Mother Throws Baby Into Traffic After Fight with Husband

A mother in China threw her baby daughter under the wheels of a passing truck after a fight with her husband in which both said they didn't want custody of the children.

The scene of the incident.

From QQ:

Mother Throws Two Children into Traffic after Fight, Infant Run Over and Killed

City Express: “Seeing this, I was trembling all over. How can there be a mother like this?!!” — This incident happened yesterday [April 29] evening on a road in Cixi [in Ningbo, Zhejiang province]. It was no common traffic accident, and it’s said the child was tossed into traffic by its own mother before it was run over by a truck. Eye witnesses say this mother threw her two children into traffic after having a fight with her husband, with the smaller one (only 8 months old) ultimately being run over, unable to be saved.

WARNING: Images below may be disturbing to certain viewers. Discretion advised.

From QQ:

Baby Girl Tossed into Traffic and Run Over Follow-up: Parents Wanted a Divorce with Neither Side Wanting the Children


Yesterday [April 30] morning, this reporter confirmed this incident from the Cixi Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Yesterday [April 30] afternoon, Cixi police reported this incident via their official Weibo account:

2014 April 29, an incident in which a baby girl tossed into the middle of the road was run over and killed by traffic happened on the Longshan section of National Highway 329. The police swiftly dispatched personnel to the scene to conduct investigations and interviews, where it has been preliminarily determined that on that day at 6pm, Hu (female, born 1975, from Jiangsu Donghai) threw her daughter (born in 2013 February) into the middle of the road on the Longshan section of National Highway 329, causing her to be run over and killed by a passing container truck.

At this moment, the suspect Hu has already been taken into criminal detention by the police. The case is under further investigation. Meanwhile, the police will give Hu a judicial psychiatric evaluation.

The scene of the incident.

The witness

“I climbed over the railing to the national highway hoping to stop [the woman].”

“[But] the baby had already been thrown under the truck”

The incident took place on National Highway 329, near the bus stop in Cixi City Longshan Town Ximenwai Village. On the evening the day before yesterday [April 29], despite the efforts of passing motorists to dodge [the child thrown into traffic], this horrifying fatal incident nevertheless happened.


“How can something like this happen? Just as I had gotten out of my car and climbed over the national highway railing hoping to stop that woman, at the same moment, the little baby had already been tossed under the wheels of the truck by her.” Recalling the scene, Mr. Yu still couldn’t believe what happened.

The scene of the incident.

The investigation

She has 3 children and are in the middle of a divorce

When arguing with her husband, neither want the children


“This woman isn’t a local, and it’s said she’s lives in Ximenwai Village for the moment, has three children. It sounds like it was because was fighting with her husband, and both said they don’t want [custody of] the children. According to the security guards at the police station, she even went to the police station that afternoon seeking mediation.” While this reporter was conducting interviews along the stretch of road where the incident occurred, quite a few people were commenting as such.

Yesterday [April 30] afternoon, this reporter confirmed this woman’s basic information from the administrator of the temporary residents of Ximenwai Village: the woman is surnamed Hu, is from Jiangsu Donghai, born in 1975, is a temporary resident living in Ximenwai Village with her husband and children.


“There seems to be something wrong with the woman’s head. She has already lived here for over 10 years, and has probably moved 3 to 4 times, with the last time because she she was always taking [stealing] her neighbor’s things, had been evicted by her landlord, and thus moved here,” described nearby neighbors.

“I heard that the couple has been fighting over the past few days, clamoring for divorce, with neither side wanting custody of the children. But doing to the children is too cruel. Even if she doesn’t want the children, she could still give them to other people. There’s always a way. As a mother, how can she do something like this? Even going onto the road to throw her children into traffic. Isn’t she also dragging the driver down with her?” sighed [neighbor] Aunt Li [from across the river], full of bewilderment.

From Sina Weibo:

南方都市报: Woman Tosses Her Daughter 3 Times, Causing Her to be Run over and Killed — April 29, on a road in Zhejiang Cixi, a woman threw her 14-month-old daughter into traffic three times. The first two times, cars managed to dodge [the child], but on the third time, the woman waited until the container truck was halfway past her before she threw the baby girl under it, where she was run over and killed. The driver got out and fell to his knees, as passersby rushed to grab the other 6-year-old boy. The driver wouldn’t stop crying while being interviewed.

Comments from QQ:


The husband is to take most of the blame, as a woman has already sacrificed a lot just having the kids. One woman raising two kids. One can easily imagine the pressure [stress, burden], and yet the husband still provoked his wife. That’s not right. A person enraged will lose control, which leads to serious consequences.

梦幻乜妹 /ka:

Depression results from trivial things in life. This mother must be suffering from post-partum depression, and perhaps only those who are mothers can understand her.


My God! How can there be such a mother~ My heart aches whenever my daughter cries. I simply cannot imagine [how she could do this]! Are those children her own or not?


Women suffering from post-partum depression who don’t get timely help will surely make huge mistakes.


A man who got a woman pregnant without marrying her then leaves without a trace. When the helpless woman abandons the child, she is sent to jail, while the man remains free and unfettered. A man who got a woman pregnant lets her do all the work taking care of the child on her own he himself goes out having affairs with other women. When the woman develops post-partum depression and attempts to kill herself or her child, she is imprisoned, while the man remains free and unfettered, and even gets sympathy. So, girls, and women! When you decide to sleep with your boyfriend by his request, when you make up your mind to get married and have children with a man, you must think twice and choose your man carefully. Don’t ever think that because the children belong to the two of you, therefore, you are both responsible. In this natural world, whoever has the womb attached to her body is whoever shoulders the greater amount of responsibility. Stop bitching about equality between men and women, or sexual liberation. Think clearly before you pick a man to sleep with, or you’re the one who’s going to suffer!


I was there when it happened. And I was scared stupid. The older one was saved, but it was too late to save the smaller one. So cruel. Is she still human?


I can only say… It’s not a human who threw the baby~ Poor child~ Rest in peace~


This bitch has fully embodied the meaning of the saying: a woman’s heart is the most vicious kind!


The driver isn’t going to be held responsible, is he? The driver himself was scared to death. Can’t believe this mother really did this! So heartless and crazy! She doesn’t deserve to be human! She’s worse than a beast, and should have been shot on the spot [executed]!


Please don’t publish this kind of news, I truly don’t want to see such things!!!

Comments from NetEase:

霞子qqq2025876282 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Just how much hate and heartlessness was involved to do something like this?! Even a vicious tiger wouldn’t eat her own children?

xly625125506 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

In this changing society, people have already lost themselves, and lost the ability to think through things carefully. Just like this, tragedies occur one by one before our eyes. So sad, and all that’s left is to sigh!

黄易资深临时工 [网易江苏省扬州市网友]:

For a vicious woman like this, it should be a sentence of intentional homicide [murder].

空亦空 [网易广西桂林市网友]:

What’s going on? Nowadays more and more people are losing their minds [rationality]. What do you think, my following commenters?

zhmdtt0 [网易北京市网友]:

Such a sin!


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