Bai Yansong: Suning Coverage is not meant to “Move China”

Bai Yansong- Suning Coverage is not meant to Touch China

Bai Yansong, CCTV news anchor for “Moving China,” answered a series of questions at the Communication University of China. One student raised the question, “After the Suning shooting was broadcast, some questioned why you called the shooter a “fifty-something old man” on your program. Since there were four dead and five injured, why not call him a criminal suspect?” Bai responded that when he had first heard the news, there remained many question marks about the case. “When facts aren’t clear, one must first adopt a neutral term. Doing news does not mean emotionally moving China. The emotional impact will happen naturally.” Netizens were overwhelmingly supportive of his impartial stance.

Source: Netease

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