Child Given Mercury By Aunt Out Of Jealousy

Child Given Mercury By Aunt Out Of Jealousy
A 7-month-old child named Kangkang In Changde Hunan was deliberately fed the mercury from a thermometer by his Aunt, and is currently on the edge of death. His mother has claimed that she believes her baby was poisoned because her husband’s mother prefers this male baby over the alleged poisoner’s daughter. A netizen commented “Every time I see this kind of news I can’t stand not being able to take a knife and stab this kind of cunt (SB), when you have this kind of problem you should talk to adults, not do this kind of thing to kids.”

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  • Some guy

    Just lost for words…..

  • Foreign Devil

    Something about these stories. .I have to read like 4 times before I can figure out who did what to whom.

  • mr.wiener

    Getting drunk as a skunk..Taiwan has elected a new president. This is now a negotiation not a capitulation.. Jia you Taiwan. A nation of Chinese and other folks who have the emotional maturity to take responsibility for their own fate.
    Off topic, I’ll delete this later..hahahaha!!

    • Alex Dương

      Leave it up :)

    • Guest

      Never drink and post!

      • mr.wiener

        Tee hee ….never drink and post angry..

    • That would be a first!

      Greece and Scotland, Switzerland all failed with their referendums.
      Everyone else does whatever their central bankers and association of demons tell them to do.

      Real life isn’t a fairy tale story or a happy movie ending.
      Eventually, the choice will be to tear everything down and start over or capitulate completely
      The winner writes the history.

      • mr.wiener

        I see it as a win.
        The brakes have been put on the old foogies trying to sell us out to China as they see some kind of Taiwanese cliche as being movers and shakers in China politics in the future. The KMT will spend some time in the political wilderness getting its act together and reassessing it’s future. Taiwan will have a bumpy, but productive few years working out what it’s relationship with China will be…
        I can’t see independence happening anything soon.

        • Have a drink on me!

          • mr.wiener

            I had too many last night :C#