Chinese Parents with Cerebral Palsy Twin Boys

Chinese parents of twin boys with cerebral palsy.


From NetEase:

The Persevering Mom of Cerebral Palsy Twins

Living in a rental no larger than 20 square meters, working until 12 midnight every day, with twins at home suffering from cerebral palsy… this is the life of Qin Ke and her family, but she can always find reasons for her to positively face [this life]. Qin He is from Xi’an, and her husband Fe Mingfa is from Jishou of Hunan province. On the first day of the new lunar year in 2010, twins Fu Xiang and Fu Rong were born in Xi’an. 2011 March, she received the diagnosis that her two children have cerebral palsy. For her, the hundreds of thousands needed to treat [manage] cerebral palsy is an astronomical sum. It wasn’t until her twins were one year and seven months old that Qin Ke learned that if her children continue untreated, their chances of rehabilitation will be even lower. It was only then that she took her children in to gradually begin treatment and therapy. From this year on, Hunan province has increased aid for children with cerebral palsy, with the standard of financial assistance for each person being 15,600 yuan, with plans to provide 180 million yuan in total, from 2013 to 2016, to help provide free emergency treatment and therapy for 9000 children with cerebral palsy in Hunan. Photographer: Tang Jun.

[Above] The happiest time for the family is sitting together watching TV.


Qin Ke’s job is a housekeeping staff at a hotel, with an income of around 2000 yuan [per month]. When she first started, it took her perhaps 50 minutes to an hour to clean a room. Now that she is experienced, she can basically do it in 20 minutes. However, lately, as a result of long-term bed-making and tidying movements, she has developed muscle strains in her arms.


Early morning March 29th, Qin Ke uses her hand to massage her head after a busy day at the hotel.


Early morning March 30th, in an alley next to Labor Square, Qin Ke is on her way home after just getting off work at the hotel. The green low building in front is her home.


April 1st, this is the first party [group gathering] organized by the hotel that Qin Ke has participated in since Fu Xiang and Fu Rong were born.


Dad Fu Mingfa stays at home full-time taking care of the two children. Across the street is a rehabilitation center [physical therapy?], where he has to take the brothers one by one to.


Fu Xiang, who very rarely goes outside, is in his dad’s arms. He’s very curious about the outside world. Even a passing vehicle can make him excited/happy.


This is the second time in half a year that they have come to the rehabilitation hospital. Dad Fu Mingfa expertly puts younger brother Fu Rong into the standing board, tying both legs with the elastic straps.


A nurse takes out a mobile phone to play music for Fu Rong to hear. Just as the music starts, Fu Rong happily says: “xi shua shua, xi shua shua [lyrics to a song]”. It turns out that at home, Fu Mingfa also likes to use his mobile phone to play music for him, and among [the songs] is “Xi Shua Shua“.


“Swing, swing…” little Fu Rong repeatedly says, and even the face of the normally quiet Fu Xiang lights up in a smile. The rehabilitation hospital’s nurse says that in the past, whenever the two brothers do their physical therapy, they would cry loudly, but as long as you said to them that they can go on the swing after therapy, they would obediently undergo the treatment/therapy.


The nurse at the rehabilitation hospital with the now 4-year-old twins undergoing physical therapy.


Because of muscle atrophy, the two brothers very rarely sit in an upright position. Only when the two brothers have slowly sat down does Qin Ke and Fu Mingfa let go. Without the feeling of protection from their dad and mom’s hands, the two brothers suddenly begin wailing.


While little Fu Rong is still sobbing, older brother Fu Xiang has already been taken by mom to a corrective cushion where he is forcibly stretched. Qin Ke all along remembers what the doctor said: you have to be willing [to let your children suffer discomfort] during physical therapy, because when parents aren’t willing [to see their kids in discomfort], then the recovery/therapy progress for the children will be slow.


After a day of activity/torment, [the twins] are finally defeated by fatigue and slowly enter dreamland, while dad Fu Mingfa watches TV nearby.

Comments from NetEase:

网易美国网友 ip:8.35.*.*:

A strong mother, who doesn’t complain, using her own labor to support this family.
If there are any American running dogs or Japanese bastards who see this piece of news, first curse/criticize the government then talk [about the Chinese people in general].

网易广西南宁市西乡塘区网友 ip:124.227.*.*:

Never underestimate the degree of corruption with government officials. Never underestimate the degree of ignorance among the people. Never underestimate the degree of moral degeneracy of scholars! There are too many “Four Dog Cadres” these days: like pugs with superiors, like wolf dogs with subordinates, like rabid dogs with their interests, like male dogs with females!

80后水电工程管理 [网易安徽省合肥市网友]:

Those who are discovered with this disease when born, I recommend that they be euthanized… I know a lot of people will flame me for this~~~~~~~
But let’s think realistically here. This kind of child cannot be cured. If [the condition] is minor, we can still accept/deal with that… but think, it isn’t that the parents don’t love them. The parents are willing to take care of them, but severe cerebral palsy means no ability to live independently, so when th parents die, who will come to take care of these children with cerebral palsy? Do you think society will be able to?? It’s simply impossible…
What more, families with children like this basically are burdened and held down by such children for their entire lives… who need someone to take care of them 24 hours a day…
The above is specific to rabble households [instead of rich households]~~~~~~

疯清云淡 [网易广东省揭阳市网友]:

All those public welfare organs/departments, what are they all doing?

tango6188 [网易柬埔寨网友]:

Editor, the child is still small, can you add a mosaic [to censor their faces]?


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