Young Chinese Firefighters Fall from Building in Shanghai

Two Chinese firefighters in Shanghai fall off the 13th floor of a building while responding to a residential building fire.


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From Sina Weibo:

@新闻晨报: Post-90s Generation Firefighter Heroes, Held Each Others’ Hands As They Fell From The Building! [蜡烛] — Today [May 1] around 2pm, a fire broke out on the 13th floor of a high-rise residential building on Longwu Road in Xuhui district [Shanghai]. During the firefighting, two firefighters fell from the 13th floor from a flashover/backdraft and its heatwave, and heroically sacrificed their lives after emergency efforts to save their lives after they were sent to the hospital were unsuccessful. They were Qian Lingyun, both 1991; Liu Jie, born 1994, both of the Xuhui Firefighting Squad. Both had entered the squad in 2012 December, private first class rank. Reporter: Zhu Ling.


Comments from Sina Weibo:


We don’t need this kind of hero. Please earnestly clean up group-rentals [people who crowd into a single rental to save money] as well as improve the abilities of on-scene commanders to respond to o changing circumstances [so those he command don’t suffer such fates]. [蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛]


I wish people would stop using “post-90s generation” when describing things. The post-90s generation is starting to become the main power [labor force] of society.


@钱凌云Ethan Brother, this was a photo taken for you by a passerby. You did not abandon your comrade-in-arms, and you fought until the very end. All of your friends throughout the country mourn you, for you are a true hero, and may your heroic spirit rest in peace. [蜡烛]


Hmph, the leaders definitely wouldn’t go up to save people; it’s always the lower soldiers who charge to the front lines, [their families] given some compensation and the title of being a hero after they die, but what use is that? Nobody’s pain is worse than that of their parents!!!


These two photographs are very disturbing. Your short lives have exhibited unlimited value. [蜡烛]


One of them is the same age as me, and one is 3 years younger than me, both at an age filled with dreams. It is truly sad. To think of their parents is truly heartbreaking, and I am truly tearing up right now. Indeed, this is a sacrifice for the lives of others, worthy of our respect. Live and cherish your lives, because having life is not easy. Rest in peace.


All accidents are not accidents, for there is always a reason/cause in them. When safety measures are inadequate, not having something bad happen would be strange, and with our countrymen’s attitude of doing things just barely enough to get by, there will be many more lives sacrificed for no reason in the future. [拜拜]


One of my coworkers lives in this very residential community. His son was on the scene at the time. Before falling, the two heros had used clothes or a bed sheet to signal to those below. However, their commanding officer did not see, because he was arguing about something with someone else at the moment. Sigh! They used the last few seconds of their lives to signal something to those below, but their commander… Please be focused when lives are at stake, for when one falls short, it will affect everyone else.


Looking at the comments, if it were due to an external force [a flashover/backdraft, sudden blast], the probability of them immediately holding each others’ hands is too small. It is more likely that one fell trying to save the other one. Otherwise, it is impossible for them to so quickly hold each others’ hands. My respects to the heroes. May they rest in peace.


In comparison to those post-90s generation who show selfies of them pursing their lips pretending to be cute while getting their hair done, this is a life! This is a serviceman!

Below is currently the #2 post of the day…

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻: No Matter Where You Are, Please Help Send Off These Two Firefighters Who Sacrificed Their Lives on Labor Day — Today at 10am, the funeral/memorial service for firefighters Qian Lingyu and Liu Jie, who sacrificed their lives on May 1st in Shanghai, was held at the Longhua funeral parlor. They are being memorialized as revolutionary martyrs [an honorary designation in China]. Both were post-90s generation, and were among the first to rush up to the floor that was on fire, but fell from the 13th floor from a flashover/backdraft and its heatwave… Qian Lingyu and Liu Jie, remember them! Our respects! 泪 (CCTV reporters Liang Zhiwei and Yu Xiang)


Normally when they are working, no one takes notice or pays attention. Now that they’ve sacrificed their lives, they are publicized fiercely. In a year, they will be forgotten, with no one paying any attention to their families. This is our propaganda system, where anything that gets some attention is treated like a drama film. When something is popular, extraordinary attention is placed on it, but when something is “cold” [not popular], then no attention is paid. Instead of desperately propagandizing the death of the heroes, why not give the heroes more pay while they’re alive.


They are already gone. The important thing now is to take care of their families.


[蜡烛] Someone once said that firefighters are the branch of the military [in China] that has the most lives sacrificed during times of peace. For them, I click upvote. I hope the government can take care of their parents and wives, so they can rest in peace. Additionally, I call on everyone to pay attention to safety when using fire, for themselves and for others…


The departed have departed, but the families are still here. What the government should do is take care of their families!


When I saw the two words “maternal grandfather” [the 8th picture], I began crying uncontrollably.


[蜡烛] So young, so heartbreaking, why were there no safety measures? Why have no leaders taken responsibility? Who was issuing commands on the scene? Apart from the official media stirring up sympathy, shouldn’t it also investigate responsibility?


The government must take good care of their family.


Only your youth is immortal.


Hopefully they aren’t only children.


Not only should they be given compensation in terms of honors, the country [government] should also be concerned with the future of their family and children. For example, providing various kinds of welfare, etc.


I hope the government can take good care of their families on their behalf! [蜡烛]


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