector

      Economy isn’t everything.

  • al

    That’s a lot of people on the Great Wall

    • 二奶头发

      It might fall over.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Can anyone spot the lone clueless Canadian family in the sea of people at the Forbidden City photo?

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      yeay! reminds me of that wheres willy book thing..but in real life

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        liar – –

  • Angie Mac

    Wow. Everyone’s so stressed. Sounds like you need a holiday.

  • Dumbledore

    Objectively speaking, the holiday system is a joke. Make 3 national holidays and allow one week of paid vacation for everyone, that can be taken at any time of the year. Personally, I absolutely hate the tiny one day holidays because the schools call the students in the weekend before or after (and sometimes both) to make up for the ‘lost’ time, which is incredibly unfair to the already overworked kids and for me often means losing a big chunk of my monthly income.

  • fscked

    Why are these people so damn lazy? I work 5-7 days a week depending on how busy I am during any one month and I get time off for christmas + a couple of bank holidays. So what? Chinese are never happy, always demanding more for free.

  • Sick of it

    More proof the Chinese are idiots.

  • tonkotsu

    that girl on the bottom right is hot as fuck

  • bert

    Chinese are controlled by momma and papa state. What’s new? ALL “holidays” are decided by the government, not by its culture. Such a disposable history.