Police Who Help Up Unconscious Old Man Immediately Accused

Chinese traffic police in Yantai, Shandong help up an unconscious old man on the side of the road, only to be immediately accused of being responsible for knocking him down in the first place.


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From NetEase:

Old Man Unconscious on Side of Road Gets Help from Police Officer, Upon Waking Up Immediately Asks “Why Did You Bump Into Me?”

Jiaodong Online February 8th report — The Year of the Horse Spring Festival Gala skit “Help Up or Not” incited heated debate among the people of the country, with the ending line, “If we don’t help up this person who has fallen, then hasn’t the heart of the people fallen? If the heart of the people falls, I don’t think it can be helped up anymore,” leading many people of the country to think deeply. 2014 February 4, which happened to be the fifth day of the new lunar year, police officers of the Yantai [Shandong] traffic police used practical action to tell us all that when a person falls, they must be helped up!

On the afternoon of the fifth day of the new lunar year, Officer Meng Qing of the traffic police and two other police officers were on their patrol as in the past. When their patrol reached Yuxi Road, they saw from far away a shadow in front of them, with the passing cars and pedestrians all avoiding it. Intuition told these police officers that there may be injured people ahead. The police officers stepped on the gas and rushed over. Indeed, an elderly person lay prone on the ground and while there were many people passing by, no one dared to helped him up. Without thinking, the police officers rushed to the old man’s side and upon seeing the blood covering the old man’s face from the fall, they immediately dialed 120 [the emergency number for medical services] and slowly helped the old man up. After the ambulance arrived, the police officers again helped the elderly person onto the ambulance.

Coincidentally, before the ambulance had arrived, when the unconscious old man came to, the first thing he said was: “Young man, why did you bump into me?” leaving the police uncertain whether to laugh or cry. Fortunately, it was only because of the recording equipment the police carry while on on duty and enforcing the law that the police officers were able to prove their innocence. This reporter reminds city residents that when you see someone who has fallen down, you should indeed help them up, but you must preserve the relevant evidence [proving that you are just helping], and avoid allowing the hearts of good people become cold.

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Comments from NetEase:

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:122.96.*.*:

If it wasn’t a traffic officer, if there wasn’t on-site recording, would he [the person who helped the old man up] have been screed? Requesting explanation.

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:58.61.*.*:

The bad people have truly become old. How can this person say this kind of thing without feeling any shame?

小禅师 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

The moral degeneration caused by a judge [referring to the infamous Nanjing judge who infamously reasoned that only those guilty of knocking down someone would help the fallen person up].

呀哑吖呸 [网易上海市网友]:

What brother [referring to self] used to drive was a Benz!

网易四川省甘孜州康定县手机网友 ip:119.4.*.*:

What a shameless person. I truly do not dare help [fallen people] up. Nowadays, kind-hearted people have all been forced into becoming cold and indifferent people.

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:122.96.*.*:

The Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution have become old.

网易广东省佛山市手机网友 ip:120.197.*.*:

Hehe, even daring to defraud/con JC. Wouldn’t a member of the rabble [an ordinary person] have been screwed for sure then?

网易福建省网友 [豪放女]:

Hehe, socialism with Chinese characteristics…

制度是中国所有问题的根源 [网易瑞典网友]: (responding to above)

The cost in China for extorting/scamming people is too low. Successfully extorting means getting several tens of thousands, while failing just means an apology. No cost and huge profit, no wonder the “elderly who just won’t die” [despicable elderly] are all trying to extort people.

呀哑吖呸 [网易上海市网友]:

A fool that one cannot afford to help up!

网易山东省烟台市手机网友 ip:123.130.*.*:

Let me do a survey. If I were to run into him on my own, I wouldn’t dare to help him up. Those who wouldn’t dare to help him up, ding me.


Written by Fauna

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  • mr.wiener

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • Germandude

      Just the usual. Smile away any problem. :-)

      • Dannisi

        Just smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave.
        (and cry on the inside)

    • firebert5

      Having been a police officer myself, I can honestly say that neither of those options would have been in my mind at that point.

      • mr.wiener

        So how did you deal with a job like that? Getting to see people on the worst day of there lives and that…?

        • firebert5

          Oh no, I mean that those options would not be in my mind at the point of him saying “Young man, why did you bump into me?” were that to have happened to me. Admittedly my post was not very clear.

    • the ace of books

      Do both at once. Loudly. Right now.

  • Ruaraidh

    He was lying there for hours just waiting for someone to take the bait.

    • mr.wiener

      Must have been disappointed it was a couple of cops.

      • Ruaraidh

        Aye, he’d wasted that blood for nothing.

    • Brett

      Using his hat as a pillow, nonetheless…

    • Surfeit

      Fuck! That’s such a grim yet realistic assessment.

  • His legs are very neatly arranged for someone that was knocked over. Even bouncing off the ground would move them askew. Are the laws of physics different in that town?

    • Germandude

      Have you ever played any competitive sports with/against Chinese, such as football (aka soccer in the US), basketball, rugby and the like?
      Laws of physics are greatly altered here.

      • Paul Schoe

        Interesting, can you elaborate a bit?
        The playing might be 10 times softer in soccer or rugby,but in what aspect do you see the laws of physics altered? or do you mean the laws of pain? They have indeed been altered over here, particularly among teenagers and people in their twenties.

        • Germandude

          Difficult to explain. Imgine you playing on the defensive end, standing still during a corner kick. The ball flies high and you jump straight upwards for a header, while a striker runs from 5-10 meters towards you, jumps, crashes into you and somehow bounces back like a flummy-ball and falls down. Foul for you, because obviously, he fell while you didn’t. (he shouldn’t have bounced in the first place).

          You run towards a ball, so does a Chinese player, you have minimal body contact. He falls for whatever reason (maybe strong wind), it’s foul on you.

          You and a Chinese player both slide for the ball, you hit the ball, he crashes into your leg with his shoe sole and normally it would be foul on him. However, he is the one holding his back/head/leg/foot or whatever part of his body. Foul on you.

          Additionally to that, many players have no idea how a ball bounces off a ground. Like you are shooting the ball wide and you can see that the opponent player thinks the ball will bounce up in a 90 degree angle, no matter with which speed you shoot and from which direction.

          Do you play football?

          • Paul Schoe

            all very recognizable. It is amazing, both the suffering that claim to undergo (and I even think that they are not always faking, they really feel pain with every effort or bump) and the rulings that result from that.

            No, I used to play rugby. I am a really, really bad football (soccer) player.

          • Germandude

            “I am a really, really bad football (soccer) player”

            Well no surprise there ;-)

    • ScottLoar

      I have seen the last moves of many people losing consciousness, even through death, and they do assort themselves in different ways, some even speaking last words when within an instant they will be dead. I don’t find the position contrived.

  • Rick in China

    It’s amusing. There is no assumption of innocence until PROVEN guilty – and one thing about many foreign countries is that when it is word against word, courts take the word of the police 100% of the time as truth, unless there is evidence to suggest otherwise. Here, the old man has the balls to accuse the police of knocking him over? Crazy.

    If China wants to improve it’s justice system and improve society as a whole, it can start by including some simple logic in civil action:


    Fucking simple. Don’t take grandpa’s word for it and be like “ok you must pay Xxx yuan”, make him prove it. If there’s no proof, fuck ’em, hope he bleeds out next time he tries to scam someone.

    • the ace of books

      I’d agree with your assessment that in China it tends to be “guilty until proven innocent”, but I wouldn’t agree at all that it’s amusing. “Guilty until proven innocent” is witch-trial stuff. It’s trial-by-combat stuff. It’s an unjust system, and to live under a system like that, the best you can hope for is to go along day to day with your head down among your shoulders, hoping you never get accused of anything.

      • Rick in China

        In general, I agree. However:

        I’ve been in the system. I was charged with criminal assault resulting in injury, and ended up on bail for 1 year, I know the system very well. The maximum one can be on bail is 1 year in China. It coincidently was exactly how long all the steps took to process, while each ‘official’ as well as my lawyers said it doesn’t take that long — my guess is each was waiting for their bribe, none of which I paid, knowing I was right, and trying my hand in the system….more as a point of protest and seeing if all the accusations against the China system were accurate or just bullshit, and partially because I felt that logically it was ‘impossible’ for anyone to consider the situation and push me through to the next ‘step’ in the process. PSB investigation. Procuratorate. Court. Waiting verdict. Each took far longer than it should have, and each step I was posed (indirectly) with opportunities to end it with money. I refused and waited it out. I had lunch with the PSB criminal investigator after my ‘interrogation’ and the procuratorate had told my coworker/friend helping with the situation exactly this: “It’s being pushed by our boss to go to court, because it involves a foreigner.” I know the system..more than most..and faced real China prison time, but said fuck that because I’m that type of person.

        I disagree with your assessment for many reasons. Going along day by day, if everyone accepts your “sheep” mentality, leads to nothing more than a bleak future of more of the same. People need to stand up, NOT TAKE YOUR ADVICE. People need to say “fuck that” in groups, and the more people that follow my lead rather than yours, either results in mass murder or revolution, either way an end to the suffering. Fuck “go along day by day with your head down”, and fuck anyone who raises children to accept their ‘fate’… that being said, I am guessing you’ve changed your mind on the sheepishness suggested by your post by now and don’t mean you. :)

        • firebert5

          I could be reading wrong, but I don’t think Ace actually was suggesting that people keep their heads down, just observing that in this system it tends to lead to that among most people here. That’s the way I read it anyway.

          • Surfeit


        • Surfeit

          Out of interest, why were you charged with criminal assault?

          • Rick in China

            Walking sunday afternoon – crossing street at crosswalk, a guy going quite fast trying to overtake a taxi both taking right turns – he hit me and drove off.. mirror broke off and I kinda rolled off the front left of his car. He drove off and got stuck in traffic about 150m down the road, at which point I caught him – his window was down. Short story, a couple days after we left the police station after both agreeing no charges and not bothering to go to the hospital, he filed charges saying I had broken his nose in several places. He was a bank peasant security guard, about 25 years old, and bigger than me – but cried like a bitch..there was no evidence of anything that happened beyond his word, and I doubt his nose was broken in a couple places, otherwise I’m sure he wouldn’t have waited 2 days to go to the hospital…he just wanted money. In the end, civil payment was 40k rmb and criminal result was “free to go”, although I’ve no idea if it actually created a record or not, neither my lawyers or the court people could tell me directly, just that it’s some kind of mark but not exactly the same as a criminal conviction, very strange indeed..either way, I renew my visas.

            Who lost? China lost a lot, because during the 1 year on bail I couldn’t work or leave – so all of that tax (a LOT) I would have been paying wasn’t. And of course I did, financially, quite a lot, but I chalk the cost up to an interesting experience few get, with little repercussion.

          • Satuon Truong

            Kudos for doing what’s right. You say you couldn’t work for one year, why was that? Are people under investigation forbidden to work?

          • Rick in China

            Right. While on bail you can’t renew work visa/permit or leave, it’s a weird limbo. In fact, since I couldn’t renew work visa, when it expired I had to switch to travel visa – then after the PSB couldn’t continue to renew travel visas, they just told me to stick around with no visa – once court was sorted, they gave me one of those exit visas (same as if someone overstayed). However, there was no fine or penalty for that in this case. Still a pain in the ass none the less…

            The benefit of the visa issue is that I no longer had to fill out the same forms or wait in normal lines, I just went to the back room and chatted to the same guy who did the same process, and agreed the whole situation was bullshit, but sympathy in that situation didn’t provide any functional assistance.

          • satuon

            So it’s only a problem for foreigners. I mean if you weren’t a foreigner, the investigation would not have prevented you from working. It’s a corner case.

            When you say you can be on bail only for up to a year, does it mean you would have been jailed if the case dragged on beyond that?

        • handsome human

          Most amazing thing I’ve read on internet this week.

  • Rick in China

    Pros morphine up and do some damage. More damage more money. There was a beggar, famous perhaps, in Chengdu back in the day, who would always be downtown with an open wound — like a sliced open thigh open wound, seriously, and it would never be healed but he’d always be out there begging. I think he had dead nerves and just kept re-slicing the healing each day…must have. Now THAT is dedication.

    The question isn’t what kind of fucked up person does this to cheat people out of money – the question is what sort of fucked up society could possibly drive a person to this extreme?

    • Irvin

      I know what kennedy would say: “don’t ask what society can do for you, ask what you can do for the society”

  • Rick in China

    There are two physical identifiers in this story which indicate #2 as likely:

    1) Look at his hat. If you’re knocked down, what is the likelihood of your hat being knocked off under your face, between your face and the pavement? I’d say EXTREMELY unlikely, if even possible, unless he was hit from above with a lead bird shit.
    2) Look at his physical arrangement. He’s laying straight, face first, AGAINST traffic, in-between a bicycle path and the road. For him to end up facing this direction, even, he’d have had to be walking against traffic in the bicycle lane and been hit from behind (as in someone riding against traffic in one of those lanes) OR have been hit in some weird way that he span around, and somehow after being span around ended up face first ON HIS HAT.

    The essence of this story is, this old man is a fuckin’ fraud and I hope he goes to prison – send his likely already poor family the bill for his stay, and advertise the cost on his family of his bullshit actions so other peasants who actually watch CCTV learn a lesson: stop trying to use old people as a means to defraud others out of hard earned cash.

    • Irvin

      Your observation and level of deduction serve you well.

      • Rick in China

        Thank you Sir. That’s my job. (literally….)

    • ScottLoar

      “This old man is a fuckin’ fraud…”

      Not wanting to break up the circle of high-five’s passed around but explain this: “the police officers rushed to the old man’s side and upon seeing the blood covering the old man’s face from the fall, they immediately dialed 120 [the emergency number for medical services]”. I emphasize, enough blood to prompt the police to dial for emergency services, and the police see every manner of fraud, deceit and crime daily; they have experience of situations.

      The principle of Occam’s Razor indicates the old man did fall, face first, and hard enough to well bloody his face, more believable than your construction of fraud.

      • Rick in China


        Don’t bring Occam’s into this because you’re misusing it and making a mockery of a perfectly fine principal.

        There was not very much blood. If there was, there was not enough to start a pool beneath his face, indicating his face was not significantly bloodied ON THE FALL. If his face was bleeding – even a bloody fucking nose, Scott, there would be enough pooling that the photo would indicate that from this angle. There was no pooling. Therefor there is almost no likelihood that any facial damage was done BY the fall, and if there was blood on his face, it would likely be part of his fraud. Peddle your bullshit elsewhere.

        • ScottLoar

          “Peddle your bullshit elsewhere,” plus upper case and exclamations.

          There, there now, this is a disagreement, not a challenge to
          Rick in China’s fragile sense of self so don’t cop an attitude from the county jail. Sure pedestrian fraud is common in China, but to apply it to all situations is a belief, not an opinion, and in this instance with the presence of police officers and given the circumstances the old guy most probably fell; that’s the simplest explanation which answers the circumstances (Occam’s Razor).

          And I do know the difference between a principle and “principal”.

          • mr.wiener

            One is a Prince and the other is your Pal.

    • Kai

      You might be assuming the pictures show the old man as he was the very moment he was found when we actually don’t have enough specific information about the timing and order of the photos, especially in relation to the narrative given that itself only gives a very general sequence of events.

      Therefore, it may not be wise to read too much into a hat being under his face. For all we know, the cops put it there until the guy came to and only then did they help him up.

      Also, him facing against traffic isn’t necessarily strange or suspicious. As you can see from one of the photos, there are people walking in the same direction on that roadside and from general experience in China, walking against traffic on the roadside is not rare either.

      • Rick in China

        I work within the evidence given. Obviously there is a multitude of circumstance in every single story that may explain away everything, however, since we’re presented with only the evidence and descriptions above, discussion should also fall within those boundaries, no? I mean, this whole image COULD be a re-enactment! *sighs*

        • Kai

          I understand and I’m just pointing out that your interpretation of the photos relies on several critical assumptions that may not be justified by the information we have. I too am working within the information we have.

  • the ace of books

    Nothing to say about the man that hasn’t been said by other commenters. I’m more concerned that “it was only because of the recording equipment the police carry while on on duty and enforcing the law that the police officers were able to prove their innocence.” Really? Well, I’d have to say that the Average Zhou is screwed all to hell, since they’re not rigged up with recording equipment. Also: are the ambulance crew more likely to believe two police officers who say “we found this man” or an old man who says “these officers knocked me down”? This is just screwed-up all around.

    • SonofSpermcube

      “the Average Zhou”

      • firebert5

        …while still going along with the officers’ word.

      • Surfeit

        Yeah, apparently we’re doing that now.

    • Irvin

      ever heard of cell phones? most come with camera these days.

      • Guest

        They come with cameras. Yes, they do.

  • LaoShu

    let the fuxxxrs die … am not talking about the chenguan

  • Peter Pottinger

    I don’t help old people. But what I’m not getting is how the f- can u randomly accuse people of something without any witnesses and have other people believe you??

  • MidniteOwl

    you want me to collect evidence of my innocence before helping you out old man? … hrm… or i could just let you die.

  • Surfeit

    Admiral Ackbar knows better.

  • DaiRuiKe

    All my professors at East China Normal University years ago warned us about helping pedestrians on the street for any reason because it’s a possibility that the person will fake an injury and say you caused it. It’s a shame because people who really do need help might not get it because of incidents like this.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Ever heard of helmet cam?

      • They call me “Laowei”

        Or Google Glass…

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Google Glass in this situation, perfect way to sell the product to all of China.

          Kind of like how so many drivers have car cams in case of collisions.

  • Surfeit

    I wonder if a laowai could get away with this. Hmmmmm. *strokes beard*

  • christina

    Whether the old man was actually knocked over and injured or faking it- the whole situation is really sad. It’s interesting to note that the first thing out of his mouth was accusatory rather than thankful- in developed countries, you tend to hear “thanks” and “sorry” a whole lot more than is necessary and in China, you never hear them at all.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I’m amazed that the police had such restraint.

    I probably would’ve slapped the old man silly and left.

  • jeffli

    this is inexcusable behaviour! don’t help these scam artists. let police help them at least police have the law on their side, ;-)

  • FYIADragoon

    Well this is the Red Guard generation. I wouldn’t really expect anything positive of them.

  • Eileithyia

    that why i was told to not help people when i went to China?

  • Weidi

    Anyone already assumed that if someone regains consciousness that one might be confused and not intentionally saying something but just blabbering what comes right to ones mind – that would be the last second he was conscious, meaning the moment he got ran over.