13-Year-Old Girl Forces Pregnant Mother to Abort Second Child

Han Ga Eun, Han Ga-in
Note: This is not the girl in the below story.

From QQ:

13-Year-Old Girl Threatens Suicide to Force Parents to Abort Second Child, Pregnant Mother Tearfully Agrees

Wuhan Evening News report (reporter Li Yang, correspondents Li Jing, Tang Yi, and Zeng Weihong) — After a year of trying, 44-year-old Ms. Xiao and her husband finally succeeded in becoming pregnant with the second child they’ve longed for, but their 13-year-old daughter Wen Wen (pseudonym) objected in every way possible, successively using “cutting classes”, “running away”, and “jumping to her death” as threats. After her daughter attempted to cut her wrist with a razor blade, 13-week 5-day pregnant Ms. Xiao had no choice but to go to the hospital with tears in her eyes and terminate her pregnancy.

Ms. Xiao lives in the Xuzhou New Housing Development, and is a housewife. With her husband Mr. Wang owning a business, their family’s economic situation is relatively favorable. After the government expanded the “two children for parents who were single children themselves” policy, Ms. Xiao, who was an only daughter herself, and her husband spent a year trying to get pregnant, and finally succeeded. However, facing the prospect of the family adding a member, 13-year-old Wen Wen was instead extremely angry.

"I don't want Mommy to have another baby!"
“I don’t want Mommy to have another baby!”

“She is our family’s little princess, has been spoiled rotten, has been extremely headstrong ever since she was small, everything having to be her way. Ever since she learned that I was pregnant, she’s been saying she’s going to jump off the building to her death if we give birth to a younger brother or sister.” Ms. Xiao says, “At first, we thought it was all talk [exaggerations], but the longer my pregnancy continued, the worse her temper has become, with her often throwing things around at home.”

Apart from throwing things to vent her discontent, Wen Wen, who is in her third year at a magnet junior high school in Wuhan, also threatened her parents that she would cut classes, would refuse to take the middle school examinations [that determines high school acceptances], and would run away. In the past month, Wen Wen has often threatened to commit suicide, often making a fuss into the night refusing to go to bed. One week ago, Ms. Xiao discovered a razor blade while cleaning up Wen Wen’s room, and when she looked at Wen Wen’s wrist, there were several distinct cuts. Realizing the severity of the situation, the parents had a heart-to-heart with Wen Wen, but the daughter remained obstinate, insisting that as long as a second child is born, she would kill herself.

Three days ago, after repeated consideration, Ms. Xiao accompanied by her husband went to the city’s Hankou Hospital Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and underwent pregnancy termination [abortion].


“A child [resisting the idea of] parents having a second child is a common reaction,” said Hankou Hospital Psychological Rehabilitation Department Director Hu Hongtao. Only children these days have been surrounded by ‘4+2’ [4 grandparents and 2 parents], and are used to having themselves at the center, so parents first need to communicate with the child, tell him (her) why they want to have another child, and have the child understand that even with a younger brother or sister, their love for him (her) will not be any less.

Hu Hongtao believes in case where children like Wen Wen have excessively intense reactions, the parents need to reflect on whether or not there are problems with how they are normally raising the child, whether they are spoiling/doting too much, and if the result is like this, the parents need to immediately correct their own behavior/actions.

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Comments from QQ:


This is indirect murder! The mentality of this kind of child is extremely unhealthy, extremely selfish! In the future, it will get even worse! Not even wanting one’s own little brother or sister, just how mentally retarded [sick] is that! The parents don’t properly educate this daughter and instead go get an abortion. This will only further indulge her wanton behavior! The tears and crying are yet to come! Wanting to commit suicide for even this, just wait until you two are old, maybe she’ll make a fuss about committing suicide over breaking up with her boyfriend, but then you two will be old, have nothing, and will regret even more this decision to get an abortion!


I feel these parents only thought about their own happiness in having a second child. They didn’t think about their grown-up child. The child is already 13-years-old, why bother? I would be surprised if their love didn’t diminish [for the older child].


Just 13 years old, and already capable of such scheming, it’d be a wonder if she doesn’t cause trouble in the future! This too is a result of parents always spoiling a child!!!


I bet with her already having such intense abnormal behavior at this young of an age, may very well grow up and get involved in drugs, prostitution, murder, arson [trouble-making], and other morally degenerate fringe behavior. I truly believe proper upbringing has to begin when they are small, and what more, traditional upbringing is still desirable, of the “filial sons come from the rod, good disciples come from strict teachers” sort.


Given that this one is a failure, might as well just try a new one.


A child like this will sooner or later cause trouble! There are problems in the upbringing! My son wants a little brother or sister, but we do not qualify under the policy, sigh~ When can we get an all-inclusive expanded two-child policy?


If you have the opportunity, do seize it to have another child! This one is already a waste [is useless].


Fucking, this young girl personally killed her own little brother/sister! She’s going to get what’s coming to her in the future!


Fuck! So small and already so bare-naked in her selfishness! This mother too, she really went ahead and aborted her child! When this child grows up, she’s definitely going to be anything good, so you two might as well prepare yourself for having raised a good-for-nothing! Next time continue with the pregnancy! If she wants to die, then let her die! After all, you’ll still have the second child!


If it were my child, I’d cripple her! Rip off that mouth of hers! This is simply out of control! 13 years old and still so [selfish, inconsiderate]! She deserves a beating [needs to be disciplined]!

Comments from NetEase:

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轩然客 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

This kind of girl will never escape a fate of suicide. In her eyes, there are too many reasons to commit suicide in life.

见朕骑妓的时刻到了 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

She thought of how there would be one extra person to split her inheritance and what a frightening thing that is! A failure of child-rearing…

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:171.36.*.*

Daughter wasn’t properly raised, can only blame yourself.

三胖去死吧 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Self-inflicted, to raise such a daughter is too frightening. Rather than saying she is too spoiled, might as well say the parents are too stupid, only knowing to obey and comply with their daughter, never knowing to say “no”. The poor parents are also the product of the ignorant masses’ brainwashing education.

箫萧 [网易重庆市网友]:

Whoever marries this kind of girl in the future is whoever is screwed.

网易江苏省淮安市网友 ip:180.125.*.*

The first product is already a failure, and they give up their last chance by not having a second child?

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:171.37.*.*

Since you know you failed to properly educate/raise her, then keep the second one and properly educate/raise it.

王氏投资 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

Having children but not [proper] raising them, it’s the parents fault. This kind of child surely grew up in a family without love or affection. So not having a second one is good, lest they add one more human scum to the world.

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  • Free Man

    Wow. Less than half a century of one child policy and parents forget how to handle more than one child.

    I agree with the netizens saying that this kid will make more trouble in the future.

    • firebert5

      There is little discipline in China because to do so would “hurt their hearts.” So of course instead, society suffers so the kids’ hearts don’t hurt.

  • Sharrma

    These parents are so weak.

    • Mihel

      Or they are hiding something.

  • yurah

    That mother needs to kick her daughter’s ass

  • Amused

    *cough* bullshit excuse *cough*

  • 宋易

    Bratty little kid, you deserve a national news story and all the attention in the world.

  • They Aborted the wrong child!

    • mr.wiener


      • Bing

        under this circumstances i’ll they, with education like this they’d better abort both.

  • should drown the bitch the river before she throws a toddler off a building

    • Mihel

      Or maybe they should take her away from her parents and give her appropriate medical treatment.

  • bzhmaddog

    Even it is a BS story. Do you think the image on top of this post is appropriate for this kind of topic ?

    • fury

      It is China. there is no political correctness.

  • JayJay

    Now the child will live with this for the rest of her life.

  • Irvin

    Whoever end up being her husband is probably chairman mao in past life.

    • Probotector

      Implying then that she will be put to death eventually? Depends which of his wives you’re referring to ;)

      • Irvin

        implying only the worst among us deserve someone like her.

  • Mihel

    Could parents really be this spineless?
    Or are the girl’s suicide attempts symptomatic of hidden domestic abuse?

    Either this girl has serious mental problems (not “hahah mental problems”) or the parents really fucked up her mind. Why is everyone believing the parents as if they were above suspicion?

    • Teacher in China

      I’m with you on that one. It’s easy to blame her and get angry over her reaction, but something about her is definitely off, and it might be more than just being “spoiled”. Such an extreme reaction like that deserves closer attention.

  • Mighty曹

    I actually blame the mother for raising her to be like this.

    • UserID01

      Or father. Or both. You’d have to figure that both of the parents had to have a hand in raising a kid THIS ridiculously spoiled. If even one parent had the common sense and discipline not to give into a 13-year-old girl’s tantrums, this probably wouldn’t have happened. It’s as if they never learned to actually parent.

      • firebert5

        Or NOT raising their kid, as the case may typically be.

        • UserID01

          Yeah, unfortunately. Raising a kid is more than feeding, housing and clothing them until the age of adulthood. It’s instilling positive morals, values, and cultivating them into being responsible adults.

          • Jahar

            You mean raising your kid is not just giving them money to buy lunch at school and yelling at them about their grades?

      • Mighty曹

        I wonder if the possible age gap makes a difference. My mother taught us (my siblings and I) to love each other ever since I can remember. Granted that we were only 1 year to 2 in age difference.

        • UserID01

          I dunno… Maybe?

          There are 9 years between me and my first half-sister. I was raised by a single mom on a tight budget. And I feel like even if she wanted to spoil me rotten, she had more sense than to raise me to believe I deserve everything I want just for existing. My half sisters grew up in a comfortable middle class household with both parents… but they aren’t entitled douchenozzles, either. My dad and his wife did a good job raising them. If they want something, and it’s within reason, they may get it. If it’s unreasonable, even if they CAN afford it, the answer is no. Just… fucking no. No, you cannot get a new guitar for Christmas this year, you already got one for your birthday. No, you cannot bring your boyfriend on vacation with us. No. It’s a simple word. It’s a parent’s job to use it to reign in unruly demands. I mean… it’s their job to parent. They make the decisions. My sisters live with them, not the other way around.

          I know if I ever demanded anything of my parents with the full expectation that they should OBEY me just because, I’d be swallowing my teeth before I finished my sentence.

  • redgirls

    I find it very hard to believe this is true. That is indulgence at its worst. My own son called his little sister,”her” for two years solid. he was not impressed when we had our second child he was 3 when she was born , it was two years of “her” fell over,”her” wont shut up,” her” is eating my toys, “her” smells, never addressed by her name always “her”
    But as the sayings go, Be good to your Brothers and your Sisters you will live with them them longer than your Parents or your Children.

  • Vance

    I’m sorry. I’m not sure if I can stomach reading this. I’ll get back to you guys and comment if I get the courage to read this. How do parents LET there kid order them around on anything. let alone something like this?

    • Probotector

      It happens a lot in China though, they feel it’s just easier to spoil the kid. My wife’s 3yo nephew is not intimidated by his parents at all. They actually didn’t send him to kindergarten because it would make him cry and they couldn’t bare it. Letting the kids get their way (esp the sons, although not in the case of this article) is just a cop out tactic because the parents are too lazy/irresponsible to do the right thing.

      • Vance

        Spoiled kids is all too common. I’ve just never heard of parents actually terminating a pregnancy that they desperatey wanted just to appease a teenage brat. I wonder what she will demand of her husband when she marries?

  • firebert5

    “I would be surprised if their love didn’t diminish [for the older child].”

    The fact that this opinion is so widely held in China shows just how devastating the one-child policy has already been on the moral compass of the people in general in China.

  • firebert5

    Not knowing the people, I wouldn’t rule out mental problems, but it seems that that card is way overplayed in China. Every unsociable or despicable act is considered to be a result of “mental problems.” I would call this human selfishness taken to the extreme because it has been allowed to by poor child-rearing. It has certainly had long-term effects on the kid’s behavior and attitude toward everyone else, but I would not be so quick to label it a “mental issue” as understood as being out of her control.

    • Boris

      It may not be a mental issue, but if I was a parent, I’d get the kid committed.

    • UserID01

      I dunno, I kind of feel like Little Emperor Syndrome could be classified as a mental illness.

      • firebert5

        Of course you would have to specify “whose” mental illness. The parents’ or the kid’s?

  • Zappa Frank

    they should let her suicide.

  • FYIADragoon

    Once again, spoiled brats. Only one solution when its gotten so bad that the children are literally murdering others without remorse:

    1. Explain yourself, give them a chance to take the diplomatic option
    2. If failed, bend them over your leg
    3. Pull their pants down
    4. Raise hand up high
    5. Quickly and forcefully bring hand down onto buttocks.
    6. Repeat

    Seriously, these parents and grandparents are absolute shit. They always play the “oh, he/she has always been such a headstrong and adamant child” excuse. Get your shit together before these children become adults and start ruining Chinese society (post 90s are already there though, so it might be too late). I feel blessed at this point that I had a family that realized that if the kid isn’t old enough to understand the logic, you just have to use force. Spoiling them is how you produce burnouts and manchildren.

  • Luke the Duke

    That girl deserves to get raped.

  • biggj

    Sure the kids a little shit….but the parents are to blame..and not even for raising a little prick. Just the simple fact they actually went through with the abortion. Make the parents horrible, weak people.

    I vaguely remember doing something like this once…not over another child, but I wanted a ninja turtle from the store and when my mom said no I think I throw a shit fit threaten to run away…..well when we got home …I got beat like a fucking red headed step child and had 2 bruised ribs. Some might call this child abuse…well maybe…but I never acted like that again. And I have no hard feel toward my mom…she just don’t take any shit. Other than that…she never really ever laid a hand on me ever again…though i never gave her a reason to.

    • vincent_t

      about the same thing happened to my friend when he was in primary school. He was scolded by his dad, pissed he got out into the car porch and threw a brick onto the windshield of his dad’s car. His dad dragged him back and beat the hell out of him with a soft cane and bruises all over his legs.
      When he told me the story he was grateful that his dad taught him the lesson right there and then, or else he can’t imagine what he would be today. Luckily no-one call the police and have his dad arrested, all end well i guess.

      • biggj

        Yeah that was an 80’s beating….you cant get away with that shit nowadays. lol

        • Boris

          they need to bring it back.

        • Edward Kay

          wow! U guys like BDSM.

          • biggj

            I don’t recall liking it….actually more like the complete opposite.

          • Miniluv101

            The perpetuated idea that violence solves all problems is the reason why certain countries act so surprised when people hate them enough to strap C-4 to themselves.

        • Surfeit

          Fold a jumper and put it on the place of beating.

    • Mighty曹

      Your mom says, “Talk to the hand” and you just shut up, therefore, never gave her a reason to lay a hand on you again. LOL!

      Remember that little spoiled brat who was beating and choking his mom for not buying something he wanted? He needed an ass whupping like that.

      • Dolph Grunt

        I’ve seen tantrums all over the world, but the most epic ones were in China. The best one was the boy who was having a hissy fit outside the Metro and started kicking down all the bikes that were parked outside. Seen adults do that too.

        Ah China, my favourite tantrums.

    • Ami

      so sweet… seriously it always suprises me the number of children that can throw a tantrum. Trust me if you were from an african family you would not even DARE to do that kind of stuff. Your mother would beat you so much that you would fly to the over side of the world. That’s why in public transports in Paris you will never see a kid of african origins screaming or making a fuss because we know that shit is gonna happen at home. it annoys me so much when I see white moms being so weak like “baby I don’t think that you should do that~” no wonder your child is a fucking spoilt brat

      • Mihel

        That’s why in public transports in Paris you will never see a kid of african origins screaming or making a fuss

        Haha it’s totally the contrary in Italy, in public transports africans are the loudest (after south italians of course). All other minorities are quite calm and “collected” but when africans board on a bus they talk at like 200 decibels even though they have adjacent seats.

  • Probotector

    God Chinese children get away with anything. I’m surprised it was a girl though.

    • fury

      You dont understand, If the girl will have a brother, that will be a great threat to her. (love & money).

    • Mighty曹

      First little Princes. Now little Princesses.

  • Surfeit

    Children are like dogs. You have to punish them so they understand. Also, you choose a favourite and find a way to ditch the others, eventually.

  • AbC

    Besides the stupidity of the parents for aborting a 13 week old fetus just to satisfy a 13 yo brat…
    Why would this story use a picture of a completely unrelated girl? Surely a cartoon diagram is better if the actual girl’s photo cannot be used for legal reasons.

    • Jahar

      Because who doesn’t want to see pics of hot korean girls?

    • Kai

      You can blame me. Sometimes there aren’t any images in the original Chinese source, but because our site is designed to require a thumbnail for each article for display on the homepage and archives, we have to find something illustrative. In this case, I didn’t like the white space on the cartoons so I searched for “bratty chinese girl” and this Korean gal was one of the top results.

      Arguably, she looks more like she’s trying to be “pouty cute” in that stereotypically “Asian” way than “bratty” but I was amused enough by her image being associated with such search terms that I had to use it.

      Given how prominent the disclaimer is, I hoped people would immediately understand this being a typical case of using “illustrative images” in publication. Apologies for any misgivings nonetheless.

      • AbC

        Understood. Besides, a prettier girl on an article thumbnail will attract more people to click on the article.

        • Kai

          That’s true, but not actually the reason for using it (if it were, you’d think we’d do it more often). It was pretty much the only young Asian girl among the image search results I scanned that looked conceivably like she was being “bratty”.

          I also actually almost decided not to use it at all and just go with the second cartoon as the thumbnail, but I was so amused by this image being the best result for my search terms that I had to use it.

  • chucky3176

    The photo picture of the girl shown above, looks totally Korean to me.
    Where did Chinasmack get this photo, and who is she?

  • Dolph Grunt

    Wow. A few thoughts…

    First; how did this story get printed? Not saying it’s not news worthy, but who volunteered this story to the press? Think that question makes it even more interesting.

    Second; if the daughter, for any reason, is attempting suicide, she should be getting some kind of help.

    Third; this is going to make for some interesting reminiscing in the future. “Remember when you were 13 and you forced us to abort our child? Oh, the good ole days.”

    Fourth; Gotta feel for (10 years from now) the poor bastard that marries her.

  • Jahar

    Everyone has mental problems. I hope you mean mental illness.

  • TheSeer

    Great! I am sure she will make a lovely partner once she reaches 18! “Buy this to me or I commit suicide!”, “Work more and buy a BMW or {INSERT EXPENSIVE CAR BRAND HERE} otherwise I commit suicide!”. Here comes the generation that was nicknamed “precious snowflakes”, wrapped in silk and coddled by everyone around them from day 1. You thought you have seen it all with the fat little emperors? Haha, the precious snowflakes are worse, much worse.

  • Apothis

    These are the kind of people who should never have been parents in the first place.

  • tomoe723

    Just wondering why the picture above is that of a Korean pretend crying? Is this an allusion to how Koreans look at abortion?

  • han

    Sounds like the parents aren’t to bright so they probably should have another child.

  • moop

    have this waste of space committed.

  • don mario

    parents are the ones in the wrong here.. they should commit suicide to themself.

  • don mario

    the chinese micheal corleone ….child girl version.

    this is beyond sick, even for china. can you imagine this person as an adult? unborn siblings just getting killed off to satisfy her will? she will be a freaking nightmare when she is older. these parents deserve to be locked up.

    • Alex Dương

      Hey, come on. Michael had to kill Tessio.

      • don mario

        even worse than him ..

  • aasdf34sdf

    She’ll probably develop a guilt complex of killing her unborn sibling and hurt herself regardless. The parents shouldn’t have given in, especially if they wanted the child. The girl is being reprimanded in the comments but in reality it is the parents who are to blame for aborting the child and being pushovers.

  • Rafasa Arandas

    Most Chinese youth today seem so spoiled…blame it on the wanton capitalism…

  • Radioactive_Panda

    That child needs help.

    I was happy when my sister was pregnant and gave birth. Me and my niece are 12 years apart.

    I was a spoiled brat for a while until I met my niece and grow up fast.

    Nothing’s wrong having a second child around the house seeing how I was the only young one in the family left and had no one to play with when my friend wasn’t over.

    Instead of caring for myself my life revolved around my niece, and spoiling her rotten like me.

    We all react different when we here mom’s pregnant with another child. I think 2 years after you give birth to your first child is the perfect time for a second one. Therefore you can prevent this where your oldest child whines and doesn’t want a sibling

  • Seriously?

    This child is mentally ill and belongs in a institution for an undetermined amount of time (years possibly). They should have put her in an institution and then had the baby.

  • the reckoning…

    Let the fuckin 13 yr old cut her wrist n get it done. If not somebody else needs to kill her. Dnt fuckin matter if she is younger or not she is fuckin sick n that can not b rehabilitated.get her ass off my planet.

  • guest

    Normal kids like me begged parents for a baby sibling! I’m guessing her toys were mini LV bags instead of dolls in strollers?

    I didn’t get the baby sister I wanted, but as my baby brother regularly nick my girl’s style jeans to be fashionable, I guess it is close enough…