KFC Refused To Honor Coupon, Chinese Customers Angry

A KFC in China.

KFC China coupons.

Yesterday, many Chinese customers in Shanghai shared their anger against Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) online, posting one comment after another denouncing KFC on popular BBS discussion forums such as Shanghai’s KDS and Liba communities.

A coupon that was available online (one example) offered KFC’s normal 64 RMB Family Bucket meal for half price (32 RMB). The coupon was valid throughout the country and only on Tuesday yesterday. Many Shanghai residents printed this coupon and brought it to their local KFC where they were eventually rejected.

KFC staff in different stories offered different excuses and handled upset customers differently. This led to small protests in many KFC restaurants by customers who felt they were cheated and being lied to. Some customers refused to leave, demanding explanations and that KFC honor their promotion. Many used their mobile phones to communicate with other people online, to check if others were able to get the deal at other KFC restaurants. When some people reported that they got the deal, this only made everyone else more angry.

In the end, some restaurants honored the deal, some restaurants refused customers entirely, and other restaurants compromised by offering a substitute deal.

A statement was eventually posted by KFC on the coupon website, and many KFC stores then posted this statement in their stores while crowds continued waiting for a resolution:

Promotion Name: Statement regarding the online coupons.
Promotion Period: Long-term.
Promotion Area: Entire country.
Promotion Information:
Dear netizens:

Following KFC releasing the first round of promotion, it received a warm response from many netizens, but fake electronic coupons for the last two rounds [of the promotion] have already appeared on specific websites. Because of this, KFC has temporarily decided to stop the second and third round of promotions. All coupons relating to the second and third round of promotions currently in the market are all fake coupons, and KFC restaurants will not accept any of them. Any inconvenience this has brought to you, we ask for your understanding. With regards the follow-up promotion, we will post a notice on the KFC deal website later.

KFC China
2010 April 6

For most people, the important point was not the savings but the principle of KFC not honoring their own promotion and handling customers in a dishonest and inconsistent way. Some customers waited and argued with KFC representatives for many hours before finally leaving empty-handed. Media and police were involved in some restaurants, but many Chinese openly suspected the reports and complaints will be harmonized.

Some customers complained that KFC has done this before, and that McDonald’s by comparison is much more honest with honoring their promotions.

Some videos from Nanjing (this did not only happen in Shanghai):

Some photos of a crowd of upset customers at the Hongqiao Road KFC in Shanghai, from NetEase:

Crowd of upset Chinese customers at a KFC in Shanghai, China.

An upset customer shows the journalist the coupon KFC refuses to honor.

Chinese customers angered when KFC refuses to honor a promotional coupon.

More angry customers waiting in KFC.

UPDATE @ 19:00:

There are reports that there was violence at some KFCs around the country. KFC release a statement to the media stated that some stores accepting the coupons was their mistake. Many are saying that the 50% off coupon was not supposed to be released until 4pm but was released too early so KFC cancel the promotion at the last minute. This explains why some restaurants told customers that the coupon can only be used after 4pm when some people try to use it during lunch time.

Also, the name of the promotion is “秒杀” which is like “last minute” or “fight for something limited” (does anyone have a better translation?). Others say the promotion website originally say there was a limited amount and people must try to get the coupon at a certain time (after 4pm?). However, KFC make the mistake of allowing copies of the coupon to be used. This mean that the people who get the coupon even through the original promotion plan, they can still allow other people to use the coupon by giving them copies, so it can be much less “limited” than maybe KFC anticipated.

As many netizens reported, the chicken nugget coupon that the half price family bucket coupon was released with was accepted by restaurants yesterday. KFC says that is the “first round” coupon but the other coupons are second and third round coupons that are “fake”. But customers do not believe KFC that they are “fake”, only that KFC is saying this after they unexpectedly cancel the promotion, maybe because the coupon was leaked too early.

UPDATE @ 23:00:

From China Daily:

One of the irked consumers was Chen Tingting, an office worker in Nanjing.

“For four days from Tuesday, KFC says it will provide a limited number of 50-percent-discount e-coupons for some of its major products. Let’s download the coupons as quickly as possible,” Chen had told her office colleagues.

Information about the promotion was on KFC’s “Super Tuesday” service on Taobao.com, China’s largest e-commerce website.

The promotion, dubbed a “one-second act,” was set for 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday and involved 100 e-coupons for each “act.”

Chen Tingting said she read the instructions for the coupons carefully and printed them.

According to the instructions, the e-coupon could be used after it is printed; copies of coupons are also valid; and the coupons can be used from April 6 to 9.

But KFC rejected the coupons Chen printed and copied, even as her schoolmate, Ma Yun, received the discount.

After KFC rejected several customers, crowds besieged KFC restaurants, and KFC staff were forced to call police to help disperse the crowds at restaurants in Beijing, Nanjing and Nanchang, capital city of eastern China’s Jiangxi Province, among others cities.

According to a investigation by KFC, some third-party websites offered downloads of the e-coupons in the second and third “acts.” KFC had not authorized these websites to offer the coupons, and KFC decided to reject all coupons from the two “acts,” the company said.

A copy of the 32 kuai Family Bucket meal coupon posted on a cash register at a KFC in China.

From Liba:

Just came back from the Jufeng Road KFC…

Will post a photos soon. If by three days later I am not satisfied [with KFC’s response], I will post MV .

Comments from Liba:


[Waited/argued from] 6:30 until 10:30, four hours, so exhausting.


KFC must apologize to all Shanghai residents! And at the minimum compensate every household with one Expo Family Bucket!


This time, KFC did not handle things properly~

巨峰路肯德基金 [the original poster]:

Here is the receipt of a customer who was able to purchase [with this coupon] this afternoon, and purchased two [buckets].

Shanghai KFC "fa piao" (receipt).


110 [the police] must’ve been busy today, having to visit almost every store at least once.


McDonald’s is laughing.


I salute the LZ, because only through brother’s [your] efforts are we able to get more fair treatment.


It is not about 32 kuai, it is about a business not having credibility. If [KFC] could not take responsibility [for their promotion] then it should not have recklessly offered [the promotion], or are they treating Shanghai people as idiots!


I don’t expect everyone to all boycott KFC, as Chinese people are always impossible to unite, but this incident will definitely drive away a lot of customers~~


Even though it is a small matter, it will become big. In China, businesses can change the rules of the game at will, and the consumers are the weaker/disadvantaged party.

I support everyone, they must offer an explanation, because if everyone stays silent this time, next time the victim might be yourself.

From KDS:

KFC unilaterally canceled [the coupons]. The store I had gone to had become a big scene, all ready to summon 110 [the police].
[This was] the Caojiadu Fanghui Plaza store.
BS KFC. emoticon
BS KFC. emoticon

Comments from KDS:


A coworker just bought one~

But the coworkers that went later were rejected~

My company’s coworkers all called to lodge complaints~

Everyone work together and lodge complaints~~Haha~



Already called, either way it is a bunch of excuses [from KFC].

This time KFC messed up, once again giving McDonald’s an opportunity.


Since copies are valid, why are they talking about fake coupons and not fake coupons…?


Just like everyone says, if [KFC] can’t honor it, then don’t offer it!

Dear灬 婷:

KFC this time is truly behaving foolishly.


Since it was already publicly announced, then it should be honored/fulfilled. Even if there are a lot of losses, can KFC being so large not afford to lose this little amount? Even if you sell at a loss, you will earn a lot of respect/credibility from the people. But behaving like this now you will be despised.

Moreover, how much can you possibly lose, there weren’t that many distributed.

美心美 肺:

No big deal [for KFC], and I’m not just spewing nonsense!
Tomorrow, they will still have crowds of people going to their stores to eat their junk food!
This is our Chinese people’s integrity!


This junk food, has harmed so many Chinese children.


KFC’s website is down, unable to get on, haha, this time they’ve met big misfortune!

茎候 佳阴:

Harmonious country, including myself, are all losers. Them [KFC] mistreating/bullying customers, if they want to play you, they will…who made us so easy to mistreat/bully?

If everyone had the guts, then never go to KFC ever again, hehe…

I never go, and now I despise them even more…if you want to eat a burger, then go buy one to eat at Burger King or Subway…


They’ve ruined their brand! Even if [the bucket] is half price, so what! What’s wrong with [honoring it in exchange for] making a good impression [on customers]! It’s even better than making an advertisement! There’s something wrong with their brains!


Force out KFC, no integrity!!! Causing my wife to have gone there for no reason!!!


[It’s a] credibility problem…Had you initially included limitations when printing [the coupon], then wouldn’t this entire incident have been avoided? Why print on the coupon that it can be printed and copied…to play games with consumers?


Maybe this coupon is something KFC intentionally leaked out. Simply to create hype/publicity.


Rationally looking at the problem, KFC probably made a mistake.

What more, as a company, it should shoulder [its mistake], as profit is a small thing but perception/image is a big thing.


It is because I saw that copies are valid that I thought there wouldn’t be a problem and so went to go buy after getting off work, resulting in me spending two hours round-trip. I was really angry. [They] said they canceled it 20 minutes before [I got there]. KFC’s decision-makers must have shit for brains. I’m not going to eat at KFC anymore. At most, I’ll just use their restroom, wash my hands.

Update: Add some videos.

2010 April 8 Update: Kai shares his Tuesday KFC experience on china/divide.

2010 April 12 Update: KFC has apologized. A copy of the Chinese KFC apology on Liba (originally from the KFC China website). An English news report about the apology from People’s Daily:

U.S. fast food giant KFC sent an open letter to Chinese consumers on April 12 apologizing for claims the company made that customers’ coupons were “fake.”

KFC saw widespread criticism in China this past week after abruptly canceling an Internet promotion, which resulted in massive protests at some stores.

In the letter published yesterday, KFC said it did not anticipate the large number of invalid e-coupons, which appeared before the start of the promotional activity. The company admitted after the provisional cancellation of activities that it did not respond properly and in some restaurants there was differential treatment.

Kai actually did a good job guessing and explaining what had happened in English, even before KFC acknowledged it. I am impressed. A key point is KFC saying the coupons were “fake” but they were not.

Half-price chicken. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • dontDoIt

    a little scary that they organize so fiercely over chicken coupons but never for the right to read any kind of book they want to or listen to any kind of music they want to. but afterall…Colonel Sanders put a secret ingredient in the recipe and now he has the chinese hooked into his madness… whooohahahaha!!

    • Rick in China

      I agree, it’s *ridiculous*, talk about fucked up priorities.

      • http://www.chinasmack.com Fauna

        Don’t be stupid.

        • TheOrz

          Yes, Rick don’t be stupid. People won’t be murdered, tortured and imprisoned for protesting KFC. Protesting government policy however is another thing…

          • Butler

            dude. orz were my favorite aliens in Star con2. I loved those marines

          • http://chinadivide.com Kai

            LoL, HAPPY CAMPERS!

        • Rick in China

          “Don’t be stupid.” — sorry, Fauna, what was stupid exactly? acknowledging that people are furious over something as simplistic as KFC internet coupons, but not over civil/human rights?

          Maybe you can articulate yourself a little better, and I’ll know where you’re coming from.

          • http://www.chinasmack.com Fauna

            How are your “priorities”? Are you not also *ridiculous* in life?

          • Rick in China

            My priorities don’t include wasting several hours (4 hours?) flipping out over fake coupons for junk food being refused.

            I’m not sure why you’re so hostile over this story, were you one of the people who waited in line?

          • http://www.chinasmack.com Fauna

            Do you really think you are different from these people? You do not have “fucked up priorities”?

          • http://imgur.com/gGpso.png PUSAN PLAYA

            LOL I get the feeling that Fauna was personally effected by this incident. Don’t worry my impoverished Chinese darling, just tell me your Paypal address and I’ll send you some money to buy chicken.

          • G

            if you are brave enough to stand beside us(not even in front of ),
            showing how angry you are about the civil problem and go to jail ,maybe even disappear like a chinese might get from such action….
            no ,you won’t, you are a dastard only shout when you are in a safe place …

          • abcb

            Hahah, your priority is to reply to posts on a internet forum, how is that any less ridiculous than waiting for chicken?

          • http://www.chinageeks.org ChinaGeeks

            I sort of agree. KFC should have honored the coupons, but why would you stay for four hours just to get a 32 RMB bucket of chicken. We all know there are many places in China to get better, fresher chicken for cheaper than this. People go to KFC because it is fast and convenient. So if you have to wait hours or argue, what reason is there to stay? Isn’t four hours of your time more valuable than a 32 RMB bucket of chicken?

            If I lived in Shanghai, I might have waited around too. I like to get all righteous and angry about stuff (who doesn’t)? But I would feel sort of dumb about it afterwards….

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_of_nanjing That Chinese Kid

            Pusan you can suck it. Give me your address so I can shove my foot up your stinking Korean asshole. Then when I widen that Korean cum dumpster, I’ll shove some paper bills for you to buy K-Drama to jerk off to.

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_of_nanjing That Chinese Kid

            should rename “Rick in China” to “Prick in China.”

        • http://lossofmind.com/ lossofmind

          FUCK KFC!! I’m with you Fauna. We need to burn that motherfucker DOWN! Let the revolution begin.

        • Glorious China

          You talk about “fucked up priorities” but you do worse. You kill people from bargain. Look!


          You see! They more “fucked up”.

          • ImmortalTechnique

            nom nom nom nom! I wants mah chicken! I wants it now!
            Seriously though, that’s some sorry ass shit.
            Everybody knows Burger King is where its at.

          • Zhegezhege

            I can’t believe how ridiculous that conversation thread is. It really checks all boxes of online lunacy; angry misunderstandings, internet tough guys, racist shit, samefags and an original post including people hanging around in a KFC for hours arguing about coupons. Hahahaha, unbelievable!

            What springs to mind for me is what would the poor staff have been thinking? “I make 8RMB an hour, I’ve not been told about these tickets and I can’t give you stuff for free just because you have a piece of paper! If it’s not real, I’ll lose my job for sure! Please understand that. Please, you’ve been here for three hours now, please, don’t you have anything better do? Please, please just fuck the fuck off!”

          • Glorious China

            No you ridiculous. You point and blame but do not look at your society. I already show you silly Wal-mart story. So just happen not in China.

            Also I know Cola vs Pepsi war in 80s. Stupid people crying over Cola changing original formula. Now that is stupid!

            I laugh very hard. So so hard when I saw woman with glasses she angry and crying over Cola in old video.

          • Jim Mao
          • Zhegezhege

            GloriousChina, you crack me up man.


      • Gaaad!!!

        Wicky-dick Rick cannae get a kick,
        However hard he sucks a mick,
        Must perforce lick his own wick,
        Less his mama mourns the bucket-kicking of another Dick.

        • guest

          you sure are an idiot…go back into which ever cave you crawled out of.

          • Gaaad!!!

            Awwww! Now I’ve gone and hurt “Somebody”‘s tender and fragile feelings…

    • Gaaad!!!

      What, never seen a Thanksgiving holiday sale scrum at Walmart back in da good ol’US of A?

  • 红葡萄酒

    methinks the girl in the orange jumper has already had her share of chicken…..

    • andeli

      It’s a fake Paul Frank and yes she would survive not getting the bucket for half price. Still the sad thing is that there are no institutions (but plenty of laws) to protect customers rights. If it happend to me in my country I would play every card learned in law class and I would 100% get the compensation as this is a clear cut violation of consumers rights. In China nobody in the system cares about consumer rights too bad laobaixing lose all the time…. I would freek out at KFC too if it was me.

      • Johnny Damon

        Some web sites had fake KFC coupons, people printed them and tried to use them at KFC.

        In the name of customer relations, some KFC locations accepted them.

        Which card in law class would require KFC give out 100% compensation? Seem to me that KFC is a victim as well as the people who fell for the fake coupons.

        • andeli

          If you as a company make a campaign like that and you make the coupon so that it is difficult for the consumer to distinguish between the real and the fake coupon (no special marks, watermarks, personal marks etc..), then the consumer acted in good faith and should be compensated by your company. You can then gather evidence against the websites who made the fake coupon and ask them for compensation (or file a criminal case) but you as a company is obligated to compensate the consumer especially if the coupons you made where so poor that a fake is that easy to make. That how it would play in some parts of Europe and maybe in the US, but not in China. In China big companies always wins and the laobaixing loses.

          • Johnny Damon

            I don’t think it’s possible to do so. Sure, it can be done in a way that the stores and businesses can tell it’s fake, but how are you suppose to authenticate it with the consumers? Using your example of no special marks, watermarks, personal marks etc.., how as a consumer know that it is the special mark or personal mark of the store? and what is to prevent the fake coupon people from copying such marks on their web site?

            I think in the U.S. or Europe, the law does not force the businesses to compensate (poor promotion/coupon quality is not a crime), but rather the businesses choose to actually honor such coupons to please the consumer.

          • http://chinadivide.com Kai

            Johnny Damon,

            Actually, I believe not honoring advertised promotions in the US can be subject to class action lawsuits, maybe on false advertising grounds? It just boils down to whether people bother. As you can see from a website like http://www.consumerist.com, plenty of people complain about these things. There are things the customers can do legally, but most people involved in this incident, according to what I see online, are content to forget about it after their anger dies down or boycott KFC until that happens.

        • andeli

          Still in this case I would argue that the coupon is so poorly made and KFC gave the coupon to a third party to distribute that the consumer has a case (or would have one in Europe or the US). “Poor promotion/coupon quality is not a crime” no but it could be see as a promise to the consumer that the consumer can hold you to. Still the CCP should work on its consumer rights institutions it will Chinese products even better

          • http://chinadivide.com Kai

            andeli, you’re right, the coupon is a key element of the controversy over this incident and where KFC is at least partially culpable.

      • Jim Mao

        Not really important, but i believe it’s a fake Baby Milo/Bathing Ape top.

  • 水溶C100

    That must be some fucking tasty chicken!!!

  • Singer Wang

    Fat KFC Kids

    Damnit, I guess I can’t post pictured! Click link FAT BOYS!

  • Singer Wang

    Hey how do you get your own logo here? Fauna?

    • http://www.lovelovechina.com Crystal

      You should use the globally recognized avatar – GRAVATAR. If not sure how to do it – read the FAQ section in my blog ;-)

  • Singer Wang

    The girl in the ‘Red/Orange’ jacket in the second photo. She’s somewhat roundish, has she been eating too much KFC?

    • Hei_Bai

      Shut the fuck up

      • Singer Wang

        Why don’t you stick your head where no it doesn’t shine?

  • Fuyutski

    It’s interesting how they can’t comprehend that the coupons were actually fake, as in individuals used the template of the first round of coupons to make additional ones using Photoshop.

    I think the fact that none of these vouchers were posted on the official KFC China website is proof. The problem is, because these were fake, none of the KFC Restaurants knew anything about them, which is why there was inconsistancy, as the managers/staff were left to their own devices on how to handle the fake coupons.

    I think the rage against KFC is really over the top, and I find it intriguing how regardless of the fact they didn’t research the vouchers they wanted to use, all the blame is on KFC.

    • the peasant

      i agree all the way. sometimes its easy to tell people that its not because of the money but bec of the principle.

      but in a place like cihna is it still hard to comprehend that things like this can be easily be faked?

      on the other hand the article did say that some of the stores din accept the coupons out of pressure –this made the whole situation more complicated….

      • Alex

        Because some of the coupons were real and some were fake?

        Read, comprehend, post?

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_of_nanjing That Chinese Kid

          *ding* on your post. Post of the year.

        • http://chinadivide.com Kai

          Actually, all of the coupons were “real” as in “valid” as per the terms stated on the coupon. The only reason they became “fake” or “invalid” is because KFC shut the promotion down at the last minute when they realized the promotion wasn’t going according to plan. This might not make immediate sense until you get more information about the actual overall promotion, which I detail in part here.

    • Alikese

      Oh my god, guys, I’m so excited. I just got a coupon from chinaSMACK:


      This all seems pretty legit to me, so from this point on you must all bow down to me when I enter the message board.

  • Dban

    Actually, KFC had this same problem in the States last years ago. They refused to honor a free meal coupon. I remember this was some sort of Oprah promo, course I did not participate that day; But I remember my coworkers coming back disgruntled.

    Needless to say. American’s were equally as angry.


    • huh

      yup this happened in the states too. then afterwards a bunch of restaurants started doing similar things. like el pollo loco did a free 1 piece, taco bell had the black jack giveaway…fun times

      • Somethin Somethin

        After five years of customer service I can tell you, the customer is always stupid, unreasonable, and will bite your leg off for 50 cents because thats what it says on his coupon. Chinese people are just simply more awnry as they’ve proven here. My landlord almost got in a fist fight last week over 50 kuai on 3000 kuai TV that he already got 1000 kuai off on. People will take what they can get wherever they can get it.

      • bb

        Taco Bell is owned by the same company as KFC. YUM restaurants. doubtful it was in response to said event.

  • 123meeeee

    chinese faking stuff.

    no news here.

    • Gaaad!!!

      Wiki the term “Snake oil salesman”. – A real eye-opener.

  • Someone

    This is ridiculous. Shanghainese people get so upset over nothing.

    • http://chinadivide.com Kai

      You didn’t hear the news? This happened all over the country. In some places, such as the north, things got even more wild. Shanghainese people do, in general, live up to their reputation as not being very prone to violence. They just squabble on and on. A blessing and a curse.

  • LOLZ

    Jesus, this is a blessing in disguise.

  • xiaou2

    The stuff tastes good.. but its Very bad for you.

    A single breast has about 15 grams of fat,& 3.5g saturated fat. Most people will eat 3 pieces… so that over 45g fat. Over 10 saturated. Not good at all.

    Its sad to see the Chinese being invaded by this garbage
    food. Soon enough, there will be massive obesity if the
    trend keeps up.

    I might eat KFC twice a year, and McDonalds about the
    same. Fast food = Fast path to the grave.

    • LOLZ

      Check out the new KFC doubldown, the new chicken sandwich here the buns are even made up of fried chicken and in the middle of the sandwich are two pieces of bacon and cheese .


      YUM, only 540 calories :) I would run 10 miles just to eat one of these.

  • Prejudice

    Whenever there is conflict between East and West, it is always fault of east no matther what. Otherwise, how can one type of people own slave without shame? You will never get humble attitude from West.

  • Prejudice

    KFC screw up. But these scums still find blame on Chinese customers. If thing is reversed, poison toy from Chinese company, would you expect these scums blame American customers? Always double standards.

    • Fuyutski

      Ummm… They were fake vouchers, I hate to tell you but no KFC did not screw up, the only people who got screwed were the individuals who believed the vouchers were real.

      And no, China is not the only country in the world to have this happen to them.

      For example: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/nothing/whataburger.asp

      • LOLZ

        Well, KFC screwed up here because some KFCs did allow for the fake coupons. What happened was that some people said they were able to use the coupons and told others that they should be able to do so as well. While it was upsetting that the coupons could not used because they were fake, it was alot more upsetting that some other people were able to use the coupons.

        KFC should have done a better job to explain to each branch the process regarding now they could approach coupons, and even more importantly enforce discipline when at the right times.

  • whichone

    I can understand people are pissed, but one dude said he waited 4 hours?! Besides, if the coupons were fake, KFC certainly had no obligation to honor them. All in all, a lot of overreaction by people who should be eating healthier stuff anyway. In any case I suspect the disproportionate anger and indignation over such a minor incident points to some other underlying cause, but then again maybe I’m just whistling dixie out of my ass…

    • http://www.chinasmack.com Fauna

      Many people wait a long time because they were not sure what happen and what they should do. They only feel they may be cheated. Remember that many people were treated differently so other people cannot be sure if the reasons KFC give them were true or false. Because of this confusion (everyone communicate their different experience online), I think it is understandable that many people feel KFC may be lying to them, unwilling to honor a promotion they realize was too much.

      The only clue the coupon is fake maybe is the different validity date and “Tuesday” limitation.

      • whichone

        KFC certainly could have handled the situation better from a public relations point of view, also understandable is the perception KFC might have changed its mind on a promotion – wasting the time and energy of many consumers, however what I find strange, bizarre even, is how the anger persists after people returned home, read the statement from KFC, and posted their comments online.

        It seems clear now that some of the coupons (round 2 round 3?)were indeed fake, and individual franchisees were caught off guard and did not react uniformly to these new coupons, KFC did not intend to trick anyone here.

        At the risk of overgeneralizing a single event, I think the continued backlash on the internet just reflects a frustration with the lack of consumer protection laws. We’ve all seen on chinaSMACK the news about slop oil, unhealthy food etc, but individual largely have no target or recourse in those matters. People say customer is the king, but more often than not consumers are powerless against mega corporations. KFC here represented a Goliath that consumers can easily identify and display their dissatisfaction, the refusal to honor coupons is essentially the proverbial straw that finally unleashed the fury of the people. Or maybe I’m reaching here.

        It actually will be quite impressive if the people who say they will boycott KFC follow through and force some kind of mea culpa from the chicken chain, but I don’t think it will happen.

        • dilladonuts

          Dude, the irony.

          Come on, guys, you’re criticizing these people’s priorities in life or how empty their lives are when you’re spending your time looking for entertainment on chinaSMACK, bitching about other people’s empty lives and fucked up priorities. On chinaSMACK.

          That’s a self-indictment, hell, a fucking own-goal if I ever saw one.

          Kai… thats a pretty far fetched comparison, sure if you want to lump your view into one big pot, of course something like this could be seen as similar, but come on…… standing there for 15 20 minutes watching an argument that doesn’t involve you is a pretty big difference between making a comment on chinasmack. I could probably go on further with stupid claims and statistics and a bunch of dumb shit like that, but i myself and you probably can care less, right. If you live in China, and you honestly don’t think that there are a huge amount of people who roam around with empty lives and mismanaged priorities u don’t have any local friends who talk all day about how lonely their lives are and how fucked up they have to have their priorities in order to be accepted by their peers. Let along, their are tv shows in China that is based on situations just like this. But thats another topic in itself. peace dude

          • http://chinadivide.com Kai

            dilladonuts, no, its not a far-fetched comparison. The point is that much of what we do every day, our idiosyncrasies, there’s a lot that can be reduced or interpreted as being somewhat silly. There’s always a way to say “well, there are more important things in life” and it would be, on another level, entirely true. But on another level, it’s just being hypocritical.

            For example, A lot of foreigners like to make a big deal about Chinese people rubbernecking, but that’s exactly what it is, “rubbernecking”. That isn’t a foreign concept to any of us, is it? What lends to it being more prominent in some ways here in the foreigner’s mind is that it happens in different situations and contexts that are far rarer from where foreigner is from. That’s all. Yes, people gather around to see what’s going on, because they find it interesting on some level, but who hasn’t seen crowds gather whenever something out of the ordinary happens? There are contributing factors as well, such as simple population density. It’s disturbing how quickly some people jump to ascribing certain phenomenon on race and ethnicity instead of looking at objective factors.

            And when it comes to “looking for entertainment” from arguments, fights, tragedy, scandal, tons of visitors to chinaSMACK come here for exactly that. How is it different? Because we’re gawking at photos on a computer screen instead of something that’s happening right in front of us?

            Shouldn’t we have better priorities than this? Like volunteering to teach impoverished rural schoolchildren?

            So no, this isn’t about Chinese people’s “priorities” or ANYONE’s priorities. No one operates on a very strict linear hierarchy of priorities. We’re all able to hold two thoughts in our head at the same time. Trying to pin one silly thing to race or ethnicity is just idiotic and then insulting, period.

            In the KFC incident, plenty of Chinese people said “fuck it” and just left. That so many still remained is less a testament to how “Chinese people” behave as it is about how “big” this entire incident was. If people stopped for a moment before employing their knee-jerk prejudices, wouldn’t they agree? But isn’t it easier to say “haha, stupid chinks”? And that’s what happens, too often, especially on chinaSMACK.

            If you live in China, and you honestly don’t think that there are a huge amount of people who roam around with empty lives and mismanaged priorities u don’t have any local friends who talk all day about how lonely their lives are and how fucked up they have to have their priorities in order to be accepted by their peers. Let along, their are tv shows in China that is based on situations just like this. But thats another topic in itself. peace dude

            Your mistake is in thinking this is unique to China. It isn’t. Would you really go out on a limb and argue that many people elsewhere, hell, EVERYWHERE, can be argued to have empty lives and mismanaged priorities? Why do more Americans care more about the latest post on Perez Hilton than the fact that the Obama administration assassinating Americans (yeah, outrageous title, but click on to read)? You don’t think middle-class small-town white Americans addicted on black-tar heroin don’t have empty lives and mismanaged priorities?

            As an educated, GROWN man, do you really need someone to point these things out to you?

            Come on, guys. Listen to yourselves. Listen to the things you are saying, the absolute confidence you guys express such ignorant notions and prejudices. Things are different in China, yes, but they’re not THAT different. There’s NOTHING that happens here that doesn’t happen elsewhere. There’s arguable differences in SCALE, but not differences in fact. Check yourselves, please.

        • http://baihaifeng.blogspot.com Dr. Jones Jr.

          I think there might have also been a dash of mob mentality involved here. Due to KFC’s huge popularity, there was a mad rush to make use of this promotion. If there’d been a similar screw-up at Burger King or Subway, for instance, we’d probably not see it blow up into something this huge. People don’t normally wait around 4 hours to see if they’ll be vindicated on such a trivial issue of chicken coupons unless they’ve got a lot of company to give them moral support.

    • jack butcher

      To poor Uber and peasant. let me tell you that, I can wait the whole day for a bucket of chicken. and when i get them i just throw it away.
      And never dream that chinese will have more obese people than western country.
      you guy stick to your muffin and watch biggest loser.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_of_nanjing That Chinese Kid

    Chinese people lining up to eat black people food. They want to be fat?

    • Brother River Crab

      Don’t be dissin’ the people who is going to bring us the Double Down.


    • GodsHammer

      Either that or taller, stronger etc… it’s all about what you do with the calories…

    • dilladonuts

      don’t forget, they also love themselves some watermelon. =) joke joke, take it easy folks

    • lolz

      Okay, I really don’t get the connection between blacks and fried chicken. Sure, people in the south loves anything fried, but it’s not the blacks its everyone. Yet, for some reason it’s considered racist if you link blacks, fried chicken, and watermelons together.

      I love friend chicken and watermelons, but if I ask some black guy on the street if he wants some fried chicken and water melons he would say I am a racist. That’s pretty fucked up.

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_of_nanjing That Chinese Kid

        nope, its not racist. Its being stereotypical.
        [blockquote]Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.[/blockquote]
        btw, they also love them some cornbread.

  • Brother River Crab

    Oprah + KFC.. sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

    • huh

      i see wut u did there lol

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOw2Q1MbcpE ImmortalTechnique

    Fauna seems to have taken this story very personally.

    After your 4 hour wait for a bucket of greezy chicken, be sure to use lots of soap!

  • dilladonuts

    kinda funny that fauna has more comments bout the chicken then most other subjects.. love your site though.

  • DonHuerto

    really stupid, i would not waste my time fighting over a bucket of chicken, this shows that they are not hungry and have time to waste…fuck it, go to the next corner and buy something sheeeat

  • ST

    And so it began. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Mass Incident of 2010 heralded the start of nationwide protests against Western influence in China. In the months to come many bloody protests erupted outside of McDonalds, Starbucks and other purveyors of western decadence. Even a few shanzai Tommy Hilfigers (from Hangzhou’s Tommy Hilfigure to Xian’s Tonnl Hiiifigur) were affected.

    Eventually, order and national pride were restored after powerful magnate Liu Yongxing decided to take over the entire fast food arena and launch a series of similarly named restaurants that offered kind of the same stuff at basically the same price in a setting that wasn’t fundamentally different.

  • elenore

    Don’t feel bad I once waited 2 hours for White Castles it was after 2p.m.,but in my defense I had already paid for it,and I wanted what I had ordered.I will always wait for something I have already paid for.I called their regional manager and got a free meal for complaining.I wrote a nasty e-mail to Banquet once about how gross their frozen chicken nuggets are and they sent me a check for my purchase.I mean this was a rude e-mail I told them ass would taste better than their food.Some companies or their franchises will honor things and some won’t but I tell them anyway.You have to or things will get more expensive with poorer quality.Then you boycott vote with your money about how products and service from companies should be.

  • chengdude

    This would be all better if Marvin Zindler were still with us.

  • Genghiz Khan

    simple solution really.

    kfc should provide fake fried chicken for fake coupons. this is china after all . . .

    • cdn icehole

      LOL Yeah…something that makes the sound of “woof”.

  • Evalinsapple

    I admire China’s innocent protest. Yet I remind them: you have your own decent and food.

  • Chris

    Having lived in China myself for a long time, these sort of things always piss me off the most. Sorry for offending some China lovers here (I include myself in that category btw) but that is so typical Chinese. The only way to get anything accomplished is to yell and act aggressive. After KFC refused some fake coupons, people reacted like they usually do to get a result. The other day I was in line to buy a train ticket, waited for almost 1 hour due to the tomb sweeping day traffic. Then as it’s finally my turn some asshole walks up and tries to push in front of me. I first tried to act civil with him, but only after I got sufficiently pissed off did he stop trying to push ahead of me.

    • Frank

      In china, its all about “standing ground”.. if you think you have the reason to do what you are doing whether its right or wrong, nobody have the right to say you don’t…example
      If you are late for work and you feel you should have the right to beat the traffic lights, then the traffic cop can’t give you a ticket..

  • cdn icehole

    This reminds me of those girls in the US taking a bath in the KFC sink.


    For those that can access YouTube:


    KFC is absolutely phucking disgusting. For the love of God, someone please convince the Chinese to avoid them.

    • FYIADragoon

      Good luck with that. Try convincing them that Apple hasn’t made an innovative product since the iPod and hasn’t made a good one since the iPhone while you’re at it.

  • Yeppers

    Isn’t it kinda sad, this post has over 100 comments but the article about the dead babies found under bridge has just about 70 comments!

    • Frank

      Nobody cares about dead babies in China.. everyone care about their own “priority” period.
      As long as the surrounding doesn’t affect oneself, a thousands babies can die, no one will care..

  • Jean

    Does someone know if the KAI from Chinadivide is the Kai that used to / still post in Chinasmack?

    • http://没有.cn.com kedafu

      yes, it is,

      and he rocks at writing! (seriously no sarcasm)

      join the club,
      stay for awhile,
      stay forever!

      • Stinky Tofu

        Good job Kai. First, nice way of creating a fake alias to mention your new website. Second, great job again creating a fake alias to congratulate yourself on creating that website.

        [Note from Fauna: How do you know that but I do not?]

        • http://chinadivide.com Kai

          Stinky Tofu, good job, you moron. Way to go out on a limb.

          Jean, yeah, that’s me. I’m less enthused about commenting on chinaSMACK these days, but I felt compelled to give Fauna a hand here, seeing as how she even crawled out of her cave to smack some sense into some people.

  • John

    this is so petty. ppl actually waited there demanding an explanation too. china ppl over kfc coupons = pathetic

  • http://www.makeyourownpheromones.com Michael

    Where are all the black people?

    • zun

      lol. chinese people are becoming dah niggaz of asia.. soon you’ll see them seeping cool aid and grape soda and eating watermelon!!!!!

  • Shanhairen

    The customers probably didn’t understand that they had fake coupons (in most conversations in Chinese, at least one party is not listening to what the other is saying). I would never argue for four hours over 32 yuan of chicken because I printed off a fake coupon.

    It’s a p.r. disaster for KFC, but I really doubt people will stop going there. KFC could potentially lose a lot of money if they honor fake 32 yuan coupons every week.

  • 博场岿

    Well of course Chinese people love KFC, it is originally chinese invention! Yuan Shikai(袁世凱)first fried it 1915 to console himself when the Yunnan Clique seceeded from his rulership, becuase this was the reason that made him comfort himself by discovering a delicious greasy chicken recipe he named it after the capitol of Yunnan, KFC actually stands for Kunming Fried Chicken. Have u never noticed the similarity between Yuan Shikai and Colonel Sanders before??? Thats becuase Colonel Sanders was actually the illegitimate son of Yuanshikai and an american missionary woman from when Yuan was stationed as head commander of Korea. The boy was born in 1890 and named Yuan Sande(袁三德)was smuggled out of China and into America by his mother along with his fathers secret recipe in 1894 when the Japanese invade Korea (the first Sino-Japanese war 甲午戰爭). Check out the dates they fit completely.

    • 博场岿

      oops, silly me how could poor little Yuan Sande be smuggled out with the recipe if it wasnt invented till 1915, Yuanshikai must have mailed it to his illegitimate son in America before he died in 1916, my mistake

  • FYIADragoon

    Lawdy lawd, waiting dat long fer sum chikkinz? DAmmmmmmmmmmnnnnn son.

  • kesiting

    You want KFC to honour your fake tickets? And when they don’t you think it is worth standing around shouting about it for a few hours? For 30rmb? Then when you find out the tickets are fake, instead of getting angry at the kind of people who would make fake tickets you go online and bitch all night about KFC? KFC not accepting your fake tickets is the worst thing you can think of today?? Not a society where people willingly make mountains of fake goods to rip off their fellow countrymen? Even at the risk of their health (think milk powder….)

    Anyhow, this guy rocks:

    Force out KFC, no integrity!!! Causing my wife to have gone there for no reason!!!

    I wish I had a wife so I could send her down to KFC for me….

  • Jeff G.

    I did promotions and sweepstakes for a number of years in the U.S. both online and by phone. It is always a primary concern for both the developer and the client to prevent fraud. Its hard to say what happened without knowing the structure of the project, but these things are rarely done ‘in-house’. Most likely this was setup by a marketing firm who’s name you do not know or mention in this article, and there is where a large part of the responsibility will lie. It would not surprise me if it is a Chinese firm, even if its a foreign firm they would have to be heavily staffed with Chinese to understand and access the resources neccessary to pull this off.

  • 博场岿

    Kai, your boring us! get over it, this aint nothing but a chicken wing as they say, u need to go lye down in a dark room for a while to cool down rather than gettin you knickers in a twist over something that in the grand scheme of things isnt important in the slightest

    • http://chinadivide.com Kai

      No one is forcing you to be bored. No one is forcing you to read. Sounds like you’re getting your knickers in a twist over something that in the grand scheme of things isn’t important in the slightest either. And yet you’re commenting…

      I guess me commenting is something really important to you. I’m flattered. ;)

      • 博场岿

        I agree, you being boring about something that isnt significant is not a significant thing either.But Dont flatter yourself, get over yourself, just because I take the time to write one small comment (two including this one) to tell you that your boring doesnt make u important.

        [Note from Fauna: He did not say he was important. He only said he was important to you. You spend your time to write another comment to tell him he is boring and not important actually show that he is important to you, just like he said.]

        • 博场岿

          Dont be so pedantic fauna, when I said it didnt make him important I meant both personally and generally, do I have to explicitly state that to make it obvious to you?
          Plus how does my spending a couple of minutes on a few occassion to reply suddenly make something/someone important to me? That is mere assumption, if I look out of the window for a couple of minutes on three seperate occassions, does that make the window or the view important to me? If I take the time to fill in a survey does that suddenly make the survey itself important to me? You and Kai may state something is important to me cause I take the time to reply, doesnt mean it is, but if it makes u feel better to think your important or that your prescient enough to understand what I think feel, or believe then feel free to content yourself with that assumption

  • Frank

    I have a fake KFC coupon, should I get half price for it? So, what are my grounds for protest?
    How complicated is this?

    • http://chinadivide.com Kai

      How do you know your coupon is fake?

  • malagebi

    I wonder how this would go down at Popeye’s.

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  • shanghai girl

    i guess when you can’t protest what matters, you take up arms for the colonel.
    seems silly to get so angry over fried chicken, but people in the big cities here seem wound so tight it doesn’t take much to set them off…
    reminds me of the american woman who called 911 when McDonald’s was out of chicken nuggets…

  • fireworks

    KFC could have honour the other coupons if it has any goodwill and wants to keep these customers coming back. Take it as a marketing campaign. But instead, they want to cut their losses and shun these potential customers.

  • arachnid

    What I don’t get is….”it’s not about the food, but the service” this as the reasoning for killing six hours of their lives…just leave and never come back, end of story, end of post, get on with life, and get dinner in your damn bellies.

    If a restaurant’s service is sub-par and leaves me less than satisfied–THEN I GO SOMEWHERE TO SPEND MY MONEY!!

    Let’s draw a hypothetical, somewhat similarly drawn situation: I walk into a Pizza restaurant, anywhere in the world, give a coupon for a $5 2-topping medium. Cashier says sorry, our franchise owner isn’t part of the participating group…or maybe he just up and lies to me and says the coupon has expired, when in reality it says right there on the paper, good till next month. Would I waste six hours of my time, (worth much more than the coupon’s value IMO) bitching and stamping my feet over a $5 pizza,not a chance in hell. I’d say piss off, go somewhere else and not frequent Pizza Hut again. Pretty simple. Life would go on, blood pressure would remain at healthy levels, no rages of entitlement, and their competitor would get my money…actually, scratch that, I’d likely just order something else. Fuck, life is too short to waste 6 hours to prove a point over a goddamn coupon. In fact, I’m rather disappointed in myself for having wasted 15 minutes scanning this story and typing this response. I got dessert in the fridge and a wife to go screw, later.

    [Note from Fauna: Maybe you would have a different reaction if there were many other people like you there at the same time. Then all of you argue with the store. Then after some time, you decide to continue arguing because you already waste some time already and think all of you can win so you do not want to feel that you wasted your time so you stay. Maybe you would not, but it is strange that you cannot imagine how this thing can happen.]

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  • Johny-5

    this article is f***ing B******t!! it’s not like the customers got ripped off. why don’t they complain about their own people who are putting out the fake coupons? chinese people are the worst customers, ever, and ofcourse it’s much more acceptable to have them acting like savages towards a foreign company than one of their own. two chinese restaurants in my town got shut down for serving cat meat in what should have been chicken balls. no one here got any apologies, so chinese people please f*** off with ur ‘demanding apologies’ nonsense.

  • John

    The only problem of KFC is its delivery system. It doesnt deliver drinks nor sundays neither fries. You wonder why ??? Whereas, Mc Donald’s, for the same delivery price , delivers ice cream, drinks and fries. Compared to Mc Donald, KFC lacks service quality

  • 蛋蛋

    Hell yeah, Nanjing has two! Bigger cities have heaps. So much better than KFC or McDonalds. Double Whopper with bacon and cheese makes me hard just thinking about it. I mean hungry.

    I actually went to KFC yesterday (had no idea about this promotion) for the first time in a year maybe, and there were (more than than the usual amount of) people arguing with staff about coupons. Now I know why. In fact, one huge guy was blocking the door and telling people not to go in. Didn’t seem to work though.

  • Alex

    Not that Chinese food is at all fatty or oily …

    At least in KFC the oil probably isn’t dredged up from the sewers

  • http://www.chinasmack.com Fauna

    KFC has often sold their used oil to the people who make “slop oil” (swill or drainage oil).

  • Rick in China

    Which you then consume in hot pot or roadside BBQ.

    Yum! indeed.

  • Gaaad!!!

    Is that why you are the way you are Dicky-boy?

  • diguoyou

    lovely fauna, how about di gou oil… anywords abt that???

    [Note from Fauna: We posted about it last October.]

  • http://www.chinasmack.com Fauna

    They wait and argue because they did not believe KFC’s explanation is the truth.

  • dilladonuts

    dude, yes their lives are really that empty, haven’t u seen the people who huddle around disputes/traffic incidents standing there for 15 minutes just looking for entertainment?

  • http://baihaifeng.blogspot.com Dr. Jones Jr.

    It’s true that we can only be responsible for ourselves–and labeling “Chinese” or foreign reactions is rather offensive. For my own part, I once felt I was being cheated/misled by advertising at a Dicos that seemed to be offering two drumsticks instead of the one that arrived on the platter. I explained to the manager that I thought this was false advertising. He was apologetic and respectfully disagreed; I left unhappy (and haven’t been back to a Dicos since), but certainly didn’t wait around forever to try and see myself vindicated.

  • Somethin Somethin

    We have a Carl’s Jr. in Shanghai and my God it is so wonderful.(and ungodly expensive). Has anyone ever seen the rip off KFC’s with the KFC menu with the names covered up and the prices all lowered? My friends tell me they’re all over Shanghai. Anyway, it is amazing what most chinese people call a savings. People are always cheering about how cheap the Beijing transport system is. Its a difference of like 1 kuai. Mind boggling

  • the peasant

    whatever it was its irrelevant. the fact that you stayed there for a long period and time and waste it arguing with people is an idea that eludes me.

    but i guess everybody is different.

  • GodsHammer

    They wait because they are Chinese….and Half price chicken is HALF PRICED CHICKEN!!! TMD!

  • Gaaad!!!

    So… only Chinese people like half-price chickens??? LOL!!!

  • http://lossofmind.com/ lossofmind

    Reported Chinese reaction to this debacle:
    Spend 6 HOURS bitching and wondering.

    Speculated typical foreigner’s reaction:
    Laowai_1: “Wtf, KFC is not honoring its half off cupon!”

    Laowai_2: “Wtf?

    Laowai_1: Oh well, KFC blows dog anyway. Lets go to McDonalds.”

    Laowai_2: “Yeah, there’s to many fucking people here anyway.”

  • http://chinadivide.com Kai

    It’s ridiculous how many of you are quick to label one reaction as “Chinese” and suggest a “foreigner/laowai” reaction. Such douchebags.

  • 蛋蛋

    If you ever go to Hong Kong make sure you go to Monster Burger.
    The burgers are as good as they look. Fries are awesome too.

  • http://chinadivide.com Kai

    Yeah, I’m pretty happy about the Carl’s in Shanghai too, that it is decidedly American in still offering free refills, but it is pretty damn expensive (though it’s roughly American pricing, I think).

    Mmm…Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger…*Homer drool*

  • GodsHammer

    No…the point is why say that KFC is black people food? Gee, why would the people who are STEREOTYPED as little skinny, no ass having and underwhelmingly hung want to eat the same food as the 360 slam-dunking, 9.5 second running, round assed, deep dicking BLACK PEOPLE?
    Stereotypically speaking of course.
    In other words STFU. I have never seen people love their fried chicken like the Chinese so don’t call KFC ‘black people food’, you annoying twats.

  • Johnny Damon

    What do you have against eating healthy?

  • Zhegezhege

    Yeah, I’m often told that Chinese food is the best food in the world (only by Chinese people, obviously), but I’ve never seen a Chinese go for a Gongbao jiding the way they wolf down that suck-finger-original-flavour-chicken.

    Official favourite food of Chinese people: Chinese food
    Real favourite food of Chinese people: KFC

    Maybe that’s why there’s so much anger? Tee hee

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_of_nanjing That Chinese Kid

    @Zhegezhege Because when you eat Fried Chicken, there is Fried Chicken etiquette. You MUST wolf it down and suck your fingers. Unlike Gongbao jiding, where you respect it and eat it properly. Black people should know.

    @GodsHammer I’m not racist, the stereotypes fit. Most black people in this country are fat and overweight. What you are talking about is the 5%. The 5% that are porn stars and basketball players .
    “Refer to House of Payne”

  • Zhegezhege

    @Chinesekid (to me)
    The finger sucking is one of my favourite Chinese stereotypes of Westerners. Because it’s great manners to suck your fingers in the West, you see. In fact, Baidu zhidao and some guy posting under the username AlternativeReserveCurrencyNow (that said he works for Bank of China) told me that the best way to impress a Western girl at the end of a date is to have a great big long slurp on your fingers at the end of the meal and tell her that you don’t need to wash your hands now because they’re clean! Too disgusting!

    @Chinesekid (to GH)
    You do realise how much you just set yourself up, right?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_of_nanjing That Chinese Kid

    @Zhegezhege I believe you misunderstood his post, it sounds like a joke to me. Anyways why would a Chinese need to impress a Western girl when they flock to us instinctively?(joke, if you cannot tell)

    I do not understand what I set myself up for? I am merely speaking the truth, if you want a sexy slim man, dare not to look in America!

  • http://chinadivide.com Kai

    Dude, the irony.

    Come on, guys, you’re criticizing these people’s priorities in life or how empty their lives are when you’re spending your time looking for entertainment on chinaSMACK, bitching about other people’s empty lives and fucked up priorities. On chinaSMACK.

    That’s a self-indictment, hell, a fucking own-goal if I ever saw one.

  • http://lossofmind.com/ lossofmind

    Bitching on chinaSMACK is entertainment. Bitching at KFC is annoying.

    [Note from Fauna: Not everyone thinks bitching on chinaSMACK is entertainment. Some think it is annoying, right?]

  • http://没有.cn.com kedafu

    wha…wha..what are you doing Capt. Cock?

    Are you come kind of Chicken?

    When I was in malaysia a few weeks back, kicking some pirate ass, I often bought friend chicken from some street food vendors, it costed…. 1 ringit

    (divide RMB in 1/2) and you get…. thats right…


  • FYIADragoon

    They already love the NBA with an illogical passion (a sport where height is a requirement somehow became their favorite???). Hip-hop fashion used to be in too. Although it seems they’re currently shifting to “prep” in their typical late fashion. Their language would do well with rap and hip-hop too, if the government would just chill out. And they’ve got the poverty thing already set up. Golddiggers are present already. Obsession with blinging out is there. Just lacking muscular bodies, rap, and guns at this point. So yeah, Chinese are on the path to being seen as the “strait up OG n*ggaz” of Asia.

  • elenore

    If that true why hasn’t DetRIOT had one lately we have 30% or more unemployment in inner city and like 20% in Metro or what I call New Detroit.We literally have millions of people poor,broke,lost their home and a job.1984 Tigers Riot I don’t remember that you must be older.But I think bad stuff is brewing everywhere right now.We need to get some of our money back from Ubber rich so we don’t need to fight over coupons.

  • http://chinadivide.com Kai

    B-Real, hold on a second and THINK about what you just said. You ever criticize the Chinese for saying “mei ban fa?” People only FIGHT because they’re TRYING to control something they think they have a chance of controlling. If you support the Chinese standing up to their government over human rights, you should be encouraging the Chinese to fight for what they believe should have control over. In this case, it’s about how consumers are treated by businesses. Tomorrow, it could be about how citizens are treated by governments. Yeah, on one level, its a silly thing about chicken, but you’ll never understand how people behave if you don’t think beyond the surface.

  • http://chinadivide.com Kai

    B-Real, “go hungry over?” Is “finishing the level” something to go hungry over? Is “waiting for the commercial” something to hold in your piss and shit? You think standing up for yourself when you feel others haven’t treated you as you expected is a “cultural difference”?

    Thinking beyond the surface at the very least is about going that far, realizing that this is not about “going hungry over half off.”

    Legally they are not at fault.

    First, are you sure? Are you 100% positively sure you understand the laws and regulations business operate under? There’s a difference between legal responsibility and recourse versus whether people will hold a business to them.

    Second, this is less about what KFC is legally responsible for and more about why people are upset. KFC can say “hey, we’re not legally liable for anything” but do you think that’s going to do wonders for their business, that all of these people are suddenly going to let KFC off the hook? Business is not always about absolute legal right or wrong. Business is business, and business involves a consideration for the relationship with the customer and consumer.

    As far as standing up to the GOV, they have no choice in the matter. For the masses their is no place for these people to go. I agree they should fight for their right to the GOV because they are the direct representatives to the people. And China’s doesn’t really give them a voice to chose who represents them.

    I think you missed my point.

    On all levels its silly to fight, protest,block, stare, defficate and boycott over something you don’t have to eat.


    B-Real, it isn’t about the food, it’s about the service, about the treatment, about the handling of the entire fiasco. You will never understand why this happened if you don’t look past the surface of it arising over a coupon for chicken. Few people get angry for being turned away after being shown how their coupon is expired or invalid. Many people get angry for being turned away when their coupon is not shown to be invalid but rather unilaterally claimed to be suddenly invalid. Does that make sense?

    The powers to be gave you an answer and most busy but simple minded Americans would walk away and write a letter to regional office and make a complaint about it.

    You’ve never been part of a crowd, have you? Have you considered group dynamics, something that should be on everyone’s minds in densely populated China? Are you really going to swear that there have never been crowds in solidarity demanding explanations and compensation for something or another in America? You’ve never seen spontaneous consumer protests in America? Never heard of them?

    We have better things to do then waist time over spilled milk.

    Really? You don’t think (“we”) Americans ever waste their time over spilled milk? You sure you want to elevate this discussion to that level of certainty? You really sure you want to make this a “Chinese” vs. “Americans” or “everyone else” sort of thing? As a grown, educated man, you really want to go there?

  • http://chinadivide.com Kai


    Kai are you angry because you couldn’t get cheap chicken? I still don’t see your point.

    I’m angry because some people are being condescending hypocritical idiots at best and prejudiced ignorant but self-righteous assholes at worse. The point is that I disagree with you that this is something that can be dismissed as “Chinese”. The point, with others like Rick in China above (which I discuss in comments on my own blog post), is using this as evidence that “Chinese” people have “fucked up priorities”. According to whom? According to people who have arguably fucked up priorities themselves?

    I don’t know how the quote thing works, but ill respond in the order of your response.

    Use HTML blockquotes: <blockquote> text to be quoted </blockquote>

    I don’t understand where you and all the others are getting a fuss with the chicken. Let KFC lose you guys.

    Because if it isn’t about the chicken, what do you think it is? I already offered this mental exercise: Do you get angry or can you understand foreigners who get angry that some Chinese sellers will give foreigners “foreigner prices”?

    Risk management was at it best. I don’t understand it because I was never the guy to go with the crowd. I don’t understand nor do I like mob mentality. Like i stated before if you guys were making a stink about this back home or in china, wrong or not you are delaying me and other potential chicken eaters from eating and moving along. You guys are obstructing me from getting served. Go back to America and see how educated civilized people handle bad treatment. Yes I went there.

    You’ve never seen, heard, or learned about violent picket lines in America? Are you serious?

    Second. Exactly my point. Legally it was a risk they assessed needed to be taken. Regardless of the fallout, only a small portion of compared to the rest of the country will they lose business. And I wouldn’t necessarily assume that allot people would agree with what happen but that is business as usual and there will be people to eat KFC tomorrow and for as long as they can stay open. Eventually those people will be back including yourself. You yourself will realize that they tried to reason with you and you guys persisted on being unreasonable

    On what basis are you assuming that they “tried to reason” with the people? You’re presupposing here that anyone who was representing KFC was “trying to reason” and everyone who was standing off against them “persisted on being unreasonable.” On what information are you making that arbitrary judgment? Try this: Do you think the people who were standing off believe they wee persisting in being unreasonable?

    3rd Elaborate so I will not miss it.

    Okay, you can review the record as I can. Your response was that you “agree they should fight for their right to the GOV” but my original comment to which you were responding to was not asking you to agree that Chinese people should fight for their rights to the government. I was trying to help you see how merely fighting for what matters to you itself is a prerequisite for fighting for political, civil, or human rights you may believe you are entitled to. Commenters like Rick in China above belittled the reasons these people fought for themselves while simultaneously saying they should fight for other things that Rick in China feels are more important. I’m saying if you want Chinese people to fight for the things you think are important, respect their right to fight for what THEY think is important.

    4th Oh i’ve seen plenty over important matters like racism, or unfair labor practices, false advertisement (which this might fall under), shitty facilities. But for poor service just get the fuck out go somewhere else. I have 3 KFCs in my area 2 McDonalds and God knows how many lousy local restaurants.

    So the question is: Did all these people, all around the country, do what they did because they felt they had a legitimate reason or because by being “Chinese”, they knew they didn’t but behaved irrationally and illegitimately anyway?

    Actually they didn’t even serve you. You refused the service they can actually offer because you guys.

    Right. And if a foreigner like yourself went to the PSB or local consulate to apply for a visa that you were assured you were qualified for based upon the regulations you were aware of, and they suddenly said they won’t give it to you, how would you feel? Now imagine the visa rep giving you reasons that sound like unverifiable bullshit excuses that amount to “because we say so.” Now imagine a crowd of other people in the same situation as you, around you, all confounded. You can substitute the consulate with any other place of business. The key is the confounding of expectation and the ubiquity of those sharing your predicament. If you can understand that, you can understand what happened. You don’t have to agree with it, you don’t have to say you’d do the same thing, but please don’t berate the people for having human reactions or worse, try to find some common ethnic or cultural trait amongst them all as the “cause”.

    If this was a just cause and KFC was obviously in the wrong then I’d agree.

    Who decides what a just cause is? Is standing up with your fellow consumers over what you all perceive to be unethical treatment of consumers by a company not arguably a “just” cause? Again, there’s no reason to assume these people are behaving irrationally, so what’s so difficult about considering what reasons they felt their actions were legitimate?

    Im not taking side with KFC, I just don’t agree with the reactions of the Chinese, you, or Fuana for that matter.

    That’s fine and I’m totally cool with that. If you look at my responses, I’m not taking people to task for simply saying “wow, I would’ve just boned out”. I’m taking to task the people who go overboard and are condescending “wow, these people are all idiots, there’s no way this behavior makes any sense” or, worse, “wow, these people are all idiots, and of course, because they’re Chinese!”

    All I see is hungry people trying to get 1 over on large company that seems to have endless resources.

    And that wouldn’t be a stupid thought to entertain, until you start suggesting its inherently “Chinese”. Sure, we can definitely wonder if ALL these people were all out to fleece a large company with endless resources, but then you’d be arguing that all these people are somehow inherently evil, that there could be no other reason for them behaving the way they did. Are you sure you can argue that? I know it is easier to just think that, but would it be accurate? If you think so, how do you know?

    Try that shit on local vendor they will tell you to go fuck your mother with a big dick.

    Heh, maybe. But there’s a reason you expect a certain treatment from KFC versus your local vendor, and that expectation is ALSO something that KFC proactively cultivates as a competitive advantage. You don’t compare how KFC treats you with the local vendor. You compare it to the expectation KFC itself fostered in you.

    Think of it this way: If America suddenly started censoring your newspapers, would you bitch? You’d definitely bitch, because you don’t expect that to happen with the American government. Would you tell someone who was bitching, “hey, at least its not like China, where they’d just tell you to go fuck your mother with a big dick”?

    As for the milk link, no one died in this. No one intentionally miss led the public.

    Is death a prerequisite for feeling you’ve been misled or are being arbitrarily denied something that was promised to you? Many customers DID feel they were being intentionally misled. They were asking, if KFC can’t honor this promotion, then why did they release the coupon? And KFC’s response? Well, they’re fake. Except they weren’t. They were real, but their promotion had gone awry and KFC didn’t think they need to explain just how everything happened. They thought they could just tell people to go home, even lie to them to come back later just to get them out the door. No one wants to be treated like that and there were enough people who didn’t appreciate it to stand up to it together.

    B-Real, it isn’t about intent, it’s about the result. The milk farmers and diary companies didn’t intend to hurt babies. They just thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, that they could get some extra profits and no one would be any wiser. Likewise, of course no one at KFC (as far as we know) intended for all these people to go out to KFC for nothing, but that’s what happened, whether through malice, incompetence, or misfortune. Part of doing business is accepting that. Part of being good at doing business is responding well to that, especially in ways that strengthen, not weaken, your business’s relationship to its target customers. Obviously, KFC isn’t doomed by this, but not understanding how KFC is responsible in this, and even trying to blame the result on the customers and “cultural differences” is somewhat shallow.

    This was an internal miss communication and people got their feelings hurt when they couldn’t get their half off bucket of chicken. I don’t see it any other way Kai.

    I’m going to try a different tactic: What do you think is the way I see it?

    Last but not least not making it Chinese VS. America thing but its kind of evident in this situation. Let us please go there. Like I said from experience in and out of the service industry when things seem to be unfair, not much comes of it either of 2 reasons. 1 being the customer is always right or the manager was able to get the customer to fully understand the situation.

    You’ve answered why something came of this yourself with those two reasons. Take your pick. Was the customer wrong here for bringing to KFC a coupon they had every reasonable reason to expect being honored? Did the managers get the customer to fully understand the situation? Again, don’t look at intent. Look at results. Coming from the service industry, you should know that.

    We see people like these coming from the parking lot with cameras up their ass. We get booklets and training to make sure the customer doesn’t try and pull fast ones. Quality of service is always at the bottom of the list. People with better things to do will move on.

    Quality of service is always at the bottom of the list? Are you serious?

    Because its a high profile western establishment from the US. You expect or assume across the board they use the same standard as practiced in its founding nation. Or that is the way I feel you think. Given the environment its in (china) there are certain aspects of business that are completely different and would not work. I see it from an economic point of view, but you got butt hurt emotionally.

    What exactly does being “butt hurt emotionally” mean? Is that like saying “I see this as a business-consumer disconnect but you got butt hurt emotionally because I didn’t validate your perspective that this is really only a Chinese ethnicity thing?”

    What have I said to make you think I don’t understand the economics of what happened? This isn’t about whether KFC could or couldn’t afford it. It’s about how KFC handled a big problem with a large amount of its customers, and why that is relevant to how its customers reacted to the problem. This has nothing to do with its founding country. Why are you even bringing that up?

    It’s interesting that you’re now suggesting KFC handled things this way because it is China, when previously you’re saying had KFC handled things this way in America, Americans would’ve all shoved off without a peep. So which is it? Did KFC handle this problem differently in China from America? Or the same? If differently, then how can you compare the Chinese reaction to Americans? If the same, then why are you saying KFC operates different in China? Which is it?

    I get turned from local establishment on a daily basis because they fear I can’t speak Chinese or Korean when in Korea. I don’t get all emotional, well just a tad frustrated. Just go some place else and get equally lousy food.

    Entirely your prerogative. And yet, Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus and millions of black-Americans soon then staged sit in protests, occupying “white-only” dining areas whereas previously they dared not. Why? Because they connected with those who shared their frustration, and they felt they now had the power, with others, to seek a more favorable resolution to a problem. Yeah, that’s segregation and this is chicken, but the dynamics are the same. It’s about people who feel something is wrong connecting with others who feel the same way, thereby emboldening each other in solidarity to seek a desired outcome.

    That’s what happened. It’s not “Chinese”, it’s not “cultural difference”. It’s human.

  • Gaaad!!!

    What’s REALLY odd is that whenever something is wrong in China it’s somehow always the WHOLE of China’s fault.

  • Gaaad!!!

    Major. Bovine. Excrementa. I’ve seen plenty of fisticuffs and flying dickondown kicks in S. Korean incidents of “public discontent”. From one to one arguments to union disputes where the Korean riot police regularly have their asses handed to them.

    And need I mention the fights that take place in the S. Korean Parliament where both male and female parliamentarians, who are supposed to represent the dignity of their people, fight like a bunch of wussies? So conversation between old pals my hairy bollocks and human nature still trump cultural differences when push comes to shove.

  • Gaaad!!!

    WOW! After all the verbal diarrhoea vomited forth about Chinese people’s “priorities”, NOW the geezer says “it really isn’t that big a deal”. What a pathetic Arschleckender Scheister. LOL!

  • http://chinadivide.com Kai


    This is long, as is expected from me, a person who responds point by point. Given that I feel we’ve reached some consensus on something important, you can choose to read my entire response or just skip to the bolded sections. Obviously, I feel the non-bolded sections reinforce why the bolded sections are key to me, but its up to you. You can ignore it entirely if you want but with this, I’ve made my points on the KFC issue. If you have a disagreement with my bolded sections, on the impropriety of labeling things along ethnic/national lines for the sake of reiterating inferiority and superiority, then I’ll respond again.

    All you points still doesn’t make this KFC issue that important.

    I’m not hoping you’ll see it as important, I’m hoping you’ll understand how the people involved saw it as important to them, and at the very least not say dumb shit like this is a “cultural difference” or that this is “Chinese”. How about I put the onus of proof upon you? What exactly makes this “Chinese” versus “human?” How many examples of non-Chinese people doing similar things do you need before you’ll give up such a prejudiced notion?

    When americans picket and get violent its for serious social problems.

    Selective memory.

    Something people really care about and should care about.

    Who decides what people really care about and should care about?

    Coupons will never be a real issue in the United States.

    You must’ve missed the Oprah + KFC comment above. Do a quick Google search. Here’s one result at random. The parallels are there: free promotion, crowds of people, KFC having to stop the promotion, KFC statements, crowds of people being turned away, crowds of disgruntled people, understanding people, news media coverage, online internet chatter, etc. You can go on YouTube and find video and news reports. Give it a try. After you read the official news reports with the KFC rep’s official statements, then go search for what the actual people involved were saying online. But you know what? That story actually ended on a happier note because KFC admitted they didn’t plan for the extreme and actually honored those coupons eventually. When this can happen in 300 million America, it’s obviously going to look much bigger in high density 1.3 billion China, but the emotions, the reasons why people were upset and became vocal about it are largely the same.

    This is the kind of dumb “this would never happen because we’re better than this” comment that isn’t necessary. What do you gain from saying such an ignorant piece of drivel? Other than a sense of superiority, what? Is there any valuable, important reason for you to declare with such certainty that your country, other countries, your people, other people would not have done this?

    Foreign price Chinese price, who is talking about bartering amongst crooked merchants? Oh I would pissed if some one got a better deal than I but thats the risk for not going to a place with no regulated pricing. Then again I never see patrons blowing a fuse with the merchants. Once again not persuaded.

    You missed the point. The analogy is to get you to understand the emotions that these Chinese people felt because you swear you can’t understand them behaving the way you have. I’ve seen plenty of people blowing a fuse with such merchants. Am I lying or are you lying? I had hoped you’d be honest enough to acknowledge that many people, not all, get pissed when faced with what THEY themselves consider unfair treatment, and THAT emotion is what prompts people to do certain things that OTHERS may consider irrational, such as standing off for hours.

    Did they not say they had mangers go around to each kFC and notified the disgruntled patrons of what is going on, and they still decided to stay there, and even there was a comment they protested for so long they started to realize it was beginning to feel stupid.

    Really? You’ve read them all? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. What have I said that is contrary to reports? I didn’t say managers didn’t go around explaining things, I said many of their explanations were lies that only pissed off the consumers, and that many of them failed get the consumers to buy into their explanation. There’s a difference between an explanation and a persuasive explanation. Our argument here is a great example of us explaining things to each other but neither side buying the other, hence we’re still here arguing about it, like the KFC patrons. This is precisely what Fauna was pointing out ever so succinctly above. That underneath the surface, this is all the same thing, and for some people to think themselves above it is “being stupid”. The difference between you and I is that I’m not saying you’re doing this because of a “cultural issue” or that you’re “American” or “black” or “whatever” and I wouldn’t because I’m this or that. This has nothing to do with what you are. Everyone does this. Everyone has, does, and will go to bat for things OTHER people can argue as being NOT IMPORTANT.

    Lastly on the Visa issue, I deal with the Chinese Gov on a Daily from work to life and there is one thing a foreigner in this country has to learn to be what you guys say is “shi zai”.

    Why “you guys” say? What do you know about “my” guys? Are you sure you know what ethnicity I am?

    B-Real, this isn’t about understanding when to be practical. This is about understanding when and under what conditions people will eschew the practical for principles. You just haven’t been able to identify with the principles these people felt they were fighting for. How often have both of us seen foreigners criticize the Chinese for not standing up for principles, for not helping someone hurt on principle because there was a practical risk? These people fought for what they felt was a principle. You may not have to agree with it but you are going to sound like a hypocrite when you demand them to fight for some principles but not others, when you ask them to be principled sometimes and pragmatic the next.

    But what can I do. I just go with the flow. Sure it pisses me off but not enough to rampage on. Sure it makes my job harder to do, but the profits are far greater than the inconvenience.

    Why aren’t you able or willing to think with such nuance when trying to understand why these people did what they did? That a combination of reasons different from what you faced with visas led them to choose a different reaction? Because you don’t care? Then why do you care to put them down or go out on a limb to say it is a “Chinese” thing?

    I despise people who interfere with corporate machines.

    Really? That’s a bold statement.

    If they felt like they were intentionally misled go to the proper channel like a real concerned patron from my neck of the woods would have done.

    You still don’t get it. The same thing happens in your neck of the woods as well. The people in your neck of the woods get in the way of other people as well. Maybe you’ve been fortunate and oblivious enough to never seen it happen with your own eyes but that’s like saying air doesn’t exist because you can’t see it. I can’t believe you’re holding this line, this line that “oh, it never happens where I’m from!”

    I never said americans would shove off with out a peep but the confrontation would not be so serious and would never last 4-6 hours.

    And you’d be wrong.

    If I was the guy behind you I would seriously think you had some mental problems or is a trouble maker.

    And the people who didn’t think your way? How do you explain that? That they’re all crazy for being able to identify enough with the crowd to not think they had mental problems or were just trying to make trouble? Why are you keen on making this a “Chinese” issue?

    I never seen people argue over fruit, at a grocery store until I came here. Chinese are very confrontational on stupid shit.

    You haven’t been to many places, have you? China is a developing country. What do you think of Mexico? People argue over fruit in Mexico too. People argue over anything when the expectation is that the transaction is negotiable, when there is bargaining. This isn’t even cultural. It’s situation specific. Chinese people don’t try bargaining at Carrefour unless they’re some country bumpkin who is in a supermarket for the first time and that’s not because of culture but because of ignorance (ignorance of a different retail model). Americans bargained and argued over fruit too, before the prevailing retail model became dominated by set-price retailers operating on economies of scale. This isn’t cultural. There’s no cultural reason why there is bargaining in China or anywhere else. It’s just a different retail format that is mostly a function of economic development.

    I could never imagine the extreme contemplation of my wife and her shopping habits. Every time I go shopping with my wife I see her and other women just stuck on finding the cheapest shit. And then arguing with the floor lady for something she has no control over. Just pick what you want and go. Where I come from compare the brands and prices, throw them in the cart and get the fuck out in 30 mins with a cart full of shit. But my wife and I can spend 1 hour plus making sure every fen, every mao can be saved for just 10 items. That’s an extra 30 min cutting into cooking or better yet fucking, fighting, what ever.

    You have a good wife, one with her heart in the right place. Beats having a wife that thinks you can afford any price because you’re a foreigner. She’s looking out for you guys. I understand your difference in perception, but its not because she is “Chinese”. It’s because this is the reality she lives in and she’s living entirely accordingly. You would very likely do the same thing were you her. Or if you were in any other situation around the world where it is similar.

    Look, I’m happy you’re acknowledging this as human. The crux of what I’m strongly disagreeing with you is your eagerness to label this as “Chinese”. I just don’t see how this is “Chinese” at all AND the reason is because I see people doing similar things for the same underlying reasons EVERYWHERE. I feel those eager to denigrate this as “Chinese” are doing nothing but trying to elevate themselves and their people as being superior. Is that necessary? Is that not for one’s own petty ego? Even if you can’t see how these people’s actions and motivations and justifications could be shared by your own people in similar circumstances, what kind of person are you to feel compelled to vocally disparage other people based on their ethnicity and announce how your people are better?

    If you can understand that, then we’ve reached an understanding where I can still respect you.

  • cdn icehole

    …what will be the ramifications for advertisers in near future in P.R. China?

    This incident works in favour of KFC. They’re getting free publicity.

    Will the CCP step in with new rules to keep “harmony” and prevent another FUBAR like this from happening?

    I highly doubt the CCP will do anything about it. This is strictly a private business matter. I’m surprised that the patrons have that much patience. I would never stick around for more than 20 minutes for fast food.

  • Johny-5

    china will do the same thing it always does. put rules in place which will ultimately single out foreign businesses operating in china. they should be as vigilant with their own companies.

  • http://baihaifeng.blogspot.com Dr. Jones Jr.

    Actually, make that the CCP’s fault. ;-)

  • Gaaad!!!

    Dang! And there I though it was all about individual free will, motivation and volition…

  • Johny-5

    kai, i think what is truely chinese here is your hyper-sensitivity to criticism and your incessant need to have foreigners ‘understand’ what it means to be chinese. i’m sure anyone can easily understand the emotions those people felt, however it may be more difficult for any civilized person to understand the extreme nature of their reactions. i get frustrated and disappointed too, but i don’t storm the nearest kfc, or whack kindergarten kids over the head with a hammer, or lay siege to a retail mall while burning foriegn flags, etc., etc., etc.

  • Johny-5

    that’s probably why he stopped after a few comments and exchanges. as would a sensible and civilized person, he probably realized that he had devoted more than an adequate amount of time and energy to something so inconsquential.

  • Johny-5

    not sure if i trust the banks on that one, at least not in china. i got fake money from an atm in china, and they refused to reimburse me.

  • Tins of Sardines

    Maybe he meant North Korea.

    That kind old leader they have looks like such a sweet old man. Who could be angry at him when the chicken coupon fails. Bless his cotton socks.

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