Police Who Help Up Unconscious Old Man Immediately Accused

Chinese traffic police in Yantai, Shandong help up an unconscious old man on the side of the road, only to be immediately accused of being responsible for knocking him down in the first place.


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From NetEase:

Old Man Unconscious on Side of Road Gets Help from Police Officer, Upon Waking Up Immediately Asks “Why Did You Bump Into Me?”

Jiaodong Online February 8th report — The Year of the Horse Spring Festival Gala skit “Help Up or Not” incited heated debate among the people of the country, with the ending line, “If we don’t help up this person who has fallen, then hasn’t the heart of the people fallen? If the heart of the people falls, I don’t think it can be helped up anymore,” leading many people of the country to think deeply. 2014 February 4, which happened to be the fifth day of the new lunar year, police officers of the Yantai [Shandong] traffic police used practical action to tell us all that when a person falls, they must be helped up!

On the afternoon of the fifth day of the new lunar year, Officer Meng Qing of the traffic police and two other police officers were on their patrol as in the past. When their patrol reached Yuxi Road, they saw from far away a shadow in front of them, with the passing cars and pedestrians all avoiding it. Intuition told these police officers that there may be injured people ahead. The police officers stepped on the gas and rushed over. Indeed, an elderly person lay prone on the ground and while there were many people passing by, no one dared to helped him up. Without thinking, the police officers rushed to the old man’s side and upon seeing the blood covering the old man’s face from the fall, they immediately dialed 120 [the emergency number for medical services] and slowly helped the old man up. After the ambulance arrived, the police officers again helped the elderly person onto the ambulance.

Coincidentally, before the ambulance had arrived, when the unconscious old man came to, the first thing he said was: “Young man, why did you bump into me?” leaving the police uncertain whether to laugh or cry. Fortunately, it was only because of the recording equipment the police carry while on on duty and enforcing the law that the police officers were able to prove their innocence. This reporter reminds city residents that when you see someone who has fallen down, you should indeed help them up, but you must preserve the relevant evidence [proving that you are just helping], and avoid allowing the hearts of good people become cold.


Comments from NetEase:

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:122.96.*.*:

If it wasn’t a traffic officer, if there wasn’t on-site recording, would he [the person who helped the old man up] have been screed? Requesting explanation.

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:58.61.*.*:

The bad people have truly become old. How can this person say this kind of thing without feeling any shame?

小禅师 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

The moral degeneration caused by a judge [referring to the infamous Nanjing judge who infamously reasoned that only those guilty of knocking down someone would help the fallen person up].

呀哑吖呸 [网易上海市网友]:

What brother [referring to self] used to drive was a Benz!

网易四川省甘孜州康定县手机网友 ip:119.4.*.*:

What a shameless person. I truly do not dare help [fallen people] up. Nowadays, kind-hearted people have all been forced into becoming cold and indifferent people.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:122.96.*.*:

The Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution have become old.

网易广东省佛山市手机网友 ip:120.197.*.*:

Hehe, even daring to defraud/con JC. Wouldn’t a member of the rabble [an ordinary person] have been screwed for sure then?

网易福建省网友 [豪放女]:

Hehe, socialism with Chinese characteristics…

制度是中国所有问题的根源 [网易瑞典网友]: (responding to above)

The cost in China for extorting/scamming people is too low. Successfully extorting means getting several tens of thousands, while failing just means an apology. No cost and huge profit, no wonder the “elderly who just won’t die” [despicable elderly] are all trying to extort people.

呀哑吖呸 [网易上海市网友]:

A fool that one cannot afford to help up!

网易山东省烟台市手机网友 ip:123.130.*.*:

Let me do a survey. If I were to run into him on my own, I wouldn’t dare to help him up. Those who wouldn’t dare to help him up, ding me.



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