6-Year-Old AIDS Orphan A-Long Lives Alone In Guangxi

Guangxi AIDS orphan A-Long.

From QQ: (with additional photographs from Sina)

Guangxi 6-year-old AIDS orphan lives alone, eats rice and vegetables without oil or salt yet still eats with relish

In your childhood, what were you doing? Begging daddy to buy a toy, being pressed by mommy to learn a foreign language, taking the pocket change that grandma secretly gave you, sharing the bubblegum you just bought with your friends… When you couldn’t get what you wanted, did you sigh like a little adult: “It sucks being a child!” However, A-Long wouldn’t. By himself, he washes his laundry and makes his meals. Alone, he feeds the chickens and raises the dog. Alone, he studies and learns to read. Alone, he goes to sleep. A-Long never feels it sucks being himself, even though he is only 6-years-old this year.

Guangxi AIDS orphan A-Long's home.

A one person “home”

Niuchepin Village at the foot of Liuzhou City’s Malu Mountain is a village built on the mountain, the cement road beginning at the foot of the mountain and spreading upward, both sides lined with buildings.  The further up the mountain you go, the narrower the road becomes, and the scale of the buildings too become smaller. Halfway up the mountain, all that is left is a dusty mud road, with weeds all around. At the end of the road are 3 casually built single story cement block cottages that don’t even have windows. November 2, accompanied by a staff worker of the village committee, this reporter saw the scene at the top [end of this road].

This here is 6-year-old A-Long’s home, a one person “home”.

AIDS orphan A-Long playing alone in front of his home in Guangxi.

Amongst them, one stand-alone small building, owing to having a “stove” made of several piled up cement block blocks and a ceramic bed pan installed as a “toilet” and thus its “facilities” were relatively complete, was A-long’s “bedroom”. For the other two connected buildings, dilapidated wooden doors symbolically them away, though there were no locks. As it is understood, A-Long once lived in one of those [two] buildings, but because his father passed away there, no one has gone near those two buildings since. A-Long himself has not entered them again, only often walking back and forth in front of the door. “Is it because you feel your dad is still inside sleeping?” A-Long did not reply, hesitating for a moment before running away.

A-Long playing with his faithful dog "Old Black".

In front of the small building is a very large open area. It is the main area A-Long spends most of his time normally, and the one thing that he does the most is embracing the dog he calls “Lao Hei” [“Old Black”, maybe like “Blackie”], staring blankly at the road that leads to the outside world. After his father passed away, A-Long has yet to go down the mountain again.

Seeing an uncle and auntie [not related, often simply means an older man and woman] he recognizes from far away, A-Long appears very happy. The village committee’s staff worker takes out a box of cookies/crackers and bananas, very naturally places them in the room, and warns A-Long not to eat the cookies as a meal, this obviously not being the first time giving A-Long something. Hearing what uncle said, A-Long adorably nodded his head, and grinned.

AIDS Orphan A-Long plays with a ball by himself.

A one person future

The staff worker told this reporter that A-Long’s situation is really worrisome, but all the village committee can do is guarantee that he doesn’t have to worry about food and clothing at the moment. Although they have already helped him apply for social security/welfare benefits, 70 yuan a month plus the support of some kind-hearted people alone is far from enough for A-long to grow up on. “No food to eat or clothes to wear, that we can buy. But A-Long’s medical care, education, and upbringing, what we can do is not much.”

So what are other government departments doing?

A-Long strikes a pose for the reporter's camera.

A relevant representative of Liuzhou City’s disease control center HIV prevention department told this reporter that with regards to A-Long’s medical condition, as long as it involves anti-HIV medication it is free, but they cannot do anything for any medication outside of this.

The city’s civil affairs bureau’s staff delivered to A-Long two quilts, as well as a social security/welfare benefits account passbook. The staff said, what A-Long applied for is rural social security, which is 70 yuan every month right now, but will increase to 100 yuan a month next year. Other than that, they will also often send A-Long some living supplies, guaranteeing that he will not starve or suffer the cold. However, owning to A-Long’s family situation being relatively complicated, the social welfare organization is unable to adopt him, only able to continue communicating with A-Long’s relatives, fighting for A-Long’s rights and interests.

A-Long is a Chinese AIDS orphan.

On the education side, though A-Long is of school age, for him to sit in a classroom attending lessons like his peers is beset with difficulties.

As it is understood, A-Long has previously attended one term at the Malu Mountain primary school’s preschool class, but then stopped. The school principal Chen Xiyou says the management of the preschool class is different from the elementary classes, that the preschool class at the time just happened to have a space, and thus had allowed him to attend.

Principal Chen says that after A-Long’s father passed away, the information that A-Long’s parents had died because of AIDS began circulating in the village, and A-Long’s medical examination showed that he was HIV-positive, so if A-Long were to really come to school, then the school would face a lot of pressure [problems] too. “The school’s preschool class plus the first and second grades have one to two hundred people. With this many little children of the same age, it is difficult to avoid the common arguments and fights, so what would the parents of other students think?”

AIDS orphan A-Long in Guangxi, China.

According to disclosures by someone familiar with the situation, after school started in September, A-Long’s grandmother had wanted to send A-Long to attend first grade, but when parents learned of it, they sent a group letter in protest, the school succumbed to the pressure and did not agree to admit A-Long to the school.

“Considering his real life situation, our school immediately submitted a report to the education department concerning this matter. The education department, the civil administration bureau, and the village committee have all already held collective meetings to discuss A-Long’s matter, but a decision/conclusion has not yet been made.” As the school principal was saying this, a nearby parent interrupted to say: “If he really comes to school to attend class, then I can only transfer my own child to another school. I would be too worried.”

A-Long in rural China. He is an AIDS orphan.

After much effort, this reporter was able to get in touch with a non-governmental organization in Nanning that take care of AIDS orphans. A member of this organization expressed that they can indeed accept AIDS orphans, but they have to see if A-Long’s circumstances are suitable. The staff member said it is because their method is to arrange foster care, but it isn’t the best way of raising a child for the child. If A-Long has relatives, they still hope that the relatives can be persuaded to adopt A-Long. “A family’s warmth and the care of relatives is something that foster care cannot give.” At the same time, the staff member also expressed that they will go a step further in understanding A-Long’s family situation, and if it is necessary, they can provide A-Long help.

AIDS orphan A-Long carries a dried log on his shoulder by himself.

Only one person to rely on

As it is understood, A-Long’s father was a villager of Niuchepin Village and his mother married into the village. Six years ago, A-Long’s parents built the house where they lived until they passed away, leaving A-Long to live there alone until this day.

At the time, why did A-Long’s parents suddenly move onto the mountain so far away from the village? The villagers all refuse to say why.

A villager who knows said that A-Long’s father had spent over ten years out of the village when he was young, and it is said that it was because he had gone to jail. When it comes to just released inmates, everyone will have some prejudices, “so maybe it was because of this that they did not have very good relations with everyone else.”

A-Long carrying a pot of food.

The only person who is close with A-Long is his 84-year-old grandmother. His grandmother often comes to see him, but it is not everyday that she comes. That afternoon, his grandmother happened to come by, and so A-Long did not have to feed the chickens, nor did he have to pick the vegetables himself, and could play a little more. His grandmother had planted two plots of vegetables in the open area beside the house, one plot of cabbage, one plot of leeks/chives. She says this is normally enough for A-Long to eat.

His grandmother lives in another of her son’s home, and it takes her about 15 minutes to walk here where A-Long lives. She normally comes in the afternoons, and cooks for A-Long before leaving. As for things like bathing and the laundry, A-Long says he knows how to do them himself, that he can wash [the laundry] clean, and as long as he stands on a stool when drying the laundry, he can reach the clothes drying line.

A-Long with his grandmother, who visits him but will not live with him.

This reporter asked the grandmother if she was able to live here and raise A-Long until he is big? She hesitantly said that she herself is a little afraid of living here. Could she take A-Long to his uncle’s place to live? The grandmother did not answer, lowered her head, and sorted the cabbage she had just picked.

The village [committee’s] staff workers are also people whom A-Long has had relatively more contact with, and he knows that these uncles and aunties really care about him. Every time they come to see him, they will bring good things to eat and new clothes.  A while ago, the temperature had suddenly dropped very sharply, and one auntie came on consecutive nights to deliver quilts/blankets and winter clothing. Apart from this, there are many kind-hearted anonymous city residents who will also come visit A-Long, but almost no one has brought up the problem of raising A-Long. A-Long says often there are people who will give him money, but he doesn’t want to use [that money], saving it up instead. “What he needs is not only material help,” says one of the staff workers.

AIDS orphan A-Long by himself at home.

One person’s sadness

The “problem” that Ms. Liang refers to is not only because A-Long lacks the upbringing from two parents, but rather the more important reason that A-Long is an HIV carrier.

According to those in the know, before A-Long’s mother passed away last year, she was severely sick, her entire person becoming very gaunt and at the time everyone though she had contracted tuberculosis. Then not long after, A-Long’s father also had the same symptoms, a robust man very quickly becoming nothing more than a layer of skin. At this time, the rumors began in the village, that the two of them had contracted AIDS. This rumor was confirmed when A-Long’s father entered the hospital, and everyone also began to suspect A-Long. Despite all this, young A-Long did not understand, and he only knew that daddy had gotten the same sickness as mommy, and was soon going to die.

AIDS orphan A-Long pets his dog, Old Black.

According to the village committee staff worker, before A-Long’s father passed away, he had become so weak that he could not get out of bed, much less take care of A-Long. At that time, A-Long did not yet know how to cook by himself, and could only depend on his neighbors to give him some food to eat. A-Long’s father passed away at noon one day in July, and at the time, apart from A-Long watching over him by his side, no one else knew. Only until dinner-time when neighbor Miss Liang did not see A-Long did she discover that her old friend had already been dead for a long time.

Based on the recollection of the staff worker on the scene at the time, after receiving the news, they immediately rushed here [to A-Long’s home]. A-Long, who had been by his father’s side the entire time, came out upon hearing movement, and then calmly told him [the staff worker]: “Uncle, my daddy died, just like my mommy…” Little A-Long did not cry, his silence breaking everyone’s hearts.

Guangxi, China AIDS orphan A-Long.

Later, owning to some coordination issues, A-Long’s father’s remains were not sent to the funeral parlor until the second day. IN this time, A-Long continued to quietly stay by his father’s side, watching the remains the entire night. From that moment on, A-Long has never again talked about “daddy”.

As it is understood, there were people who wanted to adopt A-Long at the time, but then when everything was finally prepared, A-Long was examined and determined to be HIV-positive, which is to say that A-Long is an HIV carrier.

The kind-hearted people backed out, and the villagers became fearful.

Chinese AIDS orphan A-Long bathing himself.

A-Long doesn’t know what “AIDS” is, he only knows that his playmates now will not come near him; that he was about to enter first grade but has now been told to “stay home and await notice”; that when his hand was burned by hot water, the doctor did not dare treat the wound; even that his grandmother, the only person he could count on, also isn’t willing to live with him. The only one to be with him as always was Old Black.

Almost overnight, A-Long grew up a lot. Even though his family has met misfortune after misfortune, A-Long has not shed any tears. Only 6-years-old, he has learned how to cook and do the laundry, has learned how to do things according to the time of day, has learned how to read and write by himself, and has learned how to live on alone.

A-Long studying by himself at home.

One person’s happiness

When facing strangers coming to visit, at first A-Long was a little shy, but as a child, he very quickly became excited, striking poses for this reporter’s camera. Excitedly, he even performed some “Chinese kungfu”. It is hard to believe that A-Long, so innocent and lively, is someone who has lost both parents, and an orphan that lives alone.

A-Long doesn’t actually believe that there is anything bad about living alone, because he has “Old Black”.

AIDS orphan A-Long playing with his loyal dog and only companion.

“Old Black” is a black-colored female mutt that A-Long has raised for many years. Ever since A-Long became aware, “Old Black” has been at his side, and remains to this day as A-Long’s closest companion. At night when A-Long goes to sleep, he never closes the door because “Old Black” sometimes will sleep with him in the house and sometimes sleeps at the door, guarding him. “Old Black” doesn’t like to bark and when facing strangers that suddenly appear she even somewhat shyly hides in the house. However, as long as A-Long calls “Old Black”, she will immediately run to his side, and affectionately run circles around him. A-Long holds up “Old Black’s two front legs, his head near her’s, and smiles and laughs happily. A human and a dog cannot talk with each other, but they also need not talk with each other.

AIDS orphan A-Long kicks a ball by himself.

A 6-year-old little boy should have many playmates with whom to get into trouble with, but A-Long doesn’t. This reporter asked A-Long what friends he normally plays with? He was quiet for a long time before quietly saying that there was a little kid surnamed Liang that occasionally will come and play with him, but that none of his previous schoolmates will play with him anymore. A-Long also doesn’t want to go out and play with the village children, because he is not familiar with them. Even though he says this, A-Long still stares at the road outside [his home], his expression sad.

The child surnamed Liang is Miss Liang’s relative. She told this reporter that it was her family who does not allow her to come play with A-Long, because they are afraid of “an accident happening”. “Other little children probably also are afraid of this”.

AIDS orphan A-Long lighting a fire by himself to prepare his dinner.

A one person dinner

When the sky turned dark, A-Long started to prepare dinner.

“You know how to cook by yourself?” A-Long nodded his head, and even raised his left hand to show this reporter. On his left hand between the thumb and index finger was a very large scab, shocking on such a small little hand. A-Long however was nonchalant, saying that he had accidentally burned himself a few days ago when cooking, but now it is almost healed.

“Did you go to the hospital to have it looked at?” A-Long did not respond. The staff worker that had accompanied this reporter helplessly related: “When he was injured, no one knew. It was only the day after that someone took him to the clinic after finding out, but they weren’t willing to tend to it, so all we could do was dab some Merbromin…”

AIDS orphan A-Long shows a scab and scar where he burned himself while cooking.

At this time, A-Long was busy in the “kitchen”, putting rice in the aluminum pot, pouring in water. This reporter reminded him: “That’s too much water, right? You’ll be making rice porridge this way!” He didn’t make a sound, and placed the pot on the “stove”. The speed at which A-Long started a fire was amazing, snapping a few dry twigs and stuffing them under the pot, then lighting some waste paper and stuffing it in, and within a few seconds, the dry twigs were alight.

After over 10 minutes, the rice was almost done. A-Long opened the lid and threw in several cabbage hearts. The extra water earlier was just enough to cook the cabbage hearts. Very quickly, dinner was ready. Plain rice mixed with some cabbage hearts, no oil nor salt, much less any other condiments, yet A-Long bite after bite still ate with relish. He said that it was too much for one person to finish, that the leftovers are for “Old Black” to eat.

AIDS orphan A-Long shows his pot of plain white rice and vegetables that he cooked himself for his dinner.

Even though there is no oil nor salt, for A-Long, being able to have dinner is already a very blessed thing. Recently, A-Long had just received 20kg of rice and 5kg of noodles from a kind-hearted person, which is enough for him to eat for some time. However, when he is out of food, he can only rely on neighbor Miss Liang’s family for support. Liang was A-Long’s father’s old friend, three years ago opening a cement brick site nearby, and the people A-Long sees the most are Miss Liang’s family.

“Ever since his daddy passed away, A-Long himself has not left this yard. There have been kind-hearted people who have come and given money, and we tell him to go out and buy some thing to eat, but he isn’t willing to go. Sometimes he will look around at our door/entrance, and we guess that he is out of food, so we will have him bring a bowl over, and fill a bowl of rice and vegetables, as well as give him a few apples that we normally buy,” Liang said.

AIDS orphan in China: A-Long.

Comments from QQ:


I am thoroughly saddened, what can a six-year-old child do? Seeing A-Long, I think we really should grow up~


It is not his fault that he is an HIV carrier [HIV-positive]; He can’t be excluded just because he is an HIV carrier; What he needs is not just material help; What he needs more of is spiritual sympathy/psychological appreciation; Kind-hearted people please help him!! Wish him good luck.


What do I have to do to donate to him? I want to buy him a television…


Poor child! I earnestly request that our leaders save a meal’s worth of money or go to the sauna one less time and save him [A-Long] instead!


Why are many people so afraid of people with AIDS/HIV? They are people too. Daily contact will not result in transmission. Reading this I was very saddened, how can he be helped? As a person from Guangxi, I too have just become a mother, and hope to help him financially somehow…


I finished [reading] it with tears. It is too sad, can he be cured? Why can’t his grandmother live with him, he is her grandson! This is why people these days are too selfish now. I can only wish that everything will be safe and good for you [A-Long].


I cried! Only 6-years old!! You guys think, what were you doing when you were 6-years-old?


6-year-old children are now attending kindergarten, growing up in the warm embrace of their parents,
but when I think of a 6-year-old child, washing clothes by himself, cooking by himself, eating only vegetables, living alone,
my heart is so saddened, how much suffering a 6-year-old little child has endured within!
I hope the local government department and government leaders will bring about a satisfactory resolution,
and also hope that people various places [of the country/world] can help this little child~
because this is truly too difficult [for the child]!


Dogs do not look down upon their masters for being poor, so having Old Black to give him company is a bit better than him being alone.


I feel really bad, heaven/God truly isn’t fair, allowing some corrupt officials to live free and unrestrained lives, yet not allowing those people who deserve help get the good fortune/luck they deserve. Why is it that bad children have such good living environments, yet understanding/mature good children have such bitter lives?

An update was later added to the QQ photo story:

Latest update: There is already a kind-hearted couple planning to adopt A-Long and give him a warm home. “Guangxi 6-year-old AIDS orphan follow-up: Kind-hearted couple moved, willing to adopt

2011 February 17 UPDATE:

We have received a lot of emails from around the world asking for more information about A-Long and how he can be helped. We did a quick online search to find some updates to his story:

  • A netizen posted that you can donated to A-Long by contacting the Guanxi province Liuzhou City Red Cross  at telephone numbers: 0772-2627199 or 0772-2630233. You need to specify that your donation is for A-Long specifically.
  • However, we do not recommend that you donate. Many Chinese netizens have already donated a lot of money and material assistance.
  • It has also been reported that the government is giving both A-Long’s grandmother and A-Long himself each 1200 RMB financial assistance per year.
  • Netizens have also apparently pooled 20k RMB to help A-Long build a new house where he lives. However, apparently the chengguan have stopped them.
  • Local parents are still against A-Long attending school with their children.
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  • dongdong

    Seems pretty chill to live there. Granted, having HIV is a setback, and he probably wont make it past 30 in these conditions…. but he lives in a nice, if poor village, has his own home, villagers take care of him, crime rate is low.

    Could be much worse.

    • SLX

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      • fobulous

        is that seriously all you’ve got to say?

        So sad. I’m glad to hear that A-long is getting adopted. He must know subconsciously that people would have treated him like a monster if he left his home.

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  • Chris

    “What do I have to do to donate to him? I want to buy him a television…”


    • Chris

      This is one kid that has the chance to avoid joining the messed up Chinese culture although seeing his little kung-fu stance indicates that it might be too late.

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          Chinese kids have Chinese grandparents. How fucked up is that?

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        • twftw

          A lot of feral children end up getting adopted, jeanie, oxana….etc. They actually get a reasonable of attention from adults and recieve decent education. Chinese kids on the other hand……has many uncertainties ahead

          • Alikese

            Yes, who doesn’t want to grow up to be a developmentally disabled person in adult foster care?

    • paxman

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  • Billy

    This is truly a heart breaking story

  • Alikese

    Check out the movie The Blood of Yingzhou District. It’s a documentary about a poor community in which a bunch of people from the town sold blood for money, the bloods were all mixed together in a huge machine to remove the platelets and then re-injected into each person leaving dozens infected with HIV. Now there are AIDS orphans who have little money, no family, no friends and they have to deal with bare-minimum health care and significant prejudice. It’s really heartbreaking.

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  • bobiscool

    I can’t believe people can still make racist jokes on an article like this.

    Seeing this really makes me think. I went back to China this summer, and saw my little cousin who is also 6.

    During her birthday, she continuely cried, and hit her mother and father, saying that she will rip their heads off.

    Why? Because they did not let her put all the candles in the hundred dollar cake they bought her.

    What can I say? I am saddened by both situations.

    • Justin

      Well the idiocy and insensitivity of ChinaSMACK trolls definitely pushes the boundaries of incredulity. After only reading this blog a couple of months, I was instantly expecting racist comments to follow. Some people have no hearts.

      At least the government is paying for his HIV meds and the people in his village are kind to him and take care of him and a loving couple is going to adopt him. So that’s about as happy of an ending as you can have for such a sad story.

      • Frank

        I’m tired of it too. I think there are enough examples of foreign racism that this website can start moderating them out and foster a more meaningful discussion space here without the imbeciles polluting it out of stupidity or immaturity.

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          Maybe trying to write the most informed and culturally sensitive comment is a waste of time.
          Maybe getting upset that people aren’t using something, which has no rules, like I think they should is a waste of time.
          Maybe doing something else would be a better use of my time.

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    • Ethan

      As if such things never, ever happen in Africa, Europe, India, South America, Russia, or the US.

      • Thesus

        You mean having a six year old living by himself, while everyone else in the community do nothing more than dropping off a couple of apples and a blanket just to nurture their consciences? No, that shit doesn’t happen anywhere else.

        • Ambientman

          No, something like this would NEVER happen in America. The state would pick him up, as they do to any abused, battered or disadvantaged/homeless child, and he would receive medical care and be released to foster care where eventually, he would be adopted. No, a six year old would not be left alone, IF they were this well known by the media.

          • anon

            You guys are disappointing. You guys want so bad to say how you’re different and this would never happen in your country that you validate this as somehow related to Chinese culture. How can you say this doesn’t happen anywhere else, Thesus, when you have clearly never been to many parts of Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, or Southeast Asia?

            Ambientman, did you follow the story? It is precisely because of this story that A-Long finally has a chance of being adopted. It wasn’t as if he has been well known forever and you are completely ignoring all the reasons why things in China are not as good as they are in America for children like A-Long.

            I think some of you are mistaking reactions like Ethan’s. Ethan isn’t saying this should be tolerated, accepted, or that we shouldn’t criticize it and want things to change for the better. He’s saying it is stupid to think this is about Chinese culture. You guys should see more of the world and realize you guys are extremely fortunate to live where you do, in nations with social welfare systems as advanced as they are. When you realize that, then you will hopefully begin to think more about how to replicate that success and development for other countries with a different set of circumstances and problems.

            This isn’t about culture. It is about education, resources, and attention in a society. You don’t think there are left-behind children in America? There are. Sure, they are doing much better than A-Long in many ways, but are they any less left behind? You (Thesus) don’t think people who say “the state will take care of them” are nurturing their consciences as well? All they have done is substituted dropping off a couple of apples and a blanket with their tax dollars shifting responsibility of their society’s disadvantaged onto someone else. For most people, it is not they who created that social safety net but the people who really cared and everyone else’s conscience gets to freeload by way of paying taxes.

            You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Look how self-absorbed you guys must be to so quickly rush to say “not me, not us, we’re different, we’re better”, defending an ignorant statement that this kind of thing is the product of a specific culture. Seriously, guys, get out into the world more. Talk to the people, even in your own countries, who remember that things there were not always as they are now. Don’t be so eager to say this or that is cultural or racial.

        • Enoch

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            This is for anon, because for some reason i can’t reply to his statement directly and Enoch is closest: Fuck you, you pretentious asshole. Anyone who spends five paragraphs finger-wagging and telling others how to behave has waaaay too much time on their hands. And I’m out.

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    • wat?

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  • nartin

    That old grandmother is at the age of entering the hole and still worrying about infecting HIV. She should be ashamed of herself.

    • I get the feeling it’s not her who worries, she comes to visit him but he can’t go live with he other son… sounds like it’s the other son and his family who are worried.

      Still they should be ashamed I agree.

      • Chris

        She worries. Mainly because she is an ignorant old cunt.

        How many people with AIDS have you hugged and kissed? I spent 5 years in China. God knows how many I have.

      • anon

        I think it is possible to interpret that she is not afraid of the HIV but is afraid of living where her son and daughter in law died. A lot of people are afraid of living where people have died.

        • Frank

          Funny, that’s how I understood it too.

    • Joe

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      You’re a waste of human space. If you’ve got a problem with this, then go out and go do some volunteer work yourself and stop spending so much time trolling ChinaSmack. Soup kitchens are always looking for new hands, libraries need reshelvers, there are NGOs aplenty and what are you doing? Paypaling a few bucks to the WHO to ease your own conscience?

      Go die in a fire.

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        LOL! I want to ask you to comment more, but I’m afraid the only reason you’re this funny is because there are stupid people. I’d be begging for more stupidity just to read your put downs.

  • red setter

    Comrades we are the instigators of our own demise.. This website Chinasmack is counter-revolutionary… This is not happening in our socialist paradise…

    • Ambientman

      I will assume you are being sarcastic…”socialist?” There is NOTHING at all socialist about China! The best label for China is probably “Capitalist dictatorship” (with very subtle communist leanings, mostly socially/rurally)”

      • Frank

        He’s joking. You haven’t been on this website long enough, have you? Even Chinese netizens make similar jokes and are translated by this site.

  • Siming

    sometimes, humans are no better than dogs.

    • Enoch

      dogs dont get aids, dipshit.

      • Don’t trip

        Get off and get a life . Fucking crackers like you are a waste of space. Normally I don’t usually say this , but fuck you and your dead relatives for not teaching you better before they died. It’s people like you that deserve this shit. Better hope this “heaven” of your exists , cause I doubt it’s gonna be there for you.

  • chucky

    This is China,with a so-called “harmonious society”

  • eattot

    poor little kid, but … i would do the same thing.
    it’s normal.

    • Tigris

      HIV is not transmittable by ordinary daily contact. Only his bodily fluids entering your bloodstream would mean a chance of infection. Furthermore, the virus itself dies seconds at contact with air. This is the same sort of small town ignorance that dooms the lives of thousands of innocent children.

      • eattot

        i know but?
        so what ? who knows what will happen? you would let your kids play with him?
        of course, when u just sit in front of computer blabla online, you could always be a saint.

        • If I had kids they could play with him. In high school towards the end the school started to pay for hepatitis shots for all the boys as we had compulsory Rugby at the school. However no one got infected and paying a contact sport is more likely to have an infection than kids running about in a pay ground.

          There is zero risk to playing with him or being about him. Try to listen to science and not your old wives tales of ignorance.

          • eattot

            my co-worker was injected in bus, she was so scared, lucky was latter she went to hospital, no AIDS was found! but purulenced for long time, now a big ugly spot was left on her beautiful leg!
            who knows what they will do one day once they feel they are dying! so better keep far away from them. or government should put them all together then they find their team.

        • anne

          Ignorance is one thing but plain prejudice even when you know the facts is an all time low. I would let my kids play with him. I want my kids to grow up open minded and tolerant. You don’t have to be a saint when you know it’s perfectly safe for your kids to be around him.

          • anon

            I think all of you will not really know what you will do until you are actually faced with the same situation.

        • Alex

          I guess that the people that responded to you never had been in or seen “fights” on the playground.
          While this is a very sad story, I wouldn’t let my kids(If i’d had any) play with him either. It’s just too much of a risk that I’m certainly not willing to take.

          • Chris

            Make sure you don’t let your kids go outside. They might get skin cancer or maybe an alien will come down from space and abduct him/her and stick a tube up his/her ass.

            Of course you probably will let your kids go outside because the benefits outweigh the perceived risks. The difference with this aids kid is that you have a perceived risk that is way off mark. That’s fine. If I perceived there was truly a risk of infection or maybe if I thought my kid might have sex with this boy, then I wouldn’t want him/her to play with him either.

            But what becomes sad is if you won’t even take the time to accurately assess the situation, and educate yourself on the reality of things, just so you can feel a teeny bit safer. You’d rather condemn this kid than to expend a little more effort in educating yourself?

          • Chris

            Please note that I am not the same Chris as this one and do not wish to be associated with the comment above.

            – Chris #1

        • sean


          Please fix your retarded brain, AIDS don’t spread by ordinary daily contact, No one sits in front of the computer and writes blah blah. All you need is a bug fix, Some one needs to fix your brain and give you some common sense. Secondly the kid is only 6 years old and it’s not it’s fault, So don’t just scribble something and please go and eat your bowl of rice and always dream about earning money just like any other chinese

          • eattot

            who you are?
            you read my blog?

            i dig up the hatchet to you from today!

          • sean

            You are scaring me.

        • HelpAlong

          have you never heard of karma? what goes around comes around! everyone with a real education knows that AIDS cannot be transferred by just playing or having contact with the boy. i’m not sending my kids to have sex with him or have their blood transfused, its just a simple matter of playing with a poor little kid who doesnt have what most of us had at his age. so i think you’re just a dumb asshole and noone cares about my opinion but by just saying that you wont even let your kids play with him is sterotypical and inhumane behaviour. so right now, in my eyes, a fucking dog ‘Old Black’ is a million times better than you and others like you

      • Ambientman

        Well Tigris, think of where America was 20-25 years ago on the topic of aids/hiv. Remember? China is like that, but ten-fold. I think it will take a few generations for them to catch up to Americas general attitude of today. Up until a few months ago, people with aids/hiv could not even come to China! Talk about ignorance! Prospective teachers found to have aids/hiv during their mandatory physical check up would be thrown out of the country, until very recently! Education is desperately needed!

        • wogzi

          ‘Ignorance’ is a stupid way to put it. I guess you could say that it’s an ignorant way to put it but I guess the better word for it would be ‘ethnocentric’.

          Yeah, the social institutions in China aren’t as modern as they are in the states. So what? You think twenty years ago you’d be able to perch on your high horse and call it ‘ignorance’? Hell, twenty years ago, you’d still be making arguments against homosexuals without even realizing just how much of an institutionalized definition ‘homosexuality’ is, as if sexuality was ever that black and white in the first place.

          It’s not ignorance, it’s a different culture. It will change in time. Universalists and strong relativists can kiss my ass; I’m sticking with my weak relativism and you can eat chodes for all I care.

          • Ambientman

            It is ignorance, if you can’t realize that, not my problem.

            Don’ give me some hypothetical situation and tell me how I would act twenty years ago, you have nothing to base that assumption on.

          • Ambientman

            It is ignorance, if you can’t realize that, not my problem.

            Don’t give me some hypothetical situation and tell me how I would act twenty years ago, you have nothing to base that assumption on.

          • wogzi

            I’m glad you didn’t address my main claim (re: the social institutions) and instead made a claim against the second-person ‘you’, which is not you, Ambientman, but a rhetorical device.

            Good to see you’re still kicking it like an unqualified moron over there. Hope your kids don’t grow up too retarded. That ‘your’ was actually you, Ambientman, just to make sure. You never know how long it takes for a person to catch on. That ‘you’ was rhetorical, Ambientman.

            I can hold your hand through more examples if you would like but god if I don’t think it’ll just fall on deaf ears.

          • Ambientman

            You are a very angry, aggressive person and you are extremely childish in the way you address people. You better chill out and work on the anger, or this could lead to serious health issues years down the road. If you get this worked up online, I don’t want to imagine how bad you are in real life, wow. Come to think of it though, if you actually talk to people like this in real life, you’d get punched in the face, so I suppose you are just hiding behind the anonymity the online world offers.. Also, unless you can back up your “unqualified” claims, shut your trap. You can’t, so zip it.

            [Note from Fauna: Contact us.]

        • Susa

          i don’t know if china is somehow related to japan, but japanis are so terified to getting any bacteria so they cover their face where ever travelling public, west or east, plane or train, because you never know, one might get flu or something.

      • We know that, since we’ve been educated to that kind of stuff. However not everyone is aware of that(especially in dirt poor places like that) so all they know to an extent is that once you get it your days are numbered. Not really much on how it’s transmitted.
        Their reactions to this kid having HIV/AIDS is similar to when AIDS first came to the United States. We had people avoiding so much as touching one another because of the fear that they could be contaminated.
        That is the same kind of fear that they are having in that village.

    • anne

      You could technically kiss him on the lips and you would not get infected. Oh well ignorant people and their lack of education. It’s normal.

      • Ambientman

        Yup, when Magic Johnson was found to have it in 1991 (I believe) many Americans were very ignorant about the topic, and were afraid to get close to him. America has come a long way in 20 years or so. In 2010, China is a lot like America of the early 90s (but worse).

        • Frank

          I find it fascinating that you show some decent perspective of things on some comments and then complete lack of perspective on other comments.

          • wogzi

            He’s Ambientman, which necessarily means he smokes weed and occasionally steals a pill or two from his mom.

            I imagine him as a dreadded out hippie kind of character and not the John Lennon kind that at least attempts to read the literature on human rights but the modern, lazy-as-fuck, entitled American hippie who’s happy talking about how we should all love each other and why don’t we all love each other because love is the greatest thing in the world, man.

            It really helps to clear up a lot about him.

          • Ambientman

            wogzi, my head is shaved (due to Hodgkins) and I listen to…get this… AMBIENT techno, as well as downtempo and IDM, amongst others. I smoked pot years ago, maybe a few dozen times, but it was not my thing and I haven’t done a single thing since, in years, just not interesting to me. I don’t even like Hippies or any other general cliche, I am my own person, it is you, a misguided netizen trying to box me in, no thanks! But nice try, go play psych 101 somewhere else, or go do the HW so you don’t fail out.

          • wogzi

            Lols, he responds to troll comments and he makes the claim that “No! I’m not a hippie because I listen to stoner music!”

            How insightful. How succinct. How gratifying. A master of language, this one.

        • 1991? 20 years since then? Pal next time you write a comment that involves years and numbers, you might want to double check your math there pal.

  • Justin

    The name of the boy’s dog reminds me of my dear deceased racist grandfather. He named his dog “Nigger boy.” My mom told me (it’s wasn’t her father but my dad’s father) that Nigger boy ran away once and my grandfather went to a fortune-teller to ascertain his whereabouts. O Nigger boy where art thou? I can’t make this shit up. That’s just good ol’ fashioned racism.

    How I overcame my conservative roots to become the bleeding-heart leftist I am today is a mystery. I blame college. My dad blames it on Rage Against the Machine or as he refers to it “The Machine Rages On.”

    • Alikese

      It’s probably better that he went to a fortune teller, if he had just wandered around the streets shouting out “Nigger boy!” he probably would have gotten shivved.

  • Arthur

    If everyon in the world grow up in this way, our planet will be more developed and powful!

    • anne

      Or we’d be dead before we hit puberty.

      • wogzi

        Hey, population control and we wouldn’t be using up our natural resources as quickly. Of course we’d still be in the iron age in terms of technology and such but, as they say, ignorance is bliss.

  • Nail

    На самом деле спида нет. Это специально выведенный вирус и просто нужно не вакцинировать людей и спид исчезнет.

    • Grim

      WoCao,totally not understand what you’ve said.

  • It is a truly sad story, probably many more stories like that !
    What we really need to blame and change is the education about HIV and the infrastructure. We cannot possibly blame for being scared that their children may catch HIV at school (6-year old kids run, fall, bleed… very easy way to catch HIV) Infrastructures and education!
    Not to this extreme, but similar things happen in Europe/US etc… particularly in the workplace

  • Since this story broke two weeks ago, the publicity has certainly brought some positive benefits for A Long. However, not 100%. As I reported on my blog on the 8th of November, his village turned into some kind of freak show with hundreds of people turning up to gawk at him. Some brought donations (many of which were totally unsuitable – he was given enough food to last him into manhood if it weren’t perishable!), but many just to have their photographs taken with him! The locals were sticking up signs and offering guided tours (for cash, of course!)

    Better news is that Liuzhou branch of AIDS Care China (ACC) have stepped in and are making arangements for his care. ACC is a Chinese NGO, formed in 2001, dedicated to raising awareness of HIV and AIDS and providing support to those living with HIV or AIDS.

    • Alikese

      There’s something very morbid about traveling out to pose for pictures with a 6 year old AIDS orphan that has HIV.

      • Ambientman

        That’s China for you. Obsessed with their camera phones, they pose and take pics with anything even remotely different…It can get very disrespectful (been there, done that). One failure of Chinese edu, as a whole, is indeed manners, as well as sympathy for others. Instead of taking a dumb pic, how about helping the damn child??

        • wogzi

          This is the most retarded comment you’ve written yet. Chinese education doesn’t teach sympathy? No, it doesn’t teach advanced pseudo-empathy informed humanism, which is a very Western, very French ideal. Not to say this hasn’t been co-opted by Chinese media (god some of the dramas, jesus they are so bad) or that it hasn’t always been there but in a different, more group-rights based form, but for you to wave around your ethnocentricity like you’re proud of it makes me vomit a little in my mouth.

          Read some Foucault. Then, when you don’t understand what he’s saying, go back to your Chuckles Palahunik and your Al Frankens and your George Orwells so you can be happy with your superficial understanding of the world.

          • Ambientman

            Translation: Blah blah blah childish insult blah blah psych 101 garbage blah blah blah, I can’t deal with other peoples opinions blah blah blah, let me try to flex my e-muscles. Go you!

          • anon

            Ambientman, how can you say that when you’ve done the exact same thing in these comments? Do you think you are dealing with other people’s opinions better than wogzi? I don’t think so.

          • wogzi

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You think Foucault wrote about psychology.

            Oh dear god. And you think humanism is associated with psychology too.

            And that the discourse on group rights is psychology.

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh good god.

          • Ambientman

            Dude, your attempt to analyze me (in other posts) = psych 101. I am merely skimming over your BS at this point.

  • dude

    o man this came like dejavu to me.

  • xmcx

    It has long been made public for the knowledge of all that there are no AIDS sufferers in modern China. Those who pretend there are are guided by evil intentions, misdirecting their energy to insult the people’s Republic.Chinasmack, please do not circulate false information created by outside enemies of the Chinese nation.

    • whichone

      Yeah! This knowledge was made public on the same memo that said water boarding it not torture, don’t people read anymore?

  • Cleo

    I just don’t see him as an undesirable adoption.

  • GI Joe

    As a father of a kid who just celebrated his 6th birthday today with cake and presents, reading this I am prepared to sell my car, fly to China and pick him up.
    Cannot believe this happens in a country with the highest import figures of Porsches, and that practically ownes the US financially.

    • whichone

      “practically ownes the US financially”

      China as America’s leading creditor holds about 21% of its entire foreign owned debt, which makes up about 25% of national debt, this comes to about 5% total…so not quite owning the U.S.

    • wogzi

      What, every rich man is supposed to donate to the poor? When you actually do sell your car and fly to China and pick him up, when you actually put your money where your mouth then, then maybe you’ll have two legs to stand on.

      As of right now, you’ve done just as much as the Porsche owners. Except you’re worse, because you actually know about the situation and yet you’ve still done nothing.

      • GI Joe

        I used to be like you ; big mouth, me, myself & I.
        Then I got older and got kids and realised there is more in the world than money in the bank.
        This is not about shipping money and try to save the world by sending checks. This is about reflecting on life as it is and seeing you are better off than others.
        And as long as you don’t know what I might have done or not might have done to make a better life for another person, you should not be so judgemental about someone you don’t know.

        • wogzi

          You used to be a big mouth? You’re making huge, moralizing claims on an internet forum.

          You’re still a big mouth, pal.

          • Daniel

            You’re kind of a pathetic troll, just be quiet now child.

  • Joe

    Jesus… scientific illiteracy much? They all seem to think it’s like the flu or something. HIV is not easy to spread! Also I do believe there are drugs that can keep HIV permanently dormant.

    • Ambientman

      Indeed. Actually, HIV is very difficult to spread, and has a low infection rate.

  • cheong

    Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt
    As an old Taoist/Buddhist,

    it really sadden me to read this article, it really break my heart with tear from eyes.

    As a six years kid, who know next to nothing except how to survive & more so with HIV.

    I really feel proud & envy for him but unfortunately not all have the same thought.
    Let me ask how many of you out there can fend for yourself when you were 6????

    He should be the pride of the country unfortunately not so because he has HIV.

    As an oversea Chinese I really feel a shamed, I really wish I could do something, really.

    I have been to China many times including back to my ancestor home in the Fujian Province
    and I have seen the great wealth & prosperity of China but yet this type of thing still happens in my ancestor home country.
    I am really ashamed.

    i hope by highlighting this article by Chinasmack,
    the government of China will do the right thing.

    China, my ancestor home country, you can easily set up an orphanage for children like A Long with HIV. all over the country.

    China, you dont need donation or assistance from us, before, yes, but not now, especially to do a simple morally right thing.

    We, the Chinese have more than 5000 years of civilization, have learned alot & one of it is not to “neglect the poor & the sick”

    Remember the the teachings of Confucius.
    Wisdom comes from experiences & you have the wisdom to do the right thing.

    I as a Tang ren have always been & will always be proud of you, for richer or poor so make as proud of you forever & ever.
    Do the right thing for kids like A Long.

    For those who dont know much about AID,
    please just Google it.
    One does not get infected with with AID by close contact.
    This is a subject that ppl need to be educated on.

    Imagine, if your loved one is infected with AID.
    Do you throw them out of the house???
    Imagine if A Long is your son. !!!!!

    With tears in my eyes,
    Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt
    May our Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless this kid, A Long.
    Namo Orr Lii Tau Futt

    Zhong Guo wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

  • Dario

    Imagine Americans with 1/4 their salary and 4 times the demand for goods – then you will understand China.

  • Ambientman

    I wanted to quote something from the article because it it totally wrong!
    “A family’s warmth and the care of relatives is something that foster care cannot give.”
    My mom is a foster parent and she provided these children with as much love and comfort as she did for her own kids, myself included. Motherly instincts come out when it is a child in need, even if it is not her own. I am personally insulted by this quote, and it is an insult to my mom who has put in 2 decades of her life to making the lives of many better. She keeps in touch with many children after they are adopted and cares deeply for their advancement. Many times, a foster parent, or adoptive parent is actually capable of providing MORE love than the birth parent. I was very saddened to see how ignorant my Hebei students were on the subject of “adoption” and hope it is ONLY my students, and not more country wide. Sometimes birth parents give up, or don’t want the child and every adoptive parent I have talked to, who also has a birth child, loves their adopted child just as much as their birth child.


    “What do I have to do to donate to him? I want to buy him a television…”
    That is probably the LAST thing he needs. We don’t need yet another child with a warped mind because of the junk shown on TV. His mind will probably be stronger without the TV. We call it the “idiot box” in American for a reason.

    eating only vegetables, living alone
    Only vegetables?? Only? It sucks he doesn’t have more diversity in his diet. But still, NUTRITION WISE, it is a heck of a lot healthier than what a lot of more well off children eat, that is for sure. Look at the garbage some of these middle class/nouveau riche put in their mouth (KFC, McD, etc) on a daily basis. I would take this childs diet over the diet of the typical middle class Chinese city dweller. Especially the junk the college students eat at the cafe on campus, yuck!

    And to reiterate, it seemed to me, at least judging from my students in Hebei, that adoption is kind of stigmatized in China. I think this is an ignorant and terrible view, and hopefully they can embrace the concept in the future as a whole. Hopefully my students don’t symbolize generalized sentiments across the country on adoption.

    • He has already been given the television.


      • Frank

        Haha, I wonder if it was the same man.

    • anon

      I think it is commonly understood and validated that foster care is usually less desirable than one’s real parents/family just as it is usually safer in a white suburb than the inner city. It isn’t “totally” wrong but there are reasons why it is widely preferable for a child to be placed with blood relations than strangers. I think you can understand that but I understand you feeling offended.

      The commenter who wants to buy him a television is probably not thinking so much. He’s probably thinking the kid is lonely and has little to do so a television would be nice because he himself enjoys the television. Don’t always frame everything in terms of America or Americans.

      Vegetables are cheap and a bad substitute for the amino acids and proteins that meat more efficiently provides. The availability of meat has always been a measure of one’s living standards around the world. It is only in recent times and in countries wealthy enough to overindulge in meat that meat has become seen as “unhealthy”. That commenter isn’t saying the child is sad because he can’t eat fast food or junk food. He’s feels it is sad because boiled vegetables and rice is all the kid has, that the kid doesn’t even have oil to cook with or salt and seasonings, things many other people take for granted or at least have more consistent access to. Again, don’t interpret everything through the lens of Americans. You don’t seem sensitive at all to the value of these basic things in China. Salt was a state monopoly in history. Even today, the price of oil is heavily monitored.

      I am certain adoption is not preferred by the vast majority of people in the world, including America. It is less stigmatized in America, but you re only kidding yourself if you think there isn’t a strong preference amongst most people to have kids of their own. It is even evolutionary. I think you have a really idealistic view of America and Americans that is leading you to make a lot of really unreasonable comments about China.

    • wogzi

      God, you’re teaching children in Hebei? Are you teaching them American values? Who the fuck qualified you to teach children? Please don’t tell me you’re in the Peace Corps. I want to join the Peace Corps and if what they want are ethnocentric, American-Dream individualists who want to narcissistically ‘make a difference in the world!’ then they’re not going to like me.

      • wogzi

        Then again, it’s obvious by all the vitriol that I don’t even like me. Tee hee.

        • Ambientman

          Okay, well, whatever you have to say. You obviously have some anger issues and pent up rage, work on that, it is only the internet. Only online. I was like that years ago, but I am working on just being more relaxed now, I have to because of my health. As for teaching, I taught students and they liked me, plain and simple. Whatever else you have to say…No clue, won’t even touch that. But continue your tirade if you want.

          • wogzi

            Sure thing. Teaching is not about kids liking you. It’s about carrying out an objective lesson plan with end goals that are hopefully culturally sensitive and egalitarian minded.

            Far as I can tell, you possess none of these traits and have done nothing of the sort. As kind-hearted and gentle as you might see yourself, you’re still ignorant to the power structures at play and how you, in the end, may perpetuate those toxic structures because of your inability to recognize, say, your own ethnocentricity.

            You’re a problem, bruv. You just don’t know it yet.

          • wogzi

            The defensive walls you raise with your talk about ‘psych 101’ just means you’re, in reality, close-minded to outside suggestions. You are already so set in your worldviews that even considering reading authors like Foucault or Bourdieu who have written some of the most socially illuminating things in the past half a century generates that strong, gut reaction where you automatically typify me as some ‘know-it-all college student’. You claim not to be ignorant and yet you’re still judging, stereotyping, without looking at the argument beneath the vitriol.

            You’re informed by your culture and you don’t even know it. You know you should ‘love all people’ and yet you’re still using mental tools that dehumanize. You’re a facsimile, a bare minimum of the self-aware, and yet you still think you can do good? How can you do good if you don’t even know if what you’re doing is really all that ‘good’ in the first place?

          • wogzi

            You don’t question yourself. Questioning of the self, of the very foundation of how our selves are made, why we think the way we do, is what someone who is truly self-aware, truly open does.

            Neurosis is engendered by being aware. That’s why the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ is so effective of an idiom in the first place.

            You do none of these things. You pass judgments as quickly as the rambling masses do. You’re, in all sense of the word, typical. And you try so hard not to be.

            That’s the saddest thing about you, bruv.

          • Ambientman

            wogzi or whatever:
            You have no clue how effective I was as a teacher and commenting on such a thing is a huge waste of your time, and it is a waste of my time to read your (baseless) analysis. Don’t even go there, unless you want to look like more of an idiot, you have no proof for your claims, guess logic isn’t your strong point. But you know what, I don’t need to defend myself against some unknown angry person who just wants to lash out against random Internet strangers and make baseless unreasonable claims like “You are the problem.” Remember, sometimes it is better to simply keep your mouth shut before dig yourself a deeper hole. Obviously someone needs something better to do with their time. Yeesh. Don’t bother typing in response to me, I have no interest in the trash you have to say. Stick to things you know.

          • Ambientman

            wogzi, don’t know if all those posts are directed at me. I’ll just sit back with some popcorn and watch the train wreck unfold. Really I don’t care about your analysis, maybe when I was much younger and more naive, not now. So maybe it is better to stop? Probably a good idea. I just find the fact that you waste this much time on a stranger to be very pathetic and your claims totally ridiculous. Maybe you need a social life?

          • mankouzanghua

            wogzi, please step away from the 24 hour energy

  • Koreansentry

    I’m not sad to find out he’s actually happy. May be this is what China is now, look sad & poor outside but rich & happy inside. Reality check for China, Chinese government should build him a nice cottage home.

    • cell

      A problem of time.

  • Yawen Farrell

    Dear Author of this article,

    My husband and I would like to do something for A-Long.
    Please contact me at +189 5010 5911.
    Monthly support is something we can do.

    Your earliest reply is deeply appreciated.

    God bless!

    • David Yao

      I would like to collaborate with you in hopes of helping this child.

      If there is any way I could help him, please contact me through email.

  • Sibongile

    It really hurt me reading this poor child’s story, I could not finish a paragraph without shedding a tear. I just hope and pray that the Almighty will watch over him as he has over the years and bless him with people who want to adopt him, irregardless of his status. It is really sad to think that people still put a stigma towards this virus. We should be helping and educating this child not leaving him alone because he is a carrier. He did not ask to be born and therefore should not suffer. Heartbreaking.


    Psalm 23:4.

    This boy is one of the strongest person I’ve ever seen before in my life. May the Lord bless him.

    • amy

      May the lord bless this strong boy and to all those who are scared bc he has aids that their kids can’t go to school with him be they will contract it…they should be ashamed of themselves and should do their research! I hope they get aids to see how it feels to be falsely discriminated against and then go to a place where the sun doesn’t shine…too many selfish naive people in the world that only care about themselves….. may god bless this boy and let him live a beautiful life he deserves.

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  • Dan Danger

    In no truly developed or civilized nation would this happen to a child. This is like something out of a 3rd world nation in Africa and a nation that brags all the time about being the #2 econony should hang its head in shame that this type of thing happens everyday. But it does not hang its head in shame because the system here is corrupt and judgemental. There are good people we can see from this forum, but their numbers are in the minority.

    • Chef Rocco

      Try hard to figure this out, Dan, China is both of what you think unimaginable: a 3rd world nation as well as the #2 economy in the world. It has all the problems festering a 3rd world nation, but it will not hang its head in shame because it is busy in solving these problems, self-reflection is necessary for China, but self-pity and low self-esteem would not be the solutions.

  • Edward

    How can I donate money to him?

    • RealityCheck


      The sad reality is that if you do not know where he lives and don’t have cash in hand to give to this boy. It will easily go into the wrong hands :(

  • jenny

    This is truly touching.. If only I were rich, I would travel all the way to A-Long’s place, adopt him, and bring him to a hospital to get him cured. What are the government officials of his country doing? Angelina Jolie likes to adopt kids with different races, I hope she can read this, and adopt this poor little boy, and get him cured.

    • Chris

      “…If only I were rich, I would travel all the way to A-Long’s place, adopt him, and bring him to a hospital to get him cured…”


      Money is the new cure for AIDS.

    • HIV is not a curable disease dimwit.

  • Melanie

    I really want to give to this child. This story really breaks my heart. He is only 6 and he’s able to take care himself while i am 17 and I could not possible think of living in that situation. I wish I could win the lottery and give him everything he always wanted and sear for care takers for him

  • JC

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME …. I would like to donate clothes, toys, e.t.c. I live in Hong Kong and I would like to know how to reach his location. I do not wish to donate to anyone indirectly in case the supplies do not reach him. I am also happy to recieve any alternative suggestions to get supplies to him.
    Sorry I have to keep anonymous for now but I can be reached by email and happy to chat to anyone and prove my sincerity to anyone that can genuinely help me help him:

    dragontriads [at] yahoo.co.uk

    PS I would also be willing to travel to him directly myself if that would be quicker … the thought of a 6yr old with AIDS facing a cold winter is too much for me to bear.

    • mary

      i can’t believe what’s happening to him…no kid should go through that.
      In France no kid is left behind this way and he would have social security and all medicines he need.
      I’m pretty sure me and my other half can give this little boy all the love and understanding he deserves…Is there any way to adopt this little kid?

      • strangerland

        Imagine sitting beside your father’s corpse.
        Two days two nights in loneliness, silently staring at his frozen body and trying to grasp understanding why those people who come by and visit talk with “whispers” and seemed afraid of you and your father’s corpse.
        Now imagine this event happen when you’re about five to six years old.
        If other things don’t damage him, surely that one event is traumatic enough for him.
        48 hours of silence….that little boy’s childhood ended in those darkest hours in his life…..

      • Susa

        you can try to search some contacts and make real enquiry if it is meant to be that way

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  • Ali

    This Kid deserve to live a good life and study!

    6 years old kid with this character honestly after reading this i hate from myself and how dare i whinin about when little things happen in my life!

    I just wonder about Chinese government & any Chinese businessman gonna do something about this issue or we can make donation or something.(Maybe small but i believe millions of people donate for this kid!)

    Ali from Turkish Republic.

  • amadeo

    somebody needs to send this article to angelina jolie. i bet she would adopt him and give him the help he deserves.

    • really?

      yea that would give her more media attention

  • Susa


  • Susa


  • JP

    I haven’t cried this much or hard in a long time. It’s not his fault for the situation he’s in. He’s six years old. Innocent. I can’t believe a country like China who is advancing as one of the world leaders would let a child exist like this. It’s inhumane and not progressive.

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  • m

    i cried pretty hard reading this. a-long has more strength and joy in his daily struggles than a lot of adults i know. pity the ignorant village elders. can some1 set up a funds for him to receive donations worldwide?

  • Leah

    This made me cry so much… What can be done to help him? Even outside of just financial help.. is it possible from somebody from the U.S to adopt him?

  • Carolyn P

    This is a beautiful yet very sad tale…a small child needs to be cared for and nutured completely….It’s great that the neighbors contribute to his well being, but the fact is the child needs to be living with someone 24/7. If he gets injured, then what…cuts, bruises are normal for 6 year old boys…but in his case who will bear the brunt of the responsibility for making sure he get the help he needs. Sad to say in this day and age where there is so much information concerning this disease and how you can contract it…Don’t these people know that their children won’t catch anything from this child….how uniformed and narrow mined they are! My heart go out to him…he’s a very special, strong and very capable little boy…..and I emphacize “little boy” As for his Grandmother, I guess I could be angry at her as well…but when I think about it….she has to survive too…and the people in the village she lives would make it so very difficult for her…so maybe for now this is all she can do…..You never really know until you have to walk in their shoes…Still I was very moved by this story….it truly saddens me to know that there is a child who may never see this next birthday….living in such a condition…the government with all of its edicts and policies should be doing so much more for this child….thank you for sharging….

    It is our responsibility as human beings to enlighten one another…through education, so that we can have the options of making informed decisions with regards to our rights and overall health issues, the quality of life and so forth. Tragically, some of these people are still living in the past…To ostracize a child from other children, unable to play a simple game to be cut off from the outside world…is unthinkable….These people definitely need to be educated on not just the hazards of HIV (AIDS) but the various ways of living with this disease….due to technology and new medications….this is a great possibility for this young one, only if the proper authorities intervene.

  • Most of the “dehumanizing,” “cowardly” and “bizarre” behavior China often gets stereotyped for actually originates primarily in Southern China. Hence, Northern Chinese tend to disapprove of Southern Chinese. Because it is actually such a small minority that unfairly gives the entire country a bad name to foreigners who don’t know the distinction.

    But if you start noticing the origins of most of these stories of human degradation, you will start noticing this specific origin…(in most commonly Guangdong and radiating outward from there)

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