China Middle School Girls Introduce New Victims To Rapists


From Sina:

  1. In Zhejiang Lishui City Bihu Middle School, at least 10 13-16 year old female students have been raped in a matter separate from the Guizhou Xishui case. Presently, the judicial organ is investigating this as a rape case;
  2. Because the rape suspects arrested by the police include also include a 15-year-old female student, those involved in the case include village officials and unscrupulous businessmen. Local rumors include many civil servants, though not confirmed by officials;
  3. The Bihu Junior High young girl rape cases had been concealed for as long as two years, and only after a female student victim reported it to police was this sinister plot exposed;
  4. The Bihu Junior High young girl rape cases presently have not discovered any involvement by teachers. After the incident happened, the localgovernment deparment responded quickly, seriously, and actively;
  5. A key characteristic of this case is that method of female student victims introducing other schoolmates created a criminal network, allowing the number of victims increase drastically;
  6. The number of young girls from this school that were abused by local village cadres is still rising sharply. According to conservative estimates there are more than 40, and the consequences are even more starting, with many girls getting abortions, having been infected by sexually transmited diseases, and even being diagnosed with the infectious disease was diagnosed with lifelong infertility.

From Phoenix Web (ifeng):

Victims also bring down schoolmates. Locals spread that there are 30-40 victims. Journalists have verified at least 10 people. 3 people have been caught or arrested.  Parents point to many village directors and civil servants are also involved.

Rumors began from February this year that 10 female students students, ranging from 13-16 years old from Bihu Middle School [Jade Lake Middle School] had been raped, involving businessmen and local government officials. Bihu Town is a remote rural township in Lishui District of Zhejiang. Biu Middle School is the town’s only junior high with 1000 students, most of whom live in on campus. Some girls were infected with sexually transmitted diseases, resulting in miscarriages/abortions after becoming pregnant, and some may even now be forever infertile.

On February 13th, a local teacher reported to the police that a 13-year-old student named Xiao Ling [Little Ling] had called him begging for his help, explaining that she had been tricked into a car and raped. From this point, the tip of the iceberg had been exposed.

Xiao Ling lived at school and according to regulations, students return home on their own every Friday at 2:30pm.  However, this time when school ended, Xiao Ling was asked by two fellow students to go play together. Afterward, they boarded a car owned by Chen Weixin that was parked waiting at the front of the school. Because Xiao Ling had met Chen Weixin before, she did not have many suspicions. Then, Chen Weixin took the three girls to a remote are and stopped the car. After the other two girls exited the car, Xiao Ling was left in the car and Chen Weixin forced her to have sexual relations with him while the other two girls unsuccessfully tried to pull Chen Weixin away.

After the police intervened, it was discovered that Xiao Ling was not the only case and an increasing number of Bihu Middle School girls were also involved. However, the total number of girls that were raped has not been determined or relased although 36 and 42 are two popularly rumored numbers in the town. Journalists have only confirmed the specific identity of 10 people.

The reason so many girls are involved was discovered to be a multi-level marketing network style of introduction using schoolmates to bring other schoolmates, resulting in an endless stream of girls being trapped.

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Xiao Li’s mother told reports that in 2007, her daughter was taken to “Floating Snow KTV” by schoolmates Xiao Jun and Xiao Ying under the pretense of going to play together. There, she met the KTV’s boss Chen Weixin. After becoming acqainted, Chen Weixin invited Xiao Li to eat, drink alcohol, etc. and sometimes also purchased little things for Xiao Li, but there were no excessive actions. But suddenly one day, Chen Weixin took Xiao Li to go out driving and in a relatively secluded place, Chen Weixin suddenly stopped the car and raped Xiao Li in the car. It is reported that Xiao Li was only 13-years-old when this incident happened.

After this, Chen Weixin intensified, not only having sexual relations with Xiao Li numerous times but also telling Xiao Li “as long as you bring me girls to play, I will give you money”. One day afterward, Chen Weixin called Xiao Li, asking her to bring a schoolgirl out to “play.” In accordance with Chen Weixin’s phone call and under the pretense of going out to play together, Xiao Li brought a classmate named Xiao Fang to the meeting place chosen by Chen Weixin. There waiting was Chen Weixin, who then drove them to a remote place and stopped the car. On the car, Chen Weixin forced Xiao Fang to have sexual relations, Xiao Fang cried and begged, Xiao Li also pulling Chen Weixin asking him not to do this. However, Chen Weixin completely ignored her, raping Xiao Li right in front of Xiao Li. After this incident, Chen Weixin gave Xiao Li 300 yuan, and gave Xiao Fang 500 yuan.

As it is understood, after raping these girls, Chen Weixin would always give the introducing girl and the raped girl sums of money. At the same time, Chen Weixin would also buy mobile phones for some girls, to make it easier to contact them. Under these enticements, Chen was introduced to three girls from Xiao Li alone, and after sexual relations with Chen, Xiao Li’s downline Xiao Fang began contacting Chen directly. Xiao Ling who reported to the police was introduced to Chen Weixin by Xiao Fang.

Xiao Li’s mother told reporters, Xiao Li once said to her that Xiao Jun who introduced her to Chen Weixin had previously introduced many girls to Chen Weixin. Moreover, Chen Weixin personally told her daughter that over the past 7 years, he has already played with many Bihu Middle School students.

The investigation revealed more and more cases within cases. While investigating the Chen Weixin case and questioning a girl named Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei not only acknowledged the rape by Chen Weixin but also that Village Committee Chairman He Guobing also raped her.

Journalists learned from many villagers that after He Guobing becamse the Villager Committee Chairman, the villagers all called him Old Bing. Upon coming the leader of the village, some of the thornier problems in the village were all resolved by him, and many people feared him. Previously, he had open an electrical repair shop, let off a loan shark, and opened a pawnshop.

“From a hierarchy standpoint, Big Bing is also Xiao Fei’s uncle, how could he do what he did?” Xiao Fei’s mother told reporters. According to reports, not long after being raped by He Guobing, Xiao Fei felt unwell and doctors diagnosed her with a sexually transmitted disease, and in the end it was Chen Weixin who paid for her to see the doctor. While Xiao Fei was sick, and because she of exchanging underwear with schoolmates, this led to other female schoolmates contracting the disease. Furthermore after this, Xiao Fei’s mother accompanied her daughter many times to the doctor’s for examinations where the doctor told her, Xiao Fei can never have children in the future.

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While being interviewed, there were also parents of victims who expressed that they have heard that Chen Weixin and He Guobing, in order to make some social connections, had previously given the girls to other people to “share.” The parents said that amongst them, the ones that could be clearly identified include “many of the town’s Villager Committee directors, and no shortage of civil servants”.

The town of Bihu has been unable to return to the past calm after this matter. While Bihu Middle School has taken additional actions to safeguard the students, many parents are still uneasy.


Comments from Tianya:


Government at the low levels makes the people too disappointed!


Fuck~ how can this happen again? Are people still human? Seeing this post depresses me.


嫖宿 [“piao su” , visiting a brothel]? New expressions! Interesting, it is still better to raise sons these days, daughters are unreliable!


Behind the Zhejiang case, one cannot help but wonder why one tragedy after another happens. Are we truly living in the times of peace and prosperity that CCTV always sings about?


For children to do the wrong thing actually means there are even more problems with the parents. I hope all the parents under the sky can all be dedicated and responsible towards their children’s growth, not only with regards to the material things, but even more so their mental development.


I call on the legislature to protect minors, especially underage virgin girls, abolish the crime of using minor girl prostitution, and make any sexual behavior towards young, ignorant underage girls who lack the ability of discernment a sexual crime with heavy punishments!!! Use heavy punishments to control a chaotic world!!!

When we cannot even thoroughly protect our own children, how can we even talk about being a strong country?


No matter if it is “prostitution” or “rape”, I feel we indeed need to help those working or traveling party members, and have a heartfelt talk with them about sex issues. Party members are also people! They need the care and comfort of the opposite sex! If we do not satisfy the physical and mental needs of the busy leaders and low-level party members, their work performance will definitely be affected! My proposal: The party and the state should provide female party members for them to choose from. This way, our harmonious society can rapidly develop, first surpassing European and American countries in the service industry!


This is the dangerous consequence of not legalizing prostitution… If every area had a legal red light district, then this kind of horrific thing would not happen. Rape and gang-rape are all the results of hormones.


Don’t worry, river crab society, this thing will blow over.

With such a magical society, what things don’t happen! Exactly, just get used to it and it will be fine!

Besides, no one will care/manage/regulate! Even if they do, there will be no results/improvement!


Lack of parental guidance makes it easy for little children to go on the wrong path, regardless of whether it is boy or girl. Please attach importance to parental guidance, attach importance to the communication/interaction between parents and children.
Regardless of whether it is son or daughter, both need the family’s concern, but the current situation is: Parents give the student spending money, feed them and cloth them, and you [the student/child] only need to do well in school for the parents, while everything else is ignored. Mental and emotional problems do not get any communication or resolutions.
Those people in this topic who are shouting that they will only have sons, are you unafraid that your son will become a thief, murderer, or rapist?


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In ’09, it is trendy to visit 90’s generation prostitutes.


I don’t know if it is that today’s society is just more transparent,
allowing us to see more of the dark things that simply would not have been reported in the past,
or if it is that the country is becoming more and more chaotic. There are too many ugly phenomenon.


Is this what people are into these days?

In the past, people keep university student mistresses. Now, fuck, they are doing junior high students!!

Comments from Phoenix Web (ifeng):


I am an ordinary common person without authority or power. What is there for me to use to save you, my dear motherland—China!


The claws of a womanizer/wolf can actually reach into the schools! Just like a plague, it spreads. I hope our people’s public servants can 管一管 [“guan yi yuan”, do something], that the education department and public security organs will 管管 [“guan guan”, do something], and save those poor underage girls.


People with money who use their assets to play underage girls and get in trouble can still use money to get out of trouble. This sentence is very true.


Water can float a boat, and it can overturn it. Managing the country to this, those brave martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the New China cannot rest in peace [are turning in their graves?].


This is exposed! I am sure this is not a case! This case shows the exorbitant social costs that must be paid at the same time as achieving huge economic success through the reform and opening up! While a portion of the people first get rich, those people who first got rich have not and even will not lead everyone else to communal prosperity, and use their assets to exploit the poor people, tyrannize the weak, and commit crimes, abusing society’s resources.  The increasingly serious polarization of wealth will direct that incidents like this will continue to happen in the future! There is no pure land anymore!


Candidates for what Jackie Chan said, Chinese people lack governance.


The countryside already does not have law, I am from the countryside, and lawless things are everywhere, and what more, all rural village cadres are models for breaking the law.


Human dregs, let me rape your daughter, how would you feel, go die, you trash.


Are these girls’ knowledge of the law that dim? This is what China’s education is like! Fostering these beasts, corrupt officials and scum~!


Only after Guizhou’s so-called “visiting underage prostitutes” case have we discovered that there are this many sexual assaults on underage minors. This time it is Zhejiang, who knows where it will be next time. We pay too little attention to underage female minors, and is really distressing and upsetting.

More comments at Mop (Chinese).

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  • too yellow

    first!! yayayayay
    yet another topics that’s too yellow and too violent

    • Name

      What does Yellow mean? How is it spelled?

      • Joe #2

        Yellow means “perverted.” It’s in the glossary (probably under “too yellow, too violent”). Anyhow, yes, a story like this is terrible. I hope they punish the culprit severely for a crime as horrible as this.

  • too yellow

    China now has changed too much for me. I guess china need to have a sex offender register just the US and educate the kids to protect themselves. (Interestingly high rape and murder rates in the United States was used as in school books to display the advantages of a socialist society over a capitalist one back in the 80’s. But I guess China can no longer claims that, for it neither has low crime rate or a socialist society..)

    • Alikese

      I might guess that some of those statistics were skewed in your 80’s textbook. And I imagine, like one of the posters said, a large part of it is that people are finally hearing about what goes on. Now that everybody can use the internet it becomes almost impossible to sweep incidences like these under the rug, and pay/hope they go away.

      • too yellow

        Well, from personal experience. For 11 year I lived in China, there isn’t much going on in the city I was living in and it’s very safe to go out at night. With in week I moved to America (Fresno), there is girl chopped in pieces and dumped in the trash about 10 blocks from where I live. A few month later, (I moved to Chicago now) there was a drive by and some kid got shot, and I actually heard the gun shots. (but to keep it fair, China is still the only I seen stabbing, in America people just shot each other) Then a year later, I moved to San Leandro and the meat store owner, where I asked for donation for a school trip, shot 3 federal agents in a drug raid and was shot himself. I never get that close that murders and murderers while in China and the city I lived in China has 3 million people. So there is definite a difference in the level of crime in the two countries. At back then. lease However, from my grandma, there has been a lot of robberies in the city I lived in China but she blame it all on the Xinjiang immigrants.

        • tsm420

          yellow also means scared

    • Joe #2

      Sex offender registries have become ever more useless over time, especially in that they lump pedophiles in with people who were caught urinating in public. I’m not sure they’d help China any.

      If the offenders are still dangerous to the public, they belong in prison. I mean, what kind of message do the registries send? “That creepy guy next door is a very dangerous and violent rapist/pedophile. But he’s finished his prison term, so he’s YOUR problem now. Good luck!”

      • Chris

        Sex offender registries are also useless because the vast majority of childhood sexual abuse is by family members and close family friends.

  • Capt. Absurdity

    Whoa that is crazy. It is easy to take advantage of little girls like that, freaking sick bastards. Are we getting sicker? Or did this sort of things have happened always. It is it now occurring more often? Either way it is all very sick.

    Maybe it is just a manifestation of a sick society on the path of total self destruction. I mean can you imagine a bunch of 30,40 years old power-fuckers, going to some shady “disco” then getting in the known and then getting on the “action.” How the f***k did that even start? Sick society! And no drugs involved but alcohol–F&c& you sicko media getting on dude for smoking a little bit pot in Japan. F*** you all!

  • Greg

    Is there any surprise here?, they like the weak, helpless and innocent, just take a look at the huge amount of adult created paedo cartoons, comics, animations common in Asia. Anywhere else, the police would be kicking down the door.

    Paedos should have their throats slashed

  • Rick in China

    So sad.

    Just…sad. I can only imagine if one of these exploited young girls is my daughter, and the reaction to those found gilty. They would only dream of prison.

  • A Chinese

    Hope Chinasmack could translate this story, funny and insightful

  • anotherteacher

    A few things:

    The society probalby isn’t becoming sicker. The increasing availability of the internet is making this information better known.

    If something in society is valued, people will go after it. In this case, it’s virginity. (Yes. Virgin rape also happens in the West. I have no idea about statistics though.)

    The best way to combat this is to teach about it. Parents need to teach their children what is inappropriate. They can use dolls and inform their kids of “no touch zones” or they can tell their children to inform them about anytime they’ve been touched in an “underwear zone.”

    Parents also need to fight this by going to authorities. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think some parents might conceal their daughter’s rape in order to not lose face or to make sure their daughter can still find a husband in the future.

    And damn. Hopefully all these people are caught. The Chinese jail system is a lot better than the Western for this crime.

  • mike

    the most shocking thing to me is that the girls knowingly brought their classmates to be raped. what kind of society is this!?

    • little Alex

      From what I hear, it’s actually the plot of many Japanese porn flicks.

      More seriously, though, it also happens a lot in human trafficking rings. Stockholm syndrome and all.

  • internetman

    hey retards.

    what is going on here is not “pedophilia”.

    “pedophilia” means liking kids.

    the correct term is “ephebophilia”.

  • VeerLeft

    The society is not really changing, just stuff is getting unearthed more often and people are finding the guts to step up and claim that they have been unfairly dealt with (damn the consequences).
    In some respects this is actually a society that is healing itself …slowly. People are feeling more confident that justice will be done, so they are coming out of the woodwork slowly.
    2 of my past Chinese girlfriends lost their virginity under less than ideal circumstances (rape, date rape etc) and many more of my friends also.
    In coming years we’ll find out more about how many Olympic and National Team athletes had to KJ party officials to get on the team.
    You heard it here first folks.

    • internetman

      It’s good to be an official.

  • internetman

    Ephebophilia is a word indicating sexual preference for mid-to-late adolescents.[1] In research environments, specific terms are used for chronophilias: ephebophilia to refer to the sexual preference for mid-to-late adolescents, hebephilia to refer the sexual preference for pubescent persons, and pedophilia to refer to the sexual preference for prepubescent persons.

  • commentator

    In China, children are taught to respect their “uncles” but if they are abused and taken advantage of by their elders, then how will the next generation respond to authority?

    This is the type of thing that can destroy China.

    • Bill Duff

      Having respect and being stupid are two different things. Situtions can always be difused in a civilized manner. He acts like a fag, you rip his nuts off, end of story.

      • ffp

        Every culture is taught to respect their “uncles”. This is a classic straw man argument why bother responding?

      • little Alex

        Um, since girls are involved, aren’t those criminals obviously not “fags”?

    • Phobe Lexx

      Is and will destroy China….

  • pug_ster

    Shouldn’t this website be renamed

    • Kai

      Are you asking for more nose-picking posts?

      Dude, this is the first serious post after four not-so-serious posts. The last one was about Nanjing! Nanjing!. As sordid as these news stories are, at least its hardcore news instead of silly (but nonetheless entertaining) internet forwards. Geez…

  • chris

    China has lost his cultural roots,no ideology just making money…anything to be surprised about this?

    • Phobe Lexx

      Ditto…Oh so Ditto.

  • Truth Hurtz

    First of all…what were the 13-14 year old teens doing hanging around with someone who is 30 to 40 in the first place?

    Second, they need to step up the awareness and protection of minors safety.

    Third, these STD infested motherfuckers (the rapists) should be raped in return by a lemon and Sichuan chili soaked glass shard filled 30 foot pole all the while singing at the KTV bosses place. (I am sure they’ll be able to hit a couple of high notes)

  • chris

    reminds me about japanese schoolgirls selling themselves for a D&G handbag,…..nothing to fight for, no ideology to believe in..In China communism has failed,people sacrified themselves for an ideology which eventually failed and now is Taiwan the example to follow…

  • shw

    I am certain this is only the tip of an ice berg. More will be uncovered in due time. I only hope this case (and all future cases) will not be another case of injustice …climbing up a tree and peeping at someone is considered RAPE while having sex with young girls is considered prostitution of the young !!!

  • Journalist

    China gov get your hands of the peaceful respectable Falung Dafa and focus on this crap who are a REAL problem !

  • Chang

    I think it is the sick society to blame rather than individuals. The Chinese society is just like a big dirty rye vat that anyone who lives in it long is sure to be ryed unscrupulous and evil. The Chinese society is also like city jungle that anyone who wish to be successful in it has to be cruel and predatory. So it’s no big surprise to me that those government officials and business people commit such an outrageous crime. Since they would do whatever to achieve so-called success, which is usually gained at the price of their conscience and scruple.

  • mike

    the other shocking thing was the transmission of stds from student to student via…sharing underwear?! without washing it!??! what happened to these girls is horrible, but it also sheds a lot of light on china’s desperate need for quality sex-education in schools.

    • Kai

      LoL, yeah, I was like, wait…WTF…why are they exchanging and wearing each other’s panties in the first place?

  • fireworks

    Sounds like a human ponzi scheme.

    Hope that KTV guy gets a hefty prison sentence. The local village head should also get a big kick up in the family jewels.

  • sal

    This should be top news internationally. But then how are so many young girls not realizing they are having sex with someone 20 years older?

    • Kai

      Dude, did you read the article? They were first raped and then some started consenting to further sex and even introducing other girls to the bastard for the money he was giving them.

  • vam

    i do think it’s a pan-society problem, not just random freaky people. i think economic freedom leads to sexual freedom. geezer has car, traveling freakshow. geezer with no car, harder to do. poor accommodation where everyone’s living in each other’s pockets, harder again.
    lately i’ve been thinking about cultures of shame vs cultures of freedom, regarding sex. the shame cultures ARE onto something, however hamfisted… that sex is powerful and needs constraints. cos, for all our freedom, we’re not really enviable with all our rape and std stats. i’m not saying we’re better or worse than some shariah society, i’m thinking in terms of comparing western cultures to what they themselves could be. isnt it oxymoronic to say, “do what you want as long as it’s not hurting other people”?
    last random thought: would dudes be less sexually freaky if they lived with their parents? like, eating breakfast with mum and dad each day… wouldnt that be some kind of reality check/civilizing influence?

  • chris

    thats actually happened in every country of the world and it has been always called PROSTITUTION.
    The powerfull and the rich has many young mistress around him ( see Jin Ping Mei) and the kind even more (see some biography about Mao).

    Not that it doesnt exsist in the west too, it does!

    btw thats not rape,these girls have been selling themselves or not?

  • kepler

    This headline should be changed to “Dirty old officials rape school girls and pay them to find more victims.” The headline as it is pretty much blames the 13-year-old girls for perpetuating their own victimhood, which basically takes the blame off the rapists. And, yes, it is rape. Having sex with underage people is rape as they are not old enough to properly consent.

  • chris

    we can discuss about it for hours, when people are able to give them consent,when thez reallz undertand what sex is and so on…,from a legal point of view, moral point of view and even froma religious point of view but our are just speculatons about as nobody of us is God and cant judge who is ready and who not but apart from the fact that adolescent,as we are not talking about a child but an adolescen, with their strong sexual pulsion and curiosity typical of that age.
    Talking about this in this case I think is anyway quite a waste of time,we are talking about prostitution, underage prostitution, not rape. Once you undertand this we can keep on talking

    • kepler

      A 13-year-old girl is not able to give full consent. Sexual urges and giving consent are two completely different things. Study some law. There is a reason why underage sex is considered rape under the law. Giving consent means being at a certain level of maturity where one is emotionally, not only physically ready for sexual activity. The fact is those girls were raped FIRST. Once you understand this point then we can keep talking.

      • kepler

        I hope you never know the horror of being raped. You’re describing a world where no one can be the judge of what is right and what is wrong, a world where money decides morality. That is a world where anything goes. We’ll see if you still have the same attitude the day something horrific like this happens to you.

  • vam

    yeah but the complainant got raped. so, a mix of prostitution and rape. when my ex was 12, a classmate told her and some friends how she’d taken money for sex and said it was really cool. and another classmate got in on it. so, yes, 13 year old girls are able to consent. However… i dont know, if i was into 13 year old girls, i would seriously want to make sure the girl was consenting and not push her into it. these officials don’t seem to have been doing that. I do think it’s a grievous crime to shag kids that young, under any circumstances, but coercion makes it even more grievous. i mean, 13 year olds pure and simple want to fuck, to some degree or another, but it’s important that they mature into their adult bodies a bit; learn more about sex and how it’s part of everything that you are, not some separate thing….
    i doubt those kids really understood what they were doing when they coerced their classmates into that car… but the rapist knew what was going on, and that makes him a predator.

    • Chen

      The rapist was an official so he definitely knew that sleeping with a minor qualifies as rape. If you can get convicted for rape for sitting in a tree watching your neighbour undress, then you can’t claim consent in this case.

      • vam

        should a 13/14 year old kid be convicted for being an accomplice? flat out no, or possibly in some circumstances?

  • VeerLeft

    Money is able to make all the shame go away. What do you expect in this country, where a valid legal defense can include, “They paid me a lot of money, your honor”.

  • chaingKS

    Mao would spin in his grave.

    (if they get round to burying him, that is)

  • Jordan

    I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • krdr

    Similar cases were found over Europe, both east and west part.

  • warped0ne

    This place has some really sick sexual things going on. Just 2 nights ago, I was propositioned by a transvestite hooker (one of three in a group) while walking home from a bar. Not saying transvestite’s are wrong, just not my cup of tea. And if these guys are there every weekend, you know there’s a market for that kind of stuff with the locals (it’s a predominantly non-laowai area of town). I’ve also heard stories of little girls in villages, from very poor families, getting raped because an older man will offer them food.

    • Phobe Lexx

      Now that sucks. Of course none of these stories ever make it to national television.

    • Cygnet

      Well don’t say the goings on are sick then. But what you mention in the last sentence is not something any normal human being can stand for. Those older men are TWISTED. Aren’t there any brothels they could use?

  • warped0ne

    And this

    “People with money who use their assets to play underage girls and get in trouble can still use money to get out of trouble. This sentence is very true.”

    is the most true translated comment I think I’ve read in a Chinese forum.

  • Lasso

    Dumbass’s you spurn most of the world’s flu and yu (china sp) get made at mexico?

  • J


    Are you Fu*king crazy! That is the most insane comment I have ever read. This type of action by Government officials is the exactly why it will take China so long to develop into a true superpower. Backward thinking!

  • Louise

    let me fuck your daughter while you watch, then you fuck her

  • Duchemin

    What is the penalty for raping 13-year old girls in China? And are there special disciplinary schools or boot-camps for the girls who agreed to bring class-mates to be raped?

  • Skeleton Man

    “(Yes. Virgin rape also happens in the West. I have no idea about statistics though.)”

    I doubt it. Not many girls of middle school age in the west are still virgins.

  • Momo

    Woahh.. This is feels like an article out of a soap-opera. For things to get to this extent without authorities getting involved is unbelievable. Governments are so corrupt. :\

  • fairytale

    parents need to send their kids to other schools . the girls shouldn’t trust each other-its very dangerous

  • katie k

    Those poor girls. I feel incredible sorrow for them.

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