Man Kowtows & Crawls 200m on Knees to Beg Wife’s Forgiveness

The young man is crawling with his knees and kowtowing in the middle of the road.

The young man is crawling with his knees and kowtowing in the middle of the road.

From CNTV:

Young Man Begging for Wife’s Forgiveness Kowtows and Walks 200M on His Knees

June 30th at about 1:40 pm, in Putian of Fujian province, Mr. Li who works at a Hunan cuisine restaurant on Wenxiandong Street looked out of the window, and saw a surprising sight. Outside on the road, a man was kneeling on the ground, bowing his head down to the ground each time he crawled forward. Quite a few employees and customers who spotted this stopped what they were doing and went downstairs to see what was going on. Mr. Li found out that the man kneeling on the ground was very young, and very handsome, too. This picture is of the man kowtowing and crawling with his knees.

The young man’s forehead was bruised from kowtowing, and besmeared with blood. A passer-by couldn’t bear to see him like this, came towards him and wanted to help him up but the man thanked him and refused his his help. He said he did something wrong, that he has wronged his wife, and in order to ask for her forgiveness, he was going to crawl like this till he reached Zhengrong Times Square. From this man’s current location to Zhengrong Times Square, there were still over 1000 meters to go.

Many people stop to see what is going on.

From NetEase:

June 30th afternoon, a young man in Fujian Putian was kowtowing and crawling on his knees on the road. The man himself said he had done something wrong and wanted to use this way to beg his wife’s forgiveness. According to the witnesses nearby, the man had crawled on his knees about 200 meters when a woman arrived on a motorcycle, hailed a taxi, and took him away.

Comments from NetEase:

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芙小小仙子 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

If you knew then what you know now, look how basely cute you are!

重回盛唐 [网易上海市网友]:

Let’s guess what he did, use our imaginations!!!

重回盛唐 [网易上海市网友]: (responding to himself)

Must have screwed his sister-in-law!

网易广东省广州市天河区网友 ip: 116.21.*.* (responding to above)

Wouldn’t be like this if it was the sister-in-law, must’ve screwed his mother-in-law.

让我说话 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

Wrong. Must’ve screwed his father-in-law.

网易山东省泰安市网友 ip:182.35.*.* (responding to above)

Must’ve gone behind his wife’s back and joined the Party 0.0

zbw0711 网易河南省平顶山市网友: (responding to above)

Wouldn’t be like this if he only screwed his mother-in-law, must’ve had a shuangfei with his sister-in-law and his mother-in-law.

龙河狼君 [网易云南省网友]: (responding to above)

All wrong, must’ve had anal sex with his wife’s lover.

网易辽宁省本溪市网友 ip:175.166.*.* (responding to above)

I think he wouldn’t do this for all these listed above, maybe he isn’t able to have sex anymore, so he was begging his wife not to divorce him.

网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友 ip:221.208.*.* (responding to above)

This warns those who kneel, that when they do this again next time, they should put a sign next to them, stating the reason.

易新闻 [网易山东省济宁市网友]:

Dude, please crawl in the non-motor vehicle lane.

谁是贼 [网易北京市网友]:

Before, he had given up his self-respect when he “did something wrong”;
Now, he has given up his self-respect “begging for forgiveness”.

夏小阿碗 [网易江苏省盐城市网友]:

He cheated on her, was found out by his own wife. Angry, the wife demanded a divorce!

雨天O不打伞 [网易辽宁省大连市网友]:(responding to above)

His wife wouldn’t happen to be, would it?

气得我都说不好话了 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

If he really did do something wrong, I believe this man is sincerely remorseful.

空亦空 [网易广西桂林市网友]:

“There’s gold under a man’s knees” [a Chinese saying referring to how a man should not take kneeling down before others too lightly]. Him kneeling down like this, all the gold is lost, and he has become worthless.

上海小鲁迅 [网易山东省济南市网友]:(responding to above)

You’ve completely distorted this saying!

龙德云 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

Heh heh, had an affair, did you…?

网易福建省福州市网友 ip:59.56.*.*

A good man doesn’t marry a Fuzhou woman, and a good woman doesn’t marry a Putian man. This has now become a most wide-spread saying in Fujian.

网易广东省东莞市网友 ip:14.217.*.*

A true man! He knows it himself! If the woman who picked him up was his wife, then it was worth it for him!!

李欣宇 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

To be a man and become like this, pathetic!!

How far would you go to beg your spouse’s forgiveness?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Somethin Somethin


    • Somethin Somethin

      4 years of waiting, now I see why you guys get all excited about this shit.

      • mr. wiener

        Did the earth move for you too?
        Great to be you, sux to be the kowtowing guy. I wonder if he got any that night?

        • Little Wolf

          I usually go with earrings.

          • jeffli

            A GloMesh clutch bag for me deary – non-fake!
            and a box of Anna Sui goodies too.

          • mr. wiener

            Box of plush bath salts. flowers and some angry make up sex usually does the trick.

          • Angry make up sex is the best sex in the world. Only thing close is wake up sex.

            A bit of hair pulling, biting, smacking and a generous dose of dirty talking that would make a $5 hooker blush……. Aaaaaaaaaahh! Heaven.

          • Patrick

            @Elijah I hate to admit it but it breakup sex trumps makeup sex. During my separation the ex wanted the “breakup sex”. Nothing was said directly, some things don’t need to be said. Raw, rough – I used-to-love-you but can-barely-stand-to-look-at-you-anymore was the most intense sex I ever had. Everything was on the table (yes including her). And then – absolutely nothing, best closure I ever had, didn’t even care about looking back.

      • Darth Sofa

        Careful young padawan, have more respect for this “shit”. Do not underestimate the power of the sofa.

  • naked apples

    the Great Wall of gestures – significantly pointless

    • Little Wolf

      What’s sad is there are women that actually find this endearing :(

      • naked apples

        Only to a degree and only temporarily. Kowtowing is like treating a disease with bandages. Showcasing one’s misery publicly is not very genuine and kind of childish. Using the uninformed emotional reactions of onlookers is a pretty underhanded ploy to appease someone you wronged, no matter how ridiculous the show. If I could solve all my problems with a street performance, life would be too easy. Kowtowing doesn’t merit forgiveness.

        Then again, I guess it depends what it was he actually did. If he burnt some toast then he needs to chill out

        • Kong

          I have to disagree. The whole point is as an expression that one’s relationship to whoever is more important than face/shame. It’s letting go of one’s self-importance for the sake of their partner. This happens in movies all the time as well and is considered romantic. Instead of kowtowing, it’s usually shouting something personal, embarrassing, and revealing in public. They are called grand gestures, and people eat that shit up. Kowtowing is just an old-school way of displaying it.

          You may not take to it yourself, but the great majority of people can’t get enough of it.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          I would want his kowtowing to be private and yes, I’m a sucker because I find it endearing too.

      • Cool Matt

        Same women who find wearing matching shirts endearing.

        • Cool Matt

          In fact, he did this because he told his gf he wouldn’t wear matching shirts.

        • Cool Matt

          In fact, he did this because he told his wife he wouldn’t wear matching shirts.

      • mr. wiener

        I love my wife, true dinks, but I’d ditch the bitch if she ever made me do this. It just seems so….contrived!

        • Little Wolf

          Sappiest thing I ever did for a girl…..With some rocks I found on the mountain near my house, I made a really cool table-top waterfall for my girlfriend who is deaf/mute. Hauled that heavy fucker through the train station. Took the 17 hour train to Wuhan, left my phone under the pillow of my bunk on the train. Hauled that heavy motherfucker through the Wuhan train station and took a taxi to her wine bar where it took me an hour to assemble and add water and plants, caught a taxi back to the train station (much lighter now) and got on the 17 hour train back to Hangzhou before my girlfriend even got home from work. How romantic is that?

          Totally backfired :(

          After I arrived home and got another phone she called to tell me a guy called her offering to return the phone I lost for 500 kuai and that the day before was the 5th anniversary of her father’s death and her whole family had been at his grave site and was in mourning for several days and was pretty much a blubbering mess. She barely even noticed the waterfall that I had spent several days building.

          Bad timing:(

          A complete fucking waste of time. I’m done with “grand gestures” and surprises.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            awwwww :(

          • Foreign Devil

            With all the fine ladies you could get in CHina as an American foreigner. Going for an unwanted deaf/mute Chinese girl. . You sir have a generous heart!. . .. unless your story is BS. . like how does your deaf mute girlfriend call you on the phone anyways?

          • Little Wolf

            Braille phone

          • Little Wolf

            Anyway…she’s not unwanted. She is a top performer in a famous Chinese dance troupe of all handicapped members and has performed around the world for presidents and royalty. She’s cool.

      • pada

        Before 1959 Dalai Lama actually found this endearing too, especailly when he saw Tibetens kowtowing all long way down from Gansu and handed over to him all their yearly earnings. ;)

        • mr. wiener

          We’d all find it endearing if you stayed on topic and stopped trolling.

          • pada

            Ok, lets “stayed on topic”.
            I find it real endearing that all of 8,000 Tibetens could visit Dharamsala last year with legal papers and returned dissappointingly, without necessity of illegal crossing Himalaya and of romantic kowtowing hundreds of miles from Gansu as they used to do in the old time. ;)

          • WinterB4Spring

            Prove it. Where’d you get your sources from? People’s Daily? Mao Zedong? Jiang Zemin?

            (But then, seriously, stay on topic.)

            I don’t remember any Tibetans or international sources that claim Tibetans had to hand all their earnings to the Dalai Lama, but i know in the Great Leap Forward, mostly all rural Chinese handed in their rice to the Central govt and was left to die of starvation. Cases of cannibalism were noted. Corruption was strived.

            Try this link:

          • pada

            Spring, needless to read People’s Daily or Mao or Jiang since I’ve never said Tibetens HAD TO hand over all their earnings to the Dalai Lama. They were willing to do that by themselves, after, to stay on topic, kowtowing hundreds miles from their homes in Gansu.

            Of course in your eyes Chinese kowtowing is always different from Tibetens, just as their shitting on streets. If you saw them Tibetens emptying bowels in public, you’d feel thrilled and called it the most natural and romantic thing in the world.

        • moop

          this kind of trolling belongs on yahoo!

          • pada

            Moop, to save my precious time, go pick up cotton you racist trash! lol!

          • moop

            hurrrrrrrr. good one pada. do the rest of the wumao cock-suckers laugh at that one during your circle-jerks? i understand your time is precious, afterall, posts are money.

            lol? is that the sound the cadres make when you tickle their taints?

          • pada

            Moop thanx for granting me another chance to screw the multi-IP white Wumao cock-suckers, from behind. But I dont mean you are smart enough for the job as picking up cotton is the only thing you are good at, ;)


          • moop

            2011 huh? thats 7 years after 2004, which is when the ccp started their program.

          • pada

            Moop I am happy you are making a little progress by finally lowering down “demoncrazy” America to the same level of “commie” China. Seems its hight time for you to accept my wholehearted greeting and calling you generiously as “White Wumao” to whom “posts are money”. lol!

        • red scarf

          So did Qing emperors enjoy people kowtowing to them, must had been quite a shock that a British man refused to do it before one.

          • pada

            I dont feel surprised certain “British man” refused to kowtow before a Qing emperor, as long as he had load of opium to sell. ;)

          • moop

            The British went to war because of Chinese military threats to defenseless British civilians, including women and children; because China refused to negotiate on terms of diplomatic equality and because China refused to open more ports than Canton to trade, not just with Britain but with everybody. The belief about British “guilt” came later, as part of China’s long catalogue of alleged Western “exploitation and aggression.”


            whatever rallies the mindless masses though right?

          • red scarf


            The British man refused to kowtow way before opium flooded China. Maybe you can point out in the treaties that were sign that allowed people to sell opium, it mentions opening up to business, but it never took away China’s right to tax, licence or stop opium imports. Oddily at one point China was taxing opium sales.

          • Kong

            Moop: Aside from the idea that conflicts always have two sides, that article is totally worthless because it misses the point. While opium trade is a popular facet of the conflict, it’s about Britain using violence to force its influence on another country’s soil. It doesn’t matter that Britain was butthurt over China’s rejection of its “free trade”, or that it used British merchants as collateral—it’s that Britain waged a war to resolve its own deficit.

            The British merchants and their families, btw, were fully complicit in setting the Chinese up. They would have been free to go had they given up their opium stores. They had already made tacit agreements with British Trade Superintendent Charles Elliot. He confiscated all of their opium, and when they demanded compensation from the British government, it put heavy pressure on Britain to use war to resolve the deficit.

            As far as your claim to belated british guilt, William Gladstone fully believed in Britain’s guilt and the wrongness of the war, and he was a contemporary. Ironically, he then went on to wage war on Egypt under similar premises.

          • pada

            Moop Cut-paste King, you did pretty well but missed deliberately a Gelbert sentence like “Opium War is almost universally believed to have been triggered by British imperial rapacity and determination to sell more and more opium into China”.

            While Kong is enlightening you about guilt of British Warmonger, let me tickle you stincky armpit: Where is this almighty British Empire with 20% world’s population and 25% of Earth’s total land? An empire used-to-be where “the sun never sets” even cannot build a swimming pool with right length, even with borrowed money, hahaha!

          • moop

            land is useless pada when its not arable. china’s land is pretty terrible especially with all the pollution and desertification. india is in a muuch better position to feed their people in the future than the chinese are. its gonna be pretty awesome for you when most of your food and water has to be imported, the peasants arent going to like those skyrocketing food prices, and it will be very costly to subsidize food prices for 1.4 billion people. why is 1.4 billion people crammed into a place the size of the US awesome? most modern diseases originate from china and your inability to control procreation has contributed to this. you’re pathetic pada. being the up-and-coming scourge of the earth is nothing to be proud of. a majority or ignorant peasants procreated because they were encouraged to do so by a pedophile with a personality cult, leading to an explosion in population. this is something to be proud of?

        • Winter B4 Spring

          @ pada – Yep, that’s my point you are helping me make — so, where were your sources from, that Tibetans willingly give all their earnings to the Dalai Lama, and that they poo in public? I have never once encountered such revelations, as if there is one, it would have been known to the world, possibly already made into a documentary.

          If you stop trolling, I’d be thrilled, as that will be most unnatural thing in the world. But not romantic though.

          • pada

            @ Spring—My source was from my 4 trips to Tibet, which you’ve shown you obviously never made. I saw them Tibetens pooing DAILY in public even near Jokhang Temple and in front of Cool Yak Hotel and I saw them kowtowing along the hundred miles road from Golmud, Qinghai to Lhasa even nowaday and donating their yearly hard-earnings to good-for-nothing lamas in temples as Dalai ran away like a stray dog or a longest serving CIA employee.

            Unlike you, I always hope you keep on trolling, to show your country’s inability to offer here someone more intelligent, or less boring, who always choose to believe a “documentary” rather than his own eyes, if any.

          • moop

            “My source was from my 4 trips to Tibet”

            oh yeah? beat any locals?

          • pada

            Moop I’d make more trip to Lhasa if you made a solo striptease there, ;)

          • mr. wiener

            Moop you lucky dog, I believe pada’s making a pass at you. I’d hold out until he promises to baste himself with yak butter first.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            @ pada – well, old habits die hard. Now that Tibetans are living in other countries too, why aren’t they pooing in public, next to a holy place, or maybe the White House, or Parliaments?

            Re Dalai Lama is the longest serving CIA employee – Where’s the prove? Again, hearsay, repeated a hundred times = commie propaganda.

            Re documentary – YES! I’d believe a documentary from independent sources or well known international medias anytime. And am proud of it :D

            Re you making more trips to Lhasa if Moop made a solo striptease – Pada, you have strange thoughts going on up there…strange…

          • Kong

            Winter B4 Spring:


            Frankly, I have no problem with the guy. He’s truly seems to be a good person. That said, it bothers me that he claims to be “apolitical”. It’s BS. He is political and he has an agenda. All leaders do, including the Pope (whose power is far more secure). I’d wish he’d just cut the pretense.

  • Norsang

    A man stupid number one. Better to die.

  • richard

    Usually Women kneel down to be forgiven…

  • Anus Presley

    I told him he should have done a better job at hiding his massive doggie-porn collection.

  • 平凡人

    No back bone. After doing this shit, things will never be the same; what is done cannot be undone. Come on, face the music like a man! So demeaning!

  • Daniel

    I *hits his chest* never do something for what later I have to ask forgiveness! Even if I do something stupid, I will not ask for forgiveness *rips his shirt*, because I’m a m’awn!!! I take responsibilities for my actions! Even if they were wrong, you want me to apologize for being me *bashes the desk*!? So, ok, I got drunk and sucked a cock and in the morning I was ashamed and sick. But after some moments, I shook it off and continued my life with my girlfriend without regrets … “maybe when I was drunk I thought it was a good idea to suck a cock, who cares”, and bam, in our misery, like a phoenix from ashes, we rise and become stronger!
    And even if you’re weak and want to apologize, do it like a m’awn! I can’t imagine how his marriage life will go now – every time they’ll have a fight, the wife will have this advantage over him “remember when you did this?”.

    • BMWfool

      dude … seriously? …

      • Patrick

        That reminds me, whatever happened to gay asian boy.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          I worried about his whereabouts when that story came out in canada a few weeks ago. I hope he is well.

          • Patrick

            Oh, I TOTALLY didn’t even think about that, that would be too bad, way too ironic and additionally, need I say it again too bad.

  • NowYou’reInSH!

    Did you notice that here in China, guys are either too violent to their girlfriends/wives or too nice (bordering on being pathetic)?

    • BrahmaBull

      Like holding their girlfriends hand bag…for more than a minute.

      • swat

        Still can’t figure out what’s exactly the message with the BAG-HOLDING all arround the city…..

        I mean,…if they were nice, cool and romantic as a majority it would be kind of logic to me, but ……

        Well behavior in East Asia,…or should I say China!!!

        • Orthodox

          Isn’t that their bag? Guys in China carry purses. It is not a European carryall!

  • Castro

    they got the story totally wrong! he just dropped a contact.

    • DCONN


  • Little Wolf

    Why does he have to do this in the fucking street? I mean….certainly there are better places to kowtow.

    • Patrick

      Draws more attention. My dear sadistic Chinese wife always looks for the most demeaning way and then orders me to do it. Luckily I learned to mostly ignore her. God bless her she’s creative though.

      • Little Wolf

        So…..this is like proposing on the big screen at a Lakers game? Or the Jerry Springer show?

        • Patrick

          I’d have to say more like a cross between the Jerry Springer show and a Nascar wedding.

        • jeffli

          could I say “it’s just damn ridiculous!” and get away with it?

          • Patrick

            It lacks passion.

          • mr. wiener

            The kowtow or Jeffli’s reply?

          • Patrick

            The statement. We all know it’s ridiculous, but really, let’s have some flair hmm? None of the usual remarks accusing Chinese men of being pussies. There are plenty of people in the world who enjoy degrading themselves. We need something deeper, something that describes the situation but strikes a chord into our souls. People in this forum have lost the ability to make these statements. Oh we have the occasional witty joke, we have people claiming the sofa, we even have a Darth Sofa. But look at what we’ve lost, no real beneficial argument on the topic, no song of the post, no gay asian boy, no one even said “Enjoy self-flagellation? personals@chinasmack”. Where’s the fucking drama people?

  • The Enlightened One

    Seems pathetic to me. Putting on a show for the public seems romantic… but I prefer to deal with things in private.

    It just seems cheesy and lame. Well, she owns him now. I hope he enjoys it.

  • winterb4spring

    …what if he was high on something??…like the dude who bit off the woman’s face…

  • Dr SUN

    Know this I want to see CB do, if he ever can find a woman that would marry him .

    • mr. wiener

      Only if she is lying naked and legs akimbo on a large pile of American $100 dollar bills at the end of his 200 meter kowtow , and even then I doubt that he would do it.
      No man is an island, but CB is damn near a peninsular if only by virtue of it’s phallic shape.

  • Getrealson

    Caption for second photo:

    Guy in red singlet (to gawkers): “Do you fools realise you’re all staring straight up the arse of a young man on all fours?”

    then to guy on the far right: “And how will you explain that photo to your wife?”

  • MrT

    Good lick of the cat normally sorts the women out here, feck crawling after them!

    • mr. wiener

      Not sure about a lick of the cat sorting them out….a lick of the pussy on the other hand……. :P


    fuck that bitch..get another women hahaha


    Only intercourse with the family dog would propel a man to do this…..!

  • Ryo

    Where have the balls of Chinese men gone? This simply shows that poor guys will do anything for pussy. I see men all over holding the chick’s purse. I tell girls that I will never hold their purse. Not even for a second if they have to go to the bathroom or try on some shoes. A man does not carry purses, and not those man purse either. That’s just pathetic and gay. They all respect me for that and I always close the deals. I would bet half these purse holders have not even see the girl naked.

    Anyway, this guy is just poor. A man with money (power) will never do this for any women. Not even if they get caught red handed with another chick in bed. Chinese men need to go get the chick’s purse, look inside, and get their balls back. It’s becoming a generation of pussies.

    • Mop

      >Not even for a second if they have to go to the bathroom or try on some shoes.
      Crazy thinking.

      • Ryo

        So I’m guessing you are are one of these pussy purse holders? So what do they do with their purse if you’re not around or when they were single? Have a stranger hold it for them? Don’t be retarded. They want you to hold it because they want the feeling of owning you. Imagine guys seeing you holding a purse. “What a fag” is what I think.

        • Little Wolf

          You must be on the verge of homosexual panic.
          You can’t even hold a purse for a minute while she tries on some shoes because you’re worried about what a few guys might think?
          What a fag.

    • kodi

      They have gone into the soup……..

  • 文志明

    I totally agree with him about this kind of Kung-Fu practice.

  • Chef Rocco

    All the comments are off the ballpark, please remember he is a Chinese guy and ingrained in “face” culture.

    By exposing himself to public shame, he was telling his gf that he loves her so much that he is willing to “lose face” publicly by kowtowing (a sign of submission) to her, which is worse than death for many “face conscious” Chinese men (maybe some laowais too). He must think his action was demonstrating ultimate love, he seemed successful because his gf did come to pick him up.

    However, IMO, this is just a stunt of psychological manipulation, nothing more than a save-ass-through-losing-face farce.

    • Ryo

      No. He simply feels guilty for whatever he did… probably cheated on her and got caught. Sadly, all young kids will probably go through this phase. Given their age, they will probably break up in the future anyway. In 10 years, he will probably think back at this moment and laugh about it. That is if he learn that no single women is not worth all this trouble because they are EVERYWHERE! Plenty of fish in the sea as they say.

      • Kong

        Plenty of fish in the sea? You realize that there are far more men than women in China? As in more than 24 million?

  • John

    Sometimes I am so fucking Embarrassed to be Asian or related to Asians, especially Chinese.

    First it was the guy who bought a car because his GF threaten him with no marriage and now it’s this sackless pansy crawling through the streets for forgiveness?

    WTF is wrong with you Chinese guys.

    GROWN SOME FUCKING BALLS. You guys make us look bad in the West.

    • Chef Rocco

      John, are you self-hating because Asians/Chinese make you “lose face” in the West? or you are just trolling with a pair of huge swollen balls?

      • John

        I ain’t self hating and I don’t go by that losing face BS that most Asians go by. Matter of fact, I hate it. I think it’s quite detrimental to them especially if they’re in the WEST.

        However, the topic here is not me. Regardless of what you think,quite frankly, something must be said.

        You guys back there can say whatever you want but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a truly pathetic sight and some of you back home really need to learn to step it up.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      Who cares what westerners think. China needs to save its culture from western values and culture. Good or bad, stay true to who you are.

      • M.N

        Crawling on your knees,that is culture (O_o)….it’s brutal & weird.John is right,some Asian men & women got to grow up.

  • redgirl

    Married in haste, we may repent at leisure.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    That’s a very passionate thing to do. Must be love.

  • jonlene

    He is not a responsible man.he ‘would like ‘to pay for this with losing his self-respect.

  • Foreign Devil

    I’d grab him by the collars, pull him up, slap him in the face and in my best “Godfather” voice say: “You can act like a man!”

  • Orthodox

    Don’t listen to any women who say they like this. They like it in their imagination where Prince Charming does this. In reality, average betaboy just proved that he is of lower position that his wife. If his marriage wasn’t trashed before, he just finished the job.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      I think it is perfectly acceptable for a man to kowtow if:

      1.) He has said something hurtful in an argument and must prove his undying love.

      2.) Cheating (but afterwards you must tell him the kowtowing and humiliation wasn’t enough and proceed packing your bags and moving in with new handsomer well-endowed boyfriend)

      3.) As a marriage proposal to prove what he has to offer in the years to come.

      4.) Just because.

      • John

        And what does the girl/woman has to offer in the end? I would expect this to be a 2 way street. We are not in the 1800s etc.

        And to be honest, guys that does that over here are the ones who get cheated on and loses out. Usually when the girls are looking to settle down because her look’s gone or her eggs’ ticking is when she look for a moron like that.

  • Bunny99

    Swat wrote “Still can’t figure out what’s exactly the message with the BAG-HOLDING all arround the city…..”

    I will explain – the boys carry the girls’ hand bags because if he says something wrong (e.g., mentions ghosts or can’t guess correctly which restaurant the girl is thinking of) the girl will run off into the night. If he has her handbag he knows she will have to come back. Tip though – always make sure her phone is with her and not in her handbag, if she hasn’t got her phone you will not have an easy way to persuade her to tell you where she is.

    The kow-towing guy in the story probably did something terrible like forget she doesn’t like egg-plant (this week). If he has been sleeping with another girl that would make him a man, the girls in my city would give him a kicking but secretly love him more for being desirable. She would only threaten to leave him if he had been too nice to her.

    Anyway, kow-towing like that would be the end of him where I live. He could expect her to say something like “Do you think crawling around making your legs bleed is useful? Will it fix the problem? All you can do is stupid stunts, beg for forgiveness. Childish and pathetic – I never want to see you again!”

    Yeah, I am cynical and bitter, but this is how it is in my world.

    Romance is for Korean movies, in real life, fix the problem by action not grand gestures.

  • Neuchy

    My (Chinese) ex-girlfriend was happy if I just let her punch me in the face…then we could move on. Wise girl, surprisingly strong too.

    • erguotouplease

      @DRaY soooooooooo not just chinse dudes are fucking faggots ~? (please dont take this the wrong way,i dont mean to offend you. @Neuchy)

  • DRaY

    Chinese dudes are fucking faggots!!!

  • we all look alike

    Clearly practicing his steel-head kung-fu move, a ruse to find buried treasure, or at the very least a new and ever cost-effective method implemented by the local government to locate underground pipes in need of fixing.