Young Man Kneels for 30+ Days Begging Girlfriend’s Forgiveness

A young Chinese man on his knees begging his girlfriend to forgive him.

A young Chinese man on his knees begging his girlfriend to forgive him.

From QQ:

Young Man Begs on His Knees for Girlfriend’s Forgiveness for Over 30 Days, Helped Up By Kind-Hearted City Residents

2014 November 6, Shandong province Dongying city, in front of a hair salon on Dongsan Road, a young man from Sichuan province has been kneeling on the ground for a long time refusing to get up, imploring his girlfriend who works in Dongying to change her mind. Many kind-hearted city resident were moved by what he was doing, and one after another they went forward to help him up. According to an observer, the young man has persisted in this kneeling entreaty for over a month now. Zhou Guangxue/Dongfang IC




Comments from QQ:


Usually guys who go to such extremes and persevere in doing so actually are that good anyway! He may be good to you at the time but if after marriage you do something that makes him unhappy, he’ll exhibit violent tendencies. These kind of people tend to be very extreme, so even if you can forgive him, I still don’t recommend that you marry him!


30 days of kneeling without getting up is disguised emotional blackmail and soft violence. Such a man is not actually dependable, their personality/disposition too extreme, and their post-marriage behavior impossible to predict. I hope the girl will think carefully before acting…


A loser, stopping to this will not end will. “There is gold beneath a man’s knees” [an idiom meaning a man should not casually kneel in supplication]. Live with dignity.


Young man, if you want your girlfriend to respect you, then you must respect yourself, and live [behave] like a man. You stubbornly kneeling down like this will just humiliate yourself, and your girlfriend will feel sorry but also frustrated with you even more. Wake up.


Loving each other has to be equal. If you’ve admitted to your mistake but your girlfriend won’t forgive you, then let it go. You hanging your head kneeling like this, is this you wanting to be a wuss? Does a real man fear not being able to find a woman?


I’m a woman and I can’t respect you [for this]. You’ve lost face for all men.


He’s sick in the head, and needs treatment.


Frightening. She doesn’t love you anymore, but you’re still kneeling there? Do you not have work? You only know how to date? It was you who made a mistake, so who would believe you won’t make a second mistake? Just leave by yourself. Go find your second love. Looking at this man, you can tell he has no promise. Right now, he’s not begging for forgiveness, he just wants to get revenge on his girlfriend.


2B, your girlfriend obviously doesn’t want you anymore.

Comments from NetEase:

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Young man, get up, I’ll marry you.

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Even if you manage to get her back, she is no longer who she was. “There is gold beneath a man’s knees.”

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Those without money can only do this.

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If you’re going to kneel, then knee three minutes, and if she doesn’t forgive you after three minutes, stop kneeling, it’s over, go home and give it a rest.

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I came to read the comments, but I’ve come too early.

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“There is gold beneath a man’s knees.”

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I look down on men like this! Your mother gave birth to you and raised you just so you could kneel down for a woman? Stupid cunt! Have all the women in the world died out? Spineless garbage…


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