Genetically Modified Corn Imports, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Asian girl with cat on ground covered with corn.

Asian girl with cat on ground covered with corn.

From NetEase & Phoenix Online:

World’s Three Biggest Producers of Genetically Modified Corn Gain Approval to Enter China

Yangcheng Evening News reports, yesterday, the PRC State Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine (AQSIQ) approved the import of Brazilian corn. It is worth noting that Brazil is the world’s third largest producer of genetically modified corn. This Yangcheng Evening News reporter has discovered that corn from the three leading producers of genetically modified corn in the world has now gained approval to enter China. According to analysis, this could mean an accelerated rate of genetically modified corn entering China.

Argentina, Brazil produce 80% of genetically-modified corn


Argentina and Brazil are second only to the United States as the world’s largest suppliers of corn, but nearly 80% of corn produced every year qualifies as being of a genetically modified variety. In response to this fact, China is adopting an import strategy which is both open and cautious. So far, the world’s three largest corn producers have completely dominated the Chinese market. From the perspective of corn analyst Xu Xiaomiao, this means that China’s corn imports are diversifying , and its reliance on a single nation for corn is decreasing.


In May, foreign media reported that according to a Brazilian official, Brazil would be lobbying China to accelerate the approval process for the import of three breeds of soybeans as well as one breed of corn. Insiders pointed out that this recent sequence of approvals could mean the acceleration of genetically modified food imports into China.

In June, the Department of Agriculture announced the import of three kinds of soybean. At present, it cannot be confirmed whether or not these three breeds of soybean are the breeds Brazil had hoped for accelerated approval, whereas the Department of Agriculture has stated that the process of approving the breeds’ safety certifications took about three years from the time the application was received to the time of approval. Critics still say the approval was suspiciously quick. But one thing is for sure, China is accelerating its approval of genetically modified crops. It approved the import of genetically modified soybeans in 1997, and before this year’s approval of the three breeds, a total 5 breeds of soybean had been approved for import. Similarly, in 2012, 19 crop breeds were approved for import, including soybean, corn, oilseed rape, and cotton breeds. In the 8 years from 2004-2011, a total of 79 breeds were approved for safety credentials.

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Comments from Netease:

我真是小李 [网易天津市网友]:

The vast majority of genetically modified corn in America’s California is used for industrial processing, not for food. The [government] experts eat specially produced food which isn’t genetically modified, leaving the common man to eat the unsafe genetically modified food. Just what kind of people do that!

[Note: Many high-level government officials are provided foodstuffs grown and raised on exclusive farms according to higher standards.]


I’m not eating corn anymore.

悲壮的中国 [网易福建省泉州市网友]: (In response to above)

The problem is that it gets turned into oil. There’s no way you can escape it.


The boycott of corn starts with you and me.

监督局局长 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

If you don’t resist [genetically modified foods], you’ll just be waiting to die.

Comments from Phoenix Online:


1.3 billion people are being used as lab mice for the world. Well, no, out of those 1.3 billion people, there is a group that doesn’t eat it, they have specially produced food, even specially provided air…


Discarded and re-used cooking oil, genetically modified food, can people die from eating these things? Experts and academics just say it’s fine while not practicing what they preach, simultaneously saying [its safe] and avoiding [such things], secretly eating their specially supplied food!


Certain agricultural experts in the country are all consultants for Monsanto, so you tell me why they’re want us to eat eat genetically modified food so badly?!


Oppose genetically modified food entering China!


To serve the people, please eat genetically modified food.


How can there be this kind of treacherous government official?


Some people are saying to boycott corn and corn products, but how effective is this? Most corn is used as fodder, so when you eat meat you might be unwittingly eating corn. Now you can say you won’t eat meat, but if genetically-modified corn enters China, it will mix with non-genetically-modified corn, even assimilate and absorb the non-genetically-modified corn, and so, you can’t hide from it.

What do you think about genetically modified crops?

  • vonskippy

    Apparently China’s public schools don’t teach basic science. You’re talking about corn that requires less pesticides and fertilizers (you know – stuff that’s poison or poisons your soil and water table). It’s been proven safe time and time again, for over two decades. Learn some basic science (if your paranoid government will allow you to) before putting on your lead lined tinfoil hats.

    • Teacher in China

      Give me a f’in break man, you act as if there aren’t a bunch of idiots in all the Western countries that believe the exact same things as the Chinese commenters do. You’re way off base. Try again (or don’t).

    • dffd

      all the studies are done by monsanto scientist not the fda douche bag, of course its gonna have a favorable view on gm corn

  • nqk123

    there was a study on whether GM corn causes cancer. the result was inconclusive. So, we don’t really know if there is a direct correlation between the two.

    • mr.wiener

      All I know is I’m staying with this story, rather than the last one which has people foaming at the mouth. I’ll be over here eating GM corn where the crazies ain’t.
      And if anyone wants the airspace over my corn I’ll be glad to share it.

      • nqk123

        Just make sure you don’t eat too much of it. Although the result was inconclusive about cancer, there are some evident (not very strong) about GMF (corn, soy, etc) causes gluten disorders.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Everything causes something.

          • nqk123

            moderation is key to healthy life

          • mr.wiener

            Sex causes death.

      • David


      • My_honourable_lord

        Maybe we could change the ‘sofa’ declaration to ‘sofa airspace’?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    They hear about foreign genetically modified corn, and they start speaking about boycotting it……..

    After they’re done typing that out, they go to their kitchen, fill a cup with sink water, and then drink it. Maybe pair it up with some convenient street vendor food. >_>

    • Guest23

      It’s a bit concerning that they talk about food quality and safety on those comments, it’s utterly baffling to think they would boycott it cause it’s foreign, not that it’s bad, not to mention that you can hear a lot of stories about bad food in China, this is just not a productive talk just, random yelling.

    • filabusta

      A side of boiled miscellaneous meat balls and chicken feet simmered in chicken shit for a few years.

    • xuedi

      @lonetrey / Dan: The only thing that people in China 100% not doing is drinking from the sink ;-)That would be suicide :-P

    • dffd

      your a fucking idiot, everyone knows gmos r bad for you,

      • lonetrey / Dan

        whew, you really have it out for me, huh? -patpat-

        • lonetrey / Dan

          @ dffd’s inactive comment:

          Lol…? Go for it?

          But lets be honest here. You can’t slap me. You don’t even know what/how I think, much less where I live, nor do I even go out of my way to provoke you so you’re not really going to declare a vendetta on me.

          This is what’s going to (or already has) happen. You’re going to complain and moan about how my opinions are wrong or how bad then sound. Then you’ll threaten me or verbally describe things that are socially considered horrible and unpleasant. You might toss in a bit of muscle-flexing in there to make things sound better and for variety’s sake.

          Then, nothing will happen. I’ll keep talking about my opinions, and you’ll keep raging about them if you don’t provoke others and get yourself banned eventually.

          And then, nothing will keep on happening.

  • I wonder if the selective breeding of crops is also considered genetically modified. What do they teach in school….?

  • Cauffiel

    Oh…. so, China thinks it owns corn now, too? WHERE DOES IT STOP.

  • Nilerafter24

    Yeah…. I’d be more worried about the fake meat and eggs they sell here.

  • My_honourable_lord

    Funny thing they put a cat in the pic. Wonder how long kitty will last?

    • mr.wiener

      She is reaching for the cat and the pitchfork isn’t she..?
      Naah, that cat is too small anyway.

      • My_honourable_lord

        Cat-on-the-cob:-) Look at the glee in her eyes! First meal in a while by the looks of things.

  • nqk123

    you may be right, but precaution never hurt.there are still a lots unknown when it come to research.

  • My_honourable_lord

    So chinese are butt hurt because they have to import something for a change? The rage isn’t about the GM, can’t be, for obvious reasons.

    China is fast becoming a consumer and losing its role as a leading exporter. Besides, how much tainted crap have they exported for years? Hope ya’ll enjoy your corn and cat dinner.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So the danger is to the soil, not the people who consume it?

    • Harold Janson

      The dangers are that you have no idea what impact it will have long-term on the food chain or health-wise, as these massive companies have massive lobbies which pay for their own laws to be implemented and their own certifications to be issued. Is Monsanto safe? Well, the experts bought and paid for by Monsanto say it is. That alone should be setting off alarms. The fact that it destroys the land locking them into the market (and demanding use of their other products, such as roundup) should be more than enough, regardless of health concerns to boycott them entirely.

    • whuddyasack

      Depends, I think that because the corn is immune to vast douses of herbicide, there is likely to be higher concentrations of harmful chemicals in it than non GMO corn. He mentioned that the soil became unusable for other crops because of the poison.

      Though there’s no conclusive evidence, that one seems quite harmful to me.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Why? I would think that being immune would mean it wouldn’t need as much, therefore there would be LESS harmful compounds on it. Anything it can make by itself would in essence be biodegradable so by the time it’s harvested it has none of that stuff on it. The only thing harmful it might have are whatever extra proteins are used to make it.

        But most proteins aren’t harmful to the human digestive tract as the stomach makes short work of it. If people are capable of eating bugs with all the bacteria they have and only get a mild stomach ache, I’m sure they can handle a vegetable with a few extra genes.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    My guess is there is a fear of genetically modified anything because of group mentality, hearsay and stupidity that led to strict REGULATION. Not ban.

    I mean I saw people protesting the possibility of testing such products with monkeys out of fear we’ll get a Planet of the Apes scenario…in Britain.

    In Germany, a journal was published exposing the dangers of genetically modified corn, while overlooking any study or articles that disproved them. That’s about as credible as saying vaccines promote autism.

    • xuedi

      one main part of the protest is Germany is not so much about the food itself, but about the Methods of the cooperation to utilize this seeds to monopolize the Market, we had our many bad experience with that in the past …

  • David S.

    Some fucking genius at Monsanto: “Make our corn look like kitties, people love kitties”

    • Cauffiel

      Evil genius.

  • David S.

    After all the food scandals and poisonings and the constant fear of feeding shit to their kids, I think the Chinese will be excused for being nonplussed by GMO corn.

    GMO crops economics are pretty ugly too.

  • David

    I would be more worried there is a cat walking on and a little girl sitting on my dinner than that it was GM..

    • whuddyasack

      Really now? I’d feel more worried for the cat :-0

  • Jack Yu

    That article is full of unsubstantiated claims and individual cases without giving detailed backgrounds. The only scientific study that is quoted has been retraced by the journal. Big pile of low-end-journalistic crap. I am not saying that Monsanto is a club of nice guys, but this article just discredits more respectable critics of GM crops.

    • utera

      Yea for the most part critics of gmo are no better than climate change deniers. Its just science.

  • xuedi

    china is importing a lot of basic resources (also US GM rice), but exporting products with added in the tech industry are not enough to fill the trade deficit, Chinese citizen want more and more things, now China is a net-importer …

  • Mony Xie

    350 million Chinese people smoke and they didn’t bat an eye… that thing is scientifically proved carcinogenic.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    My parents still boil sink water! O_O
    Habit from their childhood perhaps?
    But at least they use a water filter on it as well.

    Many people I met in college only filtered their water, without bothering to boil it.

  • don mario

    are you baffled by a person with strong negative reactions who eats clean?

  • Anon E Moose

    Oh, all you oh-so-holy food purists!

    By natural selection, *ALL* the foods we eat today are GM.

    Anybody look at the prehistoric ancestors of rice, wheat, barley, millet ?
    Scant resemblance.

    We eat what we have today thru 8,000+ years of human farming & breeding.

    No going back w/ progress, not unless you want to starve to death 90% of humanity.
    Which is hardly a problem nor a concern w/ Commies, Russians, Chinese, and Limey Basterds.

  • e8hffff call


  • e8hffff call

    Because you’re a fool, parroting and indoctrinated from the insane.

    DNA is a data technology, and proves evolution is a fantasy. There is no common ancestor. Each lifeform is its own data abstraction or program, and if you contaminate it you are destroying the integrity of design and people’s access to beneficial food.

    GMO is vandalism. It’s terrorism from the insane.

  • e8hffff call

    Would China be stupid and desperate enough to use GMO damage food stuff?