Angry Foreigner Launches 4-Year-Old Out of His Swimming Lane

Angry Foreigner Launches 4-Year-Old Out of His Swimming Lane
Last week, 26-year-old Ms. Dong got a call from someone claiming to represent the Australian National Bank saying her account had just received a deposit of 200,000 AUD.At first she thought it was a scam, but later found out it was a bank system error and decided to return the money. Her story was picked up by the Australian newspaper The Advertiser, and overnight she became famous.One top voted commenter cynically remarked “Does a student who can afford to study in Australia lack this money? Over there they’re all living in villas, driving nice cars, they’re all aristocrats.”.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Uhhh I’m now confuseded… Guessing there was a fuck up in the wiring, cuz this is the wrong story for the wrong article.

    • FOARP

      And it’s been here 9 days without being corrected.

      Stick a fork in it, this site is done.

  • mr.wiener

    Steeeeeve!….wrong article bro!

  • Vance


  • Bman

    Read it on echinacities.
    This man has no name, country or language. He is like the wind in the trees.
    But we can say he ain’t Chinese.
    How observant this reporter is. His mom must be proud.

  • Davidmed77

    Ugh, the four year old doesn’t know any better. Just going off the headline of course, but he should have said who is your mommy. Then throw the mother for not teaching the kid.

  • Money is Everything

    white skin pig!
    send them back to their home let them be jobless losers.

    • DC

      for every one you send back 10 ESL teachers will spawn in its place…you are fighting a losing battle..

      • Bman

        Considering that a Chinese dude makes a truck load of cash off of every teacher, that ain’t gonna end soon.

    • Bman

      Yes, let them spend their worthless days trading stocks on the internet and commenting on China Smack! Losers!

    • Bman


      For future reference. Lest we lose our love Bunny again.
      I don’t like the name eattot, btw. Reads like eat tots, meaning eat kids. Yucky.

      • Money is Everything

        you idiot too!

        • Bman

          you idiot three!

      • mr.wiener

        I thought it kind of defined her well.

    • Gus Wang

      money is everything? name your price then, B.

      • Money is Everything

        go away!

        • Gus Wang

          you’re the typical chinese girl that marries a rich man and spend your whole life cooking for him and cleaning his house while he’s outside banging girls on “ktvs” . and when he gets back you start to yell, he spanks you and it is okay, because for you money is everything.

          • Money is Everything

            i am not married yet!
            also the one i may marry is very gentle, i am the one yell at him often, even my mom can not watch my bad attitude…

          • Gus Wang


  • WghUk

    How’s this related the swimming?

  • Jahar

    Still not fixed.

  • CertUI

    Too many posts guys, time to slow down :)