Woman Discards Her Food On Shanghai Metro

Woman Discards Her Food On Shanghai Metro
A video from the Shanghai metro that has been uploaded to the internet has given rise to a lot of discussion. In the video a female passenger is eating chicken feet with the remains of the bones scattered about her feet in the carriage. After being met with criticism and being filmed by the surrounding passengers, she entered verbal conflict with them, took out her cell phone and began filming them in return. A reporter has contacted her, and she has admitted that she in an online violin teacher, but she claims she “didn’t litter, wasn’t obstructing anybody, and was in no way affecting the public environment.” One netizen replied: “In other countries, this kind of behavior will be punished with a week of community service, street sweeping, or not letting her ride the subway for a while. This is how you govern people who don’t want to obey the rules.”

Source: Netease

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