Chinese Video Websites Halt Buying of Japanese Anime

Japanese manga/anime covers, in a Sina Weibo post reporting that Chinese video site licensing of Japanese anime has come to a halt following recent Chinese government policy.

Japanese manga/anime covers, in a Sina Weibo post reporting that Chinese video site licensing of Japanese anime has come to a halt following recent Chinese government policy.

From Sina Weibo:

@财经网: Youku, iQiyi and Other Video Websites Halt Buying Foreign TV Shows — Presently, the purchase of all TV shows from abroad, including those from the U.S., U.K., Korea, Japan, and Thailand, have virtually come to a halt. Affected even more than American and British shows are Japanese anime. Currently, 80% of the summer anime lineup to begin broadcasting in July have yet to sell licensing/broadcasting rights, and the fall anime lineup beginning in October has garnered even less interest.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Fuck. Another Cultural Revolution?


Banning or not banning actually makes little difference to real fans. If you ban [broadcasting on] a few video websites, as always, people can still find other ways to watch. The real pity is that these web portals went through a lot of difficulty to build awareness of copyrights [licensing rights, intellectual property rights] among internet users, and suddenly with a single ban from the government, we are put back to square one.


One of the reasons China can’t become recognized by the world as a mature country is because of the instability of policy. Prior to the event, there is no weathervane, and after there is no explanation. In politics, what the government says, goes. Regardless of whether it is changes to economic, cultural, or political policy, the moment someone says something should be changed, it is changed, and legal institutions are just a fig leaf. 69 years ago it was like this, and today it’s the same. This situation truly makes those who work and live in this country unable to feel a sense of security.


“It doesn’t matter what base, low-class methods you use to hang and kill culture, I still won’t watch domestic trash! What I need is cultural food with spirit, with value, with attitude, with thought, and with culture, and I reject nauseating shit filled with lies, hypocrisy, brainwashing, shamelessness, and the lack of basic standards.


The Cultural Revolution has begun…


We have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. We put up with censorship and deleting internet posts and we’ve stopped caring about not being allowed to use Facebook and Twitter. But blocking foreign TV from us? I want to ask you, on what basis? It’s no longer the the late-Qing dynasty period where the country is sealing itself off. Establishing dignity doesn’t come from reducing our worldview. I give you ten thousand dislikes.


It’s a good thing I’ve already gotten to a point where I’m too busy to watch Japanese, American, and British TV and no longer follow anime now. If we used this amount of effort to crack down on the food safety issue, I believe in the future the number of cancer patients would be cut in half.


Great. Now we can keep our minds focused on watching Japanese devils getting ripped apart barehanded, Japanese devils being shot by curving bows, and Japanese devils being fried, steamed, and cooked.


Emulate North Korea, long live the Cultural Revolution!


From now on, we’ll only be able to watch Xinwen Lianbo and Mabel Yuan.


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