13-Year-Old Girl Forces Pregnant Mother to Abort Second Child

Editor's Note: This is not the girl in the story. This is a top image result for "bratty chinese girl".
Han Ga Eun, Han Ga-in
Note: This is not the girl in the below story.

From QQ:

13-Year-Old Girl Threatens Suicide to Force Parents to Abort Second Child, Pregnant Mother Tearfully Agrees

Wuhan Evening News report (reporter Li Yang, correspondents Li Jing, Tang Yi, and Zeng Weihong) — After a year of trying, 44-year-old Ms. Xiao and her husband finally succeeded in becoming pregnant with the second child they’ve longed for, but their 13-year-old daughter Wen Wen (pseudonym) objected in every way possible, successively using “cutting classes”, “running away”, and “jumping to her death” as threats. After her daughter attempted to cut her wrist with a razor blade, 13-week 5-day pregnant Ms. Xiao had no choice but to go to the hospital with tears in her eyes and terminate her pregnancy.

Ms. Xiao lives in the Xuzhou New Housing Development, and is a housewife. With her husband Mr. Wang owning a business, their family’s economic situation is relatively favorable. After the government expanded the “two children for parents who were single children themselves” policy, Ms. Xiao, who was an only daughter herself, and her husband spent a year trying to get pregnant, and finally succeeded. However, facing the prospect of the family adding a member, 13-year-old Wen Wen was instead extremely angry.

"I don't want Mommy to have another baby!"
“I don’t want Mommy to have another baby!”

“She is our family’s little princess, has been spoiled rotten, has been extremely headstrong ever since she was small, everything having to be her way. Ever since she learned that I was pregnant, she’s been saying she’s going to jump off the building to her death if we give birth to a younger brother or sister.” Ms. Xiao says, “At first, we thought it was all talk [exaggerations], but the longer my pregnancy continued, the worse her temper has become, with her often throwing things around at home.”

Apart from throwing things to vent her discontent, Wen Wen, who is in her third year at a magnet junior high school in Wuhan, also threatened her parents that she would cut classes, would refuse to take the middle school examinations [that determines high school acceptances], and would run away. In the past month, Wen Wen has often threatened to commit suicide, often making a fuss into the night refusing to go to bed. One week ago, Ms. Xiao discovered a razor blade while cleaning up Wen Wen’s room, and when she looked at Wen Wen’s wrist, there were several distinct cuts. Realizing the severity of the situation, the parents had a heart-to-heart with Wen Wen, but the daughter remained obstinate, insisting that as long as a second child is born, she would kill herself.

Three days ago, after repeated consideration, Ms. Xiao accompanied by her husband went to the city’s Hankou Hospital Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and underwent pregnancy termination [abortion].


“A child [resisting the idea of] parents having a second child is a common reaction,” said Hankou Hospital Psychological Rehabilitation Department Director Hu Hongtao. Only children these days have been surrounded by ‘4+2’ [4 grandparents and 2 parents], and are used to having themselves at the center, so parents first need to communicate with the child, tell him (her) why they want to have another child, and have the child understand that even with a younger brother or sister, their love for him (her) will not be any less.

Hu Hongtao believes in case where children like Wen Wen have excessively intense reactions, the parents need to reflect on whether or not there are problems with how they are normally raising the child, whether they are spoiling/doting too much, and if the result is like this, the parents need to immediately correct their own behavior/actions.

Comments from QQ:


This is indirect murder! The mentality of this kind of child is extremely unhealthy, extremely selfish! In the future, it will get even worse! Not even wanting one’s own little brother or sister, just how mentally retarded [sick] is that! The parents don’t properly educate this daughter and instead go get an abortion. This will only further indulge her wanton behavior! The tears and crying are yet to come! Wanting to commit suicide for even this, just wait until you two are old, maybe she’ll make a fuss about committing suicide over breaking up with her boyfriend, but then you two will be old, have nothing, and will regret even more this decision to get an abortion!


I feel these parents only thought about their own happiness in having a second child. They didn’t think about their grown-up child. The child is already 13-years-old, why bother? I would be surprised if their love didn’t diminish [for the older child].


Just 13 years old, and already capable of such scheming, it’d be a wonder if she doesn’t cause trouble in the future! This too is a result of parents always spoiling a child!!!


I bet with her already having such intense abnormal behavior at this young of an age, may very well grow up and get involved in drugs, prostitution, murder, arson [trouble-making], and other morally degenerate fringe behavior. I truly believe proper upbringing has to begin when they are small, and what more, traditional upbringing is still desirable, of the “filial sons come from the rod, good disciples come from strict teachers” sort.


Given that this one is a failure, might as well just try a new one.


A child like this will sooner or later cause trouble! There are problems in the upbringing! My son wants a little brother or sister, but we do not qualify under the policy, sigh~ When can we get an all-inclusive expanded two-child policy?


If you have the opportunity, do seize it to have another child! This one is already a waste [is useless].


Fucking, this young girl personally killed her own little brother/sister! She’s going to get what’s coming to her in the future!


Fuck! So small and already so bare-naked in her selfishness! This mother too, she really went ahead and aborted her child! When this child grows up, she’s definitely going to be anything good, so you two might as well prepare yourself for having raised a good-for-nothing! Next time continue with the pregnancy! If she wants to die, then let her die! After all, you’ll still have the second child!


If it were my child, I’d cripple her! Rip off that mouth of hers! This is simply out of control! 13 years old and still so [selfish, inconsiderate]! She deserves a beating [needs to be disciplined]!

Comments from NetEase:

轩然客 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

This kind of girl will never escape a fate of suicide. In her eyes, there are too many reasons to commit suicide in life.

见朕骑妓的时刻到了 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

She thought of how there would be one extra person to split her inheritance and what a frightening thing that is! A failure of child-rearing…

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:171.36.*.*

Daughter wasn’t properly raised, can only blame yourself.

三胖去死吧 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Self-inflicted, to raise such a daughter is too frightening. Rather than saying she is too spoiled, might as well say the parents are too stupid, only knowing to obey and comply with their daughter, never knowing to say “no”. The poor parents are also the product of the ignorant masses’ brainwashing education.

箫萧 [网易重庆市网友]:

Whoever marries this kind of girl in the future is whoever is screwed.

网易江苏省淮安市网友 ip:180.125.*.*

The first product is already a failure, and they give up their last chance by not having a second child?

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:171.37.*.*

Since you know you failed to properly educate/raise her, then keep the second one and properly educate/raise it.

王氏投资 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

Having children but not [proper] raising them, it’s the parents fault. This kind of child surely grew up in a family without love or affection. So not having a second one is good, lest they add one more human scum to the world.

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