Kindergarten Teacher Commands Class to Take Turns Hitting Girl

A picture showing the bruise on Le Le's back.

The bruise on Le Le's back.

From Sina:

Kindergarten Teacher Commands a Class of 29 Children to Take Turns Hitting Little Girl

Reader tip: While Weifang Changle County Chengguan Street 6-year-old Le Le was attending class at a kindergarten there, because she had talked during class, the teacher had the class of 29 children take turns punching Le Le 10 times each, causing a large bruise to appear on Le Le’s back. Up to now, Le Le is afraid to go to school, and the teacher who commanded the students to punch her hasn’t shown up since either.


Under her mother and this reporter’s encouragement, Le Le described what happened. That day during music class, Ms. Bi was playing the piano on the platform. A classmate took Le Le’s eraser, Le Le asked him for it, but wouldn’t give it back. Ms. Bi came down off the platform, accused Le Le of talking in class, and ordered the whole class to hit her, 10 punches for each person. There were 32 children in the class and apart from two children who didn’t hit her, the other students all punched her 10 times each.


After Le Le left the hospital, Mrs. Hao [Le Le’s mother] has been asking the kindergarten how they’re going to deal with this hitting incident, never imagining that the kindergarten principal would not pay any more visits after the one visit to the hospital. What more, even when Mrs. Hao and her husband went to the kindergarten, the relevant person in charge of the kindergarten would not see them nor would the kindergarten principal be reached by phone. So Mrs. Hao sought the Changle County Education Bureau where one of the bureau’s staff workers said the teacher who had commanded the whole class of children to hit Le Le has already been fired, but she has already gone into hiding and couldn’t be found.

On the morning of August 7, this reporter reached kindergarten principal Yan on the phone. Upon learning this reporter’s identity [as a reporter], the principal immediately hung up. Afterwards, the reporter contacted Changle County Education Bureau and one of the bureau staff workers told this reporter that a the disciplinary decision had already been made regarding the person involved. When this reporter asked what the decision was, this staff member told the reporter to contact the news spokesman of the bureau, Secretary Guo, but this Secretary Guo’s phone could never be reached.

While this reporter was doing this interview, at 19:37 on August 6, the Changle County Police Bureau posted a message through their official weibo: “July 11, we received a report concerning kindergarten student Le Le was hit and injured. The district police station immediately dispatched police officers to investigate. Through investigation, this teacher used disguised corporal punishment on the student causing slight injury, violating the relevant regulations of the Teachers Law of the Peoples Republic of China, and was then handed over to Education Administration Department. July 14, the Education Administration Department dismissed this teacher from work.”

A picture showing the bruise on Le Le's back.

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Comments from Sina:

新浪海南海口 手机用户:

Got fired and that’s it? That’s letting her off too easy, isn’t it? If it was my child who got hit, I’d definitely get her back 10x worse! She’d be lucky if I don’t rip off all of her clothes.

新浪陕西西安 手机用户:

Can’t let it go just like this, [she] should be convicted of intentionally injury.

新浪四川攀枝花 一弘:

A dismissal I’m afraid isn’t enough, the teacher should probably be sentenced, and the kindergarten should pay compensation.

新浪广东东莞 zyx01:

Find that teacher, beat her up, and if the teacher can’t be found, beat up the kindergarten principal, go all out even if it means being jailed a few days.

新浪山东济南 手机用户:

Crows are black the world over, if reporters hadn’t gotten involved, the matter wouldn’t have had any resolution.

新浪广东广州 Niniya:

Only got fired and that’s it??? This kind of sicko will harm people wherever they go!!!

新浪美国明尼苏达州 taotao:

Is this girl’s father a man or not??? Go turn this woman [the teacher] into a prostitute…

新浪上海 快门杀手:

Should’ve arrested her and punished her for child abuse. Should’ve had her locked up in prison for a few years.

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

First kill the kindergarten principal, then kill the teacher who commanded the beating.

新浪上海宝山 lilly10000:

Sue the teacher and the kindergarten, she has already committed the crime of child abuse!


This kind of person should be taken out and shot! Damn sicko!

新浪天津 手机用户:

Damn it, just wait until this child grows up and see if she gets you back. The word “teacher” truly is tarnished by you, no self-restraint.

新浪陕西西安 手机用户:

Have the school look at the teacher’s file~~ only after going to her home, dragging her out, and beating her up will the anger be sated~~!! Heng!?? Trying to dispose of the matter with a mere dismissal… not going to be that easy.

新浪天津 手机用户:

It’s [the parent’s fault that they] don’t have relatives who have power and influence. Nowadays, either you have money, or know people, because with either, you can commit murder and no one will bother you, what a garbage society.

新浪河南郑州 135*****

This kind of bitch should be killed. The childhood of the entire class of children has been ruined by this beast.

新浪浙江湖州 手机用户:

Just let it go like this? What would you do if your children were hit like this! What would you do?! Huh?! Is this how you officials are supposed to act?!

新浪广东广州 手机用户:

If it was your child who got hit by other children under the command of the teacher and the teacher got fired, then I wouldn’t mind, neither. To just get fired, with no other consequences. But from a different angle, if I was the mother of the child, I’d insist on that person apologizing.

新浪福建福州 手机用户:

This kind of teacher has no morals, no virtue, so of course she’s also unfit to be a teacher.

新浪浙江嘉兴 手机用户:

You’re not going to arrest her? Or are there no laws and rules there?!

新浪福建漳州 行在江湖:

So they think a dismissal is enough to make this problem go away? Has this person not broken the law and doesn’t need to be sentenced? How should causing physical and psychological harm to a 6-year-old girl be handled? Is compensation not necessary?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Winter B4 Spring

    oh my goodness…1st one to ocmment here and i wont say the word

    • Winter B4 Spring

      having said the above…bad spelling…*comment*…

      • Winter B4 Spring

        oh wow…now that i see the photo, quite a dreadful injury to the little one. i do agree with Nanny Hiccups, although not scientifically proven, i too believe that some people are born evil. nothing you say, nor mature educated reasoning, could bring out good consciences in some people.
        btw, where i live, that’s termed as child abuse. and it’s a crime. the coppers will come knocking on the perpetrators’ doors very quickly when children get hurt.

    • BigJ

      Why would this person even become a teacher to begin with??? Is this the only punishment she could think of?? In this situation violance would be my only response to that teacher. 10 fold what she did to my child. I would not except any amount of money or whatever for what happened. I would need to take payment out of that teachers ass. Cause and effect.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    some people are just born evil.

    • sern

      some become evil

      • Wei_Hello_Are_You_There?

        ..and some have evil thrust upon them?

        The act itself is vile but the true evil lies in the people who are entrusted to remedy the situation and provide the child/parents with comfort but clearly do all they can to shirk any form of responsibility. Very typical around these parts, sadly. It prevents society moving forward.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        I believe people are destined for evil, regardless of their social status, country of origin, wealth, and so on.

        • Jahar

          Kinda throws a wrench into the whole “heaven and hell” idea though.

        • grovesman


          (What Would Jin Think?)

          • Dr SUN

            Jin’s in hiding along with mrs Bi

    • Middle Kingdum

      Chairman Mao?

  • leon

    I’d find that teacher and tie them up and beat the living shit out of them. If it were my child. I wouldn’t stop until they were unconscious from bleeding.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      o.O …erm… ??!!

      • lonetrey

        What, you don’t think physical punishment is a legitimate punishment for traumatizing an innocent little girl?

    • lonetrey

      I would too; the poor little girl may have mental trauma from this incident, and it’ll affect her upcoming years. That kind of damage is just truly injustice for a little girl.

    • StupidAmerican

      I think the death penalty is well-suited for this, especially in this country. She’s encouraging students to take part in violence at such a young age in a country which follow leaders’ orders blindly.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    I never understood why certain human beings are singled out for abuse. Like the story about the eleven year old who was beaten and dropped out of a window by the teacher that I read on chinasmack. what is it about that one person, that some horrible person chooses to unleash their anger out on them?

    The woman should be jailed. Children are innocent. hurting this child is to hurt china’s future citizens and thus, the teacher should be appropriately jailed. Break her will, send that teacher to reeducation through labor camp.

    • lonetrey

      Labor camp might be a bit far, but jail time seems perfectly reasonable. I think the teacher would suffer the equivalent physical abuse in jail so labor camp would just be extra punishment.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        if these parents fail to get justice, this child will never feel safe or protected again.

        Even with my daughter and sons, being bigger than me, when they feel unsafe, threatened or in danger they run to me for help. That’s why it’s important for parents to establish thier ability to protect the family and the kids early on. So I hope the family can get the justice they need.

        Speaking of kids, one of my sons, who is the baby, is my fourteen year old. He’s thin, but he’s tall, around 6’1 and plays american football. Anyway, ever since he was little, like one years old, or two years old he was afraid of ghosts. Don’t know why, but used to claim there were ghosts in certain rooms, etc. He grew out of it a bit, but even now he will sometimes see a “ghost” and in the middle of the night, I will find him on my floor asleep because he is afraid to sleep in his own room.

        If ghosts did exist, how can i fight a ghost? lol but in his mind, he feels most protected when he is near me.

        p.s. I know it’s weird that he’s afraid of ghosts, but i took him to a child psychologist when he was 5 years old and she said it was normal. But she was also leary and joked that she had better not see any ghosts around him lol.

        • BigJ

          You never call ghostbusters??? Come on Nanny….you knew who to call… ;)

        • Northerner

          Not trying to wind you up here but I for one do not think it’s weird that he’s afraid of ghosts or senses things. It’s taken me most of my life to accept ‘feelings’ and ‘experiences’ that don’t add up in a logical or rational sense.

          You can’t tell him what he has or hasn’t seen or experienced any more than he can make you believe what you choose not to believe.

          Anyway, that is a bit off topic so I’ll leave it there.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            I don’t think he’s weird, I think the situation is weird.

      • blah

        isnt labor camp considered a lesser punishment than prison in China?

  • mr. wiener

    Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

    • lonetrey

      India Kilo Romeo?

      • Winter B4 Spring

        (racist) =P

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          -_- it’s code, spells out “IKR?”, which is “I know right?”

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          • Nanny Hiccups

            Lima Oscar Lima

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      Penguin bubblegum ear-plugs

      • sern

        India Lima November Yankee

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          • Nanny Hiccups

            Hotel Umbrella Hotel

            Lima Oscar Lima :o)

    • The teacher, Ms. Bi. Female Oriental psycho. Changle County Education Bureau and the police hopefully locate this nutter quickly, just in case she has children of her own. Scary…

  • andywattbulb

    Can’t believe her classmates went along with it. Says something about how children are brought up in China.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      yeah, “oh hey, i am stressed up today, kids, lets beat up the kid with dirty shoes sitting at the back of the classroom!”
      *sigh* =.=

    • 404 name not found

      They are 6 for crying out loud!

    • Alain

      For me, Gandhi has it right:

      The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

      Unfortunately, in China, well….?

      • Dr Barefoot

        ever seen the inside of a western slaughterhouse?
        off topic sorry

        • jeffli

          Ever seen the inside of Chinese slaughter house? The devil and his buzzards won’t go near one.

    • Kukuku

      I have a degree in teaching and I for one am not surprised at all. Adults are easy to manipulate when you have power and authority – children are an even easier group to control.

      • BigJ

        A normal human would not do that.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      that’s not true, that kids are broughtup any differently in china. This EXACT situation happened in the USA, in texas a few months ago. The teacher forced 24 kids in the kindergarten class to take turns hitting one six year old Tchild, who had bullied another. Some of the kids didn’t want to do it, some cried. Only a couple refused. Sounds like the same story except set in china. This story does not go into detail like that, but I’m sure it went down the same way.

      The texas teacher was even worse, because this boy was hit in the face. And there were two teachers involved, not just one.

      Initially, the teacher was only fired and no criminal charges were filed by the school:

      The police report alleges the teacher chose to show the child “why bullying is bad” by instructing his peers to “Hit him!” and “Hit him harder!” It also states that the second teacher intervened only after one of the children hit the boy hard on his upper back.

      “Twenty-four of those kids hit him and he said that most of them hit him twice,” Amy Neely, the mother of 6-year-old Aiden, told KENS-TV. She did not specify what injuries her son may have received.

      Don’t be so quick to make this a slight on china’s people and parenting.

      • Kukuku

        I’m obviously speaking for myself here, but I think the general feeling is that this kind of stuff, even if it were to happen everywhere equally, is always surprising outside of China and kinda expected when it happens in Mainland China. We also have different expectations when comes the time to punish culprits and obtain justice.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          Twenty years ago this was common place in the USA too. I recall having a teacher ask me to make a fist so she can beat my hand with a ruler. Somewhere around the 90s it became illegal to hit students.
          The boys were always lined up and beaten over the backside with a paddle.

          It’s just surprising today, when kids are hit in school.

          • Kukuku

            Sorry I seem to have forgotten those days when my teacher told the rest of the class to kick my ass.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            didn’t look at the name before i decided to respond to the post. i won’t make that mistake again…

          • Kukuku

            That’s actually some good news right there.

      • moop

        that teacher in texas sucks too, but i think the comparison can only be made at to the teacher’s actions, not the result. the child in texas couldnt have sustained any injuries from this. his mother found out two weeks later… if the “beating” the child in texas had taken was anywhere close to as severe in this case, there would have been visible marks that the mother would have noticed (especially since he was allegedly hit in the face and i am not sure 6 year olds bath alone, so any bruises would have been evident during those two weeks before she was told, as well as when he’s in his underwear watching saturday morning cartoons as 6 year old boys pretty much hate wearing clothes). sounds like the kid in texas was basically getting “love taps” (not the best words for me to use) and one kid hit him hard and the other teacher stopped it. the child in this story was hit 10 times each by 30 students and as you can see the beating was severe.

        i’m not making excuses both of them should be locked up, i’m just saying that for me to say comparing apples and oranges would be a little unfair… but the two situations arent exactly apples and apples either

      • sern

        Zey ver only following orders!

    • Crystal

      You’ve never heard of the Milgram studies? Google it.

      • tai wai

        You’ve never heard of the Milgram studies? Google it.


        According to social dominance theory, in any society that produces an economic surplus–in other words, in any society that transcends merely hunting and gathering–three distinct systems of hierarchy operate. First, in all societies, the age of individuals determines their position in one of these hierarchies. Adults are granted disproportionate power over children. Second, in all societies, the gender of individuals determines their position in another hierarchy. Men are usually, if not invariably, granted disproportionate power in social, military, and political spheres. Third, in all societies, some arbitrary factor also affects accessibility to key commodities. These factors might include nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, or creed.

        These three hierarchies underpin all human societies as well as many primate societies, as studies in chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and baboons (see, for example, Kawanaka, 1982, 1989). Nevertheless, characteristics of these hierarchies can vary fundamentally across societies. The ages that demarcate childhood, adolescence, and adulthood vary across societies as does the extent to which labor, sexuality, marriage, and freedom is prohibited in children. Gender inequalities, although universal, do differ across societies.

        • maja

          I certainly agree that everywhere the children would have found very difficult not to obey to the psycho. just…moop is right saying that the beating was REALLY severe, seeing the photo really impressed me. I remember in primary school I grouped with friends to come back to a bully, all he got was some some torn clothes and a big scare (talk about kindness :P ). also, I don’t think this is to be “expected” on china, you can certainly try to give explanation based on group mechanics being a bit different, etc.etc. but that would certainly not make this “expected”.

    • al

      The only good thing about this report is that two didn’t go along with this insanity.

    • the entire education system needs work. kids spend too much time acquiring knowledge, not enough time to learn about being kind to people, working in teams, collaborating with peers, and other important life skills that make a person truly happy and well-adjusted.

      check out this interview of a recent Chinese high school graduate:

      • Dave

        To be a kind, empathetic human being requires a soul. Which rules out most Han Chinese.

        • mr. wiener

          For f*ck’s sake Dave! ,
          Insert anglo-saxons, blacks, gays, jews or people with red hair in that sentence and see how stupid it sounds.

          • A GUY

            It makes sense for gingers. (joking)
            China has a-lot of problems with instilling empathy in it’s people though, but I think that is more the social bankruptcy that the last few hundred years of awful instills in a people. It’s hard to be empathetic when your crawling your way up to subsistence. It has been dog eat dog in China for a long time and i think that sort of thing doesn’t leave much room for compassion. This will change just like it did in the States it just takes time. My grandparents are hard people they pity no-one and treated us children like we were subhuman, speak when spoken to, never get in an adults way, if you infringe on these rules you get beat or worse. Now my son has a totally different life. As China gets fat they will change.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned.
          James Baldwin (1924 – 1987)

          • A GUY

            Please elaborate I can take that quote soo many ways.

      • David

        Agreed. There are still many good people out there, but we need more. The entire society needs to get their act together, which is very difficult.

        • A GUY


    • C

      It’s kids EVERWHERE. When you’re 6, you already learn that a teacher is the ultimate authority and you are taught not to question them. Children often will follow guidance and commands without knowing the full consequences or know it is bad but believe that the teacher has more knowledge than them. Kids are innocent.

  • Rod

    That’s just awful. And of course there’s the typical run-around where no one takes responsibility til everyone forgets and then the parents get put in labor camps if they push the subject.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Sounds about right to me. Have to deal with this at work a lot. If something is not right, about almost anything, then people in each department will claim it is the responsibility of another person in another department until the blame passing ends up back at the first person talked to, then they will insist that I talked to the wrong person and try again.

      Most common complaint I hear of foreign staff in Chinese companies.

      • tai wai

        Blaming mistakes on others is socially contagious, according to a new study. Just watching someone pawn their failures off on another can make you do the same to protect your self-image.

        The result can be detrimental to everyone involved, particularly in the workplace, researchers say.

        Whatever the blunder, from messing up at work to burning dinner, pointing the finger at someone else or some event might seem trivial. But in organizations where blame is the norm, group members are likely to be less creative and perform poorly, research has shown.

    • David

      Yeah, it’s bad. This kind of stuff has happened before, and I suspect this is pretty much the final outcome. As for the parents, if they get real lucky, a small monetary settlement with the school, but that’s it. Oh well.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Unfortunately society is organized in such a way that the result lies simply with who has the numerical majority, not who is inherently right or wrong and there is little recourse for one who is wronged.

        I have quite a few students and friends who are having a lot of difficulty making trouble about having kids, or where to send their kids to school, because this kind of behavior permeates the Chinese school system.

        Nanny Hiccups wanted to compare it to the incident in Texas, and to be sure such incidences do occur throughout the world. The difference is that it is not systemic in many places. Here it is. Since the scores of the students impact the teachers promotion prospects directly and since the teachers performance impacts their superiors promotion prospects directly and with the game of hot potato regarding who is responsible when things go wrong every level of most organizations are fraught with schemes and plan Bs designed to apportion blame to no one in particular, while at the same time putting immense pressure on people at all levels of the structure to squeeze every bit of face giving performance out of those in the rung directly beneath them.

        In this case it was the kids. The teacher demanded perfect obedience as is the norm in Chinese schools, and anything perceived as getting out of line is met with harsh punishment to make it easier for the teacher to control the group, if the group is controlled and “does well” in whatever their task is then it makes the teacher look good. If the teacher does well then it makes their superior look well and so on and so on.

        This being true, it is not surprising to me at all that the teacher would resort to such actions, and that her superiors would not take direct action of substance(except “firing” her, which is essentially a face saving move, and not necessarily an appeal to justice).

        • David

          There are a lot of reasons behind why such an incident takes place. While every incident is different, a quick search on the web will show that school violence is a problem in China. It is definitely something that the Chinese society needs to solve.

          • David

            I should add “in general” after “school violence” from the above post.

          • David

            “should have added” and “in the above post”.

        • Capt. WED


          You have your opinions are chinese office politics. you have your opinions about your own asshole too I guess.

          THIS WEBSITE is the same as basically it reports on a bunch of random fucking things for internet faggots to gawk at. IS IT NOT THE SAME???

          Like I said, you have your opinions about you own assholes.

          It’s a not a guilt trip you faggots. It’s you have a bunch of opinions…. I disagree with your opinions, and here is why. A GUILT TRIP. THE FUCK???

          Does CHina have numerous problems? Of course. But none justifies your constant hyperbolic bullshit. There are nice people, reasonable people, dumbasses, assholes, in China. yes. More so than other places so it’s outside what you normally would consider LIFE_AS_USUAL?no. Chinasmackers are so smart.

          • Nick in Beijing

            I wonder when cap will realize no one cares about him.

          • Capt. Cock, is this the way you speak to all of your frie–haha wait, no. I almost said “friends”.

        • Lakeman

          I really feel bad for the kid in this story, I hope she is better now. I think this teacher has certainly gone overboard and deserved to be punished. On the other hand, let’s not assume that all teachers in mainland china are like this teacher in this story. There are definitely good and kind teachers on the mainland. I know there are many horrible stories related to school, education and just about anything in china, but there are also good stories out there about china. I don’t think I would say this kind of incident from this story “permeates” the Chinese school system, nor do I think this kind of incident is a “systematic” problem in Chinese schools and society. I am surprised by the viciousness of this teacher, but keep in mind, a teacher physically punishing his or her students isn’t exactly rare in china, though as I said, this particular teacher has gone overboard and should be held accountable for her action. Her method is simply wrong and way too extreme and not normal, the excessiveness of her “punishment” is why people are paying attention to this story and the news is reporting it.

          As for possible reasons for why this incident occurs, there are many. I don’t think its just due to the system demanding results like test scores or any other thing. Sure the system puts on a lot of pressure on just about everyone within the system. However, in this particular incident, its also about the moral chaos in china today, and of course, this particular teacher’s own depravity, and possibly other reasons. So, there are many reasons for why this kind of incident takes place.

          As for the general question of taking responsibilities in china, that’s a problem in china these days. But let’s not go extreme by saying no one will ever take responsibilities at all, or the system totally prevents people from taking responsibilities for their actions, and that its always being that way. There are Chinese who do take responsibilities for their actions, but perhaps not as many and as often as we would like.

          There is also enough diversity and chaos in mainland china in that I don’t think Chinese teachers in general will always try to demand perfect obedience from their students, and that if the students don’t listen, they will be harshly punished. Like I said, there are definitely good and kind teachers in china. They usually just don’t make into the news as often, for this is the case with most good stories of any kind, it seems. A lot of times, news is only about bad news, and no news is good news. Yes, there are definitely a lot of bad teachers in china, but I am not sure if they are the majority in china’s school system. So let’s not generalize too much about Chinese teachers here. There is a chance this particular teacher is not licensed, or that this particular kindergarten is not licensed, or both are unlicensed. These things would definitely increase the possibility of ill treatments of the kids in this particular school.

          Also, the fact many Chinese feel outraged about this story shows that a sense of justice still exists in mainland china today, so its not always about which side is more powerful or has the bigger number. Many people in china are still fighting for justice and trying to do the right things and from time to time, good things and good results do happen.

          As for the parents/family in the story, its too extreme to say that they would go to labor camps if they “push the subject” in this case, giving the parents/family are not dealing with the gov’t in this case, and its not like everyone who offended the gov’t was sent to labor camps either, let alone when people were not offending the gov’t. I doubt “everyone” will forget about this story, I think this story will enter into the consciousness of many concerned citizens in china, along with other similar incidents. As for compensations for the kid and her family here, who knows, maybe yes, maybe no.

          Anyway, I know its hard to avoid generalizations and exaggerations about anything that has to do with china and the Chinese, but I think a more accurate assessment of china and the Chinese can be reached without resorting to generalizations and exaggerations.

      • David

        Now that I think about it, I do recall a similar incident from several years ago whereby the teacher who hit her student had to compensate the parents and also apologize. Though I forgot if she was ever dismissed from her school. As for the parents going to labor camps should they keep on pursuing the case, I doubt it.

        • John

          Yeah, I believe I have also heard of the story you mentioned. I think it is similar to this incident. I wonder if there is an update to this story? I don’t know if the parents would be compensated or not, but I think it is a possibility, since it has happened before in similar incidents like the one you mentioned. I also don’t think in this particular case, the parents would go to prisons or labor camps if they push the subject.

          • John

            I want to add one more thing. I have looked around and searched for a bit and I believe I have found the story David from above was talking about. It happened two years ago in Xuzhou. From what I read, in that incident (which involved a kindergarten teacher physically abusing a student), the teacher did compensate the student and her family (medical expenses, emotional damages…etc.,) and also issued a public apology to them. While this incident here is not exactly the same, I do hope the kid and her family here will at least get some compensation from the teacher (if she ever shows herself), the school, or any other party who is responsible. This will probably be the best one can hope for in this situation. Given this story is from more than a month ago, there should have been a final outcome already, though I don’t think I have found an update to this story yet. By the way, school violence of all types, in all forms, seems to be on the rise in Mainland China in the last couple of years, this is something the Chinese need to solve, and they know it too.

    • Dr SUN

      Rod has it right

      • Nick in Beijing

        Unfortunately, he does have it right.

        • Lakeman

          He might be partially right, but not completely, though. See my previous post in this thread.

          • Lakeman

            See my first post in this thread for more info.

  • Slob

    If that was my son, I would hunt that teacher down and put her face into a brick wall. That poor child is now mentally scarred and will most likely feel distanced to her classmates now which will make her an outcast.

    What’s with teachers feeling like they’re policemen? You’re a fucking teacher, not a general in the army.

    • RickyJinZhou

      agreed, and I’m a teacher.

      A brick fucking wall.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Like a brick *do do dooo do* hoooouse!

  • Zebadee

    That teacher needs to be gang-raped.

    • mr. wiener

      Stupid thing to say.

      • Jahar

        9 out of 10 people enjoy a gang rape…..

        Seriously though, not a good idea. Violence begets violence. And I’m a believer in justice, not vengeance. Make her apologize to all the children, and their parents, publicly, on her knees. Then prison. As a teacher.

        • Dr SUN

          I’ll go along with this

  • Song of the Article….

    yall know it

    “Hey Teacher…..”

  • diverdude1

    I seen a female hominid (cannot call it a person or woman) here in Guangdong beating the crap (spanking as hard as she could on the child’s rear-end) out of maybe a six-year old girl at a daycare school. I got my Chinese friend, and by then a local security guard had walked up too. I asked if we should call the police, they both grinned and giggled (yes, in this country ‘men’ giggle). The child was wailing. Absolutely wailing. The event scared the heck out of me!
    But, the longer you live here you will see violence is commonplace.

    • Rod

      That’s the problem with everything here. When you see something wrong, people shake their heads and say…”Sorry, that’s the way it is.”

      • Alain

        1 reason I could not tolerate it there any longer.

        Sadly, it seems that mentality is pervading HK also, it doesn’t concern me, so why should I care?

        Also, Chinese are very hard to read, the inscrutable stereotype is true, a giggle doesn’t mean happiness, once you have made them lose face or brought to attention any slight, no matter how small, they will hold it against you for life. That is true.

  • vince

    MS. Bi eh, well they forgot the tch.

    • donscarletti

      Actually, in Chinese, “Bi” 屄/逼 means “cunt”.

      • vince

        ooo what a fitting name. :)

      • Jahar

        I think a better translation would be “pussy”. “cunt” is maybe the most offensive word you can use to just about every canadian woman i’ve ever met. bi isn’t so bad.

        • Nice one dude… Yeah, the word pussy is now used throughout all this mommy-porn stuff, and white chicks the world over find it a warm and cuddly common noun to euphemise their warm and furry place. Cunt is often used by men to describe a male scammer, incompetent or undermining prick. The ladies will want to know what men use to describe vaginas, and from a Brit expat point-of-view, muff, flange, beaver, snatch and vadge spring to mind. People with differing opinions, please add your opinions, as Oriental people love the colourful nature of different English-speaking countries’ vernaculars.

          • sern

            ” Cunt is often used by men to describe a male scammer, incompetent or undermining prick.”

            More of a Briticism, people rarely use it in America for a male.

        • donscarletti

          Way off the mark bro.

          “Pussy” when used as a pejorative implies cowardice.

          “Cunt” in British/Irish/Australian/NZ English implies mean and selfish, generally said of men. Very similar to the way 屄 is used in Chinese in compounds such as 傻屄 (stupid cunt).

          “Cunt” in American English is apparently a sexist term directed towards women, but since it never seems to be used on American TV and Movies, we can disregard its existence. Though possibly congruent to Chinese 骚屄.

          Cunt is of course the _correct_ English word for that part of the female anatomy (from the Saxon word for cleft). It has been supplanted by such crude euphemisms such as Vagina (Latin for sword sheath), pudendum (Latin for shame), pussy (cat), etc. But 屄 (尸+穴) is such a pure word, that only the purest of monosyllabic English words could match it.

          • Cheers donscarletti. You were very quim quick in bringing out this comprehensive and helpful reference guide. Brilliant!

          • mr. wiener

            I’ll testify to that.

          • bigj

            Who are you??? The rug doctor?? hahaha

          • Dude bigj… Are you alluding to the meaning (1) An expert on the lesbian word used to describe “vagina”, i.e. rug, as in “rug-munching”, or the meaning (2) Trade-mark for carpet shampooing system particularly good at removing beer and vomit stains from pastel-coloured carpets. If it’s (1), donscarletti is a champ.

          • sern

            ““Cunt” in American English is apparently a sexist term directed towards women, but since it never seems to be used on American TV and Movies, we can disregard its existence. Though possibly congruent to Chinese 骚屄.”

            It’s use is generally for an obnoxious woman or someone you’re angry at or else just a sexist reference to a female, apart from its use for genitalia.
            It’s similar to referring to a guy as a prick.

  • jeffli

    Now that shit just doesn’t happen in the good ‘ol west. teachers don’t encourage kids to beat each other.
    screwed up China education system.

    • mr. wiener

      Could happen anywhere. Not just China.

      • Nick in Beijing

        That’s right it could. At least back home though the parents could have avenues of getting the situation rectified if something like this did happen.

  • Is this not a frequent occurrence in China? I’ve seen videos of teachers beating children frequently on this site and elsewhere. My wife tells me that this is common and accepted. Indeed, abusive acts on children and spouses but family leaders are accepted in the Confucian tradition. The police, who I’m told will do nothing unless someone is killed, turn their backs on this behavior while they rarely show up, or if they do it is well after anything happened. I believe that the Chinese netizen, activists, such as yourselves, have had a moral impact on the establishment and you should be praised, especially in these time of succession. My wife wants to leave my daughter in China to learn how to read and write. I won’t permit it. These pictures bring tears to my eyes.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      I agree, chinese netizen activism online is going to reshape this nation. watch out.

      • bigj

        If it starts getting really out of control then the internet will be blocked all together. Maybe not all the internet but all social sites like weibo and ren ren and shit like that.anyplace you can leave a comment will be blocked.

    • Rod

      I think you brought up a good point…when things are done by tradition…and one that is thousands of years old, there has to be a lot more than some guys on the net that disapprove of it. I honestly don’t know what needs to happen to change centuries of habit.

      It’s sick to see these things, but it’s harder to find a way to change a billion people minds.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        prosperity will change things. when you have a large population of poor people, defensive habits take place, apathy, and abuse.

    • Zappa Frank

      chinese are comining from a framer traditional society. In that kind of society this kind of things are allowed, not just in china, before was the same everywhere. Probably many of the “typicals” culural traits of china are part of that kind of society and not something only chinese.. Chinese activiste are the part of society that is changing with urbanization. They like to say that is the western influence that is changing their society, but it’s not. This transition in westeners countries took some time, and the same is for china

    • Twind

      It seems to me this horrible incident has more to do with the pervasive social ills and the loss of morality in contemporary Chinese society than with tradition. Sure, tradition plays a role in that the family heads can punish their youth (though this case is slighly different). However, they can’t do it excessively or cruelly. This teacher has crossed the line, and I doubt many Confucians in the past would have approved of her action. So yeah, I think this incident is more of a reflection of the chaotic nature of mainland Chinese society at this point, and we have seen similar things before.

      • Zappa Frank

        phyisical punition is/was indeed present in almost every traditional society in the education of children. This one may be an excess, but eveno not that big… this kind of things are far from be rare in a lot of rural societies.

        • maja

          I actually agree with you both, corporal punishment was common in the west not so long ago but this specific example makes me think of something… out of line with “tradition”. since you brought it up, Zappa, I never heard of 6 years old children brought to gang up on another child with an adult supervision, where is this common?

  • B*tches, Leave

    Why do people hit children?
    – Cause they’re small and weak!?
    Yes, but what about the children?

  • glenn

    I must congratulate the two students who didn’t hit the child. It seems that they have more common sense and more kind than their “fake-teacher” ( I’m a teacher so I don’t want to call a person who does that as a teacher.)

    “this teacher used disguised corporal punishment on the student causing slight injury…”

    For a kid, this is no slight injury at all.

    In my case, the only time when we get to line -up as a kid was when someone celebrates his/her birthday and everyone must kiss the celebrant.

    • al

      “disguised corporal punishment”
      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does that actually mean, or seek to hide?

      • al

        It wasn’t foxtrotting ‘disguised’. It was overt, blatant and obvious.
        The woman is an imbecile and should be treated . . . in whatever way you think best. Let’s have a quick poll.
        A Mental institution
        B Reeducation through labor
        C Frontal lobotomy
        D Give her a child of her own so she understands the preciousness of the innocence of childhood, and why it should be protected from wanton numbskulls.

        • Rick in China

          I’d go with D for sho’. Give someone who promotes child abuse a child – good treatment option.

  • Getrealson

    No way my son will study here! besides the almost comical education system, once the child has been hit or humiliated the damage is done. No revenge or punishment dished out to the teacher (preferably teeth stomped down their throat and/or the removal of both ears with vice grips) can undo that!

  • Alexander

    Such acts of barbarism are hard to imagine in such a wonderful country such as China. Nonetheless it is the duty of the PSB to handle the perpetrator with extreme prejudice…..

  • Sunshine

    That’s the way to go! Promoting violence at a young age.
    Good job.

    • linette

      I don’t understand why China allow this to keep happening in their public school system. That incident with that teacher throwing a 11 yr girl out of the window you figure they will be more strict with teachers abusing kids in school. Yet China continues to do nothing…wow! You see China netizens on the internet were outraged. So why not protest? Demand the China gov’t to pass new regulations.

      • tai wai

        So why not protest? Demand the China gov’t to pass new regulations.

        They’d need to protest to earn the right to protest before they are allowed to protest.

        • Jahar

          No way man. It’s getting to the point where people realize if they all get together, they have power. If 10% of this country all stood up, the ccp would pee their pants and do anything the people want.

        • Justin

          People in China don’t protest? Hmmm… tell that to the some 70,000 people who shut down a chemical plant in Dalian or the thousands who rioted against a Japanese papermaking project in Zhejiang or any of the millions who participated in the some 180,000 “mass incidents” in the last bluebook compiled by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

          Chinese people aren’t as docile as everyone thinks. People probably think this because of the news blackouts that surround these sort of mass events, but they’re a lot more common than you really think. People have this tendency to apply the same standard of judgment on China as they do on their own relatively stable, developed countries.

          There are demonstrations going on in China every day that by far eclipse the Occupy Wall Street protests, which is why the central Chinese government is so jittery and fairly responsive to people’s demands. Por ejemplo, they shut down that Japanese paper plant before it even got off the ground. Same thing happened in Dalian. For the record, when was the last time protestors in America or Europe succeeded in accomplishing doodley squat?

  • Dat Ankle

    Good thing that teacher is hiding cause if that was my kid she would get a serious asswhipping.

  • Aldo

    No doubt in my mind that this retarded sociopath bitch is the “mis-slut-tress” whore of some Fat-Cat official —
    — and because she’s an official’s “cum-bucket” — she obviously get’s off the hook without any punishment or repercussions whatsoever.
    — Fat-Cat-Official–Offical’s wife— Offical’s “cum-bucket” mistress on the side — Offical’s dead-beat spoilt, good-for-nothing, Lazy-assed shit-brained offspring ……
    ………this whole stinking bunch of rotten to the core, morally degraded, arrogant, above-the-law dip-shit, greedy pieces of crap are not only sucking the wealth from your China’s prosperity — they are taking China down as a society — so fast and and so far into the sewer that my heart cries for so, so, so many of the good wholesome, hardworking, morally conscious, decent people of China that are the part of China that I have come to love so much over the many years I have known China as a foreigner.
    Please, Please, Please — all you good, hardworking people of China — RISE UP!!

    YOU NEED ANOTHER REVOLUTION !! Look to what your French brothers and sisters did all those years ago with their sick, morally degraded, rich greedy leaders and their spoilt and demented relatives —-
    —- THEY CUT OFF EVERY LAST ONE OF THEIR DESPICABLE HEADS – Wives, WhoreBag-Mistresses and useless, bottom-feeding children and the beuracrats and police who protected them and sucked from the teat of their corruption…

    Please RISE Up — is my prayer to my good Chinese friends — just kill these bastards like the flies that they are — cut their throats where they stand!!!

    My dream is that the good people of China will one day reclaim their GREAT country from these blood-sucking dog turds who have taken over a once great nation!!!

  • linette

    The people in China have to depend on reporters and journalists to seek justice and investigation for them. China, you are ridiculous.

    • blah

      isnt that the way it works everywhere? The press was traditionally the eyes and ears of the public

    • From the China orphanages scandal of the 1980s to the Neil Heywood assassination investigation of this year, probing journos from TV and print media abroad have shown their importance. If Chinese journos copy the ethos of EU, US and Aussie reporters, this is a GOOD thing to copy; and even too much probing is better than too little, where abuse and corruption is concerned. CN journos and reporters appear to be heading in the right direction.

  • C

    Wow. This is irresponsibility at it’s lowest. The kindergarden refused to even acknowledge they did anything wrong or even apologize. They just want to hide and pretend it will go away.

    If it happened to my daughter, I would not call the police. The teacher will get an ass kicking before I involve the law.

  • AsiaLover

    Very infuriating story.

    However, I do NOT believe a child / person / soul is born evil. That is a learned thing… usually a result of bad parenting / bad environment.

    We are all born innocent into the world, and even as we may get lost and turn to darkness… we also can find our way back to the light.

    Also, I have personally seen a ghost at around age 11. 14 feet away, in a well lit stair case. Ive also seen two 6ft tall shadow figures run past me in that same house, in the middle of a bright sunny day. Havent seen anything since. There is more to this universe than the mere physical.

    Most people will never see such things.. not because they dont exist.. but because they choose not to tune into them / dont believe in them. They can exist in the same space we occupy.. but its like a different radio station.

    You rarely have to fear them, because most dont have any real power in this physical realm… UNLESS, you are the one giving it to them.

    Its also uncommon for souls hang around. The majority of souls tend to go on to the next realms / reincarnate.

    Visible ghosts are generally harmless. Usually its the ones who stay invisible, that are the most problematic. The ones who can move objects, and make noises. If you ran into that… then Id worry. Otherwise, its probably not an issue. Just keep tabs on whats going on, especially with kids and their ‘invisible’ friends.

    Children are better at sensing the spirit world, because they are more open minded… and have less things in their minds to distract them from ‘listening’.
    Fear is also a key… because fear tends to cause belief to amplify… and then you attract these things into your reality. You can become a doorway for them… And thats not good.

    If you start to fear, Call upon God. Ask for strength and help. The light and love of god will help protect you, and clam you.

    • Jahar

      Got to the 6th line.

    • Holy ectoplasm! GOD and GHOSTS mentioned in one posting! Mr. Wiener’s Aussie wit is not going to let this one escape a good Wienering…

      • mr. wiener

        Actually it’s true. I lived in a house with a ghost once. Hard to explain, but it’s kind of like having cockroaches. A real annoyance after a while. The dead know fuck-all about anything, they’re confused and sometimes pissed.
        First my house mate got some of her goth friends to do an exorcism. F*cking stupid , scrapping silver daggers along walls and all that BS. The only thing I’d rather live with less than ghosts is f*cking goths. Then we rang some Christian group who about as useful as a submarine with a flywire hatch. Lastly we rang some group that specialized in “spiritual rescue” . That seemed to do the trick. They didn’t even need to come around. All they needed was an address and a map reference.
        I’d call on God if I believed in him\her, but I don’t, so it seems a bit unfair and hypocritical to do so.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      @asia lover

      Well said on the other points

      “However, I do NOT believe a child / person / soul is born evil. That is a learned thing… usually a result of bad parenting / bad environment.”

      Then why do people with good parents who have good morals turn evil?

      • AsiaLover

        Then why do people with good parents who have good morals turn evil?

        As Ive said, it can be influence and environment. But also, you have to understand that good parenting can be very different from good morals.

        There are many heavily religious parents, that come down too critically and forceful on their children. This leads to rebellion. Ive seen it over and over again. Sure, the parents may not be killers… But, their poor delivery of Love, has ruined their children.

        In other cases… Ive seen parents spoil their children… so that the child expects everything and anything, with no regard or consequence. When the child, now a teen/adult, get out on their own… they cant handle reality. They are bitter and angry, because the real world does not bow down to their every need / desire. Spoiled Rotten.

        The parents of such a child thinks that by giving the child everything it wants… its their way of showing it Love. But thats not true at all. In fact, a lot of these people, are the wealthy ones who cant spend enough quality time with their children… and are away on long trips or working too many hours. The child can turn sour, because they are lacking the needed attention, affection, and guidance of the actual parents.

        There are any number of other reasons why someone could turn to a dark path. Hate, Jealousy, anger and bitterness… can come from any number of sources. There is also mental/chemical imbalance / illness. Add substance / drinking to such a person… and their normally eccentric behavior turns tragic.

        A baby isnt born with Hate in their hearts, thinking about killing. Sorry, but I believe what you are trying to do… is to try to make things simple for yourself to feel better about. Its just not like that. Anyone can appear happy and calm.. and on a dime… could commit the most horrific crime.. BUT.. they were not born like that. Theres always some reason for the extremism. Even if you dont understand that reason. And really… did you even research it deeply?

        Finally… there is no ‘Evil’. Only misunderstanding, metal illness… and unenlightened souls.

        Ive went from being innocent… to very dark,bitter, angry, selfish, cold, careless, abusive, and mean …and finally, have became enlightened. Content / Happy, Thoughtful, Caring, Loving, Warm, helpful, and more. I had a very rough Love-Less and mentally+physically abusive childhood. I was very fortunate to pull myself out of it… and took great efforts for most of my life, to fix myself. Had I not at least a few Loving people to inspire me… I may have turned out a lot worse off. Im very fortunate.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          This is a very mature response. But when I think of that killer at the Batman movies, who was clearly sane, plotting his actions for months, that is a person who is evil. Hitler, was evil. Lots of evil people who do things simply because they are compelled with evil. Plenty of children grow up with bad parents and bad environments and grow up fine. I do appreciate and agree with your response though. It seems most level-headed compared to mine, which explains away these actions as “evil” which has no real context or explanation.

          • BigJ

            You say the guy who killed them people at the batman movie was sane????

            sane (seɪn)

            — adj
            1. sound in mind; free from mental disturbance
            2. having or showing reason, good judgment, or sound sense

            I agree with you this guy is evil. To say this guy was sane is a bit too much.

  • jeffli



    I am the big phallused horneyed god of byzantine, bend over before me and recieve..
    …… Ahhhh thats better the SSRIs are cutting in again. Anyone know what I just did with my plastic viking helmet and the dyson?….
    I put it down to ghosts.
    BTW why are you bent over naked in front of me with lipstick written on your back cooing like a pigeon? repetitively spouting “whose got hairy legs and nylons honey? who who who?” while slugging a bottle of maotai.
    meanwhile someones mother is thumping a mackerel on the kitchen table.

    surreal and spukee!

    • jeffli

      Chinasmack has inter ghosts!

      I didn’t write the above, /Beelzebub did it cause he had the shits with Baal.

      Oh I feel dizzy the light fades……………..”kneel before me and prepare to be dysoned and polish my viking horns!
      pay tribute in seeweed snacks in melamine mere human!”

      • mr. wiener

        The devil mad him chug that 2 litre bottle of pepsi. Out with you beezebub , the demon of carbonated caffeine.

        • jeffli

          have ya’ll seen the Excorsist”?

          it was diet pepsi but the “lord of hard ons” named “shsashcamuuooshxc” added sugar and some ADT meds. he is the epitome of deviltry as was defined by the ancients of the necronomicon which was referred to by the mad Arab in 1100 AD.

          hmmm…. I smell smarties, chou doufu and boiling chickens ….. its him! he has come! the great burgermeister of the poultrgeisters!
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          little statue of milefo turns and faces the wall, bible pages flipping by themselves then burst into flames…..
          hair starts sliding out of my mouth “grgrgrgrgrgrgrk” Back street boys music played backwards “love sanlu….love mengniu,…, love sanlu….love meng niu”
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          A catholic priest jumps in through the window.
          The liquid pouring out of the bottle on a Guan yin staue is black…or is it red\




          too much f’n melamine, nitrites, E. Coli and f’n god the devil knows what other shit. yes the chinese put shit in their food! chou doufu has human shit in it! [E. Coli] to my knowledge no other race or culture uses human shit to make food!

          ASIA LOVER , MR WEINER, other foreign scary monkeys you know I’m right!

          [sumbody’s kingsoft is having a cow? hmmm…;-)]

          • mr. wiener

            You’re a sandwich short of a picnic.

          • jeffli

            Here…|//|…. have my sandwich then!
            and your festival is one pop short of a tart!
            but hey who cares?

            Oh thats right. blame it on ghosts. poultrygeists ect. ect.
            get ones cell phone blessed at the temple.

          • AsiaLover

            I think I know you. Your the ADD kid whos religious parents drove you madd right? Cause you sure act it.

            I dont expect anyone to believe what they have never seen / experienced. However, I also do not believe in putting others down over something I cant prove. Can you Prove that I didnt see those things? Never having done any drugs, Never having drank till that age of 25… Never to see them again…

            Can you disprove all of the other documented cases? Ever go check the local realty people? Ask them of the stories about trying to sell certain properties. The ones that have been around, and who are honest, will spill the beans. I know one personally who never believed such things… till he went into that field.

            You also cant explain why you are here.

            You cant explain why all this “Stuff”, (the physical universe) was just here. WHO put it here? WHY? And how is it so perfectly balanced and workable… So complex and intelligently designed? Try mixing several things together… and no Life appears. Just a big mess. Creation is way beyond a Choas chance.

            If you cant explain those mysteries… then why should you be able to explain away consciousness without form? Multiple universes and planes of existences?

            Its you FEAR that drives your extreme responses. The very thought of it becomes a threat to you.. and so you go on the attack. You make a joke of it… as a coping mechanism. Its understandable. But… your level of response is way off the deep-end. Typical of someone who needs some professional help.

            Humans still cant even figure out the complexities of the human body, let alone the craziness that is Quantum physics. It may take 2000 more years before anyone can figure out how to precise methods of proving actual spiritual presence…. if ever.

            Its also highly doubtful, that we will EVER, as limited humans, be able to prove our existence. Prove who / what made the universe and why its here.

            One thing is for sure… Progress is limited by people with fearful and closed minds. At one time, it was minds and hearts like yours… who mocked anyone saying that the world was not Flat. But eventually, it was proven otherwise. To much egg on peoples faces. I wonder how many wagers had been collected? ;)

          • You’re crazier than a sack full of shaved weasels.

          • Capt. WED

            The 30,000 feet view of QM is not that hard to understand if you read up on Dirac Formalism. Basically if you know Linear Algebra, understand basic Fourier Analysis, you’re good. Dirac Formalism basically says that QM systems are vectors in a complex Hilbert space. You can do operations on these vectors with linear operators, that are basically Hermitian matrices (self-adjoint-operators). For example something like doing a measurement on the position, momentum, spin, etc, is finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors (all from linear algebra) of the operator on the QM state. The eigenvalues correspond to the probability amplitude of the QM system under the operator. Analogous to classical Hamiltonian formulation of mechanics where you have a linear differential equation to determine the evolution of a system in phase space, in QM you have Schodiner Equation. Where in the Dirac Formalism Schodinger Equation is formed as an operator –the Hamiltonian H– over the Hilbert Space.

            There is also the deconherence, which tries to do away with the boundary between classical and Quantum in a measurement. From what I read it’s like you in a experiment setup, each part of the experiement from the QM level to the real-world, add a bunch of phase space together. Where you end up with a bunch of degrees of freedom. In this phase space picture each component evolve away from each other at a super fast rate, thus leading to decoherence at the real world level due to many degrees of freedom.

            Rest of it is interpretation of what some of the stuff in QM means.

            Oh yeah and Quantum Field Theories.

            The freaky shit about QM is that Bell’s Theorem seems to say that local realism (information cannot travel faster than light & if you don’t look at the moon the moon should be there still) can’t be true if you assume QM. Entanglement is some freaky shit.

            QM is a pretty complete theory. But of course there are limits to understanding, no doubt.

          • Capt. WED

            I like to add I have no clue what QM means. I just read up on it.

            I meant to say SMART PEOPLE ARE ON IT man. Trust the smart people.

  • Duke

    spare the rod…

    • mr. wiener

      …use the slipper instead.

  • Con ate dog

    Just tell me that she will be barred from teaching, and won’t quietly get a similar job in another province!

    • jeffli

      ok – “she will be barred from teaching, and won’t quietly get a similar job in another province!”
      happy now?
      santa is coming too!

  • Fuck China sucks sometimes!

    • Capt. WED

      seriously you get that just from gawking at random bullshit on Chinasmack? What about xx:// Is it not the same?

      • It’s different because in free countries, like that which truecrimes reports on, 99% of bad news makes it into the public sphere. In China 99% does not. When we see a story on C Smack like this, it is safe to assume that such things are occurring on a regular basis in China. My Chinese friends with kids and money won’t put their kids in public kindergartens because they are afraid of this kind of abuse being perpetrated against their youngsters.

        • Capt. WED

          yes let’s pull this 99% figure out of our asses…

          You didn’t get my meaning. I was saying fucked thing happens all the time because that’s life. You can’t use incidents as ammunition for confirming your biases on a whole bunch of people that had zero to do with that. What does that has to do with undereporting? So you are saying they underreport so much that if they did report on it it would be so overwhelming, that you would use a different criteria you used for weighting information from truecrimereports to say things about China that you wouldn’t say otherwise? Makes zero sense. The point is you are using a bunch of random crap to say more crap about crap.

          Secondly just because your friends are afraid is not evidence that this happens across the entire country with high frequency of occurrence. Some parents do not vaccinate their kids because they’re afraid.

          Like the YueYue case. It’s cannot be used to generalize different regions because the “sampling” technique is not valid to make that generalization.

          • I can generalize all I want. My sample is sufficient.

            Sure 99% is a guesstimate, but it’s good enough. This is a country under the grip of heavy censorship. Even major disasters like the recent floods in Beijing here get twisted by the propaganda police.

            Comparing reported news in China and America is like comparing air quality reporting between the two. the only comparison that can be made is that China doesn’t tell most of the story while the US and other free countries do. sure, crazy mofos do crazy shit everywhere, I’m not disputing that. But if you want to compare reporting of crime between China and another nation, might I suggest using North Korea next time?

  • I wonder if people have any idea the absolute shame and loss of face this kind of abuse brings on China in the eyes of the world?

    The news media in the world are saying: “Look how the Chinese treat children!”

    This woman should be charged, sent to prison and NEVER allowed to teach again.

    Utterly disgusting!

    • Capt. WED

      What about the Danny Chen case? Shouldn’t that bring on the eyes of the world???

      Is it not the same?

    • I need weed to survive

      There is only vigilante justice in China. China truly is still a third-world country.

  • Cyrus Howell

    What is this? The beginning of the Chinese Cultural Revolution all over again?

  • Dutchy

    The Lancet Journal of Medicine: 17-18% of adult people in China have mental problems, which is about 2.5x higher than the average in developed countries. Child abuse happens everywhere, but just a little more in China for the above reasons + 2 others:
    – Shame culture: majority of people with mental problems not seeking help because ‘oh my got what if the neighbours find out’
    – Decades of underinvestment in training qualified psychologists

    So basically the streets are full of walking time bombs waiting to go off.

    • Capt. WED

      that figure is true however it’s not 2 or 3 times higher.

      17% doesn’t not imply all are walking time bombs, violent & mental.

      Other points I agree with.

      • Kukuku

        You are the 17%.


  • This indeed has tormented the little girl, perhaps both mental and physical scars she will have to live with. As for the children who were given carte blanche to hit her………I wonder how many will have misguided actions in their lives that results because of this. Just because a misguided and unqualified person was allow to supervise (?) a class of young innocents……….the casualties will be those children from the class who grow-up remembering and falling into being either as a helpless victim or a misguided educator of children (parent, teacher)……… the cycle continues.

  • DKD
  • 那个老师需要被枪杀……严重。

  • Nanny Hiccups

    i used to spank my boys. but not my daughter.

    • Meh

      And that justifies a spanking in the first place why? So it’s easy to overlook gender to apply disciplinary action because it suits you, but what of your children do you understand the ramifications. Spanking is just a cute word for hitting, because we are easily motivated to justify our actions. I’m against hitting spanking/hitting children regardless of gender, because when you discipline a child in that manor you easily lose control. As you can clearly see in this news.

  • Meh

    Fucked up teacher goes on a rampage? She should receive the same treatment before being fired.

  • Misiooo

    Hahahaha, I’m far from defending this asshole, but ‘let he without fault cast the first stone’. How many of these parents, including those commenting above, are abusing their own kids in the privacy of their homes by hitting, slapping, spatting, screaming, not to mention mental and sexual abuse. Bunch of hypocrites.

  • Carlito Johnny Briganti

    even in hainan, this stuff happened. i dont think chinese schools are good for bi-racial children. there are issues of racism too. the guangdong kids are become more ruthless.

  • 梦想家 Dreamer

    32 member of the girls family and friends should each deliver 10 strikes to this “teacher” since this is the punishment that she advises for re-education and she should never be allowed to “teach” precious children ever again. Jail should also be part of her punishment.

    • Ukie

      Yeah, karmas a b**ch. If she thinks this is a appropriate standard of discipline then dishing it back to her shouldn’t be a problem. She should get what she did back, and some.

  • ChinaMan

    Death sentence to the evil and distorted Teacher.
    How could the kindergarten let that teacher go.

    Watch out for your kids, there ae a lot of perv and craze people out there.