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  • A Chinese female football fan attacks a referee at the Liaoning Normal University stadium in Dalian, China.


    Angry Woman Charges Football Pitch, Chases & Attacks Referee

    From KDS, NetEase, & Mop: Dongbei [Northeastern] women are simply awesome! Chases and attacks man around the stadium! 2010 July 31, B League, Dalian Yiteng took the field at Liaoning Normal University Stadium against the cross-town rival Dalian Aerbin team, with the ultimate score being 2-0 for Dalian Yiteng against Dalian Aerbin. During the match, […]

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    Photographer Captures Death Of Dalian Oil Spill Firefighter

    From NetEase: A photographer captures the death of a firefighter in the Dalian oil cleanup over 334 seconds and 47 photos Out of curiosity, Zhejiang province freelance photographer Jiang He (pseudonym) happened to capture in his sights Dalian firefighter Zhang Liang in the ocean participating in the [oil] cleanup. Jiang He says, “[I] didn’t imagine […]