Child Slapped For Pressing Button for Every Floor in Elevator

A hand/finger pressing an elevator button.

A hand/finger pressing an elevator button.

From NetEase:

17-Year-Old Boy Slapped For Pressing The Elevator Buttons For All the Floors From 3 to 27

China Business News report — “Even if the child is wrong, you still shouldn’t hit a child, because children have their dignity.” On the evening of October 31st, while riding an elevator home, after Ms. He’s son Young Du got out of the elevator on the second floor, he pressed all the buttons for floors 3 to 27, resulting in being slapped in the neighborhood community’s security surveillance room.

The boy involved

I pressed the buttons before exiting the elevator out of curiosity

The Xi’an city North Changle East Park community residential buildings all have 27 floors with two elevators for six units per floor. Ms. He and her son Young Du’s home is located on the second floor of one of the buildings.

At 9:50pm on October 31st, 17-year-old Young Du and his mother Ms. He were returning home together and rode the elevator to the second floor. “I was just curious at the time, and pressed to light up the buttons for floors 3 to 27 before exiting the elevator,” said Young Du yesterday.

At the time, it was just Young Du and his mother in the elevator at the time. After seeing her son’s “mischief”, Ms. He criticized him after getting home: “You need to consider how long people in the floors above have to wait before they can take the elevator because of this. You are already 17 years old and cannot continue doing things that damage other people’s interests [do things that hurt/inconvenience others].”

Child’s mother

Child was called to the residential community security surveillance room, where a man smacked him

“Around 10:20pm in the evening, someone suddenly knocked on the door,” Ms. He said, “It was a residential community security guard, and they said they were looking for my child, but they didn’t say what for.”

Ms. He accompanied Young Du and followed the security guard to the residential community’s security surveillance room. She described what happened as such: “In front of the security monitors sat a middle-aged man in a leather jacket who pointed at the video monitor and asked my son if this person [in the video] was him. Just as my son said it was him, this man immediately smacked my child across the left side of his face. Multiple security guards in uniform present began criticizing the two of us.”

Yesterday, the left side of Young Du’s face was still a bit swollen.


Reporter’s investigation

It took over 7 minutes before the elevator reached the top floor after the boy pushed the buttons

This China Business News journalist examined the recording of when Young Du rode the elevator:

That night at 9:50:27pm, Young Du and his mother entered the elevator, and he pressed the 2nd floor. At 9:50:54, the elevator reached the 2nd floor, and as he was exiting the elevator, Young Du pressed and lit up the buttons for floors 3 to 27. The elevator went upward, without anyone in it, stopping on every floor. At 9:53:00, the elevator reached the 10th floor, still without anyone in it. At 9:55:09, the elevator reached the 18th floor, and still without no one in it. At 9:58:03, the elevator reached the 27th floor, and after the doors closed, the empty elevator proceeded downward.

“The elevator is basically 3 seconds a floor, and under normal circumstances, it requires a little over a minute to travel from the 1st floor to the 27th floor. However, because the elevator had to stop on every floor, it took the elevator seven to eight minutes to travel from the first floor to the 27th floor,” said a member of the residential community property management, “If this had happened during the morning or evening rush hour, with over a hundred households and residents all waiting for the elevator, what a problem it would have been.”

Incident progresses

Boy’s mother wants an apology, property management refuses to provide information about the assault

“My child was wrong, but he already admitted his mistake, so he shouldn’t have been slapped,” Ms. He said, “As a 17-year-old child, he has his dignity. To be slapped in front of that many people, especially in front of his own mother, this will have a [negative] effect on him emotionally/psychologically.” She wants an apology, but was refused.

Yesterday, a representative for the residential community’s security team said the man who slapped Young Du wasn’t a member of property management, “He’s a resident in the same building. This resident had waited for the elevator for a long time only to discover that it was stopping on every floor. Afterward, he came to the security surveillance room to examine the surveillance footage and discovered that a resident on the 2nd floor had mischievously pressed all the floors. Then, with a security guard bringing the child to the surveillance room, the original idea was to just chastise the child face-to-face, but who knew the resident would immediately smack him.”

This China Business News reporter was unable to find this “resident” mentioned by this representative of the security team, and property management also refused to provide this person’s information.

At present, Ms. He has already asked the police for help, wants the person who hit her son to come out and give her son an apology. She also once again apologized for her son mischief in pressing all the buttons in the elevator, as well as promised that her son will never do it again.

Comments from NetEase:


Taking the elevator even for the 2nd floor, and then pressing all the other floors after taking the elevator, this resident very nicely taught this son who hasn’t been weaned a lesson for the mother. Well-slapped.

网易北京市网友 ip:58.135.*.* (responding to above)

And she has the gall to call the police. Now her son’s face is lost [embarrassed] throughout the entire residential community.

刺刀34 [网易江西省网友]:

Already a high school student, and he says it was for fun? And the mother who raises but doesn’t educate him even tries to find excuses? This too is too ridiculous.

脑残片专卖 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

Deserved it. Does he still think he’s 7 years old?

一曲蛋炒饭的赞歌 [网易江西省南昌市网友]:

A slap of justice. Well-slapped.

网易山西省朔州市网友 ip:124.167.*.*

So simply apologizing when you were wrong is enough? Then those who commit crimes don’t need to go to jail? 17 years old and still not knowing better. Sigh, what can spoiled unruly children do [to productively contribute to society] when they grow up?

网易北京市手机网友 ip:106.39.*.*

When you don’t properly teach your child at home, then someone is going to teach them for you. Deserved it and was hit/slapped too few times.

网易山东省网友 ip:140.246.*.*

When he was pressing the buttons, did his mother not see? It’s not like he just pressed one and she didn’t see.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:114.242.*.*

17 years old already so “child” my ass. If you were two or three years old and didn’t know any better, I could still put up with it and forgive it. But 17 years old and still doing such an inconsiderate thing? Deserved it. And dignity? He doesn’t even have any self-respect, so giving you any dignity would be pointless.

无人相伴 [榜上有名]:

Curiosity killed the cat.
A slap to the face.


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