Filial Son Returns Home to Be With His Dying Father

Cheng Jilai, a 24-year-old Chinese university student who stayed by his father's side during his father's final days.

Cheng Jilai, a 24-year-old Chinese university student who stayed by his father's side during his father's final days.

From iFeng and Tiexue:

Watching one’s father die

This is a real life version of the To Live story. His wife having died early, Cheng Yixing relied on his two farm-working hands to “drag up” [raise] his three children. Seeing his two daughters marry, his son enter university, and having established a new family with a woman 10 years older than himself, Cheng Yixing was about to begin his happy life. However, owing to overwork, he collapsed from exhaustion. As doctors handed Cheng Yixing’s the “death penalty”, his son in his second year of university, Cheng Jilai, came to accompany his father to finish his last days. [click images to enlarge]

Cheng Jilai showing the coffin he purchased for his father.

Cheng Jilai used the 3000 yuan of tuition money he earned from work to buy a coffin, gathering money from wherever he could to prepare for his father’s final expenses. What will he do in the future? He hasn’t yet had time to think about it. This 24-year-old young man and his father, are like many Chinese people who live in the lowest levels of society, living in silent perseverance. “My father’s heart could stop beating at any moment, his remaining time calculated in minutes and seconds. I often dream of my father rising from the dead, but this is only a fantasy in a dream, and my only wish is to be with my father in his final days,” Cheng Jilai said while using smashing blue touch paper [paper used to light coal and start fires], a black coffin placed beside him. This coffin was purchased with the 3000 yuan tuition money he had saved from working while in college.

Cheng Jilai, a 24-year-old Chinese university student who stayed by his father's side as he succumbed to rectal cancer.

24-year-old Cheng Jilai is from Yingsheng village of Zhangjiatownship in Zhenan county [of Shanxi province]. In 2010, his gaokao college entrance exam score was 492 points, just a few points away from a “second-batch” university. Because of his impoverished family financial situation, unable to bear expensive tuition costs, Cheng Jilai ultimately chose to Xi’an Aeronautical University, borrowing 6000 yuan to enter the school. Cheng Jilai is the youngest child of the family, with two older sisters, his mother having died of cancer in 2000, Cheng Jilai having just turned 12 that year. These past few years, his father Cheng Yixing was both father and mother in bringing up his three children. His two sisters only graduated from primary school before each of them got married. His father’s greatest wish was to see his son get into university, and bring honor to his ancestors.

Cheng Yixing, bed-ridden from anorectal cancer.

Cheng Yixing is 56 years old, his body simply worn out from exhaustion, where simply getting up to do work during hot weather being difficult. When Cheng Jilai attended high school, it was at a county town hundreds of kilometers away, making it impossible for him to normally help out at home. Only during summer and winter vacations could he help his father with some farm work. Even in this situation, his father feared his son overworking his body, and only allowed Cheng Jilai to do some easy farm work. Every time he saw his father breathless with beads of sweat on his forehead working with the ground, Cheng Jilai’s heart was especially pained. Cheng Jilai felt his father should start a new family, an idea his sisters also approved of, but their father refused. He said he’s already a 50 year old man and as long as his children are good and have a future, he’s satisfied.

Chen Yixing's second wife and Cheng Jilai's stepmother.

Cheng Jilai found some village elders to ask around on behalf of his father, and ultimately with these elders playing matchmaker, Cheng Yixing and a woman 10 years older than him started a new family in the 12th lunar month of 2008. This woman’s husband had passed away several years earlier and had no children. After the marriage, the stepmother and the family got on well. Cheng Jilai said that upon seeing this, they, the children, all felt more at ease [for their father].

A rural Chinese farmer's son returns from university to take care of him in his final days.

But a good thing doesn’t last forever and Cheng Yixing soon began having health problems. He didn’t want to spend money to go to the hospital for an examination and so did not even know what disease he had. 2011, after Spring Festival, Cheng Jilai accompanied his father to a hospital in Changan district of Xi’an city for an examination. It was rectal cancer, and the doctor said surgery was necessary. The lab test results were retrieved by Cheng Yixing himself and he did not tell [the result] to his children, telling them that he only needed to rest to get better. In truth, Cheng Yixing was very clear on the state of his illness, but he just wanted to wait until after harvesting his wheat. But after his wheat was harvested, Cheng Yixing saw that his kitchen was collapsing, and so borrowed 6000 yuan from others to build a new kitchen. Within a few short months, after taking care of various major and minor matters at home, his body thoroughly fell apart at the end of the year. 2011 December 14th, his daughter hurriedly transferred Cheng Yixing to a hospital in Changan district of Xi’an. With the lab results in hand, the doctor rebuked them for coming to the hospital so late. Only then did Cheng Jilai learn of his father’s illness, an unspeakable sadness in his heart.

Cheng Yixing, a rural Chinese farmer suffering from anorectal cancer lies on a bed in his home as his daughter and son take care of him in his last days.

When the treating doctor learned of Cheng Yixing’s family financial situation, he told them frankly that the cancer cells had already spread, that surgery now would only temporarily delay the disease, and the probability of a cure with more money spent on treatment was small. Cheng Jilai understood the doctor’s meaning, and on 2012 January 30th, Cheng Yixing returned home to Zhenan county after spending 45 days in the hospital.

Son Cheng Jilai next to the 3000 RMB coffin he had purchased for his father's burial.

Three days after returning home, the village elders paid a visit, with everyone expressing pessimistic, that a coffin should be prepared as soon as possible. Cheng Jilai went to the market and learned that a coffin would cost 3800 yuan at the least. The eldest sister went home to do work for her father-in-law, asking if they could purchase her father-in-law’s [already purchased] coffin. Her father-in-law was also seriously ill and confined to bed, not much better than her own father, but her father-in-law still agreed to sell this coffin to Cheng Jilai for the low price of 3000 yuan.

The 3000 RMB coffin that Cheng Jilai purchased from his older sister's father-in-law for 3000 RMB.

Cheng Jilai had started working ever since he was in high school. While away at university, his monthly living expenses were at least 500 yuan. His father and sisters put together 200-300 every month, with him having to work to earn the remainder. These few years, he has gone to construction sites, worked as security, been a street peddler, and has managed to save up over 4000 yuan bit by bit over the past few years. He was going to use this sum of money to pay for tuition, but regardless of how difficult it will be, he wants to buy a coffin for his father, to do right by a father who had raised him. And so, the money Cheng Jilai had worked so hard to save up over several years was exchanged for a coffin, and with the 100 yuan cost of transportation, a total of 3100 yuan was spent.

The 3000 RMB coffin that Cheng Yixing's son purchased for his burial from his daughter's father-in-law.

During transport, some of the paint on the coffin was carelessly chipped off, which Cheng Jilai is still upset over, blaming himself for not being able to do even this right, and having to spend more money. In reality, he feels guilty inside for buying his father a coffin with a blemish.

24-year-old Cheng Jilai at a pharmacy to buy anesthesia for his father suffering from anorectal cancer.

When the new school semester began, Cheng Jilai took a leave of absence in order to take care of his father at home. When his father was discharged from the hospital, the doctor provided a medical prescription. Considering how expensive the medicine was, his second sister who works in Xi’an specifically went to a medicine drug wholesale market to buy the medicine, where it is cheaper than ordinary pharmacies. Every time the medicine is purchased, they rely on a long-distance bus driver to carry it to the county town where they then ask someone to bring it home. Photo is of 2012 March 21st, in Zhenan county of Shanxi, where Cheng Jilai is in a pharmacy looking for anesthetic medication.

Cheng Jilai and his older sister washing their father's emaciated leg and swollen foot.

Cheng Jilai naturally became his father’s “treating doctor”, everyday responsible for cleaning his father’s wound and changing medicine. What his father uses most often is an “anorectal pouch”, which must be changed once or twice every day. In order to save on expenses, the pouch Cheng Jilai purchased is the cheapest, 7 yuan each, while high quality ones cost 22.9 yuan. According to common pathology knowledge, sterilized cotton must be used when changing medicine for a sick person, but he can’t afford sterilized cotton, so Cheng Jilai carefully uses toilet paper every time to clean and wash [his father’s] wound. Because his the excretion of waste in his father’s body, a large amount of toilet paper must be used to wipe and clean, requiring at least 2 rolls of toilet paper every day.

Cheng Yixing, suffering from anorectal cancer, grimaces in pain as his son changes his medicine.

Every time medicine is changed, the pain for his bed-ridden father is unbearable, gritting his teeth, from time to time screaming: “Let me die faster, so my children are released from this.” Every time he hears his father groan, Cheng Jilai is unable to stop his tears from flowing onto his father’s emaciated body. “We don’t have money to buy anesthesia, and the pain medication is already ineffective, and we can only watch our father suffer,” Cheng Jilai says.

Cheng Jilai, a 24-year-old university student who has returned home to take care and be with his father during his last days.

In school, there are female schoolmates who like Cheng Jilai, but Cheng Jilai has never dared to entertain the idea of dating. A girlfriend requires money, and he doesn’t even have the money to buy some snacks to win the favor of a girlfriend. Cheng Jilai is 1.73m tall, and is just over 50kg clothed, while his bed-ridden father Cheng Yixing is already so thin he is not much heavier than a bag of noodles, having gained a bit of weight only because his two legs have recently swollen very large.

Cheng Jilai goes to claim a reimbursement for his father's medical care expenses.

March 21st, with his father seriously ill, Cheng Jilai and his older sister arrive for the 5th time at the rural cooperative medical handling center in the county town to ask if their father’s [government provided] medical care money has arrived, because they urgently need money at home.

Cheng Jilai goes to claim a reimbursement for his father's medical care expenses.

Upon learning of the situation, the handling center’s head Kou Zhengping disbursed the medical care money for Cheng Jilai’s father early.

Cheng Jilai counting the 4000 RMB reimbursement and subsidy from the government for his father's medical care costs, only 40% of the total.

The medical care money can only reimburse/subsidize 40%, and the over 10,000 yuan medicine purchased is not within the costs that can be reimbursed. 12,020 yuan was spent for the hospital stay and treatment, with only 4326 yuan ultimately reimbursed.

Cheng Jilai signing the medical bill to confirm receipt of the government reimbursement and subsidy.

Cheng Jilai receiving the 4326 yuan medical care money for his father’s stay in the hospital, signing the medical bill.

Cheng Jilai buying a set of burial clothes for his dying father.

For the Cheng family, this sum of money is too important and too timely. Cheng Jilai spends 630 yuan buying a complete set of burial clothes at a burial clothes store. However his father’s feet are so swollen, he has asked an older woman in the village to custom make a pair of cloth shoes.

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Cheng Jilai buys a set of cotton knitwear for his father.

At a clothing wholesale market, Cheng Jilai walked around for a long time before daring to enter, until suddenly seeing a clothing store put out a 20 yuan for sale sign.

Cheng Jilai buys a set of cotton knitwear for his father.

He immediately made a beeline for this clothing shop, and after bargaining, he ultimately bought a set of cotton knitwear for his father for 40 yuan. Cheng Jilai says has to be given to his father to wear while he still has a breath of life, first warming it up on his own body before giving it to his father to put on.

Cheng Jilai buys a fish from the wet market to cook his father's favorite fish soup.

Afterward, Cheng Jilai arrived at a wet market and spent 19 yuan to buy a 1.2kg grass carp fish. He says his father normally loves drinking fish soup, but after falling ill, had only had fish soup once while in the hospital in Xi’an.

Cheng Jilai feeds his father some of the fish soup he has prepared, but his father can only manage two spoonfuls.

The next morning, Cheng Jilai feeds his father the fish soup he had stewed, and the dying Cheng Yixing could only manage two spoonfuls before he could swallow no more.

Cheng Jilai walks by the remaining pig of the family, the other one having been sold earlier.

To provide medical treatment for Cheng Yixing, the family has already spent all of their savings. Of the two pigs they had kept, one small pig that was not yet fully grown had already been sold when Cheng Yixing entered the hospital. Now there is still one old female pig, which Cheng Jilai plans on selling, but Cheng Yixing refuses to let anything be sold, and that after one more month, this pig can give birth, so selling it now would be a pity. Cheng Jilai says he’s useless, having already borrowed money from relatives and only raising over 20,000 yuan.

Cheng Jilai at his father's home, made of mud bricks.

Indeed, this family is too poor, and the house is even made of mud bricks, so who would be willing to lend money to them? However, an uncle promised he will give 5000 yuan when the father dies, “no matter what, the elderly must be buried”. The uncle is 38 years old this year and unmarried. This 5000 yuan was to be used to get married and start a family.

Cheng Jilai tries on some funeral attire.

Two elderly people in the village had passed away successively. Cheng Jilai gave a total of 300 yuan in gift money.

Cheng Jilai making funeral arrangements, knowing that his father doesn't have long left.

Seeing that his father’s days in the world are running out, Cheng Jilai prepares funeral arrangements.

Cheng Jilai making funeral arrangements, knowing that his father doesn't have long left.

Cheng Jilai and his dying father, Cheng Yixing, in a photo together during the father's final days.

During this time, Cheng Jilai and his father have slept in the same room, always by his father’s side. He knows his father is close to death, and may pass away at any moment. March 10th morning 1am, Cheng Yixing who had not left his bed throughout this time stubbornly got out of bed and step-by-step slowly moved towards the pigsty. On a window sill, he felt for a bottle. He held the bottle to his body planning to warm it a bit before drinking it. When he opened the bottle, the stinging odor of the agricultural chemical was emitted. Cheng Jilai was awakened by this odor. He jumped out of bed and upon seizing the bottle of agricultural chemical from his father, the two of them bawled in each others arms. Cheng Jilai says he doesn’t blame his father, as his father simply couldn’t take it anymore. Because they don’t have the money to buy anesthesia and the pain is unbearable, he wanted to end his life early, and lessen the suffering of his children. “It’s all my fault for being so young, unable to earn money, unable to lesson my father’s pain and suffering.”

Cheng Jilai crying over his dying bed-ridden father.

March 21st evening, Cheng Yixing knows he’s about to die. This life of hard work, this man who has never been lazy or complained, still worries about his only son. Calling his son over before him yet again, he instructs him: “6000 yuan is still owed for building the kitchen, it must be paid back, you must take care of your mother (stepmother), you must study hard.” Cheng Jilai could only hold back his tears and nod his head over and over again, knowing that these are essentially his father’s last words.

Cheng Yixing, a hardworking father, thin and emaciated in his last days, dying from anorectal cancer.

2012 March 27th, last night at 9:30pm, Cheng Jilai called this reporter and said his father has passed away.

Comments from iFeng:

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凤凰网吉林省吉林市蛟河市网友: 见妞就抽

There are still tens of millions of families like this in China, what should we do? Donations isn’t the solution, the solution is to enrich the people. Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s thinking has been partially realized, some have gotten rich first. However, those who have gotten rich first are not looking after those who have not yet gotten rich, and instead are using their money to bribe the government and exploit even more money from the poor.

凤凰网江西省南昌市网友: xiaolie123750

Tears have come.

凤凰网山西省太原市网友: 刘二万

The poor people in this world truly have it hard. Those rich people who squander money, those celebrities who indulge in lives of luxury, that coal boss in Luliang city of Shanxi named Xing Libin who used 70 million on his daughter’s wedding, if you have even a tiny bit of compassion, help the pitiful poor. Don’t be heartless rich people, can you reconcile that kind of extravagance with your consciences? Being charitable is the manifestation of a person’s character, dignity, and spirit.

凤凰网陕西省西安市网友: jun2010jun (responding to above)

We shouldn’t demand that all rich people go do charity. These are all things the government should be doing, and we should demand the government to go do these things, and we should even more not hate the rich, because their wealth was obtained through the government’s rule.

凤凰网四川省乐山市网友: 趾环王归来

Very heartbreaking, poor father, he was only 50-some years old. What was the local government doing? Those coal bosses who spend over 70 million to marry off their daughters, those hosts and celebrities who flatter and toady up to the rich…when you see this news, what are you thinking? 70 million versus several thousand kuai to save a life, to buy a coffin… China’s GDP I think is just a fairy tale…

凤凰网湖北省武汉市网友: 斌雪荣化

In this fickle and scatterbrained society, when we promote and discuss building, developing, and surpassing, can we calm down for a moment and look at this, and think for a bit? Perhaps then we should know what we truly should be doing.

凤凰网上海市浦东新区网友: yuyw

A father is a family’s backbone, the tree of the family. To be a father is to only have responsibility, without asking for return. Fathers, at any time and when making any decision, do not complain or regret. Strongly request the government open more charitable nursing homes, and do more good works.

凤凰网江苏省网友: 手机用户

Couldn’t hold back my tears. I thank God for bestowing upon us such great parents! Young guy, study hard and live a good life as only that would be doing right by them [your parents]!

凤凰网湖北省武汉市网友: xjmlsh

The people cannot afford to raise children, cannot afford to fall ill, cannot afford homes, cannot afford to go to school, and even cannot afford to eat food and wear clothes.
The irony is that the country actually is rich, quite rich…

凤凰网中国网友: 手机用户

Uncle Cheng, may you rest in peace, you are a good person, and the door of heaven opens for you! Your son will definitely have a future, because God is fair!

凤凰网湖北省武汉市网友: 西贡的夜晚

When it comes to this kind of family, I’m truly without words. Other than shedding tears, there is truly nothing I can do to help these people who live on the lowest levels of society. I can only beg Buddha to give these people a life without crushing poverty in their next reincarnation.

凤凰网宁夏网友: 牛牛哥哥

Very real, and also very common. For the ordinary commoners at the lowest levels, many of them have lives like this.

凤凰网山西省临汾市网友: sxhtgsh

Can’t help crying. Though those who live at the lowest levels are lacking in material things, they still have trust, and virtue and morality. May I ask: Why are such good people so poor? That they have to experience such torment? Do good things not happen to the truly good people?!!!

凤凰网福建省福州市网友: blue__sky

He’s wearing Adidas! Looks like he’s not such a good person after all!

凤凰网广西北海市网友: 不战则败 (responding to above)

Bah! You’re blind!! Are those genuine?? From top to bottom, from inside to outside, what clothes of value does this child have??

From KDS:

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In China—Watching one’s father die!!!

After reading this, I was deeply moved. A life of such toil and still couldn’t afford a coffin. This is the real portrait of those who live on the lowest levels of society in China today. Thinking back to several days ago when a coal boss spend 70 million for his daughter’s wedding, people truly cannot be compared. I just want to say, who caused all of this…?
These photos are from iFeng. The original title was “In the World”, but I think changing it to “In China” would be more appropriate.

Comments from KDS:


And the country still has the face to go be one of the world’s great economies. Surpassing Japan in GDP, becoming the world’s second [largest economy], what JB use is all this?


There’s really no need for rural children to go to university. A university education these days is not the same as before.
Join the military, start working, even joining black society [organized crime] has more future prospects than going to university.


There are plenty of poor people in society. The key is in learning how to change one’s mentality.
No money? Then why are you going to university? Why are you going to high school!!!?
With this kind of family financial situation, since it is like this, after graduating middle school, they should go to a vocational school to learn a trade, to be a cook, an excavator operator, electrician, etc. After graduating, go out and work hard, go be a mechanic at a construction site. The money that can be earned isn’t little either. And it wouldn’t be so hard for a 24-year-old to take out several thousand kuai. After working several years as a mechanic at a construction site, come out and make some money, and you’ll have enough to build a brick and tile house in the countryside.
So, being poor is not to be feared, what is to be feared are people’s narrow thinking.


How come no one considered the issue of legalizing euthanasia? Allowing people their dignity, lessening their suffering in death, is respect for life.


If I were this kid, I bet I would’ve fallen apart already. I truly admire him.
[When I was] 24 years old, I didn’t know anything. It was an age of goofing off and chasing girls all day.


Quite heart-wrenching.
Those oh-so-wise people posting their oh-so-wise opinions,
can you shut your stinking mouths?
Euthanasia, why don’t you go die?
Don’t go to school, why did you want to go to university?
Everyone has bad luck/moments of hardship. Since you aren’t able to help them, please silently wish them well in your hearts!
Rather than standing on the sides giving direction and criticism thinking you are so brilliant!!!


Very realistic, a common situation in present-day China’s rural countryside. So, when encountering these YP, please be a little more forgiving. With their material lives still like this, we shouldn’t be too harsh towards their thinking and level of civility.


This kid truly doesn’t have it easy, what a filial son~ emoticon


I see people above saying criticizing them for having children when they have no money and I don’t think this is fair. After all, to have such a filial son, this old man’s life wasn’t in vain. The young guy is a good person.


If he didn’t have this boy, the old man would have died even more miserably. This child was a good child.



What do you think?

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    Self sacrifice, family before self, stoic acceptance of hardship. Such is the stuff that real men are made off. That kid will do well in life.

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          Yeah sure let’s all be rich pieces of coal, he’s been through a bad situation but at least that means he won’t end up like some other Chinese, being amoral, apathetic to the ills that plague society because he’s experienced it first hand. You have a rather simplistic view on life rich = happy and poor = hopeless, you yourself said you came from a poor background and have made it this far in life, if that’s the case what gives you the right to pass judgement on this young fellow?
          I’m sure people would have helped this guy if they had known the friggin story before the dad died, but then the reporter wouldn’t have such a heart wrenching piece, I won’t believe that society is that broken.
          You think saying that you want something means that it will be given? Are you a child? If you want something you have to work your ass off for it and not mope all the time about what you couldn’t do. Set yourself a goal and reach for it, simple but the truth is you may or may not reach that goal, the world is a cruel and heartless place, some people are destined to end up suffering throughout their whole lives, that’s just the way things are.

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            i am just implying that your “sympathies” means shit for him, and even for you they are most likely just a way to feel good about yourself, but neither will and can change his situation.

            I never said that “rich = happy and poor = hopeless”, where you got them from ??? I also can’t remember that i judged this young men ??? I just mentioned that hope is not helpful and it just adds to the already existing misery.

            The point is not if people would have helped him, cause it wouldn’t mean shit, since the rest of the 10 million which are in the same boat will NOT receive any help.

            If you are sooo self righteous and helpful and have all this sympathy you claim, then why not find him (shouldn’t be that hard), and put money where your mouth is ??? “if they had known the story” means also shit. Its still not too late, to at least pay the bills for this young men.

            I also never said that when you want something that it will be given…again, where you got THAT from ??? I never mentioned HOW to accomplish goals….just said that “i hope” should be replaced with “i want”, thats it, i never mentioned that something would be given. even “i want” is not guaranty that someone can succeed , but its definitely better then hoping for it. In fact your answered it yourself at the end of your post:

            “If you want something you have to work your ass off for it and not mope all the time about what you couldn’t do. Set yourself a goal and reach for it, simple but the truth is you may or may not reach that goal, the world is a cruel and heartless place, some people are destined to end up suffering throughout their whole lives, that’s just the way things are.”

            even i would argue that “destined to end up suffering” is a bit far fetched, don’t you think….you are not some sort of religious troll ? hope not, but your logic sounds like that….

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            With your comments you laugh about this people, and you should feel shame about it ! The funny thing about you jesus freaks is that none of you ACT like jesus supposedly did. All you self righteous people just talk the talk and do more harm then good, go join the next tea party rally with all the other sheep !

          • Nyancat

            “sad truth is that this boy will most likely never make it” this is not passing judgement? Do you even realize what you write? No im not a religious nutbag, if anything you do a lot of preaching don’t you think? Although the stuff that comes out of your mouth ranges from narcissistic to downright insane? Resumes for women? Religion is BAD! Democracy is wrong! Is there anything else you would like to add? Why don’t you give the solution to everything smarty pants? How should countries be run, under what political system or would complete anarchy suit you better? You make long winded preachy comments and call others religious nutbags, ironic since you sound like a jehovah’s witness. You never waste an opportunity to discuss yourself, lets see if i can sum you up, you’re an international playboy, who’s fought in two wars and have been seriously injured while having a woman in a scuba mask give you a blowjob (likely) while at the same time running a company, fighting off dude’s with knives (it’s cause you’re a foreigner that they didn’t stab your ass, we can get away with a lot here) and to top it all off you’re also a understanding and compassionate person (two distinctly different personalities in one person, do you have a split personality perhaps?) is there anything else you would like to add? Can you fly perhaps?
            The thing is you talk too much about urself and frankly this article is not about you, and your solutions are such crap, give the guy money? This quote should give u some clarity, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
            If anything this guy should figure out his life, not rely on handouts his whole life, he has the moral character and now that his story is out things should look brighter for him, maybe his uni or college will let him study for free or something since this article has come out.
            If you want to be helpful give him some advice on how to better his life since you managed to do the same, instead of talking endlessly about urself ffs.

          • Christina

            Thank you for your lovely post, nyancat. I knew banana was ridiculous but not to that extent. He accuses others of racism and blind religion but man- I’ve never seen such a case of the pot calling the kettle black. We should all agree just to take pity on this poor, lonely man with the possible personality disorder and refuse to respond to his posts, which obviously only fuel his narrow bigotry.

          • coala banana

            christina ! i see you took some of my comments/suggestions to heart and changed your avatar pic ! great move, you look nice with the red shirt, slightly red lips and black hair, nice combination. Even your former fish-like-look has improved, while your eyes are still freakin’ far apart from each other, you touched them up quite well with this new hair style and colors you were…it shows that you are able to improve and take critique serious !

            Now lets see what notorious will do, after she stops crying in the bathroom cause her looks were criticized. The close up of her eye really scared the shit out of me !

          • Notorious

            Coala, I have been called pretty and beautiful my whole life. Literally since birth. Why would one random jerkoff with no picture on the internet make me cry or change my picture? You are weird.

          • coala banana

            yeah, yeah, I know baby !

            nobody called you ugly, cause they all tried not to hurt your feelings. How many times did you hear someone say:

            “damn, this baby is fucking ugly !!”

            “fuck this child has some big ass eyes !!”

            never, right ?!

            there are good reasons why humans prefer to stay polite or lie to others. Its about preventing confrontation or to reach a particular goal. All girls and women like to hear someone call them beautiful. Family members and friends do that to lift up your self esteem (and you need that, having such huge eyeballs), man do that cause they want a quick fuck with a chick which do it for free. The better ones need some investment and time, the ugly ones just need a few nice words and she is reedy to go……

            Thats how it goes baby, sorry for telling you the truth, but someone has to do it. Trust me when i say that all the people here which remain quite laugh about you and your avatar, and the very few which stand to your site are hypocrites, same like the ones which called you beautiful in your real life.

            Please feel free to believe whatever you want. You believe in all kind of crap, like jesus, god, vampires, miracles and all the esoteric BS, so to think yourself into believing that you are beautiful is not really a big deal. It BTW, points out my theory about the senseless subject of hope. All this people gave you hope, but as you know by now, it was fake, no one of them was ready to tell you the truth. They did so out of their own weakness, which again supports another point if mine, which is, that weak people are dangerous !

            Please see that i am just being helpful here ! As soon as you realize that your eyeballs look ridiculous, as sooner you will be able to develop some REAL self confidence based on your true nature and character. The problem i see, is that your true nature and character suck too, so you really are into some deep shit. According to your own accounts, no one has fucked you in the last 15 years !!! That has of course to do with all the crap you believe in which scare men away, but it has definitely something to do with your frogish look.

            I know : “I have been called pretty and beautiful my whole life”

            sure :-)

            keep on talking yourself into believing it if you are able to do so, its convenient. I don’t say you are ugly as fuck, BUT you are a chick with some ugly looking eyes, fact !

        • mr. wiener

          Yuppy management types used to say “Pressure creates diamonds”. Which is mainly BS as those blow waved twits are mainly born on the fast track to wealth. I the case of this fine young man I hope that people will respect his devotion and kindness…maybe not, this is China, but still I think self respect is a gift you give yourself.
          N-cat and Notorious as to the problems you are having I’d come up with another Yuppyism:”Irritation creates pearls”. I think you know who the irritant is. I have long since extruded a creamy hard white coat to insulate myself from his pithy crassness :)

      • Nyancat

        Oh btw the itchy feeling in your scrotum might be crabs better go and get yourself checked out.

        • Notorious

          Nyancat, your comment about Coala emcompasses everything everyone else on this site feels. It was so much better when he wasn’t posting here for a while. Please stop talking to him. I keep trying to extricate myself from this senseless, deceitful, racial argument he continues to try to have with me but I keep getting sucked in. Coala is what us creoles spiritual folk call a PSYCHIC VAMPIRE.

          A psychic vampire works like the mythological vampire, only this one is real. He feeds on your energy. When you are done talking to him you feel like your energy force has been sucked from you. These people don’t have enough energy and feed on the energy of others to survive. You know when you have talked to a psychic vampire when you feel drained after a conversation.

          Coala is a psychic vampire who not only feeds on the negative energy he creates in others, after stealing their positive energy, he also feeds on the sexual energy of women. When a woman cannot be fed upon, the more hates her and tries to pin her down in other ways.

          The more you talk to an evil spirit like Coala, the more powerful he gets. So best leave him alone. Don’t even say this idiot’s name. He really deserves to be ignored.

          (more on psychic vampires)

          • coala banana

            froggy, the ONLY reason YOUR energy level is low, is cause you are dumb and read too much about vampires and other crap, like finger crossing techniques, forming circles, and other esoteric nonsense. You are powerless cause this shit makes you sick. Not sure why your husband kicked you out, but i am not surprised at all, considering all the nonsense you believe in. You are paranoiac ! You come up with some sick shit, let me tell you that. Fuck, not even one of your “friends” here has replied to this crap post of yours :-)))

            You feel tired cause your hate and anger makes you tired. You are burned out cause this anti white racist bashings takes all of your power. Let loose girl ! Go out and snap some fresh air, reload your batteries, stop hating men, and stop talking for all black women

            See me, I am relaxed and tireless, thats my nature. I don’t need fucking energy from people with questionable energy, and definitely not yours. You are a weak person, thats it, and as we can see, you AGAIN try to make someone else responsible for everything. When you feel tired, then it must be a vampire who sucked out your energy ????? Damn girl, you truly are a disappointment !!!! You will find all answers when you really try to look deep inside you, fight with your weakness and your miseries, fight your inner devils, fight your anger and hate, otherwise it will destroy you ! I can feel you baby, you are NOT strong, you ARE a weak person pretending to be a strong women. You didn’t impress anyone. The ones which are “on your side”, take sides cause they feel pity for you !

            Fight to become a better person ! No one can help you along this path. You must go it yourself ! Where it will lead you ??? Don’t ask ! Walk !!!!

          • coala banana

            BTW, please change this avatar pic of yours, it scares me again and again !

          • [email protected]

            Coala Banana, You are a pathetic sniveling little goat turd. You get scared ‘again and again’ because of a tiny photo of a girl’s eye? You little worthless snotty maggot. You wretched slime-covered invertebrate’s excretion. So full of shit you are and now we see too another side of you – the gutless craven. The trembling coward. Pissing in your pants. Crying and shitting yourself while hiding behind mummy’s skirt. Ignorant putrid mucus of a man you are. Scared of a tiny photo of a girl’s eye. Now I have heard it all. What a twat you are.

          • Notorious

            Don’t worry Appalled (not that you ever would). He only attacks and goes after women. it is in his predatory nature. The ignorant exhausting little psychic vampire that he is. He feeds on negativity, it only makes him stronger. Be careful, he might try to feed on you next. Then again, you’re a man so might go cower in the corner somewhere.

          • coala banana

            i should consider changing careers and write some BS books about psycho vampires, since there are so many dumb fucks out there which are ready to spend their money on that shit…..frogy, tell me are all angry black women into this esoteric nonsense ? wouldn’t surprise me, since you seem to spend a lot of your energies blaming white people for all kind of shit you were not competent enough to accomplish. But now you even find the reasons for you being tired and weak ??? Suddenly it must be a psychic vampire sucking out your energy ??? When will you losers grow up and take over responsibility for your incompetence and weaknesses ? Fucking god and baby jesus didn’t care as we see, are we now into ghosts, spirits and vampires ???

            Look at you eyes, serious, you look obsessed, no wonder your husband kicked your ass and kicked you out, who could stand such a women everyday, talking and believing all this crap ?


          • Notorious

            The vampire is back. Hide your soul or he will steal it. Especially if you are a woman! He feeds on this negativity, just ignore him everyone. Sad, how some of us have forgotten about the sad topic. Particularly since Coala insists on making every topic about him. Typical “psychic vampire-ish” feeding behavior.

            Stop STALKING ME COALA, go away. You are very scary!

          • coala banana

            now you made me angry….tonight i will leave my body, my evil vampire spirit will travel around the globe and will find your fat black ass….i will find myself a nice place in your house and will visit you while you sleep to slowly suck out the little what is left of your low self esteem, each and every night. I want it all, i will suck your soul dry, nothing will be left of it. You will surrender and none of your finger circles, crossing and crystals you are hiding will be able to help you. You will pray to god, but even he will not give a shit about you. You will have no chance to escape, and you too will become a vampire….its unpreventable and you know it. I will let your eyeballs grow even bigger ! look out for me, when you start to feel uncomfortable, then i want you to know, thats me, the banana vampire sucking the spirit out of your body. I will be there all day, all night, I want you to know that !

            Baby jesus will not help you, cause he will be occupied with helping another american buying another car, or a dumb kid passing an exam, or someone winning the lottery……you are defenseless !

          • Notorious

            You know how I spent today? At my place of business, interacting with people. Then I went home and had a good time with family and friends. Cooked a delicious dinner, watched a TV show, relaxed, opened a book. About to run a bubble bath and then I will get in bed.

            You on the other hand have spent your entire day, OBSESSING about everything I write. Obsessing about my one eye. OBSESSING about my existence. Have you done anything today outside of playing with your tiny penis and obsessing about some random woman on ChinaSmack. do you have a life? A job?

            Unlike you, I have people who love me, something you will never have in your lonely pathetic life. Don’t write messages to me about how you are going to take your pathetic spirit to my home as I sleep you freaking pervert. In your roundabout way, you are still writing fantastical things to women. No matter how many guys insult you, your stupid ass still comes running back to me – because you think a woman is easy pickings, a fight you can actually win. You are wrong. I won, by the sheer ignorance you have displayed and how utterly childish and stupid you have made yourself look… all on your own!

            STOP OBSESSING AND FIXATING on me you psychopath. I don’t know else to say it.

          • coala banana

            my vampire soul just arrived at your house ! watch out ! feeling uncomfortable ? no? soon you will…..

    • coala banana

      wouldn’t go so far to believe he will do well in life. You are right that his experience and sacrifices he endured COULD make out of him a strong MFer, but its still very unlikely ! Considering that at this very moment millions of young man are living in china under the same, and sometimes even worst, circumstances, makes believing that they ALL will turn to be real man and do well in life extremely unlikely, don’t you think ?

      Let me tell you something from MY OWN experience, coming from a poor background and all the sacrifices i have made:

      1. hope sucks, its not helpful at all and just holds you back. Its something one must get rid off. Kinda like prayers to an imaginary being in the sky.

      2. i have finally realized that most sacrifices I made, and others i have witnessed, were nothing else then STUPID sacrifices

      and exactly that is the problem “that kid will do well in life”….sounds hopeful to me, and most likely when asking him, he will also start with:…”i hope…..”…and that will always be the situation which will hold him back. I would rather prefer to hear : “I want !!!!”…fuck hope !

      Hopes doesn’t fix problems, its a delay and most of the time it results in frustrations, depressions, misery and disappointments…making it even more worse then it was before…its a trap and its fake !

      Fuck people of their fake ass sympathies, prayers, wishes and hopes and warm handshakes…it doesn’t bring this guy one step forward and out of his misery. Most people sympathies doesn’t include financial help, some start capital, a food package, a real job opportunity….that would be something !

      Just some moments ago before you guys read about this, where were your thoughts exactly????

      Getting a BJ ? thinking about fucking a girl ? my ass hurts in this chair ? how i can be promoted ? saw i guy picking his nose ? played with your penis ?

      then comes for a couple of minutes/seconds, oh I feel pity for this poor ass guy in the article…i wish i could help…i hope he can…..i am sure he will do well…

      and right after that we are back into the BJs, fucking someone, wake up tomorrow morning, my ass hurts….

      sad truth is that this boy will most likely never make it and all your prayers, sympathies and wishes are a waste of time….you like to help ? send him some fucking money or pay his fucking bills or just leave him the fuck alone !

      • pervertt

        Coala, perhaps we differ in terms of our expectations of what it means to do well in life. What do you think it means to do well in life? Make a great fortune? Drive a fancy car? Fuck 1,000 virgins? Have a second or third mistress?

        No, these are not my ideas of doing well in life. For inspiration, I need to look no further than my own father who was born in Zhongshan in 1927. He was not born into a family of privilege. His education was interrupted by civil strife and war in the 1930s and 40s. His father (my grandfather) was working overseas at the time and remitting funds to China was not as easy as it is today. As the only son in the family, he was expected to help provide for the family. He became a coolie and worked his guts out for very little reward. There was no shortage of young men at the time who had nothing to sell except their physical labour. He has never spoken about this difficult period in his life, what I learned was later gleaned from my mother.

        My father eventually left China and joined my grandfather to work overseas. His lack of formal education meant that many vocational opportunities were closed to him. He became a baker and eventually saved up enough money to start his own business. The business involved long hours and was only a modest success, but it paid the bills and enabled him to provide all 4 of his children with something that he never had – a tertiary education. I know he was very proud of that. The symbols of material success – a house, a car, overseas trips – were not part of our household when I was growing up. Every cent was invested in our education so we could have a better life than he did.

        Do I consider my father a success? I certainly do. He never became rich, but he also never lost sight of his goals and he used what meagre resources were available to him to improve the lives of those who depended on him.

        Back to the story of this young man who has just lost his father. My experience has been that people who have responsibility thrust upon them at a young age tend to be moulded into sterner human beings. They know that opportunities in life are not proffered on a silver plate, they know the meaning of responsibility and hard work. They know that life can be unfair and that nobody owes them a living. They can and often do better than those who have grown up in more privileged environments. I can see absolutely no reason why this young man cannot do well in life.

        • coala banana

          i do agree with most you said in your post, and NO i do not think that “Make a great fortune? Drive a fancy car? Fuck 1,000 virgins? Have a second or third mistress?” can make someone a happy person. You pointed out some “things” which can give life some additional “value” and i would consider them “benefits” which come along the way and are the “fruits” which can be earned in addition to that, but nether the less, they do not necessarily mean happiness…..even i think that the young men in the article would INDEED be happy IF he would be able to:

          Make a great fortune?

          Drive a fancy car?

          Fuck 1,000 virgins?

          Have a second or third mistress?

          don’t you think? Why not put yourself in his position ? and isn’t that what this article is pointing out all along the way ? all the things you mentioned are all the things he would, if he could, take in an blink of an eye….but i do get your point and agree with it.

          What i can’t agree with is again your last paragraph, and EVEN we would “reduce” happiness to the level of how you described with your families situation, I would still claim that even that is out of reach for him, CAUSE for the same very reason. The pre requirements you set or future “success”, even in a minimal way, are being provided to 50 million guys like him, right now ! That would mean that they ALL will do “well” and at least save some money and open their own business…..and so on. We all know that this is NOT the case and it will not happen !

          I too consider your father a success, judging by your story ! Too me part of my sense and understanding of life is, for a child to do better and be better then the ones which made them….but we should not ignore the fact that we live now in very different times, a globalized world and economy, and while most of humanity are given all the chances and opportunities, and most fulfill certain requirements and look promising, it will always be a very small tiny minority which can make a significant change for themselves and their environment. While your father did well and the best he could to get sure you are given at least the basics (he didn’t have) for future success, its still the exception to the rule, and the rule looks like this boy in the article and millions of others and the fact that nothing will change for most them.

      • Notorious

        Such a depraved, demoralizing view of life.

        I have hopes, dreams, and I believe miracles can and do happen. The moment you stop believing in those things, is the moment you have given up in life. Do not take the advice of bitter people. If you believe them when they tell you the “hill is too” steep, you’ll never make it to the other side. hope is that which compels us forward, even when the odds are against us.

        Success isn’t money or wealth, but succeeding in the goals one sets for his or herself.

        To quote Mark Twain “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.” – to extent hope requires both.

        “Success comes in cans; failure in can’ts” – never listen to a person who tells you can’t, or perceives a negative outcome to be the all encompassing truth.

        • coala banana

          puffy, take for a moment a break watching this ridiculous Kung-Fu movies and stop reacting like an angry depressive women. For one, someone like you SHOULD NOT quote a great men like Mark Twain, without knowing any of his works. Ever read some of his books ? Yeah, thought so…..

          you are still poisoned by some radical christian beliefs….hopes and miracles ?? you think they can and do happen ! well, you people (christians) believe this crap now for 2000 years, but somehow this shit doesn’t work out. In case of this young fella in the article definitely NOT ! and somehow it doesn’t work for the 11 million !!! children living in poverty which die before their fifth birthday and the 1.02 billion people which go to bed hungry every nigh… please take a break and take a look out of the christian hope and miracle bubble, and try to tell your story of hope and miracles to them. I am sure they will feel better after you preach them hope, give them your positive energy and tell them jesus stories. I would bet they would prefer a bowl of rise and water then to wait for miracles to happen, cause god seems like kinda lazy, since he send his son on a suicide mission to get tortured and crucified for such “sins”.

          However, I know this number are too much for your ignorant brain, so i will focus just on children alone and numbers you might understand better….lets take 16 thousand….why 16 thousand, cause that the number of children which die EVERYDAY cause of hunger, that makes around 1 every 5 seconds.

          Fuck, that means that JUST during the time you wrote about hopes, miracles and dreams out of your christian bubble, quoting things about an author you know shit about, think yourself into believing the nonsense you write, and sending your positive energy out, around 150-200 of them died cause of hunger !

          You know what, you could also stand in front of them and spit them in the face, it would be the same. With your nice words you laugh about them without knowing it, let that be the excuse of your ignorance !

          Your god really works in mysterious ways, he treats the ones which pray to him and ask him for food like shit, and let them die horrible deaths and give them shit ass lives, and someone like me who spits in front of him, peed on his bible and wiped his ass with it, with a good life, success and some material things to sugar coat it. But let me guess, he just do so cause I will burn in hell later on, and this children will come right way into paradise ?

          Fuck, people like you are the reason for such miseries, cause your radical dumb ass beliefs are the reason whole fucking continents are being hold on standby, cause you teach them to be patient, to hope and to wait for miracles, while you guys stuff more and more hamburgers down your fat ass bodies and complain that you are still not given equal rights from white america….shame on you !

          • Notorious

            A writer who doesn’t read? You can’t be serious. Waiting for equal rights from “white america” – fool, I was born equal. I wait for rights from no one.

            As for your stats, hunger, death, war and all of the bad shit in the world is created not by God, not by neglect from God, but from the willful, negligient, evil religious, racially intolerant greedy acts from man. What the bible says is that God gave us all FREE WILL, meaning we make our choices in this life so it is up to us to make a better world for each other. The point of Christianity and all of Christ’s teachings is to encourage mankind to be good to his brothers, and to help the poor (not through simple prayer, but through acts of kindness and charity).

            As it says in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

            “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

            So Christianity is not simply an act of blind prayer. Prayer is to meant to inspire Christians and to give them hope so that they can continue to do good works.

            The bible does not say that Christians should force Christianity on anyone, but to never turn anyone away who has decided to come to God.

            I do not preach any sort of Christianity on the internet as it is inappropriate, but you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when you speak of what Christians are supposed to do.

            I don’t walk around with a halo over my head. I simply try to do good things for others and that is that. If we can all get on the same page, there would be fewer people in the world. God works through us, not for us.

          • Notorious

            I mean, fewer HUNGRy people in the world.

          • coala banana

            exactly what i expected:-))), you have no answer instead of the usual crap : “god , blabla….”

            and suddenly you also admit that you were born equal ? wow, what an improvement, from an angry black women hating on whites to someone seeing herself as equal ? I applaud you for that !

            PLEASE keep your religious crap to yourself, haven’t you guys done enough evil on this planet ? spreading your evil bullshit teachings and jesus stories down the throats of all the poor people. Yeah, I see how your encouragements and speeding your messages worked out so far, holding poor people back with no chance to escape their misery, waiting for your fucking baby jesus to return back to free them from their chains and their hungry bellies. Wow ! keep the energy coming you fucking hypocrites !

            “God works through us, not for us.”

            Angry Black Women, you want to feel something work through you ? , then find your counterpart in form of an angry black men and grab his dick, instead of praying to your imaginary god in the sky !

            BTW, what makes you think you are special ? We have living and death proof that god has turned his back to 16 thousand children which die cause of hunger EACH DAY ? But somehow he prefers to waste his time interfering and communicating with fat ass lazy americans which include angry black women too ?

            Again: shame on you for your racism, intolerance and ignorance of facts ! Or is it again….”oh , please provide me with more information, we in america are left ignorant and dumb when it comes to whats going in in the world”…fuck you people and your excuses and your baby jesus ! google the shit !

          • Notorious

            First of all, Coala you are the most lying individual I have ever encountered on the internet and that’s saying a lot. YOU B ROUGHT UP GOD, and then you turn around and tell me to keep it to myself as if I’ve been talking about God on this web site. I challenge you to find ONE comment on any article where I mentioned religion. it always comes from you. Not me.

            Then you said I said I was unequal and angry… umm… again, reading must be a serious challenge for you because I never said any of those things. those were things YOU SAID and tried to pin on me lmao too funny! I live in america, asshole. Do you really think I’m sitting somewhere oppressed writing to you on the internet? Do you think I would have the career that I have, the academic pedigree and the succcesses in my life in a society where I feel unequal? Unequal is not a question, it’s an assumption you made, idioso lol

            You may want to go back and re-read that entire discussion, unless you are rendered completely blind, ignorant, and dumb on every topic. Actually, you’re just a dumbass. I’m sorry, I cannot respond to you anymore. lmao! Too much, too ridiculous for anyone to take seriously. I think you have truly showed everyone your character! Thanks CB for the laugh. You should have a career in comedy!

          • coala banana

            puffy, is that you in the video ? form sure you have a lot in common with this angry women !


            don’t be so angry..i agree with the first comment…why always play your race card, its 2012, and even the president is black !


          • coala banana

            you do this shit all the time, so PLEASE AGAIN !!! keep your intolerant religious racist beliefs to yourself ? Haven people like you done enough to make this world even more miserable then it was ? please spare your religious comments for sunday church and execute in in private, the public is not the right place for doing so…thank you !

            just one of many examples:

            “As it says in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

            “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

            now tell me that this was not posted by you ??? calling me a liar ? :-))))

            “I challenge you to find ONE comment on any article where I mentioned religion. it always comes from you. Not me.?”

            damn you posted that right after you posted your religious crap, how to call that…loss of reality ? delusional ? or just plain stupid ??

            but thank you for contradicting yourself and you comments within minutes, its funny :-)))

          • Notorious

            Stupid ass, you mentioned the bible and God and for the first time I actually responded to it with the corinthians quote. Other than that, which occured in this topic, I challenge you to find one quote where I have randomly mentioned Jesus, God, or any religious conversation. So don’t tell me to keep it to myself just because I responded to your anti-religious rant for the first time, especially when you are the one WHO BROUGHT IT UP. Like I said, I challenge you to show me where I have mentioned Jesus or Christianity in any topic other than the conversation we are currently having.

            You are just a dishonest individual. That’s all it boils down to. So sad. lol

          • coala banana

            notorious, please take a deeeep breath and don’t get too excited. You were exposed, more then once and by more people then just me. You know its hard to speak to someone like you who is living in a bubble. I just hope that one day you will be back to reality and stop contradicting yourself and showing such anger and tendencies for hate and racism.

            I just asked you for your own good, to stop posting religious crap and racists black victim posts, but you can keep on if you wish and keep on spreading your intolerant religious and anti white messages. Get a real life and stop the hating and trolling, you already have some issues to deal with, like frustrations and depressions, don’t add more crap to your already fucked up life.

            I could now show you again and again passages from your own posts which proof your irrational contradicting reality loosing behavior, but i am not the one beating on someone who is already down and injured. Maybe you like to see in me the personification of man which beat your ass up in the past, I really don’t know and don’t care since i can’t influence that. But i do think that you are obsessed.

            Why not cool down girl, calm down, get some fresh air, take a walk in the park, read a book other then your bible and get back to normal ? You obviously can’t take the heat, and in my humble opinion you should respect threads and not put yourself in the center of the attention. This subjects are not about angry negro’s and bad white people, so why you make all the time a …”we as black people…..”….”black women don’t…..”…..”white women are…..”….”black man….”…..”white racists…..”…out of it ?

            Stop the hating and trolling and try to turn your anger into something more positive. Its really hard to believe that someone like you can spread some positive energy (your claim) over this planet, since the ONLY contribution i have read so far from you, were racism against whites, religious intolerance, and black power….

            So again : please stop that in your own self interest ! stop your self suffering and self humiliation !

            I really can’t help you any further when you are not ready to help yourself first ! You can lean on me in case you are about to fall, BUT i will NOT be there to hold your hand all the time….! However, I do wish you that you too see the light one day !

          • The Enlightened One

            Great offense intended, but does your posts come with an instruction manual because your ability to use the English language really sucks. It’s totally random where you put capitals letters and where you start and end a sentence.

            I am not sure if it is because you want to seem cool or “different” from the crowd or because your education sucks but I don’t think anyone can take your comments seriously or even read the majority of them if you can’t even capitalize a country name.

  • coala banana

    sad truth, but fact is that people are not equal when they live and are not even equal when they have to die. We must also take into account that this is JUST ONE story, china has probably millions of this kind of stories going on at the same time, this one has just made it into the public attention while others will remain unknown and unheard. Reality can be harsh and truth often hurts. China really has some huge problems and i am sure they will become even bigger in the future. When i was small we learned in school about the “devils circle of poverty” and how hard it is to break out of it. I found it shameful and embarrassing that so many westerners living in societies which provide them everything they need for free and yet, they can’t manage to move their laze asses, but this boy with very limited access to anything can manage to live from 500rmb a month and work in his free time.

    Damn, he can’t even get a GF for free, “A girlfriend requires money, and he doesn’t even have the money to buy some snacks to win the favor of a girlfriend”…fuck, china society is really ruthless !

    I don’t see much perspective for young chinese people like him, after graduation most of them will find themselves without jobs….

    • Alan

      I found it shameful and embarrassing that so many westerners living in societies which provide them everything they need for free and yet, they can’t manage to move their laze asses, but this boy with very limited access to anything can manage to live from 500rmb a month and work in his free time.

      well said. I have met plenty of younger foreign teachers in China who earned 5,500 rmb at a public job, or maybe more at a training centre, always whinging about how they are saving nothing in China, money management it seems is lacking.

      Eating at KFC or pizza hut all the time, trips to HK, will eat into an FT’s salary. Living more like the locals, keeping to a budget, on 5,500 rmb a month you should easily be able to save most of it….

    • Jack

      You are correct to a certain extent. The whole socialist movement was championed to create a more stable system of equality and stamp out poverty and inequality. But nothing could be further from reality in “New China”. I’ve been all over the world and never have I witnessed so many hypocrites. Truth be told extreme leftist orders are meant to grant extreme amounts of power and control to the ruling class which just so happens to be a party of around 400,000 or so lunatic maniacs. These people are engaged in social engineering and are actually at one with the Globalists that insist the world population needs to be reduced by over 50%. Madness…

  • Foreign Devil

    The sooner China can raise taxes and develop a social and healthcare system like most advanced countries have, the better off the entire nation would be. But such a system probably can’t come out of a government that is self-appointed and holds onto power through force and corruption.

    • coala banana

      don’t tell me that you are one of those foreigners that think china could turn into a democracy ???? health care system ????? everyone who is half intelligent and lived in china and have some experience with chinese people and culture, would laugh about that ! all this countries westerners turned into democracy in the last 50 years ???? hmmm, all failed and none succeeded ! but in case you want to see chaos, chinese killing each others in masses and tens of millions deaths, the yeah, give them free speech, free elections and western style democracy !!!

      • donscarletti

        I guess Japan was 68 years ago now. Worked pretty well though, invaded their arse and taught them to lay off the genocide and totalitarianism and get into some freedom and democracy.

        How about ex-British empire states India? Botswana? Hong Kong? I can’t think of much more, but still, that’s more than zero.

        • coala banana

          i said: “democracy in the last 50 years”….and don’t reduce democracy to supposedly “free elections” only….the results are embarrassing…and even IF HK has developed quite nicely under british rule, I somehow feel that its getting worse, having a major which get his orders from beijing is indeed the hypocrisy in democracy…..

          • typingfromwork

            Korea, Taiwan and Mongolia. They’ve turned themselves into pretty good democracies in the last 30 years. If you wanna go democratic then you’ve gotta do it on your own.

            I think China will get democracy. It will just take a long, long time.

    • donscarletti

      Developed countries spend about 8% of GDP on healthcare. That’s about US$400 per capita per annum in the case of China.

      Figure out what that would buy and get back to me.

  • Ronald

    Is this Mao’s dream? Is this the government by the people and for the people? Is this a socialized system, where someone has to sacrifice the education tuition to buy a cheap coffin and medicine?

    COMMUNISM IS THE MOST DISGUSTING BULLSHIT take a look you ignorants “comrades”

    • [email protected]

      You have probably not set foot in China, right Ronald? Or you would surely have seen that the country actually has a totalitarian government, a capitalist ‘free-trade’ economy and the very facade of a communist party system of society. Communism by definition does not exist in China at all. But don’t worry, your sentiments of support and compassion for this boy are not overlooked… oh wait..

    • Hongjian

      China was never any different. Before and after Mao.

      • Chinggis was here

        Allright, game’s up. Who is this?

        • mr. wiener

          lol :)

  • [email protected]

    Pretty incredible. I can’t imagine how that felt. Losing one’s father. I dread this very thing. Yeah, much respect, this kid is a good soul. Hope he does well. Would that he and others like him could bring a better connotation to the term wai pi. I hate that word. Rural folk are a lot like city people, only good at different things and rougher around the edges.

  • Tommy

    According to this article:

    Hard work = cancer

  • Gay Azn Boi

    This is a heart-wrenching story, but I have to agree with one of the Chinese netizen’s comment where he said if you don’t have money, then you really shouldn’t be thinking about going to university, no matter how good your grades are. It’s just not financially feasible. The boy would’ve been better off learning a trade and becoming a tradesman, which is still in relatively high demand in China. So I think parents really need to change their thinking with regard to pushing their kids through university.

    I also agree that university education today isn’t what it used to be. Universities are churning out thousands of degrees every year; BA’s and B.Sc’s are a dime a dozen. I’m currently an IT major in my third year and to be honest, the stuff they teach you is 90% theory. Most of what I know right now I learned at my part time job.

    Lastly, I think the stigma with pursuing a college – as opposed to a university – education is highly unjustified. I live in Toronto, Canada, and a while ago there was an article in a major newspaper where they said an overwhelming majority of Asian (particularly Chinese) parents push their kids to pursue university-level education right after high school, even though some of whom might not be emotionally or psychologically ready for it. As a result, some suffer from poor grades, depression, or eventually drop out. It said that many of them would’ve done better had they went to college or vocational schools that taught them a specific skill, but, because of the stigma of going to any post-secondary institution other than university, it is simply “unacceptable” to many parents. How sad.

  • Dat Ankle

    Its stories like this that makes me a little happy that my dad died in a sudden accident, I dont think I could bear watching him die so slowly. I watched a relative die slowly and I couldnt be in the room for more then 5 minutes before having to leave, it was the worst thing ever.

  • lonetrey

    Wondering if there will ever be an initiative to improve the overall living conditions in China.

  • waihang

    It’s heartbreaking, but just “another” case of the millions, just reminds one how deep down the life can get while we sit here comfortable behind our computers in our warm and cozy rooms…

    What I reflected more over in this article is that the mother died already year 2000, from what… cancer, and now his father, also cancer…
    It makes me wonder all kinds of shit these people get into their bodies causing cancer at a relative young age.
    I just wonder how many really are dying of cancer in China, also this article starts with “the fathers body was worn out”, there is something wrong here with this statement, if not for an unhealthy life he must have got some poisonous stuff through contaminated food water etc.

    What is the prospect of this young guy, the balance can tilt easily in either way and in the worse case he get apathetic as so many other in deep poverty, stress can trigger depression which is a known fact, and by depression the brain stops working efficiently, memory doesn’t work, disorganization in daily life, no interest in social interaction, tiredness etc etc.

    As CB mentioned the evil circle of poverty is very difficult to break especially one is very poor, reminds me when I was younger, though I am from a country with fairly good welfare I had during many long periods difficult find job, so I started to trade all kinds of stuff in news paper adds, buy and sell car tires, computer parts and whatever.. just to improve my economy. So when those poor people walking on the street collecting empty plastic bottles, they are doing everything to improve their life we shall have a second thought when they walk by.

    On the matter of welfare in West, thanks to my experiences having lived in China and getting acquainted with many Chinese hearing how some I have come to see this world different, when the Chinese come home from work some continue do their work at home for free in the evening in order to stand out in the work in order to at least secure their position, it makes me think how lazy people will get when having a “too good” welfare.
    Many aren’t prepared to lift a finger if the work offered doesn’t improve the economy, but in China people are forced to be industrious, they have no other choice but to die of hunger if they don’t do anything about their situation forcing them to develop and find strategies how to survive.
    Many are so desperate they have no other choice but to cheat, but it’s understandable for those who are so poor, the life in China is indeed not easy.

    • Alan

      they have no other choice but to cheat, but it’s understandable for those who are so poor, the life in China is indeed not easy

      Agreed with most of what you wrote except the last part. Those who you think maybe poor, probably have more saved in the bank, because, they cheat the stupid laowai because they can and get away with it.

      Be a doormat and you will be walked all over. Call them out on their cheating tactics, and they will always use the my life is so hard, this is China, gambit.

      Universal healthcare could be rolled out to everyone, but no, the budget for banquets and baijiu with female “companions” is deemed more important.

  • Notorious

    What I don’t understand is how someone can be turned away from having proper medical attention on the basis of money, when he clearly does not have long to live. He could not be given morphine pills? Anything? Seems we live in a world where people cannot put compassion and humanity before money.

  • Dr Hung Low

    In other news: Ill be crossing the border to HK today to buy myself an iphone 4s for about $HK5000 as I lost my old one this weekend due to misplacing it after getting so drunk.

    • Alan

      What a waste of money and time.

      You could buy a new computer for that and still have change…and I’d rather not be tracked by apple thanks!

      • Dr Hung Low

        Ive nothing to hide so who cares if they “track me”

        “waste of money” is relative.

        • Alan

          Disagree on the first part, agree on the 2nd.

          It was wrong of me to criticize you for your personal spending habits, however, I still wouldn’t want a company tracking me through their phone and apps, same reason I would never buy an ipad, especially when they are made in China.

    • Maikoh

      And not a single fuck was given that day.

      • Dr Hung Low

        Im sending good vibes to this young man as Im typing this!

  • Maikoh

    ChinaSMACK should start a private Paypal donation fund for the disadvantaged people specifically mentioned in their articles, so readers can contribute more than just ineffectual words. Seeing most of us here reside in Western countries where the exchange rate does wonders, giving a reader the power to directly help a person like Cheng Jilai recover from the hefty costs of his father’s treatment/funeral is something I would not hesitate to help with.

    • coala banana

      i second that ! even i think that this is not the purpose of this site, but they could make it one of the purposes. It would also give all the christian hypocrites the chance to put money where their mouth is, but somehow i have the feeling that they would still prefer to send out prayers and positive energies !

      Yesterday i was about to post something like you did now, with the exception, that i would call out for donations to cover the costs this young men had, and i would add whatever amount is required to have the final sum ready.

      But again, would that change anything ? and is it fair towards the millions of others which live even under much worse conditions and couldn’t make it into the news ? I think we are ALL, incl, CS . better off when we would care about the less privileged ones we meet and who’s problems are in personal reach. Provide help where help is necessary and move on, there is no point to make and no price to win, so i don’t think its necessary to let a web forum do the job which can easily be done by one or more of its participants in secret and anonymous.

      You must also put into account that the fact, in case this goes public, that CS has paid with help of its members to cover the costs of this poor guy, could result in other people not sending money, since they might think that somebody already took care off the problem, which could prevent that this guys receives some money on top of that….I for one would like to see him get more then necessary, so he can even improve his existing conditions significantly rather then just touch up some mess and keep in living right until the next problem fucks him all over again….escaping the devils circle of poverty can’t be done by touching up problems, or with prayers and waiting for miracles to happen, that just adds to the problem and delays everything.

      I say, If you really want to do “good”, then put yourself some effort in and i am sure you will find a way to provide help, without much public attention or to make a point, and without touching it up, which is just temporary helpful, but wouldn’t make much of a difference…

      just a sociopaths point of view :-)

      • jeffli

        Hey Cloaca!
        Have you ever read “Pussy king of the pirates.” by Kathy Acker….you should.

        Traveling around I don’t think people are that horrible, I think they just don’t know.
        Kathy Acker

        • coala banana

          exactly my point…..people which don’t know are dangerous in my opinion !!! while “don’t know” might count for you as an excuse, I consider it a threat !!!! I would never fear the ones which know, but from my experience the actions from the “don’t know it better” are unpredictable, they are capable of doing some crazy ass shit and pulling off some insane actions out of nothing. Thats the danger of the common people, and thats the reason ALL gov in the world are very selective about how much information and freedoms they give to their citizens. It is done out of fear ! The masses ARE irrational and easy manipulatable. One can’t really expect common sense from them.

          So go back to your Kathy Acker, and tell her to put her “wisdom” up her ass, the banana man know it better. In case she looks good and has a clean ass, she can come over and sit on my face !

    • typingfromwork

      That’s actually a pretty good idea.

  • Jahar

    Doesn’t this happen everywhere, all over the world? My dad died a few years ago. I couldn’t make it back, but my brother, sister and step-brother were all there for his last weeks.

  • Vincent

    I don’t think that this man needs to worry about his son bringing honor to his ancestor, because i think that he did it already.
    This guy is just 24 years old (almost same age as me) and he is bearing so much on his shoulders, a lot of us should really take exemple on him.

  • typingfromwork

    So heart wrenching. Stories like these are everywhere in China.

    I hope all the best for the young man and his family.

  • JeffG.

    Dying from rectal cancer without pain medication. It is impossible to imagine the misery this guy is going through.

  • Jerome

    This boy is such a pure heart. We all have to learn from him.

  • TrayBgone

    What a kind boy. Africans do not behave like this.

  • KingJ


    I ussually dont post but today i just have a lot to say.
    First of all, coala is a bit rude but what he says make sense. Put your money where your mouth is, being sympathetic on a website does nothing beside making you feel better about yourself. Opportunities dont come from hope but from bard work. If you dont work hard at it, you cant accomplish anything.

    Democracy does not work, just look at how badly american congress fails at solving any problem. The dutch parlement just dissolved and France is about to have a radical leftist be president (hollande). Why you might ask? Like coala puts it, the “dont knows” because they are ignorant but they think they are always right.

    Democracy will do worse in china is because of chinas history and culture. As a race, chinese has always about hoarding money and maintaining power. A fair election is not possible. Just look at russia…

    For example, i live in canada and a lot of friends are cbc (canadian born chinese). Most of them are 3rd or 4th generation that doesnt even speak chinese yet they still want to drive nice cars, flaunt their LVs, spent a fortune on their iphones and canada goose jackets. I just feel fundamentally chinese and westerners are different.

    Back to the topic of helping this guy, his future is indeed bleek, he probably cannot afford to finish his education, he will probably end up as a migrant worker. I am not trying to spread negative energy, i am just trying to be realistic.

  • Scarlet

    I love my country,as much as my parents,but she don’t treat me like a mom.I’m living carefullg under the rule,beware of G,some rich men,food and even illness.Leaders send their childrens to foreign and then requst us to love the scarred country.We are not silly,we all need th better life and the best choose.Goverment isn’t realized the people’s power,the important of people.Look at the socity and be responsible for your people.Do your best to let us feel happiness in this country is your task.

    • pervertt

      The Chinese term for country is “guo jia.” If you are Chinese, you will know that “guo” means state, and “jia” means family. The idea is that people living in the same state belong to the same extended family, and in olden days, the king was the notional head of this family.

      As you already seem to appreciate, parents and government are not one and the same. Most parents, like Cheng Yixing in this story, love their children unconditionally, and will make almost any sacrifice to ensure a better life for their children. Unfortunately, there are very few governments in this world that are prepared to do the same for their own citizens. There are many governments that will cheat, lie to and mistreat their citizens, while expecting the same citizens to show loyalty to and affection for their “guo jia.” If the same thing happened in a real family, the head of household would be called an abusive parent who deserves no love or respect.

      It is admirable that you can still love your country despite having a government that sometimes acts like an abusive parent. We can’t change our parents, but every now and then we can and should change our governments. Especially if they behave badly. Thus ends my subversive post.

  • Sarah

    This is really sad to see, but even in western countries we can see this. People who can’t even afford to bury their dead and people dying of cancer not even allowed to dignity to die without pain. Whilst I support euthanasia it has a way to come with regards to laws surrounding it before it can become legal. Although all governments should allow people the right to medicines especially on their death beds to ease the suffering. this is utterly humiliating and only reminds me of my fathers own death who lay dead in his own small flat for three days before anyone knew, even though he had turned up at hospital the night before and then told to go home where he died only a few hours later. I was unaware of what was going on until I found out he had passed away. Donations would be nice for these families but another commenter was right it is also useless, in the end we need to make a bigger difference, the government should help more! What can we the people of this world do? We could set up an organization to help the people in a sincere and un corrupt way! Huge donation drives in my country are always happening to help people in african countries and war torn countries like bosnia, but we need to look in our own backyards as well as everywhere else. There needs to be a world wide organization that can support these families all over the world! I am not rich and my own trip to China was a gift from someone else and my heart was so torn, I wanted to help but I also knew that I currently cannot. So my dream is when I make enough money to help people not only in my own country (I support kids charities here as much as possible) but also to support Chinese charities as much as I can. My friend is already in China teaching Migrant children for free. We all deserve to be loved!

  • Kevin

    This article made me cry. So touching. I wish I could help and I hope this guy succeeds in life.

    • Janna

      Can’t stop crying. Hope the guy be success in life!

  • Dhruv

    is there anyway i could help donate some money over for his tuition expense, atleast he would be able to go to university.
    if anyone has anyidea how to find this person, please do let me know

    i,ma foreigner here , not making much, but still i can afford