Hangzhou Street Racer Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison


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Summary: A young man in Hangzhou, Hu Bin, hit and killed another young man, Tan Zhuo, who was crossing the street while street racing. After the accident, Hu Bin and his other young rich friends appeared nonchalant, smoking and laughing with each other and their girlfriends.

70 km/hr street racing case defendant Hu Bin sentenced to three years in prison

July 20 afternoon around 3:30, Hangzhou City West Lake District People’s Court handed down a sentence in the Hangzhou “5.7” [May 7th] traffic accident case that received a lot of public attention. The defendant, Hu Bin, was sentenced to three years in prison.


Comments from Mop:


Aiyo, after Tan Zhuo’s parents compromised, this matter became none of our masses’ damn business. Instead of getting angry/hurling insults, it would be better for us to save our strength, buy a bottle of beer, sit in front of the computer, and watch the great people’s public servants put on a show. They are all people who have been educated after all, which is why they are called educated people. Just treat the 70 km/hr incident as a joke about playing with lives and forget about it.


Water can float the boat,

and sink it too.

Who is the next Li Zicheng? Who will raise the banner of the revolt/rebellion?

No one?! Then we can only be good and love the country, love the party, love money!

They are telling us now: having money is the established truth! Fucking law!!!


Thank you great PARTY for teaching me yet another trick.
Work hard to earn money, because only by having money can you kill people without having to pay with your life!


You drive a car, hit, and kill a person. Would you choose:
A. No, I would not try to shirk responsibility for myself. Me hitting and killing someone is my fault and I should be punished, punished heavily because I would not be willing to be punished lightly! Best would be to execute me because only then I could forgive myself!
B. Dad and mom, you must rescue me, people want to execute me, you guys must find some connections and see if you can protect me.
C. Racing here was wrong in the first place, I did not intend to hit and kill him, I have kneeled before the other party’s parents, I am willing to use everything I can to compensate/make it up to the other party. If the other party’s parents are able to forgive me, I hope society will give me another chance, and let me support the other party’s parents’ remaining years; The law is impartial!


Everyone pretend you are Hu Bin, Hu Bin’s parents,
or pretend you are Tan Zhuo’s parents.

Just what kind of outcome do you want?


China, rich people’s heaven.


If one day I am in Hangzhou and I see him crossing a pedestrian crosswalk…


This is the law, non-major criminal cases, providing high compensation can gain reduced sentences. As long as it is considered an ordinary traffic accident, and over 1 million was paid [in compensation], one can spend a few months [in prison] and then come out as if everything was normal because society must be harmonious!


This society let’s us ordinary common people down!!!
Hu Bin, I fuck your entire family to death!





To be honest, right now I have incomparable respect for the West’s Christianity. The sentence I heard that was most admirable is: “a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye”. If we want to calm all the world’s grievances, then Hu Bin should be carried out and run over at 70 km/hr, returning peace to the universe.
Right now I am thinking, is it because our harmonious society has too many grievances and injustice unable to be vented leading to an imbalance between heaven and earth that has resulted one natural disaster after another happening?


Mysterious country.
Everything has been harmonized.



How could such a thing happen in such a river crab country, LZ you must be an internet spy!

[网特 = internet spy, someone working for a foreign government trying to destabilize China from within]


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