Chinese Girl Uses Math to Express Her Love to Her Boyfriend

Love peom

From Sina Weibo:

@微博新鲜事: #elite, magnanimous, and high-class love poem# Are you tired of “我爱你” ["I love you" in Chinese], “I love you” [in English] when people express their love? Wuhan Yangtze Business University freshman Wu Huajie used mathematics symbols “-∞”, “+∞”, and several simple English words to express her love to her boyfriend, with classmates commending it as “elite, magnanimous, and high-class”.

Chinese university student Wu Huajie uses mathematics to express her love to her boyfriend.

[Translation of text in image above:]

INPUT (-∞,+∞)

INPUT is mathematics language, and “-∞”, “+∞” mean negative infinity and positive infinity respectively. The first line of the poem means, at the beginning of love, both sides are giving. IF leads a conditional statement. So the 2nd line of the poem means, if one side betrays [the other side], which means the giving is negative infinity, then the other side would ] (closed interval symbol, specifically referring to stop) positive infinite giving. ELSE means otherwise. The 3rd line of the poem means, if no betraying between both sides, then they would give each other positive infinite love. This poem is telling my boyfriend that if you never leave or dump me, I will be by your side forever.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


The world of academic tyrants is one we cannot understand…


Creative, niubi


I’m very sorry, we cannot be together, I’m an academic dreg.


Try using this to go after a liberal arts major~ [汗]


I think this is computer programing language. Pure math would probably be a lot harder to solve/figure out than this.


Although I can’t read/understand it, it looks like it is really impressive… [可爱]


The academic dregs are doomed to a life of loneliness [懒得理你]


High school students can probably read/understand this. candlecandle But her boyfriend will certainly be moved. pigpig


Are all those clicking upvote on this the academic dregs and liberal arts majors? Can you stop making a big deal about this already?


Everyone is saying how this expression of love is so elite, magnanimous, and high-class, yet the meaning is: if you don’t leave or dump me, I will be with you forever. I can’t help but sigh, just what kind of confession of love is this? Is it ignorant or fearless? Or more like speechless? So many people and yet no one is able to discern the true meaning of this [poem, sequence]? If I were the guy receiving this confession of love, I at most would think this was the expression of an idea, has nothing to do with a confession of love, and what more, it’s lower than even the conventional “I like you”.


if then else…if I remember correctly, it’s the BASIC programming language from the 2nd level National Computer Examination that I took in middle school~~~ Shouldn’t college students have learned C Language? How does this make her an academic tyrant? Any ordinary college student knows it!


If it were me, I wouldn’t be able read/understand it. pick nosepick nose

我是海贼本人: (responding to above)

You took the 2nd level National Computer Examination when you were just in middle school?? I only took it when I was a freshman. Looks like it is you who is the real academic tyrant!


My math is not good…


Please don’t insult us science majors, okay? = =


This is C language, okay? Ordinary college students should all be able to read it, okay? →_→


dizzy My god. The love confessions of academic tyrants indeed cannot be understood by ordinary people. cry


The guy was deeply moved, but then rejected her.


Do your parents know how much of a loser you are? [泪]

Wu Huajie won first place with this in a “three-line love poem” competition held by her school.

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  • Sleepy

    I’m done with Chinasmack.

    • Terrik

      Then move over, I’m taking the sofa.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Still with this sofa crap? What is this? 1998?

        • lacompacida

          More like 1949..

  • moeimoei


  • YourSupremeCommander

    Her BF must be a mathematician nerd.

    • lacompacida

      Since these are programming statements, her BF is a robot.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        You are right, those are programming commands.

        • Cauffiel

          I’m terrible at math, I never took higher level math courses, and even I immediately recognized these as similar to logical statements. I guess if you’re charged with writing fluff news, no one really cares if you’re qualified to do it. :-D

          • Kai

            I think the girl herself said it was math?

          • Cauffiel

            This is well beyond my intellectual grade. Take it up with Iacompacida. :-D

          • Edward_Crowley

            It is a useless subject that should not be taught at school, that and economics at university. I’d burn all the textbooks and have all those teachers cleaning rivers or helping the poor.

  • lacompacida

    This ain’t math. It’s programming. Be careful, young man. There are too many controlling elements in that program.

    • donscarletti

      It looks like a piecewise function to me ( ). In maths though, one tends to write the predicate AFTER the subfunction: i.e. |x| = {x if x > 0, -x otherwise}.

      It appears that she has learned a little bit of BASIC and it has already spread through her brain pushing whatever understanding of syntax and structure in there before out her earholes. Learning BASIC does tend to ruin brains, frankly it’s easier to write a coherent and well structured program in ASM than it is in BASIC. No self respecting university would teach it to beginners any more, it has been replaced by Matlab for engineering majors, Mathematica for math majors and usually C or Java for Comp majors, or whatever syntactically pretty but useless pet language the professor likes. Still, you do run into the occasional ruined young mind now and then who has been taught BASIC by a well meaning uncle or whatever. Pity.

      • KSC

        How dare u denigrate BASIC. I grew up on BASIC Plus on RSTS/E and I loved it! Ptui…..

  • tomoe723

    lately, all these math related stuff are trending.. is that seasonal in china?

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Dumb bitch

  • Middle_Kingdum

    How much you want to bet her boyfriend would rather see her naked then explaining her math theories?

    • biggj

      I know right, it would be like getting socks for christmas.

    • mr.wiener
      • linette lee

        before I screw U, are U 18 cutie pie.

        I like this equation better.

        • vincent

          Small correction it’s ‘ Before I screw you, are you under 18 cutie pie.

          • mr.wiener

            RU over 18 I believe.

          • vincent

            oh yeah haha true, was never good at maths :P

          • linette lee

            hahaha…right. :)
            before I screw U, are u over 18 cutie pie.

          • David


          • Cauffiel

            Vincent wasn’t correcting Linette, he was correcting it to fit his preference. :-D

          • vincent

            lol I brought that on myself haha :D

          • Jahar

            RU over 18

  • Guang Xiang

    What’s with all the mislabeling? This is programming, not math.

    It’s like that previous article by People’s Daily about a little effort making a huge difference. Why should days be in exponential?

    Way to confuse the masses.

  • biggj

    Does she cook, clean and suck dick? If so, she’s wasting her time……her boyfriend doesn’t care.Even she doesn’t do those things…her boyfriend doesn’t care.

    • Stefan Xu

      So guys don’t care about girls that don’t suck dick?

    • mr.wiener

      Hey J, long time no post, how’ve you been?

      • biggj

        Hey, I’ve been doing good, just working and making that fucking

    • donscarletti

      Good point. Take me for an example. I love maths, I love programming, I love logic and I love receiving oral sex. The first three I get paid to do on company time, the last is what I can only get from a girlfriend after work.

      Either way though, if someone wants to impress a geek, writing a nonsensical expression with made up syntax on a blackboard is certainly not the way to do it. Men don’t value this sort of “romantic” creativity from women at the best of times, but a nice meal and blowjob never goes amiss.

      • mr.wiener

        Amen to that brother!

      • linette lee

        I think girl shouldn’t be sleeping around before marriage.

        • Jahar

          Just after?

      • Cauffiel

        If a girl wrote this shit to me, I would immediately start thinking of an exit plan.

        • 樊超

          of course, you don’t have the Chinese IQ

    • Jahar

      Dude that’s awesome.

  • Germandude

    Using math to express love? How romantic…

    • mr.wiener

      Welcome back GD.

      • Germandude

        Happy New Year mate.

  • Repatriated

    Simple math. Man + apartment + car = good. No apartment, no car….not gonna happen.

    • Stefan Xu

      Even though there are many Chinese girls with those requirements, there are still some that don’t care so much about those things.

      • Repatriated

        Ok then. Let me recalc this. Man + ginormous penis = good. No apartment, no car…not gonna happen. Better? Haha.

        • linette lee

          Most ugly girls just want a man to love them. No need car or apartment. Those are good wives.

          • Stefan Xu

            Why is it like that? Do they know they’re ugly?

      • Zappa Frank

        yes, usually are the Chinese girls that failed to find a man who have car + apartment.

      • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

        You are right. But they will get with someone who has a potential to get a house and car if he doesn’t have one yet.

        • donscarletti

          Oh come on.

          Tell me which country it is where the girls are lining up to date dudes with no potential to buy a house and car in the future.

          • biggj

            China….. but only if the guys white. lol

          • linette lee

   You bullshxting again. ;)

          • mei mei

            never seen a chinese girl with poor white guy, at least the guy must have more money than her

          • mr.wiener

            “Poor” is a matter of comparison. Girls everywhere also recognize potential.

          • mei mei

            i just replied Biggj because his mean Chinese womans willing date homeless as long as he’s white.

          • Brad pitt

            2 of my Chinese exes made much more than me, and were gorgeous girls with good character/morals as well.

          • mei mei

            and i believe you because you’re Brad Pitt

          • Zappa Frank

            I’ve never seen a Chinese girl with anyone that earn less then her.

          • Germandude

            Not a country, but a continent: Europe…

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            See Germandude’s reply.

          • David

            Unfortunately, the U.S.

          • Kai

            For your edification, I just want you to know that at least I got your point and it’s more valid than it isn’t, despite the other responses (some funny in a mean-spirited way, *cough* biggj *cough*) you’ve received.

          • Cauffiel

            You’re totally right… I do not understand why people are disagreeing with you. Women want men with earning potential. Duh.

      • Cauffiel

        I agree too. I’ve met loads of greedy bitches in China, but I’ve met plenty who just want a nice man to control, no matter how average they are.

      • Brad pitt

        I really wonder, why a lot of foreigners who went to China think Chinese girls are all gold diggers… That was not my experience at all. In fact, the girl I was with the longest there was much wealthier than I was.
        The expectation to own a house at such a young age is a bit unreasonable but, for a girl to expect her man to be able to afford shelter and reasonable transportation is not asking that much…

        • Kai

          LoL, yeah, it isn’t fair to think Chinese girls are “all” gold-diggers but it can’t be denied that many are and many naturally gravitate towards what they think might be wealtheir or more advantaged foreigners. There’s a sort of cold calculating material pragmatism involved, common with people who want to “escape” what they consider undesireable living conditions.

          The expectation of owning a house might be a bit hard for a lot of Westerners to immediately understand and is a something of a product of China’s history. The expectation comes from things like having a house being a strong indicator of being able to minimally provide for one’s daughter as well as how it has become common for parents to effectively transfer their wealth to their single child. Expectations of guys having houses were not so prevalent when families could have many children and sons.

          The One Child Policy ironically resulted in parents being able to provide more wealth to their child, which raised expectations. If other families’ sons were getting a home for marriage, why not this family? There are more factors but these are some of the obvious ones.

          I don’t think any girl’s expectation that a guy can afford shelter and reasonable transportation is asking for too much, but that’s not what many are expecting. They don’t just expect the guy to be able to afford rent and a bike or subway fare, they want the guy to have a house (downpayment at least) and a car (when cars are still relatively rare for the vast majority of the population and are quite expensive purchases).

          But far from all girls are like this, and I’m glad you had a different experience. It’s more a stereotype and like all stereotypes, there is some basis for it. It’s just that basis doesn’t justify the misuse of stereotypes.

          • Brad pitt

            Thanks for the explanation, makes sense.

          • Brad pitt

            “it can’t be denied that many are and many naturally gravitate towards what they think might be wealtheir or more advantaged foreigners”
            You are right, I but I don’t feel this is exactly golddigging, just like most girls in the world they would be attracted to those better off then themselves. My definition of gold digging and I may be wrong, is the type of woman who expects her bf/husband to always buy her expensive gifts or marries with only the intention of getting a divorce to claim fees. A girl wanting a guy wealthier than her for security, protection and certainty is just natural not the exception. It’s when a girl is just using a guy as a bank account to sponsor a luxurious lifestyle that I find it is proper golddigging. I’m not sure about your foreign friends but mine(myself included) would not buy girls many gifts, not as many as I’ve seen my Chinese guy friends give girls anyways.

          • Kai

            Oh, no, you’re right, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I don’t mean simple attraction towards those better off than themselves or wanting security, protection, and certainty (stability) is “gold-digging” per se. I’ve mixed together both “gold-digging” and the foreigner stereotype of Chinese girls being overly materialistic/pragmatic into my comment. Let me try to clear this up.

            A lot of foreigners might feel Chinese girls place more emphasis on the material/practical than the ideal/romantic. Whereas some will say “love is all you need” for a marriage, many Chinese girls might hesitate and believe “no, that’s not”. As a result, Chinese girls may seem more materialistic because they (and/or their family) have more material expectations of or requirements for their suitors before they think a marriage can be reasonably successful and thus worth entertaining.

            Where that might cross over into perceptions of “gold-digging” is if their expectations or requirements are beyond what the suitor (or observer) thinks is reasonable.

            What? She wants a 3bd apartment and a BMW, not just a 2bd apartment and a VW?

            For some, a Chinese girl expecting a house and car at all before marriage may already be considered “gold-digging” because they see her as wanting something material and expensive effectively given to her.

            What? Aren’t we supposed to save up to buy an apartment and car together? What do you mean I have to already have them?

            Your understanding of gold-digging as a girl using a guy pretty much as a bank account (ATM) to sponsor a luxurious lifestyle she otherwise couldn’t afford is accurate. My point above is that if she can’t buy a house or car on her own, her (or her family’s) expectation/demand for such from a suitor can be seen as “gold-digging” as well.

            Like you, I don’t think a girl simply wanting a guy who is better off than herself is gold-digging except in the most extreme of interpretations. Gold-digging is always a function of how much MORE she wants over what the observer thinks is reasonable.

            I grew up with a more idealistic, egalitarian, “modern” background with the idea of a couple being partners working together to build a family, which includes buying a home together. The notion of the guy having to provide a home is “traditional” to me, premised on the idea that a family’s economics are mostly dependant upon the man. I can understand it in the context of China and prevailing Chinese economic society.

            What I have more antipathy for is the expectation of a “car” because whereas I can swallow the idea of a new family having a stable nest in China, I see car ownership as almost purely vanity in China. I’m not talking about some rural girl liking some rural guy cuz he has a truck he can use to make a living with, I’m talking about largely urban Chinese girls wanting a car because they think it’ll impress their friends/family and thus they’ll have enough “face” (respect, prestige, status) befitting themselves or their station in life.

            I generally don’t see car ownership as a justifiable expectation or requirement for marriage in China. It’s almost a pure luxury except in a very narrow range of cases. I suppose if the couple has good jobs downtown and the guy has a choice between buying a place downtown or buying a cheaper place in the suburbs and spending the savings on a car, fine, go for it, your money and decision on how to allocate funds. But if the girl is like, I want a place downtown AND a car regardless of what the guy can afford, that strikes me as unreasonable.

            Not sure if I rambled on more than necessary to clear up my point up there.

            Anyway, on buying gifts: Define “many”, right? For a girl to be a gold-digger, it has to be her who is expecting/demanding the gifts. If the guy is willingly and happily showering her with gifts, that doesn’t make a her a gold-digger. At most, she’s just being spoiled. Are your Chinese guy friends happy gifting their girls? Or is it begrudging? Like if they don’t, they’ll lose the girls?

          • Brad pitt

            A lot of foreigners might feel Chinese girls place more emphasis on the material/practical than the ideal/romantic. Whereas some will say “love is all you need” for a marriage, many Chinese girls might hesitate and believe “no, that’s not”

            And this is where are definitions cross. According to you, the average foreigner will think that if love is not all you need than you are a gold digger. While I think if It’s “all I need is money” then that is gold digging.

            Now, I’m not blind, I have seen many of these set up marriages where the women will end up marrying to an arranged date because of family pressure. These women are usually just unhappy and cheat on their husbands in the end. Not 100% if I consider them gold diggers or just weak for not being able to stand up to their parents. I guess it’s a cultural difference as Chinese generally are much more obedient/rely on their parents more than foreigners though.

            I think most of the gold digging type demands you mentioned stem from what the family wants rather than what the girl herself would require. An example, although reversed. Is how my Chinese guy friend was dating a wai di ren girl. She was quite lovely and I think he quite liked her, but later when he introduced her to his mom she would not allow him to continue dating her just because she was from a poorer province. He complied and eventually ended the relationship. Does that make him a gold digger? Weak for not standing up to his mom?

            IMO, anyone who thinks “love” is all you need, is probably not that clever… People will fall in “love” with many different people in their lifetimes, limiting ones self to people who are better off doesn’t mean you won’t choose one which also has your desired qualities in a partner/could fall in love with.

            I think it is hard to deny that Mainland Chinese are a bit money-centric. But given their social security situation I think it should be understood. Just look at the other article where the baby died because the parents didn’t have cash on them to pay the ambulance… The ambulance driver wasn’t about to take love as a form of payment… (or maybe…lol).

            The notion of the guy having to provide a home is “traditional” to me, premised on the idea that a family’s economics are mostly dependant upon the man. I can understand it in the context of China and prevailing Chinese economic society.

            This is exactly what I mean, given the context I think comments like “chinese girls are all gold diggers etc…” are a bit ignorant. It should be expected and not warrant abuse…

            As far as the whole car thing, You are 100% right, buying a car in an Chinese city is just stupid… It is much cheaper/less frustrating to get taxis or make friends with someone running a hei che. But in contrast to what you were saying, with most of my Chinese friends marriages, the man’s family was expected to pay for house/wedding while the womens family was expected to buy the car/Interior decoration of the house (leading to many of my Chinese friends having pink flower wallpaper haha). Still obviously unbalanced but not as unfair, as the man’s family buying everything. Also from what I understand, the money received from red pockets at weddings usually exceeds the cost of the wedding itself.

            “Not sure if I rambled on more than necessary to clear up my point up there.”

            I did too… -_- It’s a bit crazy how much time we spend chatting about Chinese people lol…
            Sorry if i missed answering some parts of your reply but it was LONG!

          • Kai

            To be clear, I said “a lot” as opposed to “average”, which merely means a number I feel significant. So, I don’t think any definitions were crossed here

            I don’t consider women who were pressued into marriage, unhappy, or cheaters to be “gold-digger”..

            My point wasn’t to say the “house and car” demands from the woman or family are necessarily “gold-digging” demands. My point was that they might be seen as “gold-digging” and the likelihood of that is a function of the specifics of the demand and what the guy thinks is reasonable. It’s pretty subjective.

            I don’t think anything I said conflicts with what you’re saying about people doing or demanding what their parents want.

            This is exactly what I mean, given the context I think comments like “chinese girls are all gold diggers etc…” are a bit ignorant. It should be expected and not warrant abuse…

            I agree that sort of comment is thrown around a bit too much. Each situation should be judged on its own merits at the end of the day.

            But in contrast to what you were saying, with most of my Chinese friends marriages, the man’s family was expected to pay for house/wedding while the womens family was expected to buy the car/Interior decoration of the house (leading to many of my Chinese friends having pink flower wallpaper haha). Still obviously unbalanced but not as unfair, as the man’s family buying everything. Also from what I understand, the money received from red pockets at weddings usually exceeds the cost of the wedding itself.

            Right, I’ve heard of that as well, that the wife’s family is responsible for the renovations and furniture/appliances. Car, not so much but I’ve heard of it before as well. What complicates that is the money for those things often comes from the “reverse dowry” the guy pays the wife’s parents. This is here typical arguments about “selling your daughter” come in with rebuttals by the parents that they’re actually not keeping that money and putting it back into the new couple’s home/future. Still, the outlay was by the guy.

            Whether or not the red pockets offset the cost of the wedding depends on how expensive your wedding is, how many guests you invite, and how generous they are. It’s hard to say and in the end, you’re obligated to return the gift with an appropriate markup for when your guest has a wedding you’re invited to. So it’s a wash in the long-run.


  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    I suck at math.
    If I tried doing this, I might accidentally say “I slept with your mother” or something.

    • Cauffiel

      Oh, like thats not what you would be trying to say anyway. :-D

  • Gerhana

    when a passionate emotion is expressed in term of mathematical equation, programming languages or chemical reaction in the body, I find it to be unique, maybe slightly pitiful, but not endearing or pleasing.

    “Obsession and passion is not from a place called logic” – something like that, forgot the author

  • mei mei

    aww cute although i dont understand it

    • Cauffiel

      Apparently its a mathematical formula for how to destroy every last affection a man can have for a girlfriend.

      • North-eastern

        Apparently this is the newest trend for Chinese women to refuse a man? What it used to be in the past was “Do you have a house? car? job?”, now it is “Solve this and I’m yours”.

    • Taoran

      if you don’t understand it, how can you know if it’s cute or not?

      • North-eastern

        It’s cute, because she doesn’t understand it.

  • saltynuts

    “i asked her if she loves me, but what i got was a puzzle.” – boyfriend

  • donscarletti

    Well, the great thing about China is, the skills that pay the bills and the tricks that pull the chicks are one and the same. But in work, if you don’t love what you do, you’re not likely to be very good at it, passion makes up at least half of anything. I manage more than enough people to do any of that stuff myself, I just enjoy it, stops the mind from rotting.

    Anyway, if one is a single man in China (rather than a married one looking for a mistress), it’s not about spending money, it’s about having it, since having money makes you cool. If for example you own a factory and drive a Porche, girls will pay for dinner and go home with you because it is worthwhile to her to impress you. If you’ve got a low to average income, you might need to hire a prostitute or buy gifts to impress someone. Being wealthy works out cheaper.

    • Brad pitt

      Just go to the gym…
      Pro tip to all the single guys… girls go stupid for buff guys ;)

      • donscarletti

        Chinese chicks hate beerguts, even little ones. Beyond that though, I haven’t seen any preference at all for well sculpted guys over weedy ones.

        I’m still convinced making money is the way to go. Muscle turns to fat if you don’t keep working out (I was pretty toned before we started working overtime to complete a project, now I’m saggy as shit). Money is better, buy some bluechips, property, term deposits, whatever and it just stays there, plus Chinese girls like it more.

        • Zappa Frank

          definitely true, build muscles for girls is the most stupid thing people can do.

          • Brad pitt

            Often the type of people that can’t pick up girls, are the types that lack confidence and this affects many aspects of their lives, including, making money. The extra confidence, swagger and energy that comes with keeping fit and eating well is priceless and there are so many more benefits than just picking up girls easily. Show me an ugly guy who doesn’t take care of himself with a hot girl and I’ll show you a gold digger.

        • Edward_Crowley

          More nonsense from the anti beer brigade. I’ve seen poor and fat, young and old, western men with guts, with pretty chinese girls. Chinese men themselves have guts, drink, smoke, and do far worse behaviour….

  • David

    It is poetry, it does not need to make literal sense. Have you heard of artistic license? There are plenty of important stories, it is nice to have a relaxing cute one once in a while.

  • Thanh Phú

    I tell you man, this is news because the CCP want to to be news. Dead pigs suddenly float on the river? Not news!

  • David

    I can not believe people are actually on here talking crap about this girl. Give her some credit for trying to be different. She is a freshman, which means she is probably 18 or 19 years old, she wrote it on a white board, she didn’t engrave it in granite for eternity.

  • Cauffiel

    I have a feeling you’re one of those guys who thinks China has enormous civil problems that should be addressed in public forums for people to stay informed and participate in the development of their country. Well, I got news for you, Mr. Rick in China….


    fuck japan

  • Surfeit

    I also wrote a poem.

    1+1 is 2
    I just did a poo.

  • Irvin

    Here’s a formula for the economics of having a girl friend:

    A = the market price of hookers
    B = the money you spend on your girlfriend
    C = the number of times you had sex with her

    If B/C <= A then the relationship is profitable
    Else you're better off with a hooker

  • Richard Ford

    “Math”. Always sounds weird. Like saying “Mathematic” or “Physic”. :-S

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Let me express my love to this girl in binary codes: 1001110101001010001010000100100111101011001111010100010

  • masonman

    You don’t see anything truly “newsworthy” in China because that would be unharmonious.

  • 樊超

    THis is why China is the future, superior IQ than all other races. take a look at the silicon valley, if all the Chinese went back to China, there will be nothing left there.
    CHinese are superior race face it.

    • hess

      all hail the glorious master race

      • 樊超

        never look to the future using today’s prospective, like in Yuan or Ming Dynasty of China, no one would be expecting white ppl to beat East Asians especially Chinese in 19th century. if you have the knowledge of history, you will understand why I said that. No one was expecting China to overtake Japan in 2011, No one was expecting China to have doubled Japan’s GDP in 2013, everyone in the west was expecting CHina to collapse after mideast revolution,all you foreign Junks here on the website were expecting China to have the hardlanding last year. IF THIS CHINA is not going to become the superpower in 10 years, I would be very very surprised.

        • hess

          “everyone in the west was expecting CHina to collapse after mideast revolution” You’re joking, right? Cause I dont know a single person who expected that

    • Jahar

      You’re not a very good troll.

      • hess

        Take a look at all his discus comments, hes not a troll, just a retard

        • Zappa Frank

          He is a man? But he wanted mr. Wiener as sex slave..

    • mr.wiener

      I for one welcome our new overlords.

      • 樊超

        cool, you can become my sex slave.

  • David

    LMAO ummm I think it is a pretty misogynistic tattoo that would fit the attitude of many younger men (us older men prefer to wine and dine before we pounce on the ladies lol).

  • marksman

    this is absolutely gibberish, she isn’t impressing me the very least

  • North-eastern

    F**k Maths, I’m cooking Meth – Boyfriend.

  • 樊超

    China No.1 woohoo!

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