Drunk Chinese Man Tackles & Bites Woman’s Face in Wenzhou

Extremely drunk Chinese man attacks woman in Wenzhou province of China, biting at her face.

A face biting incident.

From Sina:

Wenzhou Drunk Man Tackles Down Woman Driver, Bites Her Face Till It’s Badly Mutilated

If one can’t handle your alcohol, it’s better to drink less!

Yesterday [June 27th], many netizens posted on Sina Weibo pictures of drunk people losing control of themselves collapsed on the side of the road, some treating the road as their beds, some kneeling on the ground crying and hollering, and even one drunk man who ran into the middle of the road, blocked a car, and started biting the driver. Some sober up in regret, while others have to face jail time.

The day before yesterday [June 26th] at about 2pm, when city resident Ms. Du and her friend were driving pass an Ouhai District Guoxi Street Pudong Bus Platform, a man suddenly ran out from the side of the road and stopped in front of Ms Du’s car. Without a word, he climbed onto the hood and began to pounding heavily on the front windshield.

Ms. Du was shocked by the scene before her. Both afraid to start/drive the car and forgetting to call the police, she could only hide in the car screaming.

A few minutes later, seeing that the man showed no signs of stopping, Ms. Du thought of opening the door to run away. She never imagined that as soon as she got out of the car, the man would tackle her from behind. Ms. Du lost her footing and fell onto the ground. Then something shocking happened. The man crawled on top of Ms. Du and starting biting viciously at her face. Immediately, Ms. Du’s face was badly mutilated by the biting. Seeing this, bystanders one after another went forward to stop the man, but he was like a man possessed and simply couldn’t be pulled off. Afterwards, the Guoxi Police Station police officers arrived at the scene, and managed to restrain this man.

After investigation, this “man-biter” is surnamed Dong, comes from Anhui, and is a public bus driver. That noon, he had drank 1.5 jin [750g] of baijiu with many friends. Everyone had collapsed drunk, except him who suddenly went mad/crazy. According to the police, the injured Ms. Du was taken to the hospital immediately. After examination, both Ms. Du’s nose and lips were injured by the biting, with the doctor saying two more reconstructive surgeries are still needed. Yesterday [June 27th], after sobering up, Dong X was filled with regret for his actions. Right now, Dong X is being detained by the police for aggravated assault, and the case is still under further investigation.

According to police officer Li of Lu City Police Sub-Bureau Nanmen Local Police Station, summer has come, and citizens like to go outside and have some late night snacks. And recently many people go to the bars to watch the European Cup, and incidents like inappropriate behaviors and trouble-making when drunk have increased these days. “Dunk people behave inappropriately, and regret a lot after sobered up.”

All Sorts of Loss of Control when Drunk

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The day before yesterday [June 26th] at about 11pm, when citizen Ms. Zhang was driving pass Longquan Allen No.1 Day-Care Center, she saw someone down on the side of the road, rolling around. Ms. Zhang stopped her car to see what was going on. “Just as I got near, he suddenly sat up straight, and a heavy smell of alcohol assaulted my nose.” Ms. Zhang asked him how to contact his family, but he only asked for a napkin and then paid no further attention to Ms. Zhang. Ms. Zhang could only call the police, and the district police came and took him to the police station.

At about the same time, as Ms. Wang was walking along Xueshan Road Huatan Alley, she saw a middle-aged man in front of her walking one step forward and two steps back, and then suddenly fall on the ground. Seeing this, nearby residents one after another all came over to help, but the drunken man waved his arms rejecting their help, and went on sleeping. Some patrol officers arrived and found contact information for his family on the man, and an hour later, the drunken man was taken home by his family.

Pictures From China.com:

The drunken man is on top of Ms Du and biting her face.
The drunk man on top of Ms. Du biting her face.
Ms Du's face is covered in horror and blood.
As bystanders pull off the attacking man, Ms. Du's face is covered in blood, her eyes filled with terror.
The face biting Chinese man subdued and handcuffed by police.
The face biting Chinese man subdued and handcuffed by police.
Traffic stopped because of the incident.
Stopped traffic due to the incident.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Another face eater… has the 2012 magnetic field begun affecting people’s minds? Get drunk and start eating faces? Too incredible, such heavy taste [so abnormal].


Is Resident Evil happening??


It has come after all [referring to the 2012 apocalypse]!


The zombie virus has spread to China… I’m gonna buy a gun and shoot zombies…


Ai ya, damn it, what’s going on here? Gone nuts, could he have drank some sort of drug?!


Is this a continuance of the Miami incident? Wenzhou Drunk Man Tackles Down Woman Driver, Bites Her Face Till It’s Badly Mutilated.


I’m finally beginning to understand why many places used to have prohibition.


Fuck, Biohazard has moved its battlefield to China.


There’s a “face-biting bro” in America, who after taking a drug called “bath salts” tackled a passer-by and bit his face to mutilation. Not long later, another “face biting” incident happened in Wenzhou: a man suddenly went crazy, tackled a woman stranger, and began viciously biting her face. However, the police say this was drunken assault, not the “drug” rumor netizens were spreading. ==〉〉 From this we can see, Chinese baijiu is as bad as foreign drugs~~


Resident Evil has spread from the movies, a virus carrier has appeared in Wenzhou, and Wenzhou people are living in an abyss of suffering.


…Horrifying. Hope she’ll be okay.


This kind of man should have his legs chopped off to prevent him from going out and harming people…


When encountering a situation like this, one should turn off the motor, lock the door, stay still in the car. And call 110 for help!


This, how could one have a craving for this [biting the face]! I would at most just bite an arm.


So scary, first the United States, now China has it too, it couldn’t be some kind of mutation, could it? Can we still feel safe anymore?


Before the woman undergoes plastic surgery, she should have go get a rabies vaccine shot first. Fucking drunkenness excuse, it’s an insult to alcohol, if you can’t handle your alcohol, then don’t drink.

What is the craziest thing you have seen a drunk person do?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • sm

    what’s wrong with this world.??

    • Young Man

      It’s full of people who don’t understand how to use punctuation or capital letters?

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        Hehe, lmao!

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        And full of idiots as well.

    • Sean

      Love at first sight.

  • Sofa Evil!

    • lonetrey

      Sofa r you didn’t get Sofa!

  • Rick in China

    Turns out the “bath salts” guy in Miami was media incorrectly reporting and in fact the toxicology report showed nothing but weed in the guy’s system.

    This guy just loaded.

    Maybe there’s something in some food product somewhere that’s causing this shit..or, maybe it’s 2012 and these dudes are just early birds to the upcoming storm!

    • simon

      we are witnessing history, humans are gradually evolving into zombies. the T-virus must be working behind the scenes.

  • Jeff

    Zombie attacks! First Miami now China!

  • MrT

    Nearly had my finger bitten off by a crazy Chinese Baijiu drunk woman because I wouldn’t give her some pocket money. Got down to the bone, took a couple of good slaps to get her to release. She denied doing it when she sobbed up despite showing her the mess she made to my finger.
    Was the last time i asked for a BJ from her and she got the push not long after.

    • MrT

      Oh yea just remembered, another chick i was boning, i was on top pumping her and she bit my cheek really hard, drawing blood. She had downed a couple of G & Ts not long before that episode. Next morning every one was asking me had I been in a fight and at to tell them it was a one of them bad Chinese razors cut me.

      • eattot

        why your not dead yet?
        you must be some loser go to whores everyday.

        • xiaohouzi

          And don’t you just love reading about some foreigners sexual exploits on Chinasmack? Maybe we all just want attention.

          • Young Man

            There are a lot of pathetic foreigners in China.

            Try to remember there are many respectable, wonderful, polite and sober foreigners as well.

            Just like me! I’m great, I am.

        • eattot

          young man:
          really? r u in shanghai?
          i am looking for friends for swimming.it’s so hot now.

          • CoBa?

            fuck, don’t go swimming in china, all the lakes in rivers are polluted, and the swimming pools are fill with bacteria from all the locals pee, poo and spit inside…its disgusting.

            This is just an advise cause i like you, but if you want to go ahead swimming then to it, but don’t complain later on that your lip herpes has started again and you have to wear a mask again…i prefer you clean around your mouth !

          • eattot

            if u like me, delete my blog add on your blog first.

          • Young Man


            I’m in Beijing

            (sort of- I live in Tongzhou which is kind -of Beijing ‘cos we’re on the Batong line)

            Anyone else on the Batong shuffle?

            I think it’s the best line on the Beijing network- let’s hear the pride.

            东南北京- yo!

          • Mikkie

            young man, i live in Tongzhou as well since 2 years and enjoy it pretty much ;)

          • El Puma R.

            you’re looking (here , in Chinasmack) for foreign friends to go swimming with you?

            I had higher expectations for you, eattot.

          • Little Wolf

            Eattot, I’ll go swimming with you at Aquaria 21. They let you go scuba diving in the shark tank. The water is clean and crystal clear. After, you can spend the day inside the air-conditioned, underground aquarium and walk around. It’s a great way to spend a day. My avatar has my e-mail address.

        • Somethin Somethin

          Come on guys, we’re trolling an article about zombies and face eating and all of a sudden a guy brings up some rough sex and we’re all a bunch of Puritans?

          • mr. wiener

            That’s just “T”. he always does shit like that, just trying to get a reaction, sad really.
            I wouldn’t know a puritan if she sat on my face :P

        • MrT

          no need to pay for it here!

        • donscarletti

          As I understand it, whores don’t bite. That’s what the money covers, the sex is free. I believe this is why prostitution is so popular with Chinese men.

          I have found Chinese women to have strong jaws and sharp teeth, one time I had to wear long sleeve shirts for a month during summer after I was mauled by one and had bruising all over my upper arms. Horrible.

  • If a guy is dementedly pounding on the hood of your car, why the hell would you get out and try to run away?

    • Young Man

      Because you’re scared?

      Because the fear is not making you act rationally?

      The article makes it clear that she should have called the cops, she should have driven the fuck away with the bastard on the hood.

      But she didn’t ‘cos she was scared. Poor woman- have some sympathy.

  • Jack

    Its predictive programming by the elites….You have seen 100’s of zombie movies and when the scene repeats in real world, you relate to zombies.

    Zombies technically comes from a plant poison when ingested people appear dead with minimal breath and heart breath and then become normal after few days…sherlock homes used it and CSI: NY has an episode on it.

    Hollywood just took into extreme

    • Rick in China

      RE: “Zombies technically…” and “Hollywood just took into extreme”, but citing your “source” for your “technical information” as sherlock holmes and CSI: NY……

      “Technically” *zombies* are fictional folklore said to be raised dead, by witches or witch doctors or whatever in several african/african-based cultures. There are several dissociative drugs that may imitate “zombie”-like behavior, but there are no *actual* zombies..they don’t “come from a plant poison”. Some of the dissociative drugs may be from moonflower/morning glory/datura type plants or something similar and some from poisonous fish species, but none of the above actually make raised dead, which is what a zombie “technically” would be if it existed.

      • RickyJinzhou

        I can’t believe you replied to a guy who said, “Sherlock Ho(l)mes used it” Fucking idiot. Ever heard of Arthur conan Doyle?!

        There are parasites in the world that can take over the brain of insects and in some cases small mammals. They infect the brain and make the body do things like kill itself outside of the host’s control to benefit the parasite. Sherlock Holmes told me so.

  • lonetrey


    Of course. With a violent man outside a car, obviously the best solution is to run out to greet him.

  • BornToBeWild

    That’s why I bought my wife a taser and a pepper spray. She only carries the pepper spray around, but it’s still good. You can buy it at the fake market (NanjingXiLu/ChengDuBeiLu) by the elevators (need to ask for it).
    I know that Shanghai is a relatively safe city, but you don’t want to take chances with loved ones.

    • Young Man


    • CoBa?

      pepper spray ? i doubt it will help against the real crazy ones ! Look, thats a lot of pepper spray against one black dude:



      • fabi

        it’s fake ;o
        don’t believe everything on youtube :D

      • jin

        it looks like waterspray to me LOL
        or more like a water hose.

      • jeffli

        as in cloaca bandanna?
        the priest from the east?

        • Dr SUN

          The priest/ King from Transylvania ?

          Vlad the impaler, better known as CB or Nosferatu

    • Greg (the smart one)

      Is carrying pepper spray legal in China? I carry a bottle on my bicycle, and used it on an aggressor a week ago. The cops arrived and said not to use it, but didn’t take it away.

      • mr. wiener

        I wonder if pepper spray would work in sichuan? The attacker might stop and laugh at you.

        • jeffli

          He’d thank you before biting your face off

        • Foreign Devil

          Haha. Wiener that was a good! Sichuan use pepper spray regularily to spice up their fried Gong Bao Ji Ding.

    • Young Man

      Pepper spray WILL stop the motherfuckers.

      Listen to the man.

      The video is bullshit- ladies carry the can!

    • eddie9684

      i dont think the spraying pepper would have done something to that zombie like drunk man.

      taser is the way to go

  • Daniel

    “Ms. Du thought of opening the door to run away”
    – kind of justifies the stupid actions done by people in zombie movies.

  • Oh for the “good ‘o days” when a couple of good strikes of a hickory or oak “billy club” would ‘knock some sense into a booze hound’.

  • FYIADragoon

    “If you can’t handle your alcohol then don’t drink.” But then what would all of Asia do at parties? Can’t let the Whites hog all of the fun.

    • CoBa?

      dont blame it on the alcohol alone…..genetics are still involved too !

      • jin

        maybe the pre historic ancestors of this guy and the miami zombie were cannibals xD

        • mr. wiener

          The difference between society and anarchy is about 3 meals.[I’m not talking the “good” anarchy either].
          In situations like that, droughts, famines, really long winters it doesn’t take long for normal rules and morals to be thrown out the window. Since our ancestors lived to pass on their genes I’m sure we are all the decendents of cannibals in some way.
          The only dif with this twat was he was blind stinking drunk. I don’t think he was trying to eat the woman’s face, he was just really, really aggressive.
          If you find you get aggressive when you drink. YOU SHOULDN’T FUCKING DRINK!!

          • Niels

            DIE VERSUCHUNG

            Es ist ein Brauch von alters her:
            Wer Sorgen hat, hat auch Likör!

      • mr. wiener

        Come, come now CB me slavic friend. Are you saying some people from your neck ‘o the woods don’t turn into psycho arsehats when they hit the Sljivovica?

        • CoBa?

          i think that depends on the character and personality. Some turn aggressive when they are drunk and some quite and calm.

  • xiaohouzi

    That’s why there are laws against public drunkeness in many countries. People don’t want it and children shouldn’t see it. After growing up seeing it all around, they assume it is socially acceptable and end up doing the same stupid thing, creating a vicious cycle. I’m also sick of seeing it in Qingdao and now avoid going out at night. I’ve been attacked several times here by stinking drunk losers.

    • Nick in Beijing


      I had a group of workers in my place helping me with some minor decoration and when they were finished I bought them all lunch, since they were the employees of a friends mother, and as soon as they sat down they were all complaining about not having enough beer (they brought their own).

      People regard public intoxication as a given and likewise drink at all hours of the day regardless of being on duty.

      • Somethin Somethin

        This a conversation that often comes up in mixed company with me in Shanghai. How do you define ‘drunk’? I think for too many people in this country ‘drunk’ is when you can’t walk anymore or make a coherent sentence. One thing I know that used to really curtail drinking in the States is cars. We drive we don’t drink as much. Here it’s all public transport all the time, no reason to moderate. Drinking cultures are really fascinating, especially when they dont involve the story of the time you tried to eat a Wenzhou woman’s face.

        • mr. wiener

          ………..”Drinking cultures are really fascinating, especially when they dont involve the story of the time you tried to eat a Wenzhou woman’s face.”
          Hmm…. many of the drinking stories I’ve heard usually involve you eating another part of a woman’s anatomy , Wenzhou or not. Still point taken. Nice people don’t become crazed cannibals when they drink a wee bit too much.

          • Little Wolf

            1 Chivas
            2 Chivas
            3 Chivas

            (Chou Chou’s Chinese Drinking Song)

  • Hawkeye4077

    I feel something odd is happening. The man in Miami was found to only have marijuana in his system and not bath salts as originally reported.
    In another state, a two officers came to a man, only to leave and call the swat after the man began cutting himself and throwing part of his intestines at the officers. In another state a woman had killed her baby and ate part of the brain.

    • CoBa?

      what was their cultural background ?

  • wacky

    american cultural influence spreads so fast

    • xiaohouzi

      Yes, isn’t American culture terrific? Night clubs, bars and violence… but let’s be fair… not only is America like this. There are plenty of these activities going on all around the world and now China is sadly embracing it for all it isn’t worth.

      • Young Man

        Chinese alcholism is a Chinese problem and a one with a long history.

        You only catch inbred hillbillies drinking grain alchohol in the US while here in China it’s considered to be a sophisitcated beverage.

        People in China are drinking too much because their lives are miserable- their using their drunkeness as an excuse to assault other people because they’ve seen too many people get away with it by using the ‘I was drunk’ excuse (remember Lin Jiaxiang, who lost his job but otherwise got away with being a pedophile because he said he was drunk).

        This is a Chinese problem- don’t go trying to blame foreigners for this shit.

        • CoBa?

          agree, but take into account that the ones with miserable lives in china, have no money to buy alcohol.

          But i have seen thousands of chinese in restaurants with lots of food on the table and lots of booze, creating a lot of noise and having fun, i doubt that their lives are so miserable. They do have mental issues, yes, but that alcohol has something to do with it ? No !

          • Rick Harcus

            No money to buy alcohol? Any market has little bottles of Er ge tou or whatever for 2.5kuai, buying cheap baijiu by the liters is even much cheaper… It may taste like shit to most, but it’s a super easy and cheap drunk. Everyone in China can afford booze..

          • El Puma R.

            Sorry CoBa but in this kind of capitalist life, where people enslave themselves for a miserable salary, being rich is also being miserable, I mean mentally and spiritually miserable, the fact that people need to buy more and more and more, for nothing, because they can’t be happy with themselves, which is all that really matters by the end of each and everyone’s life. People who is really happy with themselves and have a piece of mind, wouldn’t do such things, and certainly don’t need to get fucked up drunk 6 times a week. Andy pleasure in excess becomes poison. Drugs have a lot to do with it .

        • jin


          oh really? seems like youre one of those stereotypes, you think they drink cause they are miserable? NO, they drink cause they like to drink, like any other men. when they go drinking with friends, they are not miserable, when they are drinking on their own, then they are miserable. get it???

          • jin

            after reading more of your posts, it seems that youre just a narrow minded racist with too much hate, let me guess! YOURE BALD from all the hate

          • Nick in Beijing

            Touchy touchy there buddy.

            If they like the drink so much that would suggest that it is the result of all that drink that attracts their interest. And what is the result of all that drink you ask? Drunkenness of course!

            People drink away their misery and that is the truth of it. No amount of whining about how you think someone is a racist changes that fact. To prove this point look at absolutely ANY country in the world and see who is consuming the majority of the cheap alcohol.

          • mr. wiener

            I find Chinese people, are at their most interesting and conversely most annoying when they are drinking.
            Now this applies to a lot of people around the world, but as with most generalizations about Asia folk it applies to them more so [at least from an outside perspective].

          • jin

            so nick, when western people go out and they get drunk, they are drinking away their misery? i see drunk people in holland all the time at friday/saturday night, but i dont think they are miserable

          • Hawkeye4077

            Not all men like to drink. I enjoy a beer or wine with a meal but not more than 1 or 2. Getting drunk is wrong. You can’t blame alcohol for what this man did. There is a deeper problem here that was manifested. It is a problem with the condition of human nature that only gets worse with sin. Sin leads to more sin. We all have a conscience and the more you go against that guiding voice, the less it affects you. Jesus is the only hope the world has.

          • mr. wiener

            Yes Hawkeye, but I’d feel bad about eating Jesus’ flesh and drinking his blood every Sunday. Transubstanciation and all that :P

        • Young Man

          The reason peole in the west drink is because they’re miseable.

          The reason people in China drink is because they’re miserable.

          The reason I’v been drionking all day? Beacause i’m miserable!

          But the sky has been so blue today in Beijing! Has anyone else seen it? Great stuff!

          We’re living in one of the most exciting, challenging and wonderful cultures in the world!

          I’m going back to County Durham (北东 英格兰) for a month on friday- I bet I’m bored in a week.

          China’s not so bad- let’s all be cool: mmm-kay?

      • wacky

        drunk person committing violence is a common occurrence but eating people’s face??? i guess that drunk chinese is inspired by the drunk american from before.
        next there would be another canadian cannibal

      • Young Man

        I’ve just been out to take the dog for a walk.

        Lovely people comentlingf on Baishi (the Labradoodle we took in) and my mad Turkik clothes (Tongzhoou houses one of, if no the, biggest mosgues in Beijing).

        I SAID BE COOL!

        Everyone is not being cool.

        AS I have indicated I am very important and I am also quite drunk so for one or the oter reasons I hope people can pay attention and BE FUCKING COOL!


        The young man.

        • Mikkie

          I though u were a sober foreigner in Beijing ;)

        • jeffli

          “Nobody’s gonna hurt anybody.
          We’re gonna be like three little Fonzies here.
          And what’s Fonzie like? Come on Yolanda what’s Fonzie like? Yolanda: Cool”

    • red scarf

      I doubt American culture had any effect on why the man did it. The most direct case is that he was drunk and being an ass.

      I would more blame it on drunk behaviour, now if you asked if increasing drunkenness in China is do to foreign influence that makes a good question. I would fall on the side of no it doesn’t

      Why? because alcohol isn’t illegal in China, it can have mind altering properties, especially fake alcohols, and its freely sold in high strength, a couple of bottles of baijiu. You also have to take into account that Asian people also have higher chances of lacking an enzyme that processes alcohol. But all thats not the point I’m trying to make, China in the last 20-30 years has become richer, people on average in China have more money, with more money people have a better comfort zone i,e they worry less about bills. Due to them having more people they will tend start to think about that they can do in their free time and what they can spend their money on is there is no driving force, or a lesser need, to save for survival, sadly getting drunk with mates or on your own is one of them in my opinion.

      The same thing seems to be happening in India too, those with money tend to goto nightclubs and drink a lot just to to be seen flashing their cash about.

      • Mikkie

        Lol i dunno, in Scandinavia alcholic beverages, albeit not as strong as Baiu is expensive like hell for common people due to the alcohol/tobacco tax enforcement. We are however to drink outrageously and we do …. I have drunken more chinese under the table then fellow countrymen. I do not think excessive alcohol consumption per capita is a bigger problem in China then in most European countries.

        When i lived in Greece around 1995 my experience was that common greeks (while at work) drink a whole lot more then from what i see here in China. In Scandinavia we usually dont drink at work though, but what we do not drink at work we compensate for as soon as it is weekend.

        Also, the consumption of alcohol has a deep culture in many countries ( not mentioning those with a sub 2-300 year old history ;) )

        • Little Wolf

          From my time in Sweden…I don’t about the rest of Scandinavia…the drinking culture was quite different from anywhere else I’d seen and it was 20 years ago so I don’t know if it’s the same now. You could only buy alcohol on Monday,Wednesday and Friday from 9 AM til noon. There were no bars or pubs. They had these clubs that where you got dressed up and did the waltz and stuff that sold mixed drinks for 10 US dollars for 1 drink and a beer cost 5 dollars (I forget the price in Swedish kronor) Friday and Saturday nights they streets were full of men stumbling around and laying in the gutter. They didn’t fool around nursing a 7 and 7 or vodka tonic. They would seriously guzzle straight from a bottle until they got sick/drunk. To Sweden’s credit….they DON’T drink and drive. You can have 5 guys in your car each holding an open bottle of whiskey, so long as the driver is sober. And the police don’t fuck around either. They put up random roadblocks all the time, and arrest alot of drivers on their way to church for driving while hungover(apparently there was a study showing hungover driving is just as bad as DUI) You go to prison for 3 years, PERIOD! No appeal and no side deals. And you lose your driver license for life. So…people just don’t drink and drive there. Also, brewing your own hooch at home is a giant no-no. Mandatory prison.
          Sorry Mikkie, if I sound like Sheldon telling Raj about India. I’m just trying to “augment” your comment and also I’m curious if things have changed much since I lived there.

          • Mikkie

            I guess some things have changed, while others have not ;-). Alcohol can usually be purchased all days of the week these days, and there are a lot of clubs and bars in most cities.

            The prices are well… not that much different. A pint would run for 5-6euro, a drink 10-15 euro normal prices. Buying a bootle of Absolut Vodka (made in Sweden) would cost about 25euro whereas the same bottle of Absolute vodka costs about 12euro here in China.

            We do have drunk drivers but i agree it is very rare and the legal system is pretty hard on traffic offences when drunk. You dont loose your drivers license permanently but it is usually the case that you get it suspended for up to 2 years and after that you do not get it back, you have to do all the tests again.

            It is not so much difference in Sweden compared to Denmark or Finland per say when it comes to drinking habits …. you will find the streets full of drunk people in the weekends everywhere in Scandinavia.

      • mr. wiener

        Had some pretty nasty baiju full of dead snakes and magic mushrooms at Jim’s peace cafe in Dali, yehnan province. Deadly stuff Jim’s no.1 special.

  • Rod

    Face Biting; It’s the new Planking

    • filabusta

      Good one.

    • Patrick

      You have no idea how you have made my day.

  • Chris

    Zombie apocalypse…it’s here.

  • CoBa? (aka coala banana)

    he still has a long way to go to be comparable to the black dude in miami. Has anyone see the face of the white bum afterwards ? Not much flesh left !

    Evolution works slowly, many out there still operate under a reptilian brain….

  • grovesman

    If that were a Laowai eating her face, the bystanders would have found enough strength to pull him off of her…I have no doubt.

    • CoBa?

      exactly, its amazing how much strength a drunk chinese fuck can have. Trying to pull him off under chinese standards mean to tip him on the shoulder asking what he is doing, or pulling slightly his shirt saying that he shouldn’t eat her face.

      • jin

        exactly, its amazing how much hate you have against china.
        Trying to pull a crazy person off mean to tip him on the shoulder asking what he is doing, or pulling slightly his shirt saying that he shouldn’t eat her face.

    • jin

      now now, lets not forget that ALOT of people passed by and saw but did nothing when the miami guy was eating that other guys face. tell me the truth, WOULD YOU TRY AND STOP SOMEONE WHO IS EATING SOMEONE??? or trying to stop a crazed person? no you dont, cause you might be the next.

      • Young Man

        Have you been, like, assigned this website?

        Go forth Jin and argue with foreigners.

        I’m imagining that, with your education, you get paid a higher rate than 5RMB per post.

        But you ain’t foolin’ no-one, shil.

        • Young Man


          5 jiao more like.

          Then again- inflation being what it is pretty son 5RMB will be the same as 5 Jiao.

          I’m sure you’ll find a way to blame the foreigners for that as well.

        • jin

          ooh yes!!! i like argueing with ignorant foreigners like you.
          are you dumb? im not argueing wth foreigners, im argueing with racists, pots that prejudice, generalise people. oh what kind of education did i get? do you know? i know that its better than yours. and dang 5 rmb a post is alot you know, if i post 10 posts in 1 minut, thats 50 rmb a minut!! holy shiiit

          • jin

            posts that prejudice*

  • Bunny99

    CoBa wrote “i have seen thousands of chinese in restaurants with lots of food on the table and lots of booze, creating a lot of noise and having fun, i doubt that their lives are so miserable.”

    Their lives might not be miserable but I know many people around me who can manage to find something to cry about and become severely depressed over, for example:

    My bf owns a BMW but her bf has a new model Porsche – my bf is selfish and cruel, gonna slit my wrists

    I went on holiday to Rome but she went to Cannes – I am going to jump off the roof, that will show him how he should have cared for me.

    My parents bought me a house, but my bedroom is so small, no room for my clothes – I hate my parents they don’t love me enough, I will set the house on fire, that will show them

    My bf is always patient with me and gives me everything I want, but her bf takes drugs and tried to kill her with a knife – I hate my bf, he is so boring and kind – I will sleep around a bit – that will teach him

    Oh, the poor dears how they suffer, it might be a bit rough on the streets of Syria at the moment, but where I live there is real suffering, some guys can’t even become CEO’s without passing some exams and actually being good at something – oh, life is just so unfair

    Time to go clubbing and get date raped ^.^

    • Nick in Beijing

      Oh god that was hilarious!

    • mr. wiener

      Cruel. unfair, uncalled for……and extremely fucking funny!!

    • The Enlightened One

      I see you have a taste for dating Shanghai women. You must be a glutton for punishment. Unless, you are a female… which I think you are because of that weird last comment with the smiley face…

      In that case, you have some weird messed up friends. You should smack them and tell them to stop being so damn retarded.

  • Don

    Lol, China always copying USA, come on at least know what to copy…

    • jin
      • Guang Xiang


      • Turn for what? Displaying a lack of manners & being insecure and selfish on an international stage?

        All this “taking over the world” thing is quite pre-mature. China is a weak country with an even weaker people. For all the brave talk, when was the last time China defeated anyone?

        China got owned by a tiny island 60 years ago and was only saved by U.S. involvement. Then, it got it’s ass handed to them in Vietnam by a bunch of guys in a jungle. China is only really good at bullying it’s own people.

        I think you should try to be a bit more reasonable. China has a ways to go before “it’s turn”. The party is interested only in staying in power as long as it can before it all topples, which it will, just as countless other dynasties have throughout Chinese history.

        You’re talking about a country which can’t even produce it’s own fighter jet engines, has one re-furbed carrier, and no “professional” army.


        Give me a break.

        • mr. wiener

          I think Jin was talking more about economic power rather than military. However if they want to export their culture they’re going to have to come up with something better than mando-pop.

          • I have doubts that China will really be a economic super power. Too many moving parts, including social and political instability.


          • mr. wiener

            They are already an important economic power. The pre-eminent power? only time will tell.

          • jeffli

            el negro pedro….
            please don’t embarrass yourself!
            “I have doubts that China will really be a economic super power. ”

            wher you been cabron?

          • el negro pedro

            correct Mr. W, I meant “remain” a superpower.

        • Young Man

          Jin’s a jackass and not worth arguing with, Scwartz Piet.

          How’s Santa?

          • jin

            oh young man, youre a dumbass that cant reply normally.

            and its schwarz piet and schwarz piet is not with santa, its with Sankt Nikolaus, and thats in german. in dutch its zwarte piet en sinterklaas.
            there young boy, you learned something.

      • Rod

        Really? I didn’t know the Chinese invented plant life and political theory.

  • Castro

    That boy needs to see the business end of Mr. Colt .45!

  • Zebadee

    This is China. That’s normal

  • Horse

    Sexy crotch shot ^______^

    • mr. wiener

      Wasn’t doing anything for me.
      The photo in question had the caption…”Ms. Du’s face is covered in blood, her eyes filled with terror.”
      No doubt her underpants were soaked with urine too.
      Still if a man called Horse finds that attractive then more power to you.

      • Young Man



  • Paramount

    Those men are high on DRUG (MDMA). These drug are very cheap in china.
    These drug can easily purchase at night spot.
    Just do a google for MDMA……

    • Rick Harcus

      MDMA does not relate to eating someone’s face. Maybe holding on tight and striking while saying their hair is so soft.. Maybe pulling a Lenny and crushing someone if they’re huge.. But definitely no far eating or aggression.

    • Somethin Somethin

      you obviously didn’t go to public school.

  • jeffli

    Hey Guys and girls,
    Its 35+ degrees celsius and 80% RH outside.
    people who drink copious amounts of warm baijiu are going to fry their brains.
    These brain fried people are capable of doing anything.

    Thats why I stay indoors until mid September.

    someone gets too close to me then my muscles get twitchy, try a stunt like that on me or any of my friends I’m with and I’ll king hit the perpetrator, ask questions later.
    the safety of my friends and myself is first.
    I grabbed one little bastard and bounced his head on the wall cause he was physically hassling my friend…..bang! end of story, no discussion, as he rebounded a switch knife fell from his hand!
    [I won’t listen to any Chinese person say he was carrying this knife to peel apples! that is bullshit! Its used to stab someone if they are losing a fight! you know that.]

    I am a foreigner, I will defend my friends(chinese and foreign) lives and honour, I will defend myself anyone want a piece of me? then fine! then you man up! bring your knife bring your gun (I’ve been shot before) but make sure you do a good job cause I’ll break every finger in your hands in defence.

    You wanna say Foreigners cause ALL the shit in China fine! just look at above stories! look at the past 50 stories who is killing who? Wake up China John! you are killing yourselves by
    selling poisonous food
    driving into people
    going mad attacking people
    building unsafe buildings
    sucking money out of people for bullshit medical treatments
    polluting the environment.
    fuck foreigners and their whinging stop listening to them, why? because…….

    That my friends, under any moon or sun is unacceptable!

    • diverdude1

      Well put. I agree 100%. Nice to see it posted too. They seem to love to blame the outsider, but if you can read/observe and if you have spent any amount of time here, you know that it is their own that is killing them.
      13 stab/cut wounds. Deeply slit throat. dismissed as a Suicide?? Such a sad shocking comment on the people/nation.

      • jeffli

        Sorry my bad……please forgive

        last on my above list

        perfectly normal young hopeful students self stabbing in vital areas and then after severe blood loss and pain then slitting their own throat!???

        Dear China John (China public), above is insult to my intelligence! It is an insult to your ancestors! It is an insult to every Chinese grandmothers Bear!

        But ho ho ho look theres a drunk foreigner singing ‘Ole Ole Ole Ole’ about soccer…how disgusting…..kill all foreigners!

        Ptoooie! I spit on your grave! Don’t even want to help yourselves Mainland LU XUN got it right in describing the zeitgeist of modern China 80 years ago with stories such as ‘Ah Q’ and ‘Diary of a madman’ nothing has changed since for the “laobaixing” Now I understand what LU XUN was banging on about.

        • jeffli

          And another thing!
          5000 years of culture and history and only two dynasties ruled by real Chinese ->Han and Ming,

          5000years? is bullF’inshit
          In the last 200 years foreigners have done more ‘valuable’ research into ancient Chinese history than Chinese – Fact! foreign expeditions along the Chinese silk road? archaeological digs from 1850 to 1950 mostly by foreign scientists! MING and QING dynastie were technological waste lands! more than 800 years China has been in neutral! Couldn’t even rebuild the Yuan Ming Yuan!

          Tea ………… BFW!
          Rice ……………BFW! Vietnamese rice is better and two crops per year!
          Chou Tofu………. arsehole juice in food where do you think e. coli comes from Einsteinickens?

          More F’n rice ………..BFW see above

          Icecream? No!
          soda drinks? No
          Penicillin? No!
          the automobile? No
          Electricity ? No
          Industrial revolution? last one!
          efficient printing press? No
          Modern writing system? No, it is 5000 years old fairy tailed gobshite from trippy emperors looking at fire cracked turtle shells – Wangba dan!
          Surgery? No
          fillet mignon? No, grab a chicken by the neck and bash it against the wall then chop it up with a blunt knife, mmmmmmm bone shards!

          Radar? No!
          Neuroscience? No!
          Animal husbandry? No! Currently there is an Australian (220 year old country) mission showing stupid Chinese farmers in XinJiang how to raise sheep and cows!
          The telephone? No!
          Roads? No!
          canals? well maybe but any half wit can dig a hole and let it flood.

          Hip replacement surgery? No

          So what has been contributed to the world? Well one thousand years ago
          a magnet
          a piece of string from a silk worm
          a bullshit printing machine
          gunpowder – actually it was a Tartar (Xioingnu) who discovered it but we’ll give it to you.
          a wall? yes
          most recently –
          SARS a confirmed YES
          Avian Flu most probably YES
          sold AK47 to black children in Africa? YES
          China John, get off your high horse and stop criticising foreigners ALL the time and move forward

          and so so much more……

          • mr. wiener

            Here endeth the rant…Nice one Jeffli , very entertaining and informative :)

          • Ryo

            You know what makes China powerful? It’s that I honestly think they know all this. They know that we know all this. They know that we know that they know we know… but their power comes from them saying “So what?” “WTF are you gonna do about it?” “NOTHING! That’s what.”

          • Mikkie

            Ryo, that mentality has worked well for the nation with th ebiggest guns in the world for a long time … and to some substantial value still does.

          • The Enlightened One

            Well, I guess what you say is mostly true. But you are leaving out the part that they produce the majority of products being used in the western world and maybe other countries.

            You also missed that China has the largest sum of foreign currency and that America owes them a huge debt.

            Also failed to mention they have helped a lot with the infrastructure in various African countries.

            They do have some accomplishments but nothing terms of creativity and invention in quite some time.

            Is there other sides to the coin? Of course, such as…

            The majority of the products that come out of or stay in China are known as being lower quality products.

            They have the most foreign currency because many countries invested a lot in to China for cheap labor and industry, which resulted in their recent rise.

            I have heard stories that they treat the Africans very poorly and poaching the wild life like mad men.

            On that note, I think it is strange they are so ready to hate foreigners. They probably would not have developed without them. They would most likely still be like North Korea.

          • Mikkie

            On a sidenote … with regards of North Korea… i was going to take a trip over with my wife just because its fucked up to do so. But the agent in Beijing advised me not to do it, as i may have severe problems with my legal stay/visa in China did i ever enter North Korea. So much for the commy brotherhood ;)

          • Mikkie

            Other then that, i would pretty much agree with what The Enlightened One just said above

          • The Enlightened One

            @ Mikkie

            I have heard they are opening up tourism more (probably need the money). But if you are not Russian (and white), it could be a big problem. I don’t know how they think of blacks or other nationals. Also, you have to stick to strict routes and can’t take photos (from what I hear).

            The closest I got was Chang Bai Shan, which is the Chinese/North Korean border. Either a dormant volcano or a meteor hit it or something… cause there is a huge lake on the top of the mountain. Anyway, the lake is cut down the center as the border.

            North Koreans and Chinese are constantly arguing over who it belongs to… so it could be considered North Korea from their standpoint.

            There was a town nearby, sold North Korean currency and such. Had a ton of defectors I think too. You could check it out for a small peek.

          • Mikkie

            I have been to Chang Bai Shan ;) and the heavenly lake… pretty cool place.

            No im not russian, im Swede. And i know how much these agents wants to make a a few kuai out of your pocket but i guess i should take the warning seriously. So… DPRK plans are on the shelf for the time being

          • Chef Rocco

            Wow, typed DUI Jeffli? Maybe that is the only thing that your rants are relevant to.

          • el negro pedro


            Dude man! You are the toughest bloke on the internet ever! I’m totally in awe. But one question, what the fucking is “king hit” the perp mean anyhow? Is that like, a haymaker? Or it is like when you wear a crown and smack someone with your scepter? If so, that sounds fucking rad!

            Buddy, if talking shit and boasting on the internet were a sport, you’d be gold medal #1 all the way pal. Will I see you on TV this August for Olympics competing in the “internet tough guy” event? If you fight someone, do you really have to break every< finger? Don’t you think that’s taking it over board??? Isn’t 1, 2, 3 or even FOUR ENOUGH? Is all five really necessary to get the point across? Is there a direct correlation between how many fingers one breaks during a fight with a perp and one’s physical toughness and the amount of honour one derives from said physical confrontation???

            Regale us more with tales of defending your friend’s honour! You’re like a modern day Knight! A true Robin Hood of the internet so to speak! Truly Amazeballs!

            How many Chinese have you beat with your bare hands you brave champion! Did you teach them the lesson they needed to learn? Do you see yourself as the light of civilization shining upon these savages? Do you throw your cloak over puddles for damsels crossing the street on the daily?

            Serious though, you is a motherfucking fucking lout. Who do you think you’re fooling? You need to shut the fuck up immediately. No one is impressed that you were “shot at”. It’s like saying “I’ve been to jail” thinking it’s a badge of honor of toughness or something. N*gga please. That’s fucking pathetic. I mean, when and if you ever say that in real life, don’t people just laugh in you face and say “with what, a water gun?”

            Guys who know how to fuck people up don’t need to prove it to anyone, let alone brag on the internet as “anonymous” you fucking cunt. The first rule of fighting is to run away and avoid it at all cost. If you had any sort of formal training, you’d know that.

            And guess what, despite your holier than thou attitude, assuming you’re actually a “Li” and Chinese, you’re just fucking twat who can speak English not so very different from the people you judge and criticize so easily. Take a long hard look in the mirror and wake the fuck up.

          • mr. wiener

            Black Pete.
            To “king hit” someone is to knock them out with one punch. Usually with a haymaker and usually when they are are unprepared.

          • jeffli

            Hey El Negro,
            I was shot at by some crazy at a shopping mall who was being “talked into putting down his weapon”
            I had nothing to do the guy, I didn’t even know what everyone was screaming about. Have you lost a friend or love one who was an innocent bystander?
            I wish the cop did just shoot the bastard in the medulla oblongata.
            Many years later the guy is now out free and no remorse.

            being shot is like being in jail? under what moon?
            ****“I’ve been to jail” thinking it’s a badge of honor of toughness or something. N*gga please.”****
            you are the one called El’ negro pedro otherwise in plain English – the black peter. I quote you: ….. “N*gga please” …..Do you know thats racist! Or are you a NWA fan?

            I don’t go around bashing people all the time
            Would you stand and watch your friend get a knife in the gut? ……you probably would you chickenS**t .

            as far as breaking fingers, I can’t fight for nuts but if someone is attacking me or my friend,well what do you suggest?
            Give him counselling while you’re being stabbed?
            ask him to wait while you call for a policeman?

            Wake up black Peter! Be prepared to protect your family and friends.

            How would you protect your woman or your offspring if in imminent danger? run away?
            You a real man

          • Anon E Moose

            Fake prop foods that double as recreational sex toys ?

  • Lee

    1st the Yankees…
    then the Canucks…
    now the Mainlanders lol

  • Dr SUN

    Just got in from a day of planting peas, miss any thing ?

    • jeffli

      you missed the e. coli flavoured compressed bean curd! – the stinky shit!

      • Dr SUN

        Not sure that bean curd works against Zombies, I’ll sick with peas that do work, but thanks anyways ):

  • Xiongmao

    Man, this was a difficult read for a number of reasons.

  • Opalivian

    Not shot dead by police. Damn.

  • Cleo

    Let me guess, Japan feels further absolved that they bit our women and children in the midst of raping them because look, Chinese people do it too – not to the tune of over 60 million Chinese dead but hey, one is all you need to clear Japan. Or are we just leading up to the decloaking of never before revealed photographic IMAGES of the true faces of Japanese in China. First, the bath salts incidents in America, now this after we have been trained to accept chomping zombies and vampires attacking innocents (the more fragrant the better).

    • mr. wiener

      I wish someone would eat you.

    • Dr SUN

      It’s Cleo !!!

      I love this girl.

      The granddaughter of some unknown Japanese soldier and she’s pissed about it.

      • mr. wiener

        Maybe you should eat her :P

    • The Enlightened One

      What on Earth? Do you have a mental disability?

  • Rocco

    Fake alcohol effect!!!

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    I forget what the law was called but it goes something along these lines:

    The probability of something bizarre(like someone going cannibal on some complete stranger) increases over time with an increase in the population simply because there are more people to potentially commit said bizarre act.

    Thus as population increases, so does the probability of something improbable happening.
    As the world population increases, we will most likely see more cases of ‘spontaneous cannibalism’ simply because there are more nutjobs born alongside all those new people every day.

    • Daniel

      Yeah, that’s correct, but please don’t group all the nutjobs together. There are nutjobs that the society needs, but not deserves and there are nutjobs that the society deserves, but not needs (TDK).
      Anyways, I played “zombie attack” with my gf and I ate her ^^ if you know what I mean :) chased her, striped down and started to eat a particular female organ that rhymes with Doloris (Seinfeld says hi).

  • linette

    gunpowder – actually it was a Tartar (Xioingnu) who discovered it but we’ll give it to you.
    a wall? yes
    most recently –
    SARS a confirmed YES
    Avian Flu most probably YES
    sold AK47 to black children in Africa? YES
    China John, get off your high horse and stop criticising foreigners ALL the time and move forward…….

    You forgot about noodle. Chinese invented noodle and the world have been copying us ever since for like thousands years. Many countries like italy can’t survive without eating pasta.

    • jeffli

      linette! a noodle? is that it? really? a noodle?

      ok then……………

      noodle – BFW in a big way!

      Chocolate? NO
      High voltage generation and distribution technology? NO
      Trucks? NO
      Refridgerators? NO
      the chair? NO
      the LED? NO
      we wont talk about flight and space exploration this time……
      cigarettes NO
      cute fluffy toys? NO
      SSRIs? NO
      MAOIs? NO
      oral sex? – not in any book I’ve see in China -NO
      VB? NO
      You Mom? ………maybe
      birthday cake? NO
      submarine? NO
      radio NO
      the thermionic amplification tube? NO
      TV? NO
      heart valve replacement surgery? NO
      airconditioners? NO
      ball point pen? NO
      pencil? NO
      bingo? NO
      photovoltaic cell? NO
      sunglasses? NO
      Lube? NO


  • swat

    So ….face eating is happening here too…??? It is not a Foreign(black man) thing…???

    Wow …i’m surprised….

    Jungle fever….in CHINA…

    I shall copy the pictures and send back home(MONKEY LAND alias AFRICA).

    Really feelling bad about the story but I’m too human so ……jejejej


    • James

      “(MONKEY LAND alias AFRICA).” Why don’t YOU drop your racist b.s.? Idiot!!

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  • 404namenotfound

    He’s (it’s) from Anhui, not surprised.

  • Foreign Devil

    Someone put bath salts in his Baijiu.

  • Dr SUN

    On a completely different note, Fauna why are you not posting how a bunch terrorists with a bomb, were overcome by passengers on a domestic plane inside China, it’s all over the micro blogs.

    • moop

      you got any links?

      • Mikkie

        Seriously … its all over international news ;)

      • moop

        nevermind, got some, but not from any reputable sources yet.

        • Mikkie

          BBC good enough?


          In Europe most major news agencies reported about it early this morning.

        • Mikkie

          BBC does not report however that 2 of the alleged terrorists later died from the injuries from the “beating”

          • moop

            it also doesnt report that the World Uyghur Congress spokesman said it was a seat dispute

    • Mikkie

      Actually, wether they were really hijackers or not is left to our vivid imagination. Because apparently a spokesperson from the German-based World Uyghur Congress which campaigns for Uighurs’ rights, said it wasn’t a hijacking attempt but an in-flight brawl over a seat dispute.

      Regardless, if 6 Uighurs (according to alleged eyewitnesses 3 from the front and 3 from the back) rise to start a fight on a plane in mid-air they should get beat up and tied down regardless (perhaps not beaten to death however, if this is the case).

      But yeah , i have been waiting for this news to surface on here all day. I read it on swedish news early this morning.

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  • abcdefg


  • Mao’s Dong

    In China, diesel fuel laced with PCP = ‘alcohol’.