Guangzhou Bank Loses Woman’s Deposit

Guangzhou Bank Loses Woman's Deposit

Guangzhou Bank Loses Woman's Deposit
66-year-old lady Tang in Haizhu district Guangzhou deposited 5000 RMB in a bank in 2001 for her retirement. Last month when taking her bankbook to withdraw the money was greeted with a messaging stating that her money was nowhere to be found, and not able to be withdrawn. After Tang’s bank’s manager Mr. Li inspected the information he replied that the money was deposited for too long, the bank ‘s systems had all been upgraded many times, and at present time her money really can’t be looked up. Netizens respond “I originally thought it was 150 years, apparently 15 years is just too long to be found. Another netizen weighed in that if you were the one who was deficient even after 100 years any bank would track you down.

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  • mr.wiener

    This can’t possibly be legal.

    • Necrogodomega

      You know very well that what shouldn’t be legal is all too often totally fine because no one will really care enough to do anything about it. Especially since banks are all tight with the government.

  • WghUk

    Deposited too long…upgraded many times…this can’t be real!

  • Some guy

    What, so when the bank upgrades it’s system they just delete all their old records? I know some of the banks are pretty worthless here but that sounds like someone making bullshit excuses so they can shirk their responsibility to me.

  • James

    keep all your papers

  • Foreign Devil

    You’d think a measly 5000 RMB would not be too much for bank PR to dig up in order to keep public confidence in them. Banks in the developed world hold customer confidence in the safety of their assets as one of the most important things.

  • Toasty

    Another example of a Chinese bank doing something totally incompetent, and then refusing to own up or take responsibility for their mistake. I’m starting to wonder if the Chinese will ever learn about customer service, or ever develop the brain capacity to realise that in the long term this could potentially cost them much more than the 5,000 rmb bonus they get today.

  • Amused

    China deserves so much more than this kind of bullshit.

  • Suju Queen

    A shocking news to me…