Jackie Chan’s Son and Taiwan Actor Kai Ko Arrested for Drugs

Ko Chen-tung and Jaycee Chan, arrested on drug charges by Beijing police.

Ko Chen-tung and Jaycee Chan, arrested on drug charges by Beijing police.

The arrest of Chinese celebrities Ko Chen-tung aka Kai Ko (above left) and Jaycee Chan (the son of Hong Kong martial arts superstar Jackie Chan, above right) on drug charges is the latest in a series of celebrity scandals to capture the attention of Chinese netizens this year. Below are several internet reports to show how the story unfolded…

From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: @柯震東Kai [Ko Chen-tung] Arrested in Beijing for Using Drugs — Taiwan male actor Ko Chen-tung has been arrested by Beijing police for using drugs, with reports on the internet verifying. At present, this case is currently being processed. Ko Chen-tung is a Chinese Taiwan male actor and singer who became famous as the male lead character Ko Ching-teng in the 2011 film You Are the Apple of My Eye. Beijing Times http://t.cn/RPQxCZZ

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪娱乐: Fang Zuming [Jaycee Chan] Also Did Drugs! — Following #Ko Chen-tung Arrested for Drugs#, according to information from @新京报 [Beijing News], a certain male star surnamed Fang was also arrested with Ko Chen-tung. As it is understood, this incident isn’t a simple drug-related public security case but may involve criminal offenses. http://t.cn/RPQ90hy #Jaycee Chan Arrested for Drugs#


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Those who now feel it is Huang Haibo who is truly a good man, please click upvote. [挖鼻屎]

[Note: Huang Haibo was also involved in a celebrity scandal involving prostitution just a few months ago in May.]


Zhang Mo and Jaycee Chan are going to get mixed up in prison… can the prison police tell the two apart?

[Note: Zhang Mo and Jackie Chan are known for looking very similar.]


A relative of mine applied for the police academy during the gaokao. He said he was determined to become a narcotics police officer, so he’d be able to collect a lot of celebrities’ autographs…


I’ve always felt there was something wrong with Little Fang [Jaycee Chan], especially in Chef Nic where he made a cake with Nicolas Tse. When the cake was accidentally dropped on the table and Nicolas comforted him by saying it could be remade, he immediately smashed the cake and slammed the table shouting there wasn’t enough time. At the time, I felt his skull was a little thick. [拜拜]


Let me go see what Wang Feng has done today.

[Note: This alludes to an inside joke that Wang Feng’s efforts to get publicity are always overshadowed by other celebrities and news.]


At a time like this, I really want to see if those people in Happy Family are still willing to admit that they are good friends. [酷]

[Note: Happy Family is a popular variety show on Hunan Satellite TV.]


Both have worked with Amber Kuo before.


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I just managed to figure out which one is Zhang Mo and which one is Jaycee Chan the past few days. Now I’m confused again.


Jackie Chan called Zhang Guoli [Zhang Mo’s father, see below] overnight to ask him for his experience.


Big Xi [President Xi Jinping] is awesome, look how well he has governed Beijing. Even having the most niu father [Jackie Chan] is useless.


Can it be that Big Brother Jackie Chan’s connections can’t help here? [吃惊][吃惊][吃惊][吃惊]

From NetEase:

Jaycee Chan Arrested for Involvement in Drug-Use at Jackie Chan’s Mansion

Shanghai Morning Post: Jaycee Chan Hosted Drug Use at Jackie Chan’s Mansion — This reporter has learned from insiders that on August 15th, police arrested multiple men and women at a sauna, among them including Jaycee Chan and Ko Chen-tung. Through questioning, it was learned that they had been using drugs at Jaycee Chan’s residence. The residence in Beijing’s Dongzhimen neighborhood is one of Jackie Chan’s residences, and where Jaycee Chan and others did drugs.

From Sina Weibo:

@全国花式撸管协会: “Bro, let’s go bail out our sons together!”


[Note: The man on the left is Zhang Guoli, the father of Zhang Mo, who was also recently arrested for drugs.]

Comments from Sina Weibo:


If we go too late, we’ll be relatives by marriage.


Original poster, this really isn’t funny. Although it is said the two are involved with drugs, and should be strictly punished, the two people in the photo are both over half a century old elderly people, and at this moment, it is probably they who are the most pained [about their sons]. I hope the original poster will be more considerate, because a joke too far is no longer funny. [蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛]


Obviously it is very sad for these two old men… sigh…


Sigh, truly disappointing, with the fathers both being respected actors, but their sons…


After a chuckle, I suddenly feel miserable, the two of them both being well-respected people… Just one son, who look so much alike…


No TFBOYS on the homepage! Weibo feels so clean!! Request that this be upvoted!!

[Note: TFBOYS is young idol group or boyband whose microblog posts have consistently been trending on Sina Weibo lately.]


Don’t collar/arrest the wrong one, they [the sons] look about the same.


As a spokesperson for 小霸王, 小霸王 went bankrupt; as a spokesperson for 爱多VCD, the boss of 爱多VCD went to jail; as a spokesperson for 汾湟可乐, 汾湟可乐 disappeared/went out of business; as a spokesperson for 开迪汽车, only 900 some cars were sold nationwide; as a spokesperson for 霸王洗发水, it was determined that 霸王 is carcinogenic. Appointed as the official anti-drug ambassador for China, his son does drugs.


[生病] Why use two elderly people for one’s amusement? [悲伤] I grew up watching Zhang Guoli’s TV serials… and have always really liked him! They are both actors who deserve respect… Can we not sprinkle salt in the wound of two over half a century old elderly people? [生病]


I’m not trying to be a saint, but I just want to ask why there are so many people rejoicing in another’s misfortune? When Jackie Chan has done good things, no one ever gave him any praise, but the moment his son gets in trouble, everyone is lining up to gawk, just what kind of mentality is this?


I really don’t know what kind of mentality is involved with those people who are laughing. Poor parents.


I still feel rather bad for Zhang Guoli, but with Jackie Chan, like father like son.


Can you guys bail out Ko Chen-tung while you’re at it? [悲伤]


Ko Chen-tun relies on his face, Jaycee Chan relies on his father. [蜡烛][蜡烛]


Zhang Guoli is sincerely a good person, so I beg people to stop making fun of him, and stop rejoicing in his misfortune, okay?

From NetEase:

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Over 100 grams of Marijuana Seized at Jaycee Chan’s Home

CCTV News: Police Confirm! Over 100 Grams of Marijuana Seized at Jaycee Chan’s Residence — After a tip, on August 14th, Beijing police arrested Jaycee Chan, Ko Chen-tung and others involved in drugs in Dongcheng district of Beijing, seizing over 100 grams of marijuana in Jaycee Chan’s residence. Jaycee Chan and Ko Chen-tung both confessed to using marijuana. Jaycee Chan has been detained under criminal charges for allegedly hosting others to use drugs, while Ko Chen-tung is under administrative detention for using drugs. (CCTV reporter Zhao Xuerong)

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • death_by_ivory

    I don’t have much to say about this, just I cannot decide which one is more gorgeous.I vote for Jackie’s son.

  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    Over 100 Grams of Marijuana, really?
    Its perfectly legal in the US.

    • filabusta

      Not yet, only legal in a few states now.

      • ex-expat

        Correct – Washington and Colorado.

    • SongYii

      filabusta is right… it seems to me (correct me if I’m wrong) China doesn’t have a lot of provincial laws of this magnitude. Everything is nationalized here. But in the US, laws can vary like night and day between states.

      • Johnny Potseed

        Even within the same State. I live in Washington State where marijuana was legalized by ballot initiative. But its sale and use is prohibited in my county, but not in my city. Talk about fucked up.

        • vincent_t

          oh wow..so it is like u just cross a street out from the city and u will get arrested for possessing marijuana? LOL fucktard law.

        • SongYii

          My parents live in a dry county! There are still places alcohol can’t be sold over the counter!

          This is in Kentucky, btw, where cigarettes are still about 2.50 a pack.

    • Diegobagsik

      Oops… Marijuana is illegal in china? Wow… I see people smoking weed in public areas of shanghai… This big news is because of weed? Marijuana is medicinal ( for those ignorant bloggers comparing it to heroin or ecstasy) and is legal in a lot of countries.

  • Guang Xiang

    The major issue is China’s hard stance that celebrities working in China should be drug free. With more and more Taiwanese stars aspiring to tap into China’s huge market, such an event is a huge blow for Ko Chen-tung.

    Any hoo, marijuana is really schmall game.

    • Kai

      I’ve seen some netizen comments conspiracy theorizing that Jackie Chan’s connections/influence got the “official story” to revise a harder drug down to the softer marijuana.

      • Zappa Frank

        and you think is a realistic assumption?

        • Insomnicide

          He’s the Jackie Chan. I’m sure the police would want to get on his good side.

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        Well realistically he probably promised that in exchange for revising a harder drug crime he would clean up the streets personally.

    • Insomnicide

      Drug laws are pretty strict in Taiwan as well, he would have been arrested either way. At least now he’s got some company in there.

  • b duck

    Big Xi [President Xi Jinping] is awesome, look how well he has governed Beijing. Even having the most niu father [Jackie Chan] is useless.

    good, everyone says Xi is a good boss, at least his background is clean, so he has the determination to clean up all these big blood suckers in china.

    • Guang Xiang

      I can attest that with Big Xi, government organs are serious about enforcing pollution standards in Jiangsu Province.

      • b duck

        you run a mill in jiangsu ?

        • Guang Xiang

          Chemical plant

          • b duck

            o, my major was chemical tech too.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        that’s good news…for the environment

      • David

        Well, I live in Wuxi and I could not avoid seeing pollution no matter where I look. The sky, the ground, the water. The rain makes you smell like dirty chemicals. But I am glad it is clean where you live.

        • Guang Xiang

          Do you live near industrial zones or in a residential area? Municipal waste is one thing, industrial guidelines on waste disposal is another. It’s much easier for the government to control large entities. Smaller companies can get away with almost anything. That’s the nature of the beast that is China; too large and unwieldy to maintain a tight ship.

          Wuxi is close to where I work, which is Changshu, so we share the same sky problems most likely. Air pollution has always been an ongoing topic. Rest assure, we are hounded to lower our VOC weekly. It’s been raining for the past 3 days so a lot of odors are ‘washed down’ to elevation where we can smell them easily. We are trying our best to fix the source, but it’s hard to say for smaller companies.

          The guys in the environmental bureau have quite a few young guys quite passionate about solving odor problems. The older guys look bored, probably cause there’s less opportunities to receive gifts lol.

          • David

            fair enough

      • DavidisDawei

        I was in Hangzhou for Spring Festival this year and the air quality was the worst I’ve ever experienced there..
        My friends told me that firework celebrations were being banned because “it was the primary cause of the smog/air pollution in China”.
        I thought they were joking around with me, but they were being serious. (BTW, the fireworks went on 20 hours a day, with huge government displays at midnight) It felt like a city under siege.

        • b duck

          you can not judge a chinese city during fireworks time.
          hz is much cleaner than sh.
          and i like half city half mountain style.
          oh, i love hz especially after rain.

    • Rick in China

      His background is clean – just like every president brought in to office, until the next president takes over. Then, demons are let loose.

      • Zappa Frank

        I think there was a CNN or BBC service censored in china that talked how big Xi’s brother in law occulted some money in a tax free place.. Considering that the corrupted officials seems to be (as far as I’ve read) mostly ex-wen jiabao’s I think the anti corruption is likely just an internal party war

        • Rick in China

          Of course it is.. it has been for ages, China’s political climate is the epitome of dog-eat-dog politics, and is far more complex than anything Game of Thrones whips up.

          • Amused

            I think Byzantine is the word you’re looking for

          • Tova Rischi

            To be honest, I’m not convinced Mao was a properly evil man, just a misguided would-be-hero who played by the rules 4000 years of Chinese history taught him, wherein lies the evil. So not only would I agree, I’d call it an understatement….

        • b duck

          you two can make a good couple!

          • Zappa Frank

            what a witty comment of yours.. simpletons are on the rise those days..

  • Kai

    This is a story with comments that are really hard to appreciate without being familiar with Chinese celebrities and all the scandals that have occurred this year (which haven’t been sufficiently covered on cS). My first reaction was “why does anyone care about celebrities doing drugs, especially marijuana of all things” but on second thought, all the hubbub is arguably because the broader public is kinda impressed that people who many expect to be able to get away with such things quietly are actually being very publicly arrested and shamed by the Xi administration. That said, there’s still a big “celebrity gossip” component.

  • Amused

    I’m smelling a money making opportunity here. Chins could be ripe for a localization and update to “Reefer Madness”…

    • Lei Feng’s Hat

      Son Of Drunken Master! Coming soon to a theater near you.

      • Amused

        Bongrip Master!!! sample soundbyte,”Hey wait, what? Who’s fighting what over who’s master man? …..What were we talking about??? ….Dave’s not here man…”

  • Amused

    It’s a bit off topic, but does anyone else think these two “guys” look like Asian Beliebers?

    • hehehehh

      kai ko maybe, but jaycee looks like skinny young jackie chan.

    • don mario

      probably why they are smoking weed. copying their yanky idols no doubt.

      • Amused


        • don mario

          Mexico north

          • Amused

            There are Mexicans in Canada???

          • Chaz

            There are Mexicans left in Mexico?

  • filabusta

    100 grams… damn that kid was a serious pothead. Hopefully the Chinese can discern this from the generic ‘drugs’. I remember going to a museum of a mummified emperor in Hunan and they had all the relics buried with the former emperor. There was a massive jar filled with hemp seeds that was buried with the guy. Not saying that necessarily means he was smoking it, but the plant has been prevalent in their history.

    • mr.wiener

      Next season’s rope, party snacks and long johns.

    • Insomnicide

      Hemp was used to make ropes, beds, clothing, etc. etc. You know, plants have multiple uses. It’s true that hemp has been in Chinese history for a long time, but drug use was virtually unheard of until the British poured in opium.

      • filabusta

        You do know its the same plant, right? Marijuana is the flower of the plant. I think its naive to think that no Chinese ever utilized the flower from the plant that grows natural in the Western part of the country. Most widely used drug in China is alcohol.

        • slob

          Unless I’m misunderstanding your post, in that case, my bad.

    • SongYii

      Hemp grows freely in some parts of China even now.

    • SongYii

      Oh, and… most Chinese I’ve talked to about marijuana cannot distinguish it from injecting bleach directly into your veins. Its just as horrifying a substance as anything can be.

      • x1sfg

        Yet many of the same people drink copious amounts of alcohol and smoke two packs a day. The irony.

        • SongYii

          Smh…. I have made this argument again and again and again. Makes no difference to them that alcohol and cigarettes can cause violence, addiction, and death, and marijuana causes mostly laziness and munchies.

  • Gerhana

    he does look like jackie chan… must be a dominant gene to pass on the looks completely… that or JC procreate with JC to produce JC junior… how many of us really look like our parents.

    • b duck

      normally most kids look like father, especially the first kid.
      also ugly genes stronger than pretty ones.
      that’s why beauty is a really difficult creature.

      • Gerhana

        I can appreciate beauty more now, it is not just a matter of maintenance, but a battle against gene since the very beginning of one’s development. A life long struggle. Though I do believe in “metamorphosis”, realising and reaching one’s peak through the mental and environmental manipulation… and sculpting one’s flesh through physical labour

      • Zappa Frank

        that’s according to the book “I’ve never studied genetic” right?

  • SongYii

    Put them to death. All of them!

    • b duck

      with you too!

    • Irvin

      Was molested by weed when you were a kid huh?

      • SongYii

        ::weeping:: Yes, yes…. its all true!

  • Insomnicide

    East Asian celebrities these days keep getting caught up in drug scandals and sex scandals. What is happening to our society?

    • AbC

      I think celebrities in general have always been caught up in drug and sex scandals… It’s neither specific to ‘Asian’ or ‘these days’.

      • Insomnicide

        I mean I’ve never seen these scandals before.
        6 or 7 years ago there were almost no scandals like this in the Chinese/Korean/Japanese entertainment industry. But in the last two years they’ve been popping up all over the place.

        • AbC

          No sex/drug scandals 6-7 years ago? Without looking back, I’m pretty sure Edison Chen created quite a storm around that time.

    • NotYouNotSure

      I am pretty sure that in the old Chinese dynasties the court scandals would have have been the same as now.

    • Chaz

      Trying to establish “cred” so they can make Asian versions of “Fast and the Furious”

  • Anark1

    it means you are getting bukkaked on the sofa.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Pic discription, above left is not Chan. FYI Kai.

    • Kai

      I’ll fix that for Fauna. She gets her left and rights mixed up.

    • Irvin

      It’s all relative.

  • Jazz88

    Dude smoked some weed– he’s officially as badass as my 14 year old self.

    I expect more from you rich people!

    • DavidisDawei

      What makes him “officially badass” ?

    • Irvin

      Meh! I bought and smoke weed in the airport, so what?

  • Foreign Devil

    all this fuss over a bit of weed!

  • hehehehh

    Not in China.

  • mr.wiener

    I got a confused read on that also, but before the outraged pub quiz part of me rushes in to tell him he is wrong , a second read would indicate he is talking about the source of hemp fibres and cannabis THC being from the same plant.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    OMG, from the headline I thought these boys were moving weight, tryin to be gangstas. Arrested for Mary J are you kidding?? Come on…

    Side note:
    Is it just me or does Jackie always look awesome in his clothes.

  • Karze

    I thought Jacki has connection with the people in the power.

  • brown suga

    Isn’t Jackie’s son always involved in some crap?

  • mike921

    I’m sure the ultimate Beijing stooge (JC) will get it all smoothed out by doing some more PR for the Party, no problem.

  • tomoe723

    Hahaha, i just had to laugh at your comment. Earlier. in a different forum, somebody just flat out claimed that viruses don’t affect DNA… your comment applied to that person very much. LOL!

  • filabusta

    Yeah I wasn’t talking about opium. I was saying hemp and marijuana are from the same plant. If you grow hemp you will almost always get the flower. Nowadays for legal reasons they isolate the male plants so they don’t get marijuana.

  • Over here in the west media is saying it was only marihuana. Come on, just a little 中药 is not a big deal.

  • Go to Uruguay!

  • Pan Era Man

    This is news? I see ‘wealthy second generation’ & tons of businessmen & hostesses snort cocaine at the local bars & clubs in Nanjing.

    100g of weed is nothing