35 Million Counterfeit Condoms Seized by Chinese Authorities

Boxes of illegal condoms stored in a warehouse in Changsha.

Boxes of illegal condoms stored in a warehouse in Changsha.

From QQ:

Changsha Investigation Seizes 34.69 Million Illegal Condoms in a Case Worth 230 Million

2014 November 5, Changsha city’s Food and Drug Administration reported the details of the exceptionally large “4.23” illegal manufacture and sale of fake condoms case. This case has been classified by the National Food and Drug Administration as the top case in the 2014 national “Five Rectifications” of medical devices, in a case involing 230 million [RMB]. (Within the brands were included other expired products)


In a secret building within Changsha county Guoyuan town, condoms worth at least 230 million yuan were illegally manufactured and sold, destined for all provinces throughout the country excepting Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, with most going to Jiangshu and Shandong. Last year in May, Shaoyang county’s Chen X registered the “Hunan Xindali Technology Limited Company”, engaged in the business of “manufacturing, assembling, and sales of electronic toys”. However, this company instead hired the Guangdong Huitong Latex Products Limited Company and Hunan Yunyang Latex Technology Industry Limited Company to produce semi-finished natural rubber condoms.


Then, at the secret facility located in Changsha county Guoyuan town, under the guise of producing inflatable dolls, vibrators, and other adults sex products, “Xindali” produced and sold condoms, selling them to various parts of the country. The reason for operating like this was because inflatable dolls and such are not considered medical devices [products] whereas condoms are and require a “Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License”. In April of this year, the Changsha municipal Food and Drug Administration received a tip from the Xiangta City Administration. Through various inspections, the Changsha Food and Drug Administration determined that there must be an “illegal facility” in the CHansha county administrative region or surrounding area, and notified the local public security organs [authorities, departments].


On April 23rd, over 200 law enforcement personnel surrounded the secret facility — a five-storey residential building, with the basement being a warehouse for the condoms, boxes stacked high. The first floor was the workshop producing packaging for the workship. The second floor and fourth floor produced inflatable dolls. There was only a small street that led to the secret facility, with people responsible for keeping a lookout. The facility also employed a cook. Seized in the bust were 28.67 million semi-finished condoms and 6.02 million finished condoms involving 15 labels/brands including “Lefantian”, “Langyatao”, and “Aidaodi”. With the production facilities and packaging materials included, the case was valued at 230 million yuan. Many among the products were “postdated”, meaning the bust was in April but the packaging labels indicated a production date of June. Each box of condoms cost 2-3 yuan, and would be sold on the market at a low price to attract consumers, primarily headed towards urban outskirts and smaller contraceptive specialty stores.


Changsha city Food and Drug Administration Inspection Chief Li Hong explains that “Guangdong Huitong” and “Hunan Yunyang” successively provided “Xindali” approximately 200 million semi-finished condom products. With regards to the investigations on these two enterprises, they are currently still on-going. The primary suspect in the case, Chen X, has already been arrested and brought to trial. Li Hong explains that they have previously conducted investigations throughout the city and discovered condoms involved in the “4.23” case being sold in a medical devices wholesaler, which they investigated on the spot. The “4.23” case seized a large number ribbed and studded condoms. These types of condom have demanding production processes, yet “Xindali” did not obtain the reelvant manufacturing qualifications. Therefore, once the condoms involved in this case reach the market, they are likely to exhibit problems such as breakage and ineffectiveness.

Comments from QQ:

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Fake condoms, good news for abortion clinics.


No wonder they’ve lately felt uncomfortable. They were fake. I guess I shouldn’t be cheap.

No wonder there has been an increase in unexpected pregnancies, as well as reports of babies being abandoned or killed. It turns out the culprit are these fake subpar condoms…


It would be easier to just say how to tell the fake products apart fromt he real. Just exactly how are they fake?


This is how AIDS [HIV] and STDs spread! In this country, tell me, can we find anything that isn’t fake? Fuck! With the situation like this, you people still scream about boycotting Japan and boycotting American products! Why don’t you boycott your stupid cunt mentality?


Confiscate them all, then make them into chewing gum to be exported to Japan (1.5/each)


There are fakes for even this? Just how many people have been screwed over by this? People these days, for profit, they’ll counterfeit anything.

I Wanna Go ℡

Fake condoms wouldn’t mean those that were used by others and simply repackaged, would it?


Use a freezer bag, coated with a bit of sesame oil???


What the fuck, faking even condoms. Not only does it go against the country’s population control policy, it also makes people afraid to use them and worried after using them. Unscrupulous businessmen should be executed…

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  • Xio Gen

    Counterfeit would imply that they’re based on actual brands. These are just cheap knock-offs.

  • Guest

    now they can just repackage these millions of condoms

  • MonkeyMouth

    ….and notified the local public security organs [authorities, departments].
    Pun intended??

  • Amused

    Wait, Chinese people are using condoms now? I thought the usual thing was chain abortions.

    • ESL Ninja


  • AbC

    Knock-offs to get knocked-up… Only in the heavenly kingdom.

  • Ryo Saeba

    At lease they aren’t recycled condoms.

    • AbC

      We don’t actually know that for sure…

  • Probotector

    Doin’ somethin’ right.

  • Surfeit

    “No wonder they’ve lately felt uncomfortable. They were fake. I guess I shouldn’t be cheap.”

    That’s a good one. ‘I’ve done it y’know! With a girl. We do it all the time. It’s true I tell you!’

  • Dolph Grunt

    And the One Child Policy swiftly and suddenly comes (no pun intended) to an end.

  • Finally–yogurt sales are on the rise.

  • David

    I think they are called faked because they do not have the correct license for making them (i.e. the government didn’t get paid) and they are packaging them to look like they were made by companies that do have the proper license. The article is not really clear on if the products were defective.

    • mr.wiener

      An important distiction. I was wondering why it would be worthwhile selling fake johnnies

      • Rick in China

        In a country where you can buy fake eggs, where 10kuai cigarettes are faked, where oil is drudged up from sewers to squeeze bits remaining out and clean it to ‘appear’ clean — even though good oil isn’t so expensive……. when done in quantity, even a tiny margin means massive profits. The country has gone full-blown greedy cash-mongering capitalist without good enough regulation and policing agencies in place and it’ll take a while to catch up. The ethics are shot to shit, and lots of people don’t give a fuck if they sell something that causes millions of people massive problems, because they can buy more apartments to sit on for their retirement and a new sports car to pick up wanna-be mistresses. This is where we’re at, and the sad part is: most everyone seems to expect it. Local hears ‘millions of fake xyz’, their response isn’t one of shock, but one of casual occurrence and expectation.

    • wnsk

      ‘These types of condom have demanding production processes, yet “Xindali” did not obtain the relevant manufacturing qualifications. Therefore, once the condoms involved in this case reach the market, they are likely to exhibit problems such as breakage and ineffectiveness.’

      Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    Regarding the second photo –

    I hope condoms that size are going for half price…

  • As if they would be “used by others and repackaged” lol.

  • commander

    The level of punishment for the bogus contraceptive manufacturer should be calculated reflecting the probability of condom malfunction that causes unexpected pregnancy.

    Since one child policy remains valid for most married couple, if a second child pregnancy is engendered by the use of the faulty condom produced by the fake condom maker, law enforcement authorities should reflect the punishment for one-child rule violation in the penalty for the condom maker.

    • Rick in China

      That would only be justified if the penalty fee went to the couple. Otherwise it’d just be the corrupt getting paid off even more in the end, more than likely.

      • commander

        When I spoke of the need for aggravated punishment after reflecting unwanted pregnancy from using faulty condoms, I said as an expression of anger for the condom maker.

        Court sentencing for them will go according to law.

  • Fdom

    A “secret” 5 storey building? I’m sure it wasn’t secret to the officials that were being paid off to pretend it didn’t exist. They probably own it!

  • JayJay

    Making family planning official’s job even harder…

  • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

    LMBAO! Fake products of everything else is okay… But when it comes to fake condoms….the Chinese authorities sure dont dick around! LoL

    • Alex Dương

      But you literally cannot dick around with defective condoms…

  • Molly

    why this doesn’t surprise me? anyway Chinese man never use condom so this news is maybe a bad news for laowai.haha

  • SixAces

    Counterfeit condoms made from recycled chewing gum that is made from recycled condoms that came from recycled balloons made from recycled tires. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty green.