Jackie Chan’s Son and Taiwan Actor Kai Ko Arrested for Drugs

Ko Chen-tung and Jaycee Chan, arrested on drug charges by Beijing police.

Ko Chen-tung and Jaycee Chan, arrested on drug charges by Beijing police.

The arrest of Chinese celebrities Ko Chen-tung aka Kai Ko (above left) and Jaycee Chan (the son of Hong Kong martial arts superstar Jackie Chan, above right) on drug charges is the latest in a series of celebrity scandals to capture the attention of Chinese netizens this year. Below are several internet reports to show how the story unfolded…

From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: @柯震東Kai [Ko Chen-tung] Arrested in Beijing for Using Drugs — Taiwan male actor Ko Chen-tung has been arrested by Beijing police for using drugs, with reports on the internet verifying. At present, this case is currently being processed. Ko Chen-tung is a Chinese Taiwan male actor and singer who became famous as the male lead character Ko Ching-teng in the 2011 film You Are the Apple of My Eye. Beijing Times

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪娱乐: Fang Zuming [Jaycee Chan] Also Did Drugs! — Following #Ko Chen-tung Arrested for Drugs#, according to information from @新京报 [Beijing News], a certain male star surnamed Fang was also arrested with Ko Chen-tung. As it is understood, this incident isn’t a simple drug-related public security case but may involve criminal offenses. #Jaycee Chan Arrested for Drugs#


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Those who now feel it is Huang Haibo who is truly a good man, please click upvote. [挖鼻屎]

[Note: Huang Haibo was also involved in a celebrity scandal involving prostitution just a few months ago in May.]


Zhang Mo and Jaycee Chan are going to get mixed up in prison… can the prison police tell the two apart?

[Note: Zhang Mo and Jackie Chan are known for looking very similar.]


A relative of mine applied for the police academy during the gaokao. He said he was determined to become a narcotics police officer, so he’d be able to collect a lot of celebrities’ autographs…


I’ve always felt there was something wrong with Little Fang [Jaycee Chan], especially in Chef Nic where he made a cake with Nicolas Tse. When the cake was accidentally dropped on the table and Nicolas comforted him by saying it could be remade, he immediately smashed the cake and slammed the table shouting there wasn’t enough time. At the time, I felt his skull was a little thick. [拜拜]


Let me go see what Wang Feng has done today.

[Note: This alludes to an inside joke that Wang Feng’s efforts to get publicity are always overshadowed by other celebrities and news.]


At a time like this, I really want to see if those people in Happy Family are still willing to admit that they are good friends. [酷]

[Note: Happy Family is a popular variety show on Hunan Satellite TV.]


Both have worked with Amber Kuo before.


I just managed to figure out which one is Zhang Mo and which one is Jaycee Chan the past few days. Now I’m confused again.


Jackie Chan called Zhang Guoli [Zhang Mo’s father, see below] overnight to ask him for his experience.


Big Xi [President Xi Jinping] is awesome, look how well he has governed Beijing. Even having the most niu father [Jackie Chan] is useless.


Can it be that Big Brother Jackie Chan’s connections can’t help here? [吃惊][吃惊][吃惊][吃惊]

From NetEase:

Jaycee Chan Arrested for Involvement in Drug-Use at Jackie Chan’s Mansion

Shanghai Morning Post: Jaycee Chan Hosted Drug Use at Jackie Chan’s Mansion — This reporter has learned from insiders that on August 15th, police arrested multiple men and women at a sauna, among them including Jaycee Chan and Ko Chen-tung. Through questioning, it was learned that they had been using drugs at Jaycee Chan’s residence. The residence in Beijing’s Dongzhimen neighborhood is one of Jackie Chan’s residences, and where Jaycee Chan and others did drugs.

From Sina Weibo:

@全国花式撸管协会: “Bro, let’s go bail out our sons together!”


[Note: The man on the left is Zhang Guoli, the father of Zhang Mo, who was also recently arrested for drugs.]

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If we go too late, we’ll be relatives by marriage.


Original poster, this really isn’t funny. Although it is said the two are involved with drugs, and should be strictly punished, the two people in the photo are both over half a century old elderly people, and at this moment, it is probably they who are the most pained [about their sons]. I hope the original poster will be more considerate, because a joke too far is no longer funny. [蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛]


Obviously it is very sad for these two old men… sigh…


Sigh, truly disappointing, with the fathers both being respected actors, but their sons…


After a chuckle, I suddenly feel miserable, the two of them both being well-respected people… Just one son, who look so much alike…


No TFBOYS on the homepage! Weibo feels so clean!! Request that this be upvoted!!

[Note: TFBOYS is young idol group or boyband whose microblog posts have consistently been trending on Sina Weibo lately.]


Don’t collar/arrest the wrong one, they [the sons] look about the same.


As a spokesperson for 小霸王, 小霸王 went bankrupt; as a spokesperson for 爱多VCD, the boss of 爱多VCD went to jail; as a spokesperson for 汾湟可乐, 汾湟可乐 disappeared/went out of business; as a spokesperson for 开迪汽车, only 900 some cars were sold nationwide; as a spokesperson for 霸王洗发水, it was determined that 霸王 is carcinogenic. Appointed as the official anti-drug ambassador for China, his son does drugs.


[生病] Why use two elderly people for one’s amusement? [悲伤] I grew up watching Zhang Guoli’s TV serials… and have always really liked him! They are both actors who deserve respect… Can we not sprinkle salt in the wound of two over half a century old elderly people? [生病]


I’m not trying to be a saint, but I just want to ask why there are so many people rejoicing in another’s misfortune? When Jackie Chan has done good things, no one ever gave him any praise, but the moment his son gets in trouble, everyone is lining up to gawk, just what kind of mentality is this?


I really don’t know what kind of mentality is involved with those people who are laughing. Poor parents.


I still feel rather bad for Zhang Guoli, but with Jackie Chan, like father like son.


Can you guys bail out Ko Chen-tung while you’re at it? [悲伤]


Ko Chen-tun relies on his face, Jaycee Chan relies on his father. [蜡烛][蜡烛]


Zhang Guoli is sincerely a good person, so I beg people to stop making fun of him, and stop rejoicing in his misfortune, okay?

From NetEase:

Over 100 grams of Marijuana Seized at Jaycee Chan’s Home

CCTV News: Police Confirm! Over 100 Grams of Marijuana Seized at Jaycee Chan’s Residence — After a tip, on August 14th, Beijing police arrested Jaycee Chan, Ko Chen-tung and others involved in drugs in Dongcheng district of Beijing, seizing over 100 grams of marijuana in Jaycee Chan’s residence. Jaycee Chan and Ko Chen-tung both confessed to using marijuana. Jaycee Chan has been detained under criminal charges for allegedly hosting others to use drugs, while Ko Chen-tung is under administrative detention for using drugs. (CCTV reporter Zhao Xuerong)


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