Guiyang’s “American School Buses” For Teachers, Not Students

Guiyang's "American-style school buses" are reserved for transporting teachers to and from work instead of carrying schoolchildren.

An overcrowded minibus designed for 9 passengers but filled with over 60 schoolchildren collided with a large truck in Gansu, China. resulting in 21 deaths, mostly kindergarten children and two adults.

Last week, a large truck collided with a small minibus in Gansu province of China carrying over 60 preschool and kindergarten children on their way to school. The small minivan that was used as a school bus was only designed for 9 passengers and a total of 21 people died including 19 schoolchildren.

The heavily deformed "school bus" in the tragic Gansu school bus accident.

Little children's shoes and blood stains on the crashed Gansu school bus.

A blood-stained seat from the Gansu school bus accident tragedy.

A red school backpack and shoe on the blood-stained ground where a Gansu kindergarten school bus carrying over 60 schoolchildren collided with a large truck, killing 21.

This past weekend, government officials announced that every Gansu school bus accident victim will be compensated 436,000 yuan.

Throughout this, many Chinese netizens have pointed to school buses in the Ubnited States and how safe they are compared to “school buses” in China.

Hummer vs. school bus.

From NetEase, ifeng, and Sohu:

Guiyang’s 5 “American-style school buses” only pick up teachers, not students

Summary: The Guizhou province Guiyang city Jinyang New District management committee purchased 5 “American-style school buses”, but what has surprised people is that these 5 school buses were not actually used to transport students but instead to pick up and drop off teachers from work. Jinyang New District Education Bureau stated that many teachers live in Guiyang’s Old City District, and that it was necessary to guarantee that teachers could arrive at school on time every day for class.

Guiyang's "American-style school buses" are reserved for transporting teachers to and from work instead of carrying schoolchildren.

These “American-style school buses” each cost 390,000 yuan

Guiyang's "American-style school buses" are reserved for transporting teachers to and from work instead of carrying schoolchildren.

The vehicle has an emergency exit door.

Guiyang's "American-style school buses" are reserved for transporting teachers to and from work instead of carrying schoolchildren.

Inside the school bus, every seat has seat belts.

Comments from NetEase:

lbg224522 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Nowadays teachers begin instruction every day starting with the word “money”.

刘炳琨团长万岁 [网易河北省保定市网友]:

The lofty and aloof government leaders have applied the practice of stratification by level onto each and every aspect of society, and brother [referring to self] is sincerely awed.

跟帖局副局长 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Must be substitute teachers! The Deputy Director of the Education Bureau will be suspended! I bet it is definitely going to unfold this way!

[This is joking about temporary workers and that the government official in the “deputy” or “vice” position takes the fall.]

龌龊司机兄弟 [网易黑龙江省网友]:

However much suffering there is, we can’t let the government leaders suffer.

rubbishfighting [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

We can’t say that teachers shouldn’t be allowed to ride, but can we assign a few [school buses] to the students?

点你死穴i [网易河南省郑州市网友]:

Truly characteristic [of China].


As it should be, very much the conditions/situation of our country.

qs3407 [网易上海市网友]:

They don’t attach importance to medical care, because they have special wards for government cadres; They don’t attach importance to education, because their children study abroad; They don’t attach importance to food safety, because they have specially provided food products; They don’t attach importance to traffic congestion, because they have police to open the road for them; They don’t attach importance to the country’s future, because their wives and children have already emigrated to the United States! They attach importance to stability, because they are afraid of losing these things! This what our government leaders are like! Able to buy all the world’s airplanes, yet can’t afford a single school bus; Able to send satellites into space, yet unable to build a single small bridge; Able to give other countries hundreds of millions to spend, yet unwilling to build a few more primary schools; Able to spend several tens of aircraft carriers worth of money on dining, yet force children to donate their lunch money. Truly taking the material resources of the Chinese people, the hardships of 1.3 billion people, for the enjoyment of the few. There’s nothing that can be said, one can only force a laugh. Does the Gansu kindergarten school bus accident result in the loss of life or the loss of the people’s hearts?

网易浙江省嘉兴市网友 [史麦客]:

We have to start with the actual situation when looking at a problem, and not jump to conclusions.

We must see if it was the teachers who demanded to ride this kind of vehicle or if it was the unilateral decision of the school’s leadership. If it is the former, it isn’t too late to condemn and punish these teachers, but if it is the latter, then who we should condemn and punish ought to be the school’s leadership for their stupid and foolish decision rather than condemning and punishing those innocent teachers.

网易浙江省温州市网友 [笑你笑你]:

A society that doesn’t respect teachers cannot be said to value its students [children].

网易广西网友: (responding to above)

Stick with the issue, so teachers not having a vehicle to pick them up and drop them off for work is called not respecting teachers? When so many people go to and get off from work by themselves, only when teachers enjoy “transport to and from work” treatment can they be said to be respected?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • “Children are the future”: that’s why they’re not entitled to the priviledges and prestige that these teachers have been fighting all their life to achieve.

    So kids: instead of dropping off a shiny red apple, make it a hongbao and you too can be riding in a “school” bus.

    • mr. weiner

      You really do have to wonder at the logic behind this decision. The school apparently was a private one and was able to duck regulations, so wouldn’t it just be better to make some rules and then enforce them…for real…big fines and all that?. You could buy some old Yank tank buses later and even let kids use them….China just seems to progress in fits and starts until it settles back into the same old grove again and nothing ever changes.

    • crazy driver, so sad for student on this bus. I hope no body dead

  • Genxi

    Damn, I never knew our school buses were that durable lmao.

    • hooots

      Hell yeah! …with no seatbelts. I’d rather be in an old yeller cheese wagon any day than riding in any kind of vehicle in China.

  • Song of the Article

    The Wheels on the Bus
    -some children’s song

    x2 五毛党

    • This happened a week ago and there was already 1,000,000 posts within 24 hours, so why the long wait?

      Anyways, I already showed that you can buy 2 school buses (used) for the price of a used Audi A4 (favourite of the cadres). So I’m not sure where the 370,000RMB price tag is coming from. Not to mention, these bus although being newer are much smaller (36 seats compared to 72 seats.)

      As for the song of the article, the was the name of the article here a week ago:

      A bit of research please.

      • anon

        Did you read?

        The post isn’t so much about the Gansu bus crash, it’s a translation of and reaction to Guiyang school buses being used to pick up teachers instead of kids, which resonates with Chinese audiences right now BECAUSE of the Gansu bus crash. It’s actually just one of the millions of school bus related articles the Chinese media is churning out right now to seize on the controversy.

        The question you should ask is why chinaSMACK didn’t post about the Gansu crash immediately like just about every other blog and news site. Instead, they posted about what Chinese netizens thought of Occupy Wall St.

        • Thank you for your concern towards literacy, specifically mine. Yes, I did read. Now let me point where you’ve had a brain fart.

          The Guiyang story is completely insignificant. In fact the only thing of significance in these schools buses being purchased is the fact that any money was spent on them at all. The education system’s budget in china is notoriously limited and more often than not, funds end up in some corrupt cadres pocket rather than in the classroom.

          As you put it, “It’s actually just ONE of the millions of school bus related articles the chinese media is churning out right now to seize on the controversy.”

          Clearly, the Kindergarten minibus incident in Gansu is the central/core topic/theme.

          So I think our point is valid. This topic is a week old and it was immediately popular on the day it happened (1,000,000 posts in 24 hours).

          I also pointed out that the song of the article was the name of the topic which was created a week ago.

          My last point point was that the money didn’t make sense. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the report that was translated or if it’s the usual problem of chinese over-spending (with the actual costs being much lower in order to fill someone’s bank account).

          For all three points, a bit of research would have taken all of 30 seconds. Hell, I left a link to this article on the “Human body parts found in rubbish bins” story a week ago… Pretty easy stuff.

          • Ray

            Well I guess this is old from the news point of view of a bus accident, but I think the compensations, the fact that teachers had buses was the “news” in this article. The comments might be huge in the first day of the accident, but it’ll be directed to things like the high casualties and illegal amount of passengers, not how the teachers get better treatment and how each passenger’s death was compensated for more than a price of a bus.

            Anyone got some translations of the comments from a week ago? Was teachers mentioned at all?

          • Dr. Jones Jr.

            I suppose the extra cost might have been from the seat belts (crocodile leather, perhaps?), as none of my primary/high school buses had those.

            Sadly enough, then, I doubt the seat belts get much use.

  • eattot

    not bad to live in valliage, at least no need to take bus to school, no need to pay a lot to go to good school, never hear any parents bribe teachers,let alone bribe doctor in hospital…
    and all teachers i had were so hard wroking only besides those fking fake professors in university, take government money, pay their students a little helping them do experiment…only a bunth of book diggers from poor family with typical chinese low morality.

    • New curse word of the day: “book digger”

      n. a homosexual intellectual who fornicates with books

      eg. “Why don’t I just buy you a shovel so you can stay inside reading all day long, you degenerate book digger!”

      • eattot

        hahaha, your so funny!
        you know what i mean, those study so hard to get power get rich, after one day they get luck, then they forget who they are, where they are from.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Tragic story.


  • Habiba

    Hi am Australian living in Shenzhen for past one year… i love Chinese people they have so good energy and so friendly only i could not understand why they spit on the streets which is so common here and it is so terrible to see and i could not image germs they sped around well when young babies walk half dressed to be able to pee on the street it si so bad to let this young children to do this in public as i see young girl about 8 years old doing as well.. and anther which is so bad to see young girls walking whit so bad taste in way they dress it show self respect … to respect they body,s if they know what is all about… have happy day// i do love china
    oh well you just have to cross border to H.Kong and you will see big difference…

    • Habiba

      thank you
      wish you happy day…

    • Irvin

      You still notice the spitting and peeing? lucky you! you’re still lao wai. But after the 3rd year you’ll be immune to it and become fully chinese.

    • anon

      What the fuck did I just read?

      You’re Australian? Are you shitting me?

      • Habiba

        is this how you express you self so well educated.
        have good day.

    • hooots

      hahaha give it a few years mate.

    • da mao houzi

      what language do they use in Australia?

      • mr. weiner

        We speak bloody ‘stroin, wadayez bloody recon?

        • da mao houzi

          Certainly not Habiba’s first language.

      • Habiba

        you should know… but in some time show education how we talk
        not place..have happy day

    • Rod

      He is obviously a Chinese immigrant who after getting an Australian passport prefers to refer to himself as Australian now.

    • Xiongmao

      I’m kinda amazed an alleged native speaker of English can manage to cram so many mistakes into so short a passage.

    • dawei

      Let me guess, you’re an English teacher.

  • pervertt

    The Chinese commentator qs3407 had it spot on. It is not just about crappy school buses. Why do ordinary Chinese put up with all this shit? Earlier generations of Chinese got rid of inept emperors and a corrupt nationalist government when they didn’t govern properly. What makes the current mob so bloody special?

    • Well, all the dogmatic nationalist culture regarding 中山 eventually sink in, once the mad rush to make ever dwindling amounts of money dry up.

      Still, it’s a good story: A man dares to challenge the prevailing status quo by opposing the currently established regime by encouraging open rebellion.

      The man is Chinese and a “patriot” to boot, too.

    • anon

      If you look at history, the Chinese people actually tend to put up with a lot of shit for a long time. Those inept emperors were in power for years, even generations. The corrupt Nationalist government? Thank the Japanese invasion and a powerful enough leader like Mao to topple them. It isn’t that the current mob is special, or that the current Chinese people are somehow different and more tolerant than past generations, its just that the Chinese aren’t yet pissed off enough. It isn’t as if previous generations revolted the moment the leadership fucked up, they took it up the ass repeatedly. That’s how it is. It’s how it usually is really, around the world.

    • Rod

      “What makes the current mob so bloody special?”

      …efficient brainwashing.

  • Think how many buses the CCP could buy if their officials drove Chinese made cars instead of black Audis. Oh wait, they don’t drive Chinese cars because they know how dangerous and poorly made they are. Such national pride.

    • Bryan from USA number1

      The world says America does not invest in its education, well, that Hummer looks like it crashed into a tank. Hey that`s a great idea! The Chinese government should give the schools some of it millions of tanks to take the children to school. Then any bus, train or, machine gun fire that hits the children will be defeated.

  • Bryan from USA number1

    Buses for the teachers defeats the purpose of having them after this accident. Are Chinese teachers the future of China rather than the children.

    If the buses were built in China then they are as unsafe as the van in the Chinese accident and the passenger cab will be compromised. If you look at the American Made school bus, the Hummer was totaled but the American Made school bus passenger cab is undamaged. Buying a Chinese Made school bus will just give you a false since of security. Buy American school buses until you can build cars as safe as the American, South Korea, Japanese or, German cars.

    No offense but I have seen Chinese car crash tests and they are as unsafe as Japanese cars were in the 1970s and 1980s.
    Maybe your acquisition of Volvo can help you speed up safety.

    • da mao houzi

      what language do they use in Australia?

      • Bryan from USA number1

        English, just like everywhere else in the world.

        • da mao houzi

          I don’t think you have travelled outside of corn hole county alabama.

          • Po Han

            If you would stop licking corn holes (pre-wash), maybe you could see reality, but, sadly, you love your tongue in a white mans ass, sniffing his balls in Buttfuck Bejing.

    • Rod

      Or they could outlaw foreign cars, then the battle between Chinese school bus and and Chinese car would be even.

  • The Chinese government should give the schools some of it millions of tanks to take the children to school. Then any bus, train or, machine gun fire that hits the children will be defeated.

  • Bryan from USA number1

    The link to a picture of a real School Bus Tank is below.

    • monyxie

      That is so fake, are you serious?

      • Bryan from USA number1

        Nothing is to good for the children.

  • gabriel

    man that school bus was not a bus it was a frigging mini van… wth…

  • typingfromwork

    I’ve seen this story and it breaks my heart. there are so many instances of people flouting traffic regulations and squeeze people into their small cedans like a clown car. It is definitely very dangerous. Although I suppose it’s not very difference from what goes on in other developing countries. They frequently fit entire families and their belongings onto a moped in India.

    And buying these American style school buses for ferrying teachers? That is such a stupid thing to do, just in terms of PR. What’s wrong with a medium sized minibus like every other company does? Fuck it even Meilianmei has a fleet of them to ferry old people to their stores. I know that teachers in China are super stressed and a few perks like free transport to work are very reasonable, but to buy these expensive looking things when they are not needed is hardly going to endear them to the public.

  • MrT

    The whole road safety issue is a total disgrace in China.
    If the Chinese government really want to show the world they are serious to be super power, they need a complete overhaul of the Ambulance, Fire, Police emergency service response .
    They should spend millions on road safety, education at schools, go into rural areas and educate the people.
    It very easy for them to do. No shortage of man power.Plenty of money.
    Of all the things China could do to impress the rest of the world is to become forerunners in road safety.
    The highway code is pretty complex and good but no one follows it, not even the police who should lead by example.
    Get the foreign experts in, get UK Traffic Division police officers into China to help train the Chinese Traffic police.

    • Anon

      We’re about to go low cost and switch back to bicycles and trishaws waddya mean spend money?

      Also most of that manpower are returning to the villages to raise pigs and grow veggies, not enough jobs and education too expensive dude!

      We won’t need highways or highway codes anymore. It’s fashionable to have someone peddling you to your place cos it’s green. I guess we won’t be needing those foreign spie . . . I mean experts from UK anymore, heh.

  • hooots

    I have seen those tanks of school busses here in my city in China. They look like super beasts. They could probably Monster truck over the old school wagons we roll in in the states. I hope every school child in China can ride to and from school safely everyday. As an educator here in China, my only wish is that the countless beautiful and super intelligent children can be safe all the time.

    Let’s try to do everything we can to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again.

  • xiaopengyou

    “American-style school buses” is not American. Does Thomas or Blue-Bird even export to China? How safe are these “American-style” copycats?

    • MrT

      If there Chinese made they will be far better quality anything America got on offer nowadays.

      • xiaopengyou

        Yea, I hear ya. I mean Chinese quality is the best. Their Melanine is good for milk, helps preserve it . Cadmium gives rice that extra zest you just cannot get in America. Subways and trains in America just don’t have that same thrill as those made in China when the power goes off. GM and Ford are so unsafe compared to unforgettable brands in China like “Geely”, “Great Wall”, “Qi Rui”, and the world-renown “Brilliance”… Chinese made capacitors in just about every TV and motherboard just bust out (literally) compared to brands like Mallory, IC, and Ioxus. I mean Blue-Bird and Thomas.. they’ve just *got* to be much lower quality than anything china makes. 8-|

        • Justin

          Well, to put things in perspective though, the American auto industry wasn’t that safe at its inception. Read Ralph Nader’s “Unsafe at Any Speed” for some evidence of that. At one point, un-explained fires were de riguer in the U.S. auto sector. It was only after years and years of the development of a safety mechanism and the advocacy of consumer groups that made American automobiles as safe as they are today.

          You can talk shit all you want about China’s domestic brand’s, but they are at least forward thinking, unlike U.S. automakers, who are still trying to churn out huge gas-guzzlers while Chinese brands try to corner the next big market: all-electric cars. Even the “forgettable” Geely has acquired the Volvo brand along with all of its advanced technology, so I wouldn’t go around throwing stones. I’d be surprised if Geely isn’t known worldwide at least as much as a lower-tier Korean brand like K.I.A. in the next 5 years.

          Also, BYD has attracted a substantive investment from Warren Buffett to push forward with its electric models, though they remain out of the price range of most Chinese consumers even with the added government subsidies.

  • John Wayne

    Wow, those are nice school buses. I don’t know who the manufacturer is, but overall appearance is nice. The individual seating and belts for each student and the overhead a/c ventilation system. Are they made in China? How is the overall quality? Is it like everything else that is made in China and shipped to America? The Chinese make great firearms, ammo and knifes on the cheap and they actaully work well. But, I don’t know about their vehicles.

    • Bryan from USA number1

      Yea the overall appearance is nice but, if its not American, it will crumple like a bear can.

  • Bryan from USA number1

    Made in America goods are of the highest quality. The only other countries that come close are Japan, Germany and now, South Korea. American workers put everything into making there goods. In China, worker make stuff that they don’t care about or care what it is for, they just make it, they are slave labor.

    Americans are not slave labor, we fight for our jobs. We take pride in what we make, we use the finest materials and manufacturing processes. That`s why we won WW2, Cold War and, we already won the future trade war with China.

    Everything I buy now is made in America, I don’t send money to China anymore. Even the gasoline I buy comes from a specific gas station. I don’t buy Cit-go Gas because of Hugo Chavez, that Commie Bastard. And, we are taking back our manufacturing of Apple products.

    Also my guns are made in America, Ooh that rights, you Chinese can`t own machine guns and pistols like Americans because you have no rights except the right to serve your 10,000 Emperors in Beijing and, they buy luxury goods from America and EU.

    • Anon

      Made in China goods are of the lowest price and moderate quality at least – for now (just wait till we fix the QC problems).

      In China, worker can LEARN to care about the stuff they make and care what it is for, they won’t just make it, they are NOT slave labor because we have ‘Iron Rice Bowls’ and if the CCP tries hard enough – Free Apartments and Free Cars as well. Thanks to ‘slave labour’ Americans will indeed still buy those cars which will be 100 times cheaper and greener (tung laquer infused jute!) than American made ones.

      Since everything you buy now is made in America, we’ll make it a point to not buy from America and EU then ! We’ll buy ‘Chinese’ made brand luxury goods instead.

      The CCP can re-officiate use of the old Imperial Seals for branding of luxury goods. That kind of branding/trademarking from 500BC and earlier and organic silk will be have more antiquity and brandedness than any late 18th century or later established brands.

      And we’ll start lobbying for Gun ownership for the Chinese, AND buy CHINESE made Guns ONLY. Even the gasoline we buy will come from a local gas producers.

      Two can play at that game ! Trade War !

      • xiaopengyou

        Fair enough. Don’t forget growing your own food. We’re all glad to hear China suddenly became a cornucopia reborn.

        • Anon

          So do liquidate your assets and migrate here. It cannot be considered a corn-corn- ;) . . . eh, unless there are ‘Americans’ here. And the Chinese like most developing economies do grow their own food, simply because it costs too much to import !

      • Bryan from USA number1

        No such thing as Chinese and Luxury brand. It does not exist and cannot exist as long as the Communist government keeps the Chinese people under there thumb. I would love Chinese to be able to buy guns because at least you could defend yourself if there was another Tienanmen Square Slaughter.

        • Anon

          It does, they just haven’t formalized that 5000 year legacy into a LIVING BREATHING franchise for all Chinese to buy into yet. It looks like they are getting organized though, and those ‘good ole days’ where ‘slant eyes’ dropped 100K for a handbag will NEVER happen again when they got that down pat.

          And those guns are for feeling macho with or shooting at REAL enemies, not the fellow locals or comrades of reasonable disposition at any rate. Probably they’d be at court because the Chinese are civilised and too serious minded to have the interest in creating false flag b.s. via proxies like Israel, or even 911?!? Now THATS something to defend against.

    • SuperHappyCow


      • Anon

        Not unless @ above likes blue cheese from blue milk, which reminds, time for some nice and bloody medium rare . . .

    • MrT

      No they export all the cheap crap to America because Americans buyers come over to China and ask for the cheapest crap they can get their hands on to make most money to rip of in America.
      Chinese keep all the good qulaity stuff for the internal market.
      By the way, how the new San Fransico bridge coming along?

    • da mao houzi

      exactly what is american number one in?
      america has never been number one in anything but military spending, ironically they always get their asses kicked in conflicts.

      • max

        exactly what is american number one in?

        1 The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the largest total prison population on the entire globe.

        #2 According to, the United States has the highest percentage of obese people in the world.

        #3 The United States has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin.

        #4 The United States is tied with the U.K. for the most hours of television watched per person each week.

        #6 There are more car thefts in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world by far.

        #7 There are more reported rapes in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world.

        the top 20 can be found here:

        • DRaY

          AMERICA is still the land of opportunity, ya dumb FUCK!!! It’s a place where even a FUCKTARD like you can have a chance to make it . It is the only country in the world where any one has a equal opportunity to “make it” regardless of race, or economic background.
          America is the country that has lead the world in innovation over the past 150 years. If you take away all of America’s innovations we would still be living in some Victorian-esqe era, sweating our asses off.
          Fucking Europe and Asia were a bunch of backwards, war mongering fucking inbreds until America came on the scene and chilled them the fuck out.
          Don’t hate son… please, don’t as you type on your computer that was pioneered in America over the internet that was pioneered in America…..get my point?

          • *snort*




            K.K.K., Neo-Nazis, N.R.A., Wall Street, Iraq, Banana Republics, Homeland Security, highest prison population in the world, highest debt in the world, highest murder rates in the world, Tea Party, etc. etc. etc.

            Wake up from your American Dream and welcome to the nightmare of reality.

          • da mao houzi

            you are so blind and ignorant, a quality that those of us who live in the better first world nations find amusing in americans. your country is way down the list whether it is HDI (look it up), income, health care, education, clean air, whatever.

            the problem with america is that you think you are number one and as long as you do you will never see how to improve. I think your country is #29 for income.

            I live in Canada, Norway and Canada have been swapping first place for 25 years according to all indexes while the USA struggles with health care, street safety, drugs, education, illiteracy, air quality.

            Your country is finished, destroyed like all civilisations have destroyed themselves, war. you are dependent on other countries for oil, this is your fatal flaw.

            “land of opportunity”, yah, sure, if you are white and live north of the Mason Dixon line. (look it up) you only have to fly into O’hara to see equal opportunity at work, the blacks sweeping the floors, boiling the french fries and hamburgers (staple of american diet) and doing all the menial tasks.

            in life, it does not matter what you have done but where you are and where you are going. most of those great inventions that your country takes credit for were first invented in France, Wales, Britian, Europe. Russia also takes credit for inventing them all first.

            america had nothing to do with “chilling the fuck out” of Asia or Europe. you came into WW1 an unprepared ragtag group of misfits and got your assess kicked repeatedly. you stood by as your relatives in Europe got slaughtered in WW2 and came in 3 years late to help your “brethern”. then your country went on a murderous imperialism mission in Vietnam and Korea. getting your asses kicked by the Chinese oddly enough.

            So Asia and Europe were backwards were they? France and Germany lead the world in medical and surgical knowledge until the second world war. Germany was decades ahead of the world in machining tecnology. If you think that China was behind, read some of Gavin Menzies books. The great renaissance of mankind credited to Leonardo Divinci and Michael Angelo were due to a book that the Chinese had been circulating from the10th century and was made as a gift to the courts of Venice. the great white man copied the inventions from the chinese page by page and inserted white people and deleted everything Asian looking.

      • Po Han

        Yeah, like the Spanish-American war, WW I, WW II, Korea…(I love reading about the slaughter of Chinese soldiers in their idiotic “human wave” attacks in Korea, ha!)

        • da mao houzi

          war is not about body counts, it is about achieving objectives. casualties have never been the measure of success. the only war that you can claim as your own (Spanish-American war, WW I, WW II, Korea) is the Spanish american war. Korea was a UN action, WW1 and WW2 were “allied actions”, odd that you take credit for what was done by many others who you seem to forget to give credit to.

          interestingly, the Germans always looked for American placements to punch through in both WW1 and WW2. they learned in WW1 that they were a little cowardly. they tried like hell to avoid the Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Brits.

          • Dan

            You’re an idiot, plain and simple. Funny how you guys talk so much shit and hate so much on America, but really you’ve got nothing to say, and why don’t you go back to China if it’s so much better than America? Hmmmm……somebody is jealous!!!! lol!!!

  • mp

    One cannot joke about this sort of thing. When adults do not protect children, there is no future. Not much moves my heart in these depraved and modern times. But this is a hard read.

  • Brothers

    I feel that the most important here is common sense. I bring my daughter to school by car every day and I have spent maybe 1200 RMB for a safety seat in the car. If I arrive at the Kindergarten I see all the mothers coming out of their Mercedes, Audi, Porsche or any kind of brand and they are wearing the most outstanding clothes, jewelry and handbags you can imagine. My question is then. Why the hell are you putting your child in the front seat, without a seatbelt? And it should not be a task of the gouvernment to change this. It should be the parents and the kindergarten that are taking this responsibility.

    I went to the kindergarten of my daughter and I have told them that I suggest them to print a paper and give it to the parents to point out the importancy of having a safety seat in the back of your car for your child. I truly hope that they will inform them, because I have seen enough horrible things in the Chinese traffic.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Excellent choice dude!

    and so i dont have to comment again. 8th chinese comment above (the long one) somes it up and is the BEST thing i’ve heard on C.SMACK to date from a chinese poster!

    nuff said!

  • Foreign Devil

    Who are these clueless parents and school administrators that cram 61 kids into a chinese brand tin can van????

    And by the way painting a chinese bus yellow doesn’t make it “american standard school bus”.

  • dawei

    “Does the Gansu kindergarten school bus accident result in the loss of life or the loss of the people’s hearts?”

    Even worse! It results in a loss of face.

  • lonetrey

    What the hell. This kind of corruption should have never happened. Why the hell didn’t a SINGLE PERSON run and blow the whistle on the bus carrying 60+ students when it was clearly made for 9 people?!!?

    Surely, a parent putting the children on the bus, a teacher seeing the students get off the bus, the bus driver driving the bus, the school official who commissioned the bus, the bus administration who scheduled the bus to many pickup points for 60+ children….

    Why the Hell didn’t anyone say anything?!

    … and now 19 kids are dead because of their actions, their holding back, their self-concern for their jobs, their ignorance, whatever stopped them from saying something!

  • Magda Carter

    “it si so bad to let this young children to do this”

    “and anther which is so bad to see young girls walking whit so bad taste in way they dress it show ”

    “to respect they body,s if they know what is all about”

    “am Australian living in Shenzhen for past one year”

    …no you’re not :D

  • Brian

    Those really are American “style” school busses. “Style” is the key word. they are still Chinese crap, painted to look like American school buses on the outside.

    Prediction…we will se these chinese buses smashed up like tin foil and the Chinese will make fun of them as American crap.

    • da mao houzi

      whoever made american the standard for anything? European safety standards are far higher than american. to assume that China cannot make safe buses is immensely ignorant. China is far more dependent on buses than america and the problems they have are not bas construction but driving regulation. the bus hit a coal truck dead on. the coal truck appears to be on the left side of the road. if you have been in China long enough dump trucks driving on the wrong side of a divided highway is common. if does not matter what you make a bus of or how many people you put in it, if two vehicles hit each other at road speed head on there is going to be massive damage. packing buses like this is common in Africa, Central and South America, India and I am sure in other countries that I have not worked.

      • Dan

        Yet again you are wrong, the Europeans make fun of us for having such strict safety standards, dumbass.

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

          Actually, when it comes to Automobiles, European standard is higher.

  • latefordinner

    @brian “Those really are American “style” school busses. “Style” is the key word. they are still Chinese crap, painted to look like American school buses on the outside.
    Prediction…we will se these chinese buses smashed up like tin foil and the Chinese will make fun of them as American crap.”
    I am very concerned that you may be right. I don’t care whether it is me, my daughter, or my neighbor’s son who is on that bus. Knowing that blood is the price to be paid for someone’s new Audi is a hard thing to swallow.
    That said, I have to say that this seems like a classic misdirection. It is hardly unusual (at least in my part of China) for a company or institution to have busses to pick up employees. The school that actually uses American Bluebird school busses to pick up its teachers; is this the same school that used a 9 seat mini-van to pick up 60 kids? Didn’t think so. Does sending one bus to pick up teachers mean that the bus that picks up kids has to be unsafe? I certainly hope not.
    America vs the rest of the universe: get over yourselves, children. Sometimes, (as in most times, as in 99.9999999999% of the time) it’s not about you, it’s about someone else. In this case, kids and families. Don’t know about you, but with me it strikes a chord.

  • Jeff

    The copied the design. I doubt they copied the quality and safety features. And just because the bus has seat belts how many Chinese actually use them? I rarely see Chinese drivers use seat belts and I seldom see children in child safety seats. usually little kids are climbing around the car or sitting on someones lap.