Foreign Men Boast About Sexual Conquests in China, Reactions

Asian woman with three white men.

Asian woman with three white men.

The author of the following internet post on popular Chinese discussion forum Mop translated several English language posts and comments into Chinese for Chinese netizens to understand. I have presented the original English along with my English translation of the author’s Chinese language introduction and comments. However, you can review the author’s Chinese translations of the original English by placing your mouse over the English text just like you can see the original Chinese text of my English translations.

From Mop:

A look at the “sexually blessed” life of laowai men in China

Chinese girls having loose pants when meeting laowai men has long been old news, but just how crazy has it become? I recently browsed a discussion forum of foreigners in China, and the forum inside about dating and relationships has basically become a list of foreign men showing off their “conquests”, everyone one after another sharing their own most recent “love affairs”. At a glance, a foreign man of 18 years old to 81 years old, regardless of physique and regardless of appearance, sleeping with tens of Chinese women over 1-2 years of staying in China is basically the average. If effort is made, even sleeping with 1-2 hundred Chinese women is an easy affair (this is referring to women who aren’t prostitutes). Many [of these women] are students, white-collar workers, Chinese women with character and looks. What more, not a penny is needed, with many Chinese women instead paying money for laowai to sleep with them, even taking them out to show them off to others, as if it gives them “face”. From Shanghai’s well-known laowai discussion forum (Shanghai Expat), [I’ve] excerpted several posts/comments of laowai males showing off their conquests.

Re: Rules on Taking Girls Home by superkim ? Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:59 pm

Back in 2003 I had a German friend who often went to Buddha Bar on Maoming Lu. One night he went there and:
#1) He quickly met a local girl – took her home and fcuked her. Kicked her out. Went back to the bar.
#2) Met a second local girl – took her home and fcuked her. Kicked her out. Went back to the bar.
#3) Met a third local girl – took her home and fcuked her. Kicked her out. Went to sleep.
True story. And probably not that unusual either. I have told some local ‘friends’ this story. They never believe me. They all claim that local girls are traditional and ‘good’. Cracks me up.

by chingiskhan ? Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:23 pm

I have hundreds of stories. I could go all night, so to speak! Friend of mine was having lunch at Carls Junior in Raffles one day with wait for it, his wife and one year old kid. Next table are 3 hot young students, around 20 years old. Wife takes kid to bathroom. Girl says to my friend “you are such a great father, I wish you were my father” then they exchange numbers before the wife comes back.

(I won’t go on with the rest of the story but later in the discussion thread, this laowai XX’s two of the three female students.)

by expatguy1 ? Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:46 am

I have had a great deal of sucess with the Married birds here. Most of them are so discusted by their worthless Chinese husbands they are easy targets. All they want is good sex, someone who showers regurarly and can last more than 2 minutes in the sack. I was recently with a housewife 2 weeks ago and she complained that her husband always came home trashed, wanted to have sex and blew his wad in nano seconds. Most time though we would just come home and pass out drunk. I have had countless housewives like this. Picking up single Chinese women is very easy as well. I Funny, when I Eat at the Y, most of them are like, OMG, where has this been all my life…, that keeps them comming back for more, as their worthless BF and husbands wont head south of the border…

by chingiskhan ? Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:58 pm

A friend and myself once took two girls home we met at a club. After I was done with my girl, she asked where my friend was and I pointed to his bedroom. She then went in to his room and shagged him. His girl just went home. I was really pissed he got to do both and I only got one. Then there’s the girl who slept with me and two of my friends (I was the last of the three of us) and thought we didn’t know. She didn’t expect we’d talk. But of course, we did.

by jeffinflorida ? Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:34 pm

Here’s my dilemma: This is a true story but some names have been changed to protect the innocent…
About 5 days ago I was walking back to my home from the nearby village market where I brought a bag of oranges. Whilst this is not uncommon, a very attractive girl came up to say hello and asked me if I ever go dancing at a local club. I live in an area with 3 major universities and there are 30k+ students around so the village is always flooded with girls at all times of the day. It was about 1pm this day. She asked me where I was from and if I was a teacher at the school I was heading to and I said yes. I asked her where she was going and she said the internet cafe that we walked by. I said by and kept walking. I have had these random encounters many times, I’m sure we all do.”>
Fast forward. Friday night. My steady girlfriend of 8 months is i n her room, didn’t want to come over. I am HAPPILY playing Xbox in my room, laying on the couch. There’s a knock on the door. I put some pants on ( like to play Xbox in my Fruit of the Looms – and guess who is there! This attractive 22 year old girl. At my door.So I invite her in. She asks me if I want to go dancing. I say no, not tonight, I am playing Xbox. So she sits on my couch and we chat. Her English is ok. She’s a 3rd year student at my school, but not in my program. After about 1/2 hour I figure What The Hell, lets put some moves on her. Ok no kiss, bad sign… Hands up her shirt Good sign I ask her if its ok, she says yes. So the hands start to wander… Um the rack is nice and not fake…
One hour later we are in my bed! Oh baby baby…

Come 11 I kind of want her to leave so I can go back to Xbox… I was playing Call Of Duty World At War… Love to kill Nazis…
She says ok I will sleep here tonight. I say ok… Well guess what I had for breakfast the next morning… So she leaves later on the day. I have NO CLUE what her name is and don’t have her phone number but I gave her mine. I spend the day with my girlfriend, who is totally on the rag with her attitude… And go back home. The next day… A knock at my door! Guess who’s back! She comes over, spends the night yet again… This has gone on almost every night since I met her. She comes over, watches tv, eats, showers, does me, and either leaves or spends the night. After 5 days, I still don’t know her name or WHAT SHE WANTS. I am sure she has an angle, don’t they all? Does she want money? A Visa? Clothes? New phone? Don’t know yet. I can tell you she is attractive, loves to be held and cuddled, and sleeps 14 hours a day – when she is not watching tv. What to do? I have 2 girlfriends already… Wasn’t really looking for a third. Maybe I need to post this on a new thread…

The below post is excerpted from a post with a lot of replies on well-known Beijing discussion forum (The Beijinger). From it, the attitude laowai have towards Chinese women can be seen.

Why are Chinese girls so easy to…*you know*

Posted Aug 25, 2009 12:39pm by rhinox

Why are Chinese girls so easy to bang?
‘Should pretty much sum it all up. Beijing is like a PARADISE for guys. And I’m not talking about brothels/massage parlors or anything where you pay money. It’s like girls throw themselves at you at clubs, schools, bars, classes, etc, just to experience something “different”, “exotic” and “exciting”.I’ve gotten quite big-headed since arriving in China. I got action back in the States, but NOTHING like China. My Chinese isn’t even that good. Can you imagine a Chinese guy in the U.S. trying to pick up chicks with broken English?I’m by no means complaining, just wondering =P


My comments: Having read some posts, and to make a rough estimate, I’ve discovered that nowadays the young girls in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, if they’ve had some education, understand English, have relatively good looks and bodies, of those that have interacted with laowai men, 70% have slept with laowai (including many who are already married). Some laowai in Shanghai, Beijing, etc. as foreign teachers have slept with 80% of the girls who look decent in their classes (and what more, the majority are the girls paying for it). Those [foreigners] who are company executives don’t even need to be mentioned… Many Chinese women when looking for a Chinese boyfriend are picky, demanding house and car, but when it comes to finding a laowai they essentially become free sex toys, even believing that this is something that gives them a lot of “face”. Many laowai who come to China are actually broke and unable to make it in their own countries, many low-class construction workers (I know of a bald fatty who repaired roofs in America but after coming to China basically became a nightly groom [have sex every night]), and there’s one who is an American community college graduate who couldn’t find a job afterward that came to Shanghai to be a foreign teacher making several thousand RMB per month and the female students scramble to throw themselves at him, with there even being a female student willing to cohabitate with him and pay rent for him…

Comments from Mop:


Do we also have this kind of treatment when we go abroad?


My older sister once met a black devil before, saying it was to learn English. That black devil was always calling. When my mother found out, my mother angrily called her a dirty whore, cheap, lousy prostitute. The two of them had a big fight and only in the end did my sister give give in, otherwise her being fucked and made dirty would’ve happened sooner or later.


A special Chinese characteristic, the whole world knows this.


Stupid cunt laowai being played by women and patting themselves on the back for it.


Just both getting what they want from each other. The men of the free world all carry the air of freedom, which is very attractive to Chinese women who have lost their values. Are you counting on laowaimen exercising moral self-control? You must be joking…


Why do you have to talk about Shanghai women? I have a lot of sisters who despise those laowai.


The problems of China are not all about the government and party! It seems that the entire people, every single Chinese person, you, me, him, are major problems! Can you say its not?


China has a lot of these kind of women, and they should be called whores, because they are even worse than paid prostitutes.


Foreigners having large JJ is an indisputable fact, okay? If you’re not able to satisfy women, don’t blame women for finding others. Of course, foreign-worship also plays a very big part.


The harsh reality is simply: The girls I like belong to others and the girls I don’t like also fucking belong to others.


It only shows that Chinese girls are really considerate of the next generation, as mixed-raced children have very big advantages.


Hehe, calm down, Chinese men going to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar also have this treatment.


Too evil! We too must sleep with foreign women!


Even if it is real, so what???
They’re doing their own thing. Bystanders gossiping just make people wonder just what motives these people have, putting their nose even into other people’s private lives.

Maybe they [Chinese women] think it is fun/exciting to play with laowai, so of course they would think they profited/benefited, but the laowai also feels they profited/benefited. So the two don’t owe each other, and it’s a win-win. River crab!!!!!~~~~~


What laowai consider beautiful in their eyes, I truly beg to differ.

What do you think?


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