Massive Police Crackdown on Dongguan Prostitution Industry


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From NetEase:

Dongguan Deploys 6525 Police to Close Down 12 Businesses Involved in Prostitution

Summary: February 9th, CCTV reported on a number of hotels in Dongguan engaged in providing sex services. That afternoon, Dongguan deployed 6525 police officers to simultaneously shut down all the saunas, foot massage parlors, and places of entertainment [KTVs, bath houses, gentlemen clubs], arresting 67 individuals involved in the sex trade. The government leaders of five towns including Zhongtang and Huangjiang have been reprimanded, while the local police chiefs have all been suspended pending investigation.

From NetEase:

Dongguan Deploys Over 6000 Police to Investigate Businesses Suspected of Prostitution

The Guangdong Provincial Ministry of Public Security released information stating that at 9pm on the 9th, the Dongguan Public Security Bureau deployed a large number of police forces launched a raid on all the saunas, foot massage parlors, and places of entertainment to crack down on prostitution; the Dongguan city Zhongtang town Public Security Sub-Bureau Chief and the police chief who had jurisdiction over the hotel exposed by the media as being involved in providing prostitution have already been suspended pending investigation. Over 6000 police officers launched a coordinated operation against the entire city’s over 300 saunas, foot massage parlors, and KTVs. During the operation, locations that had already closed their doors at the time [pretending to be closed after having learned of the impending crackdown] were especially opened, and no signs [of prostitution activities] were ignored. From ChinaNews.

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On Youku:

CCTV Exposes Dongguan Sex Industry, Naked Selection [of Prostitutes] in Five Star Hotel

In Guangdong Dongguan, sexual services run rampant. In a five-star hotel, a CCTV reporter conducted an undercover investigation, and after being escorted to a room, there was a large full-length mirror in a corner. The manager says what’s special about it is what is behind the mirror. The manager turned off the light, lifted the curtain, and behind were two nearly naked women dancing.

Note: The full 24-minute report can be seen here.

Comments from Youku:


Heaven for Chinese men!!!!!


Is this an advertisement?


Why are the prices all different? Is it based on the looks or their work????? Or their age?????


Not stealing or robbing, making a living with their own abilities.


If the crackdown is severe, just how many people are going to be unemployed again?


Continues despite repeated prohibition, might as well just legalize it.


It’d be great if it were made legal…~ If they’re all closed, then there would be more rapes.


What I want to know is how the reporter excused himself [left without partaking in the services offered].


Dongguan is simply awesome!!!


Turns out whoring in Dongguan is no idle boast.


Can only say the reporter must’ve had a good time.


Dongguan is truly lawless, a place that is completely unregulated.


A profession that has existed for thousands of years in our country, why crack down on it?


Dongguan is screwed now.

非正嘞: (responding to above)

Why? Don’t be so naive.


It’s people’s physiological needs, there’s no need to be so harsh. How come you don’t go arrest all the people with mistresses? Why don’t you guys go do some real work?


When a reporter does an undercover investigation, does CCTV help reimburse expenses? I want to be a reporter too.


There was one from Sichuan. I’m sad.


Fortunately there wasn’t one from Zhejiang~~


This must be cracked down on and eliminated completely. Was our reform and opening up just for this?

Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

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足坛郎教授 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

The Dongguan problem does not need cracking down. Actually, it is similar to Stephen Chow’s movie [King of Beggars], Beggar Su: “How many beggars there are is not something that is decided by me, but by you.” The Emperor: “Me?” Beggar Su: “If you are wise, give the country prosperity and the people peace, who would be willing to be a beggar?”…

鸟托邦 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

The industry’s conscience [practices] is cleaner than the apes~

name6hujiahe [网易河南省新乡市网友]:

The suspending of the police chief is simply a scapegoat, because are the Dongguan mayor and even the Dongguan Public Security Bureau chief not the biggest culprits. Just like what Chongqing’s Wen Qiang said right before dying, rushing to me is nothing more than killing someone to keep them from talking.

网易广东省广州市网友 ip:112.96.*.*:

Good thing I watched the news in the morning and didn’t go in the evening. Information determines fate!

网易广东省深圳市罗湖区网友 ip:119.122.*.*:

Without the protection of government officials, Dongguan wouldn’t have become the industry’s benchmark/standard!

网易广东省广州市手机网友 [KCsan]:

Let me borrow a fellow netizen’s insightful comment: Some reporters are even bigger whores than whores. CCTV reporters brandishing CCTV’s power and the media’s so-called power of [media/public] supervision to secretly investigate [do undercover reporting] these kinds of businesses have themselves already made the mistake of “only seeing the sesame seed and not the watermelon” [“missing the forest for the trees”]. There are far more news that is far far more important than this kind of thing, but you never see CCTV reporters seriously reporting about them.

Would they dare to do undercover reporting of [government] halls and buildings? No, they wouldn’t dare. Would they dare to do undercover reporting of black brick kilns? No, they wouldn’t dare. Would they dare to do undercover reporting of sweatshops? No, they wouldn’t dare. Sometimes it is because they truly don’t dare, and other times it is because they truly aren’t able to do the hard work involved. They only do undercover reporting of saunas and hotels, using no effort at all, where they can use public funds to pretend to be consumers, to pretend to be a “big tailed wolf”, pointing at a row of young girls, then pull up their pants and call the police with a face of righteousness. Calling the police to them is just making an anonymous phone call, while those girls have to face the police checking their national ID cards, notifying their families, and even risk being publicly exposed. To the masses, it is nothing more than learning something they long knew already. To put it another way, going undercover to secretly report on saunas has no news value at all. The biggest lie in the world may not be “I love you”, nor is it “I’ll be right there”, but CCTV reporters doing undercover reporting in Dongguan yet saying they “want to leave”.

In my opinion, this kind of reporter that targets disadvantaged social groups and does news that costs nothing [is of no cost/risk to themselves] has nothing but cowardice and wretchedness in their bones. What is cowardly is that they do not have the courage to report the real news, afraid to face their own cynicism and zombieness. What is wretched is their eyes never leaving the women’s bodies, yet self-righteously pretending to be lawful and conscientious good people. They only dare to supervise [investigate, report on] the cunts of the masses. Looks like on whose body a cunt is on is truly a huge political issue.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:122.96.*.*: (responding to the above comment)

They take off their pants to visit prostitutes, and lift up their pants to crack down on prostitution.

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:211.140.*.*:

Those who have sold their souls often look down on those who have sold their bodies.

努力赚钱移民大日本帝国 [网易广东省肇庆市网友]:

Sorry for inconveniencing you, we’ll let you know when you can come back after the news dies down.

mickeyjiang [网易广东省东莞市手机网友]:

12 places? 67 people? You can take any town and there would be more than just 12 places, and there would be more than 67 people in any hotel. They’re just putting on a show, and it’ll be fine [back to normal] after a few days.

网易加拿大手机网友 ip:70.72.*.*:

CCTV, you and your fucking worthless reporting, which one of your female broadcasters and hosts aren’t the whores of some government leader?!

ucome888 [网易山东省威海市网友]:

I want to know, before this happened, did Dongguan police not know about these things? What about the bureau chief?

wushengxu534 [网易广东省阳江市网友]:

If I don’t go to a sauna, would I still have the opportunity in this life to touch the hand of a female goddess [beautiful woman]? I don’t have a car or a [owned] house/apartment, no women would want me.

叶倾城117 [网易广东省河源市网友]:

Those who have gone before, raise your hands.

台东达哥 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

If it weren’t [reported] on Focus Interview [the CCTV news program], would there have been such a large police action?
Previously, the two police officers who answered the call said they would dispatch police to go investigation, but why didn’t they go, and could it be considered dereliction of duty? For over 10 years, the sex industry in Dongguan was not brought under control, so shouldn’t the mayor be held accountable?
I personally believe the sex industry shouldn’t be prohibited, but since the law is what it is, shouldn’t things be done according to the rules [shouldn’t the law be enforced more consistently]?

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:221.7.*.*:

For this, I can only say, “hehe”.

工人阶级先潜队 [网易江西省吉安市手机网友]:

Dongguan is a national model work unit, the only place with any hope of contending with Japan‘s sex/porn industry. The government should deeply investigate, consider the real situation, and take a path with Heavenly Kingdom characteristics. Since it has spurred domestic demand and saved millions of rabble from suffering the torment of Japanese AV [adult videos], what can one have against it?!

网易上海市手机网友 ip:112.64.*.*:

My girlfriend says her factory in Dongguan has closed down and she’s coming back to marry me, I’m so happy…

“Dongguan” is also currently a trending topic on Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo.

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  • B*tches, Leave

    Looks like somebody forgot to bribe someone …

    • Irvin

      LOL I was thinking the same thing! somebody forgot the pay their bills lol

  • Nick in Beijing

    One of the prostitutes the reporter was seeing regularly stiffed him, rebuffed his personal advances, stopped giving him service, or he was unable to find a prostitute willing to do what he wanted.

    The result is an “investigation”.

  • Mark

    Saw this on Baidu this morning, this type of stuff I find incredibly interesting.

  • A

    Having lived in Dongguan for two years, the sex industry is pretty well-known. In fact, the more noted areas of prostitution were not mentioned in the article.

  • Claude

    I was told that in Shanghai, the police are paid to protect the brothels. Any truth to that?

    • Germandude

      Why would Shanghai work any different than any other city in which prostitution is so obvious?

    • FYIADragoon

      I see a line of them every time I go running to the gym. There’s a police station within a 20 minute jog. They never do anything about them even though it should be open and shut.

    • Dax

      In my city there’s a couple brothels across the street from the police academy.

    • Zappa Frank

      In Nanjing road you can’t take a step that you will be assaulted by people who want sell you, in the order, “bags, shopping, massage, sexy girls .. drugs”. I think some are maybe cheater that may rob you once in a closed room, but I think is impossible police don’t know this..

      • ex-expat

        Beijing’s Sanlitun is the same

  • Jay K.

    Comment of the Day, right here folks “The Dongguan problem does not need cracking down. Actually, it is similar to Stephen Chow’s movie [King of Beggars], Beggar Su: “How many beggars there are is not something that is decided by me, but by you.” The Emperor: “Me?” Beggar Su: “If you are wise, give the country prosperity and the people peace, who would be willing to be a beggar?”…”<–seriously this dude has got his thinking cap on

    • the ace of books

      It’s actually a really good comment. Idealistic and with no solution given, but a good idea nonetheless.

      • Irvin

        All solutions come first from an idea, it is executing the idea that make it a solution.

    • Rick in China

      Strongly disagree, best comment is:

      “My girlfriend says her factory in Dongguan has closed down and she’s coming back to marry me, I’m so happy…”

  • Hang Em Man

    This “industry” provides a lucrative means of income for the ladies that otherwise would not be able to support themselves and thus would be seeking public assistance. I commend the ladies that risk their lives everyday trying to support themselves.

    • ScottLoar

      An attitude shared by other young girls working for poverty wages as waitresses or similar who do not look down on those other young girls who chose the hard choice of prostitution. In my experience the worst of them all are the guys who use prostitutes.

  • xiaode

    Very easy calculation: CCTV broadcast news that there is some shit going on… so the Gov. must make a move and make a big “show” (look, we are doing sth…)
    What a joke…

  • ex-expat

    Lol was the undercover operation necessary? The trade there isn’t exactly a secret.

    • the ace of books

      That’s a misprint – it was really an under-the-covers operation.

  • the ace of books

    You arrest and fine the prostitutes, they’ll just have to work twice as hard to get their money back, and meanwhile the johns’ll just keep going out whoring. You arrest and fine the johns, that’s when change’ll happen.

    The guys with the wall-o-text comment has a good point, too, that leads into this: this ‘new story’? it’s an easy catch. it’s a fish in a barrel. it’s a crowd-pleaser and a reader-magnet. but real news about real corruption – oh, that shit’s dangerous, and we can’t go looking for that.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      If you arrest and fine the johns, won’t they too work OT and be back at it at the end of the month or payday. Food for thought and not trolling lol….

    • ElectricTurtle

      Bullshit. There are many nations in Europe right now where Johns can be arrested but not prostitutes (which is supposed to be progressive, but it’s just sexist), prostitution has gone up, not down. Decreased liability has increased supply and decreased cost which increases demand, by simple economic principles. Cut the legislation of morality nonsense and with the liability gone from both ends you’ll have actual growth.

  • winterbitten

    I’m pretty naive when it comes to this industry. So I’m pretty surprised that the Sheraton would have a place inside the hotel to pick up some prostitutes. If not for this article, I could totally see myself at a nice hotel in the elevator going up to my first Sauna, and doing this…

    On a side note, anyone know why I can’t every log in? I made a disqus account in the past, and whenever I try to log in it says successful, but when I try to post using my info it says the email is already in use.

    • Dax

      Don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a Chinese hotel without getting advertising cards shoved under my door and/or having someone call up to my room and ask if I want “special massage” or, my favorite, “sweetheart service.”

  • Germandude

    6525 police officers. 67 arrests. Sounds like the average efficiency ratio here, really.

    • slob

      I think they used so many because they knew most of the officers would just take a bribe and leave the place alone so you have a roughly 1% of cops actually doing their job.

      • Eileithyia

        so someone forgot to pay that 1%.

        • Mister.Y

          “We are the 99%”…

          Hur hur hur…. ;)

    • Rick in China

      I thought that too – however, the 67 arrests, I’d guess they are NOT including the actual prostitutes or people who work in the parlors – of which there were 300 or something right? It mentions they have arrested local police and local government officials, it’s probably 67 officials/police….. and the number of officers, must be because they were expecting the local ‘infrastructure’ to fight back if they sent in their external forces in weak numbers.. just speculation of course.

  • CheddyZeddy

    This is what happens when you spend all the cash thats supposed to be used for bribing to celebrate chinese new year.
    Now where are we suppose to have a las vegas like moment in China if they raid all the places?
    Pay up man and let us have fun

  • mr.wiener

    Love the comment above, most of the Chinese netizins seem to be saying: “Whores=fun time”

    • Nick in Beijing

      In a country with a large gender imbalance like China, are you surprised?

      • mr.wiener

        Sad to say for many young men in China their first time will probably be purchased.

  • Surfeit

    What are they doing?! Nobody puts baby in the corner.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Ovekill much?

  • North-eastern

    Somebody bribed the wrong person…..

  • Jahar

    Did no one else notice that it was 100 cops per arrest?

    • mr.wiener

      Them ho’s are dangerous! They can swear and say mean things and stuff.

    • FYIADragoon

      I hear that bears can smell the menstruation. You don’t go fighting bears alone, bro.

  • FYIADragoon

    You could have used 6000 police to do a simultaneous check on all of the locations of all the local management of the CCP in a given city. Then you could actually crack down on the mistress holding individuals. But this is just business as usual. Dongguan will be back up by the end of the month.

    • Sleepy

      Is it illegal to have a mistress? Should that be a job of the police? Seems like with all the supposed police corruption it would lead to a lot more blackmailing, graft than social good.

  • tony

    Shame on the Chinese government. Firstly this sin city has been there for decades. Raids came once in a while and I believe soon Dongguan will be just like 2 weeks ago with business as usual. The new leader in Beijing wants to show he is doing things differently from his predecessor, forgetting it is a wide spread social problem rather than an illegal activity that once uprooted would be good for everybody. Hundreds of millions of Chinese have no chance to share the wealth as those residents in Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou. Prices are skyrocketing everyday and people pay respects only to those whose pockets are full of money from whatever resources, clean or dirty. The young people have no choice but to migrate to other provinces to find work and those who fail to find a real job have no choice and sooner or later to fall as victims of the mafia who run such places as sauna, massage parlours and KTV and other illegal businesses by way of bribes for police and authorities’ protection. The bribes go all the to the top like a pyramid. The teenagers from poor villages who have almost no formal education, no social assistance and have been living with a mythic Chinese belief that they should do whatever to repay and support their parents who have pushed to the corner by the untamed inflation and a wrong government policy since Jiang Zemin dynasty that today has resulted in great damages to industries. The only good but bubbled business is real estate that has been the core business to banks and companies owned by governments at different levels plus wealthy speculators. My question is what other choices did the young prostitutes could have and who really wants to be in that dirty industry, had there been a choice? A raid is not a solution and only a reform is.

    • ScottLoar

      ‘Tis true, Tony, ’tis true, and the ones hurt are the young girls who have no easy choices but the hard one of prostitution.

  • markus peg

    Look at the beds in this place [no joke]

    • firebert5

      That is a pretty snazzy bed/chair! I would totally buy one for my living room!

  • LaoShu

    Pissing in my pants lol 12 ! really 12 !! of 10’000’s – fuxxxx propaganda..

  • “网易上海市手机网友 ip:112.64.*.*
    My girlfriend says her factory in Dongguan has closed down and she’s coming back to marry me, I’m so happy…”

    This was hilarious

  • Irvin

    Work at kenfucky fry chicken for $3000 a month or blow some guy and get 10 times that. I think the logical choice is apparent.

    • death_by_ivory

      You get that much for working in KFC?No way.

  • Wodowsan

    6500 cops needed? Think of how that money could have been better used. Or is this just a training exercise for cracking down on the public in general?

  • masonman

    “Continues despite repeated prohibition, might as well just legalize it.”


  • Marcus Black

    I really don’t see what the problem is with prostitution.

  • 5000 years of history

    That sucks. No more fun.

  • One for all

    Meh….business will be back to normal this time next month

  • Irvin

    Depends on who’s blowing and who’s getting blow.

  • whuddyasack

    Forced and exploited to do a job that many don’t want to do. A job where you get to meet with some of the most disgusting, scariest, sleaziest and creepiest losers and they get to enter your body. The job can also be downright dangerous and while there are some arguments for it, I think there should be more against it.

    In all honesty, I’ve never known a single woman working in the adult industry who didn’t feel ashamed, disgusted, devalued and dirty afterwards. What I heard from people who rehabilitate prostitutes in China is that it isn’t uncommon for many of them to start out lying in a fetal position and bawling their hearts out after. After a while desensitization occurs and these people become changed.

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