Drunk Chinese Man Tackles & Bites Woman’s Face in Wenzhou

Extremely drunk Chinese man attacks woman in Wenzhou province of China, biting at her face.

A face biting incident.

From Sina:

Wenzhou Drunk Man Tackles Down Woman Driver, Bites Her Face Till It’s Badly Mutilated

If one can’t handle your alcohol, it’s better to drink less!

Yesterday [June 27th], many netizens posted on Sina Weibo pictures of drunk people losing control of themselves collapsed on the side of the road, some treating the road as their beds, some kneeling on the ground crying and hollering, and even one drunk man who ran into the middle of the road, blocked a car, and started biting the driver. Some sober up in regret, while others have to face jail time.

The day before yesterday [June 26th] at about 2pm, when city resident Ms. Du and her friend were driving pass an Ouhai District Guoxi Street Pudong Bus Platform, a man suddenly ran out from the side of the road and stopped in front of Ms Du’s car. Without a word, he climbed onto the hood and began to pounding heavily on the front windshield.

Ms. Du was shocked by the scene before her. Both afraid to start/drive the car and forgetting to call the police, she could only hide in the car screaming.

A few minutes later, seeing that the man showed no signs of stopping, Ms. Du thought of opening the door to run away. She never imagined that as soon as she got out of the car, the man would tackle her from behind. Ms. Du lost her footing and fell onto the ground. Then something shocking happened. The man crawled on top of Ms. Du and starting biting viciously at her face. Immediately, Ms. Du’s face was badly mutilated by the biting. Seeing this, bystanders one after another went forward to stop the man, but he was like a man possessed and simply couldn’t be pulled off. Afterwards, the Guoxi Police Station police officers arrived at the scene, and managed to restrain this man.

After investigation, this “man-biter” is surnamed Dong, comes from Anhui, and is a public bus driver. That noon, he had drank 1.5 jin [750g] of baijiu with many friends. Everyone had collapsed drunk, except him who suddenly went mad/crazy. According to the police, the injured Ms. Du was taken to the hospital immediately. After examination, both Ms. Du’s nose and lips were injured by the biting, with the doctor saying two more reconstructive surgeries are still needed. Yesterday [June 27th], after sobering up, Dong X was filled with regret for his actions. Right now, Dong X is being detained by the police for aggravated assault, and the case is still under further investigation.

According to police officer Li of Lu City Police Sub-Bureau Nanmen Local Police Station, summer has come, and citizens like to go outside and have some late night snacks. And recently many people go to the bars to watch the European Cup, and incidents like inappropriate behaviors and trouble-making when drunk have increased these days. “Dunk people behave inappropriately, and regret a lot after sobered up.”

All Sorts of Loss of Control when Drunk

The day before yesterday [June 26th] at about 11pm, when citizen Ms. Zhang was driving pass Longquan Allen No.1 Day-Care Center, she saw someone down on the side of the road, rolling around. Ms. Zhang stopped her car to see what was going on. “Just as I got near, he suddenly sat up straight, and a heavy smell of alcohol assaulted my nose.” Ms. Zhang asked him how to contact his family, but he only asked for a napkin and then paid no further attention to Ms. Zhang. Ms. Zhang could only call the police, and the district police came and took him to the police station.

At about the same time, as Ms. Wang was walking along Xueshan Road Huatan Alley, she saw a middle-aged man in front of her walking one step forward and two steps back, and then suddenly fall on the ground. Seeing this, nearby residents one after another all came over to help, but the drunken man waved his arms rejecting their help, and went on sleeping. Some patrol officers arrived and found contact information for his family on the man, and an hour later, the drunken man was taken home by his family.

Pictures From

The drunken man is on top of Ms Du and biting her face.
The drunk man on top of Ms. Du biting her face.
Ms Du's face is covered in horror and blood.
As bystanders pull off the attacking man, Ms. Du's face is covered in blood, her eyes filled with terror.
The face biting Chinese man subdued and handcuffed by police.
The face biting Chinese man subdued and handcuffed by police.
Traffic stopped because of the incident.
Stopped traffic due to the incident.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Another face eater… has the 2012 magnetic field begun affecting people’s minds? Get drunk and start eating faces? Too incredible, such heavy taste [so abnormal].


Is Resident Evil happening??


It has come after all [referring to the 2012 apocalypse]!


The zombie virus has spread to China… I’m gonna buy a gun and shoot zombies…


Ai ya, damn it, what’s going on here? Gone nuts, could he have drank some sort of drug?!


Is this a continuance of the Miami incident? Wenzhou Drunk Man Tackles Down Woman Driver, Bites Her Face Till It’s Badly Mutilated.


I’m finally beginning to understand why many places used to have prohibition.


Fuck, Biohazard has moved its battlefield to China.


There’s a “face-biting bro” in America, who after taking a drug called “bath salts” tackled a passer-by and bit his face to mutilation. Not long later, another “face biting” incident happened in Wenzhou: a man suddenly went crazy, tackled a woman stranger, and began viciously biting her face. However, the police say this was drunken assault, not the “drug” rumor netizens were spreading. ==〉〉 From this we can see, Chinese baijiu is as bad as foreign drugs~~


Resident Evil has spread from the movies, a virus carrier has appeared in Wenzhou, and Wenzhou people are living in an abyss of suffering.


…Horrifying. Hope she’ll be okay.


This kind of man should have his legs chopped off to prevent him from going out and harming people…


When encountering a situation like this, one should turn off the motor, lock the door, stay still in the car. And call 110 for help!


This, how could one have a craving for this [biting the face]! I would at most just bite an arm.


So scary, first the United States, now China has it too, it couldn’t be some kind of mutation, could it? Can we still feel safe anymore?


Before the woman undergoes plastic surgery, she should have go get a rabies vaccine shot first. Fucking drunkenness excuse, it’s an insult to alcohol, if you can’t handle your alcohol, then don’t drink.

What is the craziest thing you have seen a drunk person do?


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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